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John Watts, Richard Manwaring, Worner Bros

Discographie Singles

Speaking A Different LanguageEMI10.1981
One VoiceEMI03.1982
Involuntary MovementEMI05.1982
Your FaultEMI07.1982
I Smelt Roses (In The Underground)EMI02.1983
Mayday MaydayEMI03.1983
Discographie Alben - Studio

One More TwistEMI04.1982
The Iceberg ModelEMI03.1983
Thirteen Stories High (J.M. Watts)SPV1997
Bigbeatpoetry (Watts)Motor1999
It Has To BeSilver Sonic2006
Real Life Is Good EnoughSilversoni11.05.2007
On The Dial (Watts)Traffic05.04.2011
Fischer-ZSo Real14.10.2011
The Black Heart Of Rock-N-Roll (Watts)Rum Bar15.07.2016
Discographie Alben - Live

Live At Rockpalast 1982 (John Watts / Fischer-Z)Repertoire25.04.2014

Songs von John Watts

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A Face To Remember
Adrian's Song (Brothers)
Angel Of Gardenia
Angel Of Gardenia (J.M. Watts)
Animal (J.M. Watts)
Are You Real? (Watts)
Bigbeatpoetry (Watts)
Blood On My Hands (J.M. Watts)
Brilliant Career (J.M. Watts)
Brilliant Career
California Breeding (J.M. Watts)
Changed Man (Watts)
Chris' Song (Grandmother Taught Me To Cry)
Christian's Song (True Stockholm)
Cool Enough
Cool Enough (J.M. Watts)
Corrado's Song (Is There A God?)
End (Watts)
Gille's Song (The Most Amazing Dog In The World)
Good Rain (Watts)
Ha Ha Ha
Holiday In France
I Know It Now
I Need Action
I Shake My Head
I Smelt Roses (In The Underground)
I Was In Love With You
Iceberg Model
I'm A Reptile
I'm A Reptile (J.M. Watts)
I'm Not A Radio (Watts)
Inge's Song (Hard Work & Happiness)
Involuntary Movement
Jukebox (John Watts / Fischer-Z)
Just Hang On (J.M. Watts)
Just Hang On
Kharmasandra (Watts)
Klaas Willem's Song (Sports, Farms & Music)
Lagonda Lifestyle
Loveshaker (J.M. Watts)
Man In Someone Else's Skin
Mariza's Song (Fate & Destiny)
Mayday Mayday
Menagerie Makers
Money And Power
Movies (Watts)
My Heart's Too Big For My Body
Need You
One More Twist
One Voice
Positive Voodoo (Watts)
Premila's Song (60s Life)
Remembering To Breathe (Watts)
So High (J.M. Watts)
Speaking A Different Language
Sublime (J.M. Watts)
Susanne's Song (Dance On)
That's Enough For Me
The Fighting Princess (J.M. Watts)
The Prisoner's Dilemma
Train Of Human Desolation
Turn The Light On
Victims Of Fashion
Walking The Doberman
Walking The Doberman (Watts)
Watching You
Well Meaning Ghost (J.M. Watts)
What A Time To Live
Xavier's Song (Barcelona Nights)
Your Fault

Alben von John Watts

Bigbeatpoetry (Watts)
It Has To Be
Live At Rockpalast 1982 (John Watts / Fischer-Z)
On The Dial (Watts)
One More Twist
Real Life Is Good Enough
The Black Heart Of Rock-N-Roll (Watts)
The Iceberg Model
Thirteen Stories High (J.M. Watts)

Die bestbewerteten Songs von John Watts

Alle Songs mit mindestens 5 Reviews werden für diese Liste gezählt.
I Smelt Roses (In The Underground)84.88
One Voice104.8

Die bekanntesten Songs von John Watts

Alle Songs mit mindestens 5 Reviews werden für diese Liste gezählt.
One Voice104.8
I Smelt Roses (In The Underground)84.88

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