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Buddy vs. DJ The Wave Ab in den Süden 2003 29.06.2003 1 28
DJ The Wave feat. Saragossa Band Rastaman 2004 18.01.2004 16 9
Katrina And The Waves Love Shine A Light 1997 25.05.1997 2 13
The Wave Lay Your Head Down 2000 04.06.2000 28 1
Two In One Wave Your Hands In The Air 1997 20.07.1997 18 9
Tyrone T. and The Pettycoats vs. DJ The Wave Splish Splash 2004 08.08.2004 19 6
"Here Come The Waves" Chor Here Come The Waves        
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead Cover The Days Like A Tidal Wave 2011      
3 Dayz Whizkey The Wave        
3 Dayz Whizkey The Wave 2014      
Adolph Hofner Over The Waves 1962      
Adolph Hofner Pipeliner Blues / Over The Waves 1962      
Adolphson & Falk Waves In The Air 1983      
Afi The Face Beneath The Waves 2013      
Afro Celt Sound System Riding The Waves 1999      
Against Me! Borne On The FM Waves Of The Heart 2007      
Against The Waves feat. Kristin LeAnné Lost In The Fire        
Agalloch Not Unlike The Waves 2006      
Air Formation Caught Upon the Waves        
Al Hirt Over The Waves 1957      
Alcest Into The Waves 2014      
Alex Malheiros & Banda Utopia The Wave Rmx 2007      
Amateur Best The Wave 2012      
Amplifier The Wave 2011      
Ana Johnsson Crest Of The Wave 2004      
Animal Kingdom The Wave        
Anita Meyer We Are The Wave 1996      
Anouk [Anouk Broersma] Riding The Wave 1990      
Arta Arnicane Song Of The Waves 2017      
Ásgeir Here Comes The Wave In 2017      
Attack Decay This Is The New Wave        
Auf der Maur Followed The Waves 2004      
Aural Float Switchin' The Wave Of Thought        
Avalone feat. Sarah Mcroann Breaking The Waves        
Axel Rudi Pell Dark Waves Of The Sea 2010      
Ayreon Beneath The Waves 2008      
Ayreon Journey On The Waves Of Time 2000      
Ayreon Listen To The Waves 1995      
Azul Y Negro Beyond The Sound Waves        
Bacall Breaking The Waves 2017      
Battered Wives New Wave Robot (The Wives)        
Beacon Between The Waves        
beat!beat!beat! We Are The Waves 2010      
Belgica Wave Party The Wave 1993      
Belle & The Vertigo Waves Don't Come Back        
Belle & The Vertigo Waves What You Wanted        
Ben Lee Borne On The FM Waves Of The Heart        
Betty Legler Riding The Wave 1991      
Bibio The Palm Of Your Wave        
Big Wave Riders Waiting In The Wings        
Bill Evans Living In The Crest Of A Wave 1984      
Billy Wiggle 'n' The Wigglers Waves 1978      
Bing Crosby I'm On The Crest Of A Wave        
Black Lace Leap Up And Down (Wave Your Knickers In The Air) 1985      
Black Widow The Waves        
Blank & Jones Watching The Waves 2002      
Blind Guardian The Ninth Wave 2015      
Blue Wave Sails In The Sunset 1980      
Bob Crosby And His Orchestra Over The Waves 1940      
Bobby Henderson Over The Waves        
Bodebrixen The Wave        
Bomb The Music Industry! Hurricane Waves        
Bomb The Music Industry! Sponge Board/Baby Waves        
Brücken, Froese Sound Of The Waves 2018      
Buddy vs. DJ The Wave Ab in den Norden 2003      
Buddy vs. DJ The Wave Stop The War 2003      
Bushwackers When Britannia Ruled The Waves 1983      
Carrie Newcomer Below The Waves        
Catch 22 Riding The Fourth Wave        
Chelsea Wolfe The Waves Have Come 2013      
Chronical Diarrhoea Here's Where The Story Ends / Wave Out 1991      
Circa Waves A Night On The Broken Tiles 2017      
Circa Waves The Luck Has Gone 2015      
COEM Wave To Us On Your Way To The Top        
Cold Chisel The Last Wave Of Summer 2001      
Colouring The Wave        
Cosmic Gate The Wave 2002      
Cosmic Gate The Wave / Raging        
Cosmos & Creature Ride The Wave        
Crossfaith Against The Wave 2014      
Crown Heights Affair Let Me Ride On The Waves Of Your Love 1982      
Crustation Face The Waves 1997      
Cut Copy (The Waves) 2013      
Daft Punk The New Wave        
Dams Of The West Perfect Wave 2017      
Dan Kubiak And The Sound Waves Falling For You 1958      
Dan Kubiak And The Sound Waves Finding You 1958      
Daniel Avery One In The Wave 2012      
Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes Waves        
Dark Waves The Heartbeat The Soul        
Dave202 Generate The Wave 2006      
Davey Payne and The Medium Wave A Walk In The Sunshine 1969      
Davey Payne and The Medium Wave Looking Towards The Sky 1970      
Davie Allan & The Arrows Last Wave Of The Day 1968      
Dawn Of The Replicants Beneath The Waves        
Demons & Wizards Beneath These Waves 2005      
Devendra Banhart Some People Ride The Wave 2005      
Didier Sinclair feat. Lidy V Feel The Wave 2007      
Dig (U.S.) Ride The Wave        
Digital Dance I Sleep On The Waves        
Digital Punk & Waverider Fuck The Hype        
Dikta Breaking The Waves        
Dirty Three The Restless Waves        
DJ The Wave Emotion 2004      
DJ The Wave Hang On Sloopy 2003      
DJ The Wave Hyper Summer 2004      

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