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Discographie Singles

You're My WorldInfinity27.10.1974
Old SidInfinity04.1976
Love Has No PrideRazzle02.1977
Afterglow (Of Your Love)Razzle10.1977
If You Walked AwayRazzle03.1978
Why Do I Break It UpRazzle01.1979
Love Like A ChildRazzle09.1979
You're Not Alone (Australian Olympians)CBS18.04.1988
All I DoCBS31.10.1988
As The Days Go ByCBS1988
One SummerCBS01.02.1989
Let Me BeCBS01.05.1989
The HorsesEpic25.02.1991
Higher Than HopeCBS01.07.1991
Don't Hold Back Your LoveColumbia25.08.1991
Nothing To LoseColumbia09.02.1992
Motor City (I Get Lost) (Company Of Strangers)Columbia02.08.1992
Sweet Love (Company Of Strangers)Columbia08.11.1992
Daddy's Gonna Make You A Star! (Company Of Strangers)Columbia31.01.1993
How Can I Be SureColumbia30.10.1994
Barren GroundColumbia1994
Discographie Alben - Studio

Out On The FringeInfinity1979
Company Of Strangers (Company Of Strangers)Columbia07.12.1992

Songs von Daryl Braithwaite

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Lost In The Rhythm Of Love (Company Of Strangers)
A Simple Song
A Stranger's Place (Company Of Strangers)
Afterglow (Of Your Love)
Ain't No Angels (Company Of Strangers)
All I Do
All The Same
As The Days Go By
Baby You're A Rich Man (Company Of Strangers)
Barren Ground
Daddy's Gonna Make You A Star! (Company Of Strangers)
Damn California (Company Of Strangers)
Do It All Over Again (Company Of Strangers)
Don't Hold Back Your Love
Don't Take My Love Away (Company Of Strangers)
Down Down
Edge / It's All In The Music
Fly Away
Ghost There Waiting
Goodbye Blue Sky
Higher Than Hope
Hit Onto Something Good
How Can I Be Sure
I Can See Higher Than Before
I Can't Wait
I Don't Remember
I Thought It Was You
If You Walked Away
I'm Feeling Lonely
In My Life
It's All In The Music
It's Just That Way (Company Of Strangers)
Let Me Be
Let's Go Dancin'
Lips That Taste Of Wine
Loose Ends (Company Of Strangers)
Love Has No Pride
Love Like A Child
Modern Times
Motor City (I Get Lost) (Company Of Strangers)
Nothing To Lose
Old Broadway (Company Of Strangers)
Old Sid
One Summer
Out On The Fringe
Poverty Dancing
Pretending To Care
Prove Your Love
Should've Known Better (Company Of Strangers)
Slowed Down
Sugar Train
Sweet Love (Company Of Strangers)
That's Right
The Horses
The Other Side
The Promised Land
The World As It Is
They Don't See What I Do
Up On The Roof
Very Light Hell (Company Of Strangers)
Waters Rising
Welcome To The Sounds Of Detroit (Company Of Strangers)
Where The Famous Came Out To Play
Why Do I Break It Up
Wind And Fire (Company Of Strangers)
You Could Be Wrong
You Drive Me Crazy (Company Of Strangers)
You Willl Find A Way
You're My World
You're Not Alone (Australian Olympians)

Alben von Daryl Braithwaite

Company Of Strangers (Company Of Strangers)
Days Go By: The Definitive Greatest Hits Collection
Forever The Tourist
Out On The Fringe
Six Moons (The Best Of 1988-1994)
Taste The Salt
The Great

Die bestbewerteten Songs von Daryl Braithwaite

Alle Songs mit mindestens 5 Reviews werden für diese Liste gezählt.
The Horses204.9
Higher Than Hope54.6
One Summer284.54
Let Me Be64.33
As The Days Go By104.2
You're My World63.67
You're Not Alone (Australian Olympians)73.29

Die bekanntesten Songs von Daryl Braithwaite

Alle Songs mit mindestens 5 Reviews werden für diese Liste gezählt.
One Summer284.54
The Horses204.9
As The Days Go By104.2
You're Not Alone (Australian Olympians)73.29
Let Me Be64.33
You're My World63.67
Higher Than Hope54.6

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