HammerFall - (r)Evolution

Cover HammerFall - (r)Evolution
Nuclear Blast 27361 30472


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Einstieg:12.09.2014 (Rang 13)
Zuletzt:26.09.2014 (Rang 65)
Höchstposition:13 (1 Woche)
Anzahl Wochen:3
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CD Nuclear Blast 27361 30472 / EAN 0727361304720
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1.Hector's Hymn
4.Live Life Loud
5.Ex Inferis
6.We Won't Back Down
7.Winter Is Coming
9.Tainted Metal
10.Evil Incarnate
CD Nuclear Blast 27361 30470 / EAN 0727361304706
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LP Nuclear Blast 27361 30471 / EAN 0727361304713
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HammerFall   Discographie / Fan werden

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Natural High06.10.2006711
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Glory To The Brave17.08.1997403
Legacy Of Kings18.10.1998342
Crimson Thunder10.11.2002651
Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken20.03.2005364
Steel Meets Steel - Ten Years Of Glory26.10.2007382
No Sacrifice, No Victory06.03.2009254
Built To Last18.11.2016192


Durchschnittliche Bewertung: 5 (Reviews: 1)

Very successful return after 2 years long break. (r)Evolution has very strong material and in my opinion minimum two of the best songs of Hammerfalls fantastic career. The typical fast Hammerfall songs "Origins" and "Hectors Hymn" contains fantastics guitar riffs and awesome choruses. The songs has potential to be in Hammerfalls live sets until the end of their carrer. The "Infected" sound is great almost like in live performance and production is nearly superb.
Other stuffs like mid-tempos "Ex Inferis"(one of my favs here) and "Bushido", one of the HF fastest song "Wildfire", Accept-like "Live Life Loud" with amazingly genius riffs to will be bang your head or almost 80s sound in "Tainted Metal" are other highlights on the plate. When we add the really great duet Joacim Cans (Who sounds really fantastic on (r)Evolution) + James Michael in "We Wont Back Down" we got really strong basic for great album.
Other three songs I really like after several times listening. My opinion is that it depends on taste of each person but if you like HF all discography like me (included Infected) you will like all songs on album. The only ballad written by Oscar "Winter is Coming" is probably one of the worst ballad of HFs carrer BUT they have really fenomenal ballads and WiC is different than all of them. WiC has really strong drums that lead other instruments here and Joacims performance is on high level. Title track "(r)Evolution" is mid-tempo structure through all track included refren with big choruses. The final "Evil Incarnate" is dark mid-tempo song like taken from Infected album.
conclusion: (r)Evolution is really strong album with great songs and is definitely return to HF roots (in my opinion to Renegade and Legacy of Kings albums). Great guitar solos, big drum skills of Anders and Magnificent voice lines of Joacim are making from (r)Evolution one of the greatest HF releases. For me is on same level like my "found HF" album Renegade. I recommend it to every HammerFall or power/Heavy metal fan. 5 clean and big stars.
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