Irving Berlin

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"Alexander's Ragtime Band" ChorusWe're On Our Way To France1978Musik/Text
"Annie Get Your Gun" Characters "Winnie and Tommy"Who Do You Love I Hope1946Musik/Text
"Annie Get Your Gun" EnsembleThere's No Business Like Show Business1963Musik/Text
103rd Street Gospel Choir with Pat LewisWhite Christmas2005Musik/Text
20th Century Fox Studio OrchesterMarie1978Musik/Text
20th Century Fox Studio OrchesterOpening Credits1978Musik/Text
ABC-Sextett / Walter Dobschinski Und Seine SolistenSpiel mir eine alte Melodie1951Musik/Text
Adriano CelentanoBianco Natale1970Musik/Text
Aimee MannWhite Christmas2006Musik/Text
Air SupplyWhite Christmas1987Musik/Text
AïssaWhite Christmas2017Musik/Text
Al BanoBianco Natale2016Musik/Text
Al Bano & Romina PowerWhite Christmas1990Musik/Text
Al GreenWhite Christmas1983Musik/Text
Al HibblerWhite Christmas1956Musik/Text
Al HirtHow Deep Is The Ocean (How High Is The Sky)1962Musik/Text
Al HirtWhite Christmas1964Musik/Text
Al JarreauWhite Christmas2008Musik/Text
Al JolsonBlue Skies1927Musik/Text
Al JolsonLet Me Sing And I'm Happy1930Musik/Text
Al MartinoWhite Christmas1964Musik/Text
Alain Morisod & Sweet PeopleNoël blanc2003Musik/Text
Alan JacksonWhite Christmas2002Musik/Text
Alan Martin / George Williams' Orch.We'll Never Know1957Musik/Text
AldebertMedley de Noël2015Musik/Text
Alex [Big Brother]White Christmas2000Musik/Text
Alex Swings Oscar Sings!Puttin' On The Ritz2009Musik/Text
Alice FayeAlexander's Ragtime Band1962Musik/Text
Alice FayeAll Alone1978Musik/Text
Alice FayeHe Ain't Got Rythm2010Musik/Text
Alice FayeNow It Can Be Told1978Musik/Text
Alice FayeRemember1978Musik/Text
Alice FayeSlumming On Park Avenue1937Musik/Text
Alice FayeThis Year's Kisses1937Musik/Text
Alice FayeWhen The Midnight Choo Choo Leaves For Alabam'1978Musik/Text
Alice Faye & ChorusAlexander's Ragtime Band1978Musik/Text
Alice Faye & Jack Haley & Chick ChandlerThe International Rag1978Musik/Text
Alma CoganAll Alone1961Musik/Text
Alma CoganBlue Skies1958Musik/Text
Alma CoganCheek To Cheek1958Musik/Text
AmericaWhite Christmas2002Musik/Text
Ames Bros.Sayonara1958Musik/Text
AMIGA - TanzorchesterWeißt du, was das heißt1954Musik/Text
André Manoukian avec AnaïsCheek To Cheek2010Musik/Text
André RieuWhite Christmas1992Musik/Text
André Rieu And His Johann Strauss OrchestraWhite Christmas1997Musik/Text
Andrea BocelliWhite Christmas / Bianco Natale2009Musik/Text
Andrea Bocelli with Veronica BertiCheek To Cheek2015Musik/Text
Andreas BouraniWeisse Weihnacht2015Musik/Text
Andy Russell with Paul Weston And His OrchestraEaster Parade1948Musik/Text
Andy Russell with Paul Weston And His OrchestraIt Only Happens When I Dance With You1948Musik/Text
Andy Russell with Paul Weston And His OrchestraThey Say It's Wonderful1946Musik/Text
Andy Russell with Paul Weston And His OrchestraWho Do You Love I Hope1946Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsChange Partners1986Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsHappy Holiday / The Holiday Season1963Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsRemember [1966]1966Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsSay It Isn't So1959Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsWhite Christmas1963Musik/Text
Angela Wiedl und die Nymphenburger SternsingerWeisse Weihnacht1993Musik/Text
Anita O'DayI Never Had A Chance1957Musik/Text
Anita O'DayI Used To Be Color Blind1957Musik/Text
Anita O'DayLet's Face The Music And Dance1957Musik/Text
Ann MillerShaking The Blues Away 1949Musik/Text
Ann Miller, The Mel-Tones & The Little SistersShaking The Blues Away 1950Musik/Text
Anna Maria KaufmannWhite Christmas2008Musik/Text
Anna-Lena & die Berliner SymphonikerWhite Christmas1971Musik/Text
Annette HanshawSay It Isn't So1932Musik/Text
Annette HanshawThe Song Is Ended1927Musik/Text
Aretha FranklinHow Deep Is The Ocean1962Musik/Text
Aretha FranklinSay It Isn't So1963Musik/Text
Arielle DombasleCheek To Cheek2006Musik/Text
Art GarfunkelWhat'll I Do2007Musik/Text
Art TatumBlue Skies1953Musik/Text
Art TatumHeat Wave1954Musik/Text
Art TatumIsn't This A Lovely Day?1953Musik/Text
Art TatumI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm1937Musik/Text
Arthur Collins & Byron G HarlanI'm Going Back To Dixie1912Musik/Text
Arthur Lee SimpkinsMarie1949Musik/Text
Artie ShawA Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody1936Musik/Text
Artie ShawBecause I Love You1937Musik/Text
Artie ShawBlue Skies1937Musik/Text
Artie ShawHow Deep Is The Ocean (How High Is The Sky)1946Musik/Text
Artie ShawI Poured My Heart Into A Song1939Musik/Text
Artie ShawSupper Time1939Musik/Text
Artie ShawWhen Winter Comes1939Musik/Text
Artie Shaw & His OrchestraAll Alone1937Musik/Text
Artie Shaw And His Orchestra feat. Mel Tormé And His Mel-TonesI Got The Sun In The Morning1946Musik/Text
Artie Shaw And His Orchestra feat. Mel Tormé And His Mel-TonesThere's No Business Like Show Business1950Musik/Text
Astrud Gilberto / Walter WanderleyIt's A Lovely Day Today1966Musik/Text
B.J. ThomasGod Bless The Children1979Musik/Text
Baby WashingtonWhite Christmas1965Musik/Text
BabyfaceWhite Christmas1998Musik/Text
Bailey's Lucky SevenHomesick1922Musik/Text
BanarooWhite Christmas2005Musik/Text
Barbara DicksonBlue Skies1975Musik/Text
Barbra StreisandMedley1966Musik/Text
Barbra StreisandMy Buddy / How About Me (Medley)1974Musik/Text
Barbra Streisand with Jason GouldHow Deep Is The Ocean2014Musik/Text
Barbra Streisand with Melissa McCarthyAnything You Can Do2016Musik/Text
Barry ManilowCount Your Blessings2007Musik/Text
Barry ManilowHappy Holiday / White Christmas2002Musik/Text
Barry ManilowHow Deep Is The Ocean?2010Musik/Text
Barry ManilowI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm2002Musik/Text
Barry ManilowWhite Christmas1990Musik/Text
Bellamy BrothersWhite Christmas1996Musik/Text
Belle BakerBlue Skies1926Musik/Text
Ben WebsterHow Deep Is The Ocean1967Musik/Text
Ben WebsterYou Forgot To Remember1967Musik/Text
Benny GoodmanAlexander's Ragtime Band1936Musik/Text
Benny GoodmanAlways1935Musik/Text
Benny GoodmanBlue Skies1935Musik/Text
Benny GoodmanBlue Skies (Live 1938)1955Musik/Text
Benny GoodmanHe Ain't Got Rhythm1937Musik/Text
Benny GoodmanMy Old Flame1944Musik/Text
Benny GoodmanPuttin' On The Ritz1947Musik/Text
Benny GoodmanRemember1936Musik/Text
Benny GoodmanRussian Lullaby1938Musik/Text
Benny GoodmanSay It Isn't So1963Musik/Text
Benny GoodmanThis Year's Kisses1937Musik/Text
Benny GoodmanYou Forgot To Remember1936Musik/Text
Benny Goodman And Peggy LeeI Threw A Kiss In The Ocean1942Musik/Text
Bernard PeifferCheek To Cheek1955Musik/Text
Bernd ClüverWeisse Weihnacht1997Musik/Text
Bernhard BrinkWhite Christmas1993Musik/Text
Bernhard BrinkWhite Christmas [2013]2013Musik/Text
Bert KaempfertWhite Christmas1963Musik/Text
Bert Kaempfert And His OrchestraHow Deep Is The Ocean (How High Is The Sky) 1960Musik/Text
Bessie Smith And Her Blue BoysAlexander's Ragtime Band1927Musik/Text
Bette MidlerI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm2006Musik/Text
Bette MidlerWhite Christmas2003Musik/Text
Bette Midler & Linda RonstadtSisters2003Musik/Text
Betty Hutton & Howard KeelAnything You Can Do1950Musik/Text
Big MaybelleSay It Isn't So1959Musik/Text
Bill Evans TrioHow Deep Is The Ocean?1961Musik/Text
Billie HolidayAlways1955Musik/Text
Billie HolidayCheek To Cheek1956Musik/Text
Billie HolidayHow Deep Is The Ocean (How High Is The Sky)1954Musik/Text
Billie HolidayIsn't This A Lovely Day?1955Musik/Text
Billie HolidayI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm1958Musik/Text
Billie HolidayRemember1952Musik/Text
Billie HolidaySay It Isn't So1955Musik/Text
Billie Holiday & Her OrchestraI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm1937Musik/Text
Billie Holiday with Teddy Wilson & His OrchestraThis Year's Kisses1937Musik/Text
Billie MartenWhite Christmas2016Musik/Text
Billy Eckstine And His OrchestraWithout A Song1948Musik/Text
Billy IdolHappy Holidays2006Musik/Text
Billy IdolWhite Christmas2006Musik/Text
Billy VaughnMarie1961Musik/Text
Billy VaughnSayonara1960Musik/Text
Billy Vaughn & His OrchestraWhite Christmas1958Musik/Text
Billy Vaughn And His OrchestraHow Deep Is The Ocean1957Musik/Text
Bing Crosby(Running Around In Circles) Getting Nowhere1946Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyA Fella With An Umbrella1948Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyA Serenade To An Old-Fashioned Girl1946Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyAbraham1942Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyAll By Myself1946Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyAll Of My Life1945Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyAnything You Can Do1947Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyBlue Skies1946Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyChange Partners1975Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyCount Your Blessings Instead Of Sheep1954Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyEverybody Step1946Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyHow Deep Is The Ocean (How High Is The Sky)1932Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyI'm Playing With Fire1933Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyI've Got My Captain Working For Me Now1946Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyLazy1942Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyLet's Start The New Year Right1942Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyMarrying For Love1950Musik/Text
Bing CrosbySome Sunny Day1957Musik/Text
Bing CrosbySong Of Freedom1942Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyThe Little Things In Life1937Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyWhat Can You Do With A General1954Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas1942Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyYou Keep Coming Back Like A Song1946Musik/Text
Bing Crosby & Danny KayeMandy1954Musik/Text
Bing Crosby & Danny KayeThe Old Man / Gee I Wish I Was Back In The Army1954Musik/Text
Bing Crosby & Ella FitzgeraldWhite Christmas1953Musik/Text
Bing Crosby & Fred AstaireA Couple Of Song And Dance Men1946Musik/Text
Bing Crosby & Fred AstaireI'll Capture Your Heart1942Musik/Text
Bing Crosby & Fred WaringThis Is A Great Country1964Musik/Text
Bing Crosby & Gary CrosbyPlay A Simple Melody1950Musik/Text
Bing Crosby & The John Scott Trotter OrchestraBe Careful, It's My Heart1942Musik/Text
Bing Crosby & The John Scott Trotter OrchestraHappy Holiday1942Musik/Text
Bing Crosby And Connie BoswellAlexander's Ragtime Band1938Musik/Text
Bing Crosby And The Andrews SistersThe Freedom Train1947Musik/Text
Bing Crosby And Trudy ErwinI'll See You In Cuba1946Musik/Text
Bing Crosby with Al JolsonAlexander's Ragtime Band1947Musik/Text
Bing Crosby With Bob Crosby And His OrchestraI've Got Plenty To Be Thankful For1942Musik/Text
Bing Crosby with Buddy Bregman's OrchestraCheek To Cheek1956Musik/Text
Bing Crosby with Buddy Bregman's OrchestraHeat Wave1956Musik/Text
Bing Crosby With John Scott Trotter And His OrchestraAngels Of Mercy1942Musik/Text
Bing Crosby With John Scott Trotter And His OrchestraEaster Parade1942Musik/Text
Bing Crosby With John Scott Trotter And His OrchestraGod Bless America1939Musik/Text
Bing Crosby With John Scott Trotter And His OrchestraNow It Can Be Told1938Musik/Text
Bing Crosby With John Scott Trotter And His OrchestraThey Say It's Wonderful1946Musik/Text
Bing Crosby With Paradise Island TrioWhen I Lost You1940Musik/Text
Bing Crosby with the London Symphony Orchestra feat. PentatonixWhite Christmas2019Musik/Text
Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Peggy Lee & Trudy StevensSnow1954Musik/Text
Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Peggy Lee & Trudy StevensWhite Christmas (Finale)1954Musik/Text
Bing Crosby, Dick Haymes & The Andrews SistersAnything You Can Do1947Musik/Text
Bing Crosby, Dick Haymes & The Andrews SistersThere's No Business Like Show Business1947Musik/Text
Björk Guðmundsdóttir & Tríó Guðmundar IngólfssonarÞað sést ekki sætari mey1990Musik/Text
Bjørn LandbergTräum mit mir...2015Musik/Text
Black Dyke BandPuttin' On The Ritz2004Musik/Text
Blue DiamondsToujours1960Musik/Text
Bo Katzman ChorWhite Christmas2010Musik/Text
Bob Crosby's Bob CatsAll By Myself1940Musik/Text
Bob DylanHow Deep Is The Ocean2017Musik/Text
Bob DylanWhat'll I Do2015Musik/Text
Bob Marley & The WailersWhite Christmas1965Musik/Text
Bobby DarinAll By Myself1962Musik/Text
Bobby DarinBlue Skies1962Musik/Text
Bobby LoneroThe Girl That I Marry1959Musik/Text
Bobby ShortSay It Isn't So1982Musik/Text
Bobby VintonBlue Skies1963Musik/Text
Bobby VintonWhite Christmas1963Musik/Text
Boney M.White Christmas1981Musik/Text
Booker T. & The M.G.'sWhite Christmas1966Musik/Text
Boots And His BuddiesRemember1939Musik/Text
Boswell SistersI'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket1936Musik/Text
Brenda LeeHow Deep Is The Ocean (How High Is The Sky)1961Musik/Text
Brenda LeeWhite Christmas1991Musik/Text
Brook BentonBlue Skies1959Musik/Text
Brook BentonLet Me Sing And I'm Happy1962Musik/Text
Brooks & DunnWhite Christmas2002Musik/Text
Bruce LowWeiße Weihnacht - White Christmas1962Musik/Text
Bruce LowWhite Christmas1987Musik/Text
Bryn TerfelWhite Christmas2010Musik/Text
Bryn Terfel & Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas2010Musik/Text
Buddy ClarkThe Freedom Train1947Musik/Text
BZNWhite Christmas1981Musik/Text
Caetano VelosoAlways2004Musik/Text
Caetano VelosoBlue Skies2004Musik/Text
Captain Cook und seine singenden SaxophoneWhite Christmas2006Musik/Text
Carlo Brunner - Martin Nauer - Werner Amacher - Claudio Gmür - Turi SchellenbergWeihnachts-Medley: White Christmas - Sleigh Ride1997Musik/Text
Carol StevensI'm Playing With Fire1957Musik/Text
Carole KingI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm2011Musik/Text
Caroll Vanwelden & Dirk Van der LindenCheek To Cheek2009Musik/Text
Caroll Vanwelden & Dirk Van der LindenHow Deep Is The Ocean2009Musik/Text
CarpentersWinter Wonderland / Silver Bells / White Christmas1978Musik/Text
CarpentersYou're Just In Love1980Musik/Text
Cat AndersonHow Deep Is The Ocean1980Musik/Text
Caterina ValenteWhen You Walked Out1957Musik/Text
Caterina Valente & The Count Basie OrchestraDoch meine Liebe hält mich warm1986Musik/Text
Caterina Valente & The Count Basie OrchestraI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm1986Musik/Text
Cee Lo GreenWhite Christmas2012Musik/Text
Céline DionGod Bless America2001Musik/Text
Céline DionNoël blanc1981Musik/Text
Celtic WomanWhite Christmas2011Musik/Text
Charles BradleyGod Bless America2016Musik/Text
Charles McPhersonThey Say It's Wonderful1975Musik/Text
Charlie McCoyWhite Christmas1974Musik/Text
CherWhat'll I Do1974Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsCheek To Cheek1968Musik/Text
Chet BakerWhat'll I Do1974Musik/Text
Chiara [IT]White Christmas2014Musik/Text
ChicagoWhite Christmas1998Musik/Text
Children Of The World & Charlie DanielsAmerican Medley: America The Beautiful - God Bless America1980Musik/Text
Children Of The World feat. Jimmy Hall & Ellen FoleyAmerican Medley: American The Beautiful/God Bless America1980Musik/Text
ChillyThere's No Business Like Showbusiness1980Musik/Text
Chris Botti feat. Paula ColeWhat'll I Do?2004Musik/Text
Chris ConnorIt Only Happens When I Dance With You1958Musik/Text
Chris IsaakWhite Christmas2004Musik/Text
Chris RobertsWhite Christmas1974Musik/Text
ChristoffWitte Kerstmis2008Musik/Text
ChristoffWitte Kerstmis/White Christmas/Weisse Weihnacht2015Musik/Text
Christoff & Bing CrosbyWitte Kerstmis / White Christmas2008Musik/Text
Christoph Spendel Christmas Jazz TrioWhite Christmas1999Musik/Text
Claude BarzottiNoël blanc2012Musik/Text
Claudia JungWeisse Weihnacht1996Musik/Text
Claudio BaglioniWhite Christmas2012Musik/Text
Claudius Alzner Und Seine SolistenIch hab' mein Herz in Heidelberg verloren / Marie / Salome Musik/Text
Claudius Alzner Und Seine SolistenOh The Sunny Side Of The Street / Blue Skies Musik/Text
Cliff RichardWhite Christmas1991Musik/Text
Clyde McPhatterHow Deep Is The Ocean (How High Is The Sky)1959Musik/Text
Cœur de PirateNoël blanc2011Musik/Text
Colby ThomasWeisse Weihnacht1996Musik/Text
Coleman Hawkins And His OrchestraHow Deep Is The Ocean?1945Musik/Text
CollabroWhite Christmas2014Musik/Text
Collectif' XmasWhite Christmas2014Musik/Text
Company TimeWhite Christmas2002Musik/Text
Connie Boswell With Harry Sosnik And His OrchestraAll Alone1938Musik/Text
Connie FrancisAll By Myself1959Musik/Text
Connie FrancisAlways1963Musik/Text
Connie FrancisGod Bless America1959Musik/Text
Connie FrancisHow Deep Is The Ocean1958Musik/Text
Connie FrancisI Got Lost In His Arms1961Musik/Text
Connie FrancisThe Song Is Ended (But The Melody Lingers On)1959Musik/Text
Connie FrancisWhite Christmas1959Musik/Text
Connie StevensI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm1962Musik/Text
Corneille - TalCheek To Cheek2014Musik/Text
Cornel-Quintett / Heinrich Riethmüller und seine SolistenSpiel mir eine alte Melodie1951Musik/Text
Corry KoningsKom droom maar van 'n wit kerstfeest2001Musik/Text
Costa CordalisSüß singt der Engel Chor1998Musik/Text
Count BasieBlue Skies1945Musik/Text
Count BasieCheek To Cheek1947Musik/Text
Count Basie & His OrchestraCheek To Cheek1949Musik/Text
Curtis StigersBlue Skies2003Musik/Text
Curtis Stigers & Chorus / The John Wilson OrchestraSteppin' Out With My Baby2012Musik/Text
DalidaNoël blanc1960Musik/Text
Danny CoxUniversal Soldier / God Bless America / Aquarius / Let The Sunshine In1970Musik/Text
Danny Gottlieb And The Nairobi TrioHow Deep Is The Ocean2005Musik/Text
Danny Kaye & The SkylarksChoreography1954Musik/Text
Danny Kaye & The SkylarksThe Best Things Happen While You're Dancing1954Musik/Text
Danny WilliamsSteppin' Out With My Baby1962Musik/Text
Darlene LoveWhite Christmas1963Musik/Text
DartsWhite Christmas1980Musik/Text
Dave Brubeck QuartetAvalon1950Musik/Text
Dave Brubeck TrioAlways1950Musik/Text
Dave DudleyWhite Christmas1982Musik/Text
Dave Koz feat. India.Arie and Trombone ShortyI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm2014Musik/Text
Dave Koz feat. Kelly SweetWhite Christmas2007Musik/Text
David CampbellI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm2018Musik/Text
David CampbellWhite Christmas2018Musik/Text
David HasselhoffWhite Christmas2004Musik/Text
Dean MartinI Got The Sun In The Morning1946Musik/Text
Dean MartinI Never Had A Chance1957Musik/Text
Dean MartinI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm1959Musik/Text
Dean MartinWhite Christmas1959Musik/Text
Dean MartinYou'd Be Surprised1999Musik/Text
Debby Boone & Rosemary ClooneyWhite Christmas1989Musik/Text
Del WoodWhen I Lost You1960Musik/Text
Della ReeseBlue Skies1960Musik/Text
Della ReeseI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm1956Musik/Text
Demis RoussosWhite Christmas1991Musik/Text
Denise JannahBlue Skies2015Musik/Text
Dennie Christian, Mieke, Micha Marah, Freddy BreckIk droomde van een mooi kerstfeest / Een roze fris ontloken / Witte Wonderland1987Musik/Text
Des O'ConnorWhat'll I Do1974Musik/Text
Diana KrallBlue Skies2017Musik/Text
Diana KrallIsn't This A Lovely Day?2006Musik/Text
Diana KrallLet's Face The Music And Dance1999Musik/Text
Diana Krall feat. The Clayton/Hamilton Jazz OrchestraCount Your Blessings Instead Of Sheep2005Musik/Text
Diana Krall feat. The Clayton/Hamilton Jazz OrchestraWhite Christmas2005Musik/Text
Diana RossWhite Christmas1994Musik/Text
Diana TraskLet's Face The Music & Dance1961Musik/Text
Diane SchuurBlue Skies2008Musik/Text
Diane SchuurThey Say It's Wonderful2008Musik/Text
Dick PowellI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm1937Musik/Text
Dick PowellThe Girl On The Police Gazette2010Musik/Text
Dick PowellThis Year's Kisses1937Musik/Text
Dick Powell & Madeleine CarrollYou're Laughing At Me2010Musik/Text
Dick Powell & Ritz BrothersYou're Laughing At Me2010Musik/Text
Dick Powell, Madeleine Carroll, Sig Rumann, Ritz Brothers, Alice Faye & Billy GilbertFinale Slumming On Park Avenue 2010Musik/Text
Dickey LeeMarie1965Musik/Text
Die NachtfalterSpiel mir eine alte Melodie2015Musik/Text
Die PsayrerWhite Christmas2006Musik/Text
Die Roten RosenWhite Christmas1998Musik/Text
Die Viel-HarmonikerSpiel mir eine alte Melodie1978Musik/Text
Dinah ShoreDoin' What Comes Natur'lly1946Musik/Text
Dinah ShoreI Got Lost In His Arms1946Musik/Text
Dinah Shore feat. Dick ToddYou Can't Brush Me Off2000Musik/Text
Dinah WashingtonBlue Skies1954Musik/Text
Dinah WashingtonHow Deep Is the Ocean1950Musik/Text
Dinah WashingtonI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm1961Musik/Text
Dinah WashingtonSay It Isn't So1956Musik/Text
Dinah WashingtonThe Song Is Ended (But The Melody Lingers On)1960Musik/Text
Dionne WarwickAnything You Can Do1967Musik/Text
Dionne WarwickHappy Holiday2004Musik/Text
Dionne WarwickMy Ship1967Musik/Text
Dionne WarwickThey Say It's Wonderful1977Musik/Text
Don AmecheEaster Parade1978Musik/Text
Don AmecheNow It Can Be Told1938Musik/Text
Don Armando's Second Avenue Rhumba BandI'm An Indian Too1980Musik/Text
Don Byas QuartetThey Say It's Wonderful1946Musik/Text
Don EstelleAlways1984Musik/Text
Don McLeanChange Partners1989Musik/Text
Don McLeanCount Your Blessings1989Musik/Text
Don McLeanWhite Christmas1991Musik/Text
Donald DouglasFor Your Country And My Country1978Musik/Text
DoranWhite X-mas1995Musik/Text
Doris DayAll Alone1994Musik/Text
Doris DayCheek To Cheek1958Musik/Text
Doris DayDoin' What Comes Natur'lly1962Musik/Text
Doris DayI Got Lost In His Arms1963Musik/Text
Doris DayI Got The Sun In The Morning1963Musik/Text
Doris DayI Got The Sun In The Morning 1963Musik/Text
Doris DayI'm An Indian Too1963Musik/Text
Doris DayIt's A Lovely Day Today1950Musik/Text
Doris DayLet's Face The Music And Dance1958Musik/Text
Doris DayLet's Take An Old-Fashioned Walk Musik/Text
Doris DayShaking The Blues Away1955Musik/Text
Doris DayThe Best Thing For You1950Musik/Text
Doris DayThey Say It's Wonderful1960Musik/Text
Doris DayWhite Christmas1964Musik/Text
Doris DayYou Can Have Him1949Musik/Text
Doris DayYou Can’t Get A Man With A Gun1962Musik/Text
Doris Day & Robert GouletAnything You Can Do1962Musik/Text
Doris Day & Robert GouletThe Girl That I Marry1964Musik/Text
Doris Day & Robert GouletThey Say It's Wonderful1962Musik/Text
Doris Day & The Malcolm Dodds QuartetMoonshine Lullaby1963Musik/Text
Doris Day / Les Brown And His OrchestraI Got The Sun In The Morning1946Musik/Text
Doris Day with Frank De Vol & His OrchestraI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm1958Musik/Text
Doris Day with Frank De Vol & His OrchestraSteppin' Out With My Baby1959Musik/Text
Dr. JohnBlue Skies1995Musik/Text
Dr. JohnMedley: It's All Right With Me / Blue Skies / Will The Circle Be Unbroken1975Musik/Text
Duke Ellington & His OrchestraTrumpet No End1947Musik/Text
Duke Ellington And His OrchestraBlue Skies1947Musik/Text
Duke Ellington's OrchestraSwanee Shuffles1929Musik/Text
Earl BosticBlue Skies1957Musik/Text
Earl BosticRemember1956Musik/Text
Earl OxfordThis Is The Army Mr. Jones2012Musik/Text
Ed AmesThere's No Business Like Show Business1968Musik/Text
Eddie CantorMandy2000Musik/Text
Eddie FisherAll By Myself1953Musik/Text
Eddie FisherCheek To Cheek1953Musik/Text
Eddie FisherRemember1953Musik/Text
Eddie FisherSayonara1957Musik/Text
Eddie FisherThey Say It's Wonderful1953Musik/Text
Eddie FisherWhite Christmas1952Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldAlexander's Ragtime Band1958Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldAll By Myself1958Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldAlways1958Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldBlue Skies1958Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldChange Partners1958Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldCheek To Cheek1958Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldGet Thee Behind Me Satan1958Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldHeat Wave1958Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldHow About Me?1958Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldHow Deep Is The Ocean1958Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldHow's Chances?1958Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldI Never Had A Chance1957Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldI Used To Be Colour Blind1958Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldI'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket1958Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldIsn't This A Lovely Day1958Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldIt's A Lovely Day Today1958Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm1958Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldLazy1958Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldLet Yourself Go1958Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldLet's Face The Music And Dance1958Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldNo Strings (I'm Fancy Free)1958Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldNow It Can Be Told1958Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldPuttin' On The Ritz1958Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldReaching For The Moon1958Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldRemember1958Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldRussian Lullaby1958Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldSlumming On Park Avenue1958Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldSuppertime1958Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldThe Song Is Ended (But The Melody Lingers On)1958Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldThis Year's Kisses1961Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldTop Hat, White Tie And Tails1958Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldWhite Christmas1960Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldYou Can Have Him1958Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldYou Keep Coming Back Like A Song1958Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldYou're Laughing At Me1958Musik/Text
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis ArmstrongI'm Puttin' All My Eggs In One Basket1957Musik/Text
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis ArmstrongIsn't This A Lovely Day1956Musik/Text
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis ArmstrongI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm1957Musik/Text
Ella Fitzgerald / Chick Webb & His OrchestraEverybody Step1938Musik/Text
Ella Fitzgerald / Chick Webb & His OrchestraPack Up Your Sins And Go To The Devil1938Musik/Text
Ella Fitzgerald and Louis ArmstrongCheek To Cheek1956Musik/Text
Ella Fitzgerald and Louis ArmstrongIsn't This A Lovely Day1956Musik/Text
Elvis PresleyWhite Christmas1957Musik/Text
Elvis Presley with Amy GrantWhite Christmas2008Musik/Text
Engelbert HumperdinckThey Say It's Wonderful1965Musik/Text
Engelbert HumperdinckWhite Christmas1977Musik/Text
ErasureWhite Christmas2013Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonHow Deep Is The Ocean2010Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonWhite Xmas2018Musik/Text
Ernest TubbWhite Christmas1950Musik/Text
Ernie EnglundRussian Lullaby1960Musik/Text
Ernie Golden & His Hotel Mc Alpin OrchestraAlways1926Musik/Text
Ernst Mosch und seine Original Egerländer MusikantenWhite Christmas1988Musik/Text
Erroll GarnerBlue Skies1946Musik/Text
Ethel MermanA Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody1978Musik/Text
Ethel MermanDoin' What Comes Natur'lly1946Musik/Text
Ethel MermanEverybody Step1978Musik/Text
Ethel MermanHeat Wave1978Musik/Text
Ethel MermanI Got Lost In His Arms1946Musik/Text
Ethel MermanI Got The Sun In The Morning1946Musik/Text
Ethel MermanI'm An Indian Too1946Musik/Text
Ethel MermanMoonshine Lullaby1946Musik/Text
Ethel MermanMy Walking Stick1978Musik/Text
Ethel MermanPack Up Your Sins And Got To The Devil1978Musik/Text
Ethel MermanSay It With Music1978Musik/Text
Ethel MermanThere's No Business Like Show Business1946Musik/Text
Ethel MermanYou Can't Get A Man With A Gun1946Musik/Text
Ethel Merman & Alice FayeBlue Skies1978Musik/Text
Ethel Merman / Ray MiddletonAnything You Can Do1946Musik/Text
Ethel Merman / Ray MiddletonThe Girl That I Marry1946Musik/Text
Ethel Merman / Ray MiddletonThey Say It's Wonderful1946Musik/Text
Ethel Merman / Russell NypeYou're Just In Love2012Musik/Text
Ethel WatersHarlem On My Mind1933Musik/Text
Ethel WatersHeat Wave1933Musik/Text
Ethel WatersSupper Time1933Musik/Text
Ethel WatersWaiting At The End Of The Road1929Musik/Text
Etta JamesHow Deep Is The Ocean?1994Musik/Text
Etta JamesWhite Christmas1998Musik/Text
Evergreen-Band-RohrbachBlue Skies1999Musik/Text
FantasyWeiße Weihnacht2014Musik/Text
Fats DominoEaster Parade1961Musik/Text
Fischer ChöreWhite Christmas1972Musik/Text
Fletcher Allen And His OrchestraWhat'll I Do1937Musik/Text
Floyd CramerBlue Skies1979Musik/Text
Floyd CramerChristmas Song / Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas / White Christmas1967Musik/Text
Fran WarrenHomework1949Musik/Text
Fran WarrenYou Can Have Him1949Musik/Text
Frank CrumitAll By Myself1921Musik/Text
Frank DeVol And The Rainbow StringsWhite Christmas / We Wish You A Merry Christmas1960Musik/Text
Frank IfieldBlue Skies1964Musik/Text
Frank MichaelNoël blanc2010Musik/Text
Frank Sinatra(Just One Way To Say) I Love You1949Musik/Text
Frank SinatraA Fella With An Umbrella1948Musik/Text
Frank SinatraAll Alone1962Musik/Text
Frank SinatraAlways1947Musik/Text
Frank SinatraBe Careful, It's My Heart1961Musik/Text
Frank SinatraChange Partners1967Musik/Text
Frank SinatraCheek To Cheek1958Musik/Text
Frank SinatraHow Deep Is The Ocean1947Musik/Text
Frank SinatraIt Only Happens When I Dance With You1948Musik/Text
Frank SinatraI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm1961Musik/Text
Frank SinatraLet's Face The Music And Dance1961Musik/Text
Frank SinatraLet's Take An Old-Fashioned Walk1949Musik/Text
Frank SinatraReaching For The Moon1966Musik/Text
Frank SinatraRemember1962Musik/Text
Frank SinatraThe Girl That I Marry1946Musik/Text
Frank SinatraThe Song Is Ended1962Musik/Text
Frank SinatraThere's No Business Like Show Business1947Musik/Text
Frank SinatraThey Say It's Wonderful1946Musik/Text
Frank SinatraWhat'll I Do1947Musik/Text
Frank SinatraWhen I Lost You1962Musik/Text
Frank SinatraWhite Christmas1944Musik/Text
Frank Sinatra / Tommy Dorsey And His OrchestraBe Careful, It's My Heart1942Musik/Text
Frank Sinatra / Tommy Dorsey And His OrchestraBlue Skies1941Musik/Text
Frank Sinatra and Doris Day with The Ken Lane SingersLet's Take An Old-Fashioned Walk1949Musik/Text
Frankie LaineWaiting At The End Of The Road1996Musik/Text
Frankie ValliWhite Christmas2016Musik/Text
Franklyn BaurYou Forgot To Remember1925Musik/Text
Franz AllersOverture [Annie Get Your Gun]1963Musik/Text
Fred AstaireChange Partners1953Musik/Text
Fred AstaireCheek To Cheek1935Musik/Text
Fred AstaireI Can't Tell A Lie1942Musik/Text
Fred AstaireI Used To Be Color Blind1953Musik/Text
Fred AstaireI'd Rather Lead A Band1936Musik/Text
Fred AstaireI'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket1936Musik/Text
Fred AstaireIsn't This A Lovely Day?1935Musik/Text
Fred AstaireIt Only Happens When I Dance With You1949Musik/Text
Fred AstaireLet Yourself Go1936Musik/Text
Fred AstaireLet's Face The Music And Dance1936Musik/Text
Fred AstaireMaybe It's Because (I Love You Too Much) Musik/Text
Fred AstaireNo Strings1935Musik/Text
Fred AstairePuttin' On The Ritz1930Musik/Text
Fred AstaireSteppin' Out With My Baby1952Musik/Text
Fred AstaireThe Piccolino1935Musik/Text
Fred AstaireTop Hat, White Tie And Tails1935Musik/Text
Fred AstaireWe Saw The Sea1936Musik/Text
Fred AstaireYou're Easy To Dance With1942Musik/Text
Fred Astaire & Ginger RogersCheek To Cheek1935Musik/Text
Fred Astaire & Ginger RogersIsn't This A Lovely Day Musik/Text
Fred Astaire & Ginger RogersNo Strings (I'm Fancy Free)1935Musik/Text
Fred Astaire & Ginger RogersThe Piccolino Musik/Text
Fred Astaire & Ginger RogersThe Yam Musik/Text
Fred Astaire With Ray Noble And His OrchestraChange Partners1938Musik/Text
Fred Astaire With Ray Noble And His OrchestraI Used To Be Colour Blind1938Musik/Text
Fred Astaire With Ray Noble And His OrchestraThe Yam1938Musik/Text
Fred Astaire With Ray Noble And His OrchestraThe Yam Step (explained)1938Musik/Text
Fred BertelmannBlue Skies1968Musik/Text
Fred WaringGive Me Your Tired, Your Poor1964Musik/Text
Fred WaringWhite Christmas1964Musik/Text
Fred Waring's SingersRemember1944Musik/Text
Freddie StarrWhite Christmas1975Musik/Text
FreddyAnnie Get Your Gun Medley1972Musik/Text
Freddy BreckWeiße Weihnacht1974Musik/Text
Freddy DavisWitte Kerstmis2015Musik/Text
Freddy QuinnThey Say It's Wonderful1972Musik/Text
Freddy QuinnWhite Christmas1972Musik/Text
Frédéric FrançoisNoël blanc2014Musik/Text
Free SouffriauWhite Christmas2017Musik/Text
FurbazWhite Christmas1990Musik/Text
G.G. AndersonWeisse Weihnacht2007Musik/Text
GarouWhite Christmas2014Musik/Text
Gavin JamesWhite Christmas2016Musik/Text
Gene AustinI Can't Do Without You1928Musik/Text
George Shearing QuintetCheek To Cheek1958Musik/Text
George StraitWhite Christmas1986Musik/Text
Georgia GibbsSay It Isn't So1953Musik/Text
Georgia GibbsYou Keep Coming Back Like A Song1946Musik/Text
Georgia Gibbs & Bob CrosbySimple Melody1950Musik/Text
Gerhard Wendland mit Waldo Favre-Chor, Werner Müller mit dem RIAS-Tanzorchester, BerlinWeiße Weihnacht1954Musik/Text
Gil VenturaWhat'll I Do1974Musik/Text
Ginger RogersI Used To Be Colour Blind Musik/Text
Ginger RogersLet Yourself Go1936Musik/Text
Ginger RogersThe Piccolino1974Musik/Text
Giovanni AlleviWhite Christmas2013Musik/Text
Girls AloudWhite Christmas2005Musik/Text
Giuliano PalmaWhite Christmas2017Musik/Text
Glen CampbellWhite Christmas1991Musik/Text
Glenn MillerBlue Skies1939Musik/Text
Glenn Miller & His OrchestraBlue Skies1946Musik/Text
Gloria EstefanWhite Christmas1993Musik/Text
Golden Gate QuartetAlexander's Ragtime Band1970Musik/Text
Gottfried BöttgerAlexanders Ragtime Band1973Musik/Text
Grace Moore & John SteelWhat'll I Do1923Musik/Text
Gregory PorterPuttin' On The Ritz2015Musik/Text
Günther NeefsCheek To Cheek2015Musik/Text
Gus Arnheim And His Cocoanut Grove Orchestra & Bing CrosbyThe Little Things In Life1930Musik/Text
Guy Lombardo And His Royal CanadiansI'm Playing With Fire1933Musik/Text
Gwen StefaniWhite Christmas2017Musik/Text
Hal KempThis Year's Kisses2000Musik/Text
Hana Zagorová & Jiří KornPěšky jít nám je souzený1977Musik/Text
Hank MobleyRemember1967Musik/Text
Hans ChristianiWhite Christmas2003Musik/Text
HansonWhite Christmas1997Musik/Text
Harold BettersAll Alone1966Musik/Text
Harry Connick Jr.Blue Skies1988Musik/Text
Harry Connick Jr.Change Partners1999Musik/Text
Harry Connick Jr.There's No Business Like Show Business1999Musik/Text
Harry Richman, Earl Burtnett's Biltmore OrchestraPuttin' On The Ritz1930Musik/Text
Hazy Osterwald SextettLet's Face The Music And Dance Musik/Text
Heidi BrühlAls der Mond purpurrot wie Burgunder war1963Musik/Text
Heidi BrühlIch hab die goldene Sonne und den Silbermond1963Musik/Text
Heidi BrühlLiebe ist dabei1965Musik/Text
Heidi BrühlMan sagt verliebt sein, das wäre wundervoll1961Musik/Text
Heidi BrühlWhite Christmas1961Musik/Text
HeinoWhite Christmas / Süß singt der Engelchor2000Musik/Text
Heinz HoppeDie Frau meiner Träume1967Musik/Text
Heinz HoppeSo ein Girl in Tennessee1967Musik/Text
Heinz Hoppe, Wolfgang AnheisserWer zeigt den Wilden Westen wirklich wild1967Musik/Text
Helen ShapiroLet Yourself Go1983Musik/Text
Helene Fischer & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra mit Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas2015Musik/Text
Henri SalvadorC'est beau de faire un show1969Musik/Text
Henry "Red" Allen And His OrchestraHe Ain't Got Rhythm1937Musik/Text
Herb AlpertBlue Skies2015Musik/Text
Herb AlpertCheek To Cheek2017Musik/Text
Herb Alpert with Symphony and ChoirWhite Christmas2017Musik/Text
Herbie MannLove And The Weather1956Musik/Text
Hermann PreyThey Say It's Wonderful1967Musik/Text
Holly ColeBe Careful, It's My Heart2006Musik/Text
Holly ColeHeatwave2003Musik/Text
Holly ColeReaching For The Moon2006Musik/Text
Horst JankowskiPlay A Simple Melody1965Musik/Text
Horst Winter und das Wiener TanzorchesterThey Say It's Wonderful1950Musik/Text
Hot Lips Big BandJag drömmer om en jul hemma1988Musik/Text
Hotcha TrioAlexander's Ragtime Band1955Musik/Text
Howard KeelAnnie Get Your Gun Medley (The Girl That I Marry / Falling In Love Is Wonderful / My Defence Are Down)1984Musik/Text
Hugh ColtmanI Never Had A Chance2015Musik/Text
Hugh ColtmanWhat'll I Do2015Musik/Text
Humphrey RobertsonWhite Christmas2005Musik/Text
I QuattroWhite Christmas2010Musik/Text
I SalonistiAlexander's Ragtime Band1998Musik/Text
Ian MitchellWhite Christmas2001Musik/Text
Idina Menzel feat. Billy PorterI Got My Love To Keep Me Warm2019Musik/Text
Idina Menzel feat. Kenny GWhite Christmas2014Musik/Text
Il DivoWhite Christmas2006Musik/Text
Il VoloBianco natale2015Musik/Text
Il VoloWhite Christmas2013Musik/Text
Inge BrückAlles, was du kannst, kann ich besser1976Musik/Text
Inge BrückBlue Skies1976Musik/Text
Inge BrückIch hab' die goldene Sonne und den Silbermond1976Musik/Text
Inge BrückWeil es ganz von selber geht / Am Schießeisen beißt keiner an / Man sagt: Verliebt sein / There's No Business like Showbusiness1976Musik/Text
Ireen SheerWhite Christmas2009Musik/Text
Irving BerlinOh How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning1943Musik/Text
Irving BerlinOverture [On The Avenue]2010Musik/Text
Irving KaufmanAlways1926Musik/Text
Isabelle BoulayWhite Christmas2019Musik/Text
Jaci VelasquezWhite Christmas2001Musik/Text
Jack Haley and The King's MenOh, How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning1978Musik/Text
Jack Hylton And His OrchestraAlexander's Ragtime Band1939Musik/Text
Jack Hylton And His OrchestraAn Old-Fashioned Tune Always Is New1939Musik/Text
Jack Hylton And His OrchestraGentlemen Prefer Blondes1926Musik/Text
Jack Hylton And His OrchestraI Poured My Heart Into A Song1939Musik/Text
Jack Hylton And His OrchestraI'm Playing With Fire1933Musik/Text
Jack Hylton And His OrchestraIt's A Lovely Day Tomorrow1940Musik/Text
Jack Hylton And His OrchestraMe1931Musik/Text
Jack Hylton And His OrchestraNow It Can Be Told1939Musik/Text
Jack Hylton And His OrchestraReaching For The Moon1931Musik/Text
Jack JonesChange Partners1961Musik/Text
Jack JonesWhite Christmas1964Musik/Text
Jack Payne And His OrchestraIt's A Lovely Day Tomorrow Musik/Text
Jack RichmondI Can't Do Without You1928Musik/Text
Jackie DavisHeatwave1959Musik/Text
Jackie DavisI Got The Sun In The Morning1958Musik/Text
Jackie DavisYou Keep Coming Back Like A Song1957Musik/Text
Jackie EvanchoWhite Christmas2011Musik/Text
Jackie WilsonWhite Christmas1963Musik/Text
James Cleveland & The Angelic Choir & The Cleveland SingersWhite Christmas2002Musik/Text
James HunterBetter Luck Next Time1999Musik/Text
James LastAll By Myself1986Musik/Text
James LastAlways1967Musik/Text
James Last & EngelbertWhite Christmas1994Musik/Text
James Last BandWhite Christmas - Midnight In December - Jingle Bells1966Musik/Text
Jan Garber And His OrchestraSay It Isn't So1953Musik/Text
Jane Jones Trio - Otto Fries and Mel KalishRagtime Violin1978Musik/Text
Jarkko AholaWhite Christmas2014Musik/Text
Jennifer NettlesCount Your Blessings Instead Of Sheep2016Musik/Text
Jeri SouthernIsn't This A Lovely Day?1959Musik/Text
Jerry GarciaRussian Lullaby1974Musik/Text
Jerry JacksonAlways1964Musik/Text
Jessie JWhite Christmas2018Musik/Text
JewelWhite Christmas2013Musik/Text
Jiří KornHotel Ritz1983Musik/Text
Jim ReevesBlue Skies1962Musik/Text
Jim ReevesMarie1958Musik/Text
Jim ReevesWhite Christmas1963Musik/Text
Jim Tomlinson feat. Stacey KentI Got Lost In His Arms2005Musik/Text
Jimmie Lunceford & His OrchestraSlumming On Park Avenue1937Musik/Text
Jimmy ClantonYou're Just In Love1960Musik/Text
Jimmy Dorsey & His OrchestraAny Bonds Today?1941Musik/Text
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraAn Old Fashioned Tune Is Always New1939Musik/Text
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraBack To Back1939Musik/Text
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraBlue Skies1942Musik/Text
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraChange Partners1938Musik/Text
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraDoin' What Comes Natur'lly1946Musik/Text
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraI Poured My Heart Into A Song1939Musik/Text
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraI Threw A Kiss In The Ocean1942Musik/Text
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraI'm Getting Tired So I Can Sleep1939Musik/Text
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraLatins Know How1940Musik/Text
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraMe And My Melinda1942Musik/Text
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraThe Yam1938Musik/Text
Jimmy MakulisWhite Christmas (I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas)1958Musik/Text
Jimmy Scott feat. Kenny BarronHow Deep Is The Ocean2017Musik/Text
Jimmy SmithWhite Christmas1964Musik/Text
Jo StaffordHappy Holiday1955Musik/Text
Jo StaffordI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm1956Musik/Text
Jo StaffordWhite Christmas1964Musik/Text
Jo Stafford And Lyn Murray Singers With Paul Weston And His OrchestraWhite Christmas1946Musik/Text
Jo Stafford And The Starlighters With Paul Weston's Dixie EightSimple Melody1950Musik/Text
Jo Stafford With Paul Weston And His OrchestraBetter Luck Next Time1947Musik/Text
Jo Stafford With Paul Weston And His OrchestraHomework1949Musik/Text
Jo Stafford with Paul Weston And His OrchestraI Left My Heart At The Stage Door Canteen1959Musik/Text
Jo Stafford With Paul Weston And His OrchestraJust One Way To Say I Love You1949Musik/Text
Jo Stafford With Paul Weston And His OrchestraLove And The Weather1947Musik/Text
Jo Stafford with Paul Weston And His OrchestraThey Say It's Wonderful1953Musik/Text
Jo Stafford With Paul Weston And His OrchestraYou Keep Coming Back Like A Song1946Musik/Text
Jo VallyWitte Kerstmis1992Musik/Text
Joan Edwards with Raymond Scott And His OrchestraAlways1944Musik/Text
Joe BushkinThey Say It's Wonderful1950Musik/Text
Joe DolanLet's Face The Music And Dance2007Musik/Text
Joe McElderryWhite Christmas2011Musik/Text
Joe PesciThey Say That Falling In Love Is Wonderful2019Musik/Text
Joe WilliamsHow Deep Is The Ocean1996Musik/Text
Joe WilliamsSay It Isn't So1957Musik/Text
John ColtraneRussian Lullaby1958Musik/Text
John DenverWhite Christmas1990Musik/Text
John Farnham & Olivia Newton-JohnWhite Christmas2017Musik/Text
John SchneiderWhite Christmas1981Musik/Text
John Travolta & Olivia Newton-JohnWhite Christmas2012Musik/Text
John Williams & The Boston Pops OrchestraThere's No Business LIke Show Business1984Musik/Text
Johnnie RayAlexander's Ragtime Band1954Musik/Text
Johnnie RayIf You Believe1954Musik/Text
Johnnie RayYou'd Be Surprised1953Musik/Text
Johnny FarnhamWhite Christmas1970Musik/Text
Johnny Hartman & Erroll GarnerRemember1996Musik/Text
Johnny MathisCount Your Blessings (Instead Of Sheep)2013Musik/Text
Johnny MathisThey Say It's Wonderful1959Musik/Text
Johnny MathisWhat'll I Do1957Musik/Text
Johnny MathisWhite Christmas1958Musik/Text
Johnny Mathis with Vince Gill and Amy GrantI'll Be Home For Christmas / White Christmas2013Musik/Text
Johnny Moore's Three BlazersWhat Does It Matter1949Musik/Text
Johnny NashAlways1964Musik/Text
Johnny RiversBlue Skies1961Musik/Text
Johnny SeaGod Bless America1966Musik/Text
Johnny TillotsonAlways1964Musik/Text
Johnny TillotsonWhat'll I Do1962Musik/Text
Johnny TillotsonWhen I Lost You1964Musik/Text
Johnny TillotsonWhite Christmas1966Musik/Text
Jools Holland / Marc Almond with The Rhythm & Blues OrchestraHow Deep Is The Ocean2018Musik/Text
Jørgen IngmannAlexander's Ragtime Band1956Musik/Text
José FelicianoWhite Christmas1970Musik/Text
Josh GrobanWhite Christmas2017Musik/Text
Joshua Bell feat. Chris BottiWhite Christmas2013Musik/Text
Judith DurhamAlexander's Ragtime Band1974Musik/Text
Judy GarlandAlexanders Ragtime Band2001Musik/Text
Judy GarlandAnything You Can Do1949Musik/Text
Judy GarlandBetter Luck Next Time1949Musik/Text
Judy GarlandPuttin' On The Ritz1960Musik/Text
Judy GarlandThere's No Business Like Show Business1949Musik/Text
Judy GarlandThey Say It's Wonderful1949Musik/Text
Judy Garland & Fred AstaireA Couple Of Swells1948Musik/Text
Judy Garland & Fred AstaireEaster Parade1948Musik/Text
Judy Garland & Fred AstaireI Love A Piano1949Musik/Text
Judy Garland & Fred AstaireSnooky Ookums1949Musik/Text
Judy Garland & Fred AstaireVaudeville Montage: I Love A Piano - Snookie Oukums - The Ragtime Violin - When The Midnight Choo Choo Leaves For Alabam'1948Musik/Text
Judy Garland & Fred AstaireWhen The Midnight Choo Choo Leaves For Alabam'1949Musik/Text
Judy Garland & Peter LawfordA Fella With An Umbrella1949Musik/Text
Julia Migenes and Michael KamenHarlem On My Mind1994Musik/Text
Julie LondonAlexander's Ragtime Band1967Musik/Text
Julie LondonAll Alone1956Musik/Text
Julie LondonHow About Me1960Musik/Text
Julie LondonHow Deep Is The Ocean1956Musik/Text
Julie LondonI Got Lost In His Arms1958Musik/Text
Julie LondonRemember1956Musik/Text
Julie LondonSay It Isn't So1955Musik/Text
Julie LondonWhat'll I Do1956Musik/Text
Julien ClercLaisse faire la musique et danse2003Musik/Text
Julio IglesiasWeiße Weihnacht1976Musik/Text
June ChristySupper Time1946Musik/Text
Jürgen DrewsWeisse Weihnacht - Jingle Bells1994Musik/Text
Jürgen MarcusAlexander's Ragtime Band1975Musik/Text
Justine PelmelayWhite Christmas1992Musik/Text
K.T. Oslin(I'll See You In) Cuba1996Musik/Text
KamahlWhite Christmas1975Musik/Text
Karel GottBílé vánoce1982Musik/Text
Karel GottWeisse Weihnacht1979Musik/Text
Karina [BE]Zwart wit2019Musik/Text
Katerine, Francis et ses peintresNoël blanc2011Musik/Text
Kathrin & PeterWeisse Weihnacht2010Musik/Text
Kathy KirbyI Want To Be Happy1965Musik/Text
Kathy KirbyLet Me Sing And I'm Happy1963Musik/Text
Kay Murphy & The 'Top Hat' OrchestraWhat Is Love?2012Musik/Text
Keb' Mo' feat. Melissa ManchesterI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm2019Musik/Text
Kelly Brown & Renée WintersWho Do You Love I Hope?1963Musik/Text
Kelly ClarksonWhite Christmas2013Musik/Text
Ken DoddBecause I Love You1968Musik/Text
Ken DoddWhat'll I Do1967Musik/Text
Ken GriffinAlways1951Musik/Text
Ken GriffinRemember1951Musik/Text
Kenny & DollyWhite Christmas1984Musik/Text
Kenny LogginsWhite Christmas1998Musik/Text
Kenny RogersWhite Christmas1981Musik/Text
Kiri Te KanawaWhite Christmas1986Musik/Text
KivikasvotValkea Joulu1971Musik/Text
Klaus WunderlichBlue Skies1958Musik/Text
Klaus WunderlichI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm1978Musik/Text
Kommil FooWij twee (Live)2019Musik/Text
Kris BowersBlue Skies2018Musik/Text
Kristin Chenoweth with Rob Fisher And The Coffee Club OrchestraLet Yourself Go2001Musik/Text
Kristina BachAm Schiesseisen beisst keiner an1988Musik/Text
Kurt Edelhagen und sein OrchesterI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm1951Musik/Text
Kurt EllingThey Say It's Wonderful2009Musik/Text
Kurt Hohenberger und seine SolistenI Got The Sun In The Morning1947Musik/Text
La Chorale des MontagnesWhite Christmas2013Musik/Text
La EsterellaCheek To Cheek1988Musik/Text
La EsterellaWitte Kerstmis1960Musik/Text
Lady GagaWhite Christmas2011Musik/Text
Lale AndersenKleiner Strauß aus Veilchen1953Musik/Text
Lale AndersenSpiel mir eine alte Melodie1951Musik/Text
Lana CantrellIsn't This A Lovely Day (To Be Caught In The Rain?)1966Musik/Text
Lana CantrellLet Yourself Go1966Musik/Text
Lana CantrellSteppin' Out With My Baby1968Musik/Text
Lanin's ArcadiansThe Song Is Ended1927Musik/Text
Larry Gatlin And The Gatlin BrothersWhite Christmas / The Christmas Song1990Musik/Text
Lars GullinAlways1958Musik/Text
Laura Pausini with the Patrick Williams OrchestraWhite Christmas2016Musik/Text
Le Top des Tout P'titsNoël blanc1995Musik/Text
Lea MicheleWhite Christmas2019Musik/Text
LeAnn RimesGod Bless America1997Musik/Text
LeAnn RimesWhite Christmas2004Musik/Text
Lee TowersI'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas1976Musik/Text
Leningrad CowboysPuttin' On The Ritz2006Musik/Text
Leo Riesman & His Orchestra With Harold ArlenMaybe It's Because I Love You Too Much1933Musik/Text
Leon RedboneMarie1975Musik/Text
Leon RedboneMy Walking Stick1975Musik/Text
Leona LewisWhite Christmas2013Musik/Text
Leonard CohenAlways1992Musik/Text
Leonard StokesColonel Buffalo Bill1963Musik/Text
Leroy CarrHow About Me?1929Musik/Text
Les Brown & His OrchestraI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm1940Musik/Text
Les Enfants de l'AccordéonNoël blanc2016Musik/Text
Les StentorsNoël blanc2017Musik/Text
Lew Stone And His BandCheek To Cheek Musik/Text
Lili & SussieJag drömmer om en jul hemma1988Musik/Text
Linda Ronstadt & Rosemary ClooneyWhite Christmas2000Musik/Text
Linda Ronstadt & The Nelson Riddle OrchestraWhat'll I Do1983Musik/Text
Lisa del BoVlaanderen1999Musik/Text
Living GuitarsBlue Christmas / White Christmas1969Musik/Text
Living StringsWhite Christmas1970Musik/Text
Liza MinnelliI Got Lost In His Arms2010Musik/Text
Lize MarkeZalig Kerstmis1968Musik/Text
Lloyd PriceBlue Skies1960Musik/Text
Loretta LynnWhite Christmas1966Musik/Text
Lothar LöfflerI Know Why / September Song / They Say It's Wonderful1981Musik/Text
Lou LevyCheek To Cheek1956Musik/Text
Lou LevyNice Work If You Can Get It1956Musik/Text
Louis ArmstrongI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm Musik/Text
Louis ArmstrongSittin' In The Sun (Countin' My Money)1953Musik/Text
Louis ArmstrongTop Hat, White Tie And Tails1958Musik/Text
Louis ArmstrongWhite Christmas1964Musik/Text
Louis Armstrong And Gordon Jenkins And His OrchestraWhite Christmas1945Musik/Text
Louis Armstrong And His OrchestraAlexander's Ragtime Band1937Musik/Text
Louis Armstrong And His OrchestraCoquette1942Musik/Text
Louis Armstrong And His OrchestraI'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket1936Musik/Text
Louis Armstrong And Mills BrothersMarie1940Musik/Text
Louis Armstrong And Mills BrothersMy Walking Stick1938Musik/Text
Louis Armstrong And Mills BrothersThe Song Is Ended1938Musik/Text
Louis Armstrong And The All StarsRussian Lullaby1950Musik/Text
Louis Armstrong And Velma Middleton(I Wonder Why) You're Just In Love1951Musik/Text
Louis PrimaEverybody Knew But Me1945Musik/Text
Louis PrimaMarie1961Musik/Text
Louis Prima & Keely SmithCheek To Cheek1959Musik/Text
Louis Prima with Sam Butera And The WitnessesYou're Just In Love1962Musik/Text
Luis MarianoNoël blanc1961Musik/Text
Luis MarianoPatricia1959Musik/Text
Luis MarianoSayonara1959Musik/Text
Luis MiguelBlanca navidad2006Musik/Text
Lupé VelezWhere Is The Song Of Songs For Me?1929Musik/Text
LyambikoWhite Christmas2018Musik/Text
M & O BandWhite Christmas1976Musik/Text
M & O BandWhite Christmas Reggae1976Musik/Text
Madison VioletWhite Christmas2016Musik/Text
Mahalia JacksonWhite Christmas1955Musik/Text
Maja Brunner, Monique, Raphael HaslingerWhite Christmas2000Musik/Text
Manfred Krug & Charles BrauerSpiel mir eine alte Melodie1996Musik/Text
MantovaniWhite Christmas1959Musik/Text
Mantovani And His OrchestraYou Keep Coming Back Like A Song1959Musik/Text
Manuel RomainWhen I Lost You1913Musik/Text
Marco BakkerWhite Christmas1971Musik/Text
Marco Borsato & The SupremesWhite Christmas2011Musik/Text
Margot EskensAm Schießeisen beißt keiner an1967Musik/Text
Margot EskensIch hab' die goldene Sonne und den Silbermond1967Musik/Text
Margot EskensWeiße Weihnacht1963Musik/Text
Margot EskensWiegenlied1967Musik/Text
Margot Eskens, Heinz HoppeMan sagt, verliebtsein, das wäre wundervoll1967Musik/Text
Margot Eskens, Heinz Hoppe, Wolfgang Kieling, Wolfgang AnheisserShow-Business ist Show-Business1967Musik/Text
Margot Eskens, Wolfgang Kieling, Heinz HoppeAlles, was du kannst, das kann ich viel besser1967Musik/Text
Margot WernerFragen Sie Frau Schmitz1983Musik/Text
Marianne & MichaelWeiße Weihnacht1980Musik/Text
Marie GreeneI Got Lost In His Arms1946Musik/Text
Marilyn MonroeA Man Chases A Girl2002Musik/Text
Marilyn MonroeAfter You Get What You Want (You Don't Want It)1954Musik/Text
Marilyn MonroeHeat Wave1955Musik/Text
Marilyn MonroeLazy1955Musik/Text
Marilyn MonroeThere's No Business Like Show Business2002Musik/Text
Marilyn MonroeYou'd Be Surprised1955Musik/Text
Mario BiondiWhite Christmas2013Musik/Text
Marion HarrisHomesick1923Musik/Text
Mark VincentWhite Christmas2018Musik/Text
Martina McBrideWhite Christmas1998Musik/Text
Martine McCutcheonWhite Christmas2002Musik/Text
Marvin GayeAlways1961Musik/Text
Marvin GayeHow Deep Is The Ocean (How High Is The Sky)?1961Musik/Text
Mary HopkinThere's No Business Like Show Business1969Musik/Text
Mary O'Brian & Dion O'BrianRagtime Selection2000Musik/Text
Mary O'HaraAlways1985Musik/Text
Mary O'HaraIsn't This A Lovely Day1985Musik/Text
Matilde Santing And The Oversoul 13How Deep Is The Ocean1999Musik/Text
Matt MonroLet Me Sing And I'm Happy1975Musik/Text
Matt MonroLet's Face The Music And Dance1961Musik/Text
Maureen McGovernCount Your Blessings Instead Of Sheep1990Musik/Text
Maureen McGovernWhite Christmas1990Musik/Text
Maurice AndréWhite Christmas1980Musik/Text
Mavis RiversLove And The Weather1961Musik/Text
Max BygravesWhite Christmas1965Musik/Text
Max GregerWhite Christmas / Winter Wonderland1979Musik/Text
Max Raabe & Palast OrchesterCheek To Cheek2008Musik/Text
Maxi ArlandWeisse Weihnacht2009Musik/Text
Maxine Sullivan & Her OrchestraBlue Skies1937Musik/Text
Maynard FergusonWhat'll I Do1962Musik/Text
Meister-SextettÖffne dein Herz der Musik1936Musik/Text
Mel TorméPuttin' On The Ritz1962Musik/Text
Melissa ManchesterI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm1997Musik/Text
Merle HaggardWhite Christmas2003Musik/Text
Michael AllenSay It Isn't So1968Musik/Text
Michael Ball & Alfie Boe feat. Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas2017Musik/Text
Michael BoltonWhite Christmas1992Musik/Text
Michael BubléWhite Christmas2005Musik/Text
Michael BubléWhite Christmas [2019]2019Musik/Text
Michael Bublé - Shy'mWhite Christmas2014Musik/Text
Michael Bublé & Shania TwainWhite Christmas2011Musik/Text
Michael DanzingerThey Say It's Wonderful Musik/Text
Michael FeinsteinLet's Face The Music And Dance1995Musik/Text
Michael ForsterWhite Christmas2017Musik/Text
Michael HirteWhite Christmas2009Musik/Text
Michael W. SmithHappy Holiday / Holiday Season2014Musik/Text
Michael W. Smith feat. Lady AntebellumWhite Christmas2014Musik/Text
Michel LegrandCheek To Cheek1974Musik/Text
Mickey GilleyWhite Christmas1981Musik/Text
Mieke & Luc Van MeeuwenKerstmedley2013Musik/Text
Mieko HirotaWhite Christmas1965Musik/Text
Mike BerryBlue Skies1981Musik/Text
Mike BerryWhat'll I Do1981Musik/Text
Miles DavisHow Deep Is The Ocean1955Musik/Text
Mills BrothersI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm1949Musik/Text
Mills BrothersWhen I Lost You1958Musik/Text
MilowBlue Skies2014Musik/Text
Milt JacksonThe Song Is Ended1956Musik/Text
Mireille MathieuNoël blanc1968Musik/Text
Mireille MathieuWeiße Weihnacht1976Musik/Text
Miss KookiePuttin' On The Ritz2010Musik/Text
Miss Toni FisherHow Deep Is The Ocean1960Musik/Text
Molly JohnsonHow Deep Is The Ocean?2014Musik/Text
Monika Herz & DavidWeisse Weihnacht2012Musik/Text
Morton Downey, Annette Hanshaw, Singin' Sam, Will Osborne And His OrchestraSay It Isn't So1932Musik/Text
Mose AllisonThe Song Is Ended1962Musik/Text
Mrs MillsAlexander's Ragtime Band / How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The Farm / Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home1963Musik/Text
Nancy SinatraAll By Myself1967Musik/Text
Nancy SinatraWhat'll I Do1967Musik/Text
Nat "King" ColeAll By Myself1962Musik/Text
Nat "King" ColeLet's Face The Music And Dance1961Musik/Text
Nat "King" ColeMaybe It's Because I Love You Too Much1957Musik/Text
Nat "King" ColeSay It Isn't So1963Musik/Text
Nat "King" ColeThe Best Thing For You1960Musik/Text
Nat "King" ColeThe Song Is Ended (But The Melody Lingers On)1957Musik/Text
Natalie ColeLet's Face The Music And Dance1996Musik/Text
Naturally 7White Christmas2004Musik/Text
Neil DiamondPuttin' On The Ritz1998Musik/Text
Neil DiamondWhite Christmas1992Musik/Text
Neil InnesRe-cycled Vinyl Blues1974Musik/Text
Nelson RiddleWhat'll I Do1974Musik/Text
Nemo SchiffmanNoël blanc2018Musik/Text
Nico PalermoSpiel mir eine alte Melodie1975Musik/Text
NicoleWhite Christmas1984Musik/Text
NicolettaCheek To Cheek2006Musik/Text
NilssonWhat'll I Do1973Musik/Text
Nina SimoneThis Year's Kisses1966Musik/Text
Nina SimoneYou Can Have Him1963Musik/Text
Nina SimoneYou Can Have Him (Live)1959Musik/Text
Nini RossoWhite Christmas1965Musik/Text
Orchester Paul KuhnAlexander's Ragtime Band1985Musik/Text
Orchester Werner TwardyAlways1974Musik/Text
Orchestra "Top Hat"Overture "Top Hat"1974Musik/Text
Original Naabtal DuoWeisse Weihnacht1989Musik/Text
Orkest PolytourPrès de vous (Blue Skies)1999Musik/Text
Oscar PetersonAlexander's Ragtime Band1953Musik/Text
Oscar PetersonAlways1953Musik/Text
Oscar PetersonHow Deep Is The Ocean1953Musik/Text
Oscar PetersonSay It Isn't So1953Musik/Text
Osmond BrothersWhite Christmas1963Musik/Text
Otis ReddingWhite Christmas1968Musik/Text
Ozzie Nelson And His OrchestraSay It Isn't So1932Musik/Text
P.J. ProbyWhite Christmas1965Musik/Text
Paper LaceCheek To Cheek1974Musik/Text
Pat BooneA Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody1957Musik/Text
Pat BooneAll Alone1957Musik/Text
Pat BooneAll By Myself1957Musik/Text
Pat BooneAlways1957Musik/Text
Pat BooneBe Careful It's My Heart1957Musik/Text
Pat BooneCount Your Blessings1957Musik/Text
Pat BooneHow Deep Is The Ocean1957Musik/Text
Pat BooneRemember1957Musik/Text
Pat BooneSay It Isn't So1957Musik/Text
Pat BooneSay It With Music1957Musik/Text
Pat BooneSoft Lights And Sweet Music1957Musik/Text
Pat BooneThe Girl That I Marry1957Musik/Text
Pat BooneThey Say It's Wonderful1957Musik/Text
Pat BooneWhat'll I Do1957Musik/Text
Pat BooneWhite Christmas1957Musik/Text
Pat BooneWith You1956Musik/Text
Patric ScottI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm2019Musik/Text
Patric Scott with Cornelia BoeschWhite Christmas2015Musik/Text
Patsy ClineAlways1963Musik/Text
Patsy ClineAlways [1980]1980Musik/Text
Paul & PaulaWhite Christmas1963Musik/Text
Paul AnkaI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm1960Musik/Text
Paul AnkaSayonara1963Musik/Text
Paul AnkaSkokiaan1963Musik/Text
Paul AnkaWhite Christmas1960Musik/Text
Paul Lukas / Ethel MermanMarrying For Love2012Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyAlways2012Musik/Text
Paul PeekYou're Just In Love1963Musik/Text
Paul SeversIk droom steeds van een wit kerstfeest2018Musik/Text
Paul WhitemanHow's Chances1933Musik/Text
Paul Whiteman & Jack FultonEaster Parade1933Musik/Text
Paul Whiteman & Ramona DaviesNot For All The Rice In China1933Musik/Text
Paul Whiteman & Ramona DaviesSupper Time1933Musik/Text
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraAll Alone1924Musik/Text
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraAn Orange Grove In California1923Musik/Text
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraCall Of The South1925Musik/Text
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraCrinoline Days1922Musik/Text
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraEverybody Step1921Musik/Text
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraHomesick1922Musik/Text
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraHow Deep Is The Ocean1932Musik/Text
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraLady Of The Evening1923Musik/Text
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraLazy1924Musik/Text
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraLearn To Do The Strut1924Musik/Text
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraPack Up Your Sins (And Go To The Devil)1922Musik/Text
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraRoses Of Yesterday1928Musik/Text
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraSunshine1928Musik/Text
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraWhat'll I Do?1924Musik/Text
Paul YoungWhite Christmas2006Musik/Text
Peggy Lee(Just One Way To Say) I Love You1957Musik/Text
Peggy LeeAlways1974Musik/Text
Peggy LeeCheek To Cheek1958Musik/Text
Peggy LeeHappy Holiday1965Musik/Text
Peggy LeeI Got Lost In His Arms1964Musik/Text
Peggy LeeI Never Had A Chance1963Musik/Text
Peggy LeeLove, You Didn't Do Right By Me1954Musik/Text
Peggy LeeMaybe It's Because (I Love You Too Much)1961Musik/Text
Peggy LeeMe1956Musik/Text
Peggy LeeSay It Isn't So1961Musik/Text
Peggy LeeSisters1954Musik/Text
Peggy LeeWhite Christmas1960Musik/Text
Peggy LeeYou Can Have Him1949Musik/Text
Peggy Lee & Benny GoodmanHow Deep Is The Ocean1941Musik/Text
Pentatonix feat. The Manhattan TransferWhite Christmas2016Musik/Text
Pepe Lienhard OrchestraPuttin' On The Ritz2006Musik/Text
Percy FaithHappy Holiday1966Musik/Text
Percy FaithWhat'll I Do1974Musik/Text
Percy Faith And His OrchestraThe Girl That I Marry1951Musik/Text
Perry ComoIs She The Only Girl In The World1983Musik/Text
Perry ComoThey Say It's Wonderful1946Musik/Text
Perry ComoWhat'll I Do?1948Musik/Text
Perry ComoWhen I Lost You1963Musik/Text
Perry ComoWhite Christmas1946Musik/Text
Perry Como & The Satisfiers With Russ Case & His OrchestraBlue Skies1946Musik/Text
Pete SeegerBlue Skies1955Musik/Text
Peter KrausWeiße Weihnacht1989Musik/Text
Peter SkellernCheek To Cheek1979Musik/Text
Peter SkellernIsn't This A Lovely Day1979Musik/Text
Peter SkellernNo Strings1979Musik/Text
Peter SkellernPuttin' On The Ritz1979Musik/Text
Peter SkellernTop Hat, White Tie And Tails1979Musik/Text
Petula ClarkFor The Very First Time1959Musik/Text
Petula ClarkIsn't This A Lovely Day1961Musik/Text
Petula ClarkSlumming On Park Avenue1957Musik/Text
Phenomen And The Thomas Biasotto Big BandWhite Christmas2014Musik/Text
Phil Harris And His OrchestraWoodman, Spare That Tree1949Musik/Text
Pink MartiniWhat'll I Do?2013Musik/Text
Plácido Domingo with Plácido Domingo Jr.White Christmas2015Musik/Text
Polly BergenAll Alone1959Musik/Text
Polly BergenDoin' What Comes Natur'lly1961Musik/Text
Polly BergenI Got Lost In His Arms1961Musik/Text
Polly BergenI Got The Sun In The Morning1961Musik/Text
Polly BergenMy Defenses Are Down1961Musik/Text
Polly BergenThere's No Business Like Show Business1961Musik/Text
Polly BergenThey Say It's Wonderful1961Musik/Text
Raffaella CarràWhite Christmas2018Musik/Text
Ray CharlesAlexander's Ragtime Band1959Musik/Text
Ray CharlesHow Deep Is The Ocean1967Musik/Text
Ray CharlesMarie1960Musik/Text
Ray Conniff And His OrchestraCheek To Cheek1959Musik/Text
Ray Conniff And His Orchestra And ChorusSay It With Music1960Musik/Text
Ray Conniff And The SingersAll By Myself1966Musik/Text
Ray Conniff And The SingersLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! / Count Your Blessings / We Wish You A Merry Christmas1962Musik/Text
Ray MiddletonMy Defenses Are Down1946Musik/Text
Ray Noble And His OrchestraI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm1937Musik/Text
Ray Noble And His OrchestraLet Yourself Go1936Musik/Text
Ray Noble And His OrchestraLet's Face The Music And Dance1936Musik/Text
Ray Noble And His OrchestraMaybe I Love You Too Much1933Musik/Text
Ray Noble And His OrchestraPiccolino1935Musik/Text
Ray Noble And His OrchestraSlumming On Park Avenue1937Musik/Text
Ray Noble And His OrchestraTop Hat1935Musik/Text
Ray Noble And His OrchestraWe Saw The Sea1936Musik/Text
Ray Noble And His Orchestra feat. Tony MartinMy Walking Stick1938Musik/Text
Ray Noble And His Orchestra feat. Tony MartinNow It Can Be Told1938Musik/Text
Ray StevensWhite Christmas1960Musik/Text
RBT-Orchester, Ltg: Horst KudritzkiAbraham1947Musik/Text
Renate und Werner LeismannSpiel mir eine alte Melodie1976Musik/Text
Renée Franke / Benny de Weille mit dem Polydor-TanzorchesterWundervoll1952Musik/Text
Ricardo AfonsoLatins Know How2012Musik/Text
Richard MarxWhite Christmas2012Musik/Text
Richard TauberDas Lied der Liebe1928Musik/Text
Ricky van SheltonWhite Christmas1989Musik/Text
Rita PaulSpiel mir eine alte Melodie1951Musik/Text
Rita ReysRemember1979Musik/Text
RKO-Radio-Studio OrchestraCarefree (Overture)1938Musik/Text
RKO-Radio-Studio OrchestraChange Partners Musik/Text
RKO-Radio-Studio OrchestraFinal "Carefree" Musik/Text
RKO-Radio-Studio OrchestraFinal "Top Hat" Musik/Text
RKO-Radio-Studio OrchestraSince They Turned Loch Lomond Into Swing Musik/Text
Rob de NijsWit kerstfeest2005Musik/Text
Robbie WilliamsLet's Face The Music And Dance2001Musik/Text
Robbie WilliamsPuttin' On The Ritz2013Musik/Text
Robert CameronHow Deep Is The Ocean1967Musik/Text
Robert CameronWhat'll I Do1967Musik/Text
Robert GouletI'm A Bad, Bad Man1963Musik/Text
Robert GouletMy Defenses Are Down1963Musik/Text
Robert GouletThe Girl That I Marry1963Musik/Text
Robert GouletWhite Christmas1963Musik/Text
Robert HortonThe Girl That I Marry1961Musik/Text
Robert Mandell, Chor und OrchesterThere's No Business Like Show Business1965Musik/Text
Roberta Gambarini & Hank JonesSuppertime2007Musik/Text
Roberto BlancoWhite Christmas1971Musik/Text
Robin McKelleCheek To Cheek2008Musik/Text
Rocco GranataWhite Christmas (Bianco Natale)1991Musik/Text
Roch VoisineNoël blanc2000Musik/Text
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysWhite Christmas1980Musik/Text
Rod StewartBlue Skies2005Musik/Text
Rod StewartCheek To Cheek2010Musik/Text
Rod StewartI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm2005Musik/Text
Rod StewartWhite Christmas2012Musik/Text
Roger Wolfe Kahn And His OrchestraAt Peace With The World1926Musik/Text
Rolando VillazónWhite Christmas2018Musik/Text
Rosemary ClooneyBlue Skies1978Musik/Text
Rosemary ClooneyWhite Christmas1954Musik/Text
Ross Antony & Paul ReevesWhite Christmas2014Musik/Text
Roy BlackWhite Christmas1968Musik/Text
Roy Eldridge And His OrchestraEaster Parade1952Musik/Text
Roy HamiltonAlways1958Musik/Text
Roy HamiltonChange Partners1958Musik/Text
Roy HamiltonCheek To Cheek1958Musik/Text
Rudy GiovanniniWhite Christmas2012Musik/Text
Rudy Vallee And His Connecticut YankeesA Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody1934Musik/Text
Rudy Vallee And His Connecticut YankeesSay It Isn't So1932Musik/Text
Ruth BrownLet's Face The Music And Dance1959Musik/Text
Ruth EttingMe!1931Musik/Text
Ruth EttingReaching For The Moon1931Musik/Text
Ruth EttingShaking The Blues Away1927Musik/Text
Ruth EttingThe Song Is Ended (But The Melody Lingers On)1928Musik/Text
Ruth EttingTogether, We Two1928Musik/Text
Salena JonesI Got Lost In His Arms1991Musik/Text
Sam & His Rockin' FiveMarie1960Musik/Text
Sam CookeSittin' In The Sun1964Musik/Text
Sam CookeThe Song Is Ended (But The Melody Lingers On)1961Musik/Text
Samantha JadeWhite Christmas2018Musik/Text
Sammy Davis Jr. & Carmen McRaeCheek To Cheek1957Musik/Text
Sammy Davis, Jr.Better Luck Next Time1957Musik/Text
Sammy Davis, Jr.Change Partners1959Musik/Text
Sammy Kaye And His OrchestraWhite Christmas1957Musik/Text
Sammy TurnerAlways1959Musik/Text
Sammy TurnerWrapped Up In A Dream1959Musik/Text
Sandie ShawAlways1965Musik/Text
SanseverinoRussian Lullaby2013Musik/Text
Santo & JohnnyHow Deep Is The Ocean1963Musik/Text
Santo & JohnnyWhite Christmas1967Musik/Text
Sarah BrightmanMr. Monotony1989Musik/Text
Sarah ConnorWhite Christmas2005Musik/Text
Sarah McLachlanWhite Christmas2016Musik/Text
Sarah VaughanCheek To Cheek1959Musik/Text
Sarah Vaughan & Billy EckstineAlways1996Musik/Text
Sarah Vaughan & Billy EckstineYou're Just In Love1996Musik/Text
Sasha & DavyWhite Christmas2019Musik/Text
Scott Hamilton QuartetCheek To Cheek1979Musik/Text
Scott WeilandWhite Christmas2011Musik/Text
Sergio SylvestreWhite Christmas2017Musik/Text
Seth MacFarlaneLet's Face The Music And Dance2016Musik/Text
Seth MacFarlaneThey Say It's Wonderful2019Musik/Text
Seth MacFarlaneWhat'll I Do2019Musik/Text
Shakin' StevensWhite Christmas1984Musik/Text
Sharon Jones & The Dap-KingsWhite Christmas2015Musik/Text
She & HimHappy Holiday2016Musik/Text
Sheena EastonHow Deep Is The Ocean1993Musik/Text
Shep Fields And His Rippling Rhythm OrchestraI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm1937Musik/Text
Shep Fields And His Rippling Rhythm OrchestraThe Girl On The Police Gazette1937Musik/Text
Shep Fields And His Rippling Rhythm OrchestraThis Year's Kisses1937Musik/Text
Shep Fields And His Rippling Rhythm OrchestraYou're Laughing At Me1937Musik/Text
Sheryl CrowWhite Christmas2008Musik/Text
Shirley BasseyLet Me Sing And I'm Happy1966Musik/Text
Shirley BasseyYou Can Have Him1966Musik/Text
Shirley HornI Got Lost In His Arms2001Musik/Text
Shirley Scott & Clark TerryHeat Wave1966Musik/Text
Sir Elton John & Rosie O'DonnellWhite Christmas1999Musik/Text
Sister Rosetta TharpeWhite Christmas1949Musik/Text
Sonny Geno With Bob GenoveseBlue Skies1958Musik/Text
Sonny RollinsThere's No Business Like Show Business1955Musik/Text
Sonny RollinsThey Say It's Wonderful2011Musik/Text
Sound 9418The Yam1976Musik/Text
Stan GetzHow Deep Is The Ocean?1953Musik/Text
Stan GetzLove And The Weather1953Musik/Text
Steve Alaimo & The RedcoatsBlue Skies1959Musik/Text
Stiff Little FingersWhite Christmas1983Musik/Text
Stoppy MarkusAlexander's Ragtime Band1980Musik/Text
Straight No Chaser feat. Cee Lo GreenWhite Christmas2013Musik/Text
Summer StrallenBetter Luck Next Time2012Musik/Text
Summer StrallenWild About You2012Musik/Text
Summer StrallenYou're Easy To Dance With2012Musik/Text
Swing And Sway With Sammy KayeA Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody1949Musik/Text
Swing And Sway With Sammy KayeAlexander's Ragtime Band1949Musik/Text
SWVWhite Christmas1997Musik/Text
T.W. ArdyAlways1968Musik/Text
Tab HunterAll Alone1958Musik/Text
TacoCheek To Cheek (Heaven)1982Musik/Text
TacoLet's Face The Music (And Dance)1984Musik/Text
TacoPuttin' On The Ritz1982Musik/Text
Tale Of VoicesNoël blanc2012Musik/Text
Tammy WynetteCount The Blessings Instead Of Sheep1969Musik/Text
Tammy WynetteWhite Christmas1970Musik/Text
Taylor SwiftWhite Christmas2009Musik/Text
Ted Wallace & His Campus BoysReaching For The Moon1931Musik/Text
Teddy Thompson / Rufus WainwrightWhite Christmas2011Musik/Text
Teddy WilsonSayonara1957Musik/Text
Teddy Wilson & His OrchestraHe Ain't Got Rhythm1937Musik/Text
Teddy Wilson & His OrchestraThis Year's Kisses1937Musik/Text
The 4 SeasonsWhite Christmas1962Musik/Text
The AllisonsWhite Christmas1980Musik/Text
The Ames BrothersYou Forgot To Remember1956Musik/Text
The Andrews SistersAlexander's Ragtime Band1947Musik/Text
The Andrews SistersAny Bonds Today?1941Musik/Text
The Andrews SistersCount Your Blessings Instead Of Sheep1950Musik/Text
The Andrews SistersHeat Wave1947Musik/Text
The Andrews SistersHomework1949Musik/Text
The Andrews SistersHow Many Times1947Musik/Text
The Andrews SistersI Want To Go Back To Michigan1947Musik/Text
The Andrews SistersOnly For Americans1949Musik/Text
The Andrews SistersSome Sunny Day1947Musik/Text
The Andrews SistersWhen The Midnight Choo Choo Leaves For Alabam1947Musik/Text
The BachelorsMarie1965Musik/Text
The BachelorsSittin' In The Sun1965Musik/Text
The Band Of The Black WatchWhite Christmas1976Musik/Text
The Beach BoysWhite Christmas1964Musik/Text
The Beverley SistersSisters1985Musik/Text
The Blind Boys Of AlabamaWhite Christmas2003Musik/Text
The Blue DiamondsAlways1960Musik/Text
The Blue DiamondsWhite Christmas1960Musik/Text
The Boswell SistersAlexander's Ragtime Band1934Musik/Text
The CatsWhite Christmas1975Musik/Text
The Charleston KidsAlexander's Ragtime-Band1973Musik/Text
The Clark SistersI've Got My Love To Kept Me Warm1959Musik/Text
The Czech Philharmonic OrchestraWhite Christmas2018Musik/Text
The De Paur Chorus, Leonard De PaurWhite Christmas1955Musik/Text
The DriftersWhite Christmas1955Musik/Text
The Drifters feat. Clyde McPhatter & Bill PinckneyWhite Christmas1954Musik/Text
The Edwin Hawkins SingersWhite Christmas1969Musik/Text
The Ellingtonians With Al HibblerWhite Christmas1950Musik/Text
The Famous Town PipersWhite Christmas2012Musik/Text
The FizzWhite Christmas2018Musik/Text
The Flaming LipsWhite Christmas (Binson Echorec Sleigh Ride)2014Musik/Text
The FleetwoodsWhat'll I Do1963Musik/Text
The Four Tops feat. Aretha FranklinWhite Christmas1995Musik/Text
The Four TunesMarie1953Musik/Text
The GaylordsHow About Me1958Musik/Text
The Gunter Kallmann ChoirChristmas Alphabet / White Christmas1970Musik/Text
The Gunter Kallmann ChoirHappy Holiday / I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus1970Musik/Text
The Hillside SingersWhite Christmas1972Musik/Text
The Isley BrothersHow Deep Is The Ocean1960Musik/Text
The Jokers [BE]White Christmas1965Musik/Text
The JourneymenWhat'll I Do1962Musik/Text
The Killers feat. DawesChristmas In L.A.2013Musik/Text
The King Cole TrioHow Deep Is The Ocean1946Musik/Text
The King Cole TrioRussian Lullaby1939Musik/Text
The King Cole TrioWhat'll I Do?1947Musik/Text
The King's MenIn The YMCA1978Musik/Text
The King's MenWhat'll I Do1978Musik/Text
The Les Humphries SingersWhite Christmas1972Musik/Text
The LettermenHow About Me1975Musik/Text
The LettermenWhite Christmas1966Musik/Text
The Manhattan TransferHappy Holiday / The Holiday Season1992Musik/Text
The MarcelsHow Deep Is The Ocean1965Musik/Text
The MGM Studio OrchestraEaster Parade - Main Title (Medley)1948Musik/Text
The Miles Davis QuartetHow Deep Is The Ocean1952Musik/Text
The MiraclesWhite Christmas1963Musik/Text
The Moody BluesWhite Christmas2003Musik/Text
The Moonlight SerenadersYou Forgot To Remember1925Musik/Text
The Nashville TeensHow Deep Is The Ocean1964Musik/Text
The Nelson Riddle OrchestraLet's Face The Music And Dance1957Musik/Text
The Nolan SistersJudy Garland Medley1975Musik/Text
The Norman Luboff ChoirWhite Christmas1964Musik/Text
The Oak Ridge BoysWhite Christmas1982Musik/Text
The Oscar Peterson TrioI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm Musik/Text
The Oscar Peterson Trio with Buddy BregmanI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm2016Musik/Text
The OsmondsWhite Christmas1976Musik/Text
The OvertonesWhite Christmas2015Musik/Text
The Partridge FamilyWhite Christmas1971Musik/Text
The Pasadena Roof OrchestraBlue Skies1976Musik/Text
The Pasadena Roof OrchestraCheek To Cheek1976Musik/Text
The Pasadena Roof OrchestraI Never Had A Chance1982Musik/Text
The Pasadena Roof OrchestraTop Hat White Tie And Tails1972Musik/Text
The Pasadena Roof OrchestraWhite Christmas1974Musik/Text
The PeddlersWhat'll I Do1966Musik/Text
The Puppini SistersSisters2006Musik/Text
The Puppini SistersWhite Christmas2010Musik/Text
The RagtimersAlexander's Ragtime Band1972Musik/Text
The Salsoul OrchestraChristmas Medley1976Musik/Text
The Salsoul OrchestraNew Year's Medley1976Musik/Text
The Sensational Alex Harvey BandCheek To Cheek1976Musik/Text
The Star SistersHooray For Hollywood1984Musik/Text
The SupremesWhite Christmas1965Musik/Text
The Swingle SingersWhite Christmas1968Musik/Text
The TemptationsWhite Christmas1970Musik/Text
The Toni Carpenter GroupCheek To Cheek / Swanee River / Bei mir bist du scheen1970Musik/Text
The Tonics [UK]White Christmas1975Musik/Text
The 'Top Hat' CompanyFinale2012Musik/Text
The 'Top Hat' OrchestraOverture2012Musik/Text
The TractorsWhite Christmas1995Musik/Text
The TroubadoursMarie1928Musik/Text
The VenturesBlue Skies1961Musik/Text
The VenturesWhite Christmas1965Musik/Text
The WhispersWhite Christmas1979Musik/Text
Thomas BergeWhite Christmas2011Musik/Text
Thomas FritschMan sagt, verliebtsein das wäre wundervoll1965Musik/Text
Till BrönnerChange Partners2016Musik/Text
Tiny TimStay Down Here Where You Belong1968Musik/Text
Tiny TimWhite Christmas1971Musik/Text
Tom ChambersI'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket2012Musik/Text
Tom ChambersIsn't This A Lovely Day (To Be Caught In The Rain)2012Musik/Text
Tom ChambersNo Strings (I'm Fancy Free)2012Musik/Text
Tom Chambers & Summer StrallenLet's Face The Music And Dance2012Musik/Text
Tom Chambers & The 'Top Hat' OrchestraCheek To Cheek2012Musik/Text
Tom Chambers & The 'Top Hat' OrchestraPuttin' On The Ritz2012Musik/Text
Tom Chambers & The 'Top Hat' OrchestraTop Hat, White Tie And Tails2012Musik/Text
Tom Jones with Hal LindenOld Fashioned Strut2005Musik/Text
Tom Robinson / Christoph WaltzCheek To Cheek1987Musik/Text
Tommy Dorsey And His Orchestra / Jack LeonardMarie1949Musik/Text
Tommy SteeleThe Girl That I Marry1964Musik/Text
Tommy SteeleThey Say It's Wonderful1964Musik/Text
Tommy SteibWhite Christmas2019Musik/Text
Tony BennettAll Of My Life1987Musik/Text
Tony BennettAlways1994Musik/Text
Tony BennettCheek To Cheek1987Musik/Text
Tony BennettHow It Can Be Told1987Musik/Text
Tony BennettI Got Lost In Her Arms1986Musik/Text
Tony BennettI Used To Be Color Blind1972Musik/Text
Tony BennettIsn't This A Lovely Day?1987Musik/Text
Tony BennettIt Only Happens When I Dance With You1993Musik/Text
Tony BennettLet Yourself Go1987Musik/Text
Tony BennettLet's Face The Music And Dance1957Musik/Text
Tony BennettNow It Can Be Told1994Musik/Text
Tony BennettRussian Lullaby1987Musik/Text
Tony BennettShaking The Blues Away1987Musik/Text
Tony BennettSteppin' Out With My Baby1994Musik/Text
Tony BennettThe Song Is Ended1987Musik/Text
Tony BennettThey Say It's Wonderful1987Musik/Text
Tony BennettTop Hat, White Tie And Tails1993Musik/Text
Tony BennettWhen I Lost You1987Musik/Text
Tony BennettWhite Christmas1968Musik/Text
Tony BennettWhite Christmas (Version '87)1987Musik/Text
Tony BennettYou're Easy To Dance With / Change Partners / Cheek To Cheek1993Musik/Text
Tony Bennett & Lady GagaCheek To Cheek2014Musik/Text
Tony Bennett & Lady GagaLet's Face The Music And Dance2014Musik/Text
Tony Bennett feat. The Count Basie Big BandI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm2008Musik/Text
Tony Bennett with Christina AguileraSteppin' Out With My Baby2012Musik/Text
Tony Bennett with Delta GoodremSteppin' Out With My Baby2006Musik/Text
Tony Bennett with Frank De Vol And His OrchestraBe Careful, It's My Heart1958Musik/Text
Tony Bennett with Michael BubléSteppin' Out With My Baby2006Musik/Text
Tony Bennett with Percy Faith And His OrchestraRoses Of Yesterday1952Musik/Text
Tony Bennett with Ray Conniff And His OrchestraAlways1957Musik/Text
Tony Bennett with The Ralph Sharon TrioLet's Face The Music And Dance1987Musik/Text
Toots ThielemansI'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket1955Musik/Text
Twisted Sister feat. Doro PeschWhite Christmas2006Musik/Text
Twisted Sister feat. Eddie OjedaWhite Christmas [Spanish]2006Musik/Text
UdoWit kerstfeest2018Musik/Text
Udo JürgensWhite Christmas1968Musik/Text
Vera LynnBe Careful, It's My Heart1942Musik/Text
Vera LynnIt's A Lovely Day Tomorrow1940Musik/Text
Vera LynnWhite Christmas1942Musik/Text
Vic DamoneLet's Face The Music And Dance1961Musik/Text
Vico Torriani & Lale AndersenUnd führ' ich ein Mädchen zum Traualtar1952Musik/Text
Vince HillYou Forgot To Remember1968Musik/Text
Vincent NicloNoël blanc2013Musik/Text
Viola Tami / Maja Brunner / Carlo Brunner's Superländlerkapelle / Silvio d'Anza / Nelly Patty / Joschi CloschiWeihnachtsmedley 20182018Musik/Text
Violent FemmesGod Bless America2019Musik/Text
Vivien Parry & Martin BallOutside Of That, I Love You2012Musik/Text
Vivien Parry & The 'Top Hat' OrchestraThe Piccolino2012Musik/Text
Vox AngeliNoël blanc2008Musik/Text
Wally VernonThis Is The Life1978Musik/Text
Wally Vernon & Dixie Dunbar & Alice FayeEverbody's Doing It1978Musik/Text
Walter BrennanWhite Christmas1962Musik/Text
Walter Dobschinski und die Swingband des Berliner RundfunksBlue Skies1947Musik/Text
Walter Hauck / Erwin Lehn und das RBT-OrchesterWeiße Weihnacht1953Musik/Text
Walter ScholzWhite Christmas1986Musik/Text
Waring's PennsylvaniansHow About Me?1929Musik/Text
Waring's PennsylvaniansRoses Of Yesterday1928Musik/Text
Wayne King And His OrchestraAll Alone1949Musik/Text
Wayne King And His OrchestraSay It With Music1949Musik/Text
Wayne NewtonWhen I Lost You1968Musik/Text
Wayne NewtonWhite Christmas1966Musik/Text
Wencke MyhreAlles was du kannst1969Musik/Text
Wencke MyhreWeisse Weihnacht1996Musik/Text
Wendy Van WantenWhite X-mas1995Musik/Text
WestlifeWhite Christmas2004Musik/Text
Whispering Jack SmithThe Song Is Ended (But The Melody Lingers On)1927Musik/Text
White StarsWeisse Weihnacht1982Musik/Text
Will TuraWitte Kerstmis1973Musik/Text
William RayDie Frau meiner Träume Musik/Text
William RayWithout A Song Musik/Text
Willie NelsonBlue Skies1978Musik/Text
Willie NelsonWhite Christmas1979Musik/Text
Willie Nelson And FamilyLet's Face The Music And Dance2013Musik/Text
Willie Nelson And FamilyMarie (The Dawn Is Breaking)2013Musik/Text
Willie Nelson and Sister BobbieAlexander's Ragtime Band2014Musik/Text
Willie Nelson and Sister BobbieAlways2014Musik/Text
Willie Nelson and Sister BobbieWhat'll I Do2014Musik/Text
WindSpiel mir eine alte Melodie2007Musik/Text
Wolfgang PetryWhite Christmas1998Musik/Text
Yannick BovyCheek To Cheek2012Musik/Text
Yannick Bovy & The VRT Big BandLet's Face The Music And Dance (Live)2019Musik/Text
Zarah LeanderDu ä’ så väldigt lik en ja’ känner1936Musik/Text
Zarah LeanderEn enda liten chans1935Musik/Text
Zarah LeanderWeiße Weihnacht1958Musik/Text
ZatopekThere's No Business Like Show Business1983Musik/Text

Irving Berlin in der österreichischen Hitparade


Puttin' On The Ritz (Taco)15.02.1983310
White Christmas (Michael Bublé)05.01.2018354

Die bestbewerteten Songs von Irving Berlin

Always (Leonard Cohen)95
Cheek To Cheek (Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong)164.94
Puttin' On The Ritz (Fred Astaire)254.92
White Christmas (Otis Redding)144.86
Alles was du kannst (Wencke Myhre)64.83
Change Partners (Fred Astaire With Ray Noble And His Orchestra)54.8
Easter Parade (Judy Garland & Fred Astaire)54.8
Top Hat, White Tie And Tails (Fred Astaire)54.8
Fragen Sie Frau Schmitz (Margot Werner)54.8
White Christmas (Perry Como)54.8
Puttin' On The Ritz (Robbie Williams)184.78
White Christmas (Roy Black)84.75
Sisters (Bette Midler & Linda Ronstadt)74.71
Steppin' Out With My Baby (Tony Bennett with Christina Aguilera)94.67
Cheek To Cheek (Doris Day)64.67
Puttin' On The Ritz (Harry Richman, Earl Burtnett's Biltmore Orchestra)64.67
Cheek To Cheek (Fred Astaire)224.5
Winter Wonderland / Silver Bells / White Christmas (Carpenters)84.5
Cheek To Cheek (Frank Sinatra)64.5
White Christmas (Doris Day)64.5

Die bekanntesten Songs von Irving Berlin

Puttin' On The Ritz (Taco)1574.35
White Christmas (Bing Crosby)1354.49
White Christmas (Michael Bublé & Shania Twain)283.54
Puttin' On The Ritz (Fred Astaire)254.92
Cheek To Cheek (Fred Astaire)224.5
Cheek To Cheek (Heaven) (Taco)223.77
White Christmas (Lady Gaga)203.6
Puttin' On The Ritz (Robbie Williams)184.78
Christmas In L.A. (The Killers feat. Dawes)174.41
White Christmas (Banaroo)172.35
Cheek To Cheek (Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong)164.94
Hooray For Hollywood (The Star Sisters)153.67
White Christmas (Otis Redding)144.86
I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm (Dean Martin)144.29
Spiel mir eine alte Melodie (Rita Paul)143.79
White Christmas (Sarah Connor)143.57
White Christmas (Boney M.)143.43
White Christmas (Frank Sinatra)134.46
Let's Face The Music And Dance (Fred Astaire)134.38
White Christmas (The Drifters)133.69
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