Eric Clapton

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Pseudonyme / Alternative Schreibweisen: Eric Patrick Clapton
ABC CompanyStrange Brew1969Musik/Text
ABC CompanySunshine Of Your Love1969Musik/Text
Asleep At The WheelLay Down Sally1995Musik/Text
B.B. King & Eric ClaptonCome Rain Or Come Shine2000Produzent
B.B. King & Eric ClaptonDays Of Old2000Produzent
B.B. King & Eric ClaptonHelp The Poor2000Produzent
B.B. King & Eric ClaptonHold On I'm Coming2000Produzent
B.B. King & Eric ClaptonI Wanna Be2000Produzent
B.B. King & Eric ClaptonKey To The Highway2000Produzent
B.B. King & Eric ClaptonMarry You2000Produzent
B.B. King & Eric ClaptonRiding With The King2000Produzent
B.B. King & Eric ClaptonTen Long Years2000Produzent
B.B. King & Eric ClaptonThree O'Clock Blues2000Produzent
B.B. King & Eric ClaptonWhen My Heart Beats Like A Hammer2000Produzent
B.B. King & Eric ClaptonWorried Life Blues2000Produzent
Bandit [BE]Lay Down Sally2018Musik/Text
Bettye LaVetteWhy Does Love Got To Be So Sad2010Musik/Text
(Eric Patrick Clapton)
Bill ConnorsNever Say Goodbye1985Musik/Text
Björn SkifsWonderful Tonight1983Musik/Text
Blind FaithExchange And Mart1969Musik/Text
Blind FaithPresence Of The Lord1969Musik/Text
Blind FaithSpending All My Days1969Musik/Text
Bobbie McGeeLet It Rain1974Musik/Text
Bobby McFerrinSunshine Of Your Love1988Musik/Text
Buddy Guy & Junior WellsA Man Of Many Words1972Produzent
Buddy Guy & Junior WellsA Poor Man's Plea1972Produzent
Buddy Guy & Junior WellsBad Bad Whiskey1972Produzent
Buddy Guy & Junior WellsCome On In This House / Have Mercy Baby1972Produzent
Buddy Guy & Junior WellsHoneydripper1972Produzent
Buddy Guy & Junior WellsI Don't Know1972Produzent
Buddy Guy & Junior WellsMessin' With The Kid1972Produzent
Buddy Guy & Junior WellsMy Baby Left Me (She Left Me A Mule To Ride)1972Produzent
Buddy Guy & Junior WellsT-Bone Shuffle1972Produzent
Buddy Guy & Junior WellsThis Old Fool1972Produzent
Buddy Guy with Dr. John & Eric ClaptonA Man Of Many Words1972Produzent
Carl Carlton [DE]Annie2014Musik/Text
CCSSunshine Of Your Love1973Musik/Text
Charlie DanielsLayla1991Musik/Text
Charlie RichWonderful Tonight1980Musik/Text
CherBell Bottom Blues1975Musik/Text
ChillySunshine Of Your Love1979Musik/Text
Clark & JessenLayla1991Musik/Text
CloutLet It Grow1978Musik/Text
CornellWonderful Tonight1990Musik/Text
CreamAnyone For Tennis1968Musik/Text
CreamStrange Brew1966Musik/Text
CreamSunshine Of Your Love1967Musik/Text
CreamTales Of Brave Ulysses1967Musik/Text
Cream vs. The HoxtonsSunshine Of Your Love2005Musik/Text
DamageWonderful Tonight1997Musik/Text
Dave Baker with Rich KurtzWonderful Tonight2013Musik/Text
David KershWonderful Tonight1998Musik/Text
DeclanTears In Heaven2006Musik/Text
Delaney & Bonnie and Friends feat. Eric ClaptonComin' Home1969Musik/Text
Derek & The DominosAnyday1970Musik/Text
Derek & The DominosBell Bottom Blues1970Musik/Text
Derek & The DominosEvil1971Produzent
Derek & The DominosGot To Get Better In A Little While1971Musik/Text
Derek & The DominosHigh2018Musik/Text
Derek & The DominosI Am Yours1970Musik/Text
Derek & The DominosI Looked Away1970Musik/Text
Derek & The DominosKeep On Growing1970Musik/Text
Derek & The DominosLayla1970Musik/Text
Derek & The DominosMean Old Frisco1971Musik/Text
Derek & The DominosOne More Chance1971Musik/Text
Derek & The DominosPresence Of The Lord1973Musik/Text
Derek & The DominosRoll It Over1970Musik/Text
Derek & The DominosSnake Lake Blues1971Musik/Text
Derek & The DominosTell The Truth1970Musik/Text
Derek & The DominosWhy Does Love Got To Be So Sad1970Musik/Text
Die ChorjungenTears In Heaven2014Musik/Text
Dinu RaduTears In Heaven1996Musik/Text
Don WhiteSensitive Kind2014Produzent
Don WilliamsLay Down Sally1995Musik/Text
DreamloversWonderful Tonight2000Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldSunshine Of Your Love1969Musik/Text
Engelbert HumperdinckWonderful Tonight2007Musik/Text
Eric Clapton(I) Get Lost1999Musik/Text
Eric Clapton32-20 Blues2004Produzent
Eric ClaptonAin't Going Down1982Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonAll Our Past Times1976Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonAnother Ticket1980Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonAutumn Leaves2010Produzent
Eric ClaptonAway In A Manger2018Produzent
Eric ClaptonBack Home2005Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonBad Boy1970Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonBad Love1989Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonBadge1973Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonBehind The Sun1985Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonBelieve In Life2001Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonBetter Make It Through Today1974Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonBike Ride1988Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonBlack Summer Rain1976Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonBlues Before Sunrise1994Produzent
Eric ClaptonBlues Leave Me Alone1994Produzent
Eric ClaptonBlues Power1970Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonBlues Power (Live)1979Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonBorn In Time1998Produzent
Eric ClaptonBorn To Lose2013Produzent
Eric ClaptonBottle Of Red Wine1970Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonBridge1988Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonBroken Down2001Produzent
Eric ClaptonBroken Hearted1998Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonCajun Moon2014Produzent
Eric ClaptonCan't Hold Out Much Longer2010Produzent
Eric ClaptonCarnival1976Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonCatch Me If You Can1980Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonCatch The Blues2016Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonCircus1998Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonCold Turkey1992Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonCome Back Baby2001Produzent
Eric ClaptonCome On In My Kitchen2004Produzent
Eric ClaptonDanny Boy1996Produzent
Eric ClaptonDiamonds Made From Rain2010Produzent
Eric ClaptonDon't Blame Me1975Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonDon't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight2001Produzent
Eric ClaptonDriftin'1994Produzent
Eric ClaptonEasy Now1970Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonEvery Little Thing2013Produzent
Eric ClaptonEveryday Will Be Like A Holiday2018Produzent
Eric ClaptonEverything Will Be Alright2010Produzent
Eric ClaptonFall Like Rain1998Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonFinal Fight1988Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonFind Myself2001Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonFive Long Years1985Produzent
Eric ClaptonFor Love On Xmas Day2018Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonGet Ready1974Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonGive Me Strength1974Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonGoin' Away Baby1994Produzent
Eric ClaptonGoing Down Slow1998Produzent
Eric ClaptonGolden Ring1978Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonGoodnight Irene2013Produzent
Eric ClaptonGot You On My Mind2001Produzent
Eric ClaptonGroaning The Blues1994Produzent
Eric ClaptonHard Times Blues2010Produzent
Eric ClaptonHave Yourself A Merry Little Xmas2018Produzent
Eric ClaptonHeaven Is One Step Away1985Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonHell Hound On My Trail2004Produzent
Eric ClaptonHello Old Friend1976Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonHelp Me Up1992Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonHigh1975Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonHold Me Lord1980Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonHold On1986Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonHoly Mother1986Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonHome For The Holidays2018Produzent
Eric ClaptonHomeboy1988Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonHoochie Coochie Man1994Produzent
Eric ClaptonHow Deep Is The Ocean2010Produzent
Eric ClaptonHow Long Blues1994Produzent
Eric ClaptonI Ain't Gonna Stand For It2001Produzent
Eric ClaptonI Can't Stand It1981Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonI Don't Know Why1970Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonI Want A Little Girl2001Produzent
Eric ClaptonIf I Had Possession Over Judgement Day2004Produzent
Eric ClaptonI'm Going Left2005Produzent
Eric ClaptonI'm Tore Down1994Produzent
Eric ClaptonInnocent Times1976Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonInside Of Me1998Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonIt All Depends1985Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonIt Hurts Me Too1994Produzent
Eric ClaptonIt's In The Way That You Use It1986Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonIt's Xmas2018Produzent
Eric ClaptonJail Bait1985Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonJingle Bells (In Memory Of Avicii)2018Produzent
Eric ClaptonJohnny1988Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonJudgement Day2010Produzent
Eric ClaptonJust Like A Prisoner1985Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonKind Hearted Woman Blues2004Produzent
Eric ClaptonKristen And Jim1992Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonLast Fair Deal Gone Down2004Produzent
Eric ClaptonLay Down Sally1977Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonLayla (Acoustic)1992Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonLet It Grow1974Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonLet It Rain1970Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonLittle Queen Of Spades2004Produzent
Eric ClaptonLonesome And A Long Way From Home1970Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonLonesome Xmas2018Produzent
Eric ClaptonLost And Found2005Produzent
Eric ClaptonLove Comes To Everyone2005Produzent
Eric ClaptonLove Don't Love Nobody2005Produzent
Eric ClaptonLove In Vain2004Produzent
Eric ClaptonLovin' You Lovin' Me1970Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonMan In Love1982Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonMan Overboard1982Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonMe And The Devil Blues2004Produzent
Eric ClaptonMerry Xmas Baby2018Produzent
Eric ClaptonMilkcow's Calf Blues2004Produzent
Eric ClaptonMiss You1986Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonModern Girl2001Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonMotherless Child1994Produzent
Eric ClaptonMotherless Children1974Produzent
Eric ClaptonMy Father's Eyes1998Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonMy Very Good Friend The Milkman2010Produzent
Eric ClaptonNeeds His Woman1998Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonNever Make You Cry1985Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonNew Recruit1992Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonNext Time You See Her1977Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonOld Love1989Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonOne Chance1998Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonOne Day2005Produzent
Eric ClaptonOne Track Mind2005Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonOpposites1975Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonOur Love Is Here To Stay2013Produzent
Eric ClaptonPeaches And Diesel1977Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonPiece Of My Heart2005Produzent
Eric ClaptonPilgrim1998Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonPreludin Fugue1992Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonPresence Of The Lord1973Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonPretty Blues Eyes1975Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonPretty Girl1982Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonRealization1992Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonReconsider Baby1994Produzent
Eric ClaptonReptile2001Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonRevolution2005Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonRita Mae1980Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonRiver Of Tears1998Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonRiver Runs Deep2010Produzent
Eric ClaptonRocking Chair2010Produzent
Eric ClaptonRoll It1978Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonRuby1988Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonRuby's Loft1988Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonRun Back To Your Side2010Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonRun Home To Me2005Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonSame Old Blues1985Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonSay What You Will2005Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonSecond Nature2001Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonSentimental Moments2018Produzent
Eric ClaptonShe's Gone1998Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonShe's Waiting1985Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonSick And Tired1998Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonSilent Night2018Produzent
Eric ClaptonSince You Said Goodbye2014Produzent
Eric ClaptonSinner's Prayer1994Produzent
Eric ClaptonSlow Down Linda1982Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonSlunky1970Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonSnake Drive1966Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonSo Tired2005Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonSomeday After A While1994Produzent
Eric ClaptonSomething Special1980Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonSon & Sylvia2001Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonSpiral2016Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonStandin' Round Crying1994Produzent
Eric ClaptonStars, Strays And Ashtrays2012Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonStop Breakin' Down Blues2004Produzent
Eric ClaptonSuperman Inside2001Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonSweet Home Chicago2004Produzent
Eric ClaptonSwing Low Sweet Chariot1975Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonTake A Chance1986Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonTears In Heaven1992Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonTell Me That You Love Me1978Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonTerraplane Blues2004Produzent
Eric ClaptonThat's No Way To Get Along2010Produzent
Eric ClaptonThe Core1977Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonThe Folks Who Live On The Hill2013Produzent
Eric ClaptonThe Shape You're In1982Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonTheme From A Movie That Never Happened1998Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonThey Call Me The Breeze2014Produzent
Eric ClaptonThey're Red Hot2004Produzent
Eric ClaptonThird Degree1994Produzent
Eric ClaptonTill Your Well Runs Dry2013Produzent
Eric ClaptonTold You For The Last Time1970Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonToo Bad1985Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonTracks And Lines1992Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonTravelin' Alone2010Produzent
Eric ClaptonTravelin' Light2001Produzent
Eric ClaptonTraveling Riverside Blues2004Produzent
Eric ClaptonTravelling East1988Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonTribute To Elmore1966Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonWatch Out For Lucy1978Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonWest Coast Idea1966Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonWhen Somebody Thinks You're Wonderful2010Produzent
Eric ClaptonWhen You Got A Good Friend2004Produzent
Eric ClaptonWhite Xmas2018Produzent
Eric ClaptonWill Gaines1992Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonWonderful Tonight1977Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonWonderful Tonight (Live)1991Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonXmas In My Hometown2018Produzent
Eric ClaptonXmas Tears2018Produzent
Eric ClaptonYou Were There1998Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonYour One And Only Man2013Produzent
Eric Clapton & Christine LakelandCrying Eyes2014Produzent
Eric Clapton & Don WhiteI'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)2014Produzent
Eric Clapton & Jimmy PageChoker1966Musik/Text
Eric Clapton & Jimmy PageDraggin' My Tail1968Musik/Text
Eric Clapton & Jimmy PageFreight Loader1968Musik/Text
Eric Clapton & Jimmy PageMiles Road1968Musik/Text
Eric Clapton & John MayerDon't Wait2014Produzent
Eric Clapton & John MayerLies2014Produzent
Eric Clapton & The ImpressionsJust Walkin' In The Rain2001Produzent
Eric Clapton & Tom PettyI Got The Same Old Blues2014Produzent
Eric Clapton & Tom PettyRock And Roll Records2014Produzent
Eric Clapton / Chaka KhanGotta Get Over2013Produzent
Eric Clapton / J.J. CaleAngel2013Produzent
Eric Clapton / Paul McCartneyAll Of Me2013Produzent
Eric Clapton / Steve WinwoodStill Got The Blues2013Produzent
Eric Clapton / Taj MahalFurther On Down The Road2013Produzent
Eric Clapton feat. Michael KamenEdge Of Darkness1985Musik/Text
Eric Clapton feat. Michael KamenEscape From Northmoor1985Musik/Text
Eric Clapton feat. Michael KamenNorthmoor1985Musik/Text
Eric Clapton feat. Michael KamenObituary1985Musik/Text
Eric Clapton feat. Michael KamenOxford Circus1985Musik/Text
Eric Clapton feat. Michael KamenShoot Out1985Musik/Text
Eric Clapton with Jimmy PageTribute To Elmore1968Musik/Text
Eric Clapton With The Immediate All-StarsChoker1966Musik/Text
Eric Clapton With The Immediate All-StarsFreight Loader1966Musik/Text
Eric Clapton With The Immediate All-StarsMiles Road1966Musik/Text
Eric Clapton With The YardbirdsPounds And Stomps1966Musik/Text
Eric Clapton with Tina TurnerTearing Us Apart1986Musik/Text
Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler & Don WhiteTrain To Nowhere2014Produzent
Fanny [1970s]Badge1970Musik/Text
Françoise HardyContre vents et marées2000Musik/Text
Frank MillsDance The Night Away1971Musik/Text
Frank ZappaSunshine Of Your Love1991Musik/Text
FunkadelicSunshine Of Your Love1989Musik/Text
Geé KWonderful Tonight2001Musik/Text
Genya RavanKeep On Growing1973Musik/Text
Get Well SoonStaying Home2014Musik/Text
Ginger Baker's AirforceSunshine Of Your Love1970Musik/Text
GregorianTears In Heaven2000Musik/Text
Günther NeefsWonderful Tonight1999Musik/Text
Hans de BooyVanavond1984Musik/Text
Henri SalvadorLayla1994Musik/Text
Herbie MannLayla1974Musik/Text
J.J. CaleGolden Ring2007Musik/Text
Jack BruceSunshine Of Your Love2001Musik/Text
Jackie DeShannonSunshine Of Your Love1968Musik/Text
Jan SmitTears In Heaven2005Musik/Text
Jimi HendrixOpening Jam (The Sunshine Of Your Love)1971Musik/Text
JJ Cale & Eric ClaptonAnyway The Wind Blows2006Produzent
JJ Cale & Eric ClaptonDanger2006Produzent
JJ Cale & Eric ClaptonDead End Road2006Produzent
JJ Cale & Eric ClaptonDon't Cry Sister2006Produzent
JJ Cale & Eric ClaptonHard To Thrill2006Musik/Text
JJ Cale & Eric ClaptonHeads In Georgia2006Produzent
JJ Cale & Eric ClaptonIt's Easy2006Produzent
JJ Cale & Eric ClaptonLast Will And Testament2006Produzent
JJ Cale & Eric ClaptonMissing Person2006Produzent
JJ Cale & Eric ClaptonRide The River2006Produzent
JJ Cale & Eric ClaptonSporting Life Blues2006Produzent
JJ Cale & Eric ClaptonThree Little Girls2006Musik/Text
JJ Cale & Eric ClaptonWhen This War Is Over2006Produzent
JJ Cale & Eric ClaptonWho Am I Telling You?2006Produzent
John Mayall & Eric ClaptonBernard Jenkins1965Musik/Text
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers with Eric ClaptonDouble Crossin' Time1966Musik/Text
John Mayer & Eric ClaptonMagnolia2014Produzent
John NorumSunshine Of Your Love1995Musik/Text
Joseph WilliamsTears In Heaven2007Musik/Text
Joseph WilliamsWonderful Tonight2007Musik/Text
Kenny "Babyface" EdmondsWonderful Tonight2007Musik/Text
King KingOld Love2011Musik/Text
Kinga GłykTears In Heaven2017Musik/Text
LoonaTears In Heaven2004Musik/Text
Marcus MillerSilver Rain2005Musik/Text
Mark KnopflerSomeday2014Produzent
Martin ErmenTears In Heaven2003Musik/Text
Matthew Sweet and Susanna HoffsBell Bottom Blues2009Musik/Text
Medeski Scofield Martin WoodSunshine Of Your Love2014Musik/Text
MelanieLay Down Sally1983Musik/Text
Michael Bublé with Ivan LinsWonderful Tonight2007Musik/Text
Michael Kamen, David Sanford, Eric ClaptonAmanda1987Musik/Text
Michael Kamen, David Sanford, Eric ClaptonCoke Deal1987Musik/Text
Michael Kamen, David Sanford, Eric ClaptonMeet Martin Riggs1987Musik/Text
Michael Kamen, David Sanford, Eric ClaptonMr. Joshua1987Musik/Text
Michael Kamen, David Sanford, Eric ClaptonNightclub1987Musik/Text
Michael Kamen, David Sanford, Eric ClaptonRoger1987Musik/Text
Michael Kamen, David Sanford, Eric ClaptonThe Desert1987Musik/Text
Michael Kamen, David Sanford, Eric ClaptonThe Weapon1987Musik/Text
Michael Kamen, David Sanford, Eric ClaptonThey've Got My Daughter1987Musik/Text
Michael NesmithI Looked Away1971Musik/Text
Mike Leon GroschWonderful Tonight2006Musik/Text
Molly HatchetLayla2007Musik/Text
MysticaWonderful Tonight2014Musik/Text
(Eric Patrick Clapton)
OrianthiSunshine Of Your Love2010Musik/Text
Ozzy OsbourneSunshine Of Your Love2005Musik/Text
Paul AnkaTears In Heaven2004Musik/Text
Pete Townshend & Ronnie LaneAnnie1977Musik/Text
Pinnick Gales PridgenSunshine Of Your Love2013Musik/Text
PoacherLay Down Sally1981Musik/Text
Portrait [US]Tears In Heaven1996Musik/Text
PuhdysSunshine Of Your Love1989Musik/Text
Randy Crawford feat. Eric Clapton and David SanbornMedley: The Shipyard/Knockin' On Heaven's Door1989Musik/Text
Rich RobinsonGot To Get Better In A Little While (Live)2016Musik/Text
Richard T. BearBlues Power1978Musik/Text
Ringo StarrEverybody's In A Hurry But Me1983Musik/Text
Ringo StarrThis Be Called A Song1976Musik/Text
Robbie RobertsonFear Of Falling2011Musik/Text
Robbie RobertsonMadame X2011Musik/Text
Robbie RobertsonWon't Be Back2011Musik/Text
Rosetta StoneSunshine Of Your Love1977Musik/Text
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Matthew FreemanLayla2004Musik/Text
Santana feat. Rob ThomasSunshine Of Your Love2010Musik/Text
Sheryl CrowKeep On Growing1995Musik/Text
Solomon BurkeLike A Fire2008Musik/Text
Solomon BurkeThank You2008Musik/Text
StackridgeAnyone For Tennis1972Musik/Text
Sting with Eric ClaptonIt's Probably Me1992Musik/Text
TeslaBell Bottom Blues2007Musik/Text
The 5th DimensionSunshine Of Your Love1969Musik/Text
The CowsillsThe Sunshine Of Your Love1969Musik/Text
The Gerald Wilson OrchestraSunshine Of Your Love1968Musik/Text
The Jeff Healey BandBadge1995Musik/Text
The Joint AccountBell Bottom Blues1973Musik/Text
The London Symphony OrchestraLayla1981Musik/Text
The Magpie SaluteComin' Home [Live]2017Musik/Text
The QuireboysTears In Heaven2005Musik/Text
The YardbirdsBaby What's Wrong1963Produzent
The YardbirdsBoom Boom1963Produzent
The YardbirdsHoney In Your Hips1963Produzent
Tom PettyThe Old Man And Me2014Produzent
TotoSunshine Of Your Love2002Musik/Text
TroubleTales Of Brave Ulysses1984Musik/Text
Tuck & PattiTears In Heaven2000Musik/Text
Valverde BrothersLayla1977Musik/Text
Volker LechtenbrinkSally1978Musik/Text
Wencke MyhreSorry Sally1978Musik/Text
Will TuraGitaarstory1991Musik/Text
Willie NelsonStarbound2014Produzent
Willie Nelson & Eric ClaptonSongbird2014Produzent
Young Romance OrchestraTears In Heaven2001Musik/Text

Eric Clapton in der österreichischen Hitparade


Badge (Cream)15.06.1969184
Comin' Home (Delaney & Bonnie and Friends feat. Eric Clapton)15.03.1970134
Carnival (Eric Clapton)15.05.1977228
Tears In Heaven (Eric Clapton)17.05.19921012
My Father's Eyes (Eric Clapton)01.03.19981812

Die bestbewerteten Songs von Eric Clapton

Don't Blame Me (Eric Clapton)75.14
Wonderful Tonight (Eric Clapton)1205.14
Bell Bottom Blues (Derek & The Dominos)365.14
Dead End Road (JJ Cale & Eric Clapton)95.11
Wonderful Tonight (Live) (Eric Clapton)295.1
Layla (Derek & The Dominos)1175.09
Tears In Heaven (Eric Clapton)2185.02
Let It Grow (Eric Clapton)465.02
When This War Is Over (JJ Cale & Eric Clapton)125
Missing Person (JJ Cale & Eric Clapton)125
Worried Life Blues (B.B. King & Eric Clapton)75
Badge (Eric Clapton)65
Layla (The London Symphony Orchestra)55
Tales Of Brave Ulysses (Cream)154.93
Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad (Derek & The Dominos)104.9
It's Easy (JJ Cale & Eric Clapton)104.9
Anyday (Derek & The Dominos)104.9
When You Got A Good Friend (Eric Clapton)94.89
Little Queen Of Spades (Eric Clapton)74.86
Keep On Growing (Derek & The Dominos)74.86

Die bekanntesten Songs von Eric Clapton

Tears In Heaven (Eric Clapton)2185.02
Wonderful Tonight (Eric Clapton)1205.14
Layla (Derek & The Dominos)1175.09
Layla (Acoustic) (Eric Clapton)1114.68
Sunshine Of Your Love (Cream)884.8
Lay Down Sally (Eric Clapton)884.6
My Father's Eyes (Eric Clapton)824.57
It's Probably Me (Sting with Eric Clapton)634.37
Let It Grow (Eric Clapton)465.02
Bad Love (Eric Clapton)434.67
I Can't Stand It (Eric Clapton)414.63
Strange Brew (Cream)414.56
Badge (Cream)384.55
Bell Bottom Blues (Derek & The Dominos)365.14
Swing Low Sweet Chariot (Eric Clapton)354.66
It's In The Way That You Use It (Eric Clapton)324.34
Wonderful Tonight (Live) (Eric Clapton)295.1
Let It Rain (Eric Clapton)284.68
I Ain't Gonna Stand For It (Eric Clapton)274.3
Tearing Us Apart (Eric Clapton with Tina Turner)263.73
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