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TV Song (Moondog Jr.)Island1995
Wake Up For The TreesChikaree07.11.2009
Lonely PlaceChikaree29.03.2010
Sababu (Zita Swoon Group)Crammed13.02.2012
Discographie Alben - Studio

Everyday I Wear A Greasy Black Feather On My Hat (Moondog Jr.)Island20.10.1995
I Paint Pictures On A Wedding DressWarner23.10.1998
Life = A Sexy SanctuaryWEA16.03.2001
A Song About A GirlsChikaree27.09.2004
Big CityChikaree30.03.2007
Dancing With The Sound Hobbyist (Zita Swoon Group)Zita Swoon Group15.04.2011
Wait For Me (Zita Swoon Group)Crammed24.02.2012
New Old World (Zita Swoon Group)Wolvin / Starman07.03.2014
Nothing That Is Everything (Zita Swoon Group)Starman18.09.2015
Discographie Alben - Misc

Music Inspired By Sunrise, A Film By F.W. MurnauPlay It Again Sam07.07.1997
Big BluevilleChikaree28.03.2008

Songs von Zita Swoon

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3 Angels Song
50 Years In Dope Jittery
A Jugboy=Lonely (A Beatband)
A New Moon
A ni baara (Zita Swoon Group)
A sera, a waara (Zita Swoon Group)
A Song Of Two Humans
A y'i majigin (Zita Swoon Group)
About The Successful Emotional Recovery Of A Gal Named Maria
Ala lon man di (Zita Swoon Group)
At The Barbers'
At The Photographers'
Big City
Blues For Sammy (Moondog Jr.)
Bombo (Moondog Jr.)
Cachita (Moondog Jr.)
Canto Hondo (Moondog Jr.)
Canto Hondo 2 (Moondog Jr.)
Casino Swing
Clair obscure
Come To The City
Couldn't She Get Drowned?
Crocodile Tears By The Bucket Load (Zita Swoon Group)
Dada For Spring Radio (Zita Swoon Group)
Dada Makes People Taller (Zita Swoon Group)
Dare To Love
De quoi a besoin l'amour? (Zita Swoon with Axelle Red)
Death Of An Elephant (Zita Swoon Group)
Disco Heads (Zita Swoon Group)
Eb Bas (Zita Swoon Group)
Everything Is Not The Same
Fm 56 B (Zita Swoon Group)
Francis (Moondog Jr.)
Fun For Free
Girls Go Catwalk (Zita Swoon Group)
Give-Smile-Take-Smile (Zita Swoon Group)
Giving Up The Hero
Hey You, Whatshadoing?
Hoboken Hop (Zita Swoon Group)
Hot Hotter Hottest
I Feel Alive In The City
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Ice Guitars (Moondog Jr.)
Improvisation On Jungle Swing (Zita Swoon Group)
Individu animal
Infinite Down
Je range
Jintro & The Great Luna (Moondog Jr.)
Jo's Wine Song (Moondog Jr.)
Jungle Swing (Zita Swoon Group)
Karawane People (Zita Swoon Group)
Ko bènna waati (Zita Swoon Group)
Lonely Place
L'opaque paradis
Loss (Zita Swoon Group)
Love 609 (Moondog Jr.)
Love Is A Heavy Brick (Moondog Jr.)
Maridadi (Zita Swoon Group)
Masked Conversation (Zita Swoon Group)
Me & Josie On A Saturday Night
Meeting By The Swamp
Moondance (Moondog Jr.)
Moondog (Moondog Jr.)
Move On (Zita Swoon Group)
Moving Through Life As Prey
My Bond With You And Your Planet: Disco!
My Heart Belongs To Someone Else (I Wish It Was Mine)
Nègèn (Zita Swoon Group)
New Old World (Zita Swoon Group)
Nisòndiya (Zita Swoon Group)
One Perfect Day
Oser aimer
Our Daily Reminders
Peasant Dance
People Are Like Slamming Doors
Picnic (Zita Swoon Group)
Pig Chase
Pretty Girl
Ragdoll Blues
Remember To Withhold
Sababu (Zita Swoon Group)
Sad Water
Selfish Girl
Series Of Dreams
Shall I Let This Good Man In (Moondog Jr.)
She = Like Meeting Jesus
Sia Slide (Zita Swoon Group)
Sleep-Dance-Sleep (Zita Swoon Group)
Slow Mechanics (Zita Swoon Group)
Small Pavilion House (Zita Swoon Group)
Some Go Up, Some Go Down (Zita Swoon Group)
Song For A Dead Singer
Square Joints (Zita Swoon Group)
Still Half My Friend?
Taamala fisa (Zita Swoon Group)
Taare (Zita Swoon Group)
Tasuma/Ji (Zita Swoon Group)
The Bananaqueen
The Chairman (Zita Swoon Group)
The City
The French Trombone
The Gathering Of The Men
The Machine (Zita Swoon Group)
The Night
The Quiet Place In My City Mind
The Rabbit Field
The Return
The Ricochet (Moondog Jr.)
The Search
The Skeem
The Storm
The Waiting
The World Is On Fire (Zita Swoon Group)
Thinking About You All The Time
Tiddlywinks (Moondog Jr.)
Time That Comes (Zita Swoon Group)
Too Much Information (Zita Swoon Group)
Trip To The City
TV Song (Moondog Jr.)
Waiting 'Til You're Gone (Moondog Jr.)
Wake Up For The Trees
Weekend (Zita Swoon Group)
What Are You Looking For When You Make A Ptretor? (Zita Swoon Group)
Where's My Love?
Why Say It Once? (Zita Swoon Group)
Woman Of The City

Alben von Zita Swoon

A Song About A Girls
Big Blueville
Big City
Camera Concert - A Band In A Box
Dancing With The Sound Hobbyist (Zita Swoon Group)
Everyday I Wear A Greasy Black Feather On My Hat (Moondog Jr.)
I Paint Pictures On A Wedding Dress
Life = A Sexy Sanctuary
Live At The Jet Studio, Brussels
Music Inspired By Sunrise, A Film By F.W. Murnau
New Old World (Zita Swoon Group)
Nothing That Is Everything (Zita Swoon Group)
To Play, To Dream, To Drift - An Anthology
Wait For Me (Zita Swoon Group)

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