Jerome Kern

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Pseudonyme / Alternative Schreibweisen: Jerome D. Kern
"Cover Girl" Chorus And OrchestraCover Girl1943Musik/Text
"Swing Time" OrchestraThe Waltz In Swing Time1936Musik/Text
"Swing Time" Orchestra And ChorusBojangles Of Harlem1936Musik/Text
"Swing Time" Orchestra And ChorusOverture1936Musik/Text
"You Were Never Lovelier" OrchestraYou Were Never Lovelier / Finale1943Musik/Text
Adriano CelentanoFumo negli occhi1984Musik/Text
Al HirtOl' Man River1963Musik/Text
Al HirtPick Yourself Up1968Musik/Text
Al JolsonOl' Man River1928Musik/Text
Alfie BoeThe Way You Look Tonight2018Musik/Text
Alvin's Orchestra [Very Warm For May]Finale [Very Warm For May]1985Musik/Text
Alvin's Orchestra [Very Warm For May]In The Heart Of The Dark1985Musik/Text
Alvin's Orchestra [Very Warm For May]Interlude: Liebestraum1985Musik/Text
Alvin's Orchestra [Very Warm For May]L'histoire de Madame de la Tour1985Musik/Text
Alvin's Orchestra [Very Warm For May]Overture1985Musik/Text
Alvin's Orchestra [Very Warm For May]Playout Music1985Musik/Text
Alvin's Orchestra [Very Warm For May]Swing Low, Sweet Chariot / All The Things1985Musik/Text
Amy DicksonSmoke Gets In Your Eyes2013Musik/Text
André BrasseurSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1973Musik/Text
Andrea BocelliOl' Man River2015Musik/Text
Andy RussellDearly Beloved1948Musik/Text
Andy RussellEres todo cuanto quiero1963Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsCan I Forget You1961Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsI'm Old Fashioned1961Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsKa-Lu-A1958Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsThe Way You Look Tonight1962Musik/Text
Anita O'DayI Won't Dance1957Musik/Text
Anita O'DayLet's Begin1957Musik/Text
Anita O'DayPick Yourself Up1957Musik/Text
Ann Hampton CallawayA Fine Romance1996Musik/Text
Ann MillerI'll Be Hard To Handle1959Musik/Text
Ann SothernThe Last Time I Saw Paris1941Musik/Text
Aretha FranklinLook For The Silver Lining1962Musik/Text
Arielle DombasleA Fine Romance2006Musik/Text
Art Blakey QuartetThe Song Is You1963Musik/Text
Art TatumAll The Things You Are1953Musik/Text
Art TatumI Won't Dance1955Musik/Text
Art TatumSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1948Musik/Text
Art TatumThe Way You Look Tonight1954Musik/Text
Art TatumYesterdays1946Musik/Text
Artie ShawAll In Fun1939Musik/Text
Artie ShawBill1939Musik/Text
Artie Shaw & His OrchestraAll The Things You Are1939Musik/Text
Artie Shaw & His OrchestraYesterdays1938Musik/Text
Artie Shaw And His Gramercy Five(When Your Heart's On Fire) Smoke Gets In Your Eyes1941Musik/Text
Ava GardnerBill1956Musik/Text
Ava GardnerCan't Help Lovin Dat Man1956Musik/Text
B.J. ThomasSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1968Musik/Text
Baden PowellAll The Things You Are1967Musik/Text
Barbra StreisandAll The Things You Are1967Musik/Text
Barbra StreisandCan't Help Lovin' That Man1985Musik/Text
Barbra StreisandMake Believe1964Musik/Text
Barbra StreisandMedley1966Musik/Text
Barbra StreisandSmoke Gets In Your Eyes2009Musik/Text
Barbra StreisandYesterdays1966Musik/Text
Barney Bigard SextetCan't Help Lovin' That Man1945Musik/Text
Barry ManilowI'm Old Fashioned2020Musik/Text
Bell Boys QuartettThese Orchids If You Please1943Musik/Text
Ben LightMake Believe1949Musik/Text
Ben L'Oncle SoulThe Way You Look Tonight2016Musik/Text
Benny GolsonYesterdays1960Musik/Text
Benny Goodman(When Your Heart's On Fire) Smoke Gets In Your Eyes1941Musik/Text
Benny GoodmanHeaven in My Arms (Music In My Heart)1939Musik/Text
Benny GoodmanMake Believe1938Musik/Text
Benny GoodmanPick Yourself Up1936Musik/Text
Benny GoodmanThat Lucky Fellow1939Musik/Text
Benny GoodmanThe Siren's Song1939Musik/Text
Benny Goodman QuartetAll The Things You Are1958Musik/Text
Benny Goodman TrioWho?1935Musik/Text
Bert Campbell OrchestraSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1974Musik/Text
Bert KaempfertAll The Things You Are1975Musik/Text
Beryl Davis with Geraldo & His OrchestraI'm Old Fashioned1943Musik/Text
Bette MidlerThe Folks Who Live On The Hill2005Musik/Text
Betty CarterAll The Things You Are1970Musik/Text
Bill Evans TrioIn Love In Vain1962Musik/Text
Billie HolidayWhy Was I Born?1937Musik/Text
Billie HolidayYesterdays1939Musik/Text
Billie Holiday & Her OrchestraA Fine Romance1936Musik/Text
Billy EckstineSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1952Musik/Text
Billy StewartOl' Man River1967Musik/Text
Billy VaughnSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1957Musik/Text
Billy Vaughn And His OrchestraAll The Things You Are1957Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyAll Through The Day1949Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyDay Dreaming1941Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyDearly Beloved1946Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyI've Told Ev'ry Little Star1946Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyOl' Man River1955Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyTill The Clouds Roll By1949Musik/Text
Bing Crosby with Buddy Bregman's OrchestraThe Song Is You1956Musik/Text
Bing Crosby With John Scott Trotter And His OrchestraCan I Forget You1937Musik/Text
Bing Crosby With John Scott Trotter And His OrchestraLong Ago (And Far Away)1944Musik/Text
Bing Crosby With John Scott Trotter And His OrchestraMore And More1945Musik/Text
Bing Crosby With John Scott Trotter And His OrchestraThe Folks Who Live On The Hill1937Musik/Text
Bing Crosby With Lee WileyI Still Suits Me1947Musik/Text
Bix Beiderbecke & His GangOl' Man River1928Musik/Text
Blue HazeSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1972Musik/Text
Bob DylanWhy Was I Born2017Musik/Text
Bobby DarinIn Love In Vain1961Musik/Text
Bobby DarinLong Ago And Far Away1961Musik/Text
Bobby Kimball & The hr Big BandOl' Man River1993Musik/Text
Bobby TimmonsWhy Was I Born?1962Musik/Text
Boots RandolphSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1963Musik/Text
Brad MehldauNobody Else But Me1997Musik/Text
Bruno MartinoAll The Things You Are1973Musik/Text
Bruno MartinoLong Ago1973Musik/Text
Bruno MartinoSmoke Get's In Your Eyes1972Musik/Text
Bryan FerrySmoke Gets In Your Eyes1974Musik/Text
Bryan FerryThe Way You Look Tonight1999Musik/Text
Bud PowellSure Thing1953Musik/Text
Bud ShankAll The Things You Are1960Musik/Text
Bud ShankLong Ago (And Far Away)1960Musik/Text
Buddy Banks TrioYesterdays1954Musik/Text
Caetano VelosoSmoke Gets In Your Eyes2004Musik/Text
Cal TjaderAll The Things You Are1956Musik/Text
Cal TjaderYesterdays1950Musik/Text
Cal Tjader's Modern Mambo QuintetDearly Beloved1954Musik/Text
Carly SimonAll The Things You Are2005Musik/Text
Carmen McRaeAll The Things You Are1973Musik/Text
Carmen McRaeYesterdays1962Musik/Text
Carol Bruce / Helen DowdyCan't Help Lovin Dat Man2012Musik/Text
Cassandra WilsonThe Way You Look Tonight2015Musik/Text
Caterina ValenteAll The Things You Are1964Musik/Text
Caterina ValenteChe bel romanzo1960Musik/Text
Caterina ValenteOl' Man River1968Musik/Text
Cedar WaltonSmoke Gets In Your Eyes2001Musik/Text
Chad & JeremyThe Way You Look Tonight1966Musik/Text
Charles GayleAll The Things You Are2001Musik/Text
Charles Mingus & Spaulding GivensYesterdays1953Musik/Text
Charlie ParkerAll The Things You Are1990Musik/Text
Charlie RichOl' Man River1964Musik/Text
CherOl' Man River1966Musik/Text
CherWhy Was I Born1973Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsOld Man River1954Musik/Text
Chet Atkins and Jerry ReedOl' Man River1970Musik/Text
Chet BakerI'm Old Fashioned1958Musik/Text
Chet BakerLook For The Silver Lining1954Musik/Text
Chet BakerThe Way You Look Tonight1953Musik/Text
Chet BakerYesterdays1953Musik/Text
Christoph SpendelSmoke Gets In Your Eyes2003Musik/Text
Cilla BlackOl' Man River1964Musik/Text
Clifford "Brownie" Brown QuartetThe Song Is You1954Musik/Text
Clifford BrownThe Way You Look Tonight1954Musik/Text
Coleman Hawkins & OrchestraYesterdays1944Musik/Text
Coleman Hawkins And His All American FourMake Believe1954Musik/Text
Coleman Hawkins And His All-StarsThe Way You Look Tonite1947Musik/Text
Connee BoswellLook For The Silver Lining1942Musik/Text
Connee BoswellSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1942Musik/Text
Connie FrancisThe Last Time I Saw Paris1962Musik/Text
Connie FrancisThe Way You Look Tonight1962Musik/Text
Cootie Williams And His Rug CuttersOl' Man River1938Musik/Text
Count BasieWho?1972Musik/Text
Curtis StigersThe Way You Look Tonight2014Musik/Text
Dale HawkinsWho1960Musik/Text
Dani Klein & Sal La RoccaA Fine Romance2015Musik/Text
Daniel Sentacruz EnsembleOl' Man River1976Musik/Text
Danny Gottlieb And The Nairobi TrioAll The Things You Are2005Musik/Text
Dave BrubeckAll The Things You Are1976Musik/Text
David SanbornSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1995Musik/Text
Dean MartinThe Last Time I Saw Paris1962Musik/Text
Demis RoussosSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1984Musik/Text
Denise JannahDearly Beloved1999Musik/Text
Denise JannahThey Didn't Believe Me1995Musik/Text
Dennis Lotis & Ted Heath And His MusicI've Told Every Little Star1957Musik/Text
Des O'ConnorI Won't Dance1976Musik/Text
DexysSmoke Gets In Your Eyes2016Musik/Text
Diana KrallPick Yourself Up1999Musik/Text
Dick HaymesThe Way You Look Tonight1992Musik/Text
Die Mainzer HofsängerOl' Man River1994Musik/Text
Dinah ShoreI'm Old Fashioned1959Musik/Text
Dinah ShoreWho1960Musik/Text
Dinah WashingtonBill1963Musik/Text
Dinah WashingtonSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1956Musik/Text
Dinah WashingtonWhy Was I Born?1963Musik/Text
Dinah Washington with Quincy Jones And His OrchestraThey Didn't Believe Me1956Musik/Text
Dionne WarwickThe Way You Look Tonight1967Musik/Text
Dixie Lee Crosby And Bing Crosby With Victor Young And His OrchestraA Fine Romance1936Musik/Text
Dixie Lee Crosby And Bing Crosby With Victor Young And His OrchestraThe Way You Look Tonight1936Musik/Text
Django ReinhardtAll The Things You Are1949Musik/Text
Django ReinhardtOl' Man River1947Musik/Text
Don EstelleCan I Forget You1984Musik/Text
Dora BryanLife Upon The Wicked Stage1959Musik/Text
Dora Bryan & Geoffrey WebbI Might Fall Back On You1959Musik/Text
Dora Bryan, Marlys Watters & Don McKay Finale [Show Boat]1959Musik/Text
Doris DayAll Through The Day Musik/Text
Doris DayRemind Me1962Musik/Text
Doris DayThe Song Is You1956Musik/Text
Doris Day with Frank De Vol & His OrchestraThe Way You Look Tonight1958Musik/Text
Duo Kerschbaumer-WegleiterStubaital-Lied1978Musik/Text
Dušan JakšićPoslednji put sam vidio Paris1956Musik/Text
Earl BosticAll The Things You Are1959Musik/Text
Earl BosticSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1955Musik/Text
Earl BosticThe Way You Look Tonight1959Musik/Text
Earl GrantOl' Man River1957Musik/Text
Eartha KittSmoke Gets In Your Eyes2015Musik/Text
Eddie CalvertCan't Help Lovin' Dat Man1956Musik/Text
Eddie CalvertWhy Do I Love You1956Musik/Text
Eddie CalvertYesterdays1957Musik/Text
Eden KaneSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1964Musik/Text
Elaine PaigeSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1993Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldA Fine Romance1957Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldAll The Things You Are1963Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldI'll Be Hard To Handle1963Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldI'm Old Fashioned1963Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldLet's Begin1963Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldRemind Me1963Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldThe Way You Look Tonight1963Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldWhy Was I Born?1963Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldYesterdays1963Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldYou Couldn't Be Cuter1963Musik/Text
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis ArmstrongI Won't Dance1957Musik/Text
Ella Fitzgerald & Nelson Riddle and his orchestraShe Didn't Say "Yes"1963Musik/Text
Ella Fitzgerald with her Famous OrchestraCan't Help Lovin' Dat Man1942Musik/Text
Ella Fitzgerald With Nelson Riddle And His OrchestraAlone Together1962Musik/Text
Ella Fitzgerald With Nelson Riddle And His OrchestraI Won't Dance1962Musik/Text
EngelbertSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1995Musik/Text
Enrico Pieranunzi TrioYesterdays1996Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonThe Folks Who Live On The Hill2013Musik/Text
Erroll GarnerThe Way You Look Tonight1951Musik/Text
Ferrante & TeicherI've Told Every Little Star1957Musik/Text
Ferrante & TeicherOl' Man River1966Musik/Text
Floyd CramerYesterdays1960Musik/Text
Four PrepsMore Money For You And Me1961Musik/Text
Frances LangfordBill1949Musik/Text
Frances LangfordCan't Help Lovin' Dat Man1949Musik/Text
Frances Mercer & Eve ArdenScene1 [Very Warm For May]1985Musik/Text
Frances Mercer & Jack WhitingAll In Fun1939Musik/Text
Frances Mercer & Jack WhitingHeaven In My Arms1985Musik/Text
François DegueltFumée aux yeux1955Musik/Text
Frank FarianSo muß Liebe sein1973Musik/Text
Frank SinatraA Fine Romance1961Musik/Text
Frank SinatraAll The Things You Are1944Musik/Text
Frank SinatraAll Through The Day1946Musik/Text
Frank SinatraI Won't Dance1957Musik/Text
Frank SinatraLong Ago And Far Away1944Musik/Text
Frank SinatraOl' Man River1944Musik/Text
Frank SinatraPick Yourself Up1962Musik/Text
Frank SinatraThe Song Is You1946Musik/Text
Frank SinatraThe Way You Look Tonight1964Musik/Text
Frank SinatraTwo Hearts Are Better Than One1946Musik/Text
Frank SinatraWhy Was I Born?1949Musik/Text
Frank SinatraYesterdays1962Musik/Text
Fred AstaireA Fine Romance1936Musik/Text
Fred AstaireBojangles Of Harlem1936Musik/Text
Fred AstaireDearly Beloved1942Musik/Text
Fred AstaireDoing The 'Shorty George'1992Musik/Text
Fred AstaireI Won't Dance1952Musik/Text
Fred AstaireI'm Old Fashioned1942Musik/Text
Fred AstaireLovely To Look At1953Musik/Text
Fred AstaireNever Gonna Dance1936Musik/Text
Fred AstaireOn The Beam1943Musik/Text
Fred AstairePick Yourself Up1936Musik/Text
Fred AstaireThe "Shorty George"1943Musik/Text
Fred AstaireThe Way You Look Tonight1936Musik/Text
Fred AstaireWedding In The Spring1943Musik/Text
Fred AstaireYou Were Never Lovelier1942Musik/Text
Fred Astaire & Candy CandidoLet's Begin1935Musik/Text
Fred Astaire & Ginger RogersA Fine Romance1936Musik/Text
Fred Astaire & Ginger RogersI Won't Dance Musik/Text
Fred Astaire & Nan WynnDearly Beloved1943Musik/Text
Fred Astaire & Nan WynnI'm Old Fashioned1942Musik/Text
Fred Astaire & Nan WynnThe Shorty George1943Musik/Text
Fred Astaire and Ginger RogersPick Yourself Up1936Musik/Text
Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, George Metaxa, Victor Moore And Helen Broderick"Swing Time" Finale1936Musik/Text
FreddyOl' Man River1970Musik/Text
Gato BarbieriYesterdays1974Musik/Text
Gene Ammons & Sonny StittLong Ago And Far Away1962Musik/Text
Gene Ammons & Sonny StittWhy Was I Born?1962Musik/Text
Gene KellyPut Me To The Test1943Musik/Text
Gene Kelly & Nan WynnFinal - Cover Girl1943Musik/Text
Gene Kelly & Nan WynnLong Ago And Far Away 1943Musik/Text
Gene Kelly, Phil Silvers, Nan WynnMake Way For Tomorrow1943Musik/Text
Gene PitneySmoke Gets In Your Eyes1969Musik/Text
George Olsen And His MusicSunny1925Musik/Text
George Olsen And His MusicWho1925Musik/Text
George Shearing / Mel TorméSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1983Musik/Text
Georgie AuldAll The Things You Are1955Musik/Text
Georgie AuldSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1955Musik/Text
Gerry & The PacemakersGirl On A Swing1966Musik/Text
Gil VenturaSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1974Musik/Text
Ginger RogersI'll Be Hard To Handle Musik/Text
GitteI've Told Every Little Star1961Musik/Text
GitteVarje stjärna i det blå1961Musik/Text
Giusy FerreriYesterdays2009Musik/Text
Glenn Miller And His OrchestraDearly Beloved1942Musik/Text
Glenn Miller And His OrchestraI'm Old Fashioned1942Musik/Text
Gloria EstefanThe Way You Look Tonight2013Musik/Text
Götz AlsmannEinsamkeit2014Musik/Text
Götz AlsmannNimm es nicht schwer2014Musik/Text
Gracie FieldsSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1965Musik/Text
Gregory PorterPick Yourself Up2017Musik/Text
Greta Keller / Peter Kreuder und seine SolistenA Fine Romance (A Sarcastic Love Song)1937Musik/Text
Gunnar GunnarssonCan't Help Lovin' Dat Man1999Musik/Text
Günter WewelOl' Man River1987Musik/Text
Guy LombardoThe Way You Look Tonight1936Musik/Text
Guy Lombardo & His Royal CanadiansAll The Things You Are1955Musik/Text
Guy Lombardo & His Royal CanadiansLong Ago (And Far Away)1955Musik/Text
Harold AshbyI'm Old Fashioned1991Musik/Text
Harry BelafonteSmoke Gets In Your Eyes2010Musik/Text
Harry BelafonteThey Didn't Believe Me1949Musik/Text
Harry Connick Jr.The Way You Look Tonight2009Musik/Text
Helen MerrillYesterdays1954Musik/Text
Helen MorganBill1928Musik/Text
Helen MorganCan't Help Lovin' Dat Man1928Musik/Text
Helen MorganDon't Ever Leave Me!1930Musik/Text
Helen MorganWhy Was I Born?1929Musik/Text
Helen ShapiroThe Way You Look Tonight1983Musik/Text
Helge Schneider & Pete YorkAll The Things You Are2017Musik/Text
Henry "Red" Allen And His OrchestraCan I Forget You1937Musik/Text
Herbie Mann & Sam Most QuintetWhy Do I Love You?1955Musik/Text
Herbie Mann QuartetI've Told Ev'ry Little Star1955Musik/Text
Hiram ShermanThe Strange Case Of Adam Standish1985Musik/Text
Hiram Sherman, Frances Mercer, Hollace Shaw & Ralph StuartAll The Things You Are1939Musik/Text
Honor BlackmanRemind Me1964Musik/Text
Howard KeelLovely To Look At1959Musik/Text
Howard KeelShowboat Medley (Why Do I Love You / Make Believe / Old Man River)1984Musik/Text
Ila VannCan't Help Loving That Man Of Mine1966Musik/Text
Ingrid PetersOl' Man River2012Musik/Text
Inia Te WiataOl' Man River1959Musik/Text
Inia Te Wiata & Isabelle LucasI Still Suits Me1959Musik/Text
Irene DunneSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1964Musik/Text
Irene Kral With Junior Mance TrioNobody Else But Me1963Musik/Text
Iris WilliamsThe Folks Who Live On The Hill1982Musik/Text
Ivan RebroffOl' Man River1980Musik/Text
Jack Haskell / Les Brown And His OrchestraIn Love In Vain1946Musik/Text
Jack Hylton And His OrchestraBack To The Heather1928Musik/Text
Jack Hylton And His OrchestraBlue Eyes1928Musik/Text
Jack Hylton And His OrchestraCan't Help Lovin' Dat Man1928Musik/Text
Jack Hylton And His OrchestraLovely To Look At1935Musik/Text
Jack Hylton And His OrchestraOl' Man River1928Musik/Text
Jack JonesAll The Things You Are1967Musik/Text
Jack JonesI'm Old Fashioned1963Musik/Text
Jack JonesOld Man River1968Musik/Text
Jack JonesThey Didn't Believe Me1961Musik/Text
Jackie DavisThe Song Is You1962Musik/Text
James DarrenThe Way You Look Tonight1999Musik/Text
James RoyalOl' Man River1971Musik/Text
James TaylorOl' Man River2020Musik/Text
Jane MonheitBill2004Musik/Text
Jane Monheit feat. Michael BubléI Won't Dance2004Musik/Text
Jason DonovanI Won't Dance2012Musik/Text
Jason DonovanSmoke Gets In Your Eyes2008Musik/Text
Jason Howard & Janis KellyMake Believe1993Musik/Text
Jaye P. MorganThe Song Is You1958Musik/Text
Jerome Kern & Tony MartinAll The Things You Are1985Musik/Text
Jerri WintersIn Love In Vain1955Musik/Text
Jessica AnderssonI've Told Every Little Star2009Musik/Text
Jim CroceOl' Man River1970Musik/Text
Jim Hall & Pat MethenyAll The Things You Are2011Musik/Text
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraMore And More1945Musik/Text
Jimmy Scott feat. Joe PesciFolks Who Live On The Hill2017Musik/Text
Jimmy SmithOl' Man River1962Musik/Text
Jimmy WoodeThe Way You Look Tonite1957Musik/Text
Jo StaffordMake Believe1948Musik/Text
Jo StaffordThe Folks Who Live On The Hill1960Musik/Text
Jo Stafford with Paul Weston And His OrchestraAll The Things You Are1953Musik/Text
Jo Stafford With Paul Weston And His OrchestraLong Ago (And Far Away)1944Musik/Text
Jo Stafford With Paul Weston And His OrchestraSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1948Musik/Text
Jo Stafford With Paul Weston And His OrchestraYesterdays1944Musik/Text
Joachim KühnAll The Things You Are1973Musik/Text
Joe Albany With Warne MarshAll The Things You Are1957Musik/Text
Johannes KalpersIn den Augen Rauch2008Musik/Text
John AlfordSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1996Musik/Text
John ColtraneI'm Old Fashioned1957Musik/Text
Johnny Green & His OrchestraThe Waltz In Swing Time1936Musik/Text
Johnny GriffinAll The Things You Are1957Musik/Text
Johnny GriffinThe Way You Look Tonight1957Musik/Text
Johnny HartmanThey Didn't Believe Me1956Musik/Text
Johnny MathisAll The Things You Are1977Musik/Text
Johnny MathisI Won't Dance1962Musik/Text
Johnny MathisThe Folks Who Live On The Hill1960Musik/Text
Johnny NashOld Man River1963Musik/Text
Johnny NashSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1964Musik/Text
Jonathan KingThe Way You Look Tonight1975Musik/Text
Joni JamesAll Through The Day1959Musik/Text
Joshua RedmanThe Folks Who Live On The Hill2013Musik/Text
Judith DurhamCan't Help Lovin' Dat Man1974Musik/Text
Judy GarlandLook For The Silver Lining1945Musik/Text
Jules BledsoeOl' Man River1927Musik/Text
Julian "Cannonball" AdderleyThe Song Is You1955Musik/Text
Julie LondonCan't Help Lovin' That Man1955Musik/Text
Julie LondonRemind Me1962Musik/Text
Julie LondonThey Didn't Believe Me1960Musik/Text
Julien ClercDe quoi a-t-elle l'air ce soir?2003Musik/Text
Julio Iglesias & All-4 OneSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1998Musik/Text
KamahlOld Man River1974Musik/Text
Karen MokA Fine Romance2013Musik/Text
Karl DenverCan I Forget You1964Musik/Text
Kate SmithThe Last Time I Saw Paris1940Musik/Text
Kathryn GraysonSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1952Musik/Text
Kathryn GraysonYesterday's1959Musik/Text
Kathryn Grayson & Howard KeelMake Believe1956Musik/Text
Kathryn Grayson & Howard KeelThe Touch Of Your Hand1959Musik/Text
Kathryn Grayson & Howard KeelWhy Do I Love You1956Musik/Text
Kathryn Grayson & Howard KeelYou Are Love1956Musik/Text
Kathryn Grayson & Howard KeelYou're Devastating1959Musik/Text
Kathy KirbyBill1963Musik/Text
Kathy KirbyCan't Help Lovin! That Man Of Mine1963Musik/Text
Keith JarrettDon't Ever Leave Me1999Musik/Text
Keith Jarrett / Charlie HadenDon't Ever Leave Me2010Musik/Text
Keith Jarrett / Gary Peacock / Jack DeJohnetteAll The Things You Are1983Musik/Text
Keith Jarrett / Gary Peacock / Jack DeJohnetteIn Love In Vain1983Musik/Text
Keith Jarrett / Gary Peacock / Jack DeJohnetteSmoke Gets In Your Eyes2009Musik/Text
Keith Jarrett / Gary Peacock / Jack DeJohnetteThe Way You Look Tonight1987Musik/Text
Kellee PattersonAll The Things You Are1979Musik/Text
Ken DoddCan I Forget You1967Musik/Text
Ken DoddThey Didn't Believe Me1967Musik/Text
Kenneth SpencerOl' Man River1956Musik/Text
Kenny BakerMake Believe1949Musik/Text
Kenny BakerYou Are Love1949Musik/Text
Kenny GThe Way You Look Tonight2006Musik/Text
Kevin EubanksYesterdays1983Musik/Text
Kristin Chenoweth with Rob Fisher And The Coffee Club OrchestraNobody Else But Me2001Musik/Text
Kurt SowinetzBye, bye, Belinda1977Musik/Text
La EsterellaOl' Man River1988Musik/Text
La Esterella & Kid Coco + BCOl' Man River1994Musik/Text
Lana CantrellAll The Things You Are1970Musik/Text
Lana JeanI've Told Every Little Star1961Musik/Text
Lars GullinYesterdays1958Musik/Text
Lee Konitz & Jimmy Giuffre OctetThe Song Is You1959Musik/Text
Lee TowersOl' Man River1983Musik/Text
Lena HorneA Fine Romance1965Musik/Text
Lena HorneCan't Help Lovin' Dat Man1952Musik/Text
Lennie TristanoYesterdays1946Musik/Text
Leo Reisman And His Orchestra(When Your Hearts On Fire) Smoke Gets In Your Eyes1933Musik/Text
Leo Reisman And His OrchestraShe Didn't Say "Yes"1931Musik/Text
Leo Reisman And His OrchestraThe Night Was Made For Love1931Musik/Text
Leo Reisman And His OrchestraThe Touch Of Your Hand1933Musik/Text
Leontyne Price / André PrevinThey Didn't Believe Me1967Musik/Text
Lina RomayWedding In The Spring1943Musik/Text
Linda ScottI've Told Every Little Star1961Musik/Text
Liza MinnelliDon't Ever Leave Me1964Musik/Text
Liza MinnelliRemind Me2010Musik/Text
Lothar LöfflerManhattan / Someone To Watch Over Me / Can't Help Lovin' That Man1983Musik/Text
Lotta EngbergSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1992Musik/Text
Lou RawlsOl' Man River1964Musik/Text
Louanne HoganAll Through The Day1946Musik/Text
Louanne HoganIn Love In Vain1946Musik/Text
Louis Armstrong & Ella FitzgeraldI Won't Dance1957Musik/Text
Louis PrimaI've Told Every Little Star1961Musik/Text
Louis Prima & Keely SmithWhy Do I Love You1959Musik/Text
Maceo ParkerThe Way You Look Tonight1993Musik/Text
Mack Allen SmithOle Man River1962Musik/Text
Mal Waldron TrioYesterdays1981Musik/Text
MantovaniLong Ago And Far Away Musik/Text
Mantovani And His OrchestraAll The Things You Are1959Musik/Text
Marc RibotOl' Man River1995Musik/Text
Margaret WhitingAll Through The Day1945Musik/Text
Margaret WhitingIn Love In Vain1945Musik/Text
Marge & Gower ChampionI Might Fall Back On You1956Musik/Text
Marge & Gower ChampionLife Upon The Wicked Stage1956Musik/Text
Marian McPartland & Lee KonitzAll The Things You Are1991Musik/Text
Marianne FaithfullYesterdays1987Musik/Text
Marilyn MonroeA Fine Romance1954Musik/Text
Mario LanzaThey Didn't Believe Me1952Musik/Text
Marlys Watters & Don McKayMake Believe1959Musik/Text
Marlys Watters & Don McKayWhy Do I Love You1959Musik/Text
Marlys Watters & Don McKayYou Are Love1959Musik/Text
Maroon 5The Way You Look Tonight2009Musik/Text
Martial SolalThe Song Is You1955Musik/Text
Martial SolalThe Way You Look Tonight1954Musik/Text
Martial Solal / Dave DouglasAll The Things You Are2006Musik/Text
Martin & ShirlieThe Way You Look Tonight2019Musik/Text
Marty RobbinsKa-Lu-A1962Musik/Text
Matt MonroThe Folks Who Live On The Hill1961Musik/Text
Matt MonroYou're Driving Me Crazy / The Song Is You1961Musik/Text
Maureen McGovernLong Ago And Far Away / All The Things You Are1987Musik/Text
Mavis RiversCan I Forget You1961Musik/Text
Maynard FergusonThe Way You Look Tonight1954Musik/Text
Mel Tormé - Rob McConnell And The Boss BrassThe Song Is You1986Musik/Text
MelanieOl' Man River1975Musik/Text
Michael BubléThe Way You Look Tonight2003Musik/Text
Michael Collins And His Orchestra, The Williams SingersOverture [Show Boat]1959Musik/Text
Michael DanzingerSmoke Gets In Your eyes Musik/Text
Michael FeinsteinA Fine Romance1988Musik/Text
Michael FeinsteinThe Song Is You2008Musik/Text
Michael JacksonAll The Things You Are, Are Mine1973Musik/Text
Miguel WielsSmoke Gets In Your Eyes2002Musik/Text
Miles Davis All StarsYesterdays1952Musik/Text
Milt JacksonThey Didn't Believe Me1956Musik/Text
Milton DeLuggWilliam Tell Overture1985Musik/Text
Milton NascimentoOl' Man River1997Musik/Text
Morgana KingCan't Help Lovin' Dat Man1958Musik/Text
Morgana KingWhy Was I Born?1958Musik/Text
Nan WynnPoor John!1943Musik/Text
Nan WynnSure Thing1943Musik/Text
Nan WynnThe Show Must Go On1943Musik/Text
Nan Wynn and GirlsThe Show Must Go On1944Musik/Text
Nana MouskouriBill1964Musik/Text
Nana MouskouriCan't Help Loving Dat Man Of Mine2005Musik/Text
Nana MouskouriLieb' ihn, weil ich ihn lieben muß1964Musik/Text
Nana MouskouriSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1962Musik/Text
Nana Mouskouri, Gerhard WendlandSchön ist jeder Tag1964Musik/Text
Nat "King" ColePick Yourself Up1962Musik/Text
Natalie ColePick Yourself Up1996Musik/Text
Neil DiamondThe Way You Look Tonight1998Musik/Text
Neil ReidLook For The Silver Lining1971Musik/Text
Nels ClineWhy Was I Born?2016Musik/Text
New York City Gay Men's ChorusAll The Things You Are1984Musik/Text
Nicole & HugoSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1991Musik/Text
NilssonMake Believe1973Musik/Text
Nina SimoneIn Love In Vain1969Musik/Text
Nina SimoneThe Folks Who Live On The Hill1993Musik/Text
Nino BravoEres todo cuanto quiero1972Musik/Text
Nnenna FreelonYesterdays1992Musik/Text
Noel CowardThe Last Time I Saw Paris1957Musik/Text
Norman VaughanSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1972Musik/Text
Octopus [BE]All The Things You Are1978Musik/Text
Octopus [BE]Smoke Gets In Your Eyes1978Musik/Text
Octopus [BE]The Way You Look Tonight1978Musik/Text
Orchester Anthony VenturaSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1974Musik/Text
Oscar PetersonAll The Things You Are1970Musik/Text
Owen WilliamsMississippi - Ol' Man River1964Musik/Text
Owen WilliamsMr. Gin1964Musik/Text
Owen WilliamsOl' Man River1959Musik/Text
Pat BooneI've Told Ev'ry Little Star1961Musik/Text
Patti AustinSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1988Musik/Text
Patty PravoOld Man River1968Musik/Text
Paul Desmond & Gerry MulliganAll The Things You Are1963Musik/Text
Paul Desmond & Gerry MulliganThe Way You Look Tonight1963Musik/Text
Paul MichielsThe Way You Look Tonight2014Musik/Text
Paul MotianAll The Things You Are1990Musik/Text
Paul RobesonOl' Man River1930Musik/Text
Paul Whiteman & His OrchestraSomething Had To Happen1933Musik/Text
Paul Whiteman & His OrchestraWhen Your Heart's On Fire Smoke Gets In Your Eyes1933Musik/Text
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraIn Love With Love1923Musik/Text
(Jerome D. Kern)
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraMedley: Ka-lu-a / Blue Danube Blues1921Musik/Text
(Jerome D. Kern)
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraRaggedy Ann1923Musik/Text
(Jerome D. Kern)
Peggy LeeBill1959Musik/Text
Peggy LeeI Won't Dance1963Musik/Text
Peggy LeeRemind Me1960Musik/Text
Peggy LeeThe Folks Who Live On The Hill1957Musik/Text
Peggy Lee & George ShearingDon't Ever Leave Me1959Musik/Text
Peggy Lee with Benny Goodman And His OrchestraThe Way You Look Tonight1942Musik/Text
Penny McLeanSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1975Musik/Text
Pepe Lienhard BandThat's Entertainment Medley [Ol' Man River / An American In Paris / That's Entertainment]1980Musik/Text
Percy Faith And His OrchestraThe Way You Look Tonight1956Musik/Text
Percy Faith And His OrchestraWaltz In Swingtime1951Musik/Text
Perry ComoAll Through The Day1946Musik/Text
Perry ComoLong Ago (And Far Away)1944Musik/Text
Peter AlexanderDamals in Paris1966Musik/Text
Peter AlexanderWas wär ich ohne euch2006Musik/Text
Peter HofmannSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1987Musik/Text
Peter NeroLong Ago And Far Away1961Musik/Text
Peter Nero His Piano And OrchestraAll The Things You Are1977Musik/Text
Peter Nero His Piano And OrchestraLong Ago And Far Away1977Musik/Text
Peter Nero His Piano And OrchestraThe Way You Look Tonight1977Musik/Text
Peter Rebhuhn / Peter KreuderI Won't Dance1935Musik/Text
Peter SellersAll The Things You Are1958Musik/Text
Peter SkellernThe Way You Look Tonight1979Musik/Text
Peter Thomas Sound OrchestraSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1975Musik/Text
Peter Thomas Sound OrchestraThe Way You Look Tonight1968Musik/Text
Petula ClarkAll Through The Day1962Musik/Text
Phil Silvers & The GirlsWho's Complaining1943Musik/Text
Phineas Newborn Jr.All The Things You Are1956Musik/Text
Planet XI Won't Dance1990Musik/Text
Polly BergenCan't Help Lovin' That Man1957Musik/Text
Polly BergenDon't Ever Leave Me1957Musik/Text
Polly BergenSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1957Musik/Text
Polly BergenWhy Was I Born? / Bill1957Musik/Text
PotliquorOl' Man River1971Musik/Text
Prima Donna feat. Linda ScottDam Da Dam! (Why Haven't I Told You)2001Musik/Text
Putte Wickman / John Lewis / Red MitchellYesterdays2008Musik/Text
Ray CharlesOl' Man River1963Musik/Text
Ray ConniffThe Way You Look Tonight1960Musik/Text
Ray Conniff And His OrchestraYesterdays1959Musik/Text
Ray Conniff His Orchestra And ChorusSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1960Musik/Text
Red Allen And His OrchestraOl' Man River1941Musik/Text
Red Skelton, Howard Keel, Gower ChampionLafayette1959Musik/Text
René KolloDich gibt's nur einmal1961Musik/Text
Renée FlemingAll The Things You Are2018Musik/Text
Richard ClaydermanSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1986Musik/Text
Richard ClaydermanThe Way You Look Tonight1985Musik/Text
Richard QuineThat Lucky Lady1985Musik/Text
Richard Quine & Hiram ShermanScene2 [Very Warm For May]1985Musik/Text
Richard TauberDearly Beloved Musik/Text
Richard TauberLong Ago Musik/Text
RKO-Radio-Studio Orchestra & ChorusSwing Time (Overture)1936Musik/Text
Roberto BlancoOl' Man River1972Musik/Text
Rod StewartLong Ago And Far Away2005Musik/Text
Rod StewartThe Way You Look Tonight2002Musik/Text
Roland KirkYesterdays1967Musik/Text
Roman ReedThe Song Is You1969Musik/Text
Roy HamiltonAll The Things You Are1960Musik/Text
Ruth Brown with The RhythmakersOld Man River1955Musik/Text
Ruth EttingSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1934Musik/Text
Salena JonesDearly Beloved1991Musik/Text
Sam CookeOl' Man River1958Musik/Text
Sammy Davis Jr. & Carmen McRaeA Fine Romance1955Musik/Text
Sammy Davis Jr. & Carmen McRaeThey Didn't Believe Me1957Musik/Text
Sammy Davis, Jr.I Can't Help Lovin' Dat Gal1957Musik/Text
Sammy Davis, Jr.Lovely To Look At1959Musik/Text
Sammy Davis, Jr.Ol' Man River1958Musik/Text
Sammy Davis, Jr.The Way You Look Tonight1949Musik/Text
Sammy Davis, Jr. & Laurindo AlmeidaThe Folks Who Lives On The Hill1966Musik/Text
Santo & JohnnyOl' Man River1960Musik/Text
Sarah McKenzieI Won't Dance2015Musik/Text
Sarah McKenzieI'm Old Fashioned2017Musik/Text
Sarah VaughanAll The Things You Are1956Musik/Text
Sarah VaughanSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1959Musik/Text
Sarah VaughanWhy Was I Born1960Musik/Text
SatisfySmoke Gets In Your Eyes1987Musik/Text
Scott WalkerThe Song Is You1969Musik/Text
Serge ChaloffAll The Things You Are1956Musik/Text
Serge GainsbourgSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1975Musik/Text
Shirley BasseyBill1959Musik/Text
Shirley BasseyCan't Help Lovin' Dat Man1959Musik/Text
Shirley BasseyThe Song Is You1963Musik/Text
Sidney Bechet / Claude LuterOl' Man River1952Musik/Text
Sidney Bechet / Claude LuterShow Boat Medley1952Musik/Text
Smith Ballew And His OrchestraLovely To Look At1935Musik/Text
Sonny RollinsAll The Things You Are1957Musik/Text
Sonny Rollins & Coleman HawkinsAll The Things You Are1963Musik/Text
Sonny Rollins & Coleman HawkinsYesterdays1963Musik/Text
Stan GetzNobody Else But Me1954Musik/Text
Stan GetzThe Way You Look Tonight1953Musik/Text
Stan RidgwayOld Man River1998Musik/Text
Stan RidgwayYesterdays1998Musik/Text
Stanley Black And His OrchestraAll The Things You Are1955Musik/Text
Stanley Black And His OrchestraWhy Do I Love You1955Musik/Text
Studio OrchestraYou Were Never Lovelier - Main Title1942Musik/Text
Sullivan FortnerAll The Things You Are2015Musik/Text
SupersaxThe Song Is You1977Musik/Text
Supersax & L.A. VoicesThe Song Is You1983Musik/Text
Susan MaughanDearly Beloved1964Musik/Text
Tab HunterLong Ago1959Musik/Text
Tab HunterThe Way You Look Tonight1961Musik/Text
Tamara DrasinSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1933Musik/Text
Teddy Wilson & His OrchestraCan't Help Lovin' Dat Man1938Musik/Text
Teddy Wilson & His OrchestraThe Way You Look Tonight1937Musik/Text
Teddy Wilson & His OrchestraWhy Was I Born?1937Musik/Text
The Beach BoysOld Folks At Home / Ol Man River2001Musik/Text
The Benny Goodman SextetA Fine Romance1955Musik/Text
The Brad Mehldau TrioLong Ago And Far Away2001Musik/Text
The Brad Mehldau TrioThe Folks Who Live On The Hill2001Musik/Text
The Bud Powell TrioYesterdays1950Musik/Text
The Chico Hamilton QuintetLong Ago (And Far Away)1958Musik/Text
The CoastersThe Way You Look Tonight1960Musik/Text
The Dave Brubeck QuartetAll the Things You Are (Live)1955Musik/Text
The Four FreshmenThe Last Time I Saw Paris1992Musik/Text
The JaguarsThe Way You Look Tonight1956Musik/Text
The JarmelsThe Way You Look Tonight1961Musik/Text
The John Wilson OrchestraMGM Jubilee Overture2012Musik/Text
The Joint AccountSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1973Musik/Text
The LettermenDearly Beloved1963Musik/Text
The LettermenOl' Man River1965Musik/Text
The LettermenSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1967Musik/Text
The LettermenThe Way You Look Tonight1961Musik/Text
The Mantovani OrchestraSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1972Musik/Text
The Mantovani OrchestraThe Way You Look Tonight1958Musik/Text
The MGM Studio OrchestraLovely To Look At1959Musik/Text
The Miles Davis SextetYesterdays1952Musik/Text
The Oscar Peterson TrioPick Yourself Up1965Musik/Text
The Pasadena Roof OrchestraI Told Every Little Star1976Musik/Text
The Pasadena Roof OrchestraI Won't Dance1976Musik/Text
The Percy Faith StringsThe Night Was Made For Love1962Musik/Text
The Phil Moody QuintetThe Way You Look Tonight1959Musik/Text
The PlattersAll The Things You Are1962Musik/Text
The PlattersSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1957Musik/Text
The RattlesSmoke Gets Into Your Eyes Musik/Text
The Righteous BrothersOld Man River1965Musik/Text
The Rockin' BerriesThe Way You Look Tonight1965Musik/Text
The Rosenberg TrioAll The Things You Are1996Musik/Text
The SpotnicksOl' Man River1964Musik/Text
The SuntonesJerome Kern Medley1967Musik/Text
The Teddy BearsLong Ago And Far Away1958Musik/Text
The TemptationsOl' Man River1967Musik/Text
The Tune WeaversOl' Man River1957Musik/Text
The TymesThe Way You Look Tonight1964Musik/Text
The Wes Montgomery TrioYesterdays1959Musik/Text
Thelonious MonkAll The Things You Are2014Musik/Text
Thelonious MonkSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1954Musik/Text
Till Brönner / Dieter IlgNobody Else But Me2018Musik/Text
Tommy Dorsey & His OrchestraAll The Things You Are1939Musik/Text
Tommy Dorsey & His OrchestraThat Lucky Fellow1939Musik/Text
Tommy Dorsey & His OrchestraWho Musik/Text
Tony BennettAll In Fun2004Musik/Text
Tony BennettLet's Begin1957Musik/Text
Tony BennettRemind Me1971Musik/Text
Tony BennettThe Folks That Live On The Hill1989Musik/Text
Tony BennettThe Way You Look Tonight1997Musik/Text
Tony Bennett & Faith HillThe Way You Look Tonight2011Musik/Text
Tony Bennett / Count Basie and his OrchestraOl' Man River1959Musik/Text
Tony Bennett with Bill CharlapAll The Things You Are2015Musik/Text
Tony Bennett with Bill CharlapMake Believe2015Musik/Text
Tony Bennett with Bill CharlapThe Way You Look Tonight2015Musik/Text
Tony Bennett with Bill Charlap and Renee RosnesLong Ago And Far Away2015Musik/Text
Tony Bennett with Bill Charlap and Renee RosnesLook For The Silver Lining2015Musik/Text
Tony Bennett with Bill Charlap and Renee RosnesThe Last Time I Saw Paris2015Musik/Text
Tony Bennett with Bill Charlap and Renee RosnesThe Song Is You2015Musik/Text
Tony Bennett with Bill Charlap TrioDearly Beloved2015Musik/Text
Tony Bennett with Bill Charlap TrioI Won't Dance2015Musik/Text
Tony Bennett with Bill Charlap TrioI'm Old Fashioned2015Musik/Text
Tony Bennett with Bill Charlap TrioNobody Else But Me2015Musik/Text
Tony Bennett with Bill Charlap TrioPick Yourself Up2015Musik/Text
Tony Bennett with Bill Charlap TrioThey Didn't Believe Me2015Musik/Text
Tony Bennett with Bill Charlap TrioYesterdays2015Musik/Text
Tony Bennett with Frank De Vol And His OrchestraLong Ago (And Far Away)1958Musik/Text
Tony Bennett with Frank De Vol And His OrchestraThe Way You Look Tonight1958Musik/Text
Tony Bennett with ThalíaThe Way You Look Tonight2012Musik/Text
Tony Bennett with The Ralph Sharon TrioNobody Else But Me1964Musik/Text
Tony Bennett with The Ralph Sharon TrioYesterdays1966Musik/Text
Tony BrentLook For The Silver Lining1957Musik/Text
Tony MartinAll The Things You Are1949Musik/Text
Tony MartinThe Last Time I Saw Paris1946Musik/Text
Tony Martin And Frances LangfordWhy Do I Love You?1949Musik/Text
Trudy RichardsCan't Help Lovin' That Man1992Musik/Text
Udo JürgensOl Man River1965Musik/Text
Vera LynnLong Ago (And Far Away) Musik/Text
Vera LynnLook For The Silver Lining1960Musik/Text
Vera LynnMore And More Musik/Text
Vera LynnSomething To Remember You By1944Musik/Text
Vic DamoneSmoke Gets In Your Eyes1957Musik/Text
Vic DamoneThe Song Is You1987Musik/Text
Vince Giordano & The NighthawksPick Yourself Up2016Musik/Text
Vince HillAll The Things You Are1971Musik/Text
Vince HillShow Boat [Why Do I Love You / Make Believe / Ol' Man River]1973Musik/Text
Vince HillThe Folks Who Live On The Hill1974Musik/Text
Wes MontgomeryDearly Beloved1963Musik/Text
Westlife feat. Joanne HindleyThe Way You Look Tonight2004Musik/Text
Willard White & ChorusOl' Man River1993Musik/Text
William RayOl' Man River Musik/Text
William WarfieldOl' Man River1956Musik/Text
Wynton MarsalisThe Song Is You1987Musik/Text
Xavier Cugat & Fred AstaireTap Number1943Musik/Text
Xavier Cugat / Lina RomayChiu Chiu1942Musik/Text
Xavier Cugat And His OrchestraMain Title "You Were Never Lovelier"1943Musik/Text
Yannick BovySmoke Gets In Your Eyes2012Musik/Text

Die bestbewerteten Songs von Jerome Kern

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (The Platters)634.92
I'm Old Fashioned (John Coltrane)94.89
A Fine Romance (Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers)64.83
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Dinah Washington)104.8
Girl On A Swing (Gerry & The Pacemakers)54.6
The Way You Look Tonight (Fred Astaire)124.58
I've Told Every Little Star (Linda Scott)294.52
Ol' Man River (Sam Cooke)64.5
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Nana Mouskouri)64.5
The Way You Look Tonight (Frank Sinatra)134.46
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Barbra Streisand)74.43
The Way You Look Tonight (Tony Bennett with Frank De Vol And His Orchestra)174.41
The Way You Look Tonight (The Jaguars)54.4
Yesterdays (Barbra Streisand)54.4
I Won't Dance (Frank Sinatra)54.4
Pick Yourself Up (Diana Krall)74.29
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Bryan Ferry)334.27
A Fine Romance (Marilyn Monroe)54.2
All The Things You Are, Are Mine (Michael Jackson)114.18
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Blue Haze)284.07

Die bekanntesten Songs von Jerome Kern

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (The Platters)634.92
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Bryan Ferry)334.27
I've Told Every Little Star (Linda Scott)294.52
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Blue Haze)284.07
Ol' Man River (Frank Sinatra)194.05
So muß Liebe sein (Frank Farian)183.61
The Way You Look Tonight (Tony Bennett with Frank De Vol And His Orchestra)174.41
The Way You Look Tonight (Frank Sinatra)134.46
The Way You Look Tonight (Fred Astaire)124.58
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Penny McLean)123.17
All The Things You Are, Are Mine (Michael Jackson)114.18
The Way You Look Tonight (Rod Stewart)113.64
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Dinah Washington)104.8
The Way You Look Tonight (Michael Bublé)103.6
The Way You Look Tonight (The Lettermen)103.6
I'm Old Fashioned (John Coltrane)94.89
The Way You Look Tonight (Bryan Ferry)83.5
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Barbra Streisand)74.43
Pick Yourself Up (Diana Krall)74.29
The Folks Who Live On The Hill (Eric Clapton)74
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