Die Großen 10 - 02.01.1972

1Wolfgang Ambros Da Hofa11
2John Lennon / Plastic Ono BandImagine8
3Tony Christie(Is This The Way To) Amarillo7
4Rod StewartMaggie May11
5T. RexJeepster6
6Middle Of The RoadSacramento6
7The Cats One Way Wind3
8The WhoLet's See Action7
9SladeCoz I Luv You4
10Rod McKuenSoldiers Who Wanna Be Heroes5

Die Großen 10 - 09.01.1972

1John Lennon / Plastic Ono BandImagine9
2Wolfgang Ambros Da Hofa12
3Tony Christie(Is This The Way To) Amarillo8
4Middle Of The RoadSacramento7
5Rod StewartMaggie May12
6The WhoLet's See Action8
7The New SeekersGood Old Fashioned Music1
8Jimmy CliffThose Good Old Days1
9SladeCoz I Luv You5
10Barbara StreisandSpace Captain1

Die Großen 10 - 16.01.1972

1Wolfgang Ambros Da Hofa13
2Tony Christie(Is This The Way To) Amarillo9
3John Lennon / Plastic Ono BandImagine10
4Rod StewartMaggie May13
5Middle Of The RoadSacramento8
6The WhoLet's See Action9
7SladeCoz I Luv You6
8Ike & Tina TurnerI'm Yours (Use Me Any Way You Wanna)1
9The PigletsJohnny Reggae3
10James BrownHey America1

Die Großen 10 - 23.01.1972

1Tony Christie(Is This The Way To) Amarillo10
2John Lennon / Plastic Ono BandImagine11
3Wolfgang Ambros Da Hofa14
4Rod StewartMaggie May14
5Middle Of The RoadSacramento9
6The PigletsJohnny Reggae4
7The Rolling StonesLet It Rock1
8Ike & Tina TurnerI'm Yours (Use Me Any Way You Wanna)2
9James BrownHey America2
10Dawn feat. Tony OrlandoCarmen1

Die Großen 10 - 30.01.1972

1Tony Christie(Is This The Way To) Amarillo11
2John Lennon / Plastic Ono BandImagine12
3Wolfgang Ambros Da Hofa15
4Middle Of The RoadSacramento10
5The PigletsJohnny Reggae5
6Rod StewartMaggie May15
7The Rolling StonesLet It Rock2
8Mac & Katie KissoonI Found My Freedom1
9Peter Mac LaneJesus Cristo1
10Ike & Tina TurnerI'm Yours (Use Me Any Way You Wanna)3

Die Großen 10 - 06.02.1972

1John Lennon / Plastic Ono BandImagine13
2Tony Christie(Is This The Way To) Amarillo12
2Wolfgang Ambros Da Hofa16
4Middle Of The RoadSacramento11
5The PigletsJohnny Reggae6
6The Rolling StonesLet It Rock3
7ByrdsAmerica's Great National Pastime1
8Mac & Katie KissoonI Found My Freedom2
9Peter Mac LaneJesus Cristo2
10Helen ReddyNo Sad Song1

Die Großen 10 - 13.02.1972

1John Lennon / Plastic Ono BandImagine14
1Tony Christie(Is This The Way To) Amarillo13
3Middle Of The RoadSacramento12
4The PigletsJohnny Reggae7
5ByrdsAmerica's Great National Pastime2
6The Rolling StonesLet It Rock4
7Mac & Katie KissoonI Found My Freedom3
9Led ZeppelinBlack Dog1
10Pinewood GardenDeep In My Heart1

Die Großen 10 - 20.02.1972

1Middle Of The RoadSacramento13
2John Lennon / Plastic Ono BandImagine15
3Tony Christie(Is This The Way To) Amarillo14
5The Rolling StonesLet It Rock5
6The PigletsJohnny Reggae8
7Led ZeppelinBlack Dog2
8The ByrdsAmerica's Great National Pastime3
9Mac & Katie KissoonI Found My Freedom4
10MountainRoll Over Beethoven1

Die Großen 10 - 27.02.1972

1Middle Of The RoadSacramento14
2John Lennon / Plastic Ono BandImagine16
4The Rolling StonesLet It Rock6
5Tony Christie(Is This The Way To) Amarillo15
6Led ZeppelinBlack Dog3
7MountainRoll Over Beethoven2
8The ByrdsAmerica's Great National Pastime4
9Bee GeesMy World1
10The SweetPoppa Joe1

Die Großen 10 - 05.03.1972

1Middle Of The RoadSacramento15
3Led ZeppelinBlack Dog4
4Tony Christie(Is This The Way To) Amarillo16
5Mouth & MacNealHow Do You Do1
6The SweetPoppa Joe2
7The Rolling StonesLet It Rock7
8Bee GeesMy World2
9T. RexTelegram Sam1
10The BeatlesAll Together Now1

Die Großen 10 - 12.03.1972

1Middle Of The RoadSacramento16
3Mouth & MacNealHow Do You Do2
4Led ZeppelinBlack Dog5
5The SweetPoppa Joe3
6T. RexTelegram Sam2
7Bee GeesMy World3
8The BeatlesAll Together Now2
9Robert JohnThe Lion Sleeps Tonight1
10Bourbon FamilyBobby The Flobby (Oho, Aha)1

Die Großen 10 - 19.03.1972

1Middle Of The RoadSacramento17
1Mouth & MacNealHow Do You Do3
4Led ZeppelinBlack Dog6
5The SweetPoppa Joe4
6T. RexTelegram Sam3
7The BeatlesAll Together Now3
8Robert JohnThe Lion Sleeps Tonight2
9Bourbon FamilyBobby The Flobby (Oho, Aha)2
10The Les Humphries SingersOld Man Moses1

Die Großen 10 - 26.03.1972

1Mouth & MacNealHow Do You Do4
2Middle Of The RoadSacramento18
4T. RexTelegram Sam4
5The SweetPoppa Joe5
6The Les Humphries SingersOld Man Moses2
7Led ZeppelinBlack Dog7
8Robert JohnThe Lion Sleeps Tonight3
9Bourbon FamilyBobby The Flobby (Oho, Aha)3
10SantanaNo One To Depend On1

Die Großen 10 - 02.04.1972

1Mouth & MacNealHow Do You Do5
2Middle Of The RoadSacramento19
3The SweetPoppa Joe6
4Robert JohnThe Lion Sleeps Tonight4
5T. RexTelegram Sam5
6Bourbon FamilyBobby The Flobby (Oho, Aha)4
8The Les Humphries SingersOld Man Moses3
9The New SeekersBeg, Steal Or Borrow1
10PegasusHey Jean Hey Dean1

Die Großen 10 - 09.04.1972

1Mouth & MacNealHow Do You Do6
2Middle Of The RoadSacramento20
3The SweetPoppa Joe7
5Robert JohnThe Lion Sleeps Tonight5
6Bourbon FamilyBobby The Flobby (Oho, Aha)5
7T. RexTelegram Sam6
8The New SeekersBeg, Steal Or Borrow2
9PegasusHey Jean Hey Dean2
10The Les Humphries SingersOld Man Moses4

Die Großen 10 - 16.04.1972

1Mouth & MacNealHow Do You Do7
2The SweetPoppa Joe8
3Middle Of The RoadSacramento21
4Robert JohnThe Lion Sleeps Tonight6
5Bourbon FamilyBobby The Flobby (Oho, Aha)6
7The New SeekersBeg, Steal Or Borrow3
8PegasusHey Jean Hey Dean3
9Ike & Tina TurnerUp In Heah1
10Paul SimonMother And Child Reunion1

Die Großen 10 - 23.04.1972

1Mouth & MacNealHow Do You Do8
2The SweetPoppa Joe9
3Bourbon FamilyBobby The Flobby (Oho, Aha)7
4Robert JohnThe Lion Sleeps Tonight7
5The New SeekersBeg, Steal Or Borrow4
6The Middle Of The RoadSacramento22
7PegasusHey Jean Hey Dean4
8Paul SimonMother And Child Reunion2
9Lynn AndersonCry1
10Daliah LaviIch glaub' an die Liebe1

Die Großen 10 - 30.04.1972

1Mouth & MacNealHow Do You Do9
2The SweetPoppa Joe10
3The New SeekersBeg, Steal Or Borrow5
4Robert JohnThe Lion Sleeps Tonight8
4Middle Of The RoadSacramento23
6Bourbon FamilyBobby The Flobby (Oho, Aha)8
7PegasusHey Jean Hey Dean5
8Middle Of The RoadSamson And Delilah1
9Paul SimonMother And Child Reunion3
10Pop TopsSuzanne Suzanne1

Die Großen 10 - 07.05.1972

1Mouth & MacNealHow Do You Do10
1The SweetPoppa Joe11
3Robert JohnThe Lion Sleeps Tonight9
4The New SeekersBeg, Steal Or Borrow6
5PegasusHey Jean Hey Dean6
6Bourbon FamilyBobby The Flobby (Oho, Aha)9
7Middle Of The RoadSamson And Delilah2
8Daniel BooneBeautiful Sunday1
9The Rolling StonesTumbling Dice1
10One Family Circus1

Die Großen 10 - 14.05.1972

1The SweetPoppa Joe12
2Mouth & MacNealHow Do You Do11
3Robert JohnThe Lion Sleeps Tonight10
4PegasusHey Jean Hey Dean7
5The New SeekersBeg, Steal Or Borrow7
6Middle Of The RoadSamson And Delilah3
7Daniel BooneBeautiful Sunday2
8Bourbon FamilyBobby The Flobby (Oho, Aha)10
9The Rolling StonesTumbling Dice2
10Neil DiamondSong Sung Blue1

Die Großen 10 - 21.05.1972

1Daniel BooneBeautiful Sunday3
2Mouth & MacNealHow Do You Do12
3The SweetPoppa Joe13
4Middle Of The RoadSamson And Delilah4
5The New SeekersBeg, Steal Or Borrow8
6Robert JohnThe Lion Sleeps Tonight11
6PegasusHey Jean Hey Dean8
8Bourbon FamilyBobby The Flobby (Oho, Aha)11
9Neil DiamondSong Sung Blue2
10The Rolling StonesTumbling Dice3

Die Großen 10 - 28.05.1972

1Daniel BooneBeautiful Sunday4
1Mouth & MacNealHow Do You Do13
3The SweetPoppa Joe14
4Middle Of The RoadSamson And Delilah5
5PegasusHey Jean Hey Dean9
6Robert JohnThe Lion Sleeps Tonight12
7Bourbon FamilyBobby The Flobby (Oho, Aha)12
8The New SeekersBeg, Steal Or Borrow9
9Neil DiamondSong Sung Blue3
10The Rolling StonesTumbling Dice4

Die Großen 10 - 04.06.1972

1Daniel BooneBeautiful Sunday5
2Mouth & MacNealHow Do You Do14
3The SweetPoppa Joe15
4Middle Of The RoadSamson And Delilah6
5Robert JohnThe Lion Sleeps Tonight13
6PegasusHey Jean Hey Dean10
7The New SeekersBeg, Steal Or Borrow10
8Canned HeatRockin' With The King1
9Neil DiamondSong Sung Blue4
10Delaney & BonnieMove 'Em Out1

Die Großen 10 - 11.06.1972

1Daniel BooneBeautiful Sunday6
2The SweetPoppa Joe16
3Mouth & MacNealHow Do You Do15
4Middle Of The RoadSamson And Delilah7
5The New SeekersBeg, Steal Or Borrow11
6PegasusHey Jean Hey Dean11
7Canned HeatRockin' With The King2
8Neil DiamondSong Sung Blue5
9T. RexMetal Guru1
10Led ZeppelinRock And Roll1

Die Großen 10 - 18.06.1972

1Daniel BooneBeautiful Sunday7
2The SweetPoppa Joe17
3Middle Of The RoadSamson And Delilah8
4Neil DiamondSong Sung Blue6
5PegasusHey Jean Hey Dean12
6Canned HeatRockin' With The King3
7The New SeekersBeg, Steal Or Borrow12
8T. RexMetal Guru2
9Led ZeppelinRock And Roll2
10Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowSylvia's Mother1

Die Großen 10 - 25.06.1972

1Daniel BooneBeautiful Sunday8
2The SweetPoppa Joe18
3Neil DiamondSong Sung Blue7
4Middle Of The RoadSamson And Delilah9
5PegasusHey Jean Hey Dean13
6T. RexMetal Guru3
7Canned HeatRockin' With The King4
8Led ZeppelinRock And Roll3
9Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowSylvia's Mother2
10Alice CooperSchool's Out1

Die Großen 10 - 02.07.1972

1Daniel BooneBeautiful Sunday9
2Neil DiamondSong Sung Blue8
3The SweetPoppa Joe19
4Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowSylvia's Mother3
5Middle Of The RoadSamson And Delilah10
6T. RexMetal Guru4
7Led ZeppelinRock And Roll4
8Canned HeatRockin' With The King5
9Alice CooperSchool's Out2
10Mouth & MacNealHello-A1

Die Großen 10 - 09.07.1972

1Daniel BooneBeautiful Sunday10
2Neil DiamondSong Sung Blue9
3The SweetPoppa Joe20
4Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowSylvia's Mother4
5T. RexMetal Guru5
6Canned HeatRockin' With The King6
7Led ZeppelinRock And Roll5
8Dr. JohnIko, Iko1
9Mouth & MacNealHello-A2
10Don McLeanVincent1

Die Großen 10 - 16.07.1972

1Daniel BooneBeautiful Sunday11
1Mouth & MacNealHello-A3
3Neil DiamondSong Sung Blue10
4T. RexMetal Guru6
5Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowSylvia's Mother5
6Led ZeppelinRock And Roll6
7Don McLeanVincent2
8The SweetPoppa Joe21
9Dr. JohnIko, Iko2
10GiorgioToday's A Tomorrow1

Die Großen 10 - 23.07.1972

1Mouth & MacNealHello-A4
2Daniel BooneBeautiful Sunday12
3T. RexMetal Guru7
4Neil DiamondSong Sung Blue11
5Led ZeppelinRock And Roll7
6GiorgioToday's A Tomorrow2
7The SweetPoppa Joe22
8Don McLeanVincent3
9Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowSylvia's Mother6
10Dr. JohnIko, Iko3

Die Großen 10 - 30.07.1972

1Mouth & MacNealHello-A5
2Daniel BooneBeautiful Sunday13
3T. RexMetal Guru8
3Neil DiamondSong Sung Blue12
5Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowSylvia's Mother7
6Led ZeppelinRock And Roll8
7Don McLeanVincent4
8GiorgioToday's A Tomorrow3
9Johnny NashI Can See Clearly Now1
10Neil Young & Graham NashWar Song1

Die Großen 10 - 06.08.1972

1Mouth & MacNealHello-A6
2Daniel BooneBeautiful Sunday14
3Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowSylvia's Mother8
4Neil DiamondSong Sung Blue13
5T. RexMetal Guru9
6Uriah HeepEasy Livin'1
7Led ZeppelinRock And Roll9
8GiorgioToday's A Tomorrow4
9Don McLeanVincent5
10The WhoJoin Together1

Die Großen 10 - 13.08.1972

1Mouth & MacNealHello-A7
2Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowSylvia's Mother9
3Daniel BooneBeautiful Sunday15
4Neil DiamondSong Sung Blue14
5Led ZeppelinRock And Roll10
6T. RexMetal Guru10
7Uriah HeepEasy Livin'2
8Frankie LaineHigh Noon (Do Not Forsake Me)1
9Hobby HorseSummertime Summertime1
10HawkwindSilver Machine1

Die Großen 10 - 20.08.1972

1Mouth & MacNealHello-A8
2Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowSylvia's Mother10
3Neil DiamondSong Sung Blue15
4T. RexMetal Guru11
5Led ZeppelinRock And Roll11
6Uriah HeepEasy Livin'3
7Frankie LaineHigh Noon (Do Not Forsake Me)2
8HawkwindSilver Machine2
9Hobby HorseSummertime Summertime2
10Hot ButterPopcorn1

Die Großen 10 - 27.08.1972

1Mouth & MacNealHello-A9
2Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowSylvia's Mother11
3T. RexMetal Guru12
4Hot ButterPopcorn2
5HawkwindSilver Machine3
6Hobby HorseSummertime Summertime3
7Uriah HeepEasy Livin'4
8Tony ChristieMy Love Song1
9Blue HazeUnchained Melody1
10Frankie LaineHigh Noon (Do Not Forsake Me)3

Die Großen 10 - 03.09.1972

1Mouth & MacNealHello-A10
2Hot ButterPopcorn3
3Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowSylvia's Mother12
4T. RexMetal Guru13
5Uriah HeepEasy Livin'5
6Hobby HorseSummertime Summertime4
7HawkwindSilver Machine4
8Blue HazeUnchained Melody2
9Ricky NelsonHello Mary Lou1
10Tony ChristieMy Love Song2

Die Großen 10 - 10.09.1972

1Hot ButterPopcorn4
2Mouth & MacNealHello-A11
3Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowSylvia's Mother13
4T. RexMetal Guru14
5HawkwindSilver Machine5
6Uriah HeepEasy Livin'6
7Hobby HorseSummertime Summertime5
8Ricky NelsonHello Mary Lou2
9Tony ChristieMy Love Song3
10PoppysDes chansons pop1

Die Großen 10 - 17.09.1972

1Hot ButterPopcorn5
2Mouth & MacNealHello-A12
3Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowSylvia's Mother14
4HawkwindSilver Machine6
5T. RexMetal Guru15
6Uriah HeepEasy Livin'7
7Hobby HorseSummertime Summertime6
8Ricky NelsonHello Mary Lou3
9PoppysDes chansons pop2
10Tony ChristieMy Love Song4

Die Großen 10 - 24.09.1972

1Hot ButterPopcorn6
2Mouth & MacNealHello-A13
3Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowSylvia's Mother15
4HawkwindSilver Machine7
5Uriah HeepEasy Livin'8
6T. RexMetal Guru16
7Ricky NelsonHello Mary Lou4
8Hobby HorseSummertime Summertime7
9PoppysDes chansons pop3
10Tony ChristieMy Love Song5

Die Großen 10 - 01.10.1972

1Hot ButterPopcorn7
2Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowSylvia's Mother16
3Mouth & MacNealHello-A14
4HawkwindSilver Machine8
5T. RexMetal Guru17
6Uriah HeepEasy Livin'9
7Ricky NelsonHello Mary Lou5
8Tony ChristieMy Love Song6
9Gianni NazzaroQuanto e bella lei1
10Roxy MusicVirginia Plain1

Die Großen 10 - 08.10.1972

1Hot ButterPopcorn8
2Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowSylvia's Mother17
3HawkwindSilver Machine9
4Uriah HeepEasy Livin'10
5Tony ChristieMy Love Song7
6Elvis PresleyBurning Love1
7Ricky NelsonHello Mary Lou6
8Roxy MusicVirginia Plain2
9Gianni NazzaroQuanto e bella lei2
10Bobby VintonSealed With A Kiss1

Die Großen 10 - 15.10.1972

1Hot ButterPopcorn9
2HawkwindSilver Machine10
3Uriah HeepEasy Livin'11
4Tony ChristieMy Love Song8
5Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowSylvia's Mother18
6Elvis PresleyBurning Love2
7T. RexChildren Of The Revolution1
8Bobby VintonSealed With A Kiss2
9Ricky NelsonHello Mary Lou7
10Roxy MusicVirginia Plain3

Die Großen 10 - 22.10.1972

1Hot ButterPopcorn10
2HawkwindSilver Machine11
3T. RexChildren Of The Revolution2
4Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowSylvia's Mother19
5Uriah HeepEasy Livin'12
6Tony ChristieMy Love Song9
7Elvis PresleyBurning Love3
8Bobby VintonSealed With A Kiss3
9Udo Jürgens Ich bin wieder da1
10Wolfgang Ambros Wo is da Peppe?1

Die Großen 10 - 29.10.1972

1Hot ButterPopcorn11
2HawkwindSilver Machine12
3T. RexChildren Of The Revolution3
4Uriah HeepEasy Livin'13
5Tony ChristieMy Love Song10
6Elvis PresleyBurning Love4
7The Les Humphries SingersMexico1
8Wolfgang Ambros Wo is da Peppe?2
9Udo Jürgens Ich bin wieder da2
10SladeMama Weer All Crazee Now1

Die Großen 10 - 05.11.1972

1Hot ButterPopcorn12
2HawkwindSilver Machine13
3T. RexChildren Of The Revolution4
4The Les Humphries SingersMexico2
5Uriah HeepEasy Livin'14
6SladeMama Weer All Crazee Now2
7Tony ChristieMy Love Song11
8Elvis PresleyBurning Love5
9Wolfgang Ambros Wo is da Peppe?3
10Udo Jürgens Ich bin wieder da3

Die Großen 10 - 12.11.1972

1The Les Humphries SingersMexico3
2Hot ButterPopcorn13
3T. RexChildren Of The Revolution5
4HawkwindSilver Machine14
5SladeMama Weer All Crazee Now3
6Uriah HeepEasy Livin'15
7Udo Jürgens Ich bin wieder da4
8Elvis PresleyBurning Love6
9Wolfgang Ambros Wo is da Peppe?4
10Alice CooperElected!1

Die Großen 10 - 19.11.1972

1The Les Humphries SingersMexico4
2SweetWig-Wam Bam1
3T. RexChildren Of The Revolution6
4Hot ButterPopcorn14
5SladeMama Weer All Crazee Now4
6HawkwindSilver Machine15
7Udo Jürgens Ich bin wieder da5
8Wolfgang Ambros Wo is da Peppe?5
9Elvis PresleyBurning Love7
10Alice CooperElected!2

Die Großen 10 - 26.11.1972

1The Les Humphries SingersMexico5
2SweetWig-Wam Bam2
3T. RexChildren Of The Revolution7
4SladeMama Weer All Crazee Now5
5HawkwindSilver Machine16
6Udo Jürgens Ich bin wieder da6
7Wolfgang Ambros Wo is da Peppe?6
8Alice CooperElected!3
9Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowCarry Me, Carrie1
10Three Dog NightBlack & White1

Die Großen 10 - 03.12.1972

1The Les Humphries SingersMexico6
2The SweetWig-Wam Bam3
3T. RexChildren Of The Revolution8
4SladeMama Weer All Crazee Now6
5Udo Jürgens Ich bin wieder da7
6Alice CooperElected!4
7Wolfgang Ambros Wo is da Peppe?7
8Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowCarry Me, Carrie2
9Three Dog NightBlack & White2
10Ike & Tina TurnerGet Back1

Die Großen 10 - 10.12.1972

1The Les Humphries SingersMexico7
2Alice CooperElected!5
3The SweetWig-Wam Bam4
4T. RexChildren Of The Revolution9
5SladeMama Weer All Crazee Now7
6Udo Jürgens Ich bin wieder da8
7Three Dog NightBlack & White3
8Wolfgang Ambros Wo is da Peppe?8
9Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowCarry Me, Carrie3
10Ike & Tina TurnerGet Back2

Die Großen 10 - 17.12.1972

1The Les Humphries SingersMexico8
2The SweetWig-Wam Bam5
3Alice CooperElected!6
4T. RexChildren Of The Revolution10
5SladeMama Weer All Crazee Now8
6Three Dog NightBlack & White4
7Udo Jürgens Ich bin wieder da9
8Wolfgang Ambros Wo is da Peppe?9
9Charles JeromeKiss Me1
10Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowCarry Me, Carrie4

Die Großen 10 - 24.12.1972

1The Les Humphries SingersMexico9
2The SweetWig-Wam Bam6
3Alice CooperElected!7
4SladeMama Weer All Crazee Now9
5T. RexChildren Of The Revolution11
6Three Dog NightBlack & White5
7Charles JeromeKiss Me2
8Udo Jürgens Ich bin wieder da10
9Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowCarry Me, Carrie5
10Chris MontezLet's Dance1

Die Großen 10 - 31.12.1972

1The Les Humphries SingersMexico10
2Alice CooperElected!8
3The SweetWig-Wam Bam7
4SladeMama Weer All Crazee Now10
5T. RexChildren Of The Revolution12
6Charles JeromeKiss Me3
7Three Dog NightBlack & White6
8Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowCarry Me, Carrie6
9Udo Jürgens Ich bin wieder da11
10Chris MontezLet's Dance2
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