Ellie Greenwich

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Pseudonyme / Alternative Schreibweisen: Ally Greenwich, Eleanor Greenwich, Elly Greenwich
4-XangThe Doo Run Run1998Musik/Text
À La CarteDo Wah Diddy Diddy1979Musik/Text
À La CarteThe Hit Mix 19981998Musik/Text
A La Carte feat. Jojo MaxDo Wah Diddy Diddy '991999Musik/Text
Aaron NevilleBe My Baby2013Musik/Text
Albert & RichardDa dou ron ron1964Musik/Text
Alyssa MilanoBe My Baby / Tell Me That You Love Me - Medley1989Musik/Text
Alyssa MilanoDa Doo Ron Ron / Magic In Your Eyes Medley1989Musik/Text
Ambros SeelosKali Nichta / Da Doo Ron Ron / Bye, Bye Fräulein1977Musik/Text
Andreas HaasBaby, I Love You1983Musik/Text
Andrew GoldDo Wah Diddy1976Musik/Text
Andy KimBaby, I Love You1969Musik/Text
Andy KimBe My Baby1970Musik/Text
Anita HarrisRiver Deep, Mountain High1969Musik/Text
Anna BookBe My Baby2006Musik/Text
Anny & JoséBe My Baby2009Musik/Text
Antonia aus TirolBe My Baby2014Musik/Text
Ask For FrankyHanky Panky1988Musik/Text
B. SharpChristmas (Baby, Please Come Home)1984Musik/Text
Bad Boys BlueBaby, I Love You1986Musik/Text
BarbarellaThen He Kissed Me1990Musik/Text
Bay City RollersBe My Baby1974Musik/Text
Bernadette OffenbachBaby, I Love You1973Musik/Text
Bernhard BrinkWo steht das geschrieben?1972Musik/Text
Bernie Paul & Bo AndersenBe My Baby1989Musik/Text
BerriThe Sunshine After The Rain1994Musik/Text
Berry SarluisRock Bottom / Da Doo Ron Ron / When1977Musik/Text
Bette MidlerBe My Baby2014Musik/Text
Bette MidlerChapel Of Love1972Musik/Text
Bette MidlerLeader Of The Pack1972Musik/Text
Bette MidlerUptown / Don't Say Nothin' Bad (About My Baby) / Da Doo Run Run1973Musik/Text
Billie DavisThat Boy John1964Musik/Text
Billy J. Kramer With The DakotasDa Doo Ron Ron1963Musik/Text
Black LaceDoo Wah Diddy Diddy1985Musik/Text
BlondieOut In The Streets1998Musik/Text
Blue MelonsDo Wah Diddy Diddy (The Wiggle Mix)1996Musik/Text
Bo Donaldson & The HeywoodsDa Doo Ron Ron1972Musik/Text
Bob B. Soxx And The Blue JeansNot Too Young To Get Married1963Musik/Text
Bob B. Soxx And The Blue JeansWhy Do Lovers Break Each Other's Hearts?1962Musik/Text
Bob Seger SystemRiver Deep - Mountain High1970Musik/Text
Brian Poole And The TremeloesDa Doo Ron Ron1963Musik/Text
Browning BryantOne Time In A Million1970Musik/Text
Camille LouComme aujourd'hui2017Musik/Text
(Eleanor Greenwich)
Camille LouVous les copains2017Musik/Text
(Eleanor Greenwich)
CarpentersDa Doo Ron Ron (When He Walked Me Home)1973Musik/Text
Cathy CarrollBut You Lied1962Musik/Text
Céline DionRiver Deep, Mountain High1996Musik/Text
CherBaby, I Love You1974Musik/Text
Chris NormanBe My Baby2011Musik/Text
Chris YoungChristmas (Baby Please Come Home)2016Musik/Text
Christine QuaiteHere She Comes1964Musik/Text
Cissy HoustonBe My Baby1970Musik/Text
Claes DiedenDa Doo Ron Ron1968Musik/Text
ClambakeRiver Deep Mountain High1973Musik/Text
Claude FrançoisCombien de rivières1971Musik/Text
Cocktail BandE Uhr an an...1993Musik/Text
Conway TwittyShe Ain't No Angel1963Musik/Text
Crossover SeppDo Wah Diddy Diddy2001Musik/Text
Cyndi LauperRight Track Wrong Train1983Musik/Text
Cynthia ClayI Can Hear Music1974Musik/Text
Darlene Love(Today I Met) The Boy I'm Gonna Marry1962Musik/Text
Darlene LoveA Fine, Fine Boy1963Musik/Text
Darlene LoveChristmas (Baby Please Come Home)1963Musik/Text
Darlene LoveRiver Deep, Mountain High2015Musik/Text
Darlene LoveRun Run Runaway1963Musik/Text
Darlene LoveWait Till My Bobby Gets Home1963Musik/Text
Dave EdmundsBaby I Love You1972Musik/Text
Dave EdmundsDa Doo Ron Ron1974Musik/Text
De HeideroosjesDa Doo Ron Ron1994Musik/Text
Debbie ByrneDa Doo Ron Ron1974Musik/Text
Deep PurpleListen, Learn, Read On1968Musik/Text
Deep PurpleRiver Deep - Mountain High1968Musik/Text
Dennie ChristianBaby, I Love You1973Musik/Text
Dick RiversLa fille dont je rêvais1964Musik/Text
Die FlippersSei mein Baby1996Musik/Text
Die TornadosDa Doo Ron Ron1964Musik/Text
DJ ÖtziDo Wah Diddy2001Musik/Text
Dolly DotsDo Wah Diddy Diddy1982Musik/Text
Dolly DotsDolly Dots Megamix1993Musik/Text
Dominique Blanc-Francard / Les ReinettesBe My Baby2016Musik/Text
Duane EddyBorn To Be With You1962Musik/Text
Dusty SpringfieldWhat Good Is I Love You?1971Musik/Text
EbonyThen He Kissed Me1978Musik/Text
Eddie MoneyTake Me Home Tonight1986Musik/Text
Elkie BrooksSunshine After The Rain1977Musik/Text
Ellen FoleyBoys In The Attic1983Musik/Text
Ellen FoleyRun For My Life1983Musik/Text
Ellie GreenwichA Long Time A-Comin1968Musik/Text
Ellie GreenwichA Long Time A-Comin'1968Musik/Text
Ellie GreenwichAin't That Peculiar1970Produzent
Ellie GreenwichBaby Baby Baby1968Musik/Text
Ellie GreenwichBeautiful People1968Produzent
Ellie GreenwichGoodnight, Goodnight (What's So Good About It?)1967Musik/Text
Ellie GreenwichI Don't Wanna Be Left Outside1970Musik/Text
Ellie GreenwichI'll Never Need More Than This1968Musik/Text
Ellie GreenwichNiki Hoeky1968Produzent
Ellie GreenwichOh How Happy1968Produzent
Ellie GreenwichThe Letter1968Produzent
Ellie GreenwichThe Sunshine After The Rain1968Musik/Text
Enigma [UK]Summer Groovin'1981Musik/Text
ErasureRiver Deep Mountain High1988Musik/Text
Eric BurdonBe My Baby1995Musik/Text
Eric Burdon & The AnimalsRiver Deep, Mountain High1967Musik/Text
Erma FranklinBaby I Love You1969Musik/Text
Frank AlamoDa doo ron ron1964Musik/Text
Frank AlamoLe chef de la bande1965Musik/Text
Frank AlamoReviens vite et oublie1963Musik/Text
Fred KarmanBaby I Love You1970Musik/Text
Fun FactoryDoh Wah Diddy1995Musik/Text
Gary GlitterBe My Baby1982Musik/Text
Gary GlitterThen She Kissed Me1981Musik/Text
Gene CottonBe My Baby1968Musik/Text
Gene PitneyKeep Tellin' Yourself1963Musik/Text
Glee CastRiver Deep, Mountain High2010Musik/Text
Graham BonnetBe My Baby1981Musik/Text
Grant & ForsythThe Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore-Be My Baby1988Musik/Text
Guys 'N' DollsRiver Deep, Mountain High1975Musik/Text
Hanny-DDa Doo Ron Ron2011Musik/Text
Hanny-DDoo Wah Diddy2011Musik/Text
HansonChristmas (Baby Please Come Home)1997Musik/Text
Helena LemkovitchReviens vite et oublie Musik/Text
HelloThen She Kissed Me1976Musik/Text
Herbie MannDo Wah Diddy Diddy1966Musik/Text
Herman Brood & His Wild RomanceKissed Me1982Musik/Text
Herman Brood & His Wild RomanceThen She Kissed Me1985Musik/Text
Holly And The ItaliansChapel Of Love1979Musik/Text
HoundsDo Wah Diddy Diddy1979Musik/Text
Howard CarpendaleDa Doo Ron Ron1977Musik/Text
Hush!Da Doo Ron Ron1977Musik/Text
Ian MatthewsDa Doo Ron Ron (When He Walked Me Home)1972Musik/Text
Ike & Tina TurnerHold On Baby1966Musik/Text
Ike & Tina TurnerI'll Never Need More Than This1966Musik/Text
Ike & Tina TurnerRiver Deep - Mountain High1966Musik/Text
Ike & Tina TurnerRiver Deep - Mountain High 19741973Musik/Text
Iva ZanicchiLe montagne (Ci amiamo troppo)1966Musik/Text
Jason DonovanBe My Baby2008Musik/Text
Jay & The AmericansFriday1964Musik/Text
Jimi HendrixBe My Baby1966Musik/Text
Jimmy BarnesRiver Deep Mountain High1991Musik/Text
Jive BunnySwing The 60s1991Musik/Text
Jive Bunny & The MastermixersHopping Mad1989Musik/Text
Joan Collins Fan ClubLeader Of The Pack1988Musik/Text
JocelyneIl a tout pour lui1964Musik/Text
(Eleanor Greenwich)
Jody MillerBe My Baby1972Musik/Text
Jody MillerManhattan, Kansas1972Musik/Text
John O'Hara And His New PlayboysDo Wah Diddy Diddy1965Musik/Text
Johnny HallydayDa dou ron ron1963Musik/Text
Jørgen Krabbenhøft & BandDa Doo Ron Ron1976Musik/Text
José [NL]I Can Hear Music1983Musik/Text
Karen KamonDa Doo Ron Ron1984Musik/Text
KarinaTú seras mi baby1974Musik/Text
Katja LukinLiian monta päivää2014Musik/Text
Kelly MarieRiver Deep, Mountain High2000Musik/Text
KISSThen She Kissed Me1977Musik/Text
KT TunstallChristmas (Baby Please Come Home)2007Musik/Text
Lady AntebellumChristmas (Baby Please Come Home)2012Musik/Text
Lani HallSunshine After The Rain1979Musik/Text
Larry LurexI Can Hear Music1973Musik/Text
Lena ZavaroniRiver Deep, Mountain High1973Musik/Text
Leona LewisChristmas (Baby Please Come Home)2013Musik/Text
Les Gam'sIl a le truc1963Musik/Text
Les Gam'sJe ne pourrai jamais l'oublier1963Musik/Text
Les Gam'sOui les filles1963Musik/Text
Les Graffiti'sDa Doo Ron Ron2014Musik/Text
(Eleanor Greenwich)
Les McCannRiver Deep, Mountain High1966Musik/Text
Les SurfsReviens vite et oublie1963Musik/Text
Lesley GoreJe sais qu'un jour1965Musik/Text
Lesley GoreLook Of Love1964Musik/Text
Lesley GoreMaybe I Know1964Musik/Text
Leslie UggamsRiver Deep, Mountain High1968Musik/Text
Linda RonstadtBaby I Love You1996Musik/Text
Linda RonstadtBe My Baby1996Musik/Text
Lois LaneRiver Deep, Mountain High1976Musik/Text
LouBe My Baby2003Musik/Text
Louis Clark & The London Philharmonic OrchestraRiver Deep, Mountain High1989Musik/Text
Manfred MannDo Wah Diddy Diddy1964Musik/Text
Manfred MannThat's All I Ever Want From You Baby1965Musik/Text
Mariah CareyChristmas (Baby Please Come Home)1994Musik/Text
Martha & The VandellasThen He Kissed Me1963Musik/Text
Martha & The VandellasWait Till My Bobby Gets Home1963Musik/Text
Michael BubléChristmas (Baby Please Come Home)2011Musik/Text
Miguel RiosDa-dou-ron-ron1963Musik/Text
Mink DeVilleLittle Girl1977Musik/Text
Mutya BuenaB Boy Baby2007Musik/Text
Nancy Boyd & The Cappello'sMaybe I Know1987Musik/Text
Neil DiamondCherry Cherry1966Produzent
Neil DiamondCrooked Street1966Produzent
Neil DiamondDo It1966Produzent
Neil DiamondGirl, You'll Be A Woman Soon1967Produzent
Neil DiamondHanky Panky1966Musik/Text
Neil DiamondI Got The Feelin' (Oh No No)1966Produzent
Neil DiamondI'll Come Running1966Produzent
Neil DiamondI'm A Believer1967Produzent
Neil DiamondKentucky Woman1967Produzent
Neil DiamondLa Bamba1966Produzent
Neil DiamondLove To Love1966Produzent
Neil DiamondMonday, Monday1966Produzent
Neil DiamondNew Orleans1966Produzent
Neil DiamondRed Red Wine1966Produzent
Neil DiamondRed Rubber Ball1966Produzent
Neil DiamondRiver Deep - Mountain High1993Musik/Text
Neil DiamondShilo1967Produzent
Neil DiamondShot Down1967Produzent
Neil DiamondSolitary Man1966Produzent
Neil DiamondSome Day Baby1966Produzent
Neil DiamondThank The Lord For The Night Time1967Produzent
Neil DiamondThe Boat That I Row1966Produzent
Neil DiamondThe Long Way Home1967Produzent
Neil DiamondThe Time Is Now1967Produzent
Neil DiamondYou Got To Me1966Produzent
Neil DiamondYou'll Forget1967Produzent
Neil Diamond with Mary's DanishDo Wah Diddy Diddy1993Musik/Text
Nicky OnidisBaby, I Love You1982Musik/Text
NilssonRiver Deep - Mountain High1967Musik/Text
Nona HendryxI Want You1984Musik/Text
Nona HendryxKeep It Confidential1983Musik/Text
Orchester Tony AndersonDa Doo Ron Ron1977Musik/Text
Precious WilsonRiver Deep, Mountain High1983Musik/Text
RaceyNot Too Young To Get Married1982Musik/Text
Rachel SweetThen He Kissed Me - Be My Baby1981Musik/Text
RamonesBaby I Love You1980Musik/Text
Rated XBaby I Love You1984Musik/Text
RegineEr liebt mich sehr1965Musik/Text
Renata MorenoDa doo ron ron1979Musik/Text
Richard AnthonyEt je m'en vais1963Musik/Text
(Elly Greenwich)
Rick DerringerDo Wah Diddy1983Musik/Text
Rick NelsonOne Boy Too Late1963Musik/Text
Rock FlowersGettin' Together1971Musik/Text
Rock FlowersIf You Loved Me Once1972Musik/Text
Ronnie SpectorI Wish I Never Saw The Sunshine1999Musik/Text
Ronnie Spector & The RonettesI Wish I Never Saw The Sunshine1974Musik/Text
RosalíaDo wah diddy diddy1965Musik/Text
RougeRemember The Leader Of The Pack1986Musik/Text
Sam GoorisDoo Wah Diddy1998Musik/Text
Sam The Sham And The PharaohsHanky Panky1966Musik/Text
Sandy [NL]Da doo ron ron1984Musik/Text
Sandy PoseyBe My Baby1972Musik/Text
Sandy PoseyThen He Kissed Me1972Musik/Text
Sandy WagnerBaby I Love You2011Musik/Text
(Ally Greenwich)
Sasha & DavyDo Wah Diddy Diddy / The Locomotion / Baby Come Back2018Musik/Text
Shaun CassidyBe My Baby1976Musik/Text
Shaun CassidyDa Doo Ron Ron1976Musik/Text
SheilaBe My Baby1987Musik/Text
SheilaComme aujourd'hui1987Musik/Text
SheilaVous les copains1964Musik/Text
ShowaddywaddyDo Wah Diddy1980Musik/Text
ShowaddywaddyWhy Do Lovers Break Each Other's Hearts1980Musik/Text
ShwayzeDon't Be Shy2008Musik/Text
Smash MouthChristmas (Baby Please Come Home)2012Musik/Text
SmokieBe My Baby2001Musik/Text
Sonny & CherWhy Don't They Let Us Fall In Love1965Musik/Text
StrassenjungsAls sie mich küßte1979Musik/Text
Sugar & CandyChapel Of Love1977Musik/Text
Susie AllansonBe My Baby1978Musik/Text
Suzanne DoucetBe My Baby1964Musik/Text
Suzanne DoucetSei mein Baby1964Musik/Text
SuzieDa Doo Ron Ron1967Musik/Text
Svenne & LottaChapel Of Love1975Musik/Text
Sweet SubstituteBaby I Love You1983Musik/Text
Swoop [BE]Happy Mix2010Musik/Text
Sylvie VartanDa dou ron ron1974Musik/Text
Sylvie VartanEt je m'en vais2007Musik/Text
T.B.C.V.Be My Baby1977Musik/Text
Ted HeroldDa Doo Ron Ron1963Musik/Text
Terry ReidBaby, I Love You1978Musik/Text
Terry ReidThen I Kissed Her1978Musik/Text
The 2 Live CrewDo Wah Diddy1988Musik/Text
The Beach BoysChapel Of Love1976Musik/Text
The Beach BoysThen I Kissed Her1965Musik/Text
The Beach Boys & Kathy TroccoliI Can Hear Music1996Musik/Text
The BellsBaby I Love You1973Musik/Text
The Blue BoysShort Skirts1961Musik/Text
The CarnabeesHelp Me Rhonda1978Musik/Text
The CarnabeesThe I Kissed You1978Musik/Text
The ChampionettesBe My Baby Medley1993Musik/Text
The ChiffonsDa Doo Ron Ron1963Musik/Text
The ChiffonsEvery Boy And Every Girl1970Musik/Text
The ChiffonsI Have A Boyfriend1963Musik/Text
The ChiffonsWhen The Boy's Happy (The Girl's Happy Too)1990Musik/Text
The CrystalsAll Grown Up1963Musik/Text
The CrystalsDa Doo Ron Ron1963Musik/Text
The CrystalsGirls Can Tell1963Musik/Text
The CrystalsHeartbreaker1963Musik/Text
The CrystalsI Wonder1963Musik/Text
The CrystalsLittle Boy1963Musik/Text
The CrystalsThen He Kissed Me1963Musik/Text
The Dixie CupsAnother Boy Like Mine1964Musik/Text
The Dixie CupsChapel Of Love1964Musik/Text
The Dixie CupsGee Baby Gee1964Musik/Text
The Dixie CupsGee The Moon's Shing Bright1964Musik/Text
The Dixie CupsLittle Bell1964Musik/Text
The Dixie CupsPeople Say1964Musik/Text
The Dixie CupsYou Should Have Seen The Way He Looked At Me1964Musik/Text
The ExcitersDo-Wah-Diddy1963Musik/Text
The ExcitersHe's Got The Power1963Musik/Text
The Flamin' GrooviesRiver Deep, Mountain High1981Musik/Text
The Flying LizardsThen He Kissed Me1984Musik/Text
The FoolsDoo Wah Diddy1985Musik/Text
The Four GleamsMr. Magic Moon1963Musik/Text
The Gisha BrothersDo Wah-Diddy1965Musik/Text
The Hep StarsBe My Baby1965Musik/Text
The Hep StarsThen She (He) Kissed Me1965Musik/Text
The HiltonairesStars On 45 [Part 2]1982Musik/Text
The HornettesWait Until My Bobby Gets Home1981Musik/Text
The IkettesDa Doo Ron Ron1973Musik/Text
The Les Humphries Singers And OrchestraThe Leader Of The Pack / Girls, Girls, Girls / I Am1976Musik/Text
The London Symphony OrchestraRiver Deep Mountain High1978Musik/Text
The MarvelsBe My Baby1971Musik/Text
The MarvelsThen He Kissed Me1972Musik/Text
The MixersDa Doo Run Run1984Musik/Text
The Mojo MenDo The Hanky Panky1966Musik/Text
The Moody BluesI've Got A Dream1965Musik/Text
The Overtones feat. Sam BaileyRiver Deep Mountain High2015Musik/Text
The Party BoysDo-Wah-Diddy1990Musik/Text
The RaindropsEven Though You Can't Dance1963Musik/Text
The RaindropsHanky Panky1963Musik/Text
The RaindropsIt's So Wonderful1963Musik/Text
The RaindropsThe Kind Of Boy You Can't Forget1963Musik/Text
The RaindropsWhat A Guy1963Musik/Text
The RattlesDa Doo Ron Ron1965Musik/Text
The RattlesDo Wah Diddy Diddy1964Musik/Text
The RivierasHanky Panky1965Musik/Text
The Rockin' BerriesI Didn't Mean To Hurt You1964Musik/Text
The RonettesBaby, I Love You1963Musik/Text
The RonettesBe My Baby1963Musik/Text
The RonettesChapel Of Love1964Musik/Text
The RonettesI Can Hear Music1966Musik/Text
The RonettesI Wish I Never Saw The Sunshine1965Musik/Text
The RonettesI Wonder1963Musik/Text
The RonettesWhy Don't They Let Us Fall In Love1963Musik/Text
The Royal Showband Waterford & Brendan BowyerDa Do Ron Ron1967Musik/Text
The SearchersBe My Baby1965Musik/Text
The SearchersEverybody Come And Clap Your Hands1965Musik/Text
The SearchersGoodnight Baby1965Musik/Text
The SeashellsMaybe I Know1972Musik/Text
The ShadowsRiver Deep, Mountain High1970Musik/Text
The Shangri-LasGive Us Your Blessings1964Musik/Text
The Shangri-LasHeaven Only Knows1965Musik/Text
The Shangri-LasLeader Of The Pack1964Musik/Text
The Shangri-LasOut In The Streets1964Musik/Text
The Shangri-LasThe Train From Kansas City1964Musik/Text
The Shangri-LasWhat's A Girl Supposed To Do1965Musik/Text
The Sisters [US]Gee Baby Gee2013Musik/Text
(Eleanor Greenwich)
The SummitsHanky Panky1963Musik/Text
The Supremes & The Four TopsRiver Deep - Mountain High1969Musik/Text
The Teen QueensBe My Baby1992Musik/Text
The VenturesHanky Panky1966Musik/Text
Tight FitBack To The 60's1981Musik/Text
Tight FitBack To The Sixties Volume Two - Medley 11982Musik/Text
Tight FitBack To The Sixties Volume Two - Medley 21981Musik/Text
Tina [FR]Comme le fleuve aime la mer1969Musik/Text
Tina RainfordBe My Baby1977Musik/Text
Tommy James And The ShondellsHanky Panky1964Musik/Text
Tommy RoeBaby, I Love You1972Musik/Text
Trouble BoysBaby, I Love You1990Musik/Text
Twisted SisterLeader Of The Pack1985Musik/Text
Udo LindenbergDer Boß von der Gang1978Musik/Text
Vanessa NeigertChapel Of Love2010Musik/Text
Vanessa ParadisVous les copains, je ne vous oublierai jamais2010Musik/Text
Wayne Fontana & The MindbendersShe's Got The Power1964Musik/Text
We Are ScientistsBe My Baby2005Musik/Text
Weeping WillowsChristmas (Baby Please Come Home)2017Musik/Text
WhigfieldBe My Baby1999Musik/Text
WhigfieldTu seras mi baby1999Musik/Text
WhigfieldWhigfield Megamix2000Musik/Text
Willeke AlbertiToen je me kuste1964Musik/Text
Wilson PhillipsI Can Hear Music2012Musik/Text
WindowsRiver Deep - Mountain High1972Musik/Text
Wolfgang PetryBaby, I Love You1976Musik/Text

Ellie Greenwich in der österreichischen Hitparade


Hanky Panky (Tommy James And The Shondells)15.11.1966212
Doh Wah Diddy (Fun Factory)21.01.19961112
Do Wah Diddy (DJ Ötzi)17.06.2001918

Die bestbewerteten Songs von Ellie Greenwich

Baby, I Love You (The Ronettes)255.32
Da Doo Ron Ron (The Crystals)545.28
Be My Baby (The Ronettes)1095.21
River Deep, Mountain High (Eric Burdon & The Animals)135.08
Sunshine After The Rain (Elkie Brooks)205
Take Me Home Tonight (Eddie Money)744.96
Then He Kissed Me (The Crystals)534.92
River Deep - Mountain High (Deep Purple)204.9
Leader Of The Pack (The Shangri-Las)774.83
The Hit Mix 1998 (À La Carte)104.8
Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon (Neil Diamond)624.77
River Deep - Mountain High (Ike & Tina Turner)1114.74
Be My Baby (Sandy Posey)114.73
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) (Mariah Carey)304.7
Solitary Man (Neil Diamond)584.69
Then I Kissed Her (The Beach Boys)504.68
B Boy Baby (Mutya Buena)254.68
I Can Hear Music (The Ronettes)64.67
Chapel Of Love (Bette Midler)204.65
I'm A Believer (Neil Diamond)444.64

Die bekanntesten Songs von Ellie Greenwich

Do Wah Diddy Diddy (Manfred Mann)1234.41
River Deep - Mountain High (Ike & Tina Turner)1114.74
Be My Baby (The Ronettes)1095.21
Do Wah Diddy (DJ Ötzi)1081.88
Leader Of The Pack (The Shangri-Las)774.83
Take Me Home Tonight (Eddie Money)744.96
Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon (Neil Diamond)624.77
Doh Wah Diddy (Fun Factory)612.48
Solitary Man (Neil Diamond)584.69
Da Doo Ron Ron (The Crystals)545.28
Then He Kissed Me (The Crystals)534.92
Then I Kissed Her (The Beach Boys)504.68
Chapel Of Love (The Dixie Cups)494.31
Hanky Panky (Tommy James And The Shondells)494
Red Red Wine (Neil Diamond)454.33
I'm A Believer (Neil Diamond)444.64
River Deep, Mountain High (Céline Dion)443.84
Cherry Cherry (Neil Diamond)434.33
Be My Baby (Andy Kim)403.95
Baby, I Love You (Andy Kim)384.24
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