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Interview mit Nits (2009)

Discographie Singles

Yes Or NoBurdorf12.03.1977
Looking For A Friend (Nits)Burdorf02.1978
Tutti RagazziCBS20.12.1979
The Young ReporterCBS02.05.1980
New FlatCBS09.01.1981
Bobby SoloCBS10.04.1981
Holiday On IceCBS05.1981
Red TapeCBS09.12.1981
Slip Of The TongueCBS23.03.1982
The Vermilion PencilCBS19.05.1983
Sketches Of SpainCBS04.11.1983
Bild Am Sonntag (As Usual)CBS27.01.1984
Vah Hollanda seni seniCBS16.11.1984
Adieu Sweet BahnhofCBS22.02.1985
Sleep (Whatever Happens To Your Eyes)CBS28.04.1986
Typist Of CandyCBS19.06.1986
In The Dutch MountainsCBS21.09.1987
J.O.S. DaysCBS28.12.1987
The Panorama ManCBS28.03.1988
In A Play (Das Mädchen im Pelz)CBS04.1988
The DreamCBS24.10.1988
The TrainCBS06.02.1989
Adieu Sweet Bahnhof (Live) (Nits)CBS1989
Home Before Dark (Live) (Nits)CBS1990
Radio Shoes (Nits)CBS1990
Giant Normal Dwarf (Nits)CBS1990
Torni (Nits)CBS1990
Long Forgotten Story (Nits)Columbia1991
Soap Bubble Box (Nits)Columbia1992
Cars & Cars (Nits)Columbia1992
Mrs. Sandman (Nits)Columbia1992
Ting (Nits)Columbia1993
Da Da Da (Nits)Columbia1994
Dreams (Nits)Columbia1994
Mourir avant quinze ans (Nits)Columbia1994
Dankzij de dijken (Freek de Jonge & The Nits (Frits))Columbia1995
Broken Wing (Nits)Columbia1995
Bike In Head (Elephant Mix) (Nits)Columbia1996
Ivory Boy (Nits)Play It Again Sam2000
The Flowers (Nits)Werf2008
Discographie Alben - Studio

The NitsScramble1978
New FlatCBS14.11.1980
Adieu, Sweet BahnhofCBS28.09.1984
In The Dutch MountainsCBS18.11.1987
Giant Normal Dwarf (Nits)CBS08.10.1990
Ting (Nits)Columbia29.09.1992
Da Da Da (Nits)Columbia15.04.1994
Alankomaat (Nits)Columbia10.03.1998
Wool (Nits)Play It Again Sam08.05.2000
1974 (Nits)Werf10.11.2003
Les nuits (Nits)Werf24.10.2005
Doing The Dishes (Nits)Werf21.01.2008
Strawberry Wood (Nits)Werf16.10.2009
Malpensa (Nits)Werf23.03.2012
Angst (Nits)Bertus15.09.2017
Discographie Alben - Live

Urk (Nits)CBS30.10.1989
Hotel Europa - Live Recordings 1990 - 2014 (Nits)Werf13.03.2015
Discographie Alben - Best Of

Nest (Nits)Columbia16.10.1995
Hits (Nits)SMM09.06.2000
Discographie Alben - Box

Soap Bubble Box - 35 Years Nits (Nits)Columbia04.12.2009
3 Original Album Classics (Nits)Columbia12.03.2010
Nits? (Nits)Sony21.03.2014
Discographie Alben - Misc

Quest (Nits)Columbia16.10.1995
6 (Nits)Music On Vinyl19.04.2014

The Nits in der österreichischen Hitparade


In The Dutch Mountains15.02.1988314

In The Dutch Mountains15.02.1988412

Songs von The Nits

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26 A (Clouds In The Sky) (Nits)
4 Ankles
5 Hammering Men
A Statue
A To B; C To D
A Touch Of Henry Moore
Abandoned Mine (Nits)
Acres Of Tintoretto
Adieu Sweet Bahnhof
Adieu Sweet Bahnhof (Live) (Nits)
After Thoughts
All I Want (Nits)
All Or Nothing (Nits)
Aloha Drums!
An Eating House
Angel Of Happy Hour (Nits)
Apple Orchard (Nits)
Aquarium (Nits)
Around The Fish (Nits)
Athens (Nits)
Bad Dream (Nits)
Bad Government And Its Effects On Town And Country (Nits)
Bad Government And Its Effects On Town And Country (Perquisite Remix) (Nits feat. Dazzled Kid and Colin Benders)
Bello de Hond (Freek de Jonge & The Nits (Frits))
Between The Buttons (Nits)
Big Black Boats (Nits)
Bike In Head
Bike In Head (Elephant Mix) (Nits)
Bilbao Boa (Nits)
Bild Am Sonntag (As Usual)
Bird In The Back (Nits)
Bite Better Bark
Blind Willie McTell (De Dijk met Henk Hofstede)
Blue Things (Nits)
Bobby Solo
Boy In A Tree (Nits)
Broken Wing (Nits)
Bus (Nits)
Canigo (Nits)
Cars & Cars (Nits)
Chain Of Ifs (Nits)
Chameleon Girl (Nits)
Christine's World (Nits)
Clean Shirt In Paris
Cowboys & Indians (Nits)
Crime & Punishment (Nits)
Da Da Da (Nits)
Dancing Girl - Red Cat
Dankzij de dijken (Freek de Jonge & The Nits (Frits))
Day & The Night (Nits)
De rode vaas (Nits)
Departure (Nits)
Desert Island Song (Nits)
Different Kitchen
Distance (Nits)
Do Do (Nits)
Doppelganger (Nits)
Dreams (Nits)
Eifersucht (Nits)
Empty Room
Erom Om
Espresso Girl (Nits)
Fantasies And Factories
Fire In My Head (Nits)
Fishes (Nits)
Five & Dime (Nits)
Five Fingers (Nits)
Fountain Man (Nits)
Frog (Nits)
Frozen Fred
Giant Normal Dwarf (Nits)
Good Night
Goodbye, Mr. Chips!
Grrr... To You (Nits)
H.O.M. (Nits)
Hand (Nits)
Hand Of The Watch
Hands Of The Watch
Harrow Accident
Hawelka (Nits)
Heart (Nits)
Her Second Office
Her Second Zebra
His First Object
Hold Me Geneva (Nits)
Holiday On Ice
Home Before Dark
Home Before Dark (Live) (Nits)
Homeless Boy (Nits)
Homeless Boy
Hook Of Holland
House Of Jacob (Nits)
House Of The Sleeping Beauties (Nits)
House On The Hill (Nits)
I Try (Nits)
Ice Princess (Nits)
If Two (Nits)
I'm A Fly (Nits)
In A Play (Das Mädchen im Pelz)
In Dutch Fields (Nits)
In The Dutch Mountains
Index Of First Lines (Nits)
Indoor Painting (Outdoor Sketching)
Instead Of... (Nits)
Ivory Boy (Nits)
J.O.S. Days
Jardin d'hiver
Jazz bon temps (Nits)
Jisp (Nits)
Johnny Said Silver
King Of Belgium (Nits)
Kuu Kuu (Nits)
La petite robe noire (Nits)
Lenin And The Wounded Angel (Nits)
Les nuits (Nits)
Letter To E. (Nits)
London Letters
Long Forgotten Story (Nits)
Looking For A Friend (Nits)
Louder & Louder (Nits)
Love Locks (Nits)
Magic Of Lassie II
Man Of Straw
Man On A Wire (Nits)
Maria & The Iceman (Nits)
Memories Are New III
Minus Second Floor (Nits)
Mister Mister
Moon And Stars
Moon Dog (Nits)
Moon Moon (Nits)
Mother Drone (Nits)
Mountain Jan
Mountains In Minutes
Mourir avant quinze ans (Nits)
Moved By Her (Nits)
Moved By Her
Mrs. Sandman (Nits)
Mrs. Sunlight (Nits)
New Flat
Nick In The House Of John (Nits)
Nickle And Wood
Night Fall (Nits)
No Man's Land (Nits)
Norwegian Wood (Nits)
Now (Nits)
Office At Night
One Eye Open
Orange (Nits)
Oriental Skies
Our Daily Bread (Nits)
Out Of Surburbia
Paper (Nits)
Pelican And Penguin
Pillow Talk
Ping Pong
Poor Man's Pound
Port Of Amsterdam
Radio Shoes (Nits)
Rails And Rain
Rainfallagain (Nits)
Red Tape
Return (Nits)
River (Nits)
Road Not Taken (Nits)
Robinson (Nits)
Ronald Razorblade
Room Number 3 (Nits)
Rubber Gloves
Rumspringa (Nits)
S.L.A. (Saint Louis Avenue) (Nits)
Sable (Nits)
Safety In Numbers
Savoy (Nits)
Schwebebahn (Nits)
Seven Green Parrots (Nits)
Shadow Of A Doubt
Silly Fool
Sister Rosa (Nits)
Sketches Of Spain
Sleep (Whatever Happens To Your Eyes)
Slip Of The Tongue
So In Love
Soap Bubble Box (Nits)
Solid To Gas (Nits)
Some Other Night
Sometime In Winter (Nits)
Sorrow (Nits)
Soul Man (Nits)
Spirits Awake
Springtime Coming Soon
Strangers Of The Night
Suddenly I Met Your Face
Sugar River (Nits)
Susan My Love
Swimming (Nits)
Table Town (Nits)
Tables And Chairs
Take A Piece
Tannenbaum (Nits)
Tear Falls (Nits)
Telephone Song
Tell Me Baby (Nits)
The "Darling" Stone (Nits)
The Ballroom Of Romance
The Bauhaus Chair
The Changing Room (Nits)
The Cold Eye
The Dream
The Eiffel Tower (Nits)
The Flowers (Nits)
The Great Caruso (Nits)
The Hat
The Hole (Nits)
The Hour Of Love And Pain (Nits)
The Hours (Nits)
The House
The Infant King
The Infinite Shoeblack (Nits)
The Key Shop (War & Peace) (Nits)
The Launderette (Nits)
The Light (Nits)
The Lodger
The Long Song (Nits)
The Magic Of Lassie
The Magic Of Lassie II
The Milkman (Nits)
The Night-Owl (Nits)
The Panorama Man
The Pizzeria (Nits)
The Poor (Nits)
The Potato Eaters
The Red Dog (Nits)
The Rising Sun (Nits)
The Singing Telegram
The Strawberry Girl (Nits)
The Swimmer
The Tender Trap
The Train
The Twins (Nits)
The Vermilion Pencil
The Wind, The Rain (Nits)
The Wind-Up Bird (Nits)
The Yellow Hotel (Nits)
The Young Reporter
There From Here (Nits)
Thing Thing (Nits)
Think It Over
Three Sisters (Nits)
Time Machine (Nits)
Ting (Nits)
Toe In The Water (Nits)
Tons Of Ink
Torni (Nits)
Tree Is Falling (Nits)
True (Nits)
Tutti Ragazzi
Two Skaters
Typist Of Candy
Umbrella Army
Umbrella Army II
Uncle On Mars
Under A Canoe
Unpleasant Surprise
Vah Hollanda seni seni
Villa Homesick
Walking With Maria (Nits)
Walls Have Ears
Walter & Connie
Welcome Back (Nits)
Whales Of Tadoussac (Nits)
What We Did On Our Holidays (Nits)
White Glove Transportation (Nits)
White Night (Nits)
Who's The Killer
Wish (Nits)
With Used Furniture We Make A Tree (Nits)
Woman Cactus
Yellow Boat (Nits)
Yellow Press
Yes Or No
Yesterday (Nits)
Yksi Kaksi Kolme
Yöpöllö (Nits)
Your Next Tyres

Alben von The Nits

1974 (Nits)
3 Original Album Classics (Nits)
6 (Nits)
Adieu, Sweet Bahnhof
Alankomaat (Nits)
Angst (Nits)
Da Da Da (Nits)
Dankzij de dijken (Freek de Jonge & The Nits (Frits))
Doing The Dishes (Nits)
Giant Normal Dwarf (Nits)
Hits (Nits)
Hotel Europa - Live Recordings 1990 - 2014 (Nits)
In The Dutch Mountains
Les nuits (Nits)
Malpensa (Nits)
Nest (Nits)
New Flat
Nits? (Nits)
Quest (Nits)
Soap Bubble Box - 35 Years Nits (Nits)
Strawberry Wood (Nits)
The Nits
Ting (Nits)
Urk (Nits)
Wool (Nits)

Die bestbewerteten Songs von The Nits

Alle Songs mit mindestens 5 Reviews werden für diese Liste gezählt.
The Dream225.14
Sketches Of Spain335.12
In The Dutch Mountains1175.07
The Train245
Adieu Sweet Bahnhof (Live) (Nits)55
J.O.S. Days374.95
Cars & Cars (Nits)114.91
Two Skaters104.9
Road Not Taken (Nits)74.86

Die bekanntesten Songs von The Nits

Alle Songs mit mindestens 5 Reviews werden für diese Liste gezählt.
In The Dutch Mountains1175.07
J.O.S. Days374.95
Sketches Of Spain335.12
The Train245
The Dream225.14
Adieu Sweet Bahnhof194.58
The Panorama Man164.44
Soap Bubble Box (Nits)144.71
Giant Normal Dwarf (Nits)134.77

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