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Spanish StrollCapitol24.06.1977
Mixed Up, Shook Up GirlCapitol26.09.1977
Little GirlCapitol30.09.1977
Cadillac WalkCapitol11.11.1977
Just Your FriendsCapitol19.05.1978
Guardian AngelCapitol17.07.1978
Soul TwistCapitol25.08.1978
Love And EmotionAtlantic11.1980
You Better Move OnAtlantic10.1981
Maybe TomorrowAtlantic01.1982
Each Word's A Beat Of My HeartAtlantic12.1983
Demasiado corazon (Too Much Heart)Atlantic1983
Italian ShoesPolydor1985
In The Heart Of The CityPolydor1985
Miracle (Willy DeVille)Polydor1987
Hey Joe (Willy DeVille)Fnac1992
Even While I Sleep (Willy DeVille)EastWest1993
Discographie Alben - Studio

Return To MagentaCapitol1978
Le chat bleuCapitol1979
Coup de graceAtlantic1980
Each Song Is A Beat Of My HeartAtlantic1983
Where Angels Fear To TreadAtlantic1983
Sportin' LifePolydor1985
Miracle (Willy DeVille)Polydor31.10.1987
Victory Mixture (Willy DeVille)Sky Ranch1990
Backstreets Of Desire (Willy DeVille)EastWest1992
Loup Garou (Willy DeVille)EastWest27.10.1995
Crow Jane Alley (Willy DeVille)Eagle20.09.2004
Pistola (Willy DeVille)Eagle08.02.2008
Introducing: Wily Deville (Willy Deville)EAR25.09.2009
Unplugged in Berlin (Willy DeVille with Seth Farber & David Keyes)Meyer30.09.2011
Collected 1976-2009 (Willy DeVille & Mink DeVille)Music On Vinyl01.05.2015
Discographie Alben - Live

Live At Montreux 1982Eagle Vision19.02.2010
The Best Of Willy DeVille Live - Come A Little Bit Closer (Willy DeVille)Eagle20.05.2011
Live At The Metropol - Berlin (Willy DeVille)Meyer03.08.2012
Live At Rockpalast 1978 & 1981Repertoire31.10.2014
Live At Rockpalast 1995 & 2008 (Willy DeVille)Repertoire16.01.2015
In Berlin [2-CD Set] (Willy DeVille) 
(Live) (Willy DeVille) 
Discographie Alben - Best Of

Savoir FaireCapitol1981
Spanish StrollDisky1996
Spanish Stroll [2002]Disky2002
Best Of Willy DeVille (Willy DeVille) 
Spanish Troll 
Premium Gold Collection 
The Mink DeVille Collection 
Discographie Alben - Box

Crow Jane Alley / Pistola (Willy DeVille)Eagle04.10.2013
Discographie Alben - DVD

Live At Montreux 1982Eagle Vision04.04.2008
Live At Montreux 1994 (Willy DeVille)Eagle23.03.2009
Still Alive (Willy DeVille)Meyer03.08.2012
Live In The Lowlands (Willy DeVille)Eagle06.09.2013

Mink DeVille in der österreichischen Hitparade


Loup Garou (Willy DeVille)12.11.1995461
Crow Jane Alley (Willy DeVille)03.10.2004721

Songs von Mink DeVille

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(Don't Have A) Change Of Heart (Willy DeVille)
(Due To) Gun Control (Willy DeVille)
'A' Train Lady
A Woman's Touch
Across The Borderline
All In The Name Of Love (Willy DeVille)
Angel Eyes (Willy DeVille)
Angels Don't Lie (Willy DeVille)
Are You Lonely Tonight
Around The Corner
Asi te amo (Willy DeVille)
Assassin Of Love (Willy DeVille)
Bad Boy
Ballad Of The Hoodlum Priest (Willy DeVille)
Bamboo Road (Willy DeVille)
Beating Like A Tom-Tom (Willy DeVille)
Been There Done That (Willy DeVille)
Big Blue Diamonds (Willy DeVille)
Blues All Around My Bed (Willy DeVille)
Cadillac Walk
Can't Do Without It
Carmelita (Willy DeVille)
Chemical Warfare (Willy DeVille)
Chieva (Willy DeVille)
Come A Little Bit Closer (Willy DeVille)
Come To Poppa (Willy DeVille)
Confidence To Kill
Could You Would You? (Willy DeVille)
Crow Jane Alley (For Jack) (Willy DeVille)
Demasiado corazon (Too Much Heart)
Desperate Days
Downside Of Town (Willy DeVille)
Each Word's A Beat Of My Heart
Easy Slider
Easy Street
Empty Heart (Willy DeVille)
End Of The Line
Even While I Sleep (Willy DeVille)
Every Dog Has It's Day (Willy DeVille)
Guardian Angel
Harlem Nocturne
Heart And Soul (Willy DeVille)
Heart Of A Fool (Willy DeVille)
Heat Of The Moment
Heaven Stood Still
Hello My Lover (Willy DeVille)
Help Me To Make It
Hey Joe (Willy DeVille)
I Broke That Promise
I Call Your Name (Willy DeVille)
I Can Only Give You Everything (Willy DeVille)
I Must Be Dreaming
I Remember The First Time (Willy DeVille)
I'm Gonna Do Something The Devil Never Did (Willy DeVille)
In The Heart Of The City
It Do Me Good (Willy DeVille)
Italian Shoes
It's So Easy (Willy DeVille)
Jump City (Willy DeVille)
Junkers Blues (Willy DeVille)
Just Give Me One Good Reason
Just To Walk That Little Girl Home
Just Your Friends
Keep Your Monkey Away From My Door
Key To My Heart (Willy DeVille)
Let Me Dream If I Want To
Lilly's Daddy's Cadillac
Lipstick Traces
Little By Little
Little Girl
Lonely Hunter (Willy DeVille)
Louise (Willy DeVille)
Loup Garou "Bal Goula" (Willy DeVille)
Love And Emotion
Love Me Like You Did Before
Lover Please (Willy DeVille)
Love's Got A Hold On Me
Maybe Tomorrow
Miracle (Willy DeVille)
Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl
Muddy Waters Rose Out Of The Mississippi Mud (Willy DeVille)
My Forever Came Today (Willy DeVille)
My One Desire (Vampir's Lullaby) (Willy DeVille)
Needles And Pins (Willy DeVille)
Nightfalls (Willy DeVille)
No Such Pain As Love (Willy DeVille)
Oh Rosalie (Lucky 7 & Mink DeVille)
One Way Street
Party Girls
Pick Up The Pieces
Pride And Joy
Right There, Right Then (Willy DeVille)
River Of Tears
Ruler Of My Heart (Willy DeVille)
Runnin' Through The Jungle (Shootin' The Blues) (Willy DeVille)
Savoir Faire
She Was Made In Heaven
She's So Tough
Slave To Love (Willy DeVille)
Slip Away
Slow Drain
So In Love Are We
So So Real (Willy DeVille)
Something Beautiful Dying
Soul Twist
Southern Politician (Willy DeVille)
Spanish Jack (Willy DeVille)
Spanish Stroll
Stand By Me
Stars That Speak (Willy DeVille)
Steady Drivin' Man
Still (I Love You Still) (Willy DeVille)
Teardrops Must Fall
Teasin' You (Willy DeVille)
That World Outside
The Band Played On (Willy DeVille)
The Downing Of The Flamingo
The Moonlight Let Me Down
The Mountains Of Manhattan (Willy DeVille)
There's No Living (Without Your Loving)
This Must Be The Night
Time Has Come Today (Willy DeVille)
Trouble Comin' Everyday In A World Gone Wrong (Willy DeVille)
Turn You Every Way But Loose
Venus On Avenue D.
Voodoo Charm (Willy DeVille)
When I Get Home (Willy DeVille)
When The Night Falls (Willy DeVille)
When You Walk My Way
When You're Away From Me (Willy DeVille)
White Trash Girl (Willy DeVille)
Who Shot The La-La (Willy DeVille)
Woman's Touch
You Better Move On
You Got The World In Your Hands (Willy DeVille)
You Just Keep Holding On
You'll Never Know (Willy DeVille)

Alben von Mink DeVille

(Live) (Willy DeVille)
Backstreets Of Desire (Willy DeVille)
Best Of Willy DeVille (Willy DeVille)
Collected 1976-2009 (Willy DeVille & Mink DeVille)
Coup de grace
Crow Jane Alley (Willy DeVille)
Crow Jane Alley / Pistola (Willy DeVille)
Each Song Is A Beat Of My Heart
Greatest Hits (Mink & Willy DeVille)
Horse Of A Different Colour (Willy DeVille)
In Berlin [2-CD Set] (Willy DeVille)
Introducing: Wily Deville (Willy Deville)
Le chat bleu
Live - Greatest Hits '76-'93 (Willy DeVille)
Live At Montreux 1982
Live At Rockpalast 1978 & 1981
Live At Rockpalast 1995 & 2008 (Willy DeVille)
Live At The Metropol - Berlin (Willy DeVille)
Loup Garou (Willy DeVille)
Love & Emotion - The Atlantic Years (Willy DeVille)
Miracle (Willy DeVille)
Pistola (Willy DeVille)
Premium Gold Collection
Return To Magenta
Savoir Faire
Spanish Stroll
Spanish Stroll [2002]
Spanish Troll
Sportin' Life
The Best Of Willy DeVille Live - Come A Little Bit Closer (Willy DeVille)
The Mink DeVille Collection
Unplugged in Berlin (Willy DeVille with Seth Farber & David Keyes)
Victory Mixture (Willy DeVille)
Where Angels Fear To Tread

DVDs von Mink DeVille

Live At Montreux 1982
Live At Montreux 1994 (Willy DeVille)
Live In The Lowlands (Willy DeVille)
Still Alive (Willy DeVille)
The Berlin Concerts 2002 (Willy DeVille)

Die bestbewerteten Songs von Mink DeVille

Alle Songs mit mindestens 5 Reviews werden für diese Liste gezählt.
Heaven Stood Still65.5
I Call Your Name (Willy DeVille)85.12
Guardian Angel105
Just Give Me One Good Reason55
Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl154.93
Spanish Stroll584.86
Demasiado corazon (Too Much Heart)424.86
Maybe Tomorrow74.86
Love And Emotion174.82
Each Word's A Beat Of My Heart474.81

Die bekanntesten Songs von Mink DeVille

Alle Songs mit mindestens 5 Reviews werden für diese Liste gezählt.
Spanish Stroll584.86
Each Word's A Beat Of My Heart474.81
Demasiado corazon (Too Much Heart)424.86
Hey Joe (Willy DeVille)344.62
Italian Shoes204.2
Love And Emotion174.82
Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl154.93
Miracle (Willy DeVille)144.21
Still (I Love You Still) (Willy DeVille)144.21

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