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Calvin Harris / Alesso / Hurts Under Control 2013 29.11.2013 21 13
Cascada What Hurts The Most 2007 11.01.2008 3 16
Helping Haiti Everybody Hurts 2010 26.02.2010 23 7
Hurts All I Want For Christmas Is New Years Day 2010 07.01.2011 67 1
Hurts Blind 2013 24.05.2013 60 1
Hurts Blood Tears & Gold 2010 21.10.2011 45 3
Hurts Miracle 2013 01.03.2013 43 6
Hurts Somebody To Die For 2013 13.09.2013 57 1
Hurts Stay 2010 18.02.2011 4 21
Hurts Wonderful Life 2010 06.08.2010 6 27
Incubus Love Hurts 2006 04.05.2007 12 28
Mariha It Hurts 2005 24.02.2006 9 18
Nazareth Love Hurts 1974 15.02.1975 11 8
Truth Hurts feat. Rakim Addictive 2002 22.09.2002 20 20
2NE1 It Hurts (Slow) 2010      
38 Special Hurts Like Love 2004      
ABC So Hip It Hurts 1985      
Adele Bertei Every Little Bit Hurts 1985      
Adrian Sieber Hurts So Good        
Al Martino It Only Hurts For A Little While 1965      
Al Stern Love Really Hurts Without You 1976      
Albert West I Love You So Much It Hurts 1975      
Alex Parks Everybody Hurts 2003      
Alter Bridge I Know It Hurts 2010      
Amy Holland Hurts A Little Bit        
Anakonda Hurts 1981      
Andrea Carroll It Hurts To Be Sixteen 1963      
Andrew Gold Love Hurts 1975      
Andru Donalds Hurts To Be In Love 2001      
Andy Williams I Love You So Much It Hurts 1975      
Andy Ztoned When It Hurts 2013      
Angels & Airwaves It Hurts 2006      
Anita Meyer It Hurts 1977      
Anita Meyer & Paul Anka It Hurts To See You Cry 1988      
Ankie Bagger Love Really Hurts Without You 1989      
Anna David It Hurts 2014      
Annabel Lamb The Truth Hurts 1986      
Anne Murray It Only Hurts For A Little While 1993      
Annie Laurie It Hurts To Be In Love 1957      
Anthony Callea Hurts So Bad 2005      
April Wine It Hurts 1993      
Aretha Franklin Every Lil' Bit Hurts 1964      
Aretha Franklin Every Lil' Bit Hurts [1998] 1998      
Aretha Franklin It Hurts Like Hell 1995      
Armored Saint The Truth Always Hurts 1990      
Arthur Alexander It Hurts To Want It So Bad 1972      
Astrid S Hurts So Good 2016      
Astrid S Hurts So Good (Sonny Alven Remix)        
Atiye It Hurt's Me 2007      
Avant When It Hurts        
Avril Lavigne Everybody Hurts 2011      
Axel Rudi Pell When Truth Hurts 2014      
Ayọ feat. Matthieu Chedid It Hurts 2011      
B.B. & The Blues Shacks It Hurts So Good        
Bad Bad Hats It Hurts        
Bad Boys Blue Love Really Hurts Without You 1986      
Barbara Dex It Never Hurts To Say Goodbye 2011      
Barbara Dickson Love Hurts 1995      
Barbara Mason Oh, How It Hurts 1967      
Barney Bentall & The Legendary Hearts Nothing Hurts (Like The Words Of The One You Love)        
Belva Let Me Kiss It (Where It Hurts) 1988      
Ben E. King That's When It Hurts 1964      
Beres Hammond Hold You Till It Hurts        
Betty Curse God This Hurts        
Betty Everett It Hurts To Be In Love 1963      
Beyoncé Pretty Hurts 2013      
Bilgeri Baby, Now It Hurts 1984      
Billy J. Williams Love Hurts 1975      
Billy Ocean Love Really Hurts Without You 1975      
Billy Ocean Love Really Hurts Without You [1986] 1986      
Billy Ocean Love Really Hurts Without You '94 1994      
Black Label [1970s] So Heavy It Hurts 1971      
BoA Love Hurts 2001      
Bob Dylan It Hurts Me Too 1970      
Bob Luman I Love You So Much (It Hurts) 1960      
Bobby Goldsboro It Hurts Me 1966      
Bobby Russell It Hurts 1971      
Bobby Rydell Every Little Bit Hurts 1968      
Bobby Sherman It Hurts Me 1965      
Bombi Love Really Hurts Without You        
Bon Jovi Love Hurts        
Bonnie Tyler Everybody Hurts 2003      
Boris Pilleri & Checkerboard Blues Band It Hurts Me Too        
Born feat. Beth Hart It Hurts        
Boyce Avenue What Hurts The Most        
Boytronic Hurts 1986      
Brassy So Hot It Hurts 1999      
Brenda Holloway Every Little Bit Hurts 1964      
Brian Spence When It Hurts 1986      
Bristol It Hurts Me So 2015      
Brooks O'Dell It Hurts Me To My Heart        
Bruce Barron Hurts So Bad 2005      
Buddy And Jim It Hurts Me 2013      
Bullet For My Valentine Truth Hurts 2013      
Burnt Friedman It Hurts!        
C Note Tell Me Where It Hurts 1999      
Caesars It's Not The Fall That Hurts 2005      
Calvin Harris feat. Hurts Ecstasy 2014      
Camille Home Is Where It Hurts 2008      
Canned Heat It Hurts Me Too 1969      
Captain Hollywood It Hurts Without You 2009      
Carina Round Simplicity Hurts 2012      
Carla Bruni Love Hurts        
Caroline Henderson It Hurts Me Too 2011      
Carolyn Franklin It Hurts 1968      
Carrie Rodriguez & Ben Kyle Love Hurts        
Carroll Baker It Always Hurts Like The First Time 1986      
Catatonia Nothing Hurts        
Chad & Jeremy The Truth Often Hurts The Heart 1964      
Charlie Gracie I Love You So Much It Hurts 1957      
Charmed Love Really Hurts Without You 2000      
Cher Love Hurts 1975      
Cher Love Hurts [1991] 1991      
Chet Atkins It Never Hurts To Ask 1968      

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