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Mark Leon Medlock  09.07.1978

Offizielle Seite
Interview mit Mark Medlock (2007)
Interview mit Mark Medlock (2009)
Konzertbericht X-Tra 11.02.2008

Komponisten, Texter und Produzenten
Dieter Bohlen, Nik Hafemann

Discographie Singles

Now Or NeverColumbia11.05.2007
You Can Get It (Mark Medlock / Dieter Bohlen)Columbia29.06.2007
Unbelievable (Mark Medlock / Dieter Bohlen)Columbia25.10.2007
Summer LoveColumbia02.05.2008
Baby BlueColumbia25.09.2009
Real LoveColumbia09.04.2010
Sweat (A La La La La Long) (Mehrzad Marashi / Mark Medlock)Columbia21.05.2010
Maria Maria31306.08.2010
The Other Side Of Broken31314.10.2011
Car WashBlack Feather25.01.2013
Discographie Alben - Studio

Mr. LonelyColumbia15.06.2007
Dreamcatcher (Mark Medlock / Dieter Bohlen)Columbia09.11.2007
Cloud DancerColumbia30.05.2008
Club TropicanaColumbia22.05.2009
Rainbow's EndColumbia30.04.2010
My WorldColumbia21.10.2011
Discographie Alben - Box

Mr. Lonely / DreamcatcherColumbia11.01.2013
Discographie Alben - Misc

Der Hit-MixSony27.05.2011
Best OfSony10.04.2015

Mark Medlock in der österreichischen Hitparade


Now Or Never25.05.2007121
You Can Get It (Mark Medlock / Dieter Bohlen)13.07.2007320
Unbelievable (Mark Medlock / Dieter Bohlen)09.11.20071911
Summer Love16.05.2008415
Baby Blue09.10.2009344
Real Love23.04.2010138
Sweat (A La La La La Long) (Mehrzad Marashi / Mark Medlock)04.06.2010710

Mr. Lonely29.06.2007213
Dreamcatcher (Mark Medlock / Dieter Bohlen)23.11.200769
Cloud Dancer13.06.200868
Club Tropicana05.06.2009713
Rainbow's End14.05.201076
My World04.11.2011631

Songs von Mark Medlock

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Baby Blue
Back In My Arms
Boogie Down
Breakin' Me
Can I Hold You
Can't Change Lovers
Car Wash
Change The World
Don't Worry (Mark Medlock / Dieter Bohlen)
Endless Love
Every Heart Is Beating
Everytime You Go Away
Feels Like The First Time (Mark Medlock / Dieter Bohlen)
Fly With Me (Mark Medlock / Dieter Bohlen)
Foolish Heart
Forgive Me
Friede sei mit Euch
Get Out Of My Bed (Mark Medlock / Dieter Bohlen)
Gimme A Chance
Heart To Heart
Heaven Is For Everyone
Here In My Heart
How Long
Hungry For Your Love
I Can't Forget This Night (Mark Medlock / Dieter Bohlen)
I Miss You
I Wonder Why
Ich lass los
If I Can't Have Your Love
If I Could Fly
If You Just Call Me
If You Wanna Be Rich
If Your Heart Is Crying
I'm Just A Dreamer
I'm Still Here (Mark Medlock / Dieter Bohlen)
In Love With A Ghost
Jerome Jerome
Just Like Heaven
Last Summer
Lean On Me
Love Is A Game
Love Is Beautiful (Mark Medlock / Dieter Bohlen)
Maria Maria
Moment Of My Life (Mark Medlock / Dieter Bohlen)
Mr. Lonely
Mr. Love
Never Let You Go
Not Over
Now Or Never
Oh Sarah
Only A Fool
Only Forever (Mark Medlock / Dieter Bohlen)
Over You
Part Time Lover (Mark Medlock / Dieter Bohlen)
Put A Smile On Your Face
Que sera
Reach For The Stars
Real Love
Relax Your Heart
Sad Sad Story
Second Chance
Second Guessing
Seven Days
She Walks Like An Angel
Sing Halleluja (Mark Medlock / Dieter Bohlen)
Stay With You
Stop It
Stuck On You
Summer Groove Medley
Summer Love
Sweat (A La La La La Long) (Mehrzad Marashi / Mark Medlock)
The Other Side Of Broken
This Is Love
Unbelievable (Mark Medlock / Dieter Bohlen)
What A Wonderful World
When The Rain Comes
When You Close Your Eyes (Mark Medlock / Dieter Bohlen)
Why Can't We Live Together
Why This Kiss
Wild Wild World
Will This Dream Survive (Mark Medlock / Dieter Bohlen)
Wonderful Girl (Mark Medlock / Dieter Bohlen)
You Are So Beautiful
You Can Get It
You Can Get It (Mark Medlock / Dieter Bohlen)
You Can Get Summer Love If You Try

Alben von Mark Medlock

Best Of
Cloud Dancer
Club Tropicana
Der Hit-Mix
Dreamcatcher (Mark Medlock / Dieter Bohlen)
Mr. Lonely
Mr. Lonely / Dreamcatcher
My World
Rainbow's End

DVDs von Mark Medlock

Live Concert - Dreamcatcher Tour - Offenbach 30.03.08

Die bestbewerteten Songs von Mark Medlock

Alle Songs mit mindestens 5 Reviews werden für diese Liste gezählt.
This Is Love124.58
Summer Groove Medley74.57
Back In My Arms124.5
Jerome Jerome164.44
If You Wanna Be Rich134.31
Hungry For Your Love134.31
Why This Kiss324.25
Not Over84.25
When The Rain Comes54.2

Die bekanntesten Songs von Mark Medlock

Alle Songs mit mindestens 5 Reviews werden für diese Liste gezählt.
You Can Get It (Mark Medlock / Dieter Bohlen)2602.48
Now Or Never2483.05
Summer Love1642.88
Unbelievable (Mark Medlock / Dieter Bohlen)1302.33
Sweat (A La La La La Long) (Mehrzad Marashi / Mark Medlock)1132.3
Real Love913.03
Baby Blue582.43
You Can Get It472.89
Maria Maria412

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