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Soul Desert (The Can)Liberty1970
She Brings The Rain (The Can)Liberty1970
Spoon (Can)United Artists1971
Turtles Have Short Legs (Can)Liberty1971
Halleluwah (Can)Liberty1971
Vitamin C (Can)United Artists1972
I'm So Green (Can)United Artists1972
Moonshake (Can)United Artists1973
Dizzy Dizzy (Can)United Artists1974
Hunters And Collectors (Can)Harvest1975
I Want More (Can)Harvest1976
Silent Night (Can)Harvest1976
Don't Say No (Can)Harvest1977
Can-Can (Can)Harvest1978
Hoolah Hoolah (Can)Casablanca1990
WestBam Meets Can - ...And More (WestBam meets Can)Loud & Slow1997
...And More (WestBam meets Can)Loud & Slow1997
Discographie Alben - Studio

Monster Movie (Can)United Artists08.1969
Soundtracks (Can)Liberty09.1970
Tago Mago (Can)United Artists02.1971
Ege Bamyasi (Can)United Artists06.1972
Future Days (Can)United Artists08.1973
Limited Edition (Can)United Artists05.1974
Soon Over Babaluma (Can)United Artists11.1974
Landed (Can)Harvest09.1975
Unlimited Edition (Can)Harvest02.1976
Flow Motion (Can)Harvest10.1976
Saw Delight (Can)Harvest03.1977
Out Of Reach (Can)Harvest07.1978
Can (Can)Harvest07.1979
Delay 1968 (Can)Spoon1981
Prehistoric Future (Can)Tago Mago1984
Rite Time (Can)Spoon1989
Inner Space (Can)Lilith27.08.2010
The Lost Tapes (Can)Spoon13.07.2012
Discographie Alben - Live

The Peel Sessions (Can)Strange Fruit1995
Radio Waves (Can)Spoon1997
Can Live (Can)Spoon20.09.1999
Discographie Alben - Best Of

The Classic German Rock Scene (Can)United Artists1975
Opener (Can)Sunset1976
Cannibalism (Can)United Artists1978
InCANdescence (Can)Virgin1981
Rock In Deutschland Vol. 6 (Can)Strand1981
Anthology - 25 Years (Can)Spoon1998
Anthology (Can)Warner19.10.2007
The Singles (Can)Spoon16.06.2017
Discographie Alben - Misc

The Legendary (Can)Membran10.04.2015

Songs von can

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...And More (WestBam meets Can)
...And More (Can)
A Spectacle (Can)
All Gates Open (Can)
Animal Waves (Can)
Aumgn (Can)
Babylonian Pearl (Can)
Bel Air (Can)
Below This Level (Can)
Blue Bag (Inside Paper) (Can)
Bring Me Coffee Or Tea (Can)
Butterfly (Can)
Call Me (Can)
Can Be (Can)
Can-Can (Can)
Cascade Waltz (Can)
Chain Reaktion (Can)
Colchester Finale (Can)
Come Sta; La Luna (Can)
Connection (Can)
Cutaway (Can)
Deadlock (Can)
Deadlock (Titelmusik) (Can)
Der dritte Mann (Can)
Dizzy Dizzy (Can)
Doko E (Can)
Don't Say No (Can)
Don't Turn The Light On, Leave Me Alone (Can)
E F S No. 10 (Can)
E F S No. 27 (Can)
E F S No. 36 (Can)
E F S No. 7 (Can)
E F S No. 8 (Can)
E F S No. 99 "Can Can" (Can)
Entropy (Can)
Ethnological Forgery Series No. 27 (Can)
Fall Of Another Year (Can)
Father Cannot Yell (Can)
Fizz (Can)
Flow Motion (Can)
Fly By Night (Can)
Full Moon On The Highway (Can)
Future Days (Can)
Geheim (Half Past One) (Can)
Give Me No Roses (Can)
Give The Drummer Some (Can)
Gomorrha (Can)
Half Past One (Can)
Halleluwah (Can)
Hoolah Hoolah (Can)
Hunters And Collectors (Can)
I Want More (Can)
Ibis (Can)
I'm So Green (Can)
I'm Too Leise (Can)
In The Distance Lies The Future (Can)
In The Way We Got By (Can)
Jynx (Can)
Kata Kong (Can)
Last Night Sleep (Can)
Laugh Until You Cry (Can)
LH 702 (Can)
Like A New Child (Can)
Like INOBE GOD (Can)
Little Star Of Bethlehem (Can)
Man Named Joe (Can)
Mary, Mary So Contrary (Can)
Mighty Girl (Can)
Millionenspiel (Can)
Moonshake (Can)
Mother Sky (Can)
Mother Upduff (Can)
Movin' Right Along (Can)
Musette (Can)
Mushroom (Can)
Nineteen Century Man (Can)
November (Can)
Oh Yeah (Can)
On The Beautiful Side Of A Romance (Can)
One More Day (Can)
One More Night (Can)
Outside My Door (Can)
Paperhouse (Can)
Pauper's Daughter And I (Can)
Peking O (Can)
Pinch (Can)
Ping Pong (Can)
Pnoom (Can)
Prehistoric Future Side 1 (Can)
Prehistoric Future Side 2 (Can)
Quantum Physics (Can)
Red Hot Indians (Can)
Return (Can)
Return To BB City (Can)
Safe (Can)
Serpentine (Can)
Seven Days Awake (Can)
She Brings The Rain (The Can)
Shikako maru ten (Can)
Silent Night (Can)
Sing Swan Song (Can)
Smoke E F S No. 59 (Can)
Sodom (Can)
Soul Desert (The Can)
Soup (Can)
Splash (Can)
Spoon (Can)
Spray (Can)
Sunday Jam (Can)
Sunshine Day And Night (Can)
Tango Whiskyman (Can)
Tape Kebab (Can)
The Empress And The Ukraine King (Can)
The Withoutlaw Man (Can)
Thief (Can)
Tony Wanna Go (Can)
Transcentdental Espress (Can)
Turtles Have Short Legs (Can)
TV Spot (Can)
Unfinished (Can)
Up The Bakerloo Line With Anne (Can)
Uphill (Can)
Vernal Equinox (Can)
Vitamin C (Can)
WestBam Meets Can - ...And More (WestBam meets Can)
You Doo Right (Can)

Alben von can

Anthology (Can)
Anthology - 25 Years (Can)
Can (Can)
Can Live (Can)
Cannibalism (Can)
Delay 1968 (Can)
Ege Bamyasi (Can)
Flow Motion (Can)
Future Days (Can)
InCANdescence (Can)
Inner Space (Can)
Landed (Can)
Limited Edition (Can)
Monster Movie (Can)
Opener (Can)
Out Of Reach (Can)
Prehistoric Future (Can)
Radio Waves (Can)
Rite Time (Can)
Rock In Deutschland Vol. 6 (Can)
Saw Delight (Can)
Soon Over Babaluma (Can)
Soundtracks (Can)
Tago Mago (Can)
The Classic German Rock Scene (Can)
The Legendary (Can)
The Lost Tapes (Can)
The Peel Sessions (Can)
The Singles (Can)
Unlimited Edition (Can)

Die bestbewerteten Songs von can

Alle Songs mit mindestens 5 Reviews werden für diese Liste gezählt.
Thief (Can)55.4
Sing Swan Song (Can)75.29
Mother Sky (Can)85.25
Mary, Mary So Contrary (Can)55.2
Tango Whiskyman (Can)55.2
Oh Yeah (Can)75.14
Paperhouse (Can)85.12
Halleluwah (Can)125.08
Father Cannot Yell (Can)75
Outside My Door (Can)55

Die bekanntesten Songs von can

Alle Songs mit mindestens 5 Reviews werden für diese Liste gezählt.
Spoon (Can)374.84
I Want More (Can)174.88
Vitamin C (Can)144.79
Halleluwah (Can)125.08
Dizzy Dizzy (Can)104.7
Moonshake (Can)104.4
She Brings The Rain (The Can)94.56
Mushroom (Can)94.22
Mother Sky (Can)85.25
Paperhouse (Can)85.12

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