Teo Macero

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Anita O'Day & Roy Eldridge / Gene Krupa & His OrchestraLet Me Off Uptown1941Produzent
Anita O'Day / Gene Krupa & His OrchestraOpus 11946Produzent
Anita O'Day And Roy Eldrige With Gene Krupa And His OrchestraThanks For The Boogie Ride1941Produzent
Asha PuthliMy Heart's Too Big For My Bed1975Produzent
Asha PuthliNight And Day1975Produzent
Asha PuthliPaper Doll1975Produzent
Asha PuthliShe Loves To Hear The Music1975Produzent
Asha PuthliYou've Got To Tell Her1975Produzent
AuracleBombs Away Ballet1979Produzent
AuracleCity Of Penetrating Light1979Produzent
AuracleLittle City Slickers1979Produzent
AuracleRotary Andy's Raggedy1979Produzent
AuracleTied Shoes1979Produzent
Carmen McRaeGod Bless The Child1962Produzent
Carmen McRaeI Cried For You (Now It's Your Turn To Cry Over Me)1962Produzent
Carmen McRaeIf The Moon Turns Green1997Produzent
Carmen McRaeI'm Gonna Lock My Heart (And Throw Away The Key)1962Produzent
Carmen McRaeLover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be?)1962Produzent
Carmen McRaeMiss Brown To You1962Produzent
Carmen McRaeMy Man1962Produzent
Carmen McRaeSome Other Spring1962Produzent
Carmen McRaeStrange Fruit1962Produzent
Carmen McRaeThe Christmas Song1997Produzent
Carmen McRaeThem There Eyes1962Produzent
Carmen McRaeTrav'lin' Light1962Produzent
Carmen McRaeWhat A Little Moonlight Can Do1962Produzent
Carmen McRaeYesterdays1962Produzent
Charles MingusAdagio ma non troppo1971Produzent
Charles MingusBetter Git Hit In Your Soul1959Produzent
Charles MingusBird Calls1959Produzent
Charles MingusBoogie Stop Shuffle1959Produzent
Charles MingusDiane1959Produzent
Charles MingusDon't Be Afraid, The Clown's Afraid Too1971Produzent
Charles MingusFables Of Faubus1959Produzent
Charles MingusFar Wells, Mill Valley1959Produzent
Charles MingusGoodbye Pork Pie Hat1959Produzent
Charles MingusGunslinging Bird1959Produzent
Charles MingusHobo Ho1971Produzent
Charles MingusJelly Roll1959Produzent
Charles MingusMood Indigo1959Produzent
Charles MingusNew Now Know How1959Produzent
Charles MingusOpen Letter To Duke1959Produzent
Charles MingusPussy Cat Dues1959Produzent
Charles MingusPut Me In That Dungeon1959Produzent
Charles MingusSelf Portrait In Three Colors1959Produzent
Charles MingusSlop1959Produzent
Charles MingusSong With Orange1959Produzent
Charles MingusTaurus In The Arena Of Life1971Produzent
Charles MingusThe Chill Of Death1971Produzent
Charles MingusThe I Of Hurricane1971Produzent
Charles MingusThe Shoes Of The Fisherman's Wife Are Some Jive Ass Slippers1971Produzent
Charles MingusThings Ain't What They Used To Be1959Produzent
Charlie ByrdBridge Over Troubled Water1970Produzent
Charlie ByrdCome Together1970Produzent
Charlie ByrdDonna1970Produzent
Charlie ByrdEnd Of The Road1970Musik/Text
Charlie ByrdFrank Mills1970Produzent
Charlie ByrdHer Majesty1970Produzent
Charlie ByrdI'll Walk With The Rain1970Produzent
Charlie ByrdLaia Ladaia1970Produzent
Charlie ByrdLet It Be1970Produzent
Charlie ByrdSabato Sera1970Produzent
Charlie ByrdSabia1970Produzent
Dave Brubeck40 Days1966Produzent
Dave BrubeckCassandra1966Produzent
Dave BrubeckEvenin'1960Produzent
Dave BrubeckGone With The Wind1959Produzent
Dave BrubeckHe Done Her Wrong1966Produzent
Dave BrubeckLonesome1966Produzent
Dave BrubeckLost Waltz1966Produzent
Dave BrubeckRude Old Man1966Produzent
Dave BrubeckSoftly, William, Softly1966Produzent
Dave BrubeckSomething To Sing About1964Produzent
Dave BrubeckTime In1966Produzent
Dave BrubeckTravellin' Blues1966Produzent
Dave BrubeckWatusi Drums1966Produzent
Dave BrubeckWho Said That?1966Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetBack To Earth1962Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetBlue Rondo à la Turk1959Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetBlue Shadows In The Street1961Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetBluette1961Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetBru's Boogie Woogie1961Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetCable Car1963Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetCamptown Races1959Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetCastilian Blues1962Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetCastilian Drums1962Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetCharles Matthew Hallelujah1961Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetCountdown1962Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetDanse Duet1962Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetElementals1963Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetEleven Four1962Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetEverybody's Jumpin'1959Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetFar More Blue1961Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetFar More Drums1961Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetFast Life1962Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetFatha1962Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetIberia1963Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetIt's A Raggy Waltz1961Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetKathy's Waltz1959Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetMaori Blues1961Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetMaria1960Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetMr. Broadway1967Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetPick Up Sticks1959Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetShim Wha1963Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetSlow And Easy (a.k.a. Lawless Mike)1961Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetSomewhere1960Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetSt. Louis Blues1957Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetStrange Meadow Lark1959Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetSummer Song1962Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetTake Five1959Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetTake The "A" Train1955Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetTheme From Elementals1963Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetThree To Get Ready1959Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetThree's A Crowd1962Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetUnisphere1963Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetUnsquare Dance1961Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetWaltz Limp1962Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetWhy Phillis1962Produzent
Dave Brubeck QuartetWorld's Fair1963Produzent
Duke Ellington & Count BasieBattle Royal1961Produzent
Duke Ellington & Count BasieBDB1961Produzent
Duke Ellington & Count BasieJumpin' At The Woodside1961Produzent
Duke Ellington & Count BasieSegue In C1961Produzent
Duke Ellington & Count BasieTake The "A" Train1961Produzent
Duke Ellington & Count BasieTo You1961Produzent
Duke Ellington & Count BasieWild Man (aka Wild Man Moore)1961Produzent
Duke Ellington And Count BasieUntil I Met You1962Produzent
Duke Ellington And His OrchestraA Midnight In Paris1962Produzent
Duke Ellington And His OrchestraBack To School1962Produzent
Duke Ellington And His OrchestraComme ci comme ca1962Produzent
Duke Ellington And His OrchestraGuitar Amour1962Produzent
Duke Ellington And His OrchestraI Couldn't Have Done It Alone1962Produzent
Duke Ellington And His OrchestraI Wish You Love1962Produzent
Duke Ellington And His OrchestraIf I Were You1962Produzent
Duke Ellington And His OrchestraI've Just Seen Her1962Produzent
Duke Ellington And His OrchestraJavapachacha1962Produzent
Duke Ellington And His OrchestraMademoiselle de Paris1962Produzent
Duke Ellington And His OrchestraNightlife1962Produzent
Duke Ellington And His OrchestraNo Regrets1962Produzent
Duke Ellington And His OrchestraOnce Upon A Time1962Produzent
Duke Ellington And His OrchestraOur Children1962Produzent
Duke Ellington And His OrchestraParis Blues1961Produzent
Duke Ellington And His OrchestraSpeak To Me Of Love1962Produzent
Duke Ellington And His OrchestraThe Petite Waltz1962Produzent
Duke Ellington And His OrchestraThe River Seine1962Produzent
Duke Ellington And His OrchestraUnder Paris Skies1962Produzent
Duke Ellington And His OrchestraWe Speak The Same Language1962Produzent
Duke Ellington And His OrchestraWhat A Country!1962Produzent
Duke Ellington And His OrchestraWhich Way?1962Produzent
Gene Krupa & His Orchestra with Anita O'DayStop! The Red Light's On1941Produzent
Gene Krupa with Anita O'Day and Roy EldridgeBoogie Blues1946Produzent
Gene Krupa, His Orchestra And Anita O'Day Featuring Roy EldridgeBolero At The Savoy1974Produzent
Gene Krupa, His Orchestra And Anita O'Day Featuring Roy EldridgeChickery Chick1974Produzent
Gene Krupa, His Orchestra And Anita O'Day Featuring Roy EldridgeGeorgia On My Mind1974Produzent
Gene Krupa, His Orchestra And Anita O'Day Featuring Roy EldridgeGreen Eyes1941Produzent
Gene Krupa, His Orchestra And Anita O'Day Featuring Roy EldridgeHarriet1974Produzent
Gene Krupa, His Orchestra And Anita O'Day Featuring Roy EldridgeIn The Middle Of May1974Produzent
Gene Krupa, His Orchestra And Anita O'Day Featuring Roy EldridgeJust A Little Bit South Of North Carolina1974Produzent
Gene Krupa, His Orchestra And Anita O'Day Featuring Roy EldridgeMassachusetts1942Produzent
Gene Krupa, His Orchestra And Anita O'Day Featuring Roy EldridgeMurder, He Says1942Produzent
Gene Krupa, His Orchestra And Anita O'Day Featuring Roy EldridgeSkylark1941Produzent
Gene Krupa, His Orchestra And Anita O'Day Featuring Roy EldridgeSlow Down1974Produzent
Gene Krupa, His Orchestra And Anita O'Day Featuring Roy EldridgeTea For Two1974Produzent
Gene Krupa, His Orchestra And Anita O'Day Featuring Roy EldridgeThat Feeling In The Moonlight1974Produzent
Gene Krupa, His Orchestra And Anita O'Day Featuring Roy EldridgeThat's What You Think1974Produzent
Gene Krupa, His Orchestra And Anita O'Day Featuring Roy EldridgeThe Walls Keep Talking1974Produzent
Herbie HancockCircle1967Produzent
Hot ButterSounds1973Musik/Text
Larry CoryellL'oiseau de feu1983Produzent
Larry CoryellPetrouchka1983Produzent
Louis Armstrong & Dave BrubeckNomad1964Produzent
Louis Armstrong & Dave BrubeckSummer Song1964Produzent
Maynard FergusonAwright, Awright1973Produzent
Maynard FergusonBlue Birdland1974Produzent
Maynard FergusonChameleon1974Produzent
Maynard FergusonGospel John1974Produzent
Maynard FergusonGot The Spirit1974Produzent
Maynard FergusonI Can't Get Started1974Produzent
Maynard FergusonI'm Getting Sentimental Over You1963Produzent
Maynard FergusonJet1974Produzent
Maynard FergusonLa Fiesta1974Produzent
Maynard FergusonLeft Bank Express1974Produzent
Maynard FergusonLivin' For The City1974Produzent
Maynard FergusonLove Theme From "The Valachi Papers"1973Produzent
Maynard FergusonMacArthur Park1970Produzent
Maynard FergusonMother Fingers1973Produzent
Maynard FergusonNice 'N Juicy1973Produzent
Maynard FergusonPocahontas1973Produzent
Maynard FergusonRound Midnight1973Produzent
Maynard FergusonS.O.M.F.1973Produzent
Maynard FergusonStay Loose With Bruce1974Produzent
Maynard FergusonSuperbone Meets The Bad Man1974Produzent
Maynard FergusonTeonova1974Produzent
Maynard FergusonThe Fox Hunt1974Produzent
Maynard FergusonThe Way We Were1974Produzent
Maynard FergusonTwo For Otis1974Produzent
Miles DavisAida1981Produzent
Miles DavisAos pes da Cruz1962Produzent
Miles DavisBaby Won't You Please Come Home1963Produzent
Miles DavisBilly Preston1972Produzent
Miles DavisBitches Brew1969Produzent
Miles DavisBlack Satin1972Produzent
Miles DavisBlue Xmas1962Produzent
Miles DavisBlues No. 21979Produzent
Miles DavisCalypso Felimo1973Produzent
Miles DavisCircle1967Produzent
Miles DavisConcierto de Aranjuez (Adagio)1959Produzent
Miles DavisCorcovado (Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars)1962Produzent
Miles DavisCorrado1998Produzent
Miles DavisDevil May Care1962Produzent
Miles DavisDirections II1981Produzent
Miles DavisDouble Image1998Produzent
Miles DavisDrad Dog1961Produzent
Miles DavisDuran1981Produzent
Miles DavisFat Time1981Produzent
Miles DavisFeio1970Produzent
Miles DavisFilles de Kilimanjaro (Girls of Kilimanjaro)1968Produzent
Miles DavisFrelon brun (Brown Hornet)1968Produzent
Miles DavisGirls Of Kilimanjaro1969Produzent
Miles DavisGreat Expectations1974Produzent
Miles DavisGuinnevere1998Produzent
Miles DavisHand Jive1967Produzent
Miles DavisHe Loved Him Madly1974Produzent
Miles DavisHonky Tonk1970Produzent
Miles DavisI Fall In Love Too Easily1963Produzent
Miles DavisI Thought About You1961Produzent
Miles DavisIn A Silent Way / It's About That Time1969Produzent
Miles DavisIt Gets Better1983Produzent
Miles DavisJean Pierre1981Produzent
Miles DavisJohn McLaughlin1970Produzent
Miles DavisLimbo1968Produzent
Miles DavisLittle Church1971Produzent
Miles DavisLonely Fire1998Produzent
Miles DavisMademoiselle Mabry (Miss Mabry)1968Produzent
Miles DavisMadness1967Produzent
Miles DavisMaiysha1974Produzent
Miles DavisMasqualero1968Produzent
Miles DavisMiles Runs The Voodoo Down1970Produzent
Miles DavisMolester1972Produzent
Miles DavisMtume1974Produzent
Miles DavisMy Funny Valentine1957Produzent
Miles DavisNefertiti1967Produzent
Miles DavisNothing Like You1962Produzent
Miles DavisOld Folks1961Produzent
Miles DavisOnce Upon A Summertime1962Produzent
Miles DavisOrange Lady1998Produzent
Miles DavisPee Wee1968Produzent
Miles DavisPetits machins (Little Stuff)1968Produzent
Miles DavisPfrancing1961Produzent
Miles DavisPharaoh's Dance1970Produzent
Miles DavisPrelude, Pt. 21975Produzent
Miles DavisPrince Of Darkness1968Produzent
Miles DavisRated X1972Produzent
Miles DavisRecollections1998Produzent
Miles DavisRed China Blues1972Produzent
Miles DavisSaeta1960Produzent
Miles DavisSanctuary1970Produzent
Miles DavisSeven Steps To Heaven1963Produzent
Miles DavisShhh / Peaceful1969Produzent
Miles DavisSo Near, So Far1963Produzent
Miles DavisSolea1959Produzent
Miles DavisSomeday My Prince Will Come1961Produzent
Miles DavisSong No. 11962Produzent
Miles DavisSong No. 21962Produzent
Miles DavisSong Of Our Country1960Produzent
Miles DavisSpanish Key1970Produzent
Miles DavisStar On Cicely1983Produzent
Miles DavisTake It Or Leave It1998Produzent
Miles DavisTeo1961Produzent
Miles DavisThe Big Green Serpent1998Produzent
Miles DavisThe Little Blue Frog1998Produzent
Miles DavisThe Pan Piper1959Produzent
Miles DavisThe Sorcerer1968Produzent
Miles DavisThe Time Of The Barracudas1962Produzent
Miles DavisTout de suite1968Produzent
Miles DavisTrevere1998Produzent
Miles DavisU 'N' I1983Produzent
Miles DavisVonetta1968Produzent
Miles DavisVote For Miles1972Produzent
Miles DavisWait Till You See Her1962Produzent
Miles DavisWater Babies1976Produzent
Miles DavisWater On The Pond1981Produzent
Miles DavisWill O' The Wisp1960Produzent
Miles DavisYaphet1998Produzent
Mose Allison TrioI Love The Life I Live1960Produzent
Pearl BaileyIf My Friends Could See Me Now1966Produzent
Pearl BaileyMame1966Produzent
Ramsey LewisGemini Rising1974Produzent
Ramsey LewisJungle Strut1974Produzent
Ramsey LewisKufanya Mapenzi (Making Love)1972Produzent
Ramsey LewisLiving For The City1974Produzent
Ramsey LewisLove Song1974Produzent
Ramsey LewisTambura1974Produzent
Ramsey LewisWhat It Is!1972Produzent
Robert PalmerAeroplane1990Produzent
Robert PalmerChance1992Produzent
Robert PalmerDon't Explain1990Produzent
Robert PalmerHappiness1990Produzent
Robert PalmerHistory1990Produzent
Robert PalmerHoneysuckle Rose1992Produzent
Robert PalmerMercy Mercy Me / I Want You1990Produzent
Robert PalmerNot A Word1990Produzent
Robert PalmerPeople Will Say We're In Love1990Produzent
Robert PalmerTop 401990Produzent
Robert PalmerWitchcraft1992Produzent
Robert PalmerYou're My Thrill1990Produzent
Shirley MacLaineIrma La Douce1976Produzent
Simon & GarfunkelA Great Affect1968Produzent
Simon & GarfunkelApril Come She Will1965Produzent
Simon & GarfunkelOn The Strip1968Produzent
Simon & GarfunkelScarborough Fair / Canticle1966Produzent
Simon & GarfunkelSunporch Cha-Cha-Cha1968Produzent
Simon & GarfunkelThe Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine1966Produzent
Simon & GarfunkelThe Folks1968Produzent
Simon & GarfunkelThe Singleman Party Foxtrot1968Produzent
Simon & GarfunkelThe Sounds Of Silence1964Produzent
Simon & GarfunkelWhew1968Produzent
The Brothers Four55 Days At Peking1963Produzent
The Brothers FourChanges1965Produzent
The Brothers FourCome To My Bedside, My Darling1965Produzent
The Brothers FourIt Was A Very Good Year1966Produzent
The Brothers FourTry To Remember1965Produzent
The Brothers FourWe Shall Overcome1965Produzent
The Brothers FourWild Colonial Boy1966Produzent
Thelonious MonkBetween The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea1967Produzent
Thelonious MonkBlue Bolivar Blues1963Produzent
Thelonious MonkBlues Five Spot1963Produzent
Thelonious MonkBody And Soul1984Produzent
Thelonious MonkBolivar Blues1963Produzent
Thelonious MonkBoo Boo's Birthday1968Produzent
Thelonious MonkBrake's Sake1964Musik/Text
Thelonious MonkBright Mississippi1963Produzent
Thelonious MonkBrilliant Corners1966Produzent
Thelonious MonkBye-Ya1952Produzent
Thelonious MonkConsecutive Seconds1969Produzent
Thelonious MonkCrepuscule With Nellie1963Produzent
Thelonious MonkCriss Cross1951Produzent
Thelonious MonkDon't Blame Me1963Produzent
Thelonious MonkEasy Street1968Produzent
Thelonious MonkEronel1963Produzent
Thelonious MonkFive Spot Blues1963Produzent
Thelonious MonkGreen Chimneys1967Produzent
Thelonious MonkHackensack1954Produzent
Thelonious MonkI Didn't Know About You1967Produzent
Thelonious MonkIn Walked Bud1947Produzent
Thelonious MonkJapanese Folk Song (Kojo No Tsuki)1967Produzent
Thelonious MonkJust A Gigolo1954Produzent
Thelonious MonkJust A Glance At Love1969Produzent
Thelonious MonkLet's Cool One1952Produzent
Thelonious MonkLocomotive1954Produzent
Thelonious MonkLulu's Back In Town1964Musik/Text
Thelonious MonkMemories Of You1956Musik/Text
Thelonious MonkMonk's Dream1952Produzent
Thelonious MonkMonk's Point1969Produzent
Thelonious MonkNice Work If You Can Get It1947Produzent
Thelonious MonkRaise Four1968Produzent
Thelonious MonkReflections1952Produzent
Thelonious MonkRhythm-A-Ning1962Produzent
Thelonious MonkRootie Tootie1969Produzent
Thelonious MonkShuffle Boil1964Musik/Text
Thelonious MonkStraight No Chaser1951Produzent
Thelonious MonkStuffy Turkey1964Musik/Text
Thelonious MonkSweet And Lovely1952Produzent
Thelonious MonkTea For Two1956Produzent
Thelonious MonkThelonious1947Produzent
Thelonious MonkThink Of One1954Produzent
Thelonious MonkTrinkle Tinkle1952Produzent
Thelonious MonkUgly Beauty1968Produzent
Thelonious MonkWe See1954Produzent
Tony Bennett(Where Do I Begin) Love Story1971Produzent
Tony BennettHow Beautiful Is Night (With You)1971Produzent
Tony BennettI Do Not Know A Day I Did Not Love You1970Produzent
Tony BennettI Want To Be Happy1971Produzent
Tony BennettI'll Begin Again1971Produzent
Tony BennettIndividual Thing1971Produzent
Tony BennettSoon It's Gonna Rain1964Produzent
Tony BennettTea For Two1971Produzent
Tony BennettThe Gentle Rain1966Produzent
Tony BennettWalkabout1971Produzent

Teo Macero in der österreichischen Hitparade


The Sounds Of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel)15.06.196638
Mercy Mercy Me / I Want You (Robert Palmer)03.03.19911812
Take Five (Dave Brubeck Quartet)14.12.2012731

Die bestbewerteten Songs von Teo Macero

The Sounds Of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel)2565.43
Take Five (Dave Brubeck Quartet)975.4
Bitches Brew (Miles Davis)55.4
Three To Get Ready (Dave Brubeck Quartet)75.29
Scarborough Fair / Canticle (Simon & Garfunkel)1105.21
April Come She Will (Simon & Garfunkel)395.08
John McLaughlin (Miles Davis)65
Unsquare Dance (Dave Brubeck Quartet)224.86
Sanctuary (Miles Davis)54.8
Blue Rondo à la Turk (Dave Brubeck Quartet)144.64
It's A Raggy Waltz (Dave Brubeck Quartet)54.6
Kathy's Waltz (Dave Brubeck Quartet)84.38
Mercy Mercy Me / I Want You (Robert Palmer)474.21
The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine (Simon & Garfunkel)124

Die bekanntesten Songs von Teo Macero

The Sounds Of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel)2565.43
Scarborough Fair / Canticle (Simon & Garfunkel)1105.21
Take Five (Dave Brubeck Quartet)975.4
Mercy Mercy Me / I Want You (Robert Palmer)474.21
April Come She Will (Simon & Garfunkel)395.08
Unsquare Dance (Dave Brubeck Quartet)224.86
Blue Rondo à la Turk (Dave Brubeck Quartet)144.64
The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine (Simon & Garfunkel)124
Kathy's Waltz (Dave Brubeck Quartet)84.38
Three To Get Ready (Dave Brubeck Quartet)75.29
John McLaughlin (Miles Davis)65
Bitches Brew (Miles Davis)55.4
Sanctuary (Miles Davis)54.8
It's A Raggy Waltz (Dave Brubeck Quartet)54.6
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