Jörgen Elofsson

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Pseudonyme / Alternative Schreibweisen: Jörg Eloffson, Jörgen Eloffson, Jorgen Elofsson
3 Of HeartsIs It Love2001Musik/Text
(Jorgen Elofsson)
Aaron CarterGirl You Shine2000Musik/Text
Agnes(What Do I Do With) All This Love2006Musik/Text
AgnesI Had A Feelin'2006Musik/Text
AgnesKick Back Relax2006Musik/Text
AgnesLet Me Carry You2005Musik/Text
AgnesRight Here Right Now (My Heart Belongs To You)2005Musik/Text
Agnes & BjörnWhen You Tell The World You're Mine2010Musik/Text
Agnetha FältskogBack On Your Radio2013Musik/Text
Agnetha FältskogBubble2013Musik/Text
Agnetha FältskogDance Your Pain Away2013Musik/Text
Agnetha FältskogI Keep Them On The Floor Beside My Bed2013Musik/Text
Agnetha FältskogI Was A Flower2013Musik/Text
Agnetha FältskogPast Forever2013Musik/Text
Agnetha FältskogPerfume In The Breeze2013Musik/Text
Agnetha FältskogThe One Who Loves You Now2013Musik/Text
Agnetha FältskogWhen You Really Loved Someone2013Musik/Text
Agnetha Fältskog feat. Gary BarlowI Should've Followed You Home2013Musik/Text
AikakoneRakkauden lähetti1999Musik/Text
Alex BaumgartnerAls Küsserkönig bist Du Kaiser2012Musik/Text
Alexander KlawsThis Is What It Feels Like2006Musik/Text
Ana JohnssonLife2004Musik/Text
Ana JohnssonWe Are2004Musik/Text
BellefirePerfect Bliss2001Musik/Text
Bernhard BrinkIrgendwann vielleicht2004Musik/Text
Björn RosierBlessed2016Musik/Text
Björn RosierDoor jou2016Musik/Text
Björn SkifsBack To Where We Started From2011Musik/Text
Björn SkifsBreak The Spell2011Musik/Text
Björn SkifsDamned If I Do2011Musik/Text
Björn SkifsI Already Know2011Musik/Text
Björn SkifsLet's Kiss2011Musik/Text
Björn SkifsStep Right Up2011Musik/Text
Björn SkifsThis Is Where The Story Ends2011Musik/Text
Björn SkifsWhen Our Lips Touch2011Musik/Text
Björn SkifsYou Got There In The End2011Musik/Text
Björn SkifsYou Were Loved2011Musik/Text
BoyzoneWill Be Yours1998Musik/Text
(Jorgen Elofsson)
Bratz Rock AngelzSo Good2005Musik/Text
Brendan MurrayDying To Try2017Musik/Text
Britney Spears(You Drive Me) Crazy1999Musik/Text
Britney SpearsChris Cox Megamix2004Musik/Text
Britney SpearsGirl In The Mirror2000Musik/Text
Britney SpearsSometimes1999Musik/Text
Britney SpearsWalk On By2000Musik/Text
Britney SpearsWhat U See (Is What U Get)2000Musik/Text
Britney SpearsWhen I Found You2001Musik/Text
Bryan AdamsNowhere Fast2004Musik/Text
CarolaGuld i dina ögon1994Musik/Text
Céline DionThe Greatest Reward2002Musik/Text
Céline DionThere Comes A Time2008Musik/Text
Charlotte PerrelliGone Too Long2004Musik/Text
Chenoa & Gareth GatesWhat My Heart Wants To Say2003Musik/Text
DarinComing True2004Musik/Text
DarinOne True Flame2005Musik/Text
DarinWho's That Girl2005Musik/Text
DarinWhy Does It Rain2005Musik/Text
David VandyckAlles wat je zei2011Musik/Text
Die HappyBig Big Trouble2005Musik/Text
Dr. AlbanAin't No Stopping1998Musik/Text
Dr. AlbanRiddle Of Life1996Musik/Text
Dr. AlbanSo Long1996Musik/Text
E.M.D.For You2008Musik/Text
E.M.D.She's My California2008Musik/Text
EditaThe Key2011Musik/Text
EdurneOne Shot2015Musik/Text
Eric SaadeBig Love2011Musik/Text
Eric SaadeSomeone New2011Musik/Text
Fabienne LouvesWach uf!2007Musik/Text
Fabienne LouvesWenn nüt meh got2007Musik/Text
Fady MaaloufBlessed2008Musik/Text
Gareth GatesAnyone Of Us (Stupid Mistake)2002Musik/Text
Gareth GatesForever Blue2002Musik/Text
Gareth GatesSay It Isn't So2003Musik/Text
Gareth GatesSkeletons2003Musik/Text
Gareth GatesToo Serious Too Soon2002Musik/Text
(Jorgen Elofsson)
Gareth GatesWalk On By2002Musik/Text
(Jorgen Elofsson)
Gareth GatesWhat My Heart Wants To Say2002Musik/Text
Gareth GatesWith You All The Time2002Musik/Text
(Jorgen Elofsson)
Girls' GenerationBad Girl2011Produzent
Glee CastWhat Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)2012Musik/Text
Gloria GaynorGone Too Long2003Musik/Text
Guy SebastianAngels Brought Me Here2003Musik/Text
H & ClaireLet Me Carry You2002Musik/Text
H & ClaireNo Turning Back2002Musik/Text
H & ClaireYou're A Love Song2002Musik/Text
Human NatureAngel Of Your Heart2000Musik/Text
Human NatureLove Is A Fire2000Musik/Text
Human NatureShe's Back2004Musik/Text
(Jorgen Elofsson)
Human NatureWhisper Your Name (The Only One)2000Musik/Text
Il DivoFeelings2004Musik/Text
Il DivoHoy que ya no estas aquí2004Musik/Text
Il DivoLa promessa2008Musik/Text
Il DivoSenza parole2011Musik/Text
Il Divo and Céline DionI Believe In You (Je crois en toi)2005Musik/Text
Il Divo with Toni BraxtonThe Time Of Our Lives2006Musik/Text
Il VoloSplendida2012Musik/Text
JamaiStep Right Up2003Musik/Text
Jana De ValckThat's What Love Is2013Musik/Text
JedwardHappens In The Dark2012Musik/Text
Jennifer LopezUntil It Beats No More2011Musik/Text
Jennifer RushI Never Asked For An Angel2010Musik/Text
Jennifer RushI'm Not Dreaming Anymore2010Musik/Text
Jennifer RushWindows2010Musik/Text
Jens BognerDas kann doch jedem mal passieren2003Musik/Text
Jessica FolkerLove You Like A Fool2001Musik/Text
Juliette SchoppmannI Still Believe2004Musik/Text
Karel GottKrása2000Musik/Text
(Jorgen Elofsson)
Karen DavidIt's Me (You're Talking To)2003Musik/Text
Katherine JenkinsHow Do You Leave The One You Love?2007Musik/Text
(Jorgen Elofsson)
Kelly ClarksonA Moment Like This2002Musik/Text
Kelly ClarksonStronger (What Doesn't Kill You)2011Musik/Text
Kristine BlondThis Is How I Wanna Be2001Musik/Text
Kristine BlondThis Party2001Musik/Text
Kristine BlondYou Belong To Someone Else2001Musik/Text
Laura TesoroMutual2018Musik/Text
(Jörgen Eloffson)
Leah HaywoodTakin' Back What's Mine2000Produzent
Leah HaywoodWe Think It's Love2000Musik/Text
Leo RojasA Moment Like This2012Musik/Text
Leona LewisA Moment Like This2006Musik/Text
Leona LewisHomeless2007Musik/Text
Leona LewisStop The Clocks2012Musik/Text
LeonardLass' ich Dich heut geh'n?2000Musik/Text
Lin Yu ChunA Moment Like This2010Musik/Text
Lin Yu ChunUnder Your Wings2010Musik/Text
Linda AndrewsWhat If The Heart Is Wrong2009Musik/Text
Lucy StreetGirl Next Door2000Musik/Text
Lucy StreetGoodbye2000Musik/Text
Lucy StreetLife Is A Lovesong2000Musik/Text
Lucy StreetLoves Me Loves Me Not2000Musik/Text
Lucy StreetSecond Time Around2000Musik/Text
Marc SwayNatural High2003Musik/Text
Marc SwayShe's All About Love2003Musik/Text
Marie SerneholtBeyond Tonight2006Produzent
Marie SerneholtCalling All Detectives2006Produzent
Marie SerneholtCan't Be Loved2006Produzent
Marie SerneholtEnjoy The Ride2006Produzent
Marie SerneholtI Love Making Love In The Morning2006Produzent
Marie SerneholtI Need A House2006Musik/Text
Marie SerneholtOxygen2006Produzent
Marie SerneholtThat's The Way My Heart Goes2006Musik/Text
Marie SerneholtThe Boy I Used To Know2006Produzent
Marie SerneholtWasted Love2006Produzent
MarietteFor You2018Musik/Text
Martin StoschI Can Reach Heaven From Here2007Musik/Text
MejaDo The Angels Have A Home?1998Musik/Text
Michael MorganAls wenn es Liebe wär'2001Musik/Text
MichelleWas, wenn mein Herz sich irrt2012Musik/Text
Münchener FreiheitWachgeküsst2002Musik/Text
No AngelsI Had A Feeling2007Musik/Text
Paloma FaithStargazer2009Musik/Text
Peter JöbackHigher2000Musik/Text
Peter JöbackTonight2000Musik/Text
PlayIs It Love2001Musik/Text
PreludersBye Bye For The Better2003Musik/Text
PreludersRiding On A Lovetrain2003Musik/Text
PriscillaBla bla bla2002Musik/Text
RaffaëlaRight Here Right Now2006Musik/Text
RhysMaybe I Will Learn2018Musik/Text
(Jorgen Elofsson)
(Jorgen Elofsson)
Robin Schulz feat. RhysLike You Mean It2017Produzent
Samantha JadeStronger (What Doesn't Kill You)2012Musik/Text
Samantha JadeWhat You've Done To Me2012Musik/Text
Same DifferenceAll The Roads Lead To Heaven2008Musik/Text
Same DifferenceBetter Love Me2008Musik/Text
Same DifferenceI Need A House2008Musik/Text
Same DifferenceLike A Miracle2008Musik/Text
Same DifferenceStarts To Beat Again2008Musik/Text
Same DifferenceWe R One2008Musik/Text
SaphiraA Moment Like This2016Musik/Text
(Jörg Eloffson)
SavannaKiss Me Now2014Musik/Text
Sebastian DeyleOne Too Many Times2001Musik/Text
Shayne WardThat's My Goal2005Musik/Text
StepsIt's The Way You Make Me Feel2000Musik/Text
Super JuniorWhat If2009Musik/Text
(Jorgen Elofsson)
Tess [SE]Viva l'amor2000Musik/Text
The Bellas, Evermoist, Saddle Up, Young Sparrow and DJ Dragon Nutz, & SoldiersRiff Off2017Musik/Text
(Jorgen Elofsson)
The SaturdaysLose Control2009Musik/Text
Tommy ReeveBelieve It Like I Do2010Musik/Text
TwillIs It Love2005Musik/Text
WestlifeDreams Come True2000Musik/Text
WestlifeFool Again1999Musik/Text
WestlifeI Cry2001Musik/Text
WestlifeI Lay My Love On You2000Musik/Text
WestlifeIf I Let You Go1999Musik/Text
WestlifeMy Love2000Musik/Text
WestlifePuzzle Of My Heart2000Musik/Text
WestlifeShe's Back2005Musik/Text
WestlifeSomebody Needs You2000Musik/Text
WestlifeTry Again1999Musik/Text
WestlifeTunnel Of Love2000Musik/Text
WestlifeWhy Do I Love You2001Musik/Text
WestlifeYou Must Have Had A Broken Heart2007Musik/Text
Will YoungEvergreen2002Musik/Text
Zsolt Homonnay & Lilla PolyákVárok rád2009Musik/Text

Jörgen Elofsson in der österreichischen Hitparade


Sometimes (Britney Spears)20.06.1999611
(You Drive Me) Crazy (Britney Spears)03.10.19991017
I Lay My Love On You (Westlife)18.03.20012311
Unbreakable (Westlife)17.11.20022313
Anyone Of Us (Stupid Mistake) (Gareth Gates)23.02.2003622
Tonight (Westlife)23.03.2003583
Say It Isn't So (Gareth Gates)04.01.2004466
We Are (Ana Johnsson)11.07.2004721
That's The Way My Heart Goes (Marie Serneholt)26.05.2006468
The Time Of Our Lives (Il Divo with Toni Braxton)23.06.2006247
Blessed (Fady Maalouf)18.07.2008811
Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) (Kelly Clarkson)17.02.2012619

Die bestbewerteten Songs von Jörgen Elofsson

I Had A Feeling (No Angels)465.2
Big Love (Eric Saade)65
I Was A Flower (Agnetha Fältskog)244.96
Dance Your Pain Away (Agnetha Fältskog)424.93
The One Who Loves You Now (Agnetha Fältskog)424.9
Bubble (Agnetha Fältskog)214.86
Oxygen (Marie Serneholt)214.86
Natural High (Marc Sway)204.85
Stop The Clocks (Leona Lewis)64.83
The Boy I Used To Know (Marie Serneholt)114.82
A Moment Like This (Kelly Clarkson)954.79
When You Really Loved Someone (Agnetha Fältskog)704.77
I Keep Them On The Floor Beside My Bed (Agnetha Fältskog)204.75
Homeless (Leona Lewis)624.73
Someone New (Eric Saade)74.71
A Moment Like This (Leona Lewis)764.68
Evergreen (Westlife)64.67
We R One (Same Difference)84.62
We Are (Ana Johnsson)1494.58
Perfume In The Breeze (Agnetha Fältskog)214.57

Die bekanntesten Songs von Jörgen Elofsson

(You Drive Me) Crazy (Britney Spears)2724.1
Sometimes (Britney Spears)2383.89
Blessed (Fady Maalouf)1573.68
We Are (Ana Johnsson)1494.58
Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) (Kelly Clarkson)1374.48
Anyone Of Us (Stupid Mistake) (Gareth Gates)1353.91
Wach uf! (Fabienne Louves)1262.79
That's The Way My Heart Goes (Marie Serneholt)1254.42
A Moment Like This (Kelly Clarkson)954.79
A Moment Like This (Leona Lewis)764.68
My Love (Westlife)754.2
When You Really Loved Someone (Agnetha Fältskog)704.77
If I Let You Go (Westlife)664.08
Fool Again (Westlife)633.9
Homeless (Leona Lewis)624.73
I Still Believe (Juliette Schoppmann)603.77
I Need A House (Marie Serneholt)594.34
I Believe In You (Je crois en toi) (Il Divo and Céline Dion)584.31
I Lay My Love On You (Westlife)564.18
The Time Of Our Lives (Il Divo with Toni Braxton)563.75
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