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Robert Michael Nesmith  30.12.1942
Davy Jones  30.12.1945
Peter Halsten Thorkelson  13.02.1942
George Michael Dolenz, Jr.  08.03.1945

Im Sommer 1965 gaben die Fernseh-Produzenten Rafelson und Schneider eine Anzeige auf, in der sie 'vier arbeitswillige, aufgeweckte und vor allem verrückte Rock 'n' Roll-Typen' suchten. Aus 437 Bewerbern suchten sie sich dann Davy Jones, Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork und Micky Dolenz aus und produzierten mit ihnen die amerikanische TV-Serie 'The Monkees', die ausgesprochen erfolgreich war und auch im Ausland unzählige Freunde fand. Obwohl die vier nur geringe musikalische Erfahrungen hatten, entschloss man sich, mit ihnen eine Platte aufzunehmen. Mit "Last Train To Clarksville" gelang ihnen wider Erwarten ein Sofort-Hit, der von den folgenden noch übertroffen wurde. "I'm A Believer", "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You", "Pleasant Valley Sunday" und "Daydream Believer" entwickelten sich zu Welthits. 1968 verließ sie das Glück, nachdem Peter Tork ausstieg und sich der Rest der Band nicht mehr fangen konnte.
(aus der Serie "Das Goldene Schlager-Archiv" 1950-1989)
Discographie Singles

Last Train To ClarksvilleColgems16.08.1966
I'm A BelieverColgems23.11.1966
(Theme From) The MonkeesRCA Victor1966
Alternate Title (Randy Scouse Git)RCA16.06.1967
Pleasant Valley SundayColgems07.1967
Daydream BelieverColgems07.11.1967
A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit YouRCA Victor1967
I Wanna Be FreeRCA Victor1967
The Girl I Knew SomewhereRCA Victor1967
ValleriRCA Victor26.02.1968
Tapioca TundraRCA Victor26.02.1968
D.W. WashburnRCA Victor04.06.1968
Good Clean FunRCA Victor1969
Someday ManRCA Victor1969
Listen To The BandRCA1969
Tear Drop CityRCA Victor1969
Oh My MyRCA Victor1970
Do It In The Name Of LoveBell1971
(I'm Not Your) Steppin' StoneArista06.1981
That Was Then, This Is Now (Micky Dolenz & Peter Tork (of The Monkees))Arista1986
Heart And SoulRhino1987
Saturday's ChildRhino16.04.2016
She Makes Me LaughRhino29.04.2016
You Bring The SummerRhino20.06.2016
Star CollectorRhino08.07.2016
Discographie Alben - Studio

The MonkeesColgems10.10.1966
More Of The MonkeesColgems10.01.1967
Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd.Colgems14.11.1967
The Birds, The Bees & The MonkeesColgems22.04.1968
Instant ReplayColgems14.02.1969
The Monkees PresentColgems01.10.1969
Good Times!Rhino27.05.2016
Discographie Alben - Best Of

Greatest Hits [1972]Arista1976
Then & Now... The Best Of The MonkeesArista01.07.1986
Greatest HitsRhino24.10.1995
The Definitive MonkeesWSM26.02.2001
I'm A Believer - The Best Of The MonkeesMusic Club Deluxe26.11.2007
Music BoxRhino03.10.2008
Summer Of LoveRhino21.07.2017
Discographie Alben - Box

Original Album SeriesRhino26.02.2010
Classic Album CollectionRhino22.01.2016
Discographie Alben - Misc

Missing LinksRhino1987
Missing Links, Vol. 2Rhino26.01.1990
Revisiting The PastCity Lights21.10.2016

The Monkees in der österreichischen Hitparade


I'm A Believer15.03.1967116
A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You15.06.196748
Mary, Mary15.08.1967134
Alternate Title (Randy Scouse Git)15.09.1967144
Daydream Believer15.02.196878

Songs von The Monkees

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(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone
(Theme From) The Monkees
99 Pounds
A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You
A Man Without A Dream
Acapulco Sun
Admiral Mike
All Alone In The Dark
All Of Your Toys
All The King's Horses
Alternate Title (Randy Scouse Git)
Angel Band
Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere
Apples, Peaches, Bananas & Pears
As We Go Along
Auntie's Municipal Court
Band 6
Birth Of An Accidental Hipster
Bye Bye Baby Bye Bye
Can You Dig It?
Carlisle Wheeling
Circle Sky
Come On In
Cuddly Toy
D.W. Washburn
Daddy's Song
Daily Nightly
Daydream Believer
Ditty Diego - War Chant
Do It In The Name Of Love
Do Not Ask For Love
Do You Feel It Too?
Don't Call On Me
Don't Listen To Linda
Don't Wait For Me
Dream World
Dyin' Of A Broken Heart
Early Morning Blues And Greens
Every Step Of The Way
For Pete's Sake
Forget That Girl
French Song
Gettin' In
Goin' Down
Gonna Buy Me A Dog
Good Clean Fun
Good Times
Gotta Give It Time
Happy Birthday To You
Hard To Believe
Heart And Soul
Hold On Girl
How Insensitive
I Believe You
I Can't Get Her Off My Mind
I Don't Think You Know Me
I Know What I Know
I Love You Better
I Never Thought It Peculiar
I Wanna Be Free
I Was There (And I'm Told I Had A Good Time)
I Won't Be The Same Without Her
If I Ever Get To Saginow Again
If I Knew
If You Have The Time
I'll Be Back Up On My Feet
I'll Be True To You
I'll Spend My Life With You
I'm A Believer
I'm Gonna Try
It's Got To Be Love
It's My Life
It's Nice To Be With You
It's Not Too Late
Just A Game
Ladies Aid Society
Lady Jane
Lady's Baby
Last Train To Clarksville
Let's Dance On
Listen To The Band
Little Girl
Little Red Rider
Long Title: Do I Have To Do This All Over Again?
Look Down
Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)
Looking For The Good Times
Love Is Only Sleeping
Love To Love
Magnolia Simms
Mary, Mary
Me & Magdalena
Me Without You
Merry Go Round
Michigan Blackhawk
Midnight Train
Mommy And Daddy
Mr. Webster
My Share Of The Sidewalk
Never Enough
Never Tell A Woman Yes
Nine Times Blues
No Time
Of You
Oh My My
Oh, What A Night
Oklahoma Backroom Dancer
Opening Ceremony
Our Own World
P.O. Box 9847
Papa Gene's Blues
Peter Gunn's Gun
Peter Percival Patterson's Pet Pig Porky
Pillow Time
Pleasant Valley Sunday
Porpoise Song (Theme From "Head")
Propinquity (I've Just Begun To Care)
Regional Girl
Riu Chiu
Run Away From Life
Saturday's Child
Seeger's Theme
Shades Of Gray
Shake 'Em Up
She Hangs Out
She Makes Me Laugh
She'll Be There
Shorty Blackwell
So Goes Love
Some Of Shelly's Blues
Someday Man
Sometime In The Morning
St. Matthew
Star Collector
Storybook Of You
Sunny Girlfriend
Swami - Plus Strings (Ken Thorne), Etc.
Sweet Young Thing
Take A Giant Step
Tapioca Tundra
Tear Drop City
Teeny Tiny Gnome
Tell Me Love
That Was Then, This Is Now (Micky Dolenz & Peter Tork (of The Monkees))
The Crippled Lion
The Day We Fall In Love
The Door Into Summer
The Girl I Knew Somewhere
The Girl I Left Behind Me
The Kind Of Girl I Could Love
The Monkees EP
The Poster
This Just Doesn't Seem To Be My Day
Through The Looking Glass
Ticket On A Ferry Ride
Time & Time Again
Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day
Unlucky Stars
War Games
Wasn't Born To Follow
We Were Made For Each Other
What Am I Doing Hangin' 'Round?
Whatever's Right
When Love Comes Knockin' (At Your Door)
While I Cry
Writing Wrongs
You And I
You Bring The Summer
You Just May Be The One
You Told Me
Your Auntie Grizelda
You're So Good
You're So Good To Me
Zor And Zam

Alben von The Monkees

Classic Album Collection
Daydream Believer Collection Volume 1
Good Times!
Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits [1972]
I'm A Believer - The Best Of The Monkees
Instant Replay
Meet The Monkees
Missing Links
Missing Links, Vol. 2
Monkeemania - The Very Best Of
More Of The Monkees
Music Box
Original Album Series
Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd.
Pool It!
Revisiting The Past
Summer Of Love
The Best Of The Monkees
The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees
The Collection
The Definitive Monkees
The Monkees
The Monkees Present
The Platinum Collection Volume 2
Then & Now... The Best Of The Monkees

Die bestbewerteten Songs von The Monkees

Alle Songs mit mindestens 5 Reviews werden für diese Liste gezählt.
Daydream Believer1535.22
I'm A Believer1464.98
Last Train To Clarksville454.76
(Theme From) The Monkees364.56
Listen To The Band184.56
Tear Drop City114.55
A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You434.53
Shades Of Gray74.43
Mary, Mary154.4
For Pete's Sake104.4

Die bekanntesten Songs von The Monkees

Alle Songs mit mindestens 5 Reviews werden für diese Liste gezählt.
Daydream Believer1535.22
I'm A Believer1464.98
Last Train To Clarksville454.76
A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You434.53
(Theme From) The Monkees364.56
Pleasant Valley Sunday314.06
(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone264.35
Alternate Title (Randy Scouse Git)214.14
Listen To The Band184.56

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