Dennis Lambert

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5 StarRead Between The Lines1987Produzent
5 StarSomewhere Somebody1987Produzent
5 StarStrong As Steel1987Produzent
5 StarWhenever You're Ready1987Produzent
Addrisi BrothersSomebody Found Her (Before I Lost Her)1973Musik/Text
Barry ManilowAvenue C1974Musik/Text
Barry MannJennifer1976Produzent
Barry MannThe Princess And The Punk1976Produzent
Bernadette [DE 1970s]Mr. Monday [deutsch]1970Musik/Text
Big Sean feat. Lil Wayne & Jhené AikoBeware2013Musik/Text
Birthe KjærNår soldater er på vej1972Musik/Text
BloodstoneIt's All Been Said Before1978Musik/Text
Blue SwedeI Didn't Sing (In The New York Subway)1975Musik/Text
Bucky Dee James & The Nashville ExplosionCountry Boy (You Got Your Feet in L.A.)1977Musik/Text
Christopher CrossBeen There, Done That1994Produzent
Christopher CrossOpen Up My Window1994Produzent
Cliff RichardCan't Keep This Feeling In1998Musik/Text
CommodoresAnimal Instinct1984Produzent
CommodoresCan't Dance All Night1986Produzent
CommodoresGoin' To The Bank1986Musik/Text
CommodoresI Keep Running1984Produzent
CommodoresI Wanna Rock You1986Produzent
CommodoresLand Of The Dreamer1986Musik/Text
CommodoresLay Back1984Musik/Text
CommodoresLet's Apologize1986Produzent
CommodoresLightin' Up The Night1984Produzent
CommodoresPlay This Record Twice1984Produzent
CommodoresSerious Love1986Produzent
CommodoresSlip Of The Tongue1984Produzent
CommodoresTake It From Me1986Musik/Text
CommodoresTalk To Me1986Produzent
CommodoresThe Woman In My Life1984Produzent
CommodoresUnited In Love1986Produzent
CommodoresYou're The Only Woman I Need1986Produzent
Conway TwittyIt's A Cryin' Shame1972Musik/Text
CovenOne Tin Soldier (The Legend Of Billy Jack)1971Musik/Text
Craig ScottC'est la vie1972Musik/Text
CunninghamCross My Mind1974Musik/Text
CunninghamNorma Jean Wants To Be A Movie Star1974Produzent
David CassidyOnce A Fool1979Musik/Text
Dennis Edwards(You're My) Aphrodisiac1984Musik/Text
Dennis EdwardsAmanda1985Musik/Text
Dennis EdwardsAnother Place In Time1984Produzent
Dennis EdwardsBreakin' Loose1985Produzent
Dennis EdwardsCan't Fight It1984Produzent
Dennis EdwardsCoolin' Out1985Musik/Text
Dennis EdwardsDon't Look Any Further1984Musik/Text
Dennis EdwardsGivin' So Much1985Musik/Text
Dennis EdwardsI Thought I Could Handle It1984Musik/Text
Dennis EdwardsI'm Up For You1984Produzent
Dennis EdwardsJust Like You1984Produzent
Dennis EdwardsLet's Go Up1984Produzent
Dennis EdwardsNo Such Thing1985Musik/Text
Dennis EdwardsShake Hands (Come Out Dancin')1984Musik/Text
Dennis EdwardsState Of Limbo1985Musik/Text
Dennis EdwardsTry A Little Tenderness1985Produzent
Dennis EdwardsWrap You1985Produzent
Dennis Edwards & Thelma HoustonWhy Do People Fall In Love1985Musik/Text
Dennis Edwards feat. Siedah GarrettDon't Look Any Further1984Musik/Text
Dionne WarwickKeepin' My Head Above Water1977Musik/Text
Dionne WarwickWalk Away1989Produzent
DJ Tom, Stephen & Sam Pling pres. StarshipWe Built This City2002Musik/Text
Donny & Marie OsmondIt's All Been Said Before1976Musik/Text
Down LowDon't Look Any Further1997Musik/Text
Dusty SpringfieldEasy Evil1973Produzent
Dusty SpringfieldLearn To Say Goodbye1973Produzent
Dusty SpringfieldMama's Little Girl1973Produzent
Dusty SpringfieldOf All The Things1973Musik/Text
Dusty SpringfieldWho Gets Your Love1973Musik/Text
Ed AmesOne Tin Soldier1972Musik/Text
Elaine PaigeFrom A Distance1991Produzent
Elaine PaigeHeart Don't Change My Mind1991Produzent
Elaine PaigeWell Almost1991Produzent
Elaine PaigeYou Don't Own Me1991Produzent
Evie SandsI Love Makin' Love To You1975Produzent
Evie SandsOne Thing On My Mind1975Produzent
Freda PayneYou Brought The Woman Out Of Me1975Musik/Text
Freddie & The DreamersDo The Freddie1965Musik/Text
Gary PuckettI Can't Hold On1971Musik/Text
Gayle McCormickC'est la vie1972Musik/Text
Gayle McCormickGonna Be Alright Now1971Musik/Text
Gayle McCormickIf Only You Believe1971Musik/Text
Gayle McCormickIt's A Cryin' Shame1971Musik/Text
Gayle McCormickSave Me1971Musik/Text
Gayle McCormickYou Really Got A Hold On Me1972Produzent
Gene ReddingThis Heart1973Musik/Text
Gene ReddingWhat Do I Do On Sunday Morning?1973Musik/Text
George BensonEverybody Does It1988Produzent
George BensonGood Habit1988Musik/Text
Glen CampbellBaby, Don't Be Givin' Me Up1976Musik/Text
Glen CampbellBloodline1976Produzent
Glen CampbellChristian No1976Produzent
Glen CampbellComeback1975Musik/Text
Glen CampbellCount On Me1975Musik/Text
Glen CampbellCountry Boy (You Got Your Feet In L.A.)1975Musik/Text
Glen CampbellDon't Pull Your Love / Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye1976Musik/Text
Glen CampbellEverytime I Sing A Love Song1976Produzent
Glen CampbellI Got Love For You Ruby1976Produzent
Glen CampbellI Miss You Tonight1975Musik/Text
Glen CampbellI'd Build A Bridge1975Produzent
Glen CampbellLay Me Down (Roll Me Out To Sea)1976Produzent
Glen CampbellMarie1970Produzent
Glen CampbellMy Girl1975Produzent
Glen CampbellPencils For Sale1975Produzent
Glen CampbellRecord Collector's Dream1975Produzent
Glen CampbellRhinestone Cowboy1975Produzent
Glen CampbellSan Francisco Is A Lonely Town1976Produzent
Glen CampbellSee You On Sunday1976Musik/Text
Glen CampbellThe Bottom Line1976Musik/Text
Glen CampbellWe're Over1975Produzent
Grace KennedyYou Can't Dress Up A Broken Heart1979Musik/Text
Gracie RiveraBaby Don't Be Given Me Up1978Musik/Text
Gro Anita SchønnDet tapte paradis1972Musik/Text
G's IncorporatedOn The Nightshift1998Musik/Text
Guys 'N' DollsDon't Pull Your Love1976Musik/Text
Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsAin't No Woman (Like The One I Got)1972Musik/Text
Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsC'est la vie1972Musik/Text
Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsDaisy Mae1971Musik/Text
Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsDon't Be Afraid Of The World1972Musik/Text
Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsDon't Pull Your Love1971Musik/Text
Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsGoing Down1971Musik/Text
Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsHalfway Symphony1972Musik/Text
Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsLike Monday Follows Sunday1972Musik/Text
Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsLong Road1971Musik/Text
Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsOn The Other Hand1972Musik/Text
Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsOne Good Woman1972Musik/Text
HeartYou Ain't So Tough1987Musik/Text
HindDon't Look Any Further2003Musik/Text
HotIf That's The Way You Want It1978Musik/Text
HotYou Brought The Woman Out Of Me1977Musik/Text
Jack JonesIf That's The Way You Want It1975Musik/Text
Jay-Z feat. Foxy BrownAin't No Nigga1996Musik/Text
Jennifer LopezHold It, Don't Drop It2007Musik/Text
Jerry ButlerI Dig You Baby1967Musik/Text
Jimmy HelmsDon't Pull Your Love1975Musik/Text
John Henry KurtzOne Tin Soldier1973Musik/Text
John RowlesA Time For Love1970Musik/Text
John RowlesCome On Back And Get It1970Musik/Text
John RowlesIn The Name Of Heaven1970Musik/Text
John RowlesTime For Love1970Musik/Text
Johnny PateAleme Finds Shaft1973Produzent
Johnny PateAleme's Theme1973Produzent
Johnny PateEl Jardia1973Produzent
Johnny PateHeadman1973Produzent
Johnny PateJazar's Theme1973Produzent
Johnny PateShaft In Africa1973Produzent
Johnny PateTruck Stop1973Produzent
Johnny PateYou Can't Even Walk In The Park1973Produzent
Jonathan KingIt Only Takes A Minute1976Musik/Text
Judy LynnPour Me A Little More Wine1973Musik/Text
Justin HaywardSomtimes Less Is More1996Musik/Text
KamahlLook In My Eyes Pretty Woman1975Musik/Text
Karen Young [UK]One Tin Soldier1970Musik/Text
Kenny LogginsNobody's Fool1988Produzent
Kiki DeeC'est bien mieux, Baby1966Musik/Text
Kiki DeeI Dig You Baby1966Musik/Text
Kiki DeeOnce A Fool1975Musik/Text
Lee TowersNightshift2000Musik/Text
Leif GarrettOnce A Fool1978Musik/Text
Linda GeorgeMamas Little Girl1974Musik/Text
Little River BandI Dream Alone1990Produzent
Little River BandIf I Get Lucky1990Produzent
Little River BandThe One That Got Away1990Produzent
Little River BandThere's Not Another You1990Produzent
M PeopleDon't Look Any Further1993Musik/Text
Margie JosephWho Gets Your Love1975Musik/Text
Margo ThunderMama You're All Right With Me1974Musik/Text
Margo ThunderThe Soul Of A Woman1974Musik/Text
Mario BiondiNightshift2016Musik/Text
Martin MannKüssen am hellichten Tag1975Musik/Text
Maureen McGovernPut A Little Love Away1974Musik/Text
Me First And The Gimme GimmesOne Tin Soldier1997Musik/Text
Meli'sa MorganDeeper Love1986Produzent
Mike KennedyForgive And Forget1972Musik/Text
Mike KennedyGeorgia (Didn't Give Me No Goodnight Kissin')1972Musik/Text
Mike KennedyI Can't Hold On1972Musik/Text
Mike KennedyLook In My Eyes Pretty Woman1972Musik/Text
Mike KennedyMore Than Just A Woman1972Musik/Text
Mike KennedyNaked In The Cradle1972Musik/Text
Natalie ColeGood To Be Back1989Produzent
Natalie ColeI Live For Your Love1987Produzent
Natalie ColePink Cadillac1987Produzent
Natalie ColeRest Of The Night1989Produzent
Natalie ColeSafe1989Produzent
Natalie ColeThe Urge To Merge1987Produzent
Natalie ColeUrge To Merge1989Musik/Text
One Hundred Ton And A FeatherIt Only Takes A Minute1976Musik/Text
Paul Davis(It Takes) Two To Tango1984Musik/Text
Paul Revere & The RaidersYour Love (Is The Only Love)1975Musik/Text
PeopleOne Chain Don't Make No Prison1970Musik/Text
Peter HofmannNightshift1998Musik/Text
Phill EdwardsDon't Look Any Further1989Musik/Text
PlayerBaby Come Back1977Produzent
PlayerBorn To Be With You1981Produzent
PlayerCome On Out1977Produzent
PlayerEvery Which Way1977Produzent
PlayerGoodbye (That's All I Ever Heard)1977Produzent
PlayerI Just Wanna Be With You1978Produzent
PlayerI'd rather Be Gone1981Produzent
PlayerIf Looks Could Kill1981Produzent
PlayerIn Like Flynn1981Produzent
PlayerIt Only Hurts When I Breathe1981Produzent
PlayerI've Been Thinkin'1978Produzent
PlayerJoin In The Dance1978Produzent
PlayerLet Me Down Easy1978Produzent
PlayerLove In A Danger Zone1978Produzent
PlayerLove Is Where You Find It1977Produzent
PlayerMovin' Up1977Produzent
PlayerMy Mind's Made Up1981Produzent
PlayerMy Survival1981Produzent
PlayerPrisoner Of Your Love1978Produzent
PlayerSilver Lining1978Produzent
PlayerSome Things Are Better Left Unsaid1981Produzent
PlayerTake Me Back1981Produzent
PlayerThank You For The Use Of Your Love1981Produzent
PlayerThis Time I'm In It For Love1977Produzent
PlayerTryin' To Write A Hit Song1977Produzent
PlayerWait Until Tomorrow1978Produzent
RaidersLove Music1972Musik/Text
Rare EarthLove Music1978Musik/Text
Real LifeRescue Me1990Musik/Text
RiffMy Heart Is Failing Me1991Produzent
Ronnie BirdFais attention!1964Musik/Text
Russell Brand and Catherine Zeta-JonesWe Built This City / We're Not Gonna Take It2012Musik/Text
Ruth Pointer And Billy VeraEnemies Like You And Me1988Produzent
Sam & DaveDon't Pull Your Love1971Musik/Text
SantanaDealer/Spanish Rose1978Produzent
SantanaLife Is A Lady/Holiday1978Musik/Text
SantanaMove On1978Produzent
SantanaOne Chain (Don't Make No Prison)1978Musik/Text
SantanaOpen Invitation1978Musik/Text
SantanaThe Facts Of Love1978Musik/Text
SantanaWell All Right1978Produzent
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77Love Music1973Musik/Text
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77Put A Little Love Away1973Musik/Text
SkylarkIf That's The Way You Want It1973Musik/Text
Smokey RobinsonEverything You Touch1990Produzent
Smokey RobinsonNo Time To Stop Believing1986Produzent
Smokey RobinsonPhotography In My Mind1986Produzent
Smokey RobinsonTake Me Through The Night1990Produzent
StarshipWe Built This City1984Musik/Text
Stephanie De SykesIt's A Crying Shame1975Musik/Text
SurvivorMoment Of Truth1984Musik/Text
Sylvia VrethammarThe Sweet Life1973Musik/Text
Take ThatIt Only Takes A Minute1992Musik/Text
TavaresFool's Hall Of Fame1975Produzent
TavaresFree Ride1975Produzent
TavaresHard Core Poerty1974Musik/Text
TavaresI Hope She Choose Me1975Produzent
TavaresIf That's The Way You Want It1973Musik/Text
TavaresIn The City1975Produzent
TavaresIn The Eyes Of Love1975Musik/Text
TavaresIt Only Takes A Minute1975Musik/Text
TavaresLeave It Up To The Lady1974Musik/Text
TavaresMama's Litle Girl1973Musik/Text
TavaresMy Ship1974Musik/Text
TavaresNothing You Can Do1975Produzent
TavaresReady, Willing And Able1975Musik/Text
TavaresRemember What I Told You To Forget1974Musik/Text
TavaresShe's Gone1974Produzent
TavaresSomeone To Go Home To1974Musik/Text
TavaresThe Love I Never Had1975Musik/Text
TavaresTo Love You1974Musik/Text
TavaresToo Late1974Musik/Text
TavaresWe Fit To A Tee1975Produzent
TavaresWhat You Don't Know1974Musik/Text
The 5th DimensionAshes To Ashes1973Musik/Text
The 5th DimensionHard Core Poetry1974Musik/Text
The Doobie BrothersOne Chain (Don't Make No Prison)1989Musik/Text
The EmotionsPut A Little Love Away1974Musik/Text
The Five StairstepsI Love You - Stop1971Musik/Text
The Four Tops(I Think I Must Be) Dreaming1972Musik/Text
The Four TopsAin't No Woman (Like The One I Got)1972Musik/Text
The Four TopsAll My Love1974Produzent
The Four TopsAm I My Brother's Keeper1973Produzent
The Four TopsAre You Man Enough1973Musik/Text
The Four TopsI Found The Spirit1974Produzent
The Four TopsI Just Can't Get You Out Of My Mind1973Musik/Text
The Four TopsIt Won't Be The First Time1973Musik/Text
The Four TopsJubilee With Soul1972Produzent
The Four TopsKeeper Of The Castle1972Musik/Text
The Four TopsLove Ain't Easy To Come By1974Musik/Text
The Four TopsLove Makes You Human1972Produzent
The Four TopsLove Music1972Musik/Text
The Four TopsMain Street People1973Musik/Text
The Four TopsMama, You're All Right With Me1975Musik/Text
The Four TopsMeeting Of The Minds1974Musik/Text
The Four TopsMidnight Flower1974Produzent
The Four TopsNo Sad Songs1974Produzent
The Four TopsOne Chain Don't Make No Prison1974Musik/Text
The Four TopsOne Woman Man1973Produzent
The Four TopsPeace Of Mind1973Produzent
The Four TopsPut A Little Love Away1972Musik/Text
The Four TopsRemember What I Told You To Forget1972Musik/Text
The Four TopsRight On Brothers1974Musik/Text
The Four TopsSweet Understanding Love1973Produzent
The Four TopsTell Me You Love Me1974Produzent
The Four TopsThe Good Lord Knows1972Produzent
The Four TopsThe Well Is Dry1974Musik/Text
The Four TopsToo Little, Too Late1973Musik/Text
The Four TopsTurn On The Light Of Your Love1972Produzent
The Four TopsWhen Tonight Meets Tomorrow1972Produzent
The Four TopsWhenever There's Blue1973Musik/Text
The Free MovementIf Only You Believe1972Musik/Text
The Friends Of DistinctionAin't No Woman1973Musik/Text
The Grass RootsAin't No Way To Go Home1973Produzent
The Grass RootsAnyway The Wind Blows1971Musik/Text
The Grass RootsBallad Of Billy Joe1973Produzent
The Grass RootsClaudia1973Produzent
The Grass RootsGlory Bound1971Musik/Text
The Grass RootsI Wanna Slow Dance Again1975Produzent
The Grass RootsIt's A Crying Shame1975Musik/Text
The Grass RootsJust A Little Tear1973Produzent
The Grass RootsLittle Bit Of Love1973Produzent
The Grass RootsLook But Don't Touch1973Produzent
The Grass RootsLove Is What You Make It1972Produzent
The Grass RootsMamacita1975Produzent
The Grass RootsNaked Man1975Produzent
The Grass RootsNothing Good Comes Easy1975Produzent
The Grass RootsOptical Illusion1975Musik/Text
The Grass RootsOut In The Open1975Musik/Text
The Grass RootsOut Of This World1969Musik/Text
The Grass RootsPick Up Your Feet1973Produzent
The Grass RootsSomething About You1975Produzent
The Grass RootsThe Last Time Around1975Produzent
The Grass RootsThe Runway1971Musik/Text
The Grass RootsTwo Divided By Love1971Musik/Text
The Grass RootsUp On The Roof1975Produzent
The Grass RootsWe Almost Made It Together1973Produzent
The Grass RootsWhere There's Smoke, There's Fire1973Musik/Text
The Grass RootsYou’ve Got To Bend With The Breeze1973Produzent
The JaggerzLove Music1975Musik/Text
The Kane GangDon't Look Any Further1988Musik/Text
The LettermenDon't Pull Your Love1971Musik/Text
The LettermenIf1971Musik/Text
The Nashville TeensFind My Way Back Home1964Musik/Text
The Oak Ridge BoysDream On1979Musik/Text
The Original CasteA Picture Of Bob Dylan1969Musik/Text
The Original CasteCountry Song1969Produzent
The Original CasteHighway1969Produzent
The Original CasteLeaving It All Behind1969Musik/Text
The Original CasteLive For Tomorrow1969Musik/Text
The Original CasteMr. Monday1969Musik/Text
The Original CasteNothing Can Touch Me1969Musik/Text
The Original CasteOne Tin Soldier1969Musik/Text
The Original CasteSweet Chicago1969Produzent
The Original CasteWatch The Children1969Musik/Text
The OsmondsSomeone To Go Home To1975Musik/Text
The RattlesWe Built This City Musik/Text
The Righteous BrothersDream On1974Musik/Text
The Righteous BrothersGive It To The People1974Musik/Text
The Righteous BrothersI Just Wanna Be Me1974Musik/Text
The Righteous BrothersRock And Roll Heaven1974Produzent
The Righteous BrothersSubstitute1975Produzent
The Righteous BrothersYoung Blood1975Produzent
The SupremesIt's All Been Said Before1975Musik/Text
The TemptationsA Fine Mess1986Musik/Text
The TemptationsBring Your Body Here1983Produzent
The TemptationsLove On My Mind Tonight1983Musik/Text
The TemptationsMade In America1983Produzent
The TemptationsMessage To The World1986Musik/Text
The TemptationsOne Man Woman1983Musik/Text
The TemptationsShow Me Your Love1983Produzent
The TemptationsSurface Thrills1983Musik/Text
The TemptationsThe Seeker1983Musik/Text
The TemptationsWhat A Way To Put It1983Produzent
Thelma HoustonGenerate Love1984Musik/Text
Thelma HoustonLove Is A Dangerous Game1984Musik/Text
Thomas BenderIm Paradies meiner Träume1975Musik/Text
Tony BennettWhy Do People Fall In Love1986Musik/Text
Tony Orlando & DawnLook In My Eyes Pretty Woman1974Musik/Text
Tony ShermanFunny You Should Say That1974Musik/Text
Winston GroovyNightshift1985Musik/Text
Ziggy Marley And The Melody MakersGive A Little Love1986Produzent

Dennis Lambert in der österreichischen Hitparade


Nightshift (Commodores)01.04.1985414
We Built This City (Starship)01.02.1986216
Pink Cadillac (Natalie Cole)01.07.19881112
Don't Look Any Further (M People)16.01.1994256

Die bestbewerteten Songs von Dennis Lambert

Don't Look Any Further (The Kane Gang)75.14
Rhinestone Cowboy (Glen Campbell)995.13
Don't Look Any Further (Dennis Edwards feat. Siedah Garrett)524.9
Don't Look Any Further (Dennis Edwards)184.83
Life Is A Lady/Holiday (Santana)84.75
Well All Right (Santana)274.67
It Only Takes A Minute (One Hundred Ton And A Feather)84.62
Don't Pull Your Love (Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds)214.62
Nightshift (Commodores)1444.62
One Tin Soldier (The Original Caste)54.6
Dealer/Spanish Rose (Santana)54.6
Give A Little Love (Ziggy Marley And The Melody Makers)74.57
Don't Look Any Further (Phill Edwards)74.57
Don't Look Any Further (M People)884.56
Are You Man Enough (The Four Tops)134.54
She's Gone (Tavares)104.5
Give It To The People (The Righteous Brothers)64.5
Nightshift (Winston Groovy)154.47
Baby Come Back (Player)434.47
Rock And Roll Heaven (The Righteous Brothers)134.46

Die bekanntesten Songs von Dennis Lambert

We Built This City (Starship)1914.31
Nightshift (Commodores)1444.62
Pink Cadillac (Natalie Cole)1053.84
Rhinestone Cowboy (Glen Campbell)995.13
Don't Look Any Further (M People)884.56
Don't Look Any Further (Dennis Edwards feat. Siedah Garrett)524.9
Hold It, Don't Drop It (Jennifer Lopez)523.83
Baby Come Back (Player)434.47
Whenever You're Ready (5 Star)333.85
It Only Takes A Minute (Take That)333.52
It Only Takes A Minute (Tavares)314.42
Norma Jean Wants To Be A Movie Star (Cunningham)314.32
Well All Right (Santana)274.67
Goin' To The Bank (Commodores)253.48
Don't Pull Your Love (Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds)214.62
Stormy (Santana)204.15
Animal Instinct (Commodores)194.05
Don't Look Any Further (Dennis Edwards)184.83
Country Boy (You Got Your Feet In L.A.) (Glen Campbell)184.28
Moment Of Truth (Survivor)174.12
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