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Wax Dolls (Fischer-Z)United Artists09.1978
Remember Russia (Fischer-Z)United Artists02.1979
The Worker (Fischer-Z)United Artists05.1979
First Impressions (Fischer-Z)United Artists08.1979
Crazy Girl (Fischer-Z)United Artists03.1980
So Long (Fischer-Z)United Artists14.03.1980
Room Service / Limbo (Fischer-Z)United Artists05.1980
Room Service (Fischer-Z)United Artists05.1980
Limbo (Fischer-Z)United Artists26.09.1980
Marliese (Fischer-Z)EMI Liberty02.1981
Berlin (Fischer-Z)Liberty05.1981
Wristcutter's Lullaby (Fischer-Z)EMI Liberty22.05.1981
Fischer-Z Over Germany (Fischer-Z)EMI Liberty05.1981
Speaking A Different LanguageEMI10.1981
The Writer (Fischer-Z)Liberty1981
One VoiceEMI03.1982
Involuntary MovementEMI05.1982
Your FaultEMI07.1982
I Smelt Roses (In The Underground)EMI02.1983
Mayday MaydayEMI03.1983
The Way You Move (The Cry)Arista1984
No Time For Love (The Cry)Arista1984
Perfect Day (Fischer-Z)Ariola10.1987
Big Drum (Fischer-Z)Ariola01.1988
Say No (Fischer-Z)Ariola05.1989
Masquerade (Fischer-Z)Ariola08.1989
Sausages & Tears (Fischer-Z)Marquee22.10.1990
Destination Paradise (Fischer-Z)Ariola02.1992
Will You Be There? (Fischer-Z)Harvest10.1992
Tightrope (Fischer-Z)Harvest12.1992
Caruso (Fischer-Z)Harvest05.1993
The Peaches & Cream (Fischer-Z)Harvest07.1993
Human Beings (Fischer-Z)Welfare01.1994
Marlon (Fischer-Z)Harvest03.1994
You Never Cross The Same River Twice (Fischer-Z)SPV12.1994
Need Protection (Fischer-Z)SPV03.1995
Red Skies Over Paradise (Version '95) (Fischer-Z)EMI Electrola08.1995
Jukebox (Fischer-Z)So-Real2002
Delight (Fischer-Z)So-Real2002
Fury (Fischer-Z)So-Real2002
Back To Berlin (Fischer-Z)So-Real2004
Damascus Disco (Fischer-Z)BMG2017
F01 (Fischer-Z)Independent06.04.2018
Discographie Alben - Studio

Word Salad (Fischer-Z)United Artists05.1979
Going Deaf For A Living (Fischer-Z)United Artists05.1980
Red Skies Over Paradise (Fischer-Z)Liberty03.1981
One More TwistEMI04.1982
The Iceberg ModelEMI03.1983
Quick Quick Slow (The Cry)Arista1984
Reveal (Fischer-Z)Ariola10.1987
Fish's Head (Fischer-Z)Ariola05.1989
Destination Paradise (Fischer-Z)Harvest10.1992
Kamikaze Shirt (Fischer-Z)Harvest09.1993
Stream (Fischer-Z)Indisc01.1995
Thirteen Stories High (J.M. Watts)SPV1997
Bigbeatpoetry (Watts)Motor1999
Ether (Fischer-Z)So-Real29.04.2002
It Has To BeSilver Sonic2006
Real Life Is Good EnoughSilversoni11.05.2007
On The Dial (Watts)Traffic05.04.2011
Fischer-ZSo Real14.10.2011
This Is My Universe (Fischer-Z)SPV18.03.2016
The Black Heart Of Rock-N-Roll (Watts)Rum Bar15.07.2016
Building Bridges (Fischer-Z)BMG Rights31.03.2017
All Done With Rock'n'Roll (Watts)Rum Bar23.03.2018
Discographie Alben - Live

Live At Rockpalast 1982 (John Watts / Fischer-Z)Repertoire25.04.2014
Discographie Alben - Best Of

Going Red For A Salad (The UA Years) (Fischer-Z)EMI14.05.1990
The Best Of (Fischer-Z)Electrola25.08.1995
The Worker (Fischer-Z)Disky15.09.1997
Highlights 1979 To 2004 (Fischer-Z)EMI30.08.2004
Fischer Z [Best Of] (Fischer-Z)Disky21.11.2005

Songs von John Watts

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A Face To Remember
Acrobats (Fischer-Z)
Adrian's Song (Brothers)
Amnesty (Fischer-Z)
And This We Call Crime (Fischer-Z)
Angel Of Gardenia
Angel Of Gardenia (J.M. Watts)
Angry Brigade (Fischer-Z)
Animal (J.M. Watts)
Anything (Fischer-Z)
Are You Real? (Watts)
Back To Berlin (Fischer-Z)
Barbera Sunlight (Fischer-Z)
Bathroom Scenario (Fischer-Z)
Battalions Of Strangers (Fischer-Z)
Beep (Fischer-Z)
Before The Boat Goes Down (The Cry)
Berlin (Fischer-Z)
Big Drum (Fischer-Z)
Big Man Buddha (Fischer-Z)
Big Wide World (Fischer-Z)
Bigbeatpoetry (Watts)
Bigger Slice Now (Fischer-Z)
Billy And The Motorway Police (Fischer-Z)
Blood On My Hands (J.M. Watts)
Blue Anenome (Fischer-Z)
Brilliant Career (J.M. Watts)
Brilliant Career
Buffalo Heart (Fischer-Z)
California Breeding (J.M. Watts)
Calm Down (Fischer-Z)
Caruso (Fischer-Z)
Changed Man (Watts)
Chicken Sprawl (Fischer-Z)
Chris' Song (Grandmother Taught Me To Cry)
Christian's Song (True Stockholm)
Cool Enough
Cool Enough (J.M. Watts)
Corrado's Song (Is There A God?)
Count To Ten (Fischer-Z)
Crazy Girl (Fischer-Z)
Cruise Missiles (Fischer-Z)
Damascus Disco (Fischer-Z)
Dangerous Talk (John Watts And Fischer-Z)
Delight (Fischer-Z)
Delores (Fischer-Z)
Destination Paradise (Fischer-Z)
Don't Cry (The Cry)
Dream Wedding (Fischer-Z)
Dreamland (The Cry)
Easy Money (Fischer-Z)
Eclipse (Fischer-Z)
End (Watts)
End Of The Innocent (Fischer-Z)
Ether (Fischer-Z)
F01 (Fischer-Z)
Famous (Fischer-Z)
Fighting Back The Tears (Fischer-Z)
First Impressions (Fischer-Z)
Fischer-Z Over Germany (Fischer-Z)
Four Minutes In Durham (With You) (Fischer-Z)
Further From Love (Fischer-Z)
Fury (Fischer-Z)
Gille's Song (The Most Amazing Dog In The World)
Glorious (Fischer-Z)
Going Deaf For A Living (Fischer-Z)
Goldrush Town (Fischer-Z)
Good Rain (Watts)
Ha Ha Ha
Haters (Fischer-Z)
Headlines (Fischer-Z)
Heartbeat (Fischer-Z)
Here And Now (Fischer-Z)
Hiding (Fischer-Z)
High Wire Walker (Fischer-Z)
Ho Ho Ho (Fischer-Z)
Holiday In France
Home (Fischer-Z)
Huba (Fischer-Z)
Human Beings (Fischer-Z)
I Can't Wait That Long (Fischer-Z)
I Know It Now
I Need Action
I Shake My Head
I Smelt Roses (In The Underground)
I Was In Love With You
Iceberg Model
I'm A Reptile
I'm A Reptile (J.M. Watts)
I'm Not A Radio (Watts)
In England (Fischer-Z)
Inge's Song (Hard Work & Happiness)
Invite Me To Your Party (Fischer-Z)
Involuntary Movement
Is The Love (Fischer-Z)
It Could Be You (Fischer-Z)
It Takes Love (Fischer-Z)
It's Only A Hurricane (Fischer-Z)
Jesus Give Me Back My Life (Fischer-Z)
Jukebox (John Watts / Fischer-Z)
Jukebox (Fischer-Z)
Just Hang On
Just Hang On (J.M. Watts)
Just Like Justice (Fischer-Z)
Just Words (Fischer-Z)
Just-A-Man (Fischer-Z)
Kamikaze Shirt (Fischer-Z)
Kharmasandra (Watts)
Killing Time (Fischer-Z)
Kitten Curry (Fischer-Z)
Klaas Willem's Song (Sports, Farms & Music)
Lagonda Lifestyle
Laughing & Crying (The Cry)
Leave It To The Businessmen To Die Young (Fischer-Z)
Lemmings (Fischer-Z)
Let's Put The Pressure On (Fischer-Z)
Lies (Fischer-Z)
Limbo (Fischer-Z)
Lorelei (Fischer-Z)
Loveshaker (J.M. Watts)
Luton To Lisbon (Fischer-Z)
Magic Moon (Fischer-Z)
Man In Someone Else's Skin
Marguerite (Fischer-Z)
Marguerite Yourçenar (Fischer-Z)
Mariza's Song (Fate & Destiny)
Marliese (Fischer-Z)
Marlon (Fischer-Z)
Martha Thargill (Fischer-Z)
Masquerade (Fischer-Z)
Mayday Mayday
Menagerie Makers
Mockingbird Again (Fischer-Z)
Money And Power
Money Talks (The Cry)
Movies (Watts)
Multinationals Bite (Fischer-Z)
My Heart's Too Big For My Body
Need Protection (Fischer-Z)
Need You (Fischer-Z)
Need You
Need You (The Cry)
Nice To Know (Fischer-Z)
No Bohemia (Fischer-Z)
No Right (Fischer-Z)
No Strings (Fischer-Z)
No Time For Love (The Cry)
Of All The (Fischer-Z)
Oh Mother (Fischer-Z)
One More Twist
One Voice
Only (Fischer-Z)
Over (Fischer-Z)
Perfect Day (Fischer-Z)
Pick Up, Slip Up (Fischer-Z)
Plummeting (Fischer-Z)
Polythene (Fischer-Z)
Positive Voodoo (Watts)
Premila's Song (60s Life)
Pretty Paracetamol (Fischer-Z)
Promenaders (Fischer-Z)
Protection (Fischer-Z)
Psychojazz Shuffle (Fischer-Z)
Quick Quick Slow (The Cry)
Radio K.I.L.L. (Fischer-Z)
Realistic Man (Fischer-Z)
Red Skies Over Paradise (Fischer-Z)
Red Skies Over Paradise (Version '95) (Fischer-Z)
Remember Russia (Fischer-Z)
Remembering To Breathe (Watts)
Right Hand Men (Fischer-Z)
Room Service (Fischer-Z)
Row Boys Row (Fischer-Z)
Saturday Night (Fischer-Z)
Sausages & Tears (Fischer-Z)
Say No (Fischer-Z)
Say When (Fischer-Z)
She Said (Fischer-Z)
Shrink (Fischer-Z)
So Close (Fischer-Z)
So Far (Fischer-Z)
So Hard (Fischer-Z)
So High (J.M. Watts)
So Long (Fischer-Z)
Song And Dance Brigade (Fischer-Z)
Speaking A Different Language
Spiders (Fischer-Z)
Stars (Fischer-Z)
Sticky Business (Fischer-Z)
Still In Flames (Fischer-Z)
Stream Of Unconscious (Fischer-Z)
Stripper In The Mirror (Fischer-Z)
Sublime (J.M. Watts)
Supernatural (Fischer-Z)
Susanne's Song (Dance On)
Take It Round Again (The Cry)
Tale Of Bales (Fischer-Z)
Tallulah Tomorrow (Fischer-Z)
That's Enough For Me
The Camera Lies (Fischer-Z)
The Crank (Fischer-Z)
The Fighting Princess (J.M. Watts)
The French Let Her (Fischer-Z)
The Peaches & Cream (Fischer-Z)
The Prisoner's Dilemma
The Rat Man (Fischer-Z)
The Way You Move (The Cry)
The Worker (Fischer-Z)
The Writer (Fischer-Z)
There's A Wilderness Here (Fischer-Z)
This Is My Universe (Fischer-Z)
Tightrope (Fischer-Z)
Time For Rita (Fischer-Z)
Train Of Human Desolation
Turn Back The Clock (Fischer-Z)
Turn The Light On
Umberella (Fischer-Z)
Unshakeable Bluesky (Fischer-Z)
Valley (Fischer-Z)
Very Nice (Fischer-Z)
Victims Of Fashion
Vitriol Skies (Fischer-Z)
Walking The Doberman (Watts)
Walking The Doberman
Watching You
Wax Dolls (Fischer-Z)
Welcome To The Club (The Cry)
Well Meaning Ghost (J.M. Watts)
What A Time To Live
Wild Wild Wild Wild (Fischer-Z)
Will You Be There? (Fischer-Z)
Winston (Fischer-Z)
World-Go-Round (Fischer-Z)
Wristcutter's Lullaby (Fischer-Z)
Xavier's Song (Barcelona Nights)
You Never Cross The Same River Twice (Fischer-Z)
You'll Never Find Brian Here (Fischer-Z)
Your Fault

Alben von John Watts

All Done With Rock'n'Roll (Watts)
Bigbeatpoetry (Watts)
Building Bridges (Fischer-Z)
Destination Paradise (Fischer-Z)
Ether (Fischer-Z)
Fischer Z [Best Of] (Fischer-Z)
Fish's Head (Fischer-Z)
Going Deaf For A Living (Fischer-Z)
Going Red For A Salad (The UA Years) (Fischer-Z)
Highlights 1979 To 2004 (Fischer-Z)
It Has To Be
Kamikaze Shirt (Fischer-Z)
Live At Rockpalast 1982 (John Watts / Fischer-Z)
On The Dial (Watts)
One More Twist
Quick Quick Slow (The Cry)
Real Life Is Good Enough
Red Skies Over Paradise (Fischer-Z)
Reveal (Fischer-Z)
Stream (Fischer-Z)
The Best Of (Fischer-Z)
The Black Heart Of Rock-N-Roll (Watts)
The Iceberg Model
The Perfect Album (Fischer-Z)
The Worker (Fischer-Z)
Thirteen Stories High (J.M. Watts)
This Is My Universe (Fischer-Z)
Word Salad (Fischer-Z)

Die bestbewerteten Songs von John Watts

Alle Songs mit mindestens 5 Reviews werden für diese Liste gezählt.
Wristcutter's Lullaby (Fischer-Z)115.09
Red Skies Over Paradise (Fischer-Z)175
Pretty Paracetamol (Fischer-Z)95
Battalions Of Strangers (Fischer-Z)114.91
Cruise Missiles (Fischer-Z)154.87
So Long (Fischer-Z)424.86
In England (Fischer-Z)134.85
One Voice104.8
Song And Dance Brigade (Fischer-Z)104.8
I Smelt Roses (In The Underground)94.78

Die bekanntesten Songs von John Watts

Alle Songs mit mindestens 5 Reviews werden für diese Liste gezählt.
Marliese (Fischer-Z)794.72
So Long (Fischer-Z)424.86
The Worker (Fischer-Z)314.45
Berlin (Fischer-Z)284.36
Room Service (Fischer-Z)204.65
Red Skies Over Paradise (Fischer-Z)175
Perfect Day (Fischer-Z)174.35
Cruise Missiles (Fischer-Z)154.87
In England (Fischer-Z)134.85
Wristcutter's Lullaby (Fischer-Z)115.09

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