Allen Toussaint

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Pseudonyme / Alternative Schreibweisen: Alan Toussaint, Allen R. Toussaint, Naomi Neville
Aaron NevilleHercules1973Musik/Text
Aaron NevilleOver You1960Musik/Text
Aaron NevilleThat's The Way She Loves1991Musik/Text
Aaron NevilleWhere Is My Baby1968Musik/Text
Aaron NevilleWith You In Mind1991Musik/Text
Aileen QuinnSpread Some Love (Love Is All Around)1982Musik/Text
Al Caiola & Billy MayBaby Elephant Walk / Java (Medley)1997Musik/Text
Al HirtJava1963Musik/Text
Alan ToussaintEverything I Do Gonna Be Funky1970Musik/Text
(Alan Toussaint)
Albert KingBorn Under A Bad Sign1967Produzent
Albert KingI Get Evil1962Produzent
Albert KingI Got The Blues1979Produzent
Albert KingThe Very Thought Of You1967Produzent
Allen ToussaintAll These Things2013Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintAm I Expecting Too Much1972Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintBack In Baby's Arms1975Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintBasic Lady1975Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintBrickyard Blues2013Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintCast Your Fate To The Wind1970Produzent
Allen ToussaintCertain Girl Medley2013Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintChokin' Kind1970Produzent
Allen ToussaintCountry John1975Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintCruel Way To Go Down1975Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintDeclaration Of Love1978Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintDelores' Boyfriend2016Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintEither1970Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintElectricity1972Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintEverything I Do Gonna' Be Funky1970Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintFingers And Toes1972Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintFreedom For The Stallion2013Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintFrom A Whisper To A Scream1970Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintGet Out Of My Life, Woman2013Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintGoin' Down1972Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintGone Too Far1972Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintHappiness1978Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintHoly Cow2013Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintI Could Eat Crawfish Everyday2013Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintIt's A New Orleans Thing2013Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintIt's Raining2013Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintI've Got To Convince Myself1972Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintJust A Kiss Away1978Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintLast Train1975Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintLipstick Traces2013Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintLouie1970Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintLover Of Love1978Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Allen ToussaintMotion1978Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintMy Baby Is The Real Thing1972Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintNight People1978Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintOld Records2013Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintOn Your Way Down1972Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintOut Of The City (Into Country Life)1972Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintPickles1970Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintShe Once Belonged To Me1972Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintShrimp Po-Boy, Dressed2013Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintSoul Sister1972Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintSouthern Nights1975Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintSweet Touch Of Love1970Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintThe Optimism Blues1978Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintThere's No Place Like New York2013Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintTo Be With You1978Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintVictims Of The Darkness1972Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintViva La Money1978Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintWe Are America / Yes We Can2013Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintWhat Do You Want The Girl To Do?1975Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintWhat Is Success1970Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintWhen The Party's Over1975Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintWho's Gonna Help Brother Get Further2013Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintWith You In Mind1978Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintWorking In A Coalmine1970Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintWorldwide1975Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintYou Will Not Lose1975Musik/Text
Amazing Rhythm AcesLipstick Traces (On A Cigarette)1979Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Arthur ConleyStar Review1969Musik/Text
B.J. ThomasPlay Something Sweet (Brickyard Blues)1974Musik/Text
BadgerA Dream Of You1974Produzent
BadgerBe With You1974Produzent
BadgerDon't Pull The Trigger1974Produzent
BadgerEverybody - Nobody1974Produzent
BadgerJust The Way It Goes1974Produzent
BadgerListen To Me1974Produzent
BadgerLord Who Give Me Life1974Produzent
BadgerOne More Dream To Hold1974Produzent
BadgerThe Hole Thing1974Produzent
BadgerWhite Lady1974Produzent
Ben L'Oncle SoulDon't Set Me Back2014Musik/Text
Benny SpellmanEvery Now And Then1962Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Benny SpellmanFortune Teller1961Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Benny SpellmanI'm In Love1962Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Benny SpellmanLipstick Traces (On A Cigarette)1961Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Bernie Tormé And The Electric GypsiesShoo-Rah Shoo-Rah1982Musik/Text
(Alan Toussaint)
Bert Kaempfert And His OrchestraJava1964Musik/Text
Bette BrightShoorah, Shoorah1981Musik/Text
Betty HarrisCan't Last Much Longer1967Musik/Text
Betty HarrisI'm Evil Tonight1967Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Betty HarrisNearer To You1967Musik/Text
Betty HarrisRide Your Pony1968Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Betty HarrisWhat Did I Do Wrong1966Musik/Text
Betty LaVetteNearer To You1969Musik/Text
Betty WrightShoorah! Shoorah!1974Musik/Text
Bill CosbyGet Out Of My Life, Woman1967Musik/Text
Blood, Sweat & TearsLife1975Musik/Text
Blue BlotWith You In Mind1994Musik/Text
Blue SwedeWorking In The Coalmine1973Musik/Text
Bobby VeeI Like It Like That1968Musik/Text
Bonnie RaittWhat Do You Want The Boy To Do?1975Musik/Text
Bonnie RaittWhat Is Success1974Musik/Text
Booker T. & The M.G.'sWorking In The Coal Mine1966Musik/Text
Boz ScaggsFreedom For The Stallion1972Musik/Text
Boz ScaggsHello My Lover1972Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Boz ScaggsHercules1974Musik/Text
Boz ScaggsWhat Do You Want The Girl To Do1976Musik/Text
Brian HylandBasic Lady1977Musik/Text
Brian HylandCan't Find A Way To Love You1977Produzent
Brian HylandDon't Wanna Discuss It1977Produzent
Brian HylandHale To The Man1977Musik/Text
Brian HylandI Feel Good With You Baby1977Musik/Text
Brian HylandJust Knowing You Is A Pleasure1977Musik/Text
Brian HylandKillin' Me1977Musik/Text
Brian HylandThe Bum Is Mine1977Musik/Text
Brian HylandWe Flew Away1977Produzent
Brian HylandWhat You Want The Girl To Do1977Musik/Text
Browning BryantBlinded For Love1974Musik/Text
Browning BryantCover Girl1974Musik/Text
Browning BryantCure My Blues1974Musik/Text
Browning BryantHome1974Produzent
Browning BryantLeave The Rest To Molly1974Musik/Text
Browning BryantLiverpool Fool1974Musik/Text
Browning BryantLosing1974Produzent
Browning BryantPerformance1974Musik/Text
Browning BryantSay You Will1974Musik/Text
Browning BryantThis Is My Day1974Musik/Text
Browning BryantYou Might Say1974Musik/Text
Bruce WillisFun Time1986Musik/Text
Buck TrentJava1977Musik/Text
Bucky Dee James & The Nashville ExplosionSouthern Nights1977Musik/Text
Candi StatonA Dreamer Of A Dream1977Musik/Text
Charles BrimmerPlay Something Sweet1976Musik/Text
Charles BrimmerWith You In Mind1976Musik/Text
Chocolate MilkAction Speaks Louder Than Words1975Produzent
Chocolate MilkGrand Theft1977Musik/Text
(Alan Toussaint)
Chocolate MilkHow About Love1976Produzent
Chris FarloweLipstick Traces1966Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Christina AguileraUnderstand2006Musik/Text
Clarence "Frogman" Henry(I Don't Know Why) But I Do1960Produzent
Clarence "Frogman" HenryJust My Baby And Me1960Produzent
Clarence CarterMother-In-Law1973Musik/Text
Clarence CarterOn Your Way Down1974Musik/Text
Clarence Milton BekkerYes We Can Can2012Musik/Text
Color Me BaddFarmer's Daughter1998Musik/Text
Connie SmithBack In Baby's Arms1969Musik/Text
Curiosity Killed The CatTreat You So Well1989Produzent
Curiosity Killed The CatWe Just Gotta Do It (For Us)1989Produzent
Danny WhiteThe Little Bitty Things1962Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Dave & Ansel CollinsRide Your Pony1976Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Dave CollinsRide Your Pony1972Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Dave Daffodil & His Honey SaxSouthern Nights1977Musik/Text
David NewmanFreedom For The Stallion1973Musik/Text
David NewmanHappy Times1973Musik/Text
David NewmanYes We Can Can1973Musik/Text
DawnFreedom For The Stallion1972Musik/Text
De DijkPijn in mijn hart1992Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Dee Dee BridgewaterIt Ain't Easy1976Musik/Text
Delbert McClintonLipstick Traces (On A Cigarette)1981Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
DevoWorking In The Coal Mine1981Musik/Text
Diamond JoeDon't Set Me Back1966Musik/Text
Diamond JoeHurry Back To Me1966Musik/Text
Dirty Dozen Brass Band feat. Norah Jones and Robert RandolphRuler Of My Heart2002Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Dobie GrayPerfomance1974Musik/Text
Don WilliamsPlayin' Around1972Produzent
Downliners SectFortune Teller1966Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Dr. John(Everybody Wanna Get Rich) Rite Away1974Produzent
Dr. JohnAngola Anthem1970Produzent
Dr. JohnCan't Git Enuff1974Produzent
Dr. JohnChippy, Chippy1970Produzent
Dr. JohnCold, Cold, Cold1973Produzent
Dr. JohnCroker courtbullion1968Produzent
Dr. JohnDanse fambeaux1968Produzent
Dr. JohnDanse kalinda ba doom1968Produzent
Dr. JohnDesitively Bonnaroo1974Produzent
Dr. JohnGo Tell The People1974Musik/Text
Dr. JohnGris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya1968Produzent
Dr. JohnI Been Hoodood1973Produzent
Dr. JohnI Walk On Guilded Splinters1968Produzent
Dr. JohnJump Sturdy1968Produzent
Dr. JohnJust The Same1973Produzent
Dr. JohnLet's Make A Better World1974Produzent
Dr. JohnLife1973Musik/Text
Dr. JohnLoop Garoo1970Produzent
Dr. JohnMama Roux1968Produzent
Dr. JohnMardi Grass Day1970Produzent
Dr. JohnMe - You = Loneliness1974Produzent
Dr. JohnMos'Scocious1974Produzent
Dr. JohnPeace, Brother, Peace1973Produzent
Dr. JohnQuitters Never Win1974Produzent
Dr. JohnR U 4 Real1974Produzent
Dr. JohnRight Place, Wrong Time1973Produzent
Dr. JohnSame Old, Same Old1973Produzent
Dr. JohnShoo Fly Marches On1973Produzent
Dr. JohnSing Along Song1974Produzent
Dr. JohnStealin'1974Produzent
Dr. JohnSuch A Night1973Produzent
Dr. JohnWash, Mama, Wash1970Produzent
Dr. JohnWhat Comes Around (Goes Around)1970Produzent
Duo Born FreeDisco Bird1977Musik/Text
Elkie BrooksViva La Money1979Musik/Text
Elvis Costello & Allen ToussaintAll These Things2006Musik/Text
Elvis Costello & Allen ToussaintAscension Day2006Musik/Text
Elvis Costello & Allen ToussaintBroken Promise Land2006Musik/Text
Elvis Costello & Allen ToussaintFreedom For The Stallion2006Musik/Text
Elvis Costello & Allen ToussaintInternational Echo2006Musik/Text
Elvis Costello & Allen ToussaintNearer To You2006Musik/Text
Elvis Costello & Allen ToussaintOn Your Way Down2006Musik/Text
Elvis Costello & Allen ToussaintSix-Fingered Man2006Musik/Text
Elvis Costello & Allen ToussaintTears, Tears And More Tears2006Musik/Text
Elvis Costello & Allen ToussaintThe Sharpest Thorn2006Musik/Text
Elvis Costello & Allen ToussaintWho's Gonna Help Brother Get Further?2006Musik/Text
Elvis Costello & Allen ToussaintWonder Woman2006Musik/Text
Ernie K. DoeMother-In-Law1961Musik/Text
(Alan Toussaint)
Ernie K. DoeWanted, $10,000.00 Reward1961Musik/Text
(Alan Toussaint)
Ernie K-DoeA Certain Girl1961Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Ernie K-DoeGet Out Of My House1962Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Ernie K-DoeHello My Lover1960Musik/Text
(Allen R. Toussaint)
Ernie K-DoeHey, Hey, Hey1962Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Ernie K-DoeI Cried My Last Tear1961Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Ernie K-DoeReal Man1961Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Ernie K-Doe'Taint It The Truth1960Musik/Text
(Allen R. Toussaint)
Esther PhillipsFrom A Whisper To A Scream1971Musik/Text
Esther PhillipsPerformance1974Musik/Text
Esther PhillipsSweet Touch Of Love1971Musik/Text
Etta JamesChanges1980Produzent
Etta JamesDonkey1980Produzent
Etta JamesDon't Stop1980Musik/Text
Etta JamesIt Takes Love To Keep A Woman1980Produzent
Etta JamesMean Mother1980Produzent
Etta JamesNight By Night1980Produzent
Etta JamesNight People1980Musik/Text
Etta JamesSame1980Produzent
Etta JamesSweet Touch Of Love1978Musik/Text
Etta JamesWheel Of Fire1980Musik/Text
Etta JamesWho's Getting Your Love1980Produzent
Etta JamesWith You In Mind1980Musik/Text
Floyd CramerJava1962Musik/Text
Floyd CramerNaomi1964Musik/Text
Frankie FordA Certain Girl1984Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Frankie FordLipstick Traces1981Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Frankie MillerA Fool1974Produzent
Frankie MillerHigh Life1974Produzent
Frankie MillerI'll Take A Melody1974Musik/Text
Frankie MillerI'm Falling In Love Again1974Produzent
Frankie MillerJust A Song1974Produzent
Frankie MillerLittle Angel1974Produzent
Frankie MillerPlay Something Sweet (Brickyard Blues)1974Musik/Text
Frankie MillerShoo Rah1974Musik/Text
Frankie MillerThe Devil Gun1974Produzent
Frankie MillerTrouble1974Produzent
Frankie MillerWith You In Mind1974Musik/Text
Freddy FenderGet Out Of My Life, Woman1977Musik/Text
Freddy WellerSouthern Nights1982Musik/Text
Gary BurtonPain In The Heart1971Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Gary GlitterBasic Lady1975Musik/Text
Georgie FameRide Your Pony1966Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Gerry RaffertyGet Out Of My Life Woman1992Musik/Text
Giuliano PalmaQui e là2016Musik/Text
Gladys KnightI'll Take A Melody1978Musik/Text
Gladys KnightSail Away / Freedom For The Stallions1978Musik/Text
Gladys KnightWith You In Mind1978Musik/Text
Glen CampbellSouthern Nights1976Musik/Text
Glen Campbell & Steve WarinerYou Will Not Lose1990Musik/Text
Graham BonneySonnenschein1977Musik/Text
Günter NorisSouthern Nights1977Musik/Text
Helen ShapiroBrickyard Blues1984Musik/Text
Herb Alpert's Tijuana BrassWhipped Cream1965Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Herman BroodBrickyard Blues1980Musik/Text
Huey Lewis And The NewsMother In Law1994Musik/Text
Ian & The ZodiacsRide Your Pony1966Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Inara GeorgeIt's Raining2011Musik/Text
Irma ThomasI Did My Part1962Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Irma ThomasIt's Raining1962Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Irma ThomasOld Records2009Musik/Text
Irma ThomasRuler Of My Heart1962Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Irma ThomasSweet Touch Of Love2009Musik/Text
Irma ThomasWhat Are You Trying To Do1965Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Iron ButterflyGet Out Of My Life, Woman1967Musik/Text
James BookerAll These Things2013Musik/Text
James LastJava1968Musik/Text
Jamie CullumGet Your Way2005Musik/Text
Jemaine ClementWorking In The Coal Mine2014Musik/Text
Jerry GarciaI'll Take A Melody1975Musik/Text
Jerry Lee LewisI Like It Like That1979Musik/Text
Jiří KornGentleman1980Musik/Text
Jimi Hendrix ExperienceGet Out Of My Life Woman1971Musik/Text
Joan OsborneShoorah! Shoorah!2012Musik/Text
Joe CockerA Whiter Shade Of Pale1978Produzent
Joe CockerBoogie Baby1978Produzent
Joe CockerFun Time1978Musik/Text
Joe CockerI Can't Say No1978Produzent
Joe CockerI Heard It Through The Grapevine1978Produzent
Joe CockerI Know (You Don't Want Me No More)1978Produzent
Joe CockerLady Put The Light Out1978Produzent
Joe CockerPerformance1974Musik/Text
Joe CockerSouthern Lady1978Produzent
Joe CockerWasted Year1978Produzent
Joe CockerWatching The River Flow1978Produzent
Joe CockerWhat You Did To Me Last Night1978Produzent
Joe DassinMon copain Julie1978Musik/Text
Joe SimonWith You In Mind1977Musik/Text
Joe StampleyAll These Things1972Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Joe TexGet Out Of My Life, Woman1967Musik/Text
Joe WilliamsGet Out Of My Life Woman1966Musik/Text
John HoltI'll Take A Melody1975Musik/Text
John MayallA Hard Day's Night1976Produzent
John MayallHail To The Man Who Lives Alone1976Musik/Text
John MayallJust Knowing You Is a Pleasure1976Musik/Text
John MayallLil' Boogie In The Afternnon1976Musik/Text
John MayallMess Of Love1976Musik/Text
John MayallOld Time Blues1976Produzent
John MayallThat Love1976Musik/Text
John MayallThe Boy Most Likely To1976Musik/Text
John MayallThere Will Be A Way1976Produzent
John MayallWho's Next, Who's Now1976Musik/Text
Johnny CarverMother-In-Law1969Musik/Text
Johnny WinterBlinded By Love1974Musik/Text
Johnny WinterMind Over Matter1974Musik/Text
Jools HollandHoly Cow1990Musik/Text
Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra with Allen ToussaintWhirlaway2010Musik/Text
José FelicianoI've Got To Convince Myself1974Musik/Text
José FelicianoYes We Can Can1973Musik/Text
KaleidoscopeSo Long1976Musik/Text
King Biscuit BoyI'm Gone1974Musik/Text
King Biscuit BoyLovers And Leapers1974Musik/Text
King Biscuit BoyMind Over Matter1974Musik/Text
King Biscuit BoyRiver Boat1974Musik/Text
King Biscuit BoyThe Bum Is Mine1974Musik/Text
King Biscuit BoyThe Greatest Love1974Musik/Text
LabelleAction Time1975Produzent
LabelleAll Girl Band1974Musik/Text
LabelleAre You Lonely?1974Produzent
LabelleBlack Holes In The Sky1975Produzent
LabelleChances Go Round1975Produzent
LabelleCosmic Dancer1975Produzent
LabelleDon't Bring Me Down1974Musik/Text
LabelleFar As We Felt Like Goin'1975Produzent
LabelleGood Intentions1975Produzent
LabelleIf You Don't Know Me By Now1980Produzent
LabelleIt Took A Long Time1974Produzent
LabelleMessin' With My Mind1975Produzent
LabellePhoenix (The Amazing Flight Of A Lone Star)1975Musik/Text
LabelleSlow Burn1975Produzent
LabelleSomebody Somewhere1974Produzent
LabelleSpace Children1974Produzent
LabelleTake The Night Off1975Musik/Text
LabelleVoulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir? (Lady Marmalade)1974Produzent
LabelleWhat Can I Do For You?1974Produzent
LabelleYou Turn Me On1974Produzent
Lazy Poker Blues BandWe All Wanna Boogie Musik/Text
Lee DorseyA Little Dab A Do Ya1966Musik/Text
Lee DorseyA Lover Was Born1968Musik/Text
Lee DorseyA Mellow Good Time1966Musik/Text
Lee DorseyCan I Be The One1977Musik/Text
Lee DorseyCan You Hear Me1965Musik/Text
Lee DorseyCandy Man1969Musik/Text
Lee DorseyConfusion1966Musik/Text
Lee DorseyCynthia1968Musik/Text
Lee DorseyDon't You Ever (Leave Me)1966Musik/Text
Lee DorseyDo-Re-Mi1961Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Lee DorseyDraining1978Musik/Text
Lee DorseyEverything I Do Gonh Be Funky (From Now On)1969Musik/Text
Lee DorseyFeelin'1965Musik/Text
Lee DorseyFour Corners1968Musik/Text
Lee DorseyFreedom For The Stallion1972Musik/Text
Lee DorseyGaitor Tail1972Musik/Text
Lee DorseyGames People Play1970Produzent
Lee DorseyGator Tail1970Musik/Text
Lee DorseyGet Out Of My Life, Woman1965Musik/Text
Lee DorseyGive It Up2007Musik/Text
Lee DorseyGive Me You1961Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Lee DorseyGod Must Have Blessed America1978Musik/Text
Lee DorseyGo-Go Girl1967Musik/Text
Lee DorseyGotta Find A Job1966Musik/Text
Lee DorseyHello Mama1965Musik/Text
Lee DorseyHere Comes The Hurt Again1965Musik/Text
Lee DorseyHey Babe1978Musik/Text
Lee DorseyHoly Cow1966Musik/Text
Lee DorseyHoodlum Joe1962Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Lee DorseyI Can Hear You Callin'1967Musik/Text
Lee DorseyI Can't Get Away1967Musik/Text
Lee DorseyIf I Were A Carpenter1970Produzent
Lee DorseyIf She Won't (Find Someone Who Will)1972Musik/Text
Lee DorseyI'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter1968Produzent
Lee DorseyKeep On Doing It To Me1978Musik/Text
Lee DorseyLittle Baby1968Musik/Text
Lee DorseyLover Of Love1960Musik/Text
Lee DorseyMess Around1961Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Lee DorseyMessed Around (And Fell In Love)1964Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Lee DorseyMexico1966Musik/Text
Lee DorseyMy Old Car1967Musik/Text
Lee DorseyNeighbor's Daughter1966Musik/Text
Lee DorseyNight People1978Musik/Text
Lee DorseyO Me - O, My - O1970Musik/Text
Lee DorseyOccapella1970Musik/Text
Lee DorseyOn Your Way Down1973Musik/Text
Lee DorseyOperation Heartache1966Musik/Text
Lee DorseyPeople, I Wish You Could See1965Musik/Text
Lee DorseyRain Rain Go Away1966Musik/Text
Lee DorseyRide Your Pony1965Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Lee DorseyRiverboat1970Musik/Text
Lee DorseySay It Again1978Musik/Text
Lee DorseyShortnin' Bread1965Produzent
Lee DorseySneakin' Sally Thru The Alley1970Musik/Text
Lee DorseySo Long1965Musik/Text
Lee DorseySoul Mine1978Musik/Text
Lee DorseyTears, Tears And More Tears1970Musik/Text
Lee DorseyThank You1978Musik/Text
Lee DorseyThe Greatest Love1965Musik/Text
Lee DorseyThe Kitty Cat Song1965Produzent
Lee DorseyThere Should Be A Book1969Musik/Text
Lee DorseyVista, Vista1967Musik/Text
Lee DorseyWhat Now My Love1968Produzent
Lee DorseyWhat You Want (Is What You Get)1970Musik/Text
Lee DorseyWhen Can I Come Home1972Musik/Text
Lee DorseyWhen I Met My Baby1962Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Lee DorseyWhen The Bill's Paid1970Musik/Text
Lee DorseyWho's Gonna Help Brother Get Further1970Musik/Text
Lee DorseyWhy Wait Until Tomorrow1967Musik/Text
Lee DorseyWonder Woman1968Musik/Text
Lee DorseyWork, Work, Work1965Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Lee DorseyWorking In The Coal Mine1966Musik/Text
Lee DorseyWould You1970Musik/Text
Lee DorseyYes We Can 1970Musik/Text
Lee DorseyYes We Can 1970Produzent
(Allen R. Toussaint)
Lee Dorsey And Betty HarrisLove Lots Of Lovin'1967Musik/Text
Lee Dorsey And Betty HarrisTake Care Of Our Love1967Musik/Text
Les Têtes BlanchesMother In Law1964Musik/Text
Levon HelmPlay Something Sweet1978Musik/Text
Linda LewisDreamer Of Dreams1977Musik/Text
Linda LewisNo. 1 Heartbreaker1977Produzent
Linda LewisShining1977Musik/Text
Linda LewisYou Came1977Musik/Text
Linda RonstadtRuler Of My Heart1998Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Little FeatOn Your Way Down1972Musik/Text
Lizz WrightSouthern Nights2017Musik/Text
Los FlamingosRide Your Pony1966Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Los StraitjacketsLa suegra / Mother In Law2001Musik/Text
Love MachineBrickyard Blues1975Musik/Text
Lowell GeorgeWhat Do You Want The Girl To Do1979Musik/Text
Macy GrayGet Out2007Musik/Text
Madeleine PeyrouxEverything I Do Gonh Be Funky (From Now On)2016Musik/Text
Marcus MillerTales1995Musik/Text
Maria MuldaurBrickyard Blues1974Musik/Text
Maria MuldaurTrouble With My Lover1994Musik/Text
Marianne FaithfullBack In Baby's Arms2011Musik/Text
Marilyn MayeJava1967Musik/Text
Mavis StaplesLast Train2010Musik/Text
Max Greger und sein OrchesterJava1964Musik/Text
Maxim RadBigger Than Life1993Produzent
Maxim RadWhy I Love That Girl1993Produzent
Mel And TimYes We Can-Can1973Musik/Text
Melanie FionaAy Yo2009Musik/Text
Mitch Ryder & The Detroit WheelsI Like It Like That1966Musik/Text
Neil LandonLeben wie ein Maulwurd1984Musik/Text
New Kids On The Block feat. The Pussycat Dolls & Teddy RileyGrown Man2008Musik/Text
Nicolette LarsonTears, Tears And More Tears1980Musik/Text
Norbert SchneiderLipstick Traces (On A Cigarette)2012Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Otis ReddingPain In My Heart1963Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Patti LabelleAin't That Enough1980Produzent
Patti LaBelleCome And Dance With Me1980Produzent
Patti LabelleDon't Make Your Angel Cry1980Musik/Text
Patti LabelleFind The Love1980Produzent
Patti LabelleGet Ready (Lookin' For Loving)1980Produzent
Patti LabelleGive It Up (The Dawning Of Rejection)1980Musik/Text
Patti LaBelleI Don't Go Shopping1980Produzent
Patti LabelleLove Has Finally Come1980Produzent
Patti LaBelleRelease (The Tension)1980Musik/Text
Paul ShafferOne Cup Of Coffee1989Produzent
Paul WellerHercules2004Musik/Text
Peggy PetersJava Boy1964Musik/Text
Peter WolfEverything I Do (Gonna Be Funny)2010Musik/Text
Phill EdwardsNight People1989Musik/Text
(Alan Toussaint)
Phoebe SnowShoo-Rah Shoo-Rah1981Musik/Text
Pointer SistersGoing Down Slowly1975Musik/Text
Pointer SistersHappiness1978Musik/Text
Pointer SistersYes We Can Can1973Musik/Text
Pure Prairie LeagueWorking In The Coal Mine1978Musik/Text
Q65Get Out Of My Life1966Musik/Text
QconnectionJava (All Da Ladies Come Around)1999Musik/Text
QconnectionRiddim Come1999Musik/Text
Ramsey LewisCaribbean Blue1980Produzent
(Allen R. Toussaint)
Ramsey LewisColors In Space1980Produzent
(Allen R. Toussaint)
Ramsey LewisCome Back Jack1980Produzent
(Allen R. Toussaint)
Ramsey LewisCrystals 'N Sequence1980Musik/Text
(Allen R. Toussaint)
(Allen R. Toussaint)
Ramsey LewisHell On Wheels1980Musik/Text
(Allen R. Toussaint)
(Allen R. Toussaint)
Ramsey LewisHigh Point1980Produzent
(Allen R. Toussaint)
Ramsey LewisLooking Glass1980Produzent
(Allen R. Toussaint)
Ramsey LewisTondelayo1980Produzent
(Allen R. Toussaint)
Ramsey LewisWhisper Zone1980Produzent
(Allen R. Toussaint)
Ramsey LewisYou Are The Reason1980Produzent
(Allen R. Toussaint)
Randy And The RocketsWrong Number1998Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Randy CrawfordDeclaration Of Love1979Musik/Text
Richard AnthonyBelle maman1961Musik/Text
Richie HavensWe All Wanna Boogie1977Musik/Text
Ringo StarrLipstick Traces1978Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Ringo StarrOccapella1975Musik/Text
Ringo StarrSneaking Sally Through The Alley1977Musik/Text
Rita CoolidgeBasic Lady1981Musik/Text
Rita CoolidgeI Did My Part1981Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Robert PalmerFrom A Whisper To A Scream1974Musik/Text
Robert PalmerNight People1978Musik/Text
Robert PalmerRiverboat1975Musik/Text
Robert PalmerSneakin' Sally Through The Alley1974Musik/Text
Robert Plant & Alison KraussFortune Teller2007Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Ronnie JonesRide Your Pony1980Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
RufusKeep It Together (Declaration Of Love)1979Musik/Text
Sam & DaveBlinded By Love1974Musik/Text
Sam The Sham And The PharaohsOver You1966Musik/Text
Samantha FishNearer To You2017Musik/Text
Shakin' StevensIt's Raining1981Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Sister SledgeSneaking Sally Through The Alley1977Musik/Text
Snoop Dogg feat. KokaneBrake Fluid (Biittch Pump Yo Brakes)2000Musik/Text
Solomon BurkeGet Out Of My Life Woman1968Musik/Text
Stefan [US]Holy Cow1972Musik/Text
Stefan MrossJava2000Musik/Text
Streetlife [DE]Get Out Of My Life, Woman1992Musik/Text
Taj MahalButter1973Produzent
Taj MahalShady Groves1973Produzent
The Allen Toussaint OrchestraAll I Ask Of You1988Produzent
The Allen Toussaint OrchestraAnother Suitcase In Another Hall1988Produzent
The Allen Toussaint OrchestraAny Dream Will Do1988Produzent
The Allen Toussaint OrchestraDon't Cry For Me Argentina1988Produzent
The Allen Toussaint OrchestraGus: The Theatre Cat1988Produzent
The Allen Toussaint OrchestraI Don't Know How To Love Him (Her)1988Produzent
The Allen Toussaint OrchestraJesus Christ Superstar1988Produzent
The Allen Toussaint OrchestraKing Herod's Song1988Produzent
The Allen Toussaint OrchestraMemory1988Produzent
The Allen Toussaint OrchestraMr. Mistofelees1988Produzent
The Allen Toussaint OrchestraMusic Of The Night1988Produzent
The Allen Toussaint OrchestraOnly You1988Produzent
The Allen Toussaint OrchestraPhantom Of The Opera1988Produzent
The Allen Toussaint OrchestraPie Jesu1988Produzent
The Allen Toussaint OrchestraStarlight Express1988Produzent
The Allen Toussaint OrchestraTake That Look Off Your Face1988Produzent
The Allen Toussaint OrchestraTell Me On A Sunday1988Produzent
The Allen Toussaint OrchestraThe Last Man In My Life1988Produzent
The Allen Toussaint OrchestraUnexpected Song1988Produzent
The Allen Toussaint OrchestraWishing You Were Somehow Here Again1988Produzent
The American BreedLipstick Traces1966Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
The ArtwoodsCan You Hear Me1966Musik/Text
The ArtwoodsI Feel Good1966Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
The ArtwoodsWork, Work, Work1995Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
The BandHoly Cow1973Musik/Text
The Beautiful SouthJava1994Musik/Text
The BlackburdsGet Out Of My Life Woman1967Musik/Text
The BootsGet Out Of My Life Woman1967Musik/Text
The CasinosCertain Girl1967Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
The Coon Elder BandBasic Lady1977Musik/Text
The Dave Clark FiveI Like It Like That1965Musik/Text
(Alan Toussaint)
The Detroit CobrasHittin' On Nothing1998Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
The Dinky ToysShoo-Rah-Shoo-Rah1992Musik/Text
The FleshtonesRide Your Pony1981Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
The HeptonesSoul Sister1973Musik/Text
The HolliesFortune Teller1964Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
The Hues CorporationFreedom For The Stallion1973Musik/Text
The Hues CorporationI'll Take A Melody1974Musik/Text
The IguanasFortune Teller1993Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
The James Cotton BandCaldonia (What Makes Your Big Head So Hard)1975Produzent
The James Cotton BandChicken Heads1975Produzent
The James Cotton BandFannie Mae1975Produzent
The James Cotton BandHard Time Blues1975Musik/Text
The James Cotton BandHot 'N' Cold1975Musik/Text
The James Cotton BandI Got A Feelin'1975Produzent
The James Cotton BandJames' Theme1975Produzent
The James Cotton BandKeep Cooking Mama1975Produzent
The James Cotton BandRock 'N' Roll Music (Ain't Nothing New)1975Produzent
The James Cotton BandWeather Report (The Weather Man Said)1975Produzent
The LeavesGet Out Of My Life, Woman1966Musik/Text
The Mad LadsGet Out Of My Life1968Musik/Text
The Manhattan TransferOccapella1975Musik/Text
The MerseybeatsFortune Teller1963Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
The Meters(Doodle Loop) The World Is A Little Bit Under The Weather1976Produzent
The Meters6V6 LA1968Produzent
The Meters9 'Til 51969Produzent
The MetersA Message From The Meters1970Produzent
The MetersAfrica1974Produzent
The MetersAll These Things1976Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
The MetersAnn1968Produzent
The MetersArt1968Produzent
The MetersBirds1972Produzent
The MetersBitches1970Produzent
The MetersCabbage Alley1972Produzent
The MetersCan You Do Without?1975Produzent
The MetersCardova1968Produzent
The MetersChicken Strut1970Produzent
The MetersChug-A-Lug1976Produzent
The MetersCissy Strut1968Produzent
The MetersDarling, Darling, Darling1970Produzent
The MetersDisco Is The Thing Today1976Produzent
The MetersDo The Dirt1972Produzent
The MetersDry Spell1969Produzent
The MetersEase Back1968Produzent
The MetersFind Yourself1976Produzent
The MetersFire On The Bayou1975Produzent
The MetersFunky Meters' Soul1970Produzent
The MetersFunky Miracle1969Produzent
The MetersGettin' Funkier All The Time1972Produzent
The MetersGo For Yourself1970Produzent
The MetersHand Clapping Song1970Produzent
The MetersHang 'Em High1976Produzent
The MetersHere Comes The Meter Man1968Produzent
The MetersHey Pocky A-Way1974Produzent
The MetersHey! Last Minute1970Produzent
The MetersHonky Tonk Woman1976Produzent
The MetersI Need More Time1970Produzent
The MetersI Want To Be Loved By You1976Produzent
The MetersI'm Gone1977Musik/Text
The MetersIt Ain't No Use1974Produzent
The MetersJoog1970Produzent
The MetersJungle Man1974Produzent
The MetersJust Kissed My Baby1974Produzent
The MetersLiar1975Produzent
The MetersLittle Old Money Maker1969Produzent
The MetersLive Wire1968Produzent
The MetersLiver Splash1970Produzent
The MetersLonesome And Unwanted People1972Produzent
The MetersLook-Ka-Py-Py1969Produzent
The MetersLove Is For Me1974Produzent
The MetersLove Slip Upon Ya1975Produzent
The MetersLoving You Is On My Mind1974Produzent
The MetersMardi Gras Mambo1975Produzent
The MetersMeter Strut1970Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
The MetersMiddle Of The Road1975Produzent
The MetersMister Moon1976Produzent
The MetersOh, Calcutta1969Produzent
The MetersOut In The Country1975Produzent
The MetersPeople Say1974Produzent
The MetersPungee1969Produzent
The MetersRide Your Pony1970Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
The MetersRigor Mortis1969Produzent
The MetersRunning Fast1975Produzent
The MetersSame Old Thing1970Produzent
The MetersSassy Lady1970Produzent
The MetersSehorns Farm1968Produzent
The MetersSimple Song1968Produzent
The MetersSing A Simple Song1970Produzent
The MetersSmiling1972Produzent
The MetersSophisticated Cissy1968Produzent
The MetersSoul Island1972Produzent
The MetersStay Away1972Produzent
The MetersStormy1968Produzent
The MetersSuite For 20 G1976Produzent
The MetersTalkin' 'Bout New Orleans1975Produzent
The MetersThe Flower Song1972Produzent
The MetersThe Mob1969Produzent
The MetersThey All Ask'd For You1975Produzent
The MetersThinking1969Produzent
The MetersThis Is My Last Affair1969Produzent
The MetersTippi-Toes1970Produzent
The MetersTrick Bag1976Produzent
The MetersWhat'cha Say1974Produzent
The MetersWichita Lineman1970Produzent
The MetersYeah, You're Right1969Produzent
The MetersYou're A Friend Of Mine1975Produzent
The MetersYou've Got To Change (You Got To Reform)1972Produzent
The Mighty DiamondsBlack Weh Mafia1977Produzent
The Mighty DiamondsCat-O-Nine1977Produzent
The Mighty DiamondsComin' Through1977Produzent
The Mighty DiamondsCountry Living1977Produzent
The Mighty DiamondsGet Out Of My Life, Woman1977Musik/Text
The Mighty DiamondsIf I Should Leave You1977Produzent
The Mighty DiamondsLittle Angel1977Produzent
The Mighty DiamondsSneakin' Sally Through the Alley1977Musik/Text
The Mighty DiamondsTonight1977Produzent
The Mighty DiamondsTracks Of My Tears1977Produzent
The Mighty DiamondsWhole Wide World1977Produzent
The Mighty DiamondsYou Are Just A Song1977Produzent
The NewbeatsMother-In-Law1965Musik/Text
The Oak Ridge BoysFreedom For The Stallion1974Musik/Text
The O'JaysLipstick Traces (On A Cigarette)1965Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
The Original Trinidad Steel BandRide Your Pony1979Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
The Paul Butterfield Blues BandGet Out Of My Life, Woman1966Musik/Text
The RivierasFortune Teller1965Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
The Rolling StonesFortune Teller1963Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
The Rolling StonesPain In My Heart1965Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
The ShadowsHoly Cow1967Musik/Text
The Soul Rebels Brass BandNight People2011Musik/Text
The UniquesAll These Things1966Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
The Wild TchoupitoulasBig Chief Got A Golden Crown1976Produzent
The Wild TchoupitoulasBrother John1976Produzent
The Wild TchoupitoulasHey Hey (Indians Comin')1976Produzent
The Wild TchoupitoulasHey Mama (Wild Tchoupitoulas)1976Produzent
The Wild TchoupitoulasHey Pocky A-Way1976Produzent
The Wild TchoupitoulasIndian Red1976Produzent
The Wild TchoupitoulasIndians, Here Dey Come1976Produzent
The Wild TchoupitoulasMeet De Boys On The Battlefront1976Produzent
The WinstonsThe Greatest Love1969Musik/Text
The YardbirdsA Certain Girl1964Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Three Dog NightFreedom For The Stallion1972Musik/Text
Three Dog NightMind Over Matter1975Musik/Text
Three Dog NightPlay Something Sweet (Brickyard Blues)1974Musik/Text
Tina TurnerViva La Money1978Musik/Text
Tommy CastroVictims Of The Darkness2009Musik/Text
TousanHappy Times1958Musik/Text
TousanMe And You1958Musik/Text
TousanNowhere To Go1958Musik/Text
TousanPelican Parade1958Musik/Text
TousanPo Boy Walk1958Musik/Text
TousanTim Tam1958Musik/Text
TousanUp The Creek1958Musik/Text
TousanWham Tousan1958Musik/Text
TrainJust A Memory2014Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Trombone ShortyHere Comes The Girls2017Musik/Text
Trombone ShortyOn Your Way Down2010Musik/Text
Ulli MartinJava1994Musik/Text
Van Dyke ParksOccapella1972Musik/Text
Van Dyke ParksRiverboat1972Musik/Text
Viola WillsHappiness1997Musik/Text
Warren ZevonA Certain Girl1980Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Wayne Fontana & The MindbendersCertain Girl1964Musik/Text
(Naomi Neville)
Wencke MyhreSommernacht1979Musik/Text
Wilbert HarrisonClementine1966Produzent
Wilbert HarrisonSentimental Journey1966Produzent
Willie And The Poor BoysCan You Hear Me1985Musik/Text
(Alan Toussaint)
Willie MitchellJava1966Musik/Text
ZZ HillI Keep On Lovin' You1974Musik/Text
ZZ HillWho Ever's Thrilling You Is Killing Me1974Musik/Text

Allen Toussaint in der österreichischen Hitparade


Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir? (Lady Marmalade) (Labelle)15.05.1975178
It's Raining (Shakin' Stevens)15.12.1981114
Java (All Da Ladies Come Around) (Qconnection)23.05.1999159

Die bestbewerteten Songs von Allen Toussaint

Hand Clapping Song (The Meters)65.17
Chicken Strut (The Meters)65
Such A Night (Dr. John)55
Jump Sturdy (Dr. John)55
Pain In My Heart (Otis Redding)144.93
Cissy Strut (The Meters)124.83
Mind Over Matter (Johnny Winter)54.8
Mother-In-Law (Ernie K. Doe)194.79
Ride Your Pony (Lee Dorsey)94.78
Born Under A Bad Sign (Albert King)104.7
Nightbird (Labelle)64.67
Release (The Tension) (Patti LaBelle)184.61
Java (Al Hirt)234.61
Southern Nights (Glen Campbell)514.61
A Whiter Shade Of Pale (Joe Cocker)104.6
What Can I Do For You? (Labelle)104.6
Action Speaks Louder Than Words (Chocolate Milk)54.6
Play Something Sweet (Brickyard Blues) (Three Dog Night)54.6
Far As We Felt Like Goin' (Labelle)54.6
Freedom For The Stallion (The Hues Corporation)74.57

Die bekanntesten Songs von Allen Toussaint

Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir? (Lady Marmalade) (Labelle)1144.54
Girls (Sugababes)543.8
Southern Nights (Glen Campbell)514.61
It's Raining (Shakin' Stevens)433.86
Understand (Christina Aguilera)414.05
Working In The Coal Mine (Lee Dorsey)404.55
Java (All Da Ladies Come Around) (Qconnection)333.85
Ay Yo (Melanie Fiona)304.1
Happiness (Pointer Sisters)294.41
(I Don't Know Why) But I Do (Clarence "Frogman" Henry)254.28
Java (Al Hirt)234.61
Yes We Can Can (Pointer Sisters)233.96
Get Your Way (Jamie Cullum)224
Shoorah! Shoorah! (Betty Wright)213.71
Mother-In-Law (Ernie K. Doe)194.79
Release (The Tension) (Patti LaBelle)184.61
Right Place, Wrong Time (Dr. John)184.5
Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley (Robert Palmer)164.31
Pain In My Heart (Otis Redding)144.93
A Certain Girl (The Yardbirds)134.15
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