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Max Don't Have Sex With Your ExBlow Up23.06.1994
Fred Come To BedBlow Up02.1995
Sex On The PhoneRemixed06.1995
Willy Use A Billy ... BoyBlow Up09.1995
Help Me Dr. DickBlow Up02.1996
Fritz Love My TitsBlow Up04.1996
Gimme Good SexBlow Up09.1996
Turn Me OnBlow Up06.1997
The Winner Takes It AllBlow Up11.08.1997
Thank You For The MusicIntercord / Blow Up10.1997
Die geilste Single der WeltIntercord / Blow Up / Bros02.1998
Baby Please MeIntercord1998
Oh Nick Please Not So QuickIntercord13.01.1999
Kiss MeRCA26.04.1999
Mambo No. SexAriola1999
Gimme Gimme GimmeIntercord13.01.2000
Queen Of Light69 / Bros14.02.2000
Don't Make Me Wet6903.07.2000
Billy Jive (With Willy's Wife)Avex03.10.2001
King KongePark12.11.2001
Mi amante (e.R.)ePark01.07.2002
Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex 2003Bros / Epic21.07.2003
Video StarletBros04.03.2016
Discographie Alben - Studio

Sex AffairsIntercord29.05.1995
The Power Of SexIntercord01.07.1996
Sexual MadnessIntercord13.05.1997
Thank You For The MusicIntercord17.10.1997
Mambo No. Sex69 / Bros15.11.1999
Missing You6917.04.2000
Sex GenerationePark26.11.2001
Sexual HealingBros2001
Cocktail E-RoticBros14.07.2003
Discographie Alben - Best Of

Greatest Tits (The Best Of)Intercord / Blow Up25.05.1998
Total RecallEpic08.09.2003

E-Rotic in der österreichischen Hitparade


Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex26.02.19951212
Fred Come To Bed02.04.1995514
Sex On The Phone09.07.1995214
Willy Use A Billy ... Boy05.11.1995512
Help Me Dr. Dick03.03.1996188
Fritz Love My Tits23.06.1996169

Sex Affairs25.06.19951516
The Power Of Sex14.07.1996189

Songs von E-Rotic

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All I Desire
Angel Eyes
Angel's Night
Baby Please Me
Baby Please Stop
Bad Boy
Big Max
Billy Jive (With Willy's Wife)
Cat's Eye
Chico Chaco
Cocktail d'erotique
Come On Make Love To Me
Crying Like A Child
Dance With The Vamps
Dancing Queen
Dangerous Kiss
Die geilste Single der Welt
Do It All Night
Don't Go
Don't Make Me Wet
Don't Say We're Through
Don't Talk Dirty To Me
Don't You See The Light
Dr. Love
En mon cœur
Erotic Dreams
Falling For A Witch
Final Heartbreak
Fred Come To Bed
Fritz Love My Tits
Get Away
Gimme Gimme Gimme
Gimme Good Sex
Gimme Your Jimmy
Give A Little Love
Give Me Delight
Got To Get It
Gotta Get It Groovin'
Hearts Are A Changing
Help Me Dr. Dick
I Feel Your Heartbeat
I Want You
I'm Horny
I'm Over You
In The Dark Of The Night
In The Heat Of The Night
Intro [Thank You For The Music]
Is It You
Is That The Way You Are?
It's Fantastic - I'm Not Made Of Plastic
It's Just A Little Flirt
Johnny Y.
King Kong
Kiss Me
Kiss My Lips
L.O.V.E. (Sex On The Beach)
Latin Lover
Lay All Your Love On Me
Lay Back
Lemmings On The Run
Love And Sex Are Free
Makin' Love In The Sun
Mambo No. Sex
Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex
Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex (Reboot 21)
Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex 2003
Mi amante (e.R.)
Missing You
Molly Dolly (Loves Her Lolly)
Money, Money, Money
Move Me Baby
Mr. Mister
Murder Me
Oh Nick Please Not So Quick
One Of Us
Ooh Lalala
Queen Of Light
Ralph, Don't Make Love By Yourself
Rave Me Dave
Rock Me
Rock Me Baby
Save Me
Send Me A Message Of Love
Seven Seconds
Sex Machine
Sex Me
Sex On The Phone
Sexual Healing
Sexual Madness
Shag Me
Skin To Skin
Take My Love
Talk To Your Girl
Tears In Your Blue Eyes
Temple Of Love
Tempt Me On The Line
Test My Best
Thank You For The Music
The Power Of Sex
The Story Is Over
The Winner Takes It All
Touch Me
Turn Me On
Untouchable Feeling
Veejay The DJ
Video Starlet
When I Cry For You
When I Lie
Who Wants To Live Forever
Wild And Strong
Wild Love
Willy Use A Billy ... Boy
Wish You Were Here

Alben von E-Rotic

Cocktail E-Rotic
Gimme, Gimme, Gimme
Greatest Tits (The Best Of)
Kiss Me
Mambo No. Sex
Missing You
Sex Affairs
Sex Generation
Sexual Healing
Sexual Madness
Thank You For The Music
The Collection
The Power Of Sex
The Very Best Of
Total Recall

Die bestbewerteten Songs von E-Rotic

Alle Songs mit mindestens 5 Reviews werden für diese Liste gezählt.
Angel's Night285
Don't Talk Dirty To Me214.95
Chico Chaco164.81
It's Just A Little Flirt54.8
Video Starlet64.67
Kiss Me184.61
Dance With The Vamps104.6

Die bekanntesten Songs von E-Rotic

Alle Songs mit mindestens 5 Reviews werden für diese Liste gezählt.
Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex1643.42
Fred Come To Bed1563.33
Sex On The Phone1083.2
Fritz Love My Tits983.04
Willy Use A Billy ... Boy923.52
Help Me Dr. Dick764.04
Gimme Good Sex643.62
The Winner Takes It All533.62
Queen Of Light404.28
King Kong343.62

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