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Hard Times With The Law (The Sparrows)Capitol06.1965
Tomorrow's Ship (The Sparrow)Columbia08.08.1966
Down Goes Your Love Life (The Sparrow)Columbia19.12.1966
A Girl I KnewDunhill10.1967
Sookie, SookieDunhill03.02.1968
Born To Be WildDunhill19.05.1968
Magic Carpet RideABC Dunhill30.08.1968
Faster Than The Speed Of LifeDunhill07.12.1968
Rock MeDunhill22.02.1969
Jupiter ChildDunhill22.02.1969
It's Never Too LateDunhill04.1969
Move OverDunhill03.08.1969
Square Headed People (John Kay & Sparrow)Columbia1969
The PusherStateside06.03.1970
Hey Lawdy MamaDunhill23.04.1970
Screaming Night HogDunhill30.07.1970
Who Needs YaDunhill07.10.1970
Snow Blind FriendDunhill31.01.1971
Ride With MeDunhill27.06.1971
For Ladies OnlyDunhill06.10.1971
Forty Days And Forty NightsOdeon1971
Foggy Mental BreakdownProbe1973
Straight Shootin' WomanMums09.08.1974
Get Into The WindMums16.11.1974
Smokey Factory BluesMums31.01.1975
Caroline (Are You Ready For The Outlaw World)Mums14.06.1975
Hot Night In A Cold Town (John Kay & Steppenwolf)Allegiance1983
Give Me Life (John Kay & Steppenwolf)Disky1987
We Like It, We Love It (We Want More Of It) (John Kay & Steppenwolf)I.R.S.1990
Rock And Roll War (John Kay & Steppenwolf)I.R.S.1990
Do Or Die (John Kay & Steppenwolf)I.R.S.1990
Discographie Alben - Studio

SteppenwolfABC Dunhill29.01.1968
The SecondABC Dunhill11.1968
At Your Birthday PartyABC Dunhill03.1969
MonsterABC Dunhill11.1969
John Kay And The Sparrow (John Kay & Sparrow)Columbia1969
7ABC Dunhill11.1970
For Ladies OnlyABC Dunhill11.1971
Slow FluxMums08.1974
Hour Of The WolfEpic09.1975
Wolftracks (John Kay & Steppenwolf)Allegiance1982
Paradox (John Kay & Steppenwolf)Attic1984
Rock & Roll Rebels (John Kay & Steppenwolf)QWIL09.1987
Rise & Shine (John Kay & Steppenwolf)IRS08.1990
Feed The Fire (John Kay & Steppenwolf)Winter Harvest02.07.1996
Discographie Alben - Live

Early SteppenwolfABC Dunhill07.1969
LiveABC Dunhill04.1970
Live At 25 (John Kay & Steppenwolf)ERA17.03.1995
Live In London (John Kay & Steppenwolf)Rainman03.04.2015
Discographie Alben - Best Of

The Best Of SteppenwolfStateside1970
Steppenwolf Gold - Their Great HitsDunhill03.1972
16 Greatest HitsProbe02.1973
Masters Of RockProbe1973
Reborn To Be Wild: The Best Of SteppenwolfEpic1976
The Story Of PopABC1976
That's SteppenwolfMarifon1982
Steppenwolf [1987]Rock Planet1987
Born To Be WildBellaphon1988
Born To Be Wild - A RetrospectiveMCA 1991
The Best Of Steppenwolf - Born To Be WildMCA18.01.1999
The ABC / Dunhill Singles CollectionReal Gone14.08.2015
Discographie Alben - Box

Slow Flux / Hour Of The Wolf / SkullduggeryRykodisc19.02.2010
Slow Flux / Hour Of The WolfYellow21.06.2013
Discographie Alben - DVD

Live! In Louisville (John Kay & Steppenwolf)Rainman 

Steppenwolf in der österreichischen Hitparade


Born To Be Wild15.11.1968204
Magic Carpet Ride15.02.1969128
Rock Me15.05.1969204

Songs von Steppenwolf

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(I'm A) Road Runner
A Fool's Fantasy
A Girl I Knew
Ain't Nothin' Like It Used To Be (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
All I Want Is All You Got (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Angel Drawers
Annie, Annie Over
Another's Lifetime
Baby, Please Don't Go (John Kay & Sparrow)
Bad Attitude (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Ball Crusher
Berry Rides Again
Black Pit
Born To Be Wild
Bright Lights, Big City (John Kay & Sparrow)
Can't Make Love By Yourself (John Kay & Sparrow)
Caroline (Are You Ready For The Outlaw World)
Cat Killer
Chasin' Shadows (John Kay & Sparrow)
Chicken Wolf
Children Of Night
Circle Of Confusion (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Corina, Corina
Disappoint Number (Unknown)
Do Or Die (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Don't Cry
Don't Step On The Grass, Sam
Down Goes Your Love Life (The Sparrow)
Down To Earth (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Draft Resister
Every Man For Himself (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Everybody Knows You (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Everybody's Next One
Faster Than The Speed Of Life
Fat Jack
Feed The Fire (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Fishin' In The Dark
Five Finger Discount (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Foggy Mental Breakdown
Fool's Fantasy
For Ladies Only
For Mad Men Only
For Rock-N-Roll (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Forty Days And Forty Nights
From Here To There Eventually
Gang War Blues
Get Into The Wind
Give Me Life (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Give Me News I Can Use (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
God Fearing Man
Goin' To California (John Kay & Sparrow)
Good Morning Little School Girl (John Kay & Sparrow)
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (The Sparrow)
Green Bottle Lover (The Sparrow)
Happy Birthday
Hard Rock Road
Hard Times With The Law (The Sparrows)
Hey Lawdy Mama
Hippo Stomp
Hodge, Podge, Stained Through A Leslie
Hold On (Never Give Up, Never Give In) (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Hold Your Head Up (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Hootchie Kootchie Man
Hot Night In A Cold Town (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Howling For My Darling
I'm Asking
I'm Going Upstairs
I'm Movin' On
In Hopes Of A Garden
Isn't It Strange (The Sparrow)
Isn't It Strange? (The Sparrow)
It's Never Too Late
Jaded Strumpet
Jupiter Child
Just For Tonight
Justice Don't Be Slow
Keep Rockin' (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
King Pin (John Kay & Sparrow)
Let's Do It All (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Life Is A Gamble
Lip Service
Live Your Life
Lonely Dreamers (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Lost And Found By Trial And Error
Lovely Meter
Magic Carpet Ride
Man On A Mission (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Mango Juice
Meet Me After Four (The Sparrows)
Morning Blue
Move Over
Mr. Penny Pincher
None Of The Above (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
None Of Your Doing
Nothing Is Forever (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Now And Forever (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Only The Strong Survive (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Pass It On
Power Play
Rage (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Replace The Face (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Ride With Me
Rise And Shine (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Rock & Roll Rebels (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Rock And Roll Song
Rock And Roll War (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Rock Me
Rock N Roll Rebels
Rock Steady (I'm Rough And Ready) (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Round And Down
Screaming Night Hog
Shackles And Chains
She'll Be Better
Sign On The Line (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Sleeping Dreaming
Slender Thread Of Hope (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Smokey Factory Blues
Snow Blind Friend
Someone Told A Lie
Sookie, Sookie
Sparkle Eyes
Spiritual Fantasy
Square Headed People (John Kay & Sparrow)
Straight Shootin' Woman
Take What You Need
Tell Me It's Alright (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
The Balance (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
The Daily Blues (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
The Fixer (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
The Night Time's For You
The Ostrich
The Pusher
The Wall (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Tighten Up Your Wig
Time (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Time Out (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Tomorrow's Ship (The Sparrow)
Train Of Thought
Turn Out The Lights (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Twisted (John Kay & Sparrow)
Two For The Love Of One
Watch Your Innocence (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
We Like It, We Love It (We Want More Of It) (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
What Would You Do (If I Did That To You)
Who Needs Ya
You (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Your Walls Too High
You're The Only One (John Kay & Steppenwolf)

Alben von Steppenwolf

16 Greatest Hits
At Home
At Your Birthday Party
Born To Be Wild
Born To Be Wild - A Retrospective
Colour Collection
Early Steppenwolf
Feed The Fire (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
For Ladies Only
Hour Of The Wolf
John Kay And The Sparrow (John Kay & Sparrow)
Live At 25 (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Live In London (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Masters Of Rock
Paradox (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Reborn To Be Wild: The Best Of Steppenwolf
Rise & Shine (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Rock & Roll Rebels (John Kay & Steppenwolf)
Slow Flux
Slow Flux / Hour Of The Wolf
Slow Flux / Hour Of The Wolf / Skullduggery
Steppenwolf [1987]
Steppenwolf 7
Steppenwolf Gold - Their Great Hits
That's Steppenwolf
The ABC / Dunhill Singles Collection
The Best Of Steppenwolf
The Best Of Steppenwolf - Born To Be Wild
The Collection
The Second
The Story Of Pop
Wolftracks (John Kay & Steppenwolf)

DVDs von Steppenwolf

Live! In Louisville (John Kay & Steppenwolf)

Die bestbewerteten Songs von Steppenwolf

Alle Songs mit mindestens 5 Reviews werden für diese Liste gezählt.
Born To Be Wild1875.12
It's Never Too Late185.06
The Pusher375
A Girl I Knew55
Snow Blind Friend104.9
Move Over134.85
Magic Carpet Ride764.8
Berry Rides Again54.8

Die bekanntesten Songs von Steppenwolf

Alle Songs mit mindestens 5 Reviews werden für diese Liste gezählt.
Born To Be Wild1875.12
Magic Carpet Ride764.8
The Pusher375
It's Never Too Late185.06
Rock Me184.5
Ride With Me164.5
Sookie, Sookie154.47
Move Over134.85
For Ladies Only134.69
Hey Lawdy Mama124.25

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