Dark Leg / Dark Punk - Chant des Baleines


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Durchschnittliche Bewertung: 4.5 (Reviews: 2)

Rating: 6 I love this happy beat that was playing in the beginning of this song. I liked the sound of the drums and the keyboards that are playing together. As the song progresses, I felt as though the beats were repetitive throughout the whole song. I wish there were more diversity in this musical piece.
Rating: 5 This beat is good for getting energized. It also has a good rhythm to it. It could ne used for training and working out. I would use it for bike rides. Overall i think it could use a more smooth style. And some words in it.
Rating: 5 Hmm, the timing of the beat and organ that made up this piece was certainly different. I thought that it would be an intro to something, but it just went on like that - apart from a slight tweak at the end. Did I like it? Actually, I'm not sure. I have no clues as to what this music could be coupled with, perhaps the artist has something in mind. As it is, it's not bad.
Rating: 5 Amazing touch at the beginning while repeating it. Good for a little bit of background music. Very nice to just get you pumped for another song really. No lyrics encluded which is okay. Little brush sound and maybe a sense of low keys on a piano to keep it going.
Rating: 4 The intro to this song is pretty cool but also this song is very repetitive. It is just the same musical beat over and over again. If there was singing this would be much better. It needs a lot of improvement. I wouldn't purposely listen to this song just like this.
Rating: 4 it's upbeat. has something's that stand out in the song. sounds like something that you'd hear in a bar or night club. gets the engery pumping. not really a fan of any EDM music, but I like this one. it's not weird and it keeps up with itself.
Rating: 4 The beat is pretty cool but I was waiting for more dynamics to occur. I missed hearing vocals over this track, I think with more instruments added it could become a very good song. I like the off kilter keyboard parts, as it is not what you would expect. All in all, it's a good beat with pretty good production.

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