Panic! At The Disco - Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die!

Cover Panic! At The Disco - Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die!


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Einstieg:18.10.2013 (Rang 70)
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CD Decaydance / Fueled By Ramen 7567-86836-4 (Warner) / EAN 0075678683640
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1.This Is Gospel
2.Panic! At The Disco feat. Lolo - Miss Jackson
3.Vegas Lights
4.Girl That You Love
6.Girls / Girls / Boys
7.Casual Affair
8.Far Too Young To Die
9.Collar Full
10.The End Of All Things
LP Decaydance / Fueled By Ramen 7567868363 (Warner) / EAN 0075678683633
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Singles - Austria Top 40
High Hopes17.08.2018713
Alben - Austria Top 40
A Fever You Can't Sweat Out15.09.2006379
Pretty. Odd. (Panic At The Disco)04.04.200857
Vices & Virtues08.04.2011511
Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die!18.10.2013701
Death Of A Bachelor29.01.2016153
Pray For The Wicked06.07.201834


Durchschnittliche Bewertung: 4.4 (Reviews: 5)

Side note before I start my review: I'll mention Fall Out Boy many times in this review and compare this to "Save Rock And Roll" a few times as well :P

Likewise with the aforementioned band Panic! At The Disco have made a comeback this year. I was much more eager for this as I was expecting it earlier than Fall Out Boy's album.

When Fall Out Boy released the lead single from their album they got a mixed reaction from fans with many claiming they'd sold out and started making "shitty pop music". Likewise when "Miss Jackson" was released Panic! got that same reaction from many fans. While "Save Rock And Roll" in my opinion was quite like their previous sound but with more of a experimental and different sound this album differs a lot from that. Without Brendon's distinguishable vocals there is a lot of difference between this and Panic!'s previous works.

While many have and many will be unhappy with this different style change I like it. As a huge fan of dance music I like synths so was not fussed with the stylistic change present on the album. The synth like production that is evident on many songs on the album is a standout. The use of autotune/vocal effects are quite strange but on "This Is Gospel" it works well. It doesn't work as well on "The End Of All Things" though.

The standouts for me were "Miss Jackson" and "This Is Gospel". It's hard to say any lowlights because most of the album was at a consistent quality. I'll have to go back and listen to the previous three albums again so I can compare but from what I remember they were all better than this. This is also not as good as "Save Rock And Roll" :P

This was reasonably decent, but it's such a disappointment to me after their first three albums. Nothing overly stands out and I won't be buying it; I'd rather not have it in my collection. I'm most likely judging it harshly because it's them; it it were someone I hadn't loved before, I'd like it more, but then, I may not have even bothered in that case.

This is a fantastic album that shows Panic! (which is basically just Brendon these days) can essentially make any genre work for them. It isn't like their previous albums, but are any of their four albums that similar at all?

This time, Panic! heads into new wave territory with their most electronic offering to date. Never fear, the rock is still there at times (see: 'Miss Jackson'), as is the power pop (see: 'Girls/Girls/Boys') and the new addition of melancholic electronica (see: 'Girl That You Love').

The album doesn't really have any bad tracks as such, but the definite highlights are the insightful 'This Is Gospel' (which has a stunning music video too), 'Girls/Girls/Boys' and the rip-roaring 'Nicotine'.


Für mich das Beste Panic! At The Disco Album!

I am a casual fan of Panic! At the Disco, and most of their albums have been pleasant surprises, this to me is my least favourite of them all - I feel like Panic!'s uniqueness is lost in the desire to seem cool and hip (or whatever was hip in 2014). As a result, most of this doesn't sound genuine. This Is Gospel is most likely my favourite on here, but nothing really stands out above the rest. A consistent listen, but a little bit of a letdown, still a 4. 3.7/6.
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