Christopher Neil

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Pseudonyme / Alternative Schreibweisen: Chris Neil
a-haCold River1990Produzent
a-haCrying In The Rain1990Produzent
a-haI Call Your Name1990Produzent
a-haRolling Thunder1990Produzent
a-haShapes That Go Together1994Produzent
a-haSlender Frame1990Produzent
a-haSycamore Leaves1990Produzent
AmazuluA Little Love1985Produzent
AmazuluDon't You Just Know It1985Produzent
AmazuluToo Good To Be Forgotten1986Produzent
Andy BownAnother Night Without You1978Produzent
Andy BownAnother Shipwreck1978Produzent
Andy BownCrazy Girl1978Produzent
Andy BownGood Advice1978Produzent
Andy BownKix1978Produzent
Andy BownLifeline1978Produzent
Andy BownLions And Eagles1978Produzent
Andy BownLong Legged Linda1977Produzent
Andy BownMoney On My Mind1978Produzent
Andy BownOne More Chance1977Produzent
Andy BownRock And Roll Baby Blues1978Produzent
Andy BownSophie1978Produzent
Bonnie TylerForget Her1996Produzent
Bonnie TylerTime Mends A Broken Heart1996Produzent
Bonnie TylerWhat You Got1995Produzent
Bucks FizzWhat's Love Got To Do With It?2000Produzent
(Chris Neil)
Céline Dion(If There Was) Any Other Way1990Produzent
Céline DionHave A Heart1990Produzent
Céline DionI Feel Too Much1990Produzent
Céline DionI Remember L.A.1993Produzent
Céline DionIf Love Is Out Of The Question1990Produzent
Céline DionIf We Could Start Over1990Produzent
Céline DionI'm Loving Every Moment With You1990Produzent
Céline DionLove By Another Name1990Produzent
Céline DionRain, Tax (It's Inevitable)2002Produzent
Céline DionRefuse To Dance1993Produzent
Céline DionRight Next To The Right One2007Produzent
Céline DionThe Last To Know1990Produzent
Céline DionThink Twice1993Produzent
Céline DionUnison1990Produzent
Céline DionWhere Does My Heart Beat Now1990Produzent
CherAngels Running1995Produzent
CherDon't Come Around Tonite1995Produzent
CherWalking In Memphis1995Produzent
CherWhat About The Moonlight1995Produzent
ChoraleCome The Night Time1978Produzent
ChoraleRiu Riu1978Produzent
Cliff RichardHelp It Along1973Musik/Text
Cliff RichardThank You For A Lifetime2008Produzent
(Chris Neil)
Cutting Crew(Another One Of My) Big Ideas1992Produzent
Cutting CrewAll The Way In1992Produzent
Cutting CrewDon't Let It Bring You Down1992Produzent
Cutting CrewFrigid As England1992Produzent
Cutting CrewIf That's The Way You Want It1989Produzent
Cutting CrewJulie Don't Dance1992Produzent
Cutting CrewNeed Someone1992Produzent
Cutting CrewNo Bad Thing1992Produzent
Cutting CrewRicochet1992Produzent
Cutting CrewSweet Auburn1992Produzent
David EssexI Forgot To Forget You1979Produzent
David EssexImperial Wizard1979Produzent
David EssexOh What A Feeling1979Produzent
Dennis WatermanCome Away With Me1981Produzent
Dennis WatermanGone Wrong Song1980Musik/Text
Dennis WatermanHolding On To Love1980Produzent
Dennis WatermanI Could Be So Good For You1979Produzent
Dennis WatermanIf Only1981Produzent
Dennis WatermanIndian Silk1982Produzent
Dennis WatermanJamaica Woman1980Produzent
Dennis WatermanLove Is Like A Rainbow1980Produzent
Dennis WatermanLove's Left Me Bleeding1979Produzent
Dennis WatermanNothing At All1979Produzent
Dennis WatermanThe Lady's Up To No Good1980Produzent
Dennis WatermanWasn't Love Strong Enough1980Produzent
Dennis WatermanWe Don't Make Love On Sundays1982Produzent
Dennis WatermanWhat You See Is What You Get1980Produzent
Dennis Waterman & George ColeQuids And Quavers1983Produzent
Dennis Waterman & George ColeWhat Are We Gonna Get 'Er Indoors?1983Produzent
DollarI Need Your Love1979Produzent
DollarI Wanna Hold Your Hand1979Produzent
DollarLove One Another1979Produzent
DollarLove Street1979Produzent
DollarLove's Gotta Hold On Me1979Produzent
DollarRing Ring1979Produzent
DollarShooting Star1978Produzent
DollarStar Control1979Produzent
DollarTalking About Love1978Produzent
DollarWho Were You With In The Moonlight1979Produzent
Duncan James & KeedieI Believe My Heart2004Produzent
Edyta GórniakAnything1997Produzent
Edyta GórniakBe Good Or Be Gone1997Produzent
Edyta GórniakComing Back To Love1997Produzent
Edyta GórniakGone1997Produzent
Edyta GórniakHunting High & Low1997Produzent
Edyta GórniakI Don't Know What's On Your Mind1997Produzent
Edyta GórniakIf I Give Myself (Up) To You1997Produzent
Edyta GórniakLinger1997Produzent
Edyta GórniakMiles & Miles Away1997Produzent
Edyta GórniakOne & One1997Produzent
Edyta GórniakPerfect Moment1997Produzent
Edyta GórniakSoul Boy1997Produzent
Edyta GórniakThat's The Way I Feel About You1997Produzent
Edyta GórniakThe Day I Get Over You1997Produzent
Edyta GórniakUnder Her Spell1997Produzent
Edyta GórniakWhen You Come Back To Me1997Produzent
Edyta Górniak & José CarrerasHope For Us1997Produzent
Elaine PaigeTake Me Back1988Produzent
(Chris Neil)
Eva AvilaYou Don't Say No2008Musik/Text
(Chris Neil)
GabrielloAltijd weer thuis2016Musik/Text
(Chris Neil)
Gerard KennyApril's End1980Produzent
Gerard KennyCrime That Pays1979Produzent
Gerard KennyD-D-D-Dancin'1979Produzent
Gerard KennyDrinking1979Produzent
Gerard KennyFantasy1980Produzent
Gerard KennyFit To Be Tied1979Produzent
Gerard KennyGetting To Know Each Other1980Produzent
Gerard KennyI'm Leaving Home Again1978Produzent
Gerard KennyJailbait1980Produzent
Gerard KennyLiving On Music1980Produzent
Gerard KennyLove1979Produzent
Gerard KennyMade It Thru The Rain1979Produzent
Gerard KennyMaggie1980Produzent
Gerard KennyMusic And Words1979Produzent
Gerard KennyNew York, New York1978Produzent
Gerard KennyNickels And Dimes1979Produzent
Gerard KennyNo Man's Land1985Produzent
Gerard KennyNo-One Knows1980Produzent
Gerard KennyPavement Princess1979Produzent
Gerard KennySimply Song1985Produzent
Gerard KennySon Of A Song And Dance Man1979Produzent
Gerard KennySouthern Comford1980Produzent
Gerard KennySucker For Love1980Produzent
Gerard KennyYou're The Best1980Produzent
Gerry RaffertyA Change Of Heart1982Produzent
Gerry RaffertyA Dangerous Age1988Produzent
Gerry RaffertyCat And Mouse1982Produzent
Gerry RaffertyGood Intentions1982Produzent
Gerry RaffertyOn The Way1982Produzent
Gerry RaffertySleepwalking1982Produzent
Gerry RaffertyStanding At The Gates1982Produzent
Gerry RaffertyWhen I Rest1982Produzent
Hank Marvin99 Days1983Produzent
Hank MarvinAll Alone With Friends1983Produzent
Hank MarvinDon't Answer1983Produzent
Hank MarvinInvisible Man1983Produzent
Hank MarvinJust Another Heartbreak1983Produzent
Hank MarvinLeila (Danny's Got A Song)1983Produzent
Hank MarvinRainy Day Goodbye1983Produzent
Hank MarvinStardom1983Produzent
Hank MarvinThe Hawk And The Dove1983Produzent
Hank MarvinWhere Do You Go When You Dream1983Produzent
Helen TerryThe Perfect Kiss1986Produzent
Ian ThomasBack To Square One1988Produzent
Ian ThomasLevity1988Produzent
Ian ThomasModern Man1988Produzent
Jennifer RushPleasure1989Produzent
Jennifer RushWings Of Desire1989Produzent
Johnny LoganAll I Ever Wanted1989Produzent
Johnny LoganHow Can It Be Love1989Produzent
Johnny LoganJust To Be With You1989Produzent
Johnny LoganLay Down Your Heart1989Produzent
Johnny LoganNever Believe It's Over1989Produzent
Johnny LoganNow That It's Not Over1989Produzent
Johnny LoganOne By One1989Produzent
Johnny LoganRed Lips1989Produzent
Johnny LoganShot Down (In The Flames Of Love)1989Produzent
Johnny LoganUnion Of The Heart1989Produzent
Julien ClercAime-moi [english]1984Produzent
Julien ClercAngela [english]1984Produzent
Julien ClercBamboo Bar1984Produzent
Julien ClercBreathe1984Produzent
Julien ClercDiamond Love1984Produzent
Julien ClercI Don't Ever Want To Go Away1984Produzent
Julien ClercMelissa1984Produzent
Julien ClercOcean Girls1984Produzent
Julien ClercRespire1984Produzent
(Chris Neil)
Julien ClercTant d'amour1984Produzent
Julien ClercThe Harder It Hits You1984Produzent
Julien ClercThe Hawk And The Dove1984Produzent
Julien ClercWatcha Gonna Do With Me Now?1984Produzent
Labi SiffreNothin's Gonna Change1987Produzent
Laurent Wery feat. DanzelAll I Need Is A Miracle2013Musik/Text
(Chris Neil)
Leo SayerAviation1983Produzent
Leo SayerDarlin'1983Produzent
Leo SayerDon't Wait Until Tomorrow1983Produzent
Leo SayerHow Beautiful You Are1983Produzent
Leo SayerLove Games1983Produzent
Leo SayerNever Had A Dream Come True1983Produzent
Leo SayerSea Of Heartbreak1983Produzent
Leo SayerTill You Come Back To Me1983Produzent
Leo SayerWounded Heart1983Produzent
Leo SayerYour Love Still Brings Me To My Knees1983Produzent
Lisa LoisPromises Promises2009Musik/Text
(Chris Neil)
Marillion100 Nights1991Produzent
MarillionCover My Eyes (Pain And Heaven)1991Produzent
MarillionDry Land1991Produzent
MarillionHolidays In Eden1991Produzent
MarillionHow Can It Hurt1991Produzent
MarillionNo One Can1991Produzent
MarillionSplintering Heart1991Produzent
MarillionThe Party1991Produzent
MarillionThe Rakes Progress1991Produzent
MarillionThis Town1991Produzent
MarillionWaiting To Happen1991Produzent
Marshall, HainBack To The Green1978Produzent
Marshall, HainComing Home1978Produzent
Marshall, HainDancing In The City1978Produzent
Marshall, HainDifferent Point1978Produzent
Marshall, HainFree Ride1978Produzent
Marshall, HainMrs. The Train1978Produzent
Marshall, HainReal Satisfaction1978Produzent
Marshall, HainTake My Number1978Produzent
Marshall, HainTake My Rumber1978Produzent
Marshall, HainYou Two1978Produzent
Mike & The MechanicsA Beggar On A Beach Of Gold1995Produzent
Mike & The MechanicsA Call To Arms1985Musik/Text
Mike & The MechanicsA House Of Many Rooms1995Produzent
Mike & The MechanicsA Time And Place1991Produzent
Mike & The MechanicsAll I Need Is A Miracle1985Musik/Text
Mike & The MechanicsAll I Need Is A Miracle '961996Musik/Text
Mike & The MechanicsAll The Light I Need1999Produzent
Mike & The MechanicsAnother Cup Of Coffee1995Musik/Text
Mike & The MechanicsBefore (The Next Heartache Falls)1991Produzent
Mike & The MechanicsEverybody Gets A Second Chance1991Produzent
Mike & The MechanicsGet Up1991Produzent
Mike & The MechanicsGoing, Going... Home1995Musik/Text
Mike & The MechanicsI Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)1995Produzent
Mike & The MechanicsI Get The Feeling1985Musik/Text
Mike & The MechanicsLet's Pretend It Didn't Happen1991Produzent
Mike & The MechanicsLook Across At Dreamland1999Produzent
Mike & The MechanicsMea culpa1995Musik/Text
Mike & The MechanicsMy Crime Of Passion1991Produzent
Mike & The MechanicsOver My Shoulder1994Produzent
Mike & The MechanicsPar Avion1985Musik/Text
Mike & The MechanicsPlain & Simple1995Produzent
Mike & The MechanicsSilent Running (On Dangerous Ground)1985Produzent
Mike & The MechanicsSomeone Always Hates Someone1995Musik/Text
Mike & The MechanicsSomething To Believe In1994Musik/Text
Mike & The MechanicsStop Baby1991Musik/Text
Mike & The MechanicsTake The Reins1985Musik/Text
Mike & The MechanicsTaken In1985Musik/Text
Mike & The MechanicsThe Ghost Of Sex And You1995Produzent
Mike & The MechanicsThe Way You Look At Me1991Produzent
Mike & The MechanicsWeb Of Lies1995Produzent
Mike & The MechanicsWhen I Get Over You1999Musik/Text
Mike & The MechanicsWord Of Mouth1991Musik/Text
Mike & The MechanicsYesterday, Today, Tomorrow1991Produzent
Mike & The MechanicsYou Are The One1985Musik/Text
Mike & The MechanicsYou've Really Got A Hold On Me1995Produzent
Mike + The MechanicsAlways The Last To Know2014Produzent
Mike + The MechanicsBackground Noise2011Musik/Text
Mike + The MechanicsBeautiful Day1988Musik/Text
Mike + The MechanicsBlack & Blue1988Produzent
Mike + The MechanicsBlame1988Musik/Text
Mike + The MechanicsBoys At The Front2014Musik/Text
Mike + The MechanicsDon't1988Musik/Text
Mike + The MechanicsHanging By A Thread1985Musik/Text
Mike + The MechanicsHeaven Doesn't Care2011Musik/Text
Mike + The MechanicsHelp Me1996Musik/Text
Mike + The MechanicsHunt You Down2011Musik/Text
Mike + The MechanicsI Don't Do Love2011Musik/Text
Mike + The MechanicsIt Only Hurts For A While2011Musik/Text
Mike + The MechanicsLittle Boy2014Musik/Text
Mike + The MechanicsNobody Knows1988Musik/Text
Mike + The MechanicsNobody Told Me2014Produzent
Mike + The MechanicsNobody's Perfect1988Produzent
Mike + The MechanicsOh No2011Musik/Text
Mike + The MechanicsPoor Boy Down1988Musik/Text
Mike + The MechanicsReach Out (Touch The Sun)2011Musik/Text
Mike + The MechanicsSeeing Is Believing1988Produzent
Mike + The MechanicsThe Living Years1988Produzent
Mike + The MechanicsThe Road2011Musik/Text
Mike + The MechanicsToo Many Friends1988Musik/Text
Mike + The MechanicsTry To Save Me2011Musik/Text
Mike + The MechanicsWalking On Water2011Musik/Text
Mike + The MechanicsWhy Me?1988Produzent
Mike + The MechanicsYou Can Be The Rock2011Musik/Text
Mike + The MechanicsYou Don't Know What Love Is2014Produzent
Mike + The MechanicsYou Never Change2014Produzent
(Chris Neil)
Mo-DettesWaltz In Blue Minor1981Produzent
(Chris Neil)
Morten HarketA Kind Of Christmas Card1995Produzent
Morten HarketBrodsky Tune1995Produzent
Morten HarketEast Timor1995Produzent
Morten HarketHalf In Love Half In Hate1995Produzent
Morten HarketLay Me Down Tonight1995Produzent
Morten HarketLord1995Produzent
Morten HarketLos Angeles1995Produzent
Morten HarketReady To Go Home1995Produzent
Morten HarketSpanish Steps1995Produzent
Morten HarketStay1995Produzent
Morten HarketTell Me What You See1995Produzent
Morten HarketWild Seed1995Produzent
Nikki LeegerMind Over Matter1986Produzent
(Chris Neil)
Nikki LeegerWe Could Be Happy1986Produzent
(Chris Neil)
Nona HendricksSnakes Alive1979Produzent
Paul CarrackButton Off My Shirt1988Produzent
Paul CarrackCollrane1987Musik/Text
Paul CarrackDon't Shed A Tear1987Produzent
Paul CarrackOne Good Reason1988Produzent
Paul CarrackWhen You Walk In The Room1987Produzent
Paul NicholasBeauty Queen1978Produzent
Paul NicholasBlack Daddy1977Produzent
Paul NicholasD.J.: Saturday Night1974Produzent
Paul NicholasDancing With The Captain1976Produzent
Paul NicholasDo You Want My Love1977Musik/Text
Paul NicholasDoing It1977Produzent
Paul NicholasEarthquake, Landslide, Hurricane1977Produzent
Paul NicholasFlat Foot Floyd1976Musik/Text
Paul NicholasGrandma's Party1976Produzent
Paul NicholasHeaven On The 7th Floor1977Produzent
Paul NicholasHit Song1975Produzent
Paul NicholasIf You Were The Only Girl In The World1977Produzent
Paul NicholasLovely Lady1974Musik/Text
Paul NicholasMr. Sax And The Girl1976Produzent
Paul NicholasOn The Strip1978Produzent
Paul NicholasOnly For A Minute1977Musik/Text
Paul NicholasReggae Like It Used To Be1976Produzent
Paul NicholasShooting Star1979Produzent
Paul NicholasShufflin' Shoes1975Musik/Text
Paul NicholasSunday1977Produzent
Paul NicholasSway1977Produzent
Paul NicholasWhen You Walk In The Room1977Produzent
Paul NicholasYesterday's Hero1979Produzent
Paul YoungBring Me Home1993Produzent
(Chris Neil)
Pix PickfordLong Drop1979Produzent
(Chris Neil)
Ray VegaAmor a mi1999Produzent
Ray VegaChains Around My Heart1999Produzent
Ray VegaOrdinary World1999Produzent
Rod StewartIf I Had You2001Produzent
Rod StewartIt Was Love That We Needed2001Produzent
Rod StewartLoveless2001Produzent
Sanne [DK]When A Woman Pretends1994Musik/Text
(Chris Neil)
Shakin' StevensAs Long As1983Produzent
Shakin' StevensBecause I Love You1986Produzent
Shakin' StevensCry Just A Little Bit1983Produzent
Shakin' StevensDon't Be Two Faced1983Produzent
Shakin' StevensIt's Late1983Produzent
Shakin' StevensLivin' Lovin' Wreck1983Produzent
Shakin' StevensLove Me Tonight1983Produzent
Shakin' StevensThe Bop Won't Stop1983Produzent
Shakin' StevensWhy Do You Treat Me This Way?1983Produzent
Shakin' Stevens & Bonnie TylerA Rockin' Good Way1983Produzent
Sharon CampbellOn The Edge1980Produzent
Sharon CampbellWhen The Good Guy Holds His Leading Lady Tight1980Produzent
Sheena EastonA Letter From Joey1981Produzent
Sheena EastonA Little Tenderness1981Produzent
Sheena EastonAll I Ask Of You1995Produzent
Sheena EastonAre You Man Enough1982Produzent
Sheena EastonCalm Before The Storm1981Musik/Text
Sheena EastonCry1981Produzent
Sheena EastonDance Away The Blues1995Musik/Text
Sheena EastonDon't Send Flowers1981Produzent
Sheena EastonFamily Of One1981Produzent
Sheena EastonFor Your Eyes Only1981Produzent
Sheena EastonI Don't Need Your Word1982Produzent
Sheena EastonI Wouldn't Beg For Water1982Produzent
Sheena EastonIce Out In The Rain1982Produzent
Sheena EastonI'm Not Worth The Hurt1981Produzent
Sheena EastonIn The Winter1982Produzent
Sheena EastonIsn't It So1981Produzent
Sheena EastonJohnny1981Produzent
Sheena EastonJust Another Broken Heart1981Produzent
Sheena EastonLoner1982Produzent
Sheena EastonMachinery1982Produzent
Sheena EastonMadness, Money And Music1982Produzent
Sheena EastonModern Girl1980Produzent
Sheena EastonMoody (My Love)1980Musik/Text
Sheena EastonMorning Train (9 To 5)1980Produzent
Sheena EastonNext To You1995Produzent
Sheena EastonNo-One Ever Knows1981Produzent
Sheena EastonOne Man Woman1980Produzent
Sheena EastonParadox1980Musik/Text
Sheena EastonPlease Don't Sympathise1981Produzent
Sheena EastonPrisoner1981Produzent
Sheena EastonRight Or Wrong1981Produzent
Sheena EastonSavoir Faire1981Produzent
Sheena EastonSo Much In Love1981Produzent
Sheena EastonSo We Say Goodbye1982Produzent
Sheena EastonSome Of Us Will1982Produzent
Sheena EastonSummer's Over1980Musik/Text
Sheena EastonTake My Time1981Produzent
Sheena EastonTelephone Lines1981Produzent
Sheena EastonThere When I Needed You1982Produzent
Sheena EastonTrouble In The Shadows1981Produzent
Sheena EastonVoice On The Radio1981Produzent
Sheena EastonWeekend In Paris1982Produzent
Sheena EastonWhen He Shines1981Produzent
Sheena EastonWind Beneath My Wings1982Produzent
Sheena EastonYou Could Have Been With Me1981Produzent
Sheena EastonYou Do It1982Produzent
Suzanne SomersOut Of Love With Love1979Produzent
Suzanne Somers & Paul NicholasLet's Work It Out1979Produzent
Suzanne Somers & Paul NicholasThat's Not What We Came Here For1979Produzent
Suzanne Somers & Paul NicholasWe've Got Us1979Produzent
The London Symphony OrchestraWord Of Mouth1991Musik/Text
The Moody BluesHope And Pray1991Produzent
The Moody BluesLean On Me (Tonight)1991Produzent
The Moody BluesSay It With Love1991Produzent
The Other OnesAll The Love1986Produzent
The Other OnesAnother Holiday1987Produzent
The Other OnesHoliday1987Produzent
The Other OnesStranger1987Produzent
The Other OnesWe Are What We Are1987Produzent
ToyahAll In A Rage1985Produzent
ToyahAmerica For Beginners1985Produzent
ToyahDon't Fall In Love (I Said)1985Produzent
ToyahI'll Serve You Well1985Produzent
ToyahKiss The Devil1985Produzent
ToyahOver Twenty-One1985Produzent
ToyahSchool's Out1985Produzent
ToyahSnow Covers The Kiss1985Musik/Text
ToyahSoldier Of Fortune, Terrorist Of Love1985Produzent
ToyahSoul Passing Through Soul1985Produzent
ToyahSpace Between The Sounds1985Produzent
ToyahWorld In Action1985Produzent
WavelengthAfter Hours1982Produzent
WavelengthCrying Over You1982Produzent
WavelengthDo I Still Figure In Your Life1982Produzent
WavelengthDon't Make Me Do It1982Produzent
WavelengthHurry Home1982Produzent
WavelengthI Don't Want You Hanging Around1982Produzent
WavelengthMan In The Moon1982Produzent
WavelengthThank You For The Party1982Produzent
WavelengthWin Some, Lose Some1982Produzent
WaxAlright Tonight1987Produzent
WaxAmerican English1987Produzent
WaxBuilding A Bridge To Your Heart1987Produzent
WaxHear No Evil1986Produzent
WaxIn Some Other World1987Produzent
WaxMarie Claire1986Produzent
WaxReady Or Not1987Produzent
WaxShare The Glory1987Produzent
WaxThe Promise1987Produzent
YohannaIs It True?2009Musik/Text
(Chris Neil)

Christopher Neil in der österreichischen Hitparade


Grandma's Party (Paul Nicholas)15.04.1977234
Dancing In The City (Marshall, Hain)15.09.1978620
For Your Eyes Only (Sheena Easton)15.09.1981312
Just Another Broken Heart (Sheena Easton)15.11.1981174
Machinery (Sheena Easton)15.09.1982182
A Rockin' Good Way (Shakin' Stevens & Bonnie Tyler)01.03.1984912
Holiday (The Other Ones)01.10.1987136
The Living Years (Mike + The Mechanics)15.05.1989186
Crying In The Rain (a-ha)21.10.1990178
Walking In Memphis (Cher)17.12.1995179

Die bestbewerteten Songs von Christopher Neil

In The Winter (Sheena Easton)85.38
Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground) (Mike & The Mechanics)1055.19
The Living Years (Mike + The Mechanics)1495.11
Weekend In Paris (Sheena Easton)75
Word Of Mouth (Mike & The Mechanics)964.98
For Your Eyes Only (Sheena Easton)1504.96
No One Can (Marillion)244.96
Angels Running (Cher)104.9
When You Come Back To Me (Edyta Górniak)94.89
Another Cup Of Coffee (Mike & The Mechanics)874.89
Par Avion (Mike & The Mechanics)164.88
Everybody Gets A Second Chance (Mike & The Mechanics)794.85
Where Does My Heart Beat Now (Céline Dion)654.85
All I Need Is A Miracle '96 (Mike & The Mechanics)324.84
Telephone Lines (Sheena Easton)64.83
What About The Moonlight (Cher)114.82
Promises Promises (Lisa Lois)214.81
Respire (Julien Clerc)54.8
Is It True? (Yohanna)1494.79
My Crime Of Passion (Mike & The Mechanics)134.77

Die bekanntesten Songs von Christopher Neil

Think Twice (Céline Dion)1734.72
Crying In The Rain (a-ha)1594.69
For Your Eyes Only (Sheena Easton)1504.96
The Living Years (Mike + The Mechanics)1495.11
Is It True? (Yohanna)1494.79
Over My Shoulder (Mike & The Mechanics)1484.64
Morning Train (9 To 5) (Sheena Easton)1214.51
Dancing In The City (Marshall, Hain)1214.48
All I Need Is A Miracle (Mike & The Mechanics)1114.75
Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground) (Mike & The Mechanics)1055.19
Holiday (The Other Ones)1044.68
A Rockin' Good Way (Shakin' Stevens & Bonnie Tyler)1014.22
Building A Bridge To Your Heart (Wax)994.44
Word Of Mouth (Mike & The Mechanics)964.98
Walking In Memphis (Cher)964.02
Another Cup Of Coffee (Mike & The Mechanics)874.89
Everybody Gets A Second Chance (Mike & The Mechanics)794.85
Cry Just A Little Bit (Shakin' Stevens)784.26
I Call Your Name (a-ha)714.44
Where Does My Heart Beat Now (Céline Dion)654.85
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