Frank Jones

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"Little" Jimmy DickensA Rose From A Bride's Bouquet1965Produzent
"Little" Jimmy DickensCall Him Me1965Produzent
"Little" Jimmy DickensCollection Of Failures1965Produzent
"Little" Jimmy DickensHalf-Way Loved1965Produzent
"Little" Jimmy DickensHe Knocked Me Right Out Of The Box1965Produzent
"Little" Jimmy DickensHonky Tonk Troubles1965Produzent
"Little" Jimmy DickensI Can't Get Over Me (Not Gettin' Over You)1965Produzent
"Little" Jimmy DickensMake Me An Offer1965Produzent
"Little" Jimmy DickensMay The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose1965Produzent
"Little" Jimmy DickensMy Eyes Are Jealous1965Produzent
"Little" Jimmy DickensThe Back Of My Hand1965Produzent
"Little" Jimmy DickensTwice The Fool1965Produzent
Anita BryantWishing It Was You1963Produzent
Arlene HardenComing Home Soldier1971Produzent
Arlene HardenDon't Ask For Tomorrow1967Produzent
Arlene HardenFair Weather Love1967Produzent
Arlene HardenHe's A Good Ole Boy1968Produzent
Arlene HardenLike You Love Me Now1968Produzent
Arlene HardenMarried To A Memory1971Produzent
Arlene HardenToo Much Of A Man (To Be Tied Down)1969Produzent
Arlene HardenWhat Can I Say1968Produzent
Arlene HardenWhat Has The World Done To My Baby1967Produzent
Arlene HardenWhen1968Produzent
Arlene HardenWhen True Love Walks In1969Produzent
Arlene HardenYou're Easy To Love1967Produzent
Carl PerkinsForget Me (Next Time Around)1963Produzent
Carl PerkinsHambone1962Produzent
Carl PerkinsI've Just Got Back From There1963Produzent
Carl PerkinsSister Twister1962Produzent
Claude KingDon't That Moon Look Lonesome1962Produzent
Claude KingThe Burning Of Atlanta1962Produzent
Claude KingTiger Woman1965Produzent
Claude KingWhen You Gotta (You Gotta Go)1965Produzent
Claude KingWolverton Mountain1962Produzent
David RogersI'm In Love With My Wife1968Produzent
Debbie Lori KayeCould That Be1965Produzent
Debbie Lori KayeSoldier Boy1965Produzent
George MorganA Petal From A Faded Rose1966Produzent
George MorganBouquet Of Roses1966Produzent
George MorganBy The River Of The Roses1966Produzent
George MorganHome Is Where The Heart Is1966Produzent
George MorganNo Man Should Hurt As Bad As I Do1966Produzent
George MorganOne Rose1966Produzent
George MorganRed Roses For A Blue Lady1966Produzent
George MorganRoses Are Red (My Love)1966Produzent
George MorganTeardrops On The Roses1966Produzent
George MorganThe Convict And The Rose1966Produzent
George MorganThe One Rose That's Left In My Heart1966Produzent
George MorganViolet And A Rose1966Produzent
George MorganYesterday's Roses1966Produzent
Georgia GibbsI Will Follow You1963Produzent
Jack Jersey And The JordanairesMary Lee1975Produzent
Jack Jersey And The JordanairesRub It In1974Produzent
Jerry Reed And The Hully GirliesHully Gully Guitar1962Produzent
Jerry Reed And The Hully GirliesTwist-A-Roo1962Produzent
Jimmy DeanI Really Don't Want To Know1963Produzent
Jimmy DeanMind Your Own Business1963Produzent
John AndersonA Honky Tonk Saturday Night1982Produzent
John AndersonDisappearing Farmer1982Produzent
John AndersonGoin' Down Hill1982Produzent
John AndersonHonky Tonk Hearts1982Produzent
John AndersonIf A Broken Heart Could Kill1982Produzent
John AndersonLong Black Veil1982Produzent
John AndersonShe Never Looked That Good When She Was Mine1982Produzent
John AndersonSwingin'1982Produzent
John AndersonThe Long Black Veil1982Produzent
John AndersonThe Price Of A Thin Silver Dime1982Produzent
John AndersonThe Waltz You Saved For Me1982Produzent
John AndersonWild And Blue1982Produzent
Johnny Cash25 Minutes To Go1965Produzent
Johnny CashA Certain Kinda Hurtin'1965Produzent
Johnny CashA Cup Of Coffee1966Produzent
Johnny CashA Letter From Home1965Produzent
Johnny CashA Little At A Time1962Produzent
Johnny CashA Wound Time Can't Erase1966Produzent
Johnny CashAccidently On Purpose1962Produzent
Johnny CashAll Of God's Children Ain't Free1964Produzent
Johnny CashAll Over Again1956Produzent
Johnny CashAmen1965Produzent
Johnny CashAncient History1966Produzent
Johnny CashAnother Man Done Gone1963Produzent
Johnny CashApache Tears1964Produzent
Johnny CashAs Long As The Grass Shall Grow1964Produzent
Johnny CashAustin Prison1958Produzent
Johnny CashBad News1964Produzent
Johnny CashBlue Christmas1963Produzent
Johnny CashBoa Constrictor1966Produzent
Johnny CashBonanza!1962Produzent
Johnny CashBoss Jack1960Produzent
Johnny CashBottom Of A Mountain1966Produzent
Johnny CashBury Me Not On The Lone Prairie1965Produzent
Johnny CashCasey Jones1962Produzent
Johnny CashChain Gang1963Produzent
Johnny CashChristmas As I Knew It1963Produzent
Johnny CashCotton Pickin' Hands1965Produzent
Johnny CashCuster1964Produzent
Johnny CashDanny Boy1965Produzent
Johnny CashDark As A Dungeon1964Produzent
Johnny CashDelia's Gone1961Produzent
Johnny CashDirty Old Egg-Sucking Dog1966Produzent
Johnny CashDon't Think Twice, It's All Right1965Produzent
Johnny CashDorraine Of Ponchartrain1960Produzent
Johnny CashDrums1964Produzent
Johnny CashEverybody Loves A Nut1966Produzent
Johnny CashFoolish Questions1966Produzent
Johnny CashFor Lovin' Me1966Produzent
Johnny CashForty Shades Of Green1961Produzent
Johnny CashGirl In Saskatoon1960Produzent
Johnny CashGod Must Have My Fortune Laid Away1962Produzent
Johnny CashGoing To Memphis1959Produzent
Johnny CashGreen Grow The Lilacs1965Produzent
Johnny CashHappiness Is You1966Produzent
Johnny CashHappy To Be With You1965Produzent
Johnny CashHardin Wouldn't Run1965Produzent
Johnny CashHe'll Understand And Say Well Done1962Produzent
Johnny CashHere Was A Man1963Produzent
Johnny CashHiawatha's Vision1965Produzent
Johnny CashHonky-Tonk Girl1960Produzent
Johnny CashI Couldn't Keep From Crying1960Produzent
Johnny CashI Feel Better All Over1960Produzent
Johnny CashI Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know1962Produzent
Johnny CashI Got Shoes1962Produzent
Johnny CashI Got Stripes1959Produzent
Johnny CashI Heard The Bells On Christmas Day1963Produzent
Johnny CashI Ride An Old Paint1965Produzent
Johnny CashI Will Miss You When You Go1960Produzent
Johnny CashI Won't Have To Cross Jordan Alone1962Produzent
Johnny CashI'd Just Be Fool Enough (To Fall)1960Produzent
Johnny CashI'd Still Be There1963Produzent
Johnny CashIf We Never Meet Again1962Produzent
Johnny CashI'll Be All Smiles Tonight1978Produzent
Johnny CashI'm Free From The Chain Gang Now1962Produzent
Johnny CashI'm So Lonesome I Could Cry1960Produzent
Johnny CashIn The Jailhouse Now1962Produzent
Johnny CashIn Them Old Cottonfields Back Home1971Produzent
Johnny CashIs This My Destiny1966Produzent
Johnny CashIt Ain't Me Babe1964Produzent
Johnny CashJoe Bean1966Produzent
Johnny CashJohnny Reb1962Produzent
Johnny CashJust One More1960Produzent
Johnny CashLet Me Down Easy1962Produzent
Johnny CashLet The Lower Lights Be Burning1962Produzent
Johnny CashLoading Coal1960Produzent
Johnny CashLocomotive Man1960Produzent
Johnny CashLost On The Desert1962Produzent
Johnny CashLumberjack1960Produzent
Johnny CashMama, You Been On My Mind1965Produzent
Johnny CashMatador1968Produzent
Johnny CashMean As Hell1965Produzent
Johnny CashMr. Garfield1965Produzent
Johnny CashMr. Lonesome1962Produzent
Johnny CashMy God Is Real (Yes, God Is Real)1962Produzent
Johnny CashMy Shoes Keep Walking Back To You1960Produzent
Johnny CashNine Pound Hammer1963Produzent
Johnny CashNo One Will Ever Know1966Produzent
Johnny CashOld Doc Brown1960Produzent
Johnny CashOn The Line1967Produzent
Johnny CashOne Too Many Mornings1965Produzent
Johnny CashOrange Blossom Special1965Produzent
Johnny CashPick A Bale O' Cotton1962Produzent
Johnny CashPlease Don't Play Red River Valley1966Produzent
Johnny CashPut The Sugar To Bed1966Produzent
Johnny CashRed Velvet1967Produzent
Johnny CashReflections1965Produzent
Johnny CashRemember The Alamo1959Produzent
Johnny CashRing Of Fire1963Produzent
Johnny CashRinging The Bells For Jim1963Produzent
Johnny CashRoughneck1963Produzent
Johnny CashSam Hall1965Produzent
Johnny CashSeasons Of My Heart1960Produzent
Johnny CashShe Came From The Mountains1966Produzent
Johnny CashSilent Night1963Produzent
Johnny CashSing It Pretty, Sue1962Produzent
Johnny CashSlow Rider1960Produzent
Johnny CashSmiling Bill McCall1960Produzent
Johnny CashStampede1965Produzent
Johnny CashStill In Town1963Produzent
Johnny CashSweet Betsy From Pike1965Produzent
Johnny CashTake Me Home1966Produzent
Johnny CashTall Men1961Produzent
Johnny CashTaller Than Trees1962Produzent
Johnny CashTell Him I'm Gone1963Produzent
Johnny CashTennessee Flat-Top Box1961Produzent
Johnny CashThe Ballad Of Boot Hill1959Produzent
Johnny CashThe Ballad Of Ira Hayes1964Produzent
Johnny CashThe Ballad Of The Harp Weaver1959Produzent
Johnny CashThe Big Battle1962Produzent
Johnny CashThe Blizzard1965Produzent
Johnny CashThe Bug That Tried To Crawl Around The World1966Produzent
Johnny CashThe Christmas Spirit1963Produzent
Johnny CashThe Frozen Logger1966Produzent
Johnny CashThe Gifts They Gave1963Produzent
Johnny CashThe Legend Of John Henry's Hammer1963Produzent
Johnny CashThe Little Drummer Boy1959Produzent
Johnny CashThe Long Black Veil1965Produzent
Johnny CashThe Matador1963Produzent
Johnny CashThe One On The Right Is On The Left1965Produzent
Johnny CashThe Road To Kaintuck1965Produzent
Johnny CashThe Shifting Whispering Sands1965Produzent
Johnny CashThe Singing Star's Queen1966Produzent
Johnny CashThe Sons Of Katie Elder1965Produzent
Johnny CashThe Streets Of Laredo1965Produzent
Johnny CashThe Talking Leaves1964Produzent
Johnny CashThe Vanishing Race1964Produzent
Johnny CashThe Wall1965Produzent
Johnny CashThe Wind Changes1967Produzent
Johnny CashThese Hands1961Produzent
Johnny CashThunderball1965Produzent
Johnny CashTime And Time Again1964Produzent
Johnny CashTime Changes Everything1960Produzent
Johnny CashTransfusion Blues1960Produzent
Johnny CashTroublesome Waters1964Produzent
Johnny CashUnderstand Your Man1964Produzent
Johnny CashWabash Cannonball1966Produzent
Johnny CashWaiting For A Train1962Produzent
Johnny CashWe Are The Shepherds1963Produzent
Johnny CashWere You There (When They Crucified My Lord)1963Produzent
Johnny CashWhen He Reached Down His Hand For Me1962Produzent
Johnny CashWhen I Take My Vacation In Heaven1962Produzent
Johnny CashWhen It's Springtime In Alaska (It's Forty Below)1965Produzent
Johnny CashWhen I've Learned1962Produzent
Johnny CashWhen Papa Played The Dobro1960Produzent
Johnny CashWhite Girl1964Produzent
Johnny CashWho Kept The Sheep1963Produzent
Johnny CashWhy Do You Punish Me1960Produzent
Johnny CashWildwood Flower1965Produzent
Johnny CashYou Beat All I Ever Saw1966Produzent
Johnny CashYou Comb Her Hair1966Produzent
Johnny CashYou Dreamer You1959Produzent
Johnny CashYou Remembered Me1962Produzent
Johnny CashYou Wild Colorado1965Produzent
Johnny CashYou Won't Have Far To Go1962Produzent
Johnny Cash & June CarterJackson1967Produzent
Johnny Cash & June CarterLong-Legged Guitar Pickin' Man1967Produzent
Johnny Cash & June CarterPack Up Your Sorrows1967Produzent
Johnny Cash & The Tennessee TwoBandana1960Produzent
Johnny Cash with The Carter Family(There'll Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me)1962Produzent
Johnny Cash with The Carter FamilyBusted1962Produzent
Johnny Cash with The Carter FamilySend A Picture Of Mother1962Produzent
Johnny Cash with The Carter FamilyWere You There (When They Crucified My Lord)1962Produzent
Johnny DuncanI'm The One1968Produzent
Johnny DuncanSolo Soul1968Produzent
Johnny HortonSugar-Coated Baby1963Produzent
Johnny HortonWhen It's Springtime In Alaska (It's Forty Below)1959Produzent
Judy LynnAmerica, The Beautiful1969Produzent
Judy LynnBull By The Trail1969Produzent
Judy LynnCountry Girl1969Produzent
Judy LynnGentle On My Mind1969Produzent
Judy LynnGreen Paper1968Produzent
Judy LynnHarper Valley P.T.A.1969Produzent
Judy LynnHoney1969Produzent
Judy LynnKansas City1969Produzent
Judy LynnLittle Green Apples1969Produzent
Judy LynnMama Sang A Song1969Produzent
Judy LynnMiss, May I Drive You Home1968Produzent
Judy LynnOrange Blossom Special1965Produzent
Judy LynnSomeday Soon1969Produzent
Judy LynnThese Boots Are Made For Walkin'1969Produzent
Judy LynnWhat's A Honky Tonk Woman1969Produzent
Larry CollinsHey Mama Boom-A-Lacka1962Produzent
Lefty FrizzellA Prayer On Your Lips1967Produzent
Lefty FrizzellAlmost Persuaded1967Produzent
Lefty FrizzellAnything You Can Spare1967Produzent
Lefty FrizzellGet This Stranger Out Of Me1967Produzent
Lefty FrizzellHow Far Down Can I Go1965Produzent
Lefty FrizzellI Just Couldn't See The Forest (For The Trees)1967Produzent
Lefty FrizzellLittle Old Wine Drinker1967Produzent
Lefty FrizzellMoney Tree1967Produzent
Lefty FrizzellWhen The Rooster Leaves The Yard1967Produzent
Lefty FrizzellYou Don't Have To Be Present To Win1967Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsAll I Want Is You Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsBig Ball In Brooklyn Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsBilly In The Lowground Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsBlack Mountain Rag Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsBound To Ride Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsBugle Call Rag1961Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsCoal Miner's Blues Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsCold, Cold Loving Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsCripple Creek1961Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsCumberland Gap1961Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsDig A Hole In The Meadow Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsDixie Home Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsDown The Road1949Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsDrowned In The Deep Blue Sea Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsDurham's Reel Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsEllen Smith1962Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsFalse Hearted Lover1961Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsFiddle And Banjo Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsFire Ball Mail1961Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsFlint Hill Special1952Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsFoggy Mountain Breakdown1950Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsFoggy Mountain Top1961Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsFootprints In The Snow Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsForsaken Love1961Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsGathering Flowers From The Hillside1961Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsGeorg Alley's F.F.V.1962Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsGeorgia Shuffle Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsGive Me Flowers While I'm Living1957Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsGo Home Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsGolden Slippers Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsGood Times Are Past And Gone1962Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsGotta Travel On Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsHandsome Molly Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsHard Travelin' Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsHe Will Set Your Fields On Fire Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsHear That Whistle Blow (A Hundred Miles)1967Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsHear The Wind Blow1962Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsHome Sweet Home1961Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsHot Corn, Cold Corn Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsI Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsI Hung My Head And Cried Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsI Know What It Means To Be Lonesome Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsI Saw Mother With God Last Night Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsI Wonder Where You Are Tonight1963Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsIf I Should Wander Back Tonight1991Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsI'll Be No Man's Wife1962Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsI'm Troubled Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsI've Lost You Forever1960Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsJimmie Brown, The Newsboy1951Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsJohn Henry1961Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsJoy Bells1991Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsJust Ain't Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsKeep On The Sunny Side1961Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsLet The Church Roll On Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsLife Of Trouble1962Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsLittle Birdie Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsLittle Darlin' Pal Of Mine1961Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsLonesome Road Blues1961Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsMama Blues Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsMama Don't Allow It Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsMcKinley's Gone1962Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsMountain Dew1962Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsMy Native Home Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsMy Saro Jane Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsNew York Town Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsNine Pound Hammer1962Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsNinetynine Years Is Almost For Life Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsOld Fiddler Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsOld Joe Clark Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsOld Leather Britches Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsOld MacDonald Had A Farm Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsOn The Rock Where Moses Stood1961Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsOver The Hills To The Poorhouse1991Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsPastures Of Plenty Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsPearl, Pearl, Pearl Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsPhiladelphia Lawyer1962Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsPickin' In The Wildwood1961Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsPo' Rebel Soldier Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsPolka On A Banjo Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsRainbow Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsRambling Gambler Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsReuben1961Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsRoll In My Sweet Baby's Arms1951Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsSally Ann1961Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsSally Goodwin1961Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsSalty Dog Blues Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsShuckin' The Corn1991Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsSoldier's Joy Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsSun's Gonna Shine In My Back Door Someday1962Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsTake Me In A Lifeboat Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsTake This Hammer Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsTennessee Wagner Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsThe Great Historical Bum Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsThe Homestead On The Farm1961Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsThe Last Thing On My Mind1966Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsThe Legend Of The Johnson Boys1962Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsThe Martha White Theme Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsThe Storms Are On The Ocean1961Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsThe Train That Carried My Girl From Town Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsThe Wreck Of The Old 97 Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsThis Land is Your Land1962Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsToo Old For A Broken Heart Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsTwinkle Little Star Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsWelcome To The Club Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsWhat About You Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsWhen I Left East Virginia Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsWhere Will I Shelter My Sheep Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsWildwood Flower Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsWorried Man Blues1961Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsYonder Stands Little Maggie Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsYou Are My Flower1961Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsYou Can Feel It In Your Soul1991Produzent
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsYou Can't Stop Me From Dreaming Produzent
Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs & The Foggy Mountain BoysCoal Loadin' Johnny1962Produzent
Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs & The Foggy Mountain BoysFoggy Mountain Rock1959Produzent
Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs & The Foggy Mountain BoysThe Ballad Of Jed Clampett1962Produzent
Loretta LynnWhat Now?1967Musik/Text
Marty RobbinsA House With Everything But Love1958Produzent
Marty RobbinsA Hundred And Sixty Acres1959Produzent
Marty RobbinsA Little Sentimental1961Produzent
Marty RobbinsA Little Spot In Heaven1965Produzent
Marty RobbinsA Time And A Place For Everything1960Produzent
Marty RobbinsA White Sport Coat (And A Pink Carnation)1957Produzent
Marty RobbinsA Woman Gets Her Way1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsAbilene Rose1962Produzent
Marty RobbinsAin't Love A Crying Shame1962Produzent
Marty RobbinsAll The Way1962Produzent
Marty RobbinsAll The World Is Lonely Now1957Produzent
Marty RobbinsAlmost Persuaded1965Produzent
Marty RobbinsAloha Oe (Farewell Of Thee)1957Produzent
Marty RobbinsAn Evening Prayer1965Produzent
Marty RobbinsAnother Lost Weekend1967Produzent
Marty RobbinsAnswer Me My Love1961Produzent
Marty RobbinsAre You Sincere1961Produzent
Marty RobbinsBaby I Need You (Like You Need Me)1958Produzent
Marty RobbinsBack To Montego Bay1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsBahama Mama1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsBallad Of The Alamo1960Produzent
Marty RobbinsBeyond The Reef1957Produzent
Marty RobbinsBig Iron1959Produzent
Marty RobbinsBilly The Kid1959Produzent
Marty RobbinsBilly Venero1966Produzent
Marty RobbinsBlue Sand1963Produzent
Marty RobbinsBlue Sea1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsBouquet Of Roses1957Produzent
Marty RobbinsBut Only In My Dreams1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsCalypso Girl1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsCalypso Vacation1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsCan I Help It1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsChange That Dial1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsCigarettes And Coffee Blues1963Produzent
Marty RobbinsClara1961Produzent
Marty RobbinsConstancy1957Produzent
Marty RobbinsCool Water1959Produzent
Marty RobbinsCottonwood Tree1966Produzent
Marty RobbinsCount Me Out1965Produzent
Marty RobbinsCry Stampede1966Produzent
Marty RobbinsCrying Steel Guitar Waltz1957Produzent
Marty RobbinsDevil Woman1962Produzent
Marty RobbinsDo Me A Favor1967Produzent
Marty RobbinsDoggone Cowboy1963Produzent
Marty RobbinsDon't Sing Aloha When I Go1957Produzent
Marty RobbinsDon't Throw Me Away1962Produzent
Marty RobbinsDon't Worry1960Produzent
Marty RobbinsDown Where The Trade Winds Blow1957Produzent
Marty RobbinsDrowsy Waters (Wailana)1963Produzent
Marty RobbinsDusty Winds1962Produzent
Marty RobbinsEcho Island1963Produzent
Marty RobbinsEl Paso1959Produzent
Marty RobbinsEverybody's Darlin' Plus Mine1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsFaleena (From El Paso)1966Produzent
Marty RobbinsFive Brothers1960Produzent
Marty RobbinsFly, Butterfly, Fly1966Produzent
Marty RobbinsFoggy Foggy Dew1962Produzent
Marty RobbinsForever Yours1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsGirl From Spanish Town1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsGuess I'll Be Going1961Produzent
Marty RobbinsHalf As Much1961Produzent
Marty RobbinsHave I Told You Lately That I Love You1957Produzent
Marty RobbinsHave Thine Own Way, Lord1965Produzent
Marty RobbinsHawaiin Bells1963Produzent
Marty RobbinsHawaii's Calling Me1963Produzent
Marty RobbinsHello Heartache1967Produzent
Marty RobbinsHurt1961Produzent
Marty RobbinsI Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)1961Produzent
Marty RobbinsI Don't Care (If You Don't Care For Me)1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsI Hang My Head And Cry1957Produzent
Marty RobbinsI Hope You Learn A Lot1963Produzent
Marty RobbinsI Lived A Lifetime In A Day1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsI Never Let You Cross My Mind1957Produzent
Marty RobbinsI Told My Heart1960Produzent
Marty RobbinsIf I Could Cry1962Produzent
Marty RobbinsIf You See My Heart Today1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsI'll Be All Right1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsI'll Have To Make Some Changes1967Produzent
Marty RobbinsI'll Step Aside1957Produzent
Marty RobbinsI'll Walk Alone1962Produzent
Marty RobbinsI'm Beginning To Forget1962Produzent
Marty RobbinsI'm Gonna Be A Cowboy1966Produzent
Marty RobbinsI'm Having A Ball1962Produzent
Marty RobbinsI'm In The Mood For Love1962Produzent
Marty RobbinsI'm So Lonesome I Could Cry1957Produzent
Marty RobbinsIn The Ashes Of An Old Love Affair1962Produzent
Marty RobbinsIn The Little Green Valley1959Produzent
Marty RobbinsIn The Valley1959Produzent
Marty RobbinsIs There Any Chance1960Produzent
Marty RobbinsIs There Anything Left I Can Say1961Produzent
Marty RobbinsIsland Echoes1957Produzent
Marty RobbinsIt Had To Be You1962Produzent
Marty RobbinsIt Kind Of Reminds Me Of Me1966Produzent
Marty RobbinsIt's Too Late Now1957Produzent
Marty RobbinsI've Got No Use For The Women1960Produzent
Marty RobbinsJimmy Martinez1966Produzent
Marty RobbinsJohnny Fedavo1963Produzent
Marty RobbinsJudy1958Produzent
Marty RobbinsKa-Lu-A1962Produzent
Marty RobbinsKaw-Liga1958Produzent
Marty RobbinsKinda Halfway Feel1962Produzent
Marty RobbinsKingston Girl1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsKnee Deep In The Blues1956Produzent
Marty RobbinsKuu Ipo Lani (My Sweetheart, Lani)1963Produzent
Marty RobbinsLa Paloma1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsLike All The Other Times1961Produzent
Marty RobbinsLittle Joe The Wrangler1960Produzent
Marty RobbinsLittle Rich Girl1962Produzent
Marty RobbinsLolene1962Produzent
Marty RobbinsLonely Too Long1965Produzent
Marty RobbinsLong Tall Sally1956Produzent
Marty RobbinsLooking Back1962Produzent
Marty RobbinsLove Is A Hurting Thing1962Produzent
Marty RobbinsLovely Hula Hands1963Produzent
Marty RobbinsLovesick Blues1957Produzent
Marty RobbinsMaking Excuses1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsMan Walks Among Us1963Produzent
Marty RobbinsMarie Elena1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsMatilda1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsMeet Me Tonight In Laredo1966Produzent
Marty RobbinsMelba From Melbourne1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsMisty1962Produzent
Marty RobbinsMoanin' The Blues1957Produzent
Marty RobbinsMoonland1957Produzent
Marty RobbinsMr. Shorty1966Produzent
Marty RobbinsMy Isle Of Golden Dreams1957Produzent
Marty RobbinsMy Love1960Produzent
Marty RobbinsMy Wonderful One1963Produzent
Marty RobbinsNative Girl1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsNearness Of You1962Produzent
Marty RobbinsNever Tie Me Down1966Produzent
Marty RobbinsNine-Tenths Of The Law1967Produzent
Marty RobbinsNo One Will Ever Know1962Produzent
Marty RobbinsNo Signs Of Loneliness Here1963Produzent
Marty RobbinsNo Tears, Milady1966Produzent
Marty RobbinsNo Tears, No Regrets1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsNot Ready Yet1963Produzent
Marty RobbinsNot So Long Ago1963Produzent
Marty RobbinsNothing But Sweet Lies1958Produzent
Marty RobbinsNow Is The Hour (Maori Farewell Song)1957Produzent
Marty RobbinsOh, How I Miss You (Silce You Went Away)1958Produzent
Marty RobbinsOh, Virginia1966Produzent
Marty RobbinsOld Red1963Produzent
Marty RobbinsOn The Sunny Side Of The Street1962Produzent
Marty RobbinsOne Window, Four Walls1967Produzent
Marty RobbinsOnly A Picture Stops Time1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsPaper-Face1958Produzent
Marty RobbinsPennies From Heaven1962Produzent
Marty RobbinsPraire Fire1960Produzent
Marty RobbinsPrivate Wilson White1965Produzent
Marty RobbinsProgressive Love1962Produzent
Marty RobbinsRainbow1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsRed River Valley1953Produzent
Marty RobbinsRefer Him To Me1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsRide, Cowboy Ride1960Produzent
Marty RobbinsRose Of Ol' Pawnee1957Produzent
Marty RobbinsRuby Ann1962Produzent
Marty RobbinsRunning Gun1959Produzent
Marty RobbinsSaddle Tramp1961Produzent
Marty RobbinsSan Angelo1960Produzent
Marty RobbinsSeconds To Remember1967Produzent
Marty RobbinsSeptember In the Rain1962Produzent
Marty RobbinsShackles And Chains1958Produzent
Marty RobbinsShe Means Nothing To Me Now1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsShe Was Only Seventeen (He Was One Year More)1958Produzent
Marty RobbinsShe Was Young And She Was Pretty1960Produzent
Marty RobbinsSinging The Blues1956Produzent
Marty RobbinsSittin' In A Tree House1958Produzent
Marty RobbinsSixteen Weeks1967Produzent
Marty RobbinsSong Of The Bandit1960Produzent
Marty RobbinsSong Of The Island1957Produzent
Marty RobbinsSorting Memories1967Produzent
Marty RobbinsSouthern Dixie Flyer1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsStrawberry Roan1959Produzent
Marty RobbinsSummertime1962Produzent
Marty RobbinsSweet Bird Of Paradise1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsSweet Leilani1957Produzent
Marty RobbinsTahitian Boy1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsTake Me Back To The Prairie1966Produzent
Marty RobbinsTall Handsome Stranger1963Produzent
Marty RobbinsTeenager's Dad1963Produzent
Marty RobbinsThe Bend In The River1962Produzent
Marty RobbinsThe Blues Country Style1959Produzent
Marty RobbinsThe Cowboy In The Continental Suit1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsThe Fastest Gun Around1963Produzent
Marty RobbinsThe Great Speckled Bird1965Produzent
Marty RobbinsThe Hands You're Holding Now1958Produzent
Marty RobbinsThe Hanging Tree1959Produzent
Marty RobbinsThe Hawaiian Wedding Song1963Produzent
Marty RobbinsThe Mango Song1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsThe Master's Call1959Produzent
Marty RobbinsThe Night I Came Ashore1963Produzent
Marty RobbinsThe Red Hills Of Utah1963Produzent
Marty RobbinsThe Roving Gambler1966Produzent
Marty RobbinsThe Sea And Me1963Produzent
Marty RobbinsThe Shoe Goes On The Other Foot Tonight1966Produzent
Marty RobbinsThe Streets Of Laredo1960Produzent
Marty RobbinsThe Things That I Don't Know1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsThe Wind Goes1966Produzent
Marty RobbinsThe Wine Flowed Freely1962Produzent
Marty RobbinsThen I Turned And Walked Slowly Away1958Produzent
Marty RobbinsThere's Power In The Blood1965Produzent
Marty RobbinsThey're Hanging Me Tonight1959Produzent
Marty RobbinsThis Peaceful Sod1960Produzent
Marty RobbinsTime Can't Make Me Forget1962Produzent
Marty RobbinsTo Each His Own1961Produzent
Marty RobbinsTo Think You've Chosen Me1961Produzent
Marty RobbinsToo Young1961Produzent
Marty RobbinsTurn The Lights Down Low1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsUnchained Melody1961Produzent
Marty RobbinsUp In The Air1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsUrgently Needed1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsUtah Carol1959Produzent
Marty RobbinsWaltz Of The Wind1958Produzent
Marty RobbinsWedding Bells1958Produzent
Marty RobbinsWhat God Has Done1965Produzent
Marty RobbinsWhen The Roll Is Called Up Yonder1965Produzent
Marty RobbinsWhen The Work's All Done This Fall1966Produzent
Marty RobbinsWhen Your Love Was Mine1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsWhile You're Dancing1965Produzent
Marty RobbinsWho At My Door Is Standing1965Produzent
Marty RobbinsWill The Circle Be Unbroken1965Produzent
Marty RobbinsWith His Hand On My Shoulder1965Produzent
Marty RobbinsWon't You Forgive1962Produzent
Marty RobbinsWorking My Way Through A Heartache1967Produzent
Marty RobbinsWorried1962Produzent
Marty RobbinsWould You Take Me Back Again1967Produzent
Marty RobbinsYou Gotta Climb1965Produzent
Marty RobbinsYou Only Want Me When You're Lonely1957Produzent
Marty RobbinsYou Won't Have Her Long1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsYou're Not The Only One1964Produzent
Marty RobbinsYours1962Produzent
Marty Robbins With Ray Conniff And His OrchestraAin't I The Lucky One1958Produzent
Marty Robbins With Ray Conniff And His OrchestraThe Last Time I Saw My Heart1958Produzent
Marty Robbins With Ray Conniff And His OrchestraThe Story Of My Life1957Produzent
Norro WilsonI Want To Hold You In My Arms1974Produzent
Norro WilsonLoneliness (Can Break A Good Man Down)1974Produzent
Paul EvansBound To Silence1968Produzent
Paul EvansOne Red Rose1968Produzent
Ray PriceA Thing Called Sadness1964Produzent
Ray PriceA Way To Survive1966Produzent
Ray PriceBurning Memories1964Produzent
Ray PriceDanny Boy1967Produzent
Ray PriceDon't You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me1965Produzent
Ray PriceHere Comes My Baby Back Again1964Produzent
Ray PriceI Let My Mind Wander1967Produzent
Ray PriceI'm Not Crazy Yet1966Produzent
Ray PriceI'm Walking Slow (And Thinking 'Bout Her) 1962Produzent
Ray PriceMake The World Go Away1963Produzent
Ray PriceNight Life1963Produzent
Ray PricePride1962Produzent
Ray PriceTearful Earful1965Produzent
Ray PriceThat's All That Matters1964Produzent
Ray PriceThe Other Woman1965Produzent
Ray PriceUnloved, Unwanted1965Produzent
Ray PriceWalk Me To The Door1962Produzent
Ray PriceYou Took Her Off My Hands (Now Please Take Her Off My Mind)1962Produzent
Sleepy LaBeefEverybody's Got To Have Somebody (To Love)1965Produzent
Sleepy LaBeefYou Can't Catch Me1965Produzent
Stonewall JacksonAlmost Hear The Blues1967Produzent
Stonewall JacksonB.J. The D.J.1963Produzent
Stonewall JacksonBig Busy World1967Produzent
Stonewall JacksonBig House On The Corner1963Produzent
Stonewall JacksonBlack Sheep1968Produzent
Stonewall JacksonDrinking And Driving1968Produzent
Stonewall JacksonGive It Back To The Indians1964Produzent
Stonewall JacksonHave I Told You Lately That I Love You1968Produzent
Stonewall JacksonHow Many Lies Can I Tell1968Produzent
Stonewall JacksonI Believe In Love1968Produzent
Stonewall JacksonIf Heartaches Were Wine1968Produzent
Stonewall JacksonI'm Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail1968Produzent
Stonewall JacksonKnoxville Girl1968Produzent
Stonewall JacksonMary Don't You Weep1959Produzent
Stonewall JacksonMother, The Queen Of My Heart1968Produzent
Stonewall JacksonMy Song1968Produzent
Stonewall JacksonNot My Kind Of People1964Produzent
Stonewall JacksonNothing Takes The Place Of Loving You1968Produzent
Stonewall JacksonOde To Cowboy Jack1968Produzent
Stonewall JacksonRed River Valley1968Produzent
Stonewall JacksonShackles And Chains1968Produzent
Stonewall JacksonSoldier's Last Letter1968Produzent
Stonewall JacksonThe Letter Edged In Black1968Produzent
Stonewall JacksonThe Past Is All The Future I See1968Produzent
Stonewall JacksonThe Water's So Cold1963Produzent
Stonewall JacksonTragic Romance1968Produzent
Stonewall JacksonWaltz Of The Wind1968Produzent
Stonewall JacksonWanderin' Boy's Last Letter1968Produzent
Stonewall JacksonWild Wild Wind1963Produzent
Stonewall Jackson And The Brentwood Children's ChoirThat's All This Old World Needs1972Produzent
Texas LightningI Promise All My Love Tonight2006Musik/Text
The Carter FamilyWill The Circle Be Unbroken1964Produzent
The Carter Family with Johnny CashBroken-Hearted Lover1964Produzent
The Carter Family with Johnny CashBrown Eyes1964Produzent
The Carter Family with Johnny CashGathering Flowers From The Hillside1964Produzent
The Carter Family with Johnny CashI'm Working On A Building1964Produzent
The Carter Family with Johnny CashKeep On The Sunny Side1964Produzent
The Carter Family with Johnny CashLonesome Valley1964Produzent
The Carter Family with Johnny CashMy Clinch Mountain Home1964Produzent
The Carter Family with Johnny CashThe Banks Of The Ohio1964Produzent
The Carter Family with Johnny CashThe Wabash Cannon Ball1964Produzent
The Carter Family with Johnny CashWhen The Roses Bloom Again1964Produzent
The Carter Family with Johnny CashWorried Man Blues1964Produzent
The Irwin Twins (Lynn & Glynn)Play It Smart Little Girl1964Produzent
The Statler BrothersBilly Christian1965Produzent
The Statler BrothersFlowers On The Wall1965Produzent
The Statler BrothersThe Wreck Of The Old 971964Produzent
The Statler Brothers / Johnny CashHammers And Nails1964Produzent

Frank Jones in der österreichischen Hitparade


I Promise All My Love Tonight (Texas Lightning)13.10.2006613

Die bestbewerteten Songs von Frank Jones

Ring Of Fire (Johnny Cash)1925.11
El Paso (Marty Robbins)514.94
Flowers On The Wall (The Statler Brothers)314.87
My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You (Johnny Cash)74.86
Orange Blossom Special (Johnny Cash)364.83
Troublesome Waters (Johnny Cash)64.83
Waiting For A Train (Johnny Cash)64.83
Jackson (Johnny Cash & June Carter)564.8
Girl In Saskatoon (Johnny Cash)54.8
I Got Stripes (Johnny Cash)244.79
Foggy Mountain Breakdown (Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs)184.72
The Hanging Tree (Marty Robbins)94.67
The Ballad Of Ira Hayes (Johnny Cash)264.65
She Was Only Seventeen (He Was One Year More) (Marty Robbins)54.6
The Sons Of Katie Elder (Johnny Cash)174.59
It Ain't Me Babe (Johnny Cash)294.59
Singing The Blues (Marty Robbins)144.57
The Master's Call (Marty Robbins)74.57
All Over Again (Johnny Cash)204.55
Sam Hall (Johnny Cash)134.54

Die bekanntesten Songs von Frank Jones

Ring Of Fire (Johnny Cash)1925.11
Jackson (Johnny Cash & June Carter)564.8
I Promise All My Love Tonight (Texas Lightning)533.77
El Paso (Marty Robbins)514.94
Orange Blossom Special (Johnny Cash)364.83
Bonanza! (Johnny Cash)364.28
Flowers On The Wall (The Statler Brothers)314.87
It Ain't Me Babe (Johnny Cash)294.59
The Ballad Of Ira Hayes (Johnny Cash)264.65
Danny Boy (Johnny Cash)264.35
I Got Stripes (Johnny Cash)244.79
Understand Your Man (Johnny Cash)244.29
Tennessee Flat-Top Box (Johnny Cash)244.17
Devil Woman (Marty Robbins)214.05
All Over Again (Johnny Cash)204.55
A White Sport Coat (And A Pink Carnation) (Marty Robbins)193.95
Foggy Mountain Breakdown (Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs)184.72
Big Iron (Marty Robbins)184.39
The Sons Of Katie Elder (Johnny Cash)174.59
The Long Black Veil (Johnny Cash)174.53
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