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Komponisten, Texter und Produzenten
Favez, Andrew Scheps, Greg Wales

Discographie Alben - Studio

Old And Strong In The Modern TimesStickman14.02.2005
Bigger Mountains Higher FlagsGentlemen19.10.2007
En garde!Two Gentlemen11.02.2011

Songs von Favez

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A Silent Man
An Expression Of Good Taste
And The Ship Sails
And We Dance
Closet Astronaut
Coming Home
Desolation Blues
Emmanuel Hall
End The Show
Ghost Of Winters Past
Headed For The Ocean
Here, We're Nothing
If I Didn't Come For Forgiveness
It Started Like This
It's Always Ten To Ten
I've Got Everything I Need
Like The Old Days
Living In The Past
Looking For Action
Marlon Brando Porsches Hondas And Me
My Days Off The Hook
Naked And Gasolined
New In Colors
Not Ready For The Wind
Primitive Nation Of One
Rockabilly (Stress feat. Christian Wicky, Favez)
She Wakes Up Every Night
Sister Rose
Tearing Down The Highway
The Bigger The Clouds
The Colored Machines
The Goodbye Song
The Grey Room
The Heart Of A Cynic
The Highways Are Deserted
The Kids
The Torch Song
Tonight We Ride
Travelling Is Easy
Under The Sun
We Used To Fight A Lot
What Are You Going To Do With My Life
When We Were Kings
White Limousine

Alben von Favez

A Sad Ride on the Line Again
Bigger Mountains Higher Flags
En garde!
From Lausanne, Switzerland
Gentlemen Start Your Engines
Old And Strong In The Modern Times

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