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Tommy Newton, Uwe Lulis, Alexander Brusencev, Lutz Vegas, Jens Schilling

Discographie Singles

Rock 'N' Roll DictatorRude2003
Discographie Alben - Studio

Blown Action RockElement2002
Automotive RampageRude2003
The Demon TweakPunk'n Drunk21.03.2005
Hell On WheelsRude2007
Foxtail TestimonialRemedy07.05.2010
Iron CrossroadsSteamhammer15.04.2011
Got Beer?Steamhammer26.04.2013
Harden The Fuck Up!Remedy15.05.2015

Songs von V8 Wankers

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3 Cities 3 Years
A Rat That Roars
Acceleration Nation
All Goes Down The Drain
Astra Wally
Autobahn Outlaw
Automotive Rampage
Bad Ass Boys (Drive Bad Ass Toys)
Bad Ass/SS
Bad Boy's Paradise
Bang Bang
Black Smoke
Blitzkrieg Burnout
Bloody Knuckles
Bomb The Bastards
Boulevard Bullet
Bring Back The Rock
Buffalo Bill
Bust The Wind
Demolition Man
Destination Hell
Detroit 442
Detroit Steel
Dirty Old Man
Drag Race Tonight
Drowned In Tears
Eat My Dust
Every Man A Tiger
Four-Barrel Glory
Foxtail Testimonial
Frankie's Tiki Room
From Zero To Hero (You Can't Keep A Good Band Down)
Fuel The Fire
Give It To Me
Go Fast Or Go Home
Go Where The Action Is
Gone Electric
Gone To The Bad
Good Ass (Is Hard To Find)
Got Beer?
Great Racer
Gun Bunny's Bug
Harden The Fuck Up
Hate People - Love Cars
Hell On Wheels
Hellbent On Action
Help I Need Lovin
High Roller
Hollow Lies
Honk If You're Horny
I Got The Hammer Down
I Love Her Black
I'm The Kind Of Guy
In My 442
In My Jeans
In Spades
In The Shit Again
Iron Crossroads
Kick The Bucket
Left In The Smoke
Legends Are Made, Not Born
Lights Out!
Live By Rock'n'roll - Die By Rock'n'roll
Lone Wolf, No Club
Long Gone Lonesome Blues
Long Spoon
Look Mama No Teeth
Match Race Madness
My Motor Burns
Never Trust A Man Who Doesn't Drink
No Class
No One Says No To The V8Wankers
No Regrets
OF-City (The Place To Be)
Oh, What A Jerk He Is
Patience My Ass
Possessed By Rock'N'Roll
Put The Lever In D
Rebel Machine
Ride The Rocket
Road Hog
Road To Ruin
Rock 'N' Roll Dictator
Rockin' Horse
S.B.M. Stop Buggin' Me
San Francisco
San Francisco
She's Motorized
She's Nitro
Shit's Gonna Hit The Fan
Son Of A Gun
Speed Kills
Speeding Jackass
St. Elmo
Street Racing Man
Super Stretch
Sweet Blood
Sworn To Fun, Second To None
The Baddest Ride In Town
The Devil Made Me Do It Again
The Enemy
The Fist Of Rock
The Gypsy
The Harder You Push, The Better It Feels
This One Is For You, Baby
Too Kool For School
Wankers Without A Cause
We Control Rock N Roll
We Give Rock A Bad Name
We Went Rocking
Weed With Roots In Hell
We'll Fight 'Em All
We're Only Here For The Beer
What Me Worry?
Why Lie? I Want A Beer!
Yeah She's A Bitch
You Hate Me, I'm So Glad
Your Name
Your Pretty Lady

Alben von V8 Wankers

Automotive Rampage
Blown Action Rock
Foxtail Testimonial
Got Beer?
Harden The Fuck Up!
Hell On Wheels
Iron Crossroads
The Demon Tweak

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