Dan Wilson

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Pseudonyme / Alternative Schreibweisen: Daniel Dodd Wilson
AdeleDon't You Remember2011Musik/Text
AdeleOne And Only2011Musik/Text
AdeleSomeone Like You2011Musik/Text
Alex ClareThree Hearts2014Musik/Text
Aly & AJIf I Could Have You Back2007Musik/Text
Andrew BirdAre You Serious2016Musik/Text
AquiloAlmost Over2017Musik/Text
BirdyAll About You2013Musik/Text
BirdyAll You Never Say2013Musik/Text
BirdyTee Shirt2014Musik/Text
Birdy & Jaymes YoungBest Shot2014Musik/Text
Bishop BriggsDream2017Musik/Text
(Daniel Dodd Wilson)
Brian FallonSteve McQueen2016Musik/Text
Carrie RodriguezShe Ain't Me2008Musik/Text
Chase And StatusCrawling2017Musik/Text
Chris StapletonWhen The Stars Come Out2015Musik/Text
Cold War KidsFree To Breathe2017Musik/Text
Dan Wilson & Bic RungaGood Morning Baby1999Musik/Text
Dierks BentleyHome2011Musik/Text
Dierks BentleyWhy Do I Feel2016Musik/Text
Dixie ChicksEasy Silence2006Musik/Text
Dixie ChicksLullaby2006Musik/Text
Dixie ChicksNot Ready To Make Nice2006Musik/Text
Dixie ChicksThe Long Way Around2006Musik/Text
Engelbert with Shelby LynneReal Love2014Musik/Text
FoxesDevil Side2016Musik/Text
Gabe DixonMy Favorite2011Musik/Text
Gin WigmoreIf Only2013Musik/Text
Gin WigmorePoison2013Musik/Text
Glee CastRumor Has It / Someone Like You2011Musik/Text
Harry Connick, Jr.You Have No Idea2015Musik/Text
James MorrisonIn My Dreams2011Musik/Text
James MorrisonOnce When I Was Little2008Musik/Text
James MorrisonThe Awakening2011Musik/Text
Jason MrazLove Is Still The Answer2018Musik/Text
Jason Mraz feat. James MorrisonDetails In The Fabric2008Musik/Text
John LegendYou & I (Nobody In The World)2013Musik/Text
Josh GrobanBells Of New York City2010Musik/Text
Josh GrobanHidden Away2010Musik/Text
Josh GrobanHigher Window2010Musik/Text
Josh GrobanIf I Walk Away2010Musik/Text
Josh GrobanLove Only Knows2010Musik/Text
Josh GrobanWar At Home2010Musik/Text
Josh GrobanYou Have No Idea2018Musik/Text
LeAnn RimesBorrowed2013Musik/Text
LeAnn RimesI Do Now2013Musik/Text
Leon BridgesShy2018Musik/Text
Leroy Van DykeI Would Crawl All The Way To The River1982Musik/Text
Les EnfoirésSomeone Like You2013Musik/Text
Lise DarlySomeone Like You2012Musik/Text
(Daniel Dodd Wilson)
Lucie SilvasPassionate You2006Musik/Text
Lukas GrahamYou're Not The Only One (Redemption Song)2018Musik/Text
Missy HigginsEveryone's Waiting2012Musik/Text
Missy HigginsSet Me On Fire2012Musik/Text
My Morning JacketBig Decisions2015Musik/Text
Nada SurfRushing2016Musik/Text
Nada SurfVictory's Yours2016Musik/Text
Natalie MainesFree Life2013Musik/Text
Niall HoranSince We're Alone2017Musik/Text
(Daniel Dodd Wilson)
Nica & JoeSomeone Like You2012Musik/Text
(Daniel Dodd Wilson)
Noah CyrusAlmost Famous2017Musik/Text
P!nkThe Great Escape2012Musik/Text
Paloma FaithWhen You're Gone2012Musik/Text
Panic! At The DiscoEmperor's New Clothes2016Musik/Text
PhantogramCalling All2016Musik/Text
PhantogramCruel World2016Musik/Text
PhantogramFuneral Pyre2016Musik/Text
PhantogramRun Run Blood2016Musik/Text
PhantogramSame Old Blues2016Musik/Text
PhantogramYou Don't Get Me High Anymore2016Musik/Text
PhantogramYou're Mine2016Musik/Text
Preservation Hall Jazz BandI Think I Love You2013Musik/Text
Preservation Hall Jazz BandOne Hundred Fires2017Musik/Text
Preservation Hall Jazz BandRattlin' Bones2013Musik/Text
Rachael YamagataI Want You2004Musik/Text
Rae MorrisUnguarded2015Musik/Text
Richard ClaydermanSomeone Like You2013Musik/Text
Sara WatkinsLike New Year's Day2016Musik/Text
Sara WatkinsSay So2016Musik/Text
Sara WatkinsWhen It Pleases You2012Musik/Text
SemisonicAcross The Great Divide1996Musik/Text
SemisonicBrand New Baby1996Musik/Text
SemisonicClosing Time1998Musik/Text
SemisonicDown In Flames1996Musik/Text
SemisonicGone To The Movies1998Musik/Text
SemisonicIf I Run1996Musik/Text
SemisonicI'll Feel For You1996Musik/Text
SemisonicIn Another Life1996Musik/Text
SemisonicNo One Else1996Musik/Text
SemisonicOne True Love2001Musik/Text
SemisonicSecret Smile1998Musik/Text
SemisonicThe Prize1996Musik/Text
Steve PerryNo More Cryin'2018Musik/Text
Tale Of VoicesSomeone Like You2012Musik/Text
(Daniel Dodd Wilson)
Taylor SwiftCome Back... Be Here2012Musik/Text
Taylor SwiftTreacherous2012Musik/Text
The BraveryOurs2010Musik/Text
The Head And The HeartTurn It Around2016Musik/Text
The Secret SistersIuka2014Musik/Text
Vance JoyAlone With Me.2018Musik/Text
Vance JoyLike Gold2017Musik/Text
Vance JoyWe're Going Home.2018Musik/Text
Walk Off The EarthSomeone Like You2011Musik/Text
WeezerCalifornia Kids2016Musik/Text
WeezerRuling Me2010Musik/Text

Dan Wilson in der österreichischen Hitparade


Someone Like You (Adele)14.10.2011236

Die bestbewerteten Songs von Dan Wilson

Not Ready To Make Nice (Dixie Chicks)1124.81
Good Morning Baby (Dan Wilson & Bic Runga)104.8
One And Only (Adele)584.78
Hidden Away (Josh Groban)84.75
You & I (Nobody In The World) (John Legend)154.73
Maybe (Birdy)194.68
Higher Window (Josh Groban)54.6
Love Is Still The Answer (Jason Mraz)54.6
Devil Side (Foxes)54.6
All You Never Say (Birdy)174.59
Like Gold (Vance Joy)74.57
Easy Silence (Dixie Chicks)264.54
Someone Like You (Adele)2964.54
Tee Shirt (Birdy)84.5
Ruling Me (Weezer)64.5
The Great Escape (P!nk)294.48
Home (Dierks Bentley)114.45
Big Decisions (My Morning Jacket)74.43
Dream (Bishop Briggs)74.43
All About You (Birdy)194.42

Die bekanntesten Songs von Dan Wilson

Someone Like You (Adele)2964.54
Not Ready To Make Nice (Dixie Chicks)1124.81
Don't You Remember (Adele)674.4
One And Only (Adele)584.78
Closing Time (Semisonic)564.36
The Long Way Around (Dixie Chicks)314.29
The Great Escape (P!nk)294.48
Easy Silence (Dixie Chicks)264.54
Rumor Has It / Someone Like You (Glee Cast)213.81
Lullaby (Dixie Chicks)203.95
Maybe (Birdy)194.68
All About You (Birdy)194.42
Secret Smile (Semisonic)184.22
Treacherous (Taylor Swift)184.06
All You Never Say (Birdy)174.59
Once When I Was Little (James Morrison)164.31
You & I (Nobody In The World) (John Legend)154.73
Everyone's Waiting (Missy Higgins)153.8
We're Going Home. (Vance Joy)134.08
Details In The Fabric (Jason Mraz feat. James Morrison)123.33
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