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Trapped By A Thing Called Love (Denise LaSalle)Westbound1971
Man Sized JobJanus1972
Freedom To Express Yourself (Denise LaSalle)ABC1976
Hellfire Loving (Denise LaSalle)ABC1976
Move Your BodyABC1977
I'm So Hot (Denise La Salle)MCA1980
My Toot TootEpic1985
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Trapped By A Thing Called Love (Denise LaSalle)Westbound1971
Doin' It Right (Denise LaSalle)Westbound1972
On The Loose (Denise LaSalle)Westbound1973
Here I Am Again (Denise LaSalle)Westbound1975
Second Breath (Denise LaSalle)ABC1976
The Bitch Is Bad (Denise LaSalle)ABC1977
Under The Influence (Denise LaSalle)ABC1978
Unwrapped (Denise La Salle)MCA1979
I'm So Hot (Denise LaSalle)MCA1980
Satisfaction Guaranteed (Denise LaSalle)MCA1981
A Lady In The Street (Denise LaSalle)Malaco1983
Right Place, Right Time (Denise LaSalle)Malaco1984
Love Talkin' (Denise LaSalle)Malaco1985
My Toot Toot (Denise LaSalle)Epic1985
Rain & FireMalaco1986
It's Lying Time AgainMalaco1987
Still TrappedMalaco1990
Love Me RightMalaco1992

Denise Lasalle in der österreichischen Hitparade


My Toot Toot15.07.1985314

Songs von Denise Lasalle

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A Lady In The Street (Denise LaSalle)
A Love Magician (Denise LaSalle)
A Man Sized Job (Denise LaSalle)
A Miracle You And Me (Denise La Salle)
A Real Sad Story
Another One Bites The Dust
Any Time Is The Right Time (Denise LaSalle)
Before You Take It To The Streets (Denise LaSalle)
Boogie Man (Denise LaSalle)
Breaking Up Somebody's Home (Denise LaSalle)
Bump And Grind (Denise LaSalle)
Catch Me If You Can (Denise LaSalle)
Chain Letter
Cheat Receipt (Denise LaSalle)
Come Ta Ya Ha Dance (Denise LaSalle)
Come To Bed (Denise LaSalle)
Da Ya Think I'm Sexy (Denise La Salle)
Dip, Bam, Thanks You Mam
Do Me Right (Denise LaSalle)
Don't Jump My Pony
Don't Mess With My Man (Denise LaSalle)
Don't Nobody Live Here (By The Name Of Fool) (Denise LaSalle)
Don't Pick It Up
Down Home Blues (Denise LaSalle)
Drop That Zero
E.R.A. (Equal Rights Amendment) (Denise LaSalle)
Fast Hands And A Dirty Mind
Feet Don't Fail Me (Denise LaSalle)
Fool Me Good (Denise LaSalle)
Footprints Of A Fool
Freedom To Express Yourself (Denise LaSalle)
Get What You Can Get (Denise LaSalle)
Get Your Lie Straight (Denise LaSalle)
Give Me Yo' Most Strongest Whisky (Denise LaSalle)
Giving Up (Denise LaSalle)
Good Man Gone Bad (Denise LaSalle)
Good, Goody, Better (Denise LaSalle)
Got Myself A Handyman (Denise LaSalle)
Harper Valley P.T.A. (Denise LaSalle)
Heartbreaker Of The Year (Denise LaSalle)
Hellfire Loving (Denise LaSalle)
Here I Am Again (Denise LaSalle)
He's Not Available (Denise LaSalle)
Hit And Run (Denise LaSalle)
Hold On
Holding Hands With The Blues
Hung Up, Strung Up (Denise LaSalle)
I Get What I Want (Denise LaSalle)
I Wanna Do What's On Your Mind (Denise LaSalle)
I Was Not The Best Woman (Denise LaSalle)
I Was Tellin' Him About You (Denise LaSalle)
If You Should Loose Me (Denise LaSalle)
I'll Get You Some Help (Denise LaSalle)
I'm Back To Collect (Denise LaSalle)
I'm Loved
I'm Not That Kind Of Girl
I'm Over You (Denise LaSalle)
I'm Satisfied (Denise LaSalle)
I'm Sho' Gonna Mess With Yo Man
I'm So Hot (Denise La Salle)
I'm Trippin' On You (Denise LaSalle)
Is He Lovin' Someone Else Tonight
It Be's That Way Sometimes
It Makes Me So Mad
It Takes You All Night
It's Lying Time Again
It's Too Late (Denise LaSalle)
Keep It Coming (Denise LaSalle)
Keep On Dancin', Rock (Denise La Salle)
Keep Your Pants On (Denise LaSalle)
Keeps Me Runnin' Back (Denise LaSalle)
Kiss It
Last Night Was The First Time
Lay Me Down (Denise LaSalle)
Lean On Me (Denise LaSalle)
Learnin' How To Cheat On You
Let's Stay This Way (Denise LaSalle)
Lick It Before You Stick It
Linger A Little Longer (Denise LaSalle)
Long Dong Silver
Look What Can Happen To You (If You Get Caught Messin' With My TuTu)
Love Addict (Denise LaSalle)
Love And Happiness
Love Break
Love Is A Five Letter Word (Denise LaSalle)
Love Me Right (Denise LaSalle)
Love Reputation (Denise LaSalle)
Love School (Denise LaSalle)
Love Talkin' (Denise LaSalle)
Make Love To Me One More Time (Denise LaSalle)
Making A Good Thing Better (Denise LaSalle)
Man Sized Job
Married But Not To Each Other (Denise LaSalle)
May The Funk Be With You (Denise LaSalle)
Medley (Make Me Yours / Precious Memories / Trapped By A Thing Called Love) (Denise La Salle)
Mississippi Woman (Denise LaSalle)
Move Your Body
My Brand On You (Denise LaSalle)
My Toot Toot
No Matter What They Say (Denise LaSalle)
Nobody Loves Me Like You Do (Denise LaSalle)
Now Run And Tell That (Denise LaSalle)
One Life To Live (Denise LaSalle)
One More Wrong Step
P. A. R. T. Y. (Where It Is) (Denise LaSalle)
Paper Thin
Pay Before You Pump (Denise LaSalle)
Rain And Fire
Right Place, Right Time (Denise LaSalle)
Second Breath (Denise LaSalle)
Shame, Shame, Shame
Share Your Man With Me (Denise LaSalle)
Sharing Your Love (Denise LaSalle)
Sit Down And Hurt Awhile (Denise LaSalle)
Someone Else Is Steppin' In (Denise LaSalle)
Sometimes (Denise LaSalle)
Stay With Me Awhile (Denise LaSalle)
Sweet Soul (Denise LaSalle)
Talkin' In Your Sleep (Denise LaSalle)
Talking 'Bout My Best Friend (Denise LaSalle)
Tear To Tear (Denise LaSalle)
Teeny Weeny Black Bikini
The Bitch Is Bad (Denise LaSalle)
The Deeper I Go (The Better It Gets) (Denise LaSalle)
There Ain't Enough Hate Around (To Make Me Turn Around) (Denise LaSalle)
Think About It (Denise La Salle)
This Bell Was Made For Ringing (Denise LaSalle)
Tighten Up On Your Good Thing (Denise LaSalle)
Too Little In Common To Be Lovers (Denise La Salle)
Too Many Hungry Mouths Around The Table
Too Many Lovers (Denise LaSalle)
Trapped By A Thing Called Love (Denise LaSalle)
Treat Your Man Like A Baby (Denise LaSalle)
Try My Love (Denise LaSalle)
Trying To Forget (Denise LaSalle)
Two Empty Arms (Denise LaSalle)
Under The Influence (Denise LaSalle)
Walking On Beale Street And Crying (Denise LaSalle)
Wet Match
What Am I Doing Wrong (Denise LaSalle)
What It Takes To Get A Good Woman (Denise LaSalle)
What's Goin' On In My House
When Love Separates (Denise LaSalle)
When We're Making Love
Why Does It Feel So Right (Denise LaSalle)
Wild Thang (All Nite Long)
Workin' Overtime (Denise LaSalle)
You Can't Get Nothin' Straight Between Us
You Oughta Thank Me (Denise LaSalle)
You'll Lose A Good Thing (Denise LaSalle)
You'll Never Get Your Hooks In My Man (Denise LaSalle)
Your Husband Is Cheating On Us (Denise LaSalle)
Your Man And Your Best Friend (Denise LaSalle)
Your Pleasure Is My Business

Alben von Denise Lasalle

A Lady In The Street (Denise LaSalle)
Doin' It Right (Denise LaSalle)
Here I Am Again (Denise LaSalle)
I'm So Hot (Denise LaSalle)
It's Lying Time Again
Love Me Right
Love Talkin' (Denise LaSalle)
My Toot Toot (Denise LaSalle)
On The Loose (Denise LaSalle)
Rain & Fire
Right Place, Right Time (Denise LaSalle)
Satisfaction Guaranteed (Denise LaSalle)
Second Breath (Denise LaSalle)
Still Trapped
The Bitch Is Bad (Denise LaSalle)
Trapped By A Thing Called Love (Denise LaSalle)
Under The Influence (Denise LaSalle)
Unwrapped (Denise La Salle)

Die bestbewerteten Songs von Denise Lasalle

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Trapped By A Thing Called Love (Denise LaSalle)104.4
My Toot Toot572.84

Die bekanntesten Songs von Denise Lasalle

Alle Songs mit mindestens 5 Reviews werden für diese Liste gezählt.
My Toot Toot572.84
Trapped By A Thing Called Love (Denise LaSalle)104.4

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