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The Cars Drive 1984 15.11.1984 8 10
The Cars Hello Again 1984 15.02.1985 21 6
Allan Clarke Driving The Doomsday Cars 1980      
Arno Carstens The Magic Of Home 2004      
Calling All Cars Raise The People        
Calling All Cars Standing In The Ocean 2014      
Calling All Cars The Desert Sun        
Calling All Cars Throw Me To The Wolves        
Cameras In Cars The Author 1980      
Carson & Gaile Every Now And Then 1967      
Carson & Gaile Kiss The Lips Of A Fool 1967      
Carson Lueders You're The Reason        
Carson Robison Carry Me Back To The Lone Prairie        
Carson Robison Turkey In The Straw        
Carson Robison We're Gonna Have To Slap The Dirty Little Jap 1942      
Carson Robison And His Pioneers Home On The Range 1934      
Carson Robison And His Pioneers There's A Bridle Hangin' On The Wall 1936      
Carson Robison's Buckaroos The Candlelight In The Window 1936      
Carson Truckin Co. Queen Of The Silver Dollar 1982      
Carsten Bohn Die Drei ??? Theme (80er Originalversion)        
Carsten Bohn Don´t Carry The World 1993      
Carsten Bohn Into The Nite 1993      
Carsten Bohn Love Will Find The Answer 1993      
Carsten Bohn Rocky Beach Theme 2007      
Carsten Bohn The Good Folks Up In Harlem 1993      
Carsten Bohn The Nerve 1993      
Carsten Bohn's Bandstand Chine Beware The Beauty 2009      
Carsten Bohn's Bandstand Cycle of the 5th 1978      
Carsten Bohn's Bandstand On The Scene 1977      
Carsten Bohn's Bandstand Release Theme 2004      
Carsten Bohn's Bandstand The Lonely Monk 2009      
Carsten Bohn's Bandstand Theme For More Or Less Musicians 2004      
Carsten Bohn's Bandstand Today In The City 1977      
Chuck Carson The Preacher 1959      
Clara & The Black Cars Chi Ha Paura Di Chi        
Clyde Carson feat. The Team Slow Down        
Colin James Chicks 'n Cars (And The Third World War)        
Colleen Carson / Sandy Stanton And The Swinging Strings Going Going Gone        
Colleen Carson / Sandy Stanton And The Swinging Strings He's Not Your Love        
Dan & Virginie Second Hand Cars Don't Like The Rain 1986      
Days We Are Even Cars (The Low Breeze Of Hope) 2013      
Dogs Die In Hot Cars Something For The Good Boys        
Dogs Die In Hot Cars The Queen Of Pumpkin Plukes 2004      
Don Carson And The Whirlaways Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette) 1958      
Don Carson And The Whirlaways Three Carburetors 1958      
Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson and China Anne McClain Good Is The New Bad 2015      
Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Cameron Boyce and Booboo Stewart Rotten To The Core 2015      
Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Cameron Boyce, Booboo Stewart, China Anne McClain and Thomas Doherty Kiss The Girl 2017      
Fast Cars The Kids Just Wanna Dance 1979      
Fiddlin' John Carson After The Ball 1931      
Fiddlin' John Carson All Alone By The Sea Side 1925      
Fiddlin' John Carson Burglar And The Old Maid 1928      
Fiddlin' John Carson Down South Where The Sugar Cane Grows 1929      
Fiddlin' John Carson Engineer Of The Mogul 1927      
Fiddlin' John Carson Fire In The Mountain 1926      
Fiddlin' John Carson Going To The Country Fair 1929      
Fiddlin' John Carson Hen And The Rooster 1930      
Fiddlin' John Carson If There Wasn't Any Women In The World 1926      
Fiddlin' John Carson If You Can't Get The Stopper Out 1927      
Fiddlin' John Carson I'll Meet Her When The Sun Goes Down 1929      
Fiddlin' John Carson I'm Going Where The Climate Suits Me 1930      
Fiddlin' John Carson I'm Gonna Swing On The Golden Gate 1927      
Fiddlin' John Carson Jimmie On The Railroad 1925      
Fiddlin' John Carson John In The Army 1930      
Fiddlin' John Carson Last Of The Old Dollar Is Gone 1930      
Fiddlin' John Carson Little Log Cabin By The Stream 1927      
Fiddlin' John Carson Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane 1923      
Fiddlin' John Carson Old And In The Way 1928      
Fiddlin' John Carson Old Ship Is Sailing For The Promised Land 1930      
Fiddlin' John Carson On The Banks Of Old Tennessee 1930      
Fiddlin' John Carson Silver Threads Among The Gold 1930      
Fiddlin' John Carson Smoke Goes Out The Chimney Just The Same 1927      
Fiddlin' John Carson Take The Train To Charlotte 1930      
Fiddlin' John Carson The Batchelors' Hall 1926      
Fiddlin' John Carson The Death Of Floyd Collins 1925      
Fiddlin' John Carson The Grave Of Little Mary Phagan 1925      
Fiddlin' John Carson The Old Hen Cackled (And The Rooster's Going To Crow) 1923      
Fiddlin' John Carson The Raccoon And The Possum 1930      
Fiddlin' John Carson There Ain't No Bugs On Me 1928      
Fiddlin' John Carson Time Are Not Like They Used To Be 1929      
Fiddlin' John Carson Turkey In The Hay 1927      
Fiddlin' John Carson When We Meet On The Beautiful Shore 1926      
Fiddlin' John Carson Who Bit The Wart Off Grandma's Nose 1930      
Fiddlin' John Carson Who's The Best Fiddler 1930      
Ian Whitcomb Too Many Cars On The Road 1965      
Jeff Carson God Save The World        
Jeff Carson The Car        
John Otway & Wild Willy Barrett Racing Cars (Jet Spotter Of The Track) 1977      
Johnny Carson The Train Of Love        
Johnny Keating Theme From Z-Cars        
Kit Carson Cast Your Bread Upon The Waters 1956      
Little Green Cars My Love Took Me Down To The River To Silence Me 2013      
Little Green Cars The Consequences Of Not Sleeping 2013      
Little Green Cars The Factory 2016      
Little Green Cars The Garden Of Death 2016      
Little Green Cars The John Wayne 2012      
Little Green Cars The Kitchen Floor 2013      
Little Green Cars The Party 2016      
Little Green Cars The Song They Play Every Night 2016      
Little Green Cars Them 2013      
Little Green Cars To The Last 2013      
Lori Carson & Graeme Revell Fall In The Light 1995      

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