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Discographie Singles

He Gives Us All His LovePolydor1971
Brother LouiePolydor1973
2000 Black (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)Polydor1975
Running Away (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)Polydor1977
Get On Up, Get On DownPolydor1978
Love Will Bring Us Back Together AgainPolydor1979
Poo Poo La LaCBS1984
Discographie Alben - Studio

Roy Ayers Ubiquity (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)Polydor1970
He's Coming (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)Polydor1972
Red Black & Green (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)Polydor1973
Change Up The Groove (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)Polydor1974
A Tear To A Smile (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)Polydor1975
Mystic Voyage (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)Polydor1975
Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)Polydor1976
No Stranger To LovePolydor1979
In The DarkColumbia1984
Lots Of LoveSoul Jazz11.06.2010
Feeling GoodSoul Brother20.09.2013
Let's Do ItSoul Brother20.09.2013
Stoned Soul PicnicMusic On Vinyl12.09.2014
You Might Be SurprisedFunky Town Grooves09.06.2017
Discographie Alben - Soundtrack

Coffy (Soundtrack / Roy Ayers)Polydor1973
Discographie Alben - Best Of

RareUrban / Polydor1989
Rare Volume 2Polydor / Urban1990

Songs von Roy Ayers

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2000 Black (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
A Tear To A Smile (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
A Wee Bit (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Ain't Got Time (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Ain't No Sunshine (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Blast The Box
Brawling Broads
Brother Green (The Disco King) (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Brother Louie
Can You Dig It? (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Can't You See Me?
Change Up The Groove (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Cincinnati Growl (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Cocoa Butter (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Coffy Baby
Coffy Is The Color
Coffy Sauna
Day Dreaming (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Des Nude Soul
Don't Hide Your Love
Don't Let Our Love Slip Away
Don't Stop The Feeling
Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
E Funk
Ebony Blaze (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
End Of Sugarman
Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Evolution (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Exotic Dance
Expansions (Scott Grooves feat. Roy Ayers)
Fast Money
Feel Like Makin' Love (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Fikisha (To Help Someone To Arrive) (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Fire Weaver (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
For Real (Roy Ayers feat. Wayne Henderson)
Freaky Deaky
Funk In The Hole
Funky Motion (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Get On Up, Get On Down
Goree Island
He Ain't Heave He's My Brother (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
He Gives Us All His Love
Heat Of The Beat (Roy Ayers / Wayne Henderson)
Henceforth (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
He's A Superstar (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
He's Coming (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Hey Uh - What You Say Come On (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Hummin' (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
I Am Your Mind Part 2
I Can't Help It
I Can't Help Myself (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
I Don't Know How To Love Him (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
I Wanna Feel It (I Wanna Dance)
I Wanna Touch You Baby
If You Love Me
In The Dark
In The Mood (Talib Kweli feat. Kanye West & Roy Ayers)
In Time (Richard Earnshaw feat. Erik Dillard & Roy Ayers)
Is It Too Late To Try?
It Ain't Your Sign It's Your Mind (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
It's So Sweet
Keep On Walking (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
King George
King's Last Ride
Let's Stay Together
Life Is Just A Moment (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Liquid Love
Lonesome Cowboy (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Love (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Love From The Sun
Love Is In The Feel
Love Will Bring Us Back Together Again
Love Will Bring Us Together (Cookie Crew ft. Roy Ayers)
Magic Lady (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Making Love
Mash Theme (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Miles (Love's Silent Dawn) (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Mystic Voyage (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
No Question (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
No Stranger To Love / Want You
Painted Desert (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Papa Was A Rolling Stone (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
People And The World (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Poo Poo La La
Pretty Brown Skin (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Pricilla's Theme
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Red Black & Green (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Release Yourself
Rhythms Of Your Mind (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Rise (Richard Earnshaw feat. Roy Ayers & Ursula Rucker)
Roy's Scat (Nuyorican Soul feat. Roy Ayers)
Running Away (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Sensitize (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Sexy, Sexy, Sexy
Shack Up, Pack Up, It's Up (When I'm Gone)
Shining Symbol
Show Us A Feeling (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Simple And Sweet
Slip 'n Slide
Spirit Of Doo Doo (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Sweet Butterfly Of Love (Roy Ayers Ubiquity / Sandy Hewitt)
Sweet Tears (Nuyorican Soul feat. Roy Ayers)
Sweet Tears (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Take A Look (At Yourself) (Guru feat. Roy Ayers)
Take All The Time You Need (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Take Me Out To The Ball Game
The Black Five (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
The Boogie Back (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
The Fuzz (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
The Golden Rod (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
The Memory (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
The Old One Two (Move To Groove) (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
The Third Eye (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
The Way Of The World (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
This Guy's In Love With You
Time And Space (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Tongue Power (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Turn Me Loose
Virgo Red
Vittroni's Theme - King Is Dead
Waiting (Richard Earnshaw feat. Kenny Thomas & Roy Ayers)
Warm Vibes
We Live In Brooklyn, Baby (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
What You Won't Do For Love
When Is Real, Real? (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Wide Open
You And Me My Love (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
You Send Me

Alben von Roy Ayers

A Shining Symbol: The Ultimate Collection
A Tear To A Smile (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Africa, Center Of The World
All Blues
Change Up The Groove (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Coffy (Soundtrack / Roy Ayers)
Comin' Home Baby
Daddy Bug
Daddy Bug And Friends
Destination Motherland: The Ray Ayers Anthology
Drivin' On Up
Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Evolution: The Polydor Anthology
Feeling Good
He's Coming (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
In The Dark
Let's Do It
Live At The Montreux Jazz Festival
Lots Of Love
Love Fantasy
Mahogany Vibe
Mystic Voyage (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
No Stranger To Love
Rare Volume 2
Red Black & Green (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Roy Ayers - Remixed Vol. 1
Roy Ayers - Remixed Vol. 2
Roy Ayers - Remixed Vol. 3
Roy Ayers - Remixed Vol. 5
Roy Ayers Ubiquity (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)
Silver Vibrations
Smooth Jazz
Stoned Soul Picnic
Stoned Soul Public
The Best Of
The Best Of Roy Ayers
The Essential Roy Ayers
Vibesman: Live At Ronnie Scots
Virgin Ubiquity: Unreleased Recordings 1976-1981
Virgo Red
Virgo Vibes
Wake Up
West Coast Vibes
You Might Be Surprised
You Send Me

Die bestbewerteten Songs von Roy Ayers

Alle Songs mit mindestens 5 Reviews werden für diese Liste gezählt.
Love Will Bring Us Back Together Again54.8
Running Away (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)114.27
Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)144.07
Don't Stop The Feeling104

Die bekanntesten Songs von Roy Ayers

Alle Songs mit mindestens 5 Reviews werden für diese Liste gezählt.
Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)144.07
Running Away (Roy Ayers Ubiquity)114.27
Don't Stop The Feeling104
Love Will Bring Us Back Together Again54.8

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