Billy Steinberg

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Pseudonyme / Alternative Schreibweisen: William E. Steinberg, William Steinberg
"Weird Al" YankovicLike A Surgeon1985Musik/Text
"Weird Al" YankovicPolka Your Eyes Out!1992Musik/Text
Ace Of BaseAngel Eyes1995Musik/Text
Ace Of BaseBlooming 181995Musik/Text
Ace Of BaseEverytime It Rains1998Musik/Text
Ace Of BaseTokyo Girl1998Musik/Text
Ace Of BaseYou And I1995Musik/Text
Air SupplyBlack And Blue1985Musik/Text
Air SupplyI Can't Let Go1985Musik/Text
Alan BakerEternal Flame1992Musik/Text
Alyssa Reid feat. Jump SmokersAlone Again2012Musik/Text
AmberAbove The Clouds1999Musik/Text
AmberLove One Another1999Musik/Text
AmberSexual (Li Da Di)1999Musik/Text
Ane BrunTrue Colors2008Musik/Text
Anna Kendrick & Justin TimberlakeTrue Colors2016Musik/Text
(William Steinberg)
Ashley TisdaleHow Do You Love Someone2009Musik/Text
Atomic KittenBeliever2003Musik/Text
(William Steinberg)
Atomic KittenEternal Flame2001Musik/Text
Atomic KittenLove Doesn't Have To Hurt2002Musik/Text
Aztec CameraTrue Colors1990Musik/Text
B.Z. feat. JoanneJackie1998Musik/Text
BandidoI Drove All Night1994Musik/Text
Bandit [BE]I Drove All Night2017Musik/Text
BanglesEternal Flame1988Musik/Text
BanglesIn Your Room1988Musik/Text
BanglesWaiting For You1988Musik/Text
Belinda CarlisleA Prayer For Everyone1999Musik/Text
Belinda CarlisleCalifornia1996Musik/Text
Belinda CarlisleDancing In The City1987Musik/Text
Belinda CarlisleDeep Deep Ocean1989Musik/Text
Belinda CarlisleI Need A Disguise1986Musik/Text
Bert HeerinkAlleen1996Musik/Text
Bette MidlerBless You Child2000Musik/Text
Bette MidlerThe Gift Of Love1990Musik/Text
Big DaddyLike A Virgin1991Musik/Text
Billy ThermalControl2014Musik/Text
Billy ThermalHow Do I Make You1982Musik/Text
Billy ThermalI Need You1982Musik/Text
Billy ThermalI Tell You My Dream1982Musik/Text
Billy ThermalI'm Gonna Follow You2014Musik/Text
Billy ThermalI'm Your Baby1982Musik/Text
Billy ThermalJulie1982Musik/Text
Billy ThermalMirror Man2014Musik/Text
Billy ThermalNo Connection2014Musik/Text
Billy ThermalPrecious Time2014Musik/Text
Billy ThermalThe Price I Pay2014Musik/Text
Billy ThermalThey Didn't See It2014Musik/Text
Blue ZoneJackie1988Musik/Text
Bo.DÓ.Like A Virgin2007Musik/Text
Bonnie Tyler & Laura ZenAmour Úternel2011Musik/Text
BoomerangIn The Darkness1986Musik/Text
BoozedLike A Virgin2007Musik/Text
Caroline LoebLike A Virgin2009Musik/Text
Cassey DoreenLike A Virgin2011Musik/Text
CÚline DionAlone2007Musik/Text
CÚline DionFalling Into You1996Musik/Text
CÚline DionHave A Heart1990Musik/Text
CÚline DionI Drove All Night2003Musik/Text
Chaka KhanBaby Me1988Musik/Text
Cheap TrickKiss Me Red1986Musik/Text
CherLove One Another2001Musik/Text
Chesney HawkesA Crazy World Like This1991Musik/Text
ChiarastellaTrue Colors2009Musik/Text
ChicagoYou Come To My Senses1991Musik/Text
Chynna PhillipsNaked And Sacred1995Musik/Text
CommodoresLet's Apologize1986Musik/Text
Conjure One feat. SinÚad O'ConnorTears From The Moon2002Musik/Text
CruzadosI Want Your World To Turn1987Musik/Text
Cyndi LauperHeading West1989Musik/Text
Cyndi LauperI Drove All Night1989Musik/Text
Cyndi LauperLike A Cat1989Musik/Text
Cyndi LauperMy First Night Without You1989Musik/Text
Cyndi LauperPrimitive1989Musik/Text
Cyndi LauperTrue Colors1986Musik/Text
Cyndi LauperUnconditional Love1989Musik/Text
Danger Hardcore TeamAlone1998Musik/Text
Danni Da RosAlone2012Musik/Text
David GarrettI'll Stand By You2010Musik/Text
Deelay feat. Tania ThunderKiss Me In The Sky2011Musik/Text
(William E. Steinberg)
Demi LovatoGive Your Heart A Break2012Musik/Text
DivinylsI Touch Myself1990Musik/Text
DivinylsI'm Jealous1995Musik/Text
DivinylsI'm On Your Side1991Musik/Text
DoFollow Me2006Musik/Text
DodaLike A Virgin2008Musik/Text
Dominic [BE]Ik blijf bij jou1997Musik/Text
Donna De LorySomewhere In My Heart1992Musik/Text
DreamsKiss Me Red1984Musik/Text
DreamsTears In The Night1984Musik/Text
Edyta GˇrniakIf I Give Myself (Up) To You1997Musik/Text
Edyta GˇrniakOne & One1997Musik/Text
Eighth WonderMy Baby's Heartbeat1988Musik/Text
Eighth WonderUse Me1988Musik/Text
EiniOlen neitsyt1985Musik/Text
Elaine PaigeTrue Colours1991Musik/Text
Electric Light Orchestra Part IIKiss Me Red1991Musik/Text
Emma BayaCuando miro al cielo2000Musik/Text
Enrique IglesiasI Have Always Loved You1999Musik/Text
Enrique IglesiasOyeme1999Musik/Text
Faith HillSince I Laid Eyes On You1996Musik/Text
Fefe DobsonDon't Let It Go To Your Head2005Musik/Text
Floortje SmitAlone2012Musik/Text
Frances RuffelleBlue Eyes1996Musik/Text
Fredro Starr & Jill ScottShining Through2000Musik/Text
Gianni Coletti vs. Musique BoutiqueLike A Virgin2011Musik/Text
Girls AloudI'll Stand By You2004Musik/Text
(William Steinberg)
Glee CastAlone2009Musik/Text
Glee CastGive Your Heart A Break2012Musik/Text
Glee CastI'll Stand By You2009Musik/Text
Glee CastLike A Virgin2010Musik/Text
Glee CastTrue Colors2009Musik/Text
Global KrynerLike A Virgin2004Musik/Text
GrandstandI'll Stand By You2002Musik/Text
Hannah ArtertonEternal Flame2014Musik/Text
HeartI Want You So Bad1987Musik/Text
HeartI Want Your World To Turn1990Musik/Text
HeartThe Will To Love1990Musik/Text
Holly ValanceAction2003Musik/Text
Human NatureEternal Flame1999Musik/Text
Human NatureMeant To Be2004Musik/Text
Il DivoAlone (solo)2012Musik/Text
Isabelle AdamSomewhere In My Heart2002Musik/Text
i-TenI Don't Want To Lose You1983Musik/Text
i-TenI've Been Crying1983Musik/Text
i-TenLonely In Each Other's Arms1983Musik/Text
i-TenPressing My Luck1983Musik/Text
i-TENTaking A Cold Look1983Musik/Text
i-TenThe Easy Way Out1983Musik/Text
i-TenTime To Say Goodbye1983Musik/Text
i-TenWorkin' For A Lovin'1983Musik/Text
Jacqueline [NL]One And One2010Musik/Text
Jane FostinJe prie pour toi1997Musik/Text
JeanetteLike A Virgin2006Musik/Text
Jessica Mauboy feat. Jay SeanWhat Happened To Us2010Musik/Text
Jim Broadbent, Richard Roxburgh and Anthony WeighLike A Virgin2002Musik/Text
Joe CockerNaked Without You1999Musik/Text
John MilesBody Of My Brunette1993Musik/Text
JoJoHow To Touch A Girl2006Musik/Text
JoJoToo Little Too Late2006Musik/Text
JoJoToo Little Too Late [Spanish]2006Musik/Text
Joke VinckeLike A Virgin2012Musik/Text
Jordin SparksDon't Let It Go To Your Head2009Musik/Text
Karel GottNočnÝ krßl1997Musik/Text
Kasey ChambersTrue Colours2003Musik/Text
Katharine McPheeOver It2007Musik/Text
KatyEternal Flame2003Musik/Text
(William E. Steinberg)
KrewellaEnjoy The Ride2013Musik/Text
Kylie MinogueWhenever You Feel Like It2002Musik/Text
L5Toutes les femmes de ta vie2001Musik/Text
Laura BraniganSpirit Of Love1987Musik/Text
Lauren TalbotTrue Colours2007Musik/Text
Leigh NashMy Idea Of Heaven2006Musik/Text
Leigh NashNervous In The Light Of Dawn2006Musik/Text
Lena & Mark ForsterRegenbogen2016Musik/Text
(William Steinberg)
Leona LewisThe Best You Never Had2007Musik/Text
Liane FolyL'amour est fort1997Musik/Text
Liliane Saint-PierreBoven de wolken1998Musik/Text
Linda RonstadtHow Do I Make You1979Musik/Text
Linda TeodosiuReprogram My Heart2009Musik/Text
Lola PonceAmor2008Musik/Text
Lola PonceMi heroe2008Musik/Text
Lola PonceSleep2004Musik/Text
LunascapeTears From The Moon2002Musik/Text
Mad'HouseLike A Virgin2002Musik/Text
MadonnaLike A Virgin1984Musik/Text
Maria NaylerWill You Be With Me1998Musik/Text
Maria Theresa MoralesEternal Flame2013Musik/Text
Mario PelchatPerdue l'envie d'aimer1993Musik/Text
Martina StoesselMy Stupid Heart2016Musik/Text
Martina StoesselSi tu te vas2016Musik/Text
Matthew MarsdenThe Heart's Lone Desire1998Musik/Text
MejaHippies In The 60's2001Musik/Text
MejaLay Me Down1998Musik/Text
Melanie CCloser1999Musik/Text
Melanie CFollow Me1999Musik/Text
Melanie CI Turn To You1999Musik/Text
Melanie CI Wonder What It Would Be Like2000Musik/Text
Miranda CosgroveHigh Maintenance2011Musik/Text
MysticaTrue Colors2014Musik/Text
Natasha St-PierTrue Colors2006Musik/Text
(William Steinberg)
Nicole ScherzingerDon't Hold Your Breath2011Musik/Text
Nino de AngeloIch fahr die Nacht1993Musik/Text
No MercyI Have Always Loved You1998Musik/Text
No MercyPart Of Me1996Musik/Text
NoaIf I Give You Everything2000Musik/Text
NoaSi je m'abandonne Ó toi2000Musik/Text
Otice DuryTrue Colors2014Musik/Text
Paris HiltonHeartbeat2006Musik/Text
Pat BenatarA Crazy World Like This1984Musik/Text
Pat BenatarFight It Out1982Musik/Text
Pat BenatarI'm Gonna Follow You1980Musik/Text
Pat BenatarPrecious Time1981Musik/Text
Pat BenatarSex As A Weapon1985Musik/Text
Pat BenatarSuburban King1984Musik/Text
Pat BenatarThe Victim1982Musik/Text
Patrick, Florian, Christian, Juliane & JanaMuppets, die wie Freunde sind1989Musik/Text
Patti LabelleI'll Stand By You2005Musik/Text
(William Steinberg)
Patty SmythThe River Cried1987Musik/Text
Phil CollinsTrue Colors1998Musik/Text
PreludersBorn To Love You Forever2003Musik/Text
PretendersBaby's Breath1999Musik/Text
PretendersFrom The Heart Down1999Musik/Text
PretendersI'll Stand By You1994Musik/Text
PretendersLove Colours1994Musik/Text
PretendersNails In The Road1999Musik/Text
PretendersNight In My Veins1994Musik/Text
PretendersNothing Breaks Like A Heart2002Musik/Text
PretendersSaving Grace2002Musik/Text
QueensberryOver It2008Musik/Text
Queensberry feat. KayKayOver It2008Musik/Text
Queensberry feat. PatriciaOver It2008Musik/Text
Real McCoyLove Save Me1997Musik/Text
Real McCoySleeping With An Angel1995Musik/Text
REO SpeedwagonCan't Get You Out Of My Heart1987Musik/Text
REO SpeedwagonI Don't Want To Lose You1988Musik/Text
Rick SpringfieldJust One Kiss1982Musik/Text
(William Steinberg)
RoachfordNaked Without You1997Musik/Text
Robert Miles feat. Maria NaylerOne & One1996Musik/Text
Robin BeckIn A Crazy World Like This1989Musik/Text
Robin ZanderSecret1993Musik/Text
Rod StewartI'll Stand By You2006Musik/Text
(William Steinberg)
RollergirlEternal Flame2000Musik/Text
RoxaneTrue Colors2005Musik/Text
(William E. Steinberg)
Roy OrbisonI Drove All Night1991Musik/Text
Roy Orbison feat. Ward Thomas with the Royal Philharmonic OrchestraI Drove All Night2017Musik/Text
SaanaRakkaus liekkiin sytyttńń2001Musik/Text
Sandi ThomAlone2013Musik/Text
SandraCasino Royale2007Musik/Text
Sarah & PietroIntimacy2013Musik/Text
Scala & Kolacny BrothersI Touch Myself2003Musik/Text
Selena Gomez & The SceneThat's More Like It2011Musik/Text
Shane FilanTrue Colours2014Musik/Text
Shelly BonetTo Ease Your Pain2016Musik/Text
Shirley BasseyI'll Stand By You1996Musik/Text
Shirley ClampI dina ÷gon2006Musik/Text
Simon ClimieDream With Me1992Musik/Text
Sissel Kyrkjeb°The Gift Of Love1992Musik/Text
Sister CristinaLike A Virgin2014Musik/Text
Sister CristinaTrue Colors2014Musik/Text
Solveig SlettahjellTrue Colors2011Musik/Text
Steve LukatherIt Looks Like Rain1989Musik/Text
Susanna HoffsIt's Lonely Out There1991Musik/Text
Susanna HoffsMy Side Of The Bed1990Musik/Text
Susanna HoffsUnconditional Love1991Musik/Text
t.A.T.u.All About Us2005Musik/Text
Taylor DayneIn The Darkness1987Musik/Text
Taylor DayneNaked Without You1998Musik/Text
Teenage FanclubLike A Virgin1991Musik/Text
The Barden BellasBellas Regionals2012Musik/Text
(William Steinberg)
The Barden Bellas, The Treblemakers and The Bu HarmonicsRiff Off: Ladies Of The 80's, Songs About Sex2012Musik/Text
(William Steinberg)
The CorrsIntimacy1997Musik/Text
The Flying PicketsEternal Flame1998Musik/Text
The Lords Of The New ChurchLike A Virgin1985Musik/Text
The PartyDancing In The City1990Musik/Text
The PartySugar Is Sweet1990Musik/Text
The ShadowsAlone1989Musik/Text
The VeronicasI Can't Stay Away2007Musik/Text
The VeronicasI Could Get Used To This2005Musik/Text
The VeronicasLeave Me Alone2005Musik/Text
The VeronicasSomeone Wake Me Up2007Musik/Text
The VeronicasWhen It All Falls Apart2005Musik/Text
Tina TurnerKeep Your Hands Off My Baby1984Musik/Text
Tina TurnerLook Me In The Heart1989Musik/Text
Tom OdellTrue Colours2016Musik/Text
Tone NorumIn A Crazy World Like This1988Musik/Text
Vanessa Redgrave, The OAP'z and FriensTrue Colours2013Musik/Text
VenusDie Flamme in mir1989Musik/Text
Vitamin CSex Has Come Between Us2000Musik/Text
Vitamin CThe Itch2000Musik/Text
Whitney HoustonSo Emotional1987Musik/Text
Wiener SńngerknabenEternal Flame2002Musik/Text
Willy SommersJij bent als een droom2004Musik/Text
Witness [US]Desperate Lover1988Musik/Text

Billy Steinberg in der ÷sterreichischen Hitparade


Like A Virgin (Madonna)01.02.1985814
True Colors (Cyndi Lauper)01.11.19861210
Alone (Heart)01.09.1987224
Eternal Flame (Bangles)15.05.1989318
My Side Of The Bed (Susanna Hoffs)19.05.1991202
Falling Into You (CÚline Dion)14.04.1996285
One & One (Robert Miles feat. Maria Nayler)01.12.1996817
True Colors (Phil Collins)04.10.1998208
I Turn To You (Melanie C)20.08.2000120
Eternal Flame (Atomic Kitten)05.08.2001317
Like A Virgin (Mad'House)06.10.2002554
I Drove All Night (CÚline Dion)23.03.20031713
All About Us (t.A.T.u.)16.10.2005320
Too Little Too Late (JoJo)24.11.20064012
Don't Hold Your Breath (Nicole Scherzinger)24.06.2011651
Riff Off: Ladies Of The 80's, Songs About Sex (The Barden Bellas, The Treblemakers and The Bu Harmonics)18.01.2013701

Die bestbewerteten Songs von Billy Steinberg

Alone (Heart)1995.27
I'll Stand By You (Pretenders)1395.1
Eternal Flame (Bangles)2535.07
I'm Jealous (Divinyls)65
Jackie (Blue Zone)55
I Drove All Night (Cyndi Lauper)1384.98
I Could Get Used To This (The Veronicas)174.94
True Colors (Cyndi Lauper)2224.92
Unconditional Love (Susanna Hoffs)194.84
Closer (Melanie C)254.8
Follow Me (Melanie C)54.8
One & One (Robert Miles feat. Maria Nayler)1384.78
I Want Your World To Turn (Heart)134.77
Intimacy (The Corrs)124.75
Tears From The Moon (Conjure One feat. SinÚad O'Connor)114.73
Sex As A Weapon (Pat Benatar)414.71
Leave Me Alone (The Veronicas)314.68
Whenever You Feel Like It (Kylie Minogue)94.67
I'm On Your Side (Divinyls)64.67
Alone (CÚline Dion)504.66

Die bekanntesten Songs von Billy Steinberg

Like A Virgin (Madonna)2984.53
All About Us (t.A.T.u.)2614.57
Eternal Flame (Bangles)2535.07
True Colors (Cyndi Lauper)2224.92
Alone (Heart)1995.27
I Turn To You (Melanie C)1984.46
Eternal Flame (Atomic Kitten)1863.33
I'll Stand By You (Pretenders)1395.1
I Drove All Night (Cyndi Lauper)1384.98
One & One (Robert Miles feat. Maria Nayler)1384.78
I Drove All Night (CÚline Dion)1353.56
Too Little Too Late (JoJo)1264.34
True Colors (Phil Collins)1013.64
Don't Hold Your Breath (Nicole Scherzinger)924.24
So Emotional (Whitney Houston)894.38
I Touch Myself (Divinyls)874.6
Like A Virgin (Mad'House)762.05
Falling Into You (CÚline Dion)704.34
I Drove All Night (Roy Orbison)614.52
In Your Room (Bangles)544.44
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