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Hawkwind, im Sommer 1969 von Dave Brook (g, voc, harm, perc) und John Harrison (bg) unter dem Namen »GROUP X« in London gegründet, war anfangs eine Musikkommune, deren Besetzung häufig wechselte. Kaum eines der Mitglieder hatte zuvor musikalisch gearbeitet, die meisten hatten lediglich als Roadies mit der Bühne Kontakt gehabt. "Keiner von uns", bekannte der Saxophonist Nik Turner, "war ein guter Musiker, aber wir kamen ganz gut miteinander zurecht. Ich konnte zum Beispiel nicht Saxophon spielen, aber ich konnte eine Menge Geräusche hervorbringen, und das war genug." Seine Geräusche organisierte der Musikerstamm, dem gleichzeitig oder nacheinander auch Hugh Lloyd Langton (g), Terry Ollis (dr), Dimik (voc, perc, electronics), Bob Calvert (voc, fl, perc), Lemmy (bg), Del Dettmer (keyboards, synthesizer), Simon King (dr) angehörten, immerhin so verblüffend, dass aus dem Auf- und Abschwellen elektronischer Heultöne mit einiger Fantasie 'Weltraumklänge' herauszuhören waren.
Nach der Hitsingle "Silver Machine" im Sommer 1972 wurde auch der sogenannte 'Space Rock' zu einer auch optisch wirksamen Bühnenshow ritualisiert: Lichteffekte ergänzten die Klangelektronik, eine autodidaktische Bewegungskünstlerin namens Stacia zuckt, angeblich von Isadora Duncan inspiriert, einen rhythmischen Ausdruckstanz und strippte sich in Extasemomenten aus den Kleidern. Die Show kam an.

(Kommentar aus dem Album 'Hawkwind Live' - Quelle: EX Rock-Lexikon/rororo Rohwohlt)
Discographie Singles

Hurry On SundownLiberty31.07.1970
Silver MachineUnited Artists09.06.1972
Lord Of LightUnited Artists19.05.1973
Urban GuerillaUnited Artists22.06.1973
You'd Better Believe ItUnited Artists08.07.1974
The Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear In Smoke)United Artists02.08.1974
Kings Of SpeedUnited Artists14.03.1975
Kerb CrawlerCharisma07.07.1976
Back On The StreetsCharisma26.01.1977
Quark, Strangeness And CharmCharisma12.07.1977
PSI Power (Hawklords)Charisma13.10.1978
25 Years (Hawklords)Charisma18.05.1979
Shot Down In The NightBronze27.06.1980
Who's Gonna Win The WarBronze03.11.1980
Angels Of DeathRCA07.10.1981
Motorway CityFlicknife06.10.1983
Night Of The HawksFlicknife02.03.1984
Needle GunFlicknife31.10.1985
Silver Machine (Remix)Samurai1986
Hassan i SahbaAtomhenge16.04.2016
Solitary ManCherry Red27.05.2016
Discographie Alben - Studio

In Search Of SpaceLiberty08.10.1971
Doremi Fasol LatidoUnited Artists21.11.1972
Hall Of The Mountain GrillUnited Artists06.09.1974
Warrior On The Edge Of TimeUnited Artists09.05.1975
Astounding Sounds, Amazing MusicChrysalis27.08.1976
Quark, Strangeness And CharmCharisma17.06.1977
Hawklords (Hawklords)Charisma06.10.1978
P.X.R. 5Chrysalis15.06.1979
Sonic AttackRCA18.10.1981
Church Of HawkwindRCA14.05.1982
Choose Your MasquesRCA29.10.1982
Chronicle Of The Black SwordFlicknife11.11.1985
The Xenon CodexGreat Western25.04.1988
Space BanditsGreat Western24.09.1990
Palace SpringsGreat Western03.06.1991
Masters Of The Universe [Live]Success1991
Electric TepeeEssential1992
It Is The Business Of The Future To Be DangerousEssential1993
The Business TripEmergency1994
The Psychedelic Warriors: White ZoneEmergency1995
Alien 4Emergency1995
Love In SpaceEmergency1996
Distant HorizonsEmergency1997
In Your AreaVoiceprint1999
Yule RitualVoiceprint2001
Take Me To Your LeaderVoiceprint2005
Take Me To Your FutureVoiceprint2006
Urban GuerillaBrook20.03.2006
The Text Of FestivalIrascible07.11.2008
Blood Of The EarthEastworld18.06.2010
Parallel UniverseEMI19.08.2011
77Secretly Canadian22.06.2012
We Are One (Hawklords)Hawklords14.09.2012
Dream (Hawklords)Hawklords27.09.2013
SpacehawksRock Classics25.10.2013
This Is Hawkwind - Do Not PanicRock Classics21.03.2014
Astounding - Sounds, Amazing MusicLet Them Eat Vinyl14.08.2015
Independent Days - Volumes 1 & 2Let Them Eat Vinyl14.08.2015
Live ChroniclesLet Them Eat Vinyl11.09.2015
R:evolution (Hawklords)Hawklords09.10.2015
The Machine StopsCherry Red15.04.2016
Into The WoodsCherry Red05.05.2017
Six (Hawklords)Hawklords06.10.2017
Discographie Alben - Live

Space RitualUnited Artists11.05.1973
Live Seventy NineBronze21.07.1980
Live [1988]Imtrat1988
The Best Of & The Rest Of HawkwindAction Replay1990
BBC Radio One Live In ConcertWindsong1991
Kings Of Speed, Lords Of LightGolden Void1991
Live At Canterbury FayreVoiceprint2002
Welcome To The FutureSecret2006
At The BBC - 1972EMI12.03.2010
Atomhenge 76Gonzo09.12.2010
Leave No Star UnturnedEasy Action21.10.2011
Live 1990Gonzo09.12.2011
Gastonbury 90Gonzo09.12.2011
Coded LanguagesEsoteric30.01.2015
Live At The AstoriaMirumir16.10.2015
Live '78 (Hawklords)Atomhenge03.06.2016
At The RoundhouseCherry Red08.12.2017
Victim Of Sonic Attack - London, December 30th, 1972Cleopatra06.07.2018
Discographie Alben - Best Of

Masters Of The UniverseUnited Artists1975
RoadhawksUnited Artists26.03.1976
Rock LegendsCharisma1979
Repeat PerfomanceCharisma1980
Acid Daze Volume 1Receiver1985
The Hawkwind CollectionCastle Communications1986
Anthology Vol IISamurai1986
Stasis (The U.A. Years 1971-1975)EMI1990
Masters Of The Universe [1991]Marble Arch1991
The CollectionEMI28.04.2006
Sonic Boom KillersRepertoire19.02.2016
Anthology Vol ISamurai 
Discographie Alben - Box

Masters Of The Universe / Hall Of The Mountain GrillEMI28.10.2011
This Is Your Captain Speaking... Your Captain Is DeadParlophone20.03.2015
The Charisma Years 1976-1979Atomhenge30.09.2016
The RCA Active Years 1981-1982Atomhenge30.09.2016
The GWR Records Years 1988-1991Atomhenge / Esoteric27.01.2017
The Emergency Broadcast Years: 1994-1997Atomhenge / Esoteric23.02.2018
Discographie Alben - Misc

Space Chase 1980-1985Cleopatra22.07.2011
4 AlbumsEMI28.10.2011

Hawkwind in der österreichischen Hitparade


Silver Machine15.01.197394

Songs von Hawkwind

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(Only) The Dead Dreams Of The Cold War Kid (Hawklords)
25 Years (Hawklords)
3 Or 4 Erections In The Course Of A Night
A Letter To Robert
Acid Test
Adjust Me
Aerospac-Age Inferno
Alien (I Am)
Am I Fooling
Angela Android
Angels Of Death
Angels Of Life
Are You Losing Your Mind
Arrival In Utopia
Assault And Battery
Automoton (Hawklords)
Back In The Box
Back On The Streets
Bay Of Bengal
Be Yourself
Beam Me Up
Behind The Face
Black Elk Speaks
Blue Shift
Blue Skin
Born To Go
Brainbox Pollution
Brainstorm / Hawkwind In Your Area
Bring It On Home
British Tribal Music
Cake Out
Chaos Army
Children Of The Sun
Choose Your Masks
Chronoglide Skyway
City Of Lagoons
Clouded Vision
Coded Languages
Damage Of Life
Damnation Alley
Dangerous Vision
Days Of The Underground
Dealing With The Devil
Death Of War
Death Trap
Diana Park
Digital Nation
Distant Horizons
Do You Want This Body
Don't Understand
Douglas In The Jungle
Down Through The Night
Dragons And Faibles
Dream Dancers
Dream Worker
Dust Of Time
Dying Seas
Earth Breath
Earth Calling
Electoric No. 1
Electric Tepee
Elric The Enchanter
Fable Of A Failed Race
Fahrenheit 451
Fate: I. Joker Of The Gate
Fate: II. Some People Never Die
Fate: III. Light Specific Data
Fate: IV. Experiment With Destiny
Fate: V. The Last Messiah
Fate: VI. Looking In The Future
Fifth Second Of Forever
First Landing
First Landing On Medusa
Flying Doctor (Hawklords)
Free Fall (Hawklords)
Garden Pests
Ghost Dance
Gimme Shelter
Goat Willow
Going To Hawaii
Good Evening
Green Finned Demon
Greenback Massacre
Hall Of The Mountain Grill
Hash Cake '77
Hassan i Sahba
Heart Attack
High Rise
Hog Farm
Honky Dory
Horn Of Desitiny
Hurry On Sundown
I Am The Eye (That Looks Within)
I Am The Reptoid
I Do It
Improvise... Compromise...Revise
In Search Of Shangrila
In The Egg
Iron Dream
It Is The Business Of The Future To Be Dangerous
It's So Easy
Jack Of Shadows
Ka Du Flyer
Kauai / Taxi For Max
Kerb Crawler
Kings Of Speed
Let Barking Dogs Lie
Letting In The Past
Life Form
Living On A Knife Edge
Lord Of Light
Lost Chances
Lost Johnny
Love In Space
Love In Space / Rat Race
Mask Of The Morning
Master Of The Universe
Mirror Of Illusion
Motorway City
Mutation Zone
Needle Gun
Neon Skyline/Lost Chronicles
Night Of The Hawks
Nuclear Toy
Ode To The Time Of Flower
One Change
Orgone Accumulator
Out Here We Are
Out Of The Shadows
Over The Top
P.X.R. 5
Phetamine Street
Population Overload
PSI Power (Hawklords)
Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear In Smoke)
Quark, Strangeness And Charm
Reefer Madness
Reject Your Human Touch
Reptoid Vision
Right To Decide
Rites Of Netherworld
Rocky Path
Running Through The Back Brain
Sadness Runs Deep
Secret Agent
Seeing It As You Really Are
Seven By Seven
Sex Dreams
Shade Gate
Ship Of Dreams
Shot Down In The Night
Silver Machine
Silver Machine (Remix)
Slap It On The Table
Sleep Of Thousand Years
Small Boy
Snake Dance
Social Alliance
Solitary Man
Solitary Mind
Some People Never Die
Song Of The Sword
Sonic Attack
Sonnic Attack
Space Chase
Space Dust
Space Is Deep
Space Is Their (Palestine)
Space Pilots
Space: I. Angel Voices
Space: II. Nuclear Drive
Space: III. Star Cannibal
Space: IV. The Phenomeneon Of Luminosity
Space: V. Fall Of Earth City
Space: VI. The Church
Spiral Galaxy 28948
Spirit Of The Age
Sputnik Stan
Standing At The Edge
Streets Of Fear
Sweet Mistress Of Pain
Sword Of The East
T.V. Suicide
Take Me To Your Leader
Take What You Can
Techno Tropic Zone Exists
Ten Seconds Of Forever
The Age Of The Micro Man (Hawklords)
The Aubergine That Ate Rangoon
The Awakening
The Black Corridor
The Camera That Could Lie
The Demented Man
The Demise
The Dream Of Isis
The Forge Of Vulcan
The Golden Void
The Island
The Journey
The Nazca
The Only Ones (Hawklords)
The Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear In Smoke)
The Pulsing Cavern
The Reality Of Proverty
The Reason Is?
The Right Way
The Scan
The Seaking
The Starkness Of The Capsule
The War I Survived
The Watcher
The White Zone
The Wizard Blew His Horn
Tibet Is Not China (Part 1)
Tibet Is Not China (Part 2)
Time And Space
Time We Left (This World Today)
Time We Left (This World Today)/Heads
To Be Or Not
To Love A Machine
Trans-Dimensional Man
Tunnels Of Darkness
Uncle Sam's On Mars
Upside Down
Urban Guerilla
Valium Ten
Virgin Of The World
Void City
Waimea Canyon Drive
Waiting For Tomorrow
Warrior At The Edge Of Time
Wastelands Of Sleep
Watchfield Festival
Wave Up On Waves
We Do It
We Took The Wrong Step Years Ago
Web Weaver
Welcome To The Future
Who's Gonna Win The War
Wind Of Change
Window Pane
World Of Tiers
You Burn Me Up
You Know You're Only Dreaming
You Shouldn't Do That
You'd Better Believe It
Your Fantasy

Alben von Hawkwind

4 Albums
Acid Daze Volume 1
Alien 4
Anthology Vol I
Anthology Vol II
Astounding - Sounds, Amazing Music
Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music
At The BBC - 1972
At The Roundhouse
Atomhenge 76
BBC Radio One Live In Concert
Blood Of The Earth
Choose Your Masques
Chronicle Of The Black Sword
Church Of Hawkwind
Coded Languages
Distant Horizons
Doremi Fasol Latido
Dream (Hawklords)
Electric Tepee
Gastonbury 90
Hall Of The Mountain Grill
Hawklords (Hawklords)
In Search Of Space
In Your Area
Independent Days - Volumes 1 & 2
Into The Woods
It Is The Business Of The Future To Be Dangerous
Kings Of Speed, Lords Of Light
Leave No Star Unturned
Live [1988]
Live 1990
Live '78 (Hawklords)
Live At Canterbury Fayre
Live At The Astoria
Live Chronicles
Live Seventy Nine
Love In Space
Masters Of The Universe
Masters Of The Universe / Hall Of The Mountain Grill
Masters Of The Universe [1991]
Masters Of The Universe [Live]
P.X.R. 5
Palace Springs
Parallel Universe
Quark, Strangeness And Charm
R:evolution (Hawklords)
Repeat Perfomance
Road To Utopia
Rock Legends
Six (Hawklords)
Sonic Attack
Sonic Boom Killers
Space Bandits
Space Chase 1980-1985
Space Ritual
Stasis (The U.A. Years 1971-1975)
Take Me To Your Future
Take Me To Your Leader
The Best Of & The Rest Of Hawkwind
The Business Trip
The Charisma Years 1976-1979
The Collection
The Emergency Broadcast Years: 1994-1997
The GWR Records Years 1988-1991
The Hawkwind Collection
The Machine Stops
The Psychedelic Warriors: White Zone
The RCA Active Years 1981-1982
The Text Of Festival
The Xenon Codex
This Is Hawkwind - Do Not Panic
This Is Your Captain Speaking... Your Captain Is Dead
Urban Guerilla
Victim Of Sonic Attack - London, December 30th, 1972
Warrior On The Edge Of Time
We Are One (Hawklords)
Welcome To The Future
Yule Ritual

Die bestbewerteten Songs von Hawkwind

Alle Songs mit mindestens 5 Reviews werden für diese Liste gezählt.
Space Is Deep74.71
Lost Johnny54.6
Children Of The Sun54.6
The Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear In Smoke)54.6
Hurry On Sundown104.5
Mirror Of Illusion74.43
Lord Of Light104.4
Spirit Of The Age54.4

Die bekanntesten Songs von Hawkwind

Alle Songs mit mindestens 5 Reviews werden für diese Liste gezählt.
Silver Machine1044.22
Urban Guerilla184.22
Master Of The Universe114.18
Seven By Seven113.82
Hurry On Sundown104.5
Lord Of Light104.4
You Shouldn't Do That84.25

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