The Shadows

Komponisten, Texter und Produzenten
Norrie Paramor, The Shadows, Bruce Welch, Hank Marvin, Brian Bennett, John Rostill, John Farrar, Peter R. Vince (Peter Vince), Terence Harris (Jet Harris), Jerry Lordan, Ian Samwell, Cliff Richard, Peter Chester, Sid Tepper, Roy C. Bennett (Roy Bennett), Richard Rodgers, Tony Meehan, John Lennon, Michael Carr, Alan Tarney, Andrew Lloyd Webber

Cliff Richard, Hank Marvin, Norrie Paramor And His Orchestra, The Beach Boys

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Bop - Alena / There Stands The GlassDelta1957
High Class Baby (Cliff Richard & The Drifters)Columbia11.1958
Livin' Lovin' Doll (Cliff Richard & The Drifters)Columbia01.1959
Feelin' Fine (The Drifters [UK])Columbia02.1959
Mean Streak (Cliff Richard & The Drifters)Columbia04.1959
Driftin' (The Drifters [UK])Columbia06.1959
Travellin' Light (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Columbia10.1959
Saturday DanceColumbia12.1959
Serious Charge (Cliff Richard & The Drifters)Columbia1959
Nine Times Out Of Ten (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Columbia16.09.1960
I Love You (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Columbia12.1960
Tell This Lonely Heart GoodbyeDottie19.12.1960
Expresso Bongo (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Columbia1960
Theme For A Dream (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Columbia24.02.1961
Gee Whizz It's You (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Columbia03.1961
The Shadows To The ForeColumbia06.1961
A Girl Like You (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Columbia16.06.1961
Dream (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Columbia10.1961
Cliff Richard And His Shadows (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Columbia1961
At The Colosseum JohannesburgEMI Columbia1961
The SavageColumbia1961
The Young Ones (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)EMI Columbia11.01.1962
Spotlight On The ShadowsColumbia02.1962
Wonderful LandColumbia23.02.1962
The Shadows No. 2Columbia04.1962
The Shadows No. 3Columbia06.1962
Wonderful Land Of The ShadowsColumbia08.1962
It'll Be Me (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)EMI Columbia01.08.1962
The BoysColumbia10.1962
Cliff Richard And The Shadows Again (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Columbia1962
Lessons In Love (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Columbia1962
Dance OnEMI Columbia1962
Out Of The ShadowsColumbia02.1963
Summer Holiday (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)EMI Columbia02.02.1963
Dance On With The Shadows [1963]Columbia03.1963
Foot TapperColumbia03.1963
Out Of The Shadows No. 2Columbia05.1963
Lucky Lips (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)EMI Columbia01.05.1963
Foot Tapping With The ShadowsColumbia09.1963
Los ShadowsColumbia09.1963
Shindig With The ShadowsColumbia12.1963
A mis amigos de España (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)La Voz De Su Amo1963
J'attendrai (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Columbia1963
Don't Talk To Him (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Columbia1963
La mer (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Columbia1963
Big News (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Columbia1963
Maria no mas (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Columbia1963
Your Eyes Tell On You (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Columbia1963
Those Brilliant ShadowsColumbia04.1964
The Rise And Fall Of Flingle BuntColumbia05.1964
Dance With The Shadows [1964]Columbia09.1964
Rhythm And GreensColumbia10.1964
I Could Easily Fall (In Love With You) (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Columbia27.11.1964
Genie With The Light Brown LampColumbia27.11.1964
Dance With The Shadows No. 2Columbia12.1964
I'm The Lonely One (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Columbia1964
Evergreen Tree (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Odeon1964
Themes From Aladdin And His Wonderful LampColumbia03.1965
Dance With The Shadows No. 3Columbia05.1965
Es war keine so wunderbar wie du (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Columbia05.1965
Alice In SunderlandColumbia09.1965
The Sound Of The ShadowsColumbia11.1965
BrazilColumbia 1965
Mary AnneColumbia1965
Don't Make My Baby BlueColumbia1965
Carnival (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Columbia1965
The War LordColumbia1965
Dynamite (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Odeon1965
The Time In Between (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Columbia1965
The Sound Of The Shadows No. 2Columbia02.1966
Du bist mein erster Gedanke (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Columbia07.1966
A Place In The SunColumbia 01.07.1966
The Sound Of The Shadows No. 3Columbia08.1966
Those Talented ShadowsColumbia09.1966
Scotch On The SocksEMI Columbia10.1966
The Dreams I DreamColumbia 1966
I Met A GirlColumbia1966
Blue Turns To Grey (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Columbia1966
Time Drags By (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Columbia1966
In The Country (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Columbia1966
Maroc 7EMI Columbia07.04.1967
Bombay DuckEMI Columbia07.04.1967
The Shadows On Stage And ScreenColumbia05.1967
Tomorrow's CancelledColumbia 16.09.1967
Don't Forget To Catch Me (Cliff Richard And The Shadows)Columbia1968
Dear Old Mrs. BellColumbia03.1968
I Can't ForgetEMI Columbia07.10.1968
Slaughter On Tenth AvenueColumbia 11.1969
Turn Around And Touch MeEMI Electrola10.1973
Let Me Be The OneEMI03.1975
Run Billy RunEMI13.06.1975
Another NightEMI1977
Don't Cry For Me ArgentinaEMI1978
Theme From The Deer Hunter (Cavatina)EMI13.04.1979
Song For DukeEMI1979
Heart Of GlassEMI1979
Rodrigo's Guitar ConcertoEMI1979
Riders In The SkyEMI1980
Equinoxe (Part V)Polydor1980
Treat Me NicePolydor05.1982
The Theme From MissingPolydor07.1982
On A Night Like ThisPolydor08.1984
Moonlight ShadowPolydor04.1986
Dancing In The DarkPolydor09.1986
The Themes From Eastenders And Howard's WayPolydor05.12.1986
The Theme From The Snowman (Walking In The Air)Polydor11.1987
Mountains Of The MoonPolydor05.1989
Late Night SetColumbia2004
Dance With The ShadowsColumbia2004
The Savage / Wonderful LandColumbia2004
Theme For Young LoversColumbia2004
Dance On! With The ShadowsColumbia2004
Dance With The Shadows [1962]Columbia2004
Guitar TangoColumbia2004
Little "B"Magic2004
Atlantis / Foot TapperColumbia2004
Shazam / Dakota / ShindigColumbia2004
The Frightened CityColumbia2004
Chattanooga Choo-ChooColumbia2004
The Shadows [1965]Columbia2004
Feelin' Fine / Don't Be A Fool (With Love)Columbia03.01.2005
Singing The Blues (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)EMI14.09.2009

Alben - Studio

Cliff (Cliff Richard & The Drifters)EMI Columbia04.1959
Listen To Cliff! (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Columbia05.1961
The ShadowsColumbia09.1961
Rockin' GuitarsColumbia1961
Out Of The ShadowsColumbia10.1962
The Shadows' Greatest HitsColumbia06.1963
Wonderful Life (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)EMI Columbia01.07.1963
Surfing With The ShadowsAtlantic1963
Dance With The ShadowsColumbia05.1964
The Shadows Know!!!Atlantic1964
The Sound Of The ShadowsColumbia07.1965
More Hits!Columbia12.1965
Shadow MusicColumbia05.1966
Thunderbirds Are Go! (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Columbia1966
From Hank, Bruce, Brian And JohnColumbia12.1967
The Shadows In JapanEMI1967
In The Country (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Columbia1967
Shades Of RockColumbia10.1970
Rockin' With Curly LeadsEMI11.1973
Specs AppealEMI03.1975
More TastyEMI08.1977
String Of HitsEMI08.1979
Change Of AddressPolydor1980
Guitar GiantsArcade1981
Compact ShadowsPolydor1984
Guardian AngelPolydor1984
Hits Right Up Your StreetPolydor1986
Moonlight ShadowsPolydor1986
Simply... ShadowsPolydor1987
Steppin' To The ShadowsPolydor06.1989
Life In The JunglePolydor1989
Listen To The ShadowsEMI1989
Dancing In The DarkPickwick1989
Themes & DreamsPolydor1991
Specs Appeal PlusEMI16.11.1992
Me And My Shadows (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)EMI Columbia01.06.1998
32 Minutes And 17 Seconds With Cliff Richard (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)EMI Columbia25.06.1998
Cliff Sings (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)EMI Columbia25.06.1998
The Fantastic ShadowsDoxy20.06.2014
Meeting With The ShadowsLasgo01.04.2016
The Young Ones (Cliff Richard & The Shadows) 

Alben - Live

"Live" At Abbey RoadPolydor06.1989
Live At The Paris OlympiaEMI1992
The Shadows At Borough Of St. Marylebone Abbey RoadEMI1997
The Cliff Richard Show - Live At The ABC Kingston (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)EMI26.04.2002
Reunited - 50th Anniversary Album (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)EMI18.09.2009

Alben - Best Of

Golden RecordColumbia1973
The Cliff Richard Story (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)World Record Club1974
20 Golden GreatsEMI02.1977
20 Rock 'N' Roll HitsEMI1979
Another String Of Hot HitsEMI07.1980
De mooiste Shadows hitsEMI1985
The Definitive Guitar AlbumEMI Bovema03.03.1989
At Their Very BestPolydor 12.1989
The Best Of Hank Marvin & The Shadows (Hank Marvin & The Shadows)Polydor1994
Another 20 Golden GreatsEMI1996
The Gold CollectionEMI21.03.1997
The Best OfDisky1997
The Very Best Of Hank Marvin & The Shadows - The First 40 Years (Hank Marvin & The Shadows)Polydor02.11.1998
50 Golden GreatsEMI31.07.2000
Guitar LegendsEMI Plus31.08.2001
A's B's & EP'sEMI05.05.2003
Platinum CollectionEMI15.08.2005
Alle 40 goedEMI Catalogue Marketing23.11.2012
The CollectionMC Deluxe16.08.2013

Alben - Box

The Early YearsEMI09.09.1991
The Shadows / Out Of The ShadowsEMI1991
Dancing With The Shadows / The Sound Of The ShadowsEMI1991
Shadow Music / Shades Of RockEMI1992
Complete French Sixties EP CollectionMagic03.01.2005
Two Classic Albums Plus Bonus EP's And SinglesReal Gone03.02.2013
String Of Hits / Another String Of Hot Hits (And More!)EMI19.04.2013
Listen To Cliff! / 21 Today (Cliff Richard with The Shadows)Hoodoo31.01.2014
Original Album SeriesParlophone20.02.2015
Milestones Of A Legend (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Documents30.10.2015
Cliff Sings / Me And My Shadows (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Vinyl Passion23.02.2018
The Complete Releases 1959-62Acrobat / Trapeze14.09.2018
Two Classic Albums Plus Bonus EP's & SinglesReel To Reel02.11.2018

Alben - Misc

The Shadows CollectionWorld Record Club06.1981
Guitars In LoveDino1987
The Shadows In The 60'sMFP1989
The EP CollectionSee For Miles26.02.1990
The EP Collection - Volume TwoSee For Miles26.10.1990
The EP Collection - Volume ThreeSee For Miles1993
Everything Of Value - Rarities 2EMI1993
Move It (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Membran01.02.2010
Move It! (Cliff Richard And The Drifters / Shadows)Jasmine16.07.2010
Cliff Richard & The Shadows (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Goldies06.01.2012
Just About As Good As It Gets! The Original Rock 'N' Roll Recordings 1958-1961Smith & Co.20.01.2012
Kon-Tiki 1958-1961Jasmine26.10.2012
All The BestEMI23.11.2012
The HitsBR14.11.2014
Singles & EP's Collection 1958-1962 (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)Real Gone27.11.2015
The Best Of The Shadows [2017]Factory Of Sounds27.10.2017
40 Golden ClassicsBellevue01.04.2018
British Hit Revival - Vol. 3Emidisc 
Established 1958 (Cliff Richard & The Shadows) 
Golden Greats [3CD] (Cliff Richard & The Shadows) 
Cliff Richard & The Shadows [2010] (Cliff Richard & The Shadows) 

Alben - DVD

The Final TourEagle Rock24.05.2010
The Final Reunion - Live From The O² Arena (Cliff & The Shadows)Eagle25.03.2011
Live In LiverpoolEagle15.05.2015
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