Jimmy Webb

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Pseudonyme / Alternative Schreibweisen: Jim Webb, Jimmy L. Webb, Jimmy Layne Webb
"Weird Al" YankovicJurassic Park1993Musik/Text
Aimee MannWhatever Happened To Christmas2006Musik/Text
Al HirtWichita Lineman1969Musik/Text
Al MartinoHoney Come Back1970Musik/Text
Al WilsonBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1968Musik/Text
Al WilsonDo What You Gotta Do1967Musik/Text
ALA.NIWichita Lineman2016Musik/Text
(Jimmy L. Webb)
Allman And Woman (Cher + Gregg Allman)Do You What You Gotta Do1977Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Amen CornerMacArthur Park1969Musik/Text
AmericaCrying In My Sleep2011Musik/Text
AmericaForest Awakens1982Musik/Text
AmericaHaggard's Unicorns1982Musik/Text
AmericaIn The Sea1982Musik/Text
AmericaMan's Road1982Musik/Text
AmericaNow That I'm A Woman1982Musik/Text
AmericaRed Bull Attacks1982Musik/Text
AmericaRed Soup1982Musik/Text
AmericaThat's All I've Got To Say1982Musik/Text
AmericaThe Cat1982Musik/Text
AmericaThe Last Unicorn1982Musik/Text
AmericaThe Tree1982Musik/Text
AmericaUnicorn And Lear1982Musik/Text
AmericaUnicorns In The Sea1982Musik/Text
Amy GrantIf These Walls Could Speak1988Musik/Text
Andy KimBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1969Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1968Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsDidn't We1969Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsMacArthur Park1972Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsUp, Up And Away1968Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsWhere's The Playground Susie?1969Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsWichita Lineman1969Musik/Text
ArbouretumThe Highwayman2011Musik/Text
Arlo GuthrieOklahoma Nights1981Musik/Text
Arrival(Let My Life Be Your) Love Song1971Musik/Text
Art GarfunkelAll I Know1973Musik/Text
Art GarfunkelAll My Love's Laughter1977Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Art GarfunkelCrying In My Sleep1977Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Art GarfunkelIn Cars1981Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Art GarfunkelMarionette1977Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Art GarfunkelMr. Shuck 'N' Jive1977Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Art GarfunkelPaper Chase1977Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Art GarfunkelSaturday Suit1977Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Art GarfunkelScissors Cut1981Musik/Text
Art GarfunkelShe Moved Through The Fair1977Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Art GarfunkelShine It On Me1977Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Art GarfunkelSkywriter1993Musik/Text
Art GarfunkelSomeone Else (1958)1977Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Art GarfunkelThat's All I've Got To Say1981Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Art GarfunkelThe Decree1993Musik/Text
Art GarfunkelWatermark1977Musik/Text
Art GarfunkelWooden Planes1977Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Art Garfunkel & Amy GrantCarol Of The Birds1986Musik/Text
Art Garfunkel & Amy GrantThe Decree1986Musik/Text
Art Garfunkel and Amy Grant with the London Symphony Orchestra and King's College School ChoirThe Decree1986Musik/Text
(Jimmy L. Webb)
Art Garfunkel with Nicky HopkinsSkywriter1993Musik/Text
Asha PuthliThis Is Your Life1974Musik/Text
Assembled MultitudeMacArthur Park1970Musik/Text
Astrud GilbertoDidn't We1969Musik/Text
B.E.F. feat. Glen GregoryWichita Lineman1982Musik/Text
B.J. ThomasA Song For My Brother1972Musik/Text
B.J. ThomasDo What You Gotta Do1970Musik/Text
B.J. ThomasIf You Must Leave My Life1970Musik/Text
B.J. ThomasThe Worst That Could Happen1969Musik/Text
Barbra StreisandDidn't We1970Musik/Text
Barbra StreisandLittle Tin Soldier1969Musik/Text
Barry ManilowOnce And For All1989Musik/Text
Barry St. JohnBy The Time I Get To Poenix1968Musik/Text
Beggars OperaMacArthur Park1972Musik/Text
Benny NeymanVondelpark2003Musik/Text
Bert Kaempfert & His OrchestraDidn't We1970Musik/Text
Bill MedleySomeone Is Standing Outside1969Musik/Text
Billy PaulThis Is Your Life1971Musik/Text
BlechschadenMacArthur Park2010Musik/Text
Bobbie GentryWhere's The Playground, Johnny1969Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Bobby GoldsboroBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1967Musik/Text
Bobby VeeDo What You Gotta Do1968Musik/Text
Bonnie DobsonDo What You Gotta Do1970Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Brooklyn BridgeRequiem1968Musik/Text
Brooklyn BridgeWhich Way To Nowhere1968Musik/Text
Brooklyn BridgeWorst That Could Happen1968Musik/Text
Bucky Dee James & The Nashville ExplosionBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1977Musik/Text
Bucky Dee James & The Nashville ExplosionGalveston1977Musik/Text
Bucky Dee James & The Nashville ExplosionWichita Lineman1977Musik/Text
Bud ShankPaper Cup1968Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Burl IvesBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1968Musik/Text
Candlewick GreenI Run For My Life1974Musik/Text
Candlewick GreenYou Play (This Lonely Game)1974Musik/Text
Carla ThomasDidn't We1971Musik/Text
Cassandra WilsonWichita Lineman2002Musik/Text
Celtic WomanThe Moon's A Harsh Mistress2009Musik/Text
Charlie Haden & Pat MethenyThe Moon Is A Harsh Mistress1997Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
CherBell Bottom Blues1975Produzent
CherGeronimo's Cadillac1975Produzent
CherJust This One Time1975Musik/Text
CherLove Enough1975Produzent
CherLove Hurts1975Produzent
CherMr. Soul1975Produzent
CherRock And Roll Doctor1975Produzent
CherThe Bigger They Come The Harder They Fall1975Produzent
CherThese Days1975Produzent
Chet Atkins with Jerry ReedMac Arthur Park1970Musik/Text
Cissy HoustonDidn't We1970Musik/Text
Clarence CarterDo What You Gotta Do1968Musik/Text
Classics IVBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1967Musik/Text
Claude FrançoisLe temps que j'arrive à Marseille1969Musik/Text
Collin RayeGalveston2013Musik/Text
Connie Stevens5:30 Plane1970Musik/Text
Conway TwittyBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1968Musik/Text
Dame Shirley BasseyMacArthur Park2014Musik/Text
(Jimmy L. Webb)
Darlene LoveWho Under Heaven2015Musik/Text
Daryl SomersDidn't We2005Musik/Text
David CrosbyToo Young To Die1993Musik/Text
David Nail feat. Lee Ann WomackGalveston2014Musik/Text
(Jimmy L. Webb)
Dean FordCrying In My Sleep1975Musik/Text
Dean MartinBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1968Musik/Text
Debby BooneThe Worst That Could Happen1979Musik/Text
DeclanThe Last Unicorn2006Musik/Text
Dee Dee WarwickIf This Was The Last Song1970Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Diana Ross & The SupremesUp, Up And Away1968Musik/Text
Dionne WarwickDidn't We1965Musik/Text
Dionne WarwickMacArthur Park1972Musik/Text
Dionne WarwickUp, Up And Away1968Musik/Text
Don HoGalveston1968Musik/Text
Donna SummerMacArthur Park1978Musik/Text
Dr John Cooper Clarke & Hugh CornwellMacArthur Park2016Musik/Text
Duane DeeBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1968Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Dusty SpringfieldMagic Garden1967Musik/Text
Dusty SpringfieldMixed Up Girl1972Musik/Text
Ed AmesAll My Love's Laughter1968Musik/Text
Eddie KendricksI Did It All For You1971Musik/Text
Eddy MitchellSeul est l'indompté1975Musik/Text
Edmundo Ros & His OrchestraUp, Up And Away1970Musik/Text
Elaine PaigeGrow Young1991Musik/Text
Elaine PaigeMacArthur Park1985Musik/Text
Ella EndlichDas letzte Einhorn2014Musik/Text
EngelbertBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1968Musik/Text
EngelbertUp, Up And Away1968Musik/Text
Engelbert HumperdinckDidn't We1969Musik/Text
Erma FranklinBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1969Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Everything But The GirlWhere's The Playground Susie?1986Musik/Text
Ferrante & TeicherMacArthur Park1976Musik/Text
Finn KalvikFredløs1981Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
FirefallOld Wing Mouth1981Musik/Text
Floyd CramerBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1968Musik/Text
Floyd CramerMacArthur Park1968Musik/Text
Floyd CramerUp, Up And Away1968Musik/Text
Frank SinatraBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1968Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Frank SinatraDidn't We1969Musik/Text
Frank SinatraMacArthur Park1980Musik/Text
Frank SinatraWhatever Happened To Christmas?1968Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Frank TurbaDas letzte Einhorn1983Musik/Text
Frankie ValliBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1968Musik/Text
Freddie ParrisThere She Goes1968Musik/Text
GarfunkelAnother Lullaby1973Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
George MorganWichita Lineman1969Musik/Text
Gitte HænningMac Arthur Park (Alle Träume, die wir hatten)1989Musik/Text
Gitte HænningMac Arthur Park (English Version)1989Musik/Text
Glen CampbellAdiós2017Musik/Text
Glen CampbellAdoration1974Musik/Text
Glen CampbellAlmost Alright Again1988Musik/Text
Glen CampbellBefore There Could Be Me1985Musik/Text
Glen CampbellBrand New Eyes1988Musik/Text
Glen CampbellBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1967Musik/Text
Glen CampbellChristian No1976Musik/Text
Glen CampbellCowboy Hall Of Fame1985Musik/Text
Glen CampbellDo What You Gotta Do1985Musik/Text
Glen CampbellEarly Morning Song1977Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Glen CampbellFor Sure, For Certain, Forever, For Always1987Musik/Text
Glen CampbellGalveston1969Musik/Text
Glen CampbellHighwayman1979Musik/Text
Glen CampbellHoney Come Back1969Musik/Text
Glen CampbellI Keep It Hid1974Musik/Text
Glen CampbellI Was Too Busy Loving You1982Musik/Text
Glen CampbellIf These Walls Could Speak1988Musik/Text
Glen CampbellIn Cars1980Musik/Text
Glen CampbellIt Won't Bring Her Back2017Musik/Text
Glen CampbellIt's A Sin1974Musik/Text
Glen CampbellJust Another Piece Of Paper1970Musik/Text
Glen CampbellJust Like Always2017Musik/Text
Glen CampbellJust This One Time1974Musik/Text
Glen CampbellLight Years1988Musik/Text
Glen CampbellLightning In A Bottle1988Musik/Text
Glen CampbellLove Song1979Musik/Text
Glen CampbellMacArthur Park1970Musik/Text
Glen CampbellMore Than Enough1988Musik/Text
Glen CampbellOcean In His Eyes1974Musik/Text
Glen CampbellOur Movie1988Musik/Text
Glen CampbellPostcard From Paris2017Musik/Text
Glen CampbellRoll Me Easy1974Musik/Text
Glen CampbellSaturday Night1988Musik/Text
Glen CampbellShattered1985Musik/Text
Glen CampbellStill Within The Sound Of My Voice1987Musik/Text
Glen CampbellThe Moon's A Harsh Mistress1974Musik/Text
Glen CampbellThis Is Sarah's Song1977Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Glen CampbellWhere's The Playground Susie1969Musik/Text
Glen CampbellWichita Lineman1968Musik/Text
Glen CampbellWishing Now1974Musik/Text
Glen CampbellYou Might As Well Smile1974Musik/Text
Glen Campbell & Anne MurrayI Say A Little Prayer / By The Time I Get To Phoenix1971Musik/Text
GregorianLast Unicorn2012Musik/Text
Groove CoverageThe Last Unicorn2002Musik/Text
Hank MarvinWichita Lineman1993Musik/Text
Harry BelafonteBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1968Musik/Text
Hazel O'ConnorDo What You Gotta Do1981Musik/Text
Heidi BrühlAuf, auf und davon1970Musik/Text
Heidi BrühlUnd mein Zug fährt immer weiter1968Musik/Text
Henk PoortMacArthur Park1991Musik/Text
Henry ManciniBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1969Musik/Text
Henson CargillBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1968Musik/Text
Herbert LéonardOù est la fête Suzie?1969Musik/Text
Herbie MannBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1968Musik/Text
HorisontThe Hive2017Musik/Text
HorseWichita Lineman1990Musik/Text
Horst JankowskiBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1968Musik/Text
Horst JankowskiMacArthur Park1968Musik/Text
Howard CarpendaleDer Draht in der Sonne1976Musik/Text
Howard KeelMacArthur Park1985Musik/Text
Hugo MontenegroWhen It Was Done1970Musik/Text
I NomadiL'auto corre lontano, ma lo corro da te1969Musik/Text
Ian MatthewsMet Her On A Plane1974Musik/Text
Iced EarthHighwayman2014Musik/Text
In-Mood feat. JulietteThe Last Unicorn1999Musik/Text
Irene ReidDidn't We ...1970Musik/Text
Isaac HayesBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1969Musik/Text
Jack JonesBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1968Musik/Text
Jackie DeShannonThe Girl's Song Musik/Text
Jackie GleasonDidn't We Musik/Text
James BrownBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1970Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
James DarrenDidn't We1967Musik/Text
James LastEvie1971Musik/Text
James Shepherd Versatile BrassBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1980Musik/Text
James TaylorWichita Lineman2008Musik/Text
JeffersonMontage From How Sweet It Is1968Musik/Text
Jennifer WarnesAll My Love's Laughter1972Musik/Text
Jerry ValeBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1968Musik/Text
Jim WebbI Can Do It On My Own1968Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Jim WebbI Keep It Hid1968Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Jim WebbI Need You1968Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Jim WebbI'll Be Back1968Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Jim WebbI'm In Need1968Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Jim WebbLife Is Hard1968Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Jim WebbOur Time Is Running Out1968Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Jim WebbRun, Run, Run1968Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Jim WebbThen1968Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Jim WebbYou're So Young1968Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Jimmy Barnes with David CampbellWichita Lineman2005Musik/Text
Jimmy RuffinHoney Come Back1970Musik/Text
Jimmy WebbAll My Love's Laughter1971Musik/Text
Jimmy WebbAll Night Show1971Musik/Text
Jimmy WebbCampo De Encino1972Musik/Text
Jimmy WebbCatharsis1972Musik/Text
Jimmy WebbChristiaan No1977Musik/Text
Jimmy WebbGalveston1972Musik/Text
Jimmy WebbHighpockets1971Musik/Text
Jimmy WebbHighwayman1977Musik/Text
Jimmy WebbHurt Me Well1972Musik/Text
Jimmy WebbIf Ships Were Made To Sail1971Musik/Text
Jimmy WebbLaspitch1971Musik/Text
Jimmy WebbMacArthur Park Musik/Text
Jimmy WebbMarionette1971Musik/Text
Jimmy WebbMet Her On A Plane1971Musik/Text
Jimmy WebbOnce In The Morning1972Musik/Text
Jimmy WebbOne Lady1971Musik/Text
Jimmy WebbP.F. Sloan1970Musik/Text
Jimmy WebbPiano1972Musik/Text
Jimmy WebbPocketful Of Keys1971Musik/Text
Jimmy WebbSee You Then1971Musik/Text
Jimmy WebbSimile1972Musik/Text
Jimmy WebbSong Seller1972Musik/Text
Jimmy WebbWhen Can Brown Begin1972Musik/Text
Joan BaezThe Moon Is A Harsh Mistress1987Musik/Text
Joe CockerIt's A Sin When You Love Somebody1974Musik/Text
Joe CockerJust Like Always1982Musik/Text
Joe CockerThe Moon Is A Harsh Mistress1974Musik/Text
Joe SimonWichita Lineman1969Musik/Text
Joe TexBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1968Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
John DenverPostcard From Paris1990Musik/Text
John GaryDidn't We1968Musik/Text
John GaryMacArthur Park1968Musik/Text
John RowlesBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1968Musik/Text
Johnny CashWichita Lineman2003Musik/Text
Johnny DarrellBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1968Musik/Text
Johnny MathisEvie1971Musik/Text
Johnny MathisHoney Come Back1970Musik/Text
Johnny MathisUp Up And Away1967Musik/Text
Johnny RiversBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1966Musik/Text
Johnny RiversCarpet Man1967Musik/Text
Johnny RiversDo What You Gotta Do1967Musik/Text
Johnny RiversSee You Then1974Musik/Text
José FelicianoBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1969Musik/Text
José FelicianoWichita Lineman1970Musik/Text
Josh GrobanThe Moon Is A Harsh Mistress2013Musik/Text
Joy FlemingThis Is Your Life1974Musik/Text
Joy FlemingWichita Lineman1976Musik/Text
Jr. Walker & The All StarsHoney Come Back Musik/Text
Judy CollinsCampo de encino2011Musik/Text
Judy CollinsThe Moon Is A Harsh Mistress1975Musik/Text
Julie RogersWhich Way To Nowhere1969Musik/Text
Jürgen MarcusUp Up And Away1975Musik/Text
Justin Hayward with Mike Batt And The London Philharmonic OrchestraMacArthur Park1989Musik/Text
Kanye West x Rick Ross x Rihanna x Swizz BeatzFamous2016Musik/Text
Karel GottMac Arthur Park1970Musik/Text
Karl DenverShe Moved Thro' The Fair1962Musik/Text
Katja EbsteinDer Draht in der Sonne1968Musik/Text
Kenny LogginsIf You Be Wise1977Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Kenny LogginsThe Last Unicorn1994Musik/Text
Kenny RankinShe Moves, Eyes Follow1988Musik/Text
Kerry BiddellParenthesis1975Musik/Text
King CurtisWichita Lineman1969Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
King Harvest with Leo DeCastroWichita Lineman/By The Time I Get To Phoenix Musik/Text
Klaus WunderlichUp, Up, And Away1969Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Kool & The GangWichita Lineman1971Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Kurt EdelhagenWhere's The Playground Susie Musik/Text
Kurt Edelhagen & His OrchestraMacArthur Park1970Musik/Text
Lana CantrellDidn't We1969Musik/Text
Larry CoryellAll My Love's Laughter1973Musik/Text
Larry CoryellP.F. Sloan1973Musik/Text
Larry Coryell / Philip CatherineGloryell1977Musik/Text
Laura Lynn [US]Up, Up And Away2010Musik/Text
Leo WrightBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1976Musik/Text
Les HumphriesUp, Up And Away1971Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Les HumphriesWichita Lineman1971Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Linda RonstadtAdios1989Musik/Text
Linda RonstadtDo What You Gotta Do1993Musik/Text
Linda RonstadtEasy For You To Say1982Musik/Text
Linda RonstadtI Keep It Hid1989Musik/Text
Linda RonstadtShattered1989Musik/Text
Linda RonstadtStill Within The Sound Of My Voice1989Musik/Text
Linda RonstadtThe Moon Is A Harsh Mistress1982Musik/Text
Linda RonstadtYou Can't Treat The Wrong Man Right1993Musik/Text
Liz Damon's Orient ExpressCrazy Mixed Up Girl1977Musik/Text
Liza MinnelliMacArthur Park - Didn't We1969Musik/Text
Louis Clark & The London Philharmonic OrchestraMacArthur Park1989Musik/Text
Lowell GeorgeHimmler's Ring1979Musik/Text
Lynn AndersonHoney Come Back1970Musik/Text
Lynn AndersonWhere's The Playground Bobby?1969Musik/Text
Marc van LindenThe Last Unicorn1999Musik/Text
MarionAuf, auf und davon1969Musik/Text
Mark LindsayFirst Hymn From Grand Terrace1969Musik/Text
Mark LindsayThe Name Of My Sorrow1970Musik/Text
Mark LindsayThe Old Man At The Fair1970Musik/Text
Martha Reeves & The VandellasDidn't We1970Musik/Text
Martin LauerHeidelberg1988Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Marty RobbinsBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1968Musik/Text
Marty WildeBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1968Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Matt MonroDidn't We1972Musik/Text
Maureen McGovernBy The Time I Get To Phoenix2008Musik/Text
Maureen McGovernMacArthur Park2008Musik/Text
Maureen McGovernThe Moon's A Harsh Mistress2008Musik/Text
Maynard FergusonMacArthur Park1970Musik/Text
Maynard FergusonThe Maynard Ferguson Hit Medley2016Musik/Text
MercyWorst That Could Happen1968Musik/Text
Michael AllenWhere's The Playground Susie?1970Musik/Text
Michael BallDidn't We2003Musik/Text
Michael FeinsteinWasn't There A Moment1995Musik/Text
Michael HeltauWie heißt denn das bei uns1972Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Michael HirteThe Last Unicorn2010Musik/Text
Michael SchanzeMein Zug fährt immer weiter1975Musik/Text
Michael Whalen [1960s]Where's The Playground, Susie?1967Musik/Text
(Jimmy Layne Webb)
Miss DominiqueMac Arthur Park2006Musik/Text
MysticaThe Last Unicorn2014Musik/Text
(Jimmy L. Webb)
Nanci Griffith with Jimmy WebbIf These Old Walls Could Speak1994Musik/Text
Nancy SinatraUp, Up And Away1967Musik/Text
Nancy WilsonBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1969Musik/Text
Nancy WilsonMixed Up Girl1970Musik/Text
Nas feat. Kanye West & Chrisette MicheleStill Dreaming2006Musik/Text
New Grass RevivalFly Through The Country1975Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
New York CityBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1973Musik/Text
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1986Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
NicolettaLe Luxembourg1968Musik/Text
NilssonCampo de Encino1972Musik/Text
Nina SimoneDo What You Gotta Do1968Musik/Text
Norman Connors & Eleanor MillsThis Is Your Life1977Musik/Text
O.C. SmithBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1968Musik/Text
O.C. SmithDidn't We1969Musik/Text
O.C. SmithWichita Lineman1969Musik/Text
Onie J. HolyLost Generation Musik/Text
Orchester F. WackerUp Up And Away1971Musik/Text
Orchester Tony AndersonMacArthur Park1979Musik/Text
Oscar PetersonBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1971Musik/Text
Patricia CahillDidn't We1970Musik/Text
Patricia CahillMontage From "How Sweet It Is"1970Musik/Text
Patti AustinSomeone Is Standing Outside1988Musik/Text
Peggy LiptonRed Clay County Line1970Musik/Text
Peter HofmannMacArthur Park1982Musik/Text
Peter NeroWichita Lineman1969Musik/Text
Peter ShelleyBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1975Musik/Text
Peter StrakerIf This Was The Last Song1970Musik/Text
Plastic PennyMacArthur Park1969Musik/Text
R.E.M.Wichita Lineman1996Musik/Text
RaidersSong Seller1972Musik/Text
Ramsey LewisDidn't We1969Musik/Text
Ray CharlesI Keep It Hid1970Musik/Text
Ray CharlesSee You Then1971Musik/Text
Ray CharlesWichita Lineman1971Musik/Text
Ray ConniffUp, Up, And Away1968Musik/Text
Ray ConniffWichita Lineman1968Musik/Text
Ray Conniff And The SingersHoney Come Back1970Musik/Text
Reba McEntireBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1995Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Reg PresleyWichita Lineman1968Musik/Text
Richard AnthonySéverine1968Musik/Text
Richard HarrisA Tramp Shining1968Musik/Text
Richard HarrisBeth1971Musik/Text
Richard HarrisDancing Girl1968Musik/Text
Richard HarrisDidn't We1968Musik/Text
Richard HarrisGayla1969Musik/Text
Richard HarrisIf You Must Leave My Life1968Musik/Text
Richard HarrisIn The Final Hours1968Musik/Text
Richard HarrisInterim1969Musik/Text
Richard HarrisLovers Such As I1968Musik/Text
Richard HarrisLucky Me1968Musik/Text
Richard HarrisMac Arthur Park...1968Musik/Text
Richard HarrisName Of My Sorrow1968Musik/Text
Richard HarrisOne Of The Nicer Things1969Musik/Text
Richard HarrisPaper Chase1968Musik/Text
Richard HarrisSidewalk Song1971Musik/Text
Richard HarrisThat's The Way It Was1969Musik/Text
Richard HarrisThe First Hymn From Grand Terrace1970Musik/Text
Richard HarrisThe Hive1969Musik/Text
Richard HarrisThe Hymns From Grand Terrace1969Musik/Text
Richard HarrisThe Yard Went On Forever1968Musik/Text
Richard HarrisWatermark1969Musik/Text
Robert JohnBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1968Musik/Text
Roberta FlackDo What You Gotta Do1970Musik/Text
Roger JensenDidn't We1970Musik/Text
Roger MillerBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1968Musik/Text
Roger WhittakerBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1971Musik/Text
Ronnie Aldrich His Two Pianos With The London Festival OrchestraMac Arthur Park1968Musik/Text
Ronnie MilsapDidn't We1977Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Ronnie MilsapDo What You Gotta Do1968Musik/Text
Roy DruskyBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1968Musik/Text
RumerP.F. Sloan2012Musik/Text
(Jimmy L. Webb)
RumerThe Moon's A Harsh Mistress2011Musik/Text
Sammy Davis, Jr.MacArthur Park1972Musik/Text
Sammy Davis, Jr.Up, Up And Away1968Musik/Text
Scott WalkerAll My Love's Laughter1973Musik/Text
Scott WalkerIf Ships Were Made To Sail1973Musik/Text
Scott WalkerWhere Does Brown Begin?1973Musik/Text
SéverineAuf, auf und davon1971Musik/Text
Shane Martin / Neale LundgrenI Need You1968Musik/Text
Shawn ColvinIf These Walls Could Speak1994Musik/Text
Sheena EastonA Dream Worth Keeping1992Musik/Text
Silje NergaardThe Moon's A Harsh Mistress2012Musik/Text
Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesWichita Lineman1969Musik/Text
Solomon BurkeBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1968Musik/Text
Sounds OrchestralBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1972Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Sounds OrchestralWichita Lineman1972Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Stevie WonderBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1970Musik/Text
Strawberry ChildrenLove Years Coming1967Musik/Text
Tanya TuckerTennessee Woman1980Musik/Text
Tennessee Ernie FordWichita Lineman1969Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
The 5th DimensionBe Here Now1975Produzent
The 5th DimensionCarpet Man1967Musik/Text
The 5th DimensionDon't Stop For Nothing1975Produzent
The 5th DimensionDreams /Pax / Nepenthe1968Musik/Text
The 5th DimensionEarthbound1975Musik/Text
The 5th DimensionI've Got A Feeling1975Produzent
The 5th DimensionLean On Me Always1975Musik/Text
The 5th DimensionMagic In My Life1975Produzent
The 5th DimensionMoonlight Mile1975Produzent
The 5th DimensionNever Gonna Be The Same1967Musik/Text
The 5th DimensionOrange Air1968Musik/Text
The 5th DimensionPaper Cup1967Musik/Text
The 5th DimensionPattern People1967Musik/Text
The 5th DimensionRequiem: 820 Latham1968Musik/Text
The 5th DimensionRosecrans Blvd.1967Musik/Text
The 5th DimensionSpeaking With My Heart1975Musik/Text
The 5th DimensionSummer's Daughter1968Musik/Text
The 5th DimensionThe Eleventh Song (What A Groovy Day)1968Musik/Text
The 5th DimensionThe Girl's Song1968Musik/Text
The 5th DimensionThe Hideaway1969Musik/Text
The 5th DimensionThe Magic Garden1967Musik/Text
The 5th DimensionThe Worst That Could Happen1968Musik/Text
The 5th DimensionThis Is Your Life1970Musik/Text
The 5th DimensionUp, Up And Away1967Musik/Text
The 5th DimensionWalk Your Feet In The Sunshine1975Musik/Text
The 5th DimensionWhen Did I Lose Your Love1975Musik/Text
The 5th DimensionWhich Way To Nowhere1967Musik/Text
The AssociationP.F. Sloan1971Musik/Text
The AvalanchesFrontier Psychiatrist2000Musik/Text
The AvalanchesSince I Left You2000Musik/Text
The Band Of The Black WatchSongs Of The Thistle1975Musik/Text
The Barron KnightsArthur Clark1979Musik/Text
The Border BrassGalveston Musik/Text
The Cliff Adams SingersHoney Come Back / A Fallen Star / Walk On By1991Musik/Text
The Cliff Adams SingersThe Most Beautiful Girl In The World / Galveston1991Musik/Text
The ContessasI Keep On Keeping On Musik/Text
The DellsWichita Lineman / By The Time I Get To Phoenix1969Musik/Text
The Doodletown PipersUp, Up And Away1968Musik/Text
The DooleysCarpet Man1975Musik/Text
The ExecutivesRequiem:820 Latham Musik/Text
The Family DoggPattern People1969Musik/Text
The Fatback BandWicheta Lineman1972Musik/Text
The FortunesClowns Exit Laughing1970Musik/Text
The Four TopsBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1968Musik/Text
The Four TopsDo What You Gotta Do1969Musik/Text
The Four TopsMacArthur Park1969Musik/Text
The Friends Of DistinctionDidn't We1970Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
The Gunter Kallmann ChoirBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1969Musik/Text
The Günter Kallmann ChoirGalveston1969Musik/Text
The Günter Kallmann ChoirWhere's The Playground Susie1969Musik/Text
The ImpressionsUp, Up Away1968Musik/Text
The IntrudersBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1968Musik/Text
The Johnny Mann SingersUp, Up And Away1967Musik/Text
The LettermenBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1968Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
The LettermenMac Arthur Park1973Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
The LettermenThe Worst That Could Happen1969Musik/Text
The LettermenUp, Up And Away1967Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
The LettermenWichita Lineman1969Musik/Text
The London Symphony OrchestraMacArthur Park1983Musik/Text
The Mad LadsBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1969Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
The Main IngredientBy The Time I Get To Phoenix / Wichita Lineman1969Musik/Text
The ManhattansBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1971Musik/Text
The MetersWichita Lineman1970Musik/Text
The Mike Perjanik Complex with Terry KaffShe Never Smiles Anymore Musik/Text
The MomentsWichita Lineman1971Musik/Text
The Neal Morse BandMacArthur Park2015Musik/Text
The NeighborhoodMacArthur Park1971Musik/Text
The Nite-LitersMacArthur Park / What's Going On / Fugua's Theme1972Musik/Text
The Nite-LitersWichita Lineman1972Musik/Text
The OriginalsWichita Lineman1970Musik/Text
The PeddlersBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1969Musik/Text
The Picardy SingersHow Sweet It Is1968Musik/Text
The Pierced ArrowAll I Know1974Musik/Text
The ProdigyHot Ride2004Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
The SettlersCarpet Man1974Musik/Text
The SpotnicksWichita Lineman1974Musik/Text
The Supremes5:30 Plane1972Musik/Text
The SupremesAll I Want1972Produzent
The SupremesBeyond Myself1972Musik/Text
The SupremesCheap Lovin'1972Musik/Text
The SupremesI Keep It Hid1972Musik/Text
The SupremesIl você de silêncio (Silent Voices)1972Produzent
The SupremesMy Christmas Tree1965Musik/Text
The SupremesOnce In The Morning1972Musik/Text
The SupremesParadise1972Produzent
The SupremesTossin' And Turnin'1972Produzent
The SupremesWhen Can Brown Begin1972Musik/Text
The TemptationsMy Christmas Tree1970Musik/Text
The Three DegreesEverybody Gets To Go To The Moon Musik/Text
The Three DegreesIf You Must Leave My Life1971Musik/Text
The Three DegreesMacArthur Park1970Musik/Text
The TymesWichita Lineman1969Musik/Text
The Union Gap feat. Gary PuckettBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1967Musik/Text
The UniquesBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1969Musik/Text
The VenturesBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1970Musik/Text
The VenturesMacArthur Park1970Musik/Text
The VenturesUp Up Away1970Musik/Text
The VoguesI Keep It Hid1968Musik/Text
The VoguesThen1968Musik/Text
The Yellow PaygesOur Time Is Running Out1967Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Thelma HoustonBefore There Could Be Me1980Musik/Text
Thelma HoustonBreakwater Cat1980Musik/Text
Thelma HoustonCheap Lovin'1969Musik/Text
Thelma HoustonDidn't We1969Musik/Text
Thelma HoustonEverybody Gets To Go To The Moon1969Produzent
Thelma HoustonGone1980Musik/Text
Thelma HoustonIf This Was The Last Song1969Musik/Text
Thelma HoustonJumpin' Jack Flash1969Produzent
Thelma HoustonLong Lasting Love1980Musik/Text
Thelma HoustonMixed-Up Girl1969Musik/Text
Thelma HoustonPocketful Of Keys1969Musik/Text
Thelma HoustonSomeone Is Standing Outside1969Musik/Text
Thelma HoustonSunshower (From His Own Dark City)1969Musik/Text
Thelma HoustonThis Is Where I Came In1969Musik/Text
Thelma HoustonThis Is Your Life1969Musik/Text
Thelma HoustonTo Make It Easier On You1969Musik/Text
Thelma HoustonWhat Was That Song1980Musik/Text
Thomas FritschDer Draht in der Sonne1969Musik/Text
Tight FitBack To The Sixties Volume Two - Medley 11982Musik/Text
Tom ClayMacArthur Park1971Musik/Text
Tom JonesDo What You Gotta Do1971Musik/Text
Tom JonesWichita Lineman1969Musik/Text
Tony BennettMacArthur Park1970Musik/Text
Tony ChristieDidn't We1971Musik/Text
Tony Joe WhiteWichita Lineman1968Musik/Text
Tony MonopolyMac Arthur Park1976Musik/Text
Torun EriksenWichita Lineman2014Musik/Text
TotoHome Of The Brave1988Musik/Text
Towa CarsonJag har gjort vad jag har kunnat1968Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Ulla PiaMindes du1972Musik/Text
Urge OverkillWichita Lineman1987Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Val DoonicanShe Moved Through The Fair1973Musik/Text
Val DoonicanWichita Lineman1973Musik/Text
Vic DamoneBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1987Musik/Text
Vic DamoneDidn't We1987Musik/Text
Vic DamoneMacArthur Park1987Musik/Text
Vikki CarrTunesmith1967Musik/Text
Wally WhytonWichita Lineman1969Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Waylon JenningsIf You See Me Getting Smaller1977Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsMacArthur Park1970Musik/Text
Waylon Jennings & Willie NelsonMr Shuck And Jive1982Musik/Text
Waylon Jennings / Willie Nelson / Johnny Cash / Kris KristoffersonHighwayman1985Musik/Text
Will TuraOm half zeven2000Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)
Willie BoboUp-Up & Away1967Musik/Text
Wings LivinryteThe Moon's A Harsh Mistress1975Musik/Text
Woody HermanMacArthur Park1968Musik/Text
(Jim Webb)

Jimmy Webb in der österreichischen Hitparade


The Last Unicorn (In-Mood feat. Juliette)18.07.1999269

Die bestbewerteten Songs von Jimmy Webb

The Last Unicorn (America)1525.23
The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress (Joe Cocker)55.2
Mac Arthur Park... (Richard Harris)435.14
Highwayman (Waylon Jennings / Willie Nelson / Johnny Cash / Kris Kristofferson)465.02
Still Within The Sound Of My Voice (Linda Ronstadt)65
By The Time I Get To Phoenix (José Feliciano)55
Once And For All (Barry Manilow)55
Magic Garden (Dusty Springfield)55
MacArthur Park (Donna Summer)934.96
Mac Arthur Park (English Version) (Gitte Hænning)104.9
Jumpin' Jack Flash (Thelma Houston)84.88
MacArthur Park (Beggars Opera)74.86
Up, Up And Away (The 5th Dimension)334.85
Home Of The Brave (Toto)154.8
The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress (Linda Ronstadt)54.8
Stars (Cher)54.8
To Make It Easier On You (Thelma Houston)54.8
The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress (Judy Collins)54.8
Man's Road (America)124.75
Wichita Lineman (Glen Campbell)434.63

Die bekanntesten Songs von Jimmy Webb

The Last Unicorn (America)1525.23
MacArthur Park (Donna Summer)934.96
The Last Unicorn (In-Mood feat. Juliette)844.31
Highwayman (Waylon Jennings / Willie Nelson / Johnny Cash / Kris Kristofferson)465.02
Mac Arthur Park... (Richard Harris)435.14
Wichita Lineman (Glen Campbell)434.63
All I Know (Art Garfunkel)414.61
Up, Up And Away (The 5th Dimension)334.85
Famous (Kanye West x Rick Ross x Rihanna x Swizz Beatz)323.06
Galveston (Glen Campbell)284.57
Frontier Psychiatrist (The Avalanches)284.36
Hot Ride (The Prodigy)273.52
Love Hurts (Cher)243.79
By The Time I Get To Phoenix (Glen Campbell)234.35
Mac Arthur Park (Alle Träume, die wir hatten) (Gitte Hænning)214.57
Honey Come Back (Glen Campbell)203.75
Since I Left You (The Avalanches)194.05
The Last Unicorn (Groove Coverage)164.06
Home Of The Brave (Toto)154.8
Man's Road (America)124.75
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