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Interview mit Milow (2009)
Interview mit Milow (2011)

Discographie Singles

The RideHomerun / Munich01.04.2008
Ayo TechnologyHomerun / Munich01.09.2008
Out Of My HandsHomerun / Munich09.03.2009
You Don't KnowHomerun / Munich26.03.2009
Darkness Ahead And Behind (Live)Homerun / Munich14.09.2009
One Of ItHomerun / Munich02.10.2009
Hard Luck Stories (Nona Mez & Milow)Homerun / Ten Digit Binary / Munich15.03.2010
Never Gonna StopHomerun10.12.2010
You And Me (In My Pocket)Homerun21.02.2011
Little In The MiddleHomerun30.05.2011
She Might She MightHomerun03.10.2011
Building BridgesHomerun13.02.2012
California RainHomerun04.06.2012
Where My Head Used To BeHomerun24.09.2012
We Must Be CrazyHomerun27.01.2014
Against The TideHomerun12.05.2014
I Won't Back DownHomerun / Caroline11.07.2014
Tomorrow The Sun May GoHomerun15.09.2014
Echoes In The DarkHomerun10.11.2014
Wind Me UpHomerun09.03.2015
Fortune Cookie (Emma Bale feat. Milow)Fruity20.11.2015
Howling At The MoonHomerun04.04.2016
No No NoHomerun12.09.2016
Lonely OneHomerun09.01.2017
Just Smile (Gamper & Dadoni feat. Milow)RedGreenYellow / Gentle10.02.2017
Summer Days (Milow feat. Sebastián Yatra)Homerun / Polydor / Island09.06.2017
Don't Turn AroundHomerun20.10.2017
Lay Your Worry Down (Milow feat. Matt Simons)Homerun26.10.2018
Sleeping Bag (Live) (Milow feat. Ilse DeLange)Medialaan29.03.2019
Mia (Live)Medialaan / InMediate International22.04.2019
I'm Not So Tough (Live)Medialaan / InMediate International29.04.2019
Dat ze de mooiste is (Live)Medialaan / InMediate International06.05.2019
Tomorrow (Live)Medialaan / InMediate International13.05.2019
Ruimtevaarder (Live)Medialaan / InMediate International20.05.2019
Laura's SongHomerun24.05.2019
TV Song (Live)Medialaan / InMediate International27.05.2019
Greatest ExpectationsHomerun30.08.2019
Nobody Needs You Like I DoHomerun15.11.2019
Discographie Alben - Studio

The Bigger PictureHomerun / Munich20.01.2006
Coming Of AgeHomerun / Munich01.02.2008
MilowHomerun / Munich27.03.2009
North And SouthHomerun01.04.2011
Silver LiningsHomerun28.03.2014
Modern HeartIsland13.05.2016
Lean Into MeHomerun31.05.2019
Discographie Alben - Live

Live - Maybe Next YearHomerun / Munich02.10.2009
From North To South - LiveHomerun19.10.2012

Milow in der österreichischen Hitparade


Ayo Technology27.03.2009231
You Don't Know14.08.20092127
Out Of My Hands (Milow & Marit Larsen)16.04.2010447
You And Me (In My Pocket)01.04.2011621
Little In The Middle29.07.20111114
We Must Be Crazy28.03.2014238
Against The Tide29.08.2014741
Howling At The Moon29.04.20161519

Live - Maybe Next Year13.11.2009662
North And South15.04.20111225
Silver Linings11.04.2014223
Modern Heart27.05.2016372
Lean Into Me14.06.2019241

Songs von Milow

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22 Children
Against The Tide
All The Lights
Annie's Song (Brett Dennen and Milow)
Arms Of A Better Man
Ayo Technology
Blue Skies
Born In The Eighties
Break The Silence
Brussels Is On My Side
Building Bridges
California Rain
Coming Of Age
Cowboys Pirates Musketeers
Darkness Ahead And Behind
Darkness Ahead And Behind (Live)
Dat ze de mooiste is (Live)
Don't Turn Around
Dreamers And Renegades
Echoes In The Dark
Excuse To Try
Eye Of The Storm
Feels Like Home (Sam Feldt & Dante Klein feat. Milow)
Fortune Cookie (Emma Bale feat. Milow)
Freier Fall (Tim Bendzko feat. Milow)
Good Thing
Greatest Expectations
Hard Luck Stories (Nona Mez & Milow)
Herald Of Free Enterprise
House By The Creek
Howling At The Moon
I Was A Famous Singer
I Won't Back Down
I'm Not So Tough (Live)
Just Smile (Gamper & Dadoni feat. Milow)
Launching Ships
Laura's Song
Lay Your Worry Down (Milow feat. Matt Simons)
Learning How To Disappear
Little In The Middle
Little More Time
Lonely One
Loud & Clear
Love Like That Is Easy
Mia (Live)
Michael Jordan
Minus One
More Familiar
Move To Town
Musik sein
My Mother's House
Never Gonna Stop
No No No
Nobody Needs You Like I Do
One More Song
One Of It
Out Of My Hands
Out Of My Hands (Milow & Marit Larsen)
Really Rich
Ruimtevaarder (Live)
Running Blind
She Might She Might
Silver Game
Sleeping Bag (Live) (Milow feat. Ilse DeLange)
So Long So Long
Songs Of Love And Death
Sons Of Our Fathers
Stepping Stone
Summer Days (Milow feat. Sebastián Yatra)
Sur la lune (Howling At The Moon)
The Bed Next To You
The Bigger Picture
The Carnival (Kid Fear feat. Milow)
The End
The Fast Lane
The Golden Hour
The Kingdom
The Loneliest Girl In The World
The Priest
The Ride
Tomorrow (Live)
Tomorrow The Sun May Go
TV Song (Live)
Until The Morning Comes
Waiting Around For Love
Waste The Dawn
Way Up High
We Must Be Crazy
Where My Head Used To Be
While You're Asleep (Milow feat. Brett Dennen)
Wind Me Up
You And Me (In My Pocket)
You Don't Know
You're Still Alive In My Head

Alben von Milow

Coming Of Age
From North To South - Live
Lean Into Me
Live - Maybe Next Year
Modern Heart
North And South
Silver Linings
The Bigger Picture

Die bestbewerteten Songs von Milow

Alle Songs mit mindestens 5 Reviews werden für diese Liste gezählt.
Building Bridges124.92
Echoes In The Dark104.9
Excuse To Try94.89
Learning How To Disappear94.89
You're Still Alive In My Head54.8
Tomorrow The Sun May Go94.78
Move To Town74.71
The Golden Hour64.67

Die bekanntesten Songs von Milow

Alle Songs mit mindestens 5 Reviews werden für diese Liste gezählt.
Ayo Technology2703.61
You Don't Know1453.79
You And Me (In My Pocket)1233.6
Little In The Middle743.78
Out Of My Hands (Milow & Marit Larsen)653.42
We Must Be Crazy453.73
Howling At The Moon443.75
One Of It383.92
The Ride283.89
Out Of My Hands274.04

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