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Discographie Alben - Studio

VovinNuclear Blast1998
Gothic KabbalahNuclear Blast17.01.2007
Live GothicNuclear Blast25.07.2008
The Miskolc ExperienceNuclear Blast05.06.2009
Sitra ahraNuclear Blast17.09.2010
Les fleurs du malAdulruna19.10.2012
TheliNuclear Blast28.02.2014
Of Darkness... The Early Chapters Of RevelationPeaceville15.09.2017
Of DarknessPeaceville30.03.2018
Atlantis Lucid Dreaming 
Beyond Sanctorum 
Live in Midgård 
Therion Of Darkness... 
Secret Of The Runes 
Sirius B 
Symphony Masses: Ho Drakon Ho Megas 
Discographie Alben - Musical

Beloved Antichrist (Musical / Therion)Nuclear Blast09.02.2018
Discographie Alben - Box

Theli / VovinNuclear Blast12.08.2016
Discographie Alben - DVD

Live Gothic 

Therion in der österreichischen Hitparade


Sitra ahra01.10.2010751
Beloved Antichrist (Musical / Therion)23.02.2018461

Songs von Therion

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Adulruna Rediviva
An Arrow From The Sun
Anthem (Therion / Thomas Vikström / Matilda Wahlund / Samuel Jarrick)
Astral Sophia (Therion / Erik Rosenius / Melissa Ferlaak)
Behold Antichrist (Therion / Thomas Vikström / Lydia Kjellberg / Ulrika Skarby / Samuel Jarrick / Chiara Malvestiti / Linus Flogell)
Beneath The Starry Skies (Therion / Thomas Vikström / Lori Lewis / Cast)
Birth Of Venus Illegitima
Black Diamonds
Black Sun
Bring Her Home (Therion / Lori Lewis / Mikael Schmidberger / Thomas Vikström)
Bringing The Gospel
Burning The Palace (Therion / Ulrika Skarby / Chiara Malvestiti / Thomas Vikström / Lydia Kjellberg / Kaj Hagstrand / Marcus Jupither / Cast)
Chain Of Minerva
Children Of The Stone: After The Inquisition
Clavicula Nox
Close Up The Streams
Crying Days
Cursed By The Fallen (Therion / Linus Flogell / Lydia Kjellberg / Ulrika Skarby)
Dagger Of God (Therion / Chiara Malvestiti / Ulrika Skarby)
Dark Venus Persephone
Day Of Wrath (Therion / Melissa Ferlaak / Thomas Vikström / Erik Rosenius / Chiara Malvestiti)
Der Mitternachtslöwe
Dis-moi poupée
En Alabama
Eye Of Shiva
Feuer Overtüre / Prometheus entfesselt
Forgive Me (Therion / Chiara Malvestiti / Ulrika Skarby / Thomas Vikström / Lori Lewis / Lydia Kjellberg / Cast)
From The Dionysan Days
Future Conscience
Garden Of Peace (Therion / Lori Lewis / Thomas Vikström)
Gothic Kabbalah
Hail, Caesar! (Therion / Thomas Vikström / Ulrika Skarby / Lydia Kjellberg / Cast)
In The Desert Of Set
Initials B.B.
Introductin Sitra Ahra
Invocation Of Naamah
J’ai le mal de toi
Je n’ai besoin que de tendresse
Jewels From Afar (Therion / Lori Lewis / Thomas Vikström)
Kaliyuga III
Kings Of Edom
La licorne d’or
La Maritza
Land Of Canaan
Laudate dominum (Therion / Matilda Wahlund / Marcus Jupither / Linnea Vikström / Thomas Vikström / Cast)
Les sucettes
Mon amour, mon ami
Morning Has Broken (Therion / Kaj Hagstrand / Matilda Wahlund)
Morning Star
My Voyage Carries On (Therion / Mikael Schmidberger / Melissa Ferlaak / Marcus Jupither / Cast)
Never Again (Therion / Kaj Hagstrand / Cast)
Night Reborn (Therion / Marcus Jupither / Thomas Vikström / Karin Fjellander / Cast)
Nightside Of Eden
Nothing But My Name (Therion / Thomas Vikström)
Opus Eclipse
Our Destiny (Therion / Thomas Vikström)
Path To Arcady
Pledging Loyalty (Therion / Marcus Jupither / Thomas Vikström / Cast)
Poupée de cire, poupée de son
Prelude To War
Raven Of Dispersion
Remaining Silent (Therion / Ulrika Skarby / Thomas Vikström / Samuel Jarrick / Chiara Malvestiti)
Resurrection (Therion / Chiara Malvestiti / Linus Flogell)
Rise To War (Therion / Marcus Jupither / Thomas Vikström / Cast)
Secret Of The Runes
Seeds Of Time (Therion / Thomas Vikström / Chiara Malvestiti)
Shoot Them Down! (Therion / Linus Flogell / Cast)
Signs Are Here (Therion / Ulrika Skarby / Chiara Malvestiti / Cast)
Sœur Angélique
Son Of The Staves Of Time
Son Of The Sun
Striking Darkness (Therion / Chiara Malvestiti)
Symphony Of The Dead
Temple Of New Jerusalem (Therion / Marcus Jupither / Thomas Vikström / Mikael Schmidberger / Cast)
The Arrival Apollonius (Therion / Karin Fjellander / Cast)
The Crowning Of Splendour (Therion / Thomas Vikström / Erik Rosenius)
The Dreams Of Swedenborg
The Falling Stone
The Khylsti Evangelist
The Lions Roar (Therion / Kaj Hagstrand / Cast)
The Opening
The Palace Ball (Therion / Lori Lewis / Chiara Malvestiti / Thomas Vikström / Cast)
The Perennial Sophia
The Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah
The Shells Are Open
The Siren Of The Woods
The Solid Back Beyond (Therion / Thomas Vikström / Erik Rosenius)
The Wand Of Abaris
The Wasteland Of My Heart (Therion / Thomas Vikström)
The Wild Hunt
The Wondrous World Of Punt
Theme Of Antichrist (Therion / Marcus Jupither / Thomas Vikström / Chiara Malvestiti / Lori Lewis / Cast)
Three Ships Of Berik (Part 1-Calling To Arms And Fighting The Battle)
Three Treasures
Through Dust, Through Rain (Therion / Melissa Ferlaak / Lori Lewis)
Thy Will Be Done! (Therion / Samuel Jarrick / Linus Flogell / Chiara Malvestiti / Cast)
Time Has Come / Final Battle (Therion / Thomas Vikström / Marcus Jupither / Chiara Malvestiti)
To Mega Therion
To Shine Forever (Therion / Lydia Kjellberg / Ulrika Skarby / Karin Fjellander / Mikael Schmidberger / Cast)
To Where I Weep (Therion / Lori Lewis)
TOF - The Trinity
Tuna 1613
Turn From Heaven
Une fleur dans le cœur
Unguentum Sabbati
Uthark Runa
Voyage Of Gurdjieff (The Fourth Way)
Wahala Manitou
What Is Wrong? (Therion / Lydia Kjellberg / Ulrika Skarby / Chiara Malvestiti)
Where Will You Go? (Therion / Thomas Vikström / Cast)
Wine Of Aluqah
Wisdom And The Cage

Alben von Therion

A'arab Zaraq Lucid Dreaming
Atlantis Lucid Dreaming
Beloved Antichrist (Musical / Therion)
Beyond Sanctorum
Crowning Of Atlantis
Gothic Kabbalah
Lemuria / Sirius B
Lepaca Kliffoth
Les fleurs du mal
Live Gothic
Live in Midgård
Of Darkness
Of Darkness... The Early Chapters Of Revelation
Secret Of The Runes
Sirius B
Sitra ahra
Symphony Masses: Ho Drakon Ho Megas
The Miskolc Experience
Theli / Vovin
Therion Of Darkness...

DVDs von Therion

Adulruna Rediviva And Beyond
Celebrators Of Becoming
Live Gothic

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