John Lennon

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Pseudonyme / Alternative Schreibweisen: John Winston Lennon
1. Futurologischer CongressGive Peace A Chance1981Musik/Text
13th Floor ElevatorsThe Word1966Musik/Text
2raumwohnungKomm gib mir Deine Hand2002Musik/Text
3js met Jan SmitMother Nature's Son2012Musik/Text
801T.N.K. (Tomorrow Never Knows)1976Musik/Text
A Perfect CircleImagine2004Musik/Text
Aaron JohnsonHello Little Girl2009Musik/Text
ABC CompanyCome Together1970Musik/Text
ABC CompanyGet Back1969Musik/Text
ABC CompanyHey Jude1969Musik/Text
ABC CompanyOb-La-Di Ob-La-Da1969Musik/Text
ABC CompanyThe Ballad Of John And Yoko1969Musik/Text
ABC CompanyWith A Little Help From My Friends1969Musik/Text
AcavoceDa'm a mai tes maun2005Musik/Text
Ace FrehleyI'm Down2020Musik/Text
Achim SchultzAnd I Love Her2010Musik/Text
Achim SchultzGirl2008Musik/Text
Achim SchultzI Am A Loser2010Musik/Text
Achim SchultzNowhere Man2010Musik/Text
Achim SchultzShe's A Woman2010Musik/Text
Achim SchultzThings We Said Today2010Musik/Text
Achim SchultzYou're Going To Lose That Girl2010Musik/Text
Acker BilkThe Fool On The Hill1976Musik/Text
Adam FaithI Wanna Be Your Man1965Musik/Text
Adriano CelentanoMa come fà la gente sola1986Musik/Text
Adriano CelentanoMichelle1984Musik/Text
Adriano CelentanoUn'altra ragazza1986Musik/Text
AerosmithCome Together1978Musik/Text
AerosmithI'm Down1987Musik/Text
Aerosmith feat. Sierra Leone's Refugee All-StarsGive Peace A Chance2007Musik/Text
AffinityI Am The Walrus2003Musik/Text
a-ha#9 Dream2007Musik/Text
Aimee MannLucy In The Sky With Diamonds2002Musik/Text
Aimee Mann & Michael PennTwo Of Us2002Musik/Text
AïssaHappy Christmas (War Is Over)2017Musik/Text
(John Winston Lennon)
Al Bano & Romina PowerFelice Natale1991Musik/Text
Al Bano CarrisiFelice Natale2004Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaA Day In The Life2013Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaAnd I Love Her2013Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaBecause2013Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaBeing For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite2013Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaBlackbird2013Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaDear Prudence2020Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaEleanor Rigby2013Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaGolden Slumbers Suite2020Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaHere, There And Everywhere2020Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaHey Jude2020Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaI Am The Walrus2013Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaI Will2013Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaIf I Fell2013Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaI'll Follow The Sun2020Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaIn My Life2013Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaJulia2020Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaMichelle2013Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaMother Nature's Son2020Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaNorwegian Wood2020Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaPenny Lane2013Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaShe's Leaving Home2013Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaStrawberry Fields Forever2020Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaWith A Little Help From My Friends2013Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaYesterday2020Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaYour Mother Should Know2020Musik/Text
Al GreenGet Back1969Musik/Text
Al GreenI Want To Hold Your Hand1969Musik/Text
Al HirtEleanor Rigby1968Musik/Text
Al HirtYesterday1965Musik/Text
Al JarreauShe's Leaving Home1978Musik/Text
Alan BakerYesterday1992Musik/Text
Alanis MorissetteHappy Xmas (War Is Over)2020Musik/Text
Albert MangelsdorffMichelle1988Musik/Text
Albert WestOb La Di, Ob La Da1993Musik/Text
Albert West And The Dutch Scouts ChoirImagine1995Musik/Text
Alex BaroniIn My Life1997Musik/Text
Alex BaroniMother Nature's Son1999Musik/Text
Alex LloydGolden Slumber2003Musik/Text
Alex ParksImagine2003Musik/Text
AliceThe Fool On The Hill1987Musik/Text
Alice BabsYesterday1971Musik/Text
Alice CooperEleanor Rigby2014Musik/Text
Alice Cooper feat. The Bee GeesBecause1978Musik/Text
Allan StewartLet It Be1977Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintLady Madonna2014Musik/Text
Alma CoganEight Days A Week1965Musik/Text
Alma CoganHelp!1965Musik/Text
Alma CoganI Feel Fine1966Musik/Text
Alma CoganTicket To Ride1966Musik/Text
Alma CoganYesterday1966Musik/Text
Amaury Vassili feat. Nouheila CapronHappy Xmas (War Is Over)2021Musik/Text
AmbrosiaMagical Mystery Tour1976Musik/Text
Amen CornerGet Back1969Musik/Text
Amen CornerPenny Lane1969Musik/Text
Amii StewartThe Long And Winding Road1995Musik/Text
AmosOnly Saw Today/Instant Karma1994Musik/Text
Anastasia ScreamedDig A Pony1991Musik/Text
André RieuWhen I'm Sixty-Four2012Musik/Text
André Rieu And His Johann Strauss OrchestraYesterday2013Musik/Text
Andrea CorrNo 9 Dream2011Musik/Text
(John Winston Lennon)
Andreas VaradyCome Together2014Musik/Text
Andrei LugovskiImagine2014Musik/Text
Andrés BallinasMichelle2002Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsHappy Christmas (War Is Over)1990Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsHere, There And Everywhere1969Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsImagine1972Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsMichelle1966Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsThe Long And Winding Road1972Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsYesterday1966Musik/Text
Ane BrunFrom Me To You2013Musik/Text
Anita HarrisHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Anita HarrisMaxwell's Silver Hammer1970Musik/Text
Anita HarrisThe Beatles Rhapsody1967Musik/Text
Ann C. SheridanI Want You (She's So Heavy)1976Musik/Text
Ann ChristyGoodnight1994Musik/Text
Anna BlackEleanor Rigby1968Musik/Text
Anne MurrayDay Tripper1974Musik/Text
Anne MurrayI'm Happy Just To Dance With You1980Musik/Text
Anne MurrayLet It Be1999Musik/Text
Anne MurrayYou Won't See Me1973Musik/Text
Anne Sofie von Otter & Elvis CostelloFor No One2001Musik/Text
Ann-Louise HansonHösten är här1966Musik/Text
Anonymously YoursGet Back1996Musik/Text
Anti-FlagGimme Some Truth2018Musik/Text
Antoine GoudeseuneCarry That Weight2014Musik/Text
Antoine GoudeseuneCome Together2014Musik/Text
Antoine GoudeseuneGolden Slumbers2014Musik/Text
Antoine GoudeseuneHer Majesty2014Musik/Text
Antoine GoudeseuneI Want You (She's So Heavy)2014Musik/Text
Antoine GoudeseuneMaxwell's Silver Hammer2014Musik/Text
Antoine GoudeseuneMean Mr Mustard2014Musik/Text
Antoine GoudeseuneOh! Darling2014Musik/Text
Antoine GoudeseunePolythene Pam2014Musik/Text
Antoine GoudeseuneShe Came In Through The Bathroom Window2014Musik/Text
Antoine GoudeseuneSun King2014Musik/Text
Antoine GoudeseuneThe End2014Musik/Text
Antoine GoudeseuneYou Never Give Me Your Money2014Musik/Text
Antoine Goudeseune feat. Martin MéreauBecause2014Musik/Text
Antonio CondeOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da1975Musik/Text
Antonio SanchezSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band2018Musik/Text
Antony And The JohnsonsImagine2010Musik/Text
Apollo 100Back In The U.S.S.R.1971Musik/Text
Apollo 100Lady Madonna1974Musik/Text
Arctic MonkeysCome Together2012Musik/Text
ArcwelderI Am The Walrus1992Musik/Text
Area Code 615Hey Jude1969Musik/Text
Area Code 615Lady Madonna1969Musik/Text
Aretha FranklinEleanor Rigby1969Musik/Text
Aretha FranklinLet It Be1970Musik/Text
Aretha FranklinThe Fool On The Hill2007Musik/Text
Aretha FranklinThe Long And Winding Road1972Musik/Text
Areu AreuDay Tripper1992Musik/Text
Arlo GuthrieI've Just Seen A Face1978Musik/Text
ArnoDrive My Car1998Musik/Text
Arno & CarloYellow Submarine1994Musik/Text
Arnold FritzschBlackbird1989Musik/Text
Art GarfunkelI Will1997Musik/Text
ArtemisThe Fool On The Hill2020Musik/Text
Arthur ConleyOb-La-Di Ob-La-Da1968Musik/Text
Arthur Wilkinson OrchestraAll My Loving1966Musik/Text
Arthur Wilkinson OrchestraCan't Buy Me Love1966Musik/Text
Arthur Wilkinson OrchestraFrom Me To You1966Musik/Text
Arthur Wilkinson OrchestraHelp!1966Musik/Text
Arthur Wilkinson OrchestraIt's For You1966Musik/Text
Arthur Wilkinson OrchestraShe Loves You1966Musik/Text
Arthur Wilkinson OrchestraTicket To Ride1966Musik/Text
Åse Kleveland & The Salmon SmokersKjærligheten vet2020Musik/Text
AshHello Goodbye2012Musik/Text
Asha PuthliLove1974Musik/Text
Assembled MultitudeI Want You (She's So Heavy)1970Musik/Text
AstrolineHappy Christmas, War Is Over1999Musik/Text
Astrud GilbertoHere There And Everywhere1969Musik/Text
Asya Fateyeva / Wolfgang Katschner / Lautten CompagneyAnother Girl2021Musik/Text
Asya Fateyeva / Wolfgang Katschner / Lautten CompagneyBecause2021Musik/Text
Asya Fateyeva / Wolfgang Katschner / Lautten CompagneyBeing For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite2021Musik/Text
Asya Fateyeva / Wolfgang Katschner / Lautten CompagneyBlackbird2021Musik/Text
Asya Fateyeva / Wolfgang Katschner / Lautten CompagneyGirl2021Musik/Text
Asya Fateyeva / Wolfgang Katschner / Lautten CompagneyNorwegian Wood2021Musik/Text
Asya Fateyeva / Wolfgang Katschner / Lautten CompagneyTomorrow Never Knows2021Musik/Text
Asya Fateyeva / Wolfgang Katschner / Lautten CompagneyWhen I'm 642021Musik/Text
Asya Fateyeva / Wolfgang Katschner / Lautten CompagneyYesterday2021Musik/Text
AthleteLucy In The Sky With Diamonds2010Musik/Text
AudienceI Wanna Be Your Man2005Musik/Text
Average White Band & Ben E. KingImagine1977Musik/Text
Avishai CohenFor No One2017Musik/Text
Avril LavigneImagine2007Musik/Text
AyreonWhen I'm Sixty-Four2005Musik/Text
B.E.F. feat. Billy PrestonIn My Life1991Musik/Text
bAbA yAgABack In The U.S.S.R.1992Musik/Text
Background-GamblersOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da2015Musik/Text
Bagdad BabiesCome Together1991Musik/Text
Baggio & Daniel van SchaickHappy Xmas (War Is Over)2016Musik/Text
Bananarama / LananeeneenoonooHelp1989Musik/Text
Band ohne NamenLet It Be2002Musik/Text
Baptiste TrotignonHere, There And Everywhere2019Musik/Text
Barbara DicksonA Day In The Life1974Musik/Text
Barbara DicksonGolden Slumbers / Carry That Weight / The End1998Musik/Text
Barbara DicksonHelp1974Musik/Text
Barbara DicksonI Should Have Known Better1974Musik/Text
Barbara DicksonLong And Winding Road1974Musik/Text
Barbara DicksonLucy In The Sky With Diamonds1974Musik/Text
Barbara DicksonPenny Lane1974Musik/Text
Barbara DicksonShe's Leaving Home1998Musik/Text
Barbara DicksonWe Can Work It Out1974Musik/Text
Barbara DicksonWhen I'm 641998Musik/Text
Barbara DicksonWith A Little Help From My Friends1974Musik/Text
Barbara DicksonYou Never Give Me Your Money / Carry That Weight1974Musik/Text
Barbara DicksonYour Mother Should Know1974Musik/Text
Barbara LewisYesterday1966Musik/Text
Barbie BonesSgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band1992Musik/Text
Barbra StreisandHoney Pie1969Musik/Text
Barbra StreisandImagine / What A Wonderful World2018Musik/Text
Barbra StreisandLove1971Musik/Text
Barbra StreisandMother1971Musik/Text
Bar-KaysA Hard Day's Night1968Musik/Text
Bar-KaysHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Barney Wilen And His Amazing Free Rock BandThe Fool On The Hill1968Musik/Text
Baroque Chamber Orchestra / Richard EdlingerEight Days A Week1987Musik/Text
Baroque Chamber Orchestra / Richard EdlingerPaperback Writer1987Musik/Text
Baroque Chamber Orchestra / Richard EdlingerPenny Lane1987Musik/Text
Baroque Chamber Orchestra / Richard EdlingerWe Can Work It Out1987Musik/Text
Baroque Chamber Orchestra / Richard EdlingerYellow Submarine1987Musik/Text
Barry GibbWhen I'm 642014Musik/Text
Barry Gibb, Bee GeesA Day In The Life1978Musik/Text
Barry ManilowAnd I Love Her2006Musik/Text
Barry ManilowThe Long And Winding Road2007Musik/Text
Barry ManilowYesterday2006Musik/Text
Barry McGuireYesterday1965Musik/Text
Barry McGuire & The Mama's And The Papa'sYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away1965Musik/Text
Baskin & CopperfieldThe Long And Winding Road1970Musik/Text
Beady EyeAcross The Universe2011Musik/Text
BeansWith A Little Help From My Friends1975Musik/Text
BearfootDon't Let Me Down2009Musik/Text
Beât LèsDa'm da'm d'amur2005Musik/Text
Beat OmaIch bin die Beat Oma1966Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandA Hard Day's Night1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandAcht Tage lang1976Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandAll My Lovin'1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandAs I Cry1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandAusflipper1976Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandBack In The USSR1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandBleib1976Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandDay Tripper1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandDu wirst seh'n1978Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandEight Days A Week1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandEin Flug in die DDR1978Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandEin harter Tag1976Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandEin Verlierer1976Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandEleonor Rigby1978Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandGeh heim1978Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandGestern1978Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandGet Back1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandHello Little Girl1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandHelp1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandHelter Skelter1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandHey Jude1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandHey Jude [deutsch]1978Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandHilf1976Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandI Feel Fine1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandI Saw Her Standing There1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandI Want To Hold Your Hand1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandIch fühl mich wohl1976Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandIch hätte es wissen sollen1976Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandIch kann dich nicht mehr leiden sehn1978Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandIf I Fell1990Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandI'll Keep You Satisfied1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandImagine John1981Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandIrgendwas1978Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandIt Won't Be Long1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandJohn, Paul, George & Ringo1993Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandKomm, gib mir deine Hand1993Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandKomm, wir kriegen's hin1978Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandKrakengarten1978Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandLet It Be1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandMichelle1976Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandMir geht's gut1978Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandMir reicht's auf dieser Party1976Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandNirgendwo1976Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandRevolution1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandSchwarzer Vogel1976Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandShe Loves You1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandShe's A Woman1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandSie kommt nicht mehr1976Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandSie liebt dich1993Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandSo schnell ging's bei keiner anderen1976Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandTaschenbuchschreiber1978Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandTicket To Ride1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandWith A Little Help From My Friends1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandYesterday1977Musik/Text
Bee GeesGolden Slumbers / Carry That Weight1976Musik/Text
Bee GeesPaperback Writer1966Musik/Text
Bee GeesShe Came In Through The Bathroom Window1976Musik/Text
Bee GeesSun King1976Musik/Text
Bee GeesTicket To Ride1966Musik/Text
Bee GeesYou Won't See Me1966Musik/Text
Bee GeesYou're Nobody Til Somebody Loves You1966Musik/Text
Bee Gees feat. Paul Nicholas & Peter FramptonGood Morning, Good Morning1978Musik/Text
Bee Gees, Dianne Steinberg, Paul Nicholas, Donald Pleasence & StargardI Want You (She's So Heavy)1978Musik/Text
Bee Gees, Jay MacIntosh & John WheelerShe's Leaving Home1978Musik/Text
Bee Gees, Paul Nicholas, Peter FramptonSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band / With A Little Help From My Friends1978Musik/Text
Belinda CarlisleJealous Guy1996Musik/Text
BellsMaxwell's Silver Hammer1970Musik/Text
Ben E. KingDon't Let Me Down1970Musik/Text
Ben E. KingIf You've Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody / Come Together1970Musik/Text
Ben FoldsGolden Slumbers2002Musik/Text
Ben HarperBeautiful Boy2007Musik/Text
Ben HarperStrawberry Fields Forever2002Musik/Text
Ben MillsWith A Little Help From My Friends2007Musik/Text
Benjamin GibbardAnd I Love Him2018Musik/Text
Benny PageYesterday1976Musik/Text
Benny QuickJa, das hätt ich wissen müssen1964Musik/Text
Bernard CribbinsWhen I'm Sixty Four1967Musik/Text
Berni FlintRocky Raccoon1979Musik/Text
Bernie LyonEleanor Rigby1979Musik/Text
Bert Loska And His Happy SoundCome Together1970Musik/Text
Bert Loska And His Happy SoundOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da1969Musik/Text
Beth Hart & The Ocean Of SoulsLucy In The Sky With Diamonds1993Musik/Text
Bette MidlerIn My Life1991Musik/Text
Betty BooI'm On My Way1992Musik/Text
Betty LaVetteA Little Help From My Friends1969Musik/Text
Bettye LaVetteBlackbird2020Musik/Text
Bettye LaVetteThe Word2010Musik/Text
Bettye LaVetteWait2015Musik/Text
B-FourCan't Buy Me Love Musik/Text
Biff RoseWith A Little Help From My Friends1971Musik/Text
Big & RichNobody Told Me2007Musik/Text
Big Fish EnsembleTomorrow Never Knows1993Musik/Text
Bill CosbySgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band1967Musik/Text
Bill Elliot & The Elastic Oz BandGod Save Us1971Musik/Text
Bill FrisellAcross The Universe2011Musik/Text
Bill FrisellBeautiful Boy2011Musik/Text
Bill FrisellCome Together2011Musik/Text
Bill FrisellGive Peace A Chance2011Musik/Text
Bill FrisellHold On2011Musik/Text
Bill FrisellImagine2011Musik/Text
Bill FrisellIn My Life2011Musik/Text
Bill FrisellJulia2011Musik/Text
Bill FrisellLove2011Musik/Text
Bill FrisellMother2011Musik/Text
Bill FrisellNowhere Man2011Musik/Text
Bill FrisellNumber 9 Dream2011Musik/Text
Bill FrisellPlease, Please Me2011Musik/Text
Bill FrisellRevolution2011Musik/Text
Bill FrisellWoman2011Musik/Text
Bill FrisellYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away2011Musik/Text
Bill MedleyThe Long And Winding Road1971Musik/Text
Bill RamseyYellow Submarine1966Musik/Text
Bill Ramsey, Paul KuhnYesterday1966Musik/Text
Bill WithersLet It Be1971Musik/Text
Billie Jo SpearsYesterday1978Musik/Text
Billie Joe ArmstrongGimme Some Truth2020Musik/Text
Billy BraggRevolution1992Musik/Text
Billy Bragg & Cara TiveyShe's Leaving Home1988Musik/Text
Billy ConnollySexy Sadie And Lovely Raquel1979Musik/Text
Billy J. KramerBad To Me1963Musik/Text
Billy J. KramerFrom A Window1964Musik/Text
Billy J. KramerI Call Your Name1963Musik/Text
Billy J. KramerI'll Be On My Way1963Musik/Text
Billy J. KramerI'll Keep You Satisfied1963Musik/Text
Billy J. Kramer with The DakotasDo You Want To Know A Secret?1963Musik/Text
Billy JoelBack In The U.S.S.R. [Live]1987Musik/Text
Billy JoelHard Day's Night1994Musik/Text
Billy LongstreetYesterday1973Musik/Text
Billy OceanThe Long And Winding Road1984Musik/Text
Billy PrestonA Hard Day's Night1966Musik/Text
Billy PrestonBlackbird1972Musik/Text
Billy PrestonEight Days A Week1965Musik/Text
Billy PrestonGet Back1978Musik/Text
Billy PrestonHere, There And Everywhere1984Musik/Text
Billy PrestonI've Got A Feeling1970Musik/Text
Billy TalentCold Turkey2009Musik/Text
Billy ThorpeDrive My Car1975Musik/Text
Billy VaughnLet It Be1971Musik/Text
Billy VaughnMichelle1965Musik/Text
Billy VaughnYesterday1988Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyHey Jude1968Musik/Text
BjörkÁlfur út úr hól1977Musik/Text
Bläck Fööss & FründePenny Lane1989Musik/Text
Bläck Fööss & FründeStellt üch vüür1989Musik/Text
Black HeatDrive My Car1975Musik/Text
Black Label SocietyCome Together1999Musik/Text
Black LaceOb-la-di, Ob-la-da1984Musik/Text
Black PumasEleanor Rigby2019Musik/Text
Blackstreet(Money Can't) Buy Me Love1996Musik/Text
Blackwater ParkFor No One1972Musik/Text
BlizzardKeep A Knockin' / Get Back1970Musik/Text
Bloco do Sargento PimentaHelp!2020Musik/Text
Blonde On Blonde [UK]Eleanor Rigby1969Musik/Text
BlonkerHere, There And Everywhere1982Musik/Text
Blood, Sweat & TearsGot To Get You Into My Life1975Musik/Text
BloodrockEleanor Rigby1973Musik/Text
Blow UpMind Games1974Musik/Text
Blue AshAnytime At All1973Musik/Text
Blue AshOne After 9091973Musik/Text
Bo Katzman & The Katz KidsAll My Loving1990Musik/Text
Bo Katzman & The Katz KidsBlackbird1996Musik/Text
Bo Katzman & The Katz KidsCan't Buy Me Love1996Musik/Text
Bo Katzman & The Katz KidsHelp1996Musik/Text
Bo Katzman & The Katz KidsHey Jude1996Musik/Text
Bo Katzman & The Katz KidsLet It Be1996Musik/Text
Bo Katzman & The Katz KidsMichelle1996Musik/Text
Bo Katzman & The Katz KidsNowhere Man1996Musik/Text
Bo Katzman & The Katz KidsOb-La-Di Ob-La-Da1996Musik/Text
Bo Katzman & The Katz KidsShe Loves You1996Musik/Text
Bo Katzman & The Katz KidsWhen I'm Sixty Four1996Musik/Text
Bo Katzman & The Katz KidsYellow Submarine1990Musik/Text
Bo Katzman & The Katz KidsYesterday1996Musik/Text
Bo Katzman & The Soul CatsNowhere Man1990Musik/Text
Bo Katzman ChorAll You Need Is Love1997Musik/Text
Bo Katzman ChorGive Peace A Chance2002Musik/Text
Bo Katzman ChorHappy X-Mas (War Is Over)1996Musik/Text
Bo Katzman ChorImagine2001Musik/Text
Bo Katzman ChorWith A Little Help From My Friends1999Musik/Text
Bob Belden Project feat. Cassandra Wilson & Dianne ReevesCome Together2001Musik/Text
Bob Bennett SoundWoman1981Musik/Text
Bob DylanThings We Said Today2014Musik/Text
Bob WayneCome Together2015Musik/Text
(John Winston Lennon)
Bob WelchI Saw Her Standing There1978Musik/Text
BobalouisPlease Please Me1980Musik/Text
Bobbie GentryEleanor Rigby1968Musik/Text
Bobbie GentryHere, There And Everywhere1968Musik/Text
Bobbie GentryThe Fool On The Hill1968Musik/Text
Bobby GoldsboroA World Without Love1965Musik/Text
Bobby GoldsboroMichelle1966Musik/Text
Bobby GoldsboroYesterday1966Musik/Text
Bobby Kimball & The hr Big BandGot To Get You Into My Life1993Musik/Text
Bobby Kimball feat. Tony Kaye & Alan WhiteGet Back2017Musik/Text
Bobby McFerrinBlackbird1984Musik/Text
Bobby McFerrinDrive My Car1988Musik/Text
Bobby McFerrinFrom Me To You1986Musik/Text
Bobby TaylorEleanor Rigby1969Musik/Text
Bobby VeeA Fool Never Learns / Do You Want To Know A Secret? / Goodbye Cruel World / Blame It On The Bossa Nova / Dawn1964Musik/Text
Bobby VeeFrom Me To You1964Musik/Text
Bobby VeeMemphis / Love Me Do / Twist And Shout / Hey! Baby / P.S. I Love You1964Musik/Text
Bobby VeeShe Loves You1964Musik/Text
Bobby VintonMichelle1970Musik/Text
Bobby VintonOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da1976Musik/Text
Bobby WomackAnd I Love Her1972Musik/Text
Bon JoviWith A Little Help From My Friends1992Musik/Text
Boney M.Two Of Us1979Musik/Text
Bonnie Tyler with The City Of Prague Philharmonic OrchestraIn My Life2003Musik/Text
BonniesIch bin Dein Fan1964Musik/Text
BonniesWenn du von mir gehst1964Musik/Text
BoobCold Turkey2006Musik/Text
Booker T. & The M.G.'sDay Tripper2003Musik/Text
Booker T. & The M.G.'sEleanor Rigby1968Musik/Text
Booker T. & The M.G.'sLady Madonna1969Musik/Text
Booker T. & The M.G.'sMedley: Because / You Never Give Me Your Money1970Musik/Text
Booker T. & The M.G.'sMedley: Golden Slumber / Carry That Weight / The End / Here Comes The Sun / Come Together1970Musik/Text
Booker T. & The M.G.'sMedley: Sun King / Mean Mr. Mustard / Polythene Pam / She Came In Through The Bathroom Window / I Want You / She's So Heavy1970Musik/Text
Booker T. & The M.G.'sMichelle1969Musik/Text
Booker T. & The M.G.'sYou Can't Do That2003Musik/Text
Boom Boom SatellitesHelter Skelter2013Musik/Text
Bossa RioBlackbird1970Musik/Text
Boyz II MenIn My Life2009Musik/Text
Boyz II MenYesterday1994Musik/Text
Brad MehldauBaby's In Black2023Musik/Text
Brad MehldauBlackbird1997Musik/Text
Brad MehldauFor No One2023Musik/Text
Brad MehldauGolden Slumbers2023Musik/Text
Brad MehldauHere, There And Everywhere2023Musik/Text
Brad MehldauI Am The Walrus2023Musik/Text
Brad MehldauI Saw Her Standing There2023Musik/Text
Brad MehldauMaxwell's Silver Hammer2023Musik/Text
Brad MehldauShe Said, She Said2023Musik/Text
Brad MehldauYour Mother Should Know2023Musik/Text
Brad Mehldau TrioAnd I Love Her2016Musik/Text
Brandee YoungerBeing For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!2018Musik/Text
Brdr. OlsenA World Without Love2008Musik/Text
Brdr. OlsenObladi Oblada2008Musik/Text
Brdr. OlsenStrawberry Fields2008Musik/Text
Brenda LeeCan't Buy Me Love1965Musik/Text
Brenda LeeHe Loves You1965Musik/Text
Brenda LeeYesterday1966Musik/Text
Brian [BE]And I Love Her1968Musik/Text
Brian Auger & The TrinityDay In The Life1968Musik/Text
Brian HylandNorwegian Wood1966Musik/Text
Brødrene OlsenAll My Loving2003Musik/Text
Brødrene OlsenI Should Have Known Better2002Musik/Text
Broken ArrowEvery Night/You Never Give Me Your Money1970Musik/Text
BröselmaschineI Feel Fine1978Musik/Text
Bro'Sis / Overground / PreludersWith A Little Help From My Friends2004Musik/Text
Browning BryantYesterday1970Musik/Text
Bruce RobertsThis Boy1977Musik/Text
Bruno FilippiniUn piccolo aiuto dagli amici1968Musik/Text
Bryan AdamsAny Time At All2014Musik/Text
Bryan FerryIt's Only Love1976Musik/Text
Bryan FerryShe's Leaving home1976Musik/Text
Bryan FerryWhatever Gets You Thru The Night2010Musik/Text
Bryan FerryYou Won't See Me1973Musik/Text
BuckwheatEleanor Rigby1971Musik/Text
Bud ShankFlying1968Musik/Text
Bud ShankHello Goodbye1968Musik/Text
Bud ShankI Am The Walrus1968Musik/Text
Bud ShankThe Fool On The Hill1968Musik/Text
Bud ShankYour Mother Should Know1968Musik/Text
Buddy GuyI've Got A Feeling2022Musik/Text
Buffalo feat. Peter VeeJumping Jack Flash1979Musik/Text
Bulais, cun Gigi MotoLady Madonna2005Musik/Text
Bunny SiglerYesterday1967Musik/Text
C.B. VictoriaAnytime At All1976Musik/Text
Caetano VelosoNega maluca / Billie Jean / Eleanor Rigby1986Musik/Text
Café CrèmeUnlimited Citations (Non-Stop Beatles Disco)1977Musik/Text
Café CrèmeUnlimited Citations (Non-Stop Beatles Rock)1978Musik/Text
Café CrèmeUnlimited Citations (Non-Stop Beatles Slow)1978Musik/Text
Calamity JaneI've Just Seen A Face1982Musik/Text
CalexicoHappy Xmas (War Is Over)2020Musik/Text
CamdenCold Turkey2001Musik/Text
Cameron GravesFixing A Hole2018Musik/Text
Candlewick GreenShe Loves You / Yesterday / From Me To You / Please Please Me1977Musik/Text
Candy FlipStrawberry Fields Forever1990Musik/Text
CaravelliHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Carl VerheyenAll You Need Is Love2015Musik/Text
Carl VerheyenIn My Life2015Musik/Text
Carl VerheyenNorwegian Wood2015Musik/Text
Carl WayneImagine1972Musik/Text
CarlsbergTo China / Drive My Car1979Musik/Text
Carly SimonBlackbird2006Musik/Text
Carmen McRaeCarry That Way1970Musik/Text
Carmen McRaeGot To Get You Into My Life1967Musik/Text
Carmen McRaeHere, There And Everywhere1970Musik/Text
CarpentersHits Medley '762001Musik/Text
CarpentersNowhere Man1967Musik/Text
CarpentersTicket To Ride1969Musik/Text
Cassandra WilsonBlackbird2010Musik/Text
Caterina & SilvioAyer1971Musik/Text
Caterina ValenteWe Can Work It Out1968Musik/Text
Caterina Valente & Edmundo RosEl tonto en la colina1969Musik/Text
CDVBlijf bij mij2006Musik/Text
CDVZonder mij2021Musik/Text
CDV feat. AshleyAshley2017Musik/Text
Cecile [NL]Goodbye1969Musik/Text
Celia CruzObladi Oblada1997Musik/Text
Céline DionBeautiful Boy2004Musik/Text
Céline DionHappy Xmas (War Is Over)1998Musik/Text
Chad & JeremyFrom A Window1964Musik/Text
Chairmen Of The BoardCome Together1970Musik/Text
Chaka KhanWe Can Work It Out1981Musik/Text
Chano Domínguez and Niño JoseleBecause2014Musik/Text
Chantal KreviazukIn My Life1999Musik/Text
Charlie ByrdCome Together1970Musik/Text
Charlie ByrdHer Majesty1970Musik/Text
Charlie ByrdLet It Be1970Musik/Text
Charlie GlassImagine2018Musik/Text
Charlie GlassSchlafe gut2013Musik/Text
(John Winston Lennon)
Cheap TrickCold Turkey1995Musik/Text
Cheap TrickDay Tripper1980Musik/Text
Cheap TrickGimme Some Truth2019Musik/Text
Cheap TrickMagical Mystery Tour1991Musik/Text
CherThe Long And Winding Road1973Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsA Hard Day's Night1966Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsAnd I Love Her1966Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsBlackbird1969Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsCan't Buy Me Love1966Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsFor No One1967Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsI Feel Fine1966Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsIf I Fell1966Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsI'll Cry Instead1966Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsI'll Follow The Sun1966Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsLady Madonna1968Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsMichelle1966Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsShe Loves You1966Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsShe's A Woman1966Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsThings We Said Today1966Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsYesterday1966Musik/Text
Chet Atkins, C.G.P.Imagine1988Musik/Text
ChicagoMagical Mystery Tour2023Musik/Text
Chick Corea & Gary BurtonEleanor Rigby2012Musik/Text
Chill Zone CollectiveHappy Xmas (War Is Over)2020Musik/Text
Chip & DonnieJealous Guy1994Musik/Text
Chocolate GeniusJulia2002Musik/Text
Chris ClarkGot To Get You Into My Life1967Musik/Text
Chris De BurghBlackbird2008Musik/Text
Chris De BurghGirl1995Musik/Text
Chris De BurghLady Madonna2011Musik/Text
Chris De BurghLet It Be2011Musik/Text
Chris De BurghThe Long And Winding Road2008Musik/Text
Chris De BurghWe Can Work It Out2008Musik/Text
Chris FarloweYesterday1966Musik/Text
Chris MontezYesterday1966Musik/Text
Chris RobertsCan't Buy Me Love1972Musik/Text
Chrissie HyndeLet It Be2014Musik/Text
Christian AndersYesterday1976Musik/Text
Christian Anders & The TonicsYesterday1967Musik/Text
Christian WunderlichFool On The Hill2002Musik/Text
Christina AguileraMother2007Musik/Text
Christina PerriHappy Xmas (War Is Over)2012Musik/Text
Christine RobertsAcross The Universe1970Musik/Text
Christopher John and His OrchestraThe Long And Winding Road1982Musik/Text
Chrístos DantisCome Together1994Musik/Text
Chrístos DantisEleanor Rigby1995Musik/Text
Chubby CheckerBack In The U.S.S.R.1969Musik/Text
Cilla BlackAcross The Universe1970Musik/Text
Cilla BlackFor No One1966Musik/Text
Cilla BlackHere, There And Everywhere1993Musik/Text
Cilla BlackIn My Life1974Musik/Text
Cilla BlackIt's For You1964Musik/Text
Cilla BlackLove Of The Loved1963Musik/Text
Cilla BlackOh My Love1972Musik/Text
Cilla BlackStep Inside Love1968Musik/Text
Cilla BlackThe Long And Winding Road1972Musik/Text
Cilla BlackYesterday1965Musik/Text
Circus [UK]Norwegian Wood1969Musik/Text
Cissy HoustonThe Long And Winding Road1970Musik/Text
Clarence CarterLet It Be1970Musik/Text
Claude FrançoisDes bises... De moi pour toi1963Musik/Text
Claude FrançoisLaisse-moi tenir ta main1964Musik/Text
Claudette et SylvieOui c'est vrai1964Musik/Text
Claudia GordenGoodbye1967Musik/Text
Claudia LennearLet It Be1971Musik/Text
Claudine LongetGolden Slumbers1970Musik/Text
Claudine LongetGood Day Sunshine1967Musik/Text
Claudine LongetHere, There And Everywhere1967Musik/Text
Claudine LongetJealous Guy / Don't Let Me Down1972Musik/Text
Claudine LongetWhen I'm Sixty-Four1967Musik/Text
Cliff Bennett & His BandBack In The U.S.S.R.1968Musik/Text
Cliff Bennett & The Rebel RousersGot To Get You Into My Life1966Musik/Text
Cliff RichardThings We Said Today1967Musik/Text
Clodagh RodgersGet Back1969Musik/Text
Clodagh RodgersImagine1972Musik/Text
CockroachGet Back1983Musik/Text
Cocktail BandDu gisch dr Ton a1990Musik/Text
Cocktail BandLass la sy2011Musik/Text
Cocktail BandOgi hie, ogi da1995Musik/Text
Cocktail BandTue dis Härz uf2011Musik/Text
Colin ThackeryYesterday2019Musik/Text
Collectif' XmasHappy Xmas (War Is Over)2014Musik/Text
Colleen HewettCarry That Weight1972Musik/Text
Collin RayeBlackbird2000Musik/Text
Colvin & EarleBaby's In Black2016Musik/Text
Commander CodyCry Baby Cry1978Musik/Text
Connie FrancisAnd I Love Her1965Musik/Text
Coral [RO]Trece vremea1969Musik/Text
Corinne Bailey RaeI'm Losing You2007Musik/Text
Corinne Bailey RaeJealous Guy2013Musik/Text
CoronerI Want You (She's So Heavy)1991Musik/Text
Corry BrokkenDer Mann, den ich will1968Musik/Text
Count Basie & His OrchestraA Hard Day's Night1966Musik/Text
Count Basie & His OrchestraAll My Loving1966Musik/Text
Count Basie & His OrchestraAnd I Love Her1966Musik/Text
Count Basie & His OrchestraCan't Buy Me Love1966Musik/Text
Count Basie & His OrchestraDo You Want To Know A Secret1966Musik/Text
Count Basie & His OrchestraHelp1966Musik/Text
Count Basie & His OrchestraHold Me Tight1966Musik/Text
Count Basie & His OrchestraI Wanna Be Your Man1966Musik/Text
Count Basie & His OrchestraMichelle1966Musik/Text
Count Basie & His OrchestraShe Loves You1966Musik/Text
Count Basie & His Orchestra feat. Bill HendersonYesterday1966Musik/Text
Cowboy Junkies feat. RebelI Don't Want To Be A Soldier2005Musik/Text
Crosby, Stills & NashBlackbird1983Musik/Text
CrusadersEleanor Rigby1974Musik/Text
Curdin BruggerDomadus2005Musik/Text
Curschellas, Hendrix & SternCu ch'i plova2005Musik/Text
Curtis MayfieldP.S. I Love You1976Musik/Text
Curtis StigersI Feel Fine2003Musik/Text
Curtis StigersJealous Guy2009Musik/Text
Curtis StigersLove2003Musik/Text
D.B.M.Disco Beatlemania1977Musik/Text
Daddy's ActBaby's In Black1968Musik/Text
Daddy's ActEight Days A Week1967Musik/Text
Daliah LaviWenn ich kein Lied mehr sänge1976Musik/Text
Dame Shirley BasseyHey Jude2014Musik/Text
Dan Ar BrasRain1979Musik/Text
DanaAll My Loving1976Musik/Text
DanaLet It Be1980Musik/Text
DanaThe Long And Winding Road1980Musik/Text
Daníel Ágúst Haraldsson And Jón ÓlafssonI've Got A Feeling1996Musik/Text
Daniel DanieliA Hard Day's Night1978Musik/Text
Daniel PowterHappy Xmas (War Is Over)2010Musik/Text
Daniel Sentacruz EnsembleA Hard Day's Night1974Musik/Text
Daniela & SergioLet It Be2004Musik/Text
Daniela [DE]Things We Said Today1965Musik/Text
Daniela KatzenbergerJealous Guy2018Musik/Text
Danielle DeninJe lis dans tes yeux1965Musik/Text
Danielle DeninMichel1966Musik/Text
DanknerLet It Be2000Musik/Text
Danny CoxA Day In The Life1969Musik/Text
Danny CoxDear Prudence1969Musik/Text
Danny CoxHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Danny KirwanLet It Be1976Musik/Text
Dänu Siegrist BandTub ab1992Musik/Text
Dario FarinaGolden Slumbers / Carry That Weight1990Musik/Text
Darren PercivalJealous Guy2012Musik/Text
Daryl SomersEvery Little Thing2005Musik/Text
Dave "Baby" CortezCan't Buy Me Love1965Musik/Text
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichThis Boy2008Musik/Text
Dave Koz And FriendsGot To Get You Into My Life2013Musik/Text
Dave Koz feat. Eric Benét, Johnny Mathis, Heather Headley, Richard Marx, Jonathan Butler, Maysa, BeBe Winans, Gloria Estefan and Stevie WonderAll You Need Is Love2014Musik/Text
David & Jonathan [UK]She's Leaving Home1967Musik/Text
David And JonathanMichelle1965Musik/Text
David BowieAcross The Universe1975Musik/Text
David BowieFame1975Musik/Text
David BowieFame 901990Musik/Text
David BowieMother2021Musik/Text
David CassidyBlackbird2003Musik/Text
David CassidyPlease Please Me1974Musik/Text
David Clayton-ThomasCan't Buy Me Love1973Musik/Text
David EssexYesterday1976Musik/Text
David GarrettHey Jude2018Musik/Text
David Lee RothThat Beatles Tune2003Musik/Text
David Peel & The Apple BandImagine1977Musik/Text
David Peel & The Apple BandMy Fat Budgie1977Musik/Text
David Peel & The Apple BandWith A Little Help From My Friends1977Musik/Text
David Peel & The Lower East SideEverybody's Smoking Marijuana1972Produzent
David Peel & The Lower East SideF Is Not A Dirty Word1972Produzent
David Peel & The Lower East SideI'm A Runaway1972Produzent
David Peel & The Lower East SideI'm Going To Start Another Riot1972Produzent
David Peel & The Lower East SideMcDonalds Farm1972Produzent
David Peel & The Lower East SideThe Ballad Of Bob Dylan1972Produzent
David Peel & The Lower East SideThe Ballad Of New York City / John Lennon - Yoko Ono1972Produzent
David Peel & The Lower East SideThe Birth Control Blues1972Produzent
David Peel & The Lower East SideThe Chicago Conspiracy1972Produzent
David Peel & The Lower East SideThe Hip Generation1972Produzent
David Peel & The Lower East SideThe Hippy From New York City1972Produzent
David Peel & The Lower East SideThe Pope Smokes Dope1972Produzent
David Peel & The Super Apple BandImagine1980Musik/Text
David Peel & The Super Apple Band + Tiny TimImagine1980Musik/Text
David Peel & The Super Apple Band + Yoko OnoAmerica1980Produzent
David PorterHelp1971Musik/Text
Davy SloanEleanor Rigby1985Musik/Text
Day CostelloThe Long And Winding Road1970Musik/Text
De DanannHey Jude1980Musik/Text
De Hollandse KerststerrenIk droom van een kerstfeest1997Musik/Text
De Poema'sLaat me niet staan1999Musik/Text
De StrangersBorgeri - Borgerhout - Borgerocco1985Musik/Text
Dead KennedysBack In The USSR1978Musik/Text
Debby BooneFrom Me To You1977Musik/Text
Deborah SassonAnd I Love Him2004Musik/Text
Deborah SassonYesterday2004Musik/Text
Deep PurpleExposition / We Can Work It Out1968Musik/Text
Deep PurpleHelp1968Musik/Text
DEKAdanceI Am The Walrus2020Musik/Text
Del ShannonFrom Me To You1963Musik/Text
Del ShannonWorld Without Love1964Musik/Text
DelaysBeautiful Boy2006Musik/Text
Della MilesLove2010Musik/Text
DelltonesHappy Christmas (War Is Over)1985Musik/Text
Delta GoodremHappy Xmas (War Is Over)2003Musik/Text
Dennis CoffeyGet Back1969Musik/Text
Dennis CoffeyHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Dennis' TwistDes bises de moi pour toi1986Musik/Text
Des O'ConnorI Feel Fine1987Musik/Text
Des O'ConnorImagine1985Musik/Text
Diamond REOHelter Skelter1976Musik/Text
Diana KingHey Jude2003Musik/Text
Diana KrallIn My Life2015Musik/Text
Diana RossCome Together1970Musik/Text
Diana RossHappy Christmas (War Is Over)1994Musik/Text
Diana RossI Will2006Musik/Text
Diana RossImagine1973Musik/Text
Diana RossThe Long And Winding Road1970Musik/Text
Diana Ross & The SupremesHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Dianne SteinbergLucy In The Sky With Diamonds1978Musik/Text
Dick RiversCes mots qu'on oublie un jour1964Musik/Text
Dick RiversJ'en suis fou1963Musik/Text
Dick RiversMes ennuis1963Musik/Text
Dick RiversQuand je l'ai vue devant moi1964Musik/Text
Dickey LeeI've Just Seen A Face1976Musik/Text
Didi & his ABC-BoysBye Bye Barbara1965Musik/Text
Didi & his ABC-BoysDas war ein harter Tag1964Musik/Text
Didi & his ABC-BoysJa, das hätt' ich wissen müssen1964Musik/Text
Didi & his ABC-BoysSei mir treu wie Gold1964Musik/Text
Didi & his ABC-BoysWie du1964Musik/Text
Didi and his ABC-BoysDaraus mach' ich kein Geheimnis1963Musik/Text
Didi And His ABC-BoysHello Susann1964Musik/Text
Didi and his ABC-BoysNicht eine Mark1964Musik/Text
Didi-BoyJung wie du1964Musik/Text
Didi-BoySchließ die Augen1964Musik/Text
Die 3 SpitzbubenMichelle1966Musik/Text
Die Allstar-CrewLady Madonna1968Musik/Text
Die Amigos [DDR]Komm, gib mir deine Hand1964Musik/Text
Die Amigos [DDR]Sie liebt dich1964Musik/Text
Die AntwortCry For A Shadow1991Musik/Text
Die Geschwister PfisterMichelle1996Musik/Text
Die Geschwister PfisterSexy Sadie1996Musik/Text
Die Jankowski SingersDer Mann den's nicht gibt1970Musik/Text
Die KoppycatsHelp!1975Musik/Text
Die KoppycatsNowhere Man1975Musik/Text
Die PinguineKomm gib mir deine Hand1989Musik/Text
Die Roten RosenHappy Xmas (War Is Over)1998Musik/Text
Die Team BeatsSusie1963Musik/Text
Die Toten HosenAll You Need Is Love2009Musik/Text
Die Toten HosenI'm The Walrus1996Musik/Text
Die TravellersHoppla-di, hoppla-da1969Musik/Text
DierenparkIn mijn tijd2003Musik/Text
DierenparkWeekend wordt het koud2003Musik/Text
Dillard & ClarkDon't Let Me Down1969Musik/Text
Dino [IT]Obladì obladà2003Musik/Text
Dino, Desi & BillyGot To Get You Into My Life1967Musik/Text
Dino, Desi & BillyNowhere Man1966Musik/Text
Dino, Desi & BillyYesterday1966Musik/Text
Dino, Desi & BillyYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away1966Musik/Text
Dinu RaduMichelle1996Musik/Text
Dinu RaduNorwegian Wood1996Musik/Text
DionDrive My Car2014Musik/Text
DionLet It Be1971Musik/Text
Dionne FarrisBlackbird1994Musik/Text
Dionne WarwickA Hard Day's Night1969Musik/Text
Dionne WarwickHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Dionne WarwickWe Can Work It Out1969Musik/Text
Dionne WarwickYesterday1970Musik/Text
Disco Light OrchestraLady Madonna1980Musik/Text
DiscothèqueIntro Disco1979Musik/Text
Dizzy Man's BandEleanor Rigby1971Musik/Text
DJ Ötzi mit Lisa-MarieHappy Xmas (War Is Over)2022Musik/Text
Doc SeverinsenCarry That Weight1970Musik/Text
Doc SeverinsenCome Together1970Musik/Text
DokkenNowhere Man1996Musik/Text
DollarI Wanna Hold Your Hand1979Musik/Text
Dolly PartonHelp!1979Musik/Text
Dolly Parton & David FosterImagine2005Musik/Text
Dolly Parton feat. Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr / Peter Frampton & Mick FleetwoodLet It Be2023Musik/Text
Dominique [FR]Michelle1966Musik/Text
Dominique WalterPenny Lane1967Musik/Text
Don & The GoodtimesGood Day Sunshine1967Musik/Text
Don FardonBack In The U.S.S.R.1969Musik/Text
Don FardonDay Tripper1967Musik/Text
Don MikoMichelle1966Musik/Text
Don PartridgeHoney Pie1974Musik/Text
Don PaulinRocky Raccoon1970Musik/Text
Don SebeskyThe Word1968Musik/Text
Donna HightowerHey Jude1972Musik/Text
Donnie VieImagine2014Musik/Text
Donnie VieIn My Life2007Musik/Text
Donny OsmondThe Long And Winding Road2014Musik/Text
Doris [SE]Din mamma hon minns1969Musik/Text
Doris TroyGet Back1970Musik/Text
Doug Parkinson In FocusDear Prudence1969Musik/Text
Dr. JohnYesterday1975Musik/Text
Dua LipaGolden Slumbers2017Musik/Text
Düde DürstShe's A Woman2009Musik/Text
Duke EllingtonAll My Loving1966Musik/Text
Duke EllingtonI Want To Hold Your Hand1966Musik/Text
Duo LiebestollSpe'l clavau2005Musik/Text
Duran DuranFame1981Musik/Text
Duran DuranInstant Karma2007Musik/Text
Dwight YoakamThings We Said Today1992Musik/Text
Earth, Wind & FireGot To Get You Into My Life1978Musik/Text
Easy ConnectionBeatles [Unlimited Citations]1980Musik/Text
Echo & The BunnymenAll You Need Is Love1984Musik/Text
Echosmith feat. Hunter HayesHappy Xmas (War Is Over)2017Musik/Text
Ed AmesMichelle1967Musik/Text
Ed AmesYesterday1968Musik/Text
Ed KowalczykMind Games2012Musik/Text
Eddie und die "Atemlosen"Komm, gib mir deine Hand1963Musik/Text
Eddie VedderImagine2014Musik/Text
Eddie VedderYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away2002Musik/Text
Eddy & The LightningsEn voi ostaa rakkauttasi1964Musik/Text
Eddy MitchellLe fou sur la colline1968Musik/Text
Eddy MitchellTu ferais mieux de l'oublier1965Musik/Text
Edmundo Ros & His OrchestraHey Jude1970Musik/Text
Edu LoboHey Jude1970Musik/Text
Edward SimoniHey Jude2005Musik/Text
Ef McKayAnd Your Bird Can Sing1969Musik/Text
El ChicanoEleanor Rigby1970Musik/Text
ElbowGolden Slumbers2017Musik/Text
ElectraSo soll es immer sein1970Musik/Text
Electric Light OrchestraDaytripper1974Musik/Text
Element Of CrimeAcross The Universe2010Musik/Text
Elephant's MemoryLiberation Special1972Produzent
Elephant's MemoryLocal Plastic Ono Band1972Produzent
Elephant's MemoryPower Boogie1972Produzent
Elizabeth GranecImagine1982Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldA Hard Day's Night (Live)1965Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldCan't Buy Me Love1964Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldGot To Get You Into My Life1969Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Elton JohnGive Peace A Chance1988Musik/Text
Elton JohnLucy In The Sky With Diamonds1974Musik/Text
Elton JohnMy Baby Left Me / Get Back1970Musik/Text
Elton JohnOne Day At A Time1974Musik/Text
Elton John Band feat. John Lennon And The Muscle Shoals HornsI Saw Her Standing There1975Musik/Text
Elvis PresleyHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Elvis PresleyLady Madonna1971Musik/Text
Emeli SandéImagine2012Musik/Text
Emily LoizeauWorking Class Hero2021Musik/Text
Emmylou HarrisFor No One1975Musik/Text
Emmylou HarrisHere, There And Everywhere1975Musik/Text
En VogueYesterday1992Musik/Text
EngelbertPenny Lane2001Musik/Text
Engelbert HumperdinckFrom Me To You1977Musik/Text
Engelbert HumperdinckWhere Is Love / The Long And Winding Road2007Musik/Text
Engelbert HumperdinckWoman2007Musik/Text
England World Cup SquadOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da1970Musik/Text
Enoch Light & His OrchestraA Hard Days Night1968Musik/Text
Enrique BunburyCome Together1997Musik/Text
Eos Guitar Quartet & Corin CurschellasMatta2005Musik/Text
Episode SixHere, There And Everywhere1966Musik/Text
Eric Burdon & WarA Day In The Life1970Musik/Text
Eric Gales feat. Beth HartWith A Little Help From My Friends2019Musik/Text
Eric McFaddenBeing For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite2003Musik/Text
Eric McFaddenEleanor Rigby2010Musik/Text
Eric McFadden TrioHey Bulldog2003Musik/Text
Erick Saint-LaurentC'est devenu un homme1967Musik/Text
Erick Saint-LaurentEleanor Rigby1966Musik/Text
Erik Truffaz / Sly JohnsonCome Together2008Musik/Text
ErnestineJealous Guy1985Musik/Text
Eskimo JoeMind Games2007Musik/Text
EsperantoEleanor Rigby1975Musik/Text
Esther & Abi OfarimShe's Leaving Home1968Musik/Text
Esther PhillipsAnd I Love Him1965Musik/Text
Etta ScolloGet Back1989Musik/Text
Etta ScolloOh! Darling1988Musik/Text
Ettore CenciPlease Please Me1963Musik/Text
European Sound ProjectYesterday1989Musik/Text
EurythmicsCome Together2005Musik/Text
Eva CassidyImagine2002Musik/Text
EvanescenceAcross The Universe2021Musik/Text
ExileWe Can Work It Out1971Musik/Text
Eyes Of BlueYesterday1968Musik/Text
F.R. DavidIl est plus facile1967Musik/Text
FabulantIn di da nar2005Musik/Text
Fabulant & Tartaruga, cun MintMemia bel2005Musik/Text
Fabulous CountsHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Fairground AttractionDo You Want To Know A Secret?1989Musik/Text
FancyAll My Loving1989Musik/Text
FancyI Should Have Known Better2014Musik/Text
Fanny [1970s]Hey Bulldog1972Musik/Text
FanoeCome Together2010Musik/Text
Fantastic FourWe Can Work It Out1970Musik/Text
Farbror BlåShe Said, She Said1992Musik/Text
Fats DominoEverybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey1969Musik/Text
Fats DominoLady Madonna1968Musik/Text
Fats DominoLovely Rita1968Musik/Text
Ferrante & TeicherLet It Be1970Musik/Text
Ferrante & TeicherYesterday1966Musik/Text
Ferry AidLet It Be1987Musik/Text
FešáciLet It Be1980Musik/Text
Fever TreeDay Tripper / We Can Work It Out Musik/Text
FingerprintzDo You Want To Know A Secret1979Musik/Text
Fiona AppleAcross The Universe1998Musik/Text
Five Man Electrical BandYou're Going To Lose That Girl1969Musik/Text
Floating BridgeHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Florian Ast & KishaChumm gib mir Dini Hand1999Musik/Text
Floyd CramerFor No One1967Musik/Text
Floyd CramerI Feel Fine1965Musik/Text
Floyd CramerI'll Follow The Sun1965Musik/Text
Floyd CramerLet It Be1970Musik/Text
Floyd CramerOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da1969Musik/Text
Floyd CramerPaperback Writer1966Musik/Text
Floyd CramerYesterday1966Musik/Text
Floyd CramerYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away1966Musik/Text
Fool's GardenMartha My Dear1996Musik/Text
FormatMaxwell's Silver Hammer1969Musik/Text
Four Jacks And A JillAll You Need Is Love1975Musik/Text
Fran NelsonYesterday1968Musik/Text
Francesca AlottaImagine2004Musik/Text
Francis GoyaIf I Fell1979Musik/Text
Franck PourcelPenny Lane1967Musik/Text
Franck PourcelYesterday1976Musik/Text
Frank AlamoJe me bats pour gagner1964Musik/Text
Frank AlamoJe veux prendre ta main1964Musik/Text
Frank GibsonFor Noone1978Musik/Text
Frank Marino & Mahogany RushNorwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)1979Musik/Text
Frank OceanSeigfried2016Musik/Text
Frank OceanWhite Ferrari2016Musik/Text
Frank SchöbelGet Back1980Musik/Text
Frank SchöbelHey Jude1980Musik/Text
Frank SinatraYesterday1969Musik/Text
Frankie HowerdMean Mr. Mustard1978Musik/Text
Frankie Howerd, Sandy FarinaWhen I'm Sixty-Four1978Musik/Text
Frankie LaineMaxwell's Silver Hammer1976Musik/Text
Frankie MillerJealous Guy1977Musik/Text
Frankie ValliA Day In The Life1976Musik/Text
Frankie ValliEleanor Rigby1968Musik/Text
Frankie VaughanWait1965Musik/Text
Frannie GoldeAll You Need Is Love1976Musik/Text
Frans Bauer'k Droom van een kerstfeest2001Musik/Text
Franz LambertYesterday1981Musik/Text
Franz LambertYummy, Yummy, Yummy / Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da / Chewy Chewy1970Musik/Text
Fraser & DeBoltDon't Let Me Down1970Musik/Text
Fred Ario ComboThe Ballad Of John And Yoko1969Musik/Text
Freda PayneYesterday1966Musik/Text
Freddie & The DreamersI Feel Fine1982Musik/Text
Freddie & The DreamersI Should Have Known Better1976Musik/Text
Freddie FenderTodo mi amor1963Musik/Text
Freddie StarrFrom Me To You1974Musik/Text
Freddy RobinsonI Want To Hold Your Hand1970Musik/Text
Free SouffriauImagine2017Musik/Text
FreedomCry Baby Cry1970Musik/Text
Friend 'N FellowCan't Buy Me Love2005Musik/Text
Frizzle SizzleFrom Me To You1987Musik/Text
FurbazHappy Christmas2005Musik/Text
Fury In The SlaughterhouseDear Prudence2002Musik/Text
Gabor SzaboIf I Fell1965Musik/Text
Gabor SzaboYesterday1965Musik/Text
Gabriella FerriGive Peace A Chance1977Musik/Text
Gareth GatesYesterday2003Musik/Text
Garou avec Trudy SimoneauHappy Xmas (War Is Over)2014Musik/Text
Gary BurtonNorwegian Wood1966Musik/Text
Gary Clark Jr.Come Together2017Musik/Text
Gary Holton & Casino SteelNo Reply1982Musik/Text
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysRun For Your Life1966Musik/Text
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away Musik/Text
Gary PuckettThe Long And Winding Road1982Musik/Text
Gary PuckettWoman1982Musik/Text
Gary Toms EmpireDrive My Car1975Musik/Text
Gary U.S. BondsIt's Only Love1981Musik/Text
Gaspard RoyantHappy Christmas (War Is Over)2016Musik/Text
(John Winston Lennon)
Geff HarrisonNo Reply1973Musik/Text
Gene CottonWhen I'm 641968Musik/Text
Generation XGimme Some Truth1978Musik/Text
Genital Motors feat. Maria HänninenI Love Mercedes Benz2022Musik/Text
George BensonBecause / Come Together1970Musik/Text
George BensonGolden Slumbers / You Never Give Me Your Money1970Musik/Text
George BensonHere Comes The Sun / I Want You (She's So Heavy)1970Musik/Text
George BensonI Want To Hold Your Hand2011Musik/Text
George BensonOh! Darling1970Musik/Text
George BensonSomething / Octopus's Garden / The End1970Musik/Text
George BensonThe Long And Winding Road1996Musik/Text
George BurnsFixing A Hole1978Musik/Text
George BurnsWith A Little Help From My Friends1969Musik/Text
George BurnsYour Mother Should Know / I'll Buy The Ring1969Musik/Text
George DukeCome Together1970Musik/Text
George HoweMaxwell's Silver Hammer1969Musik/Text
George LynchI Want You / She's So Heavy2004Musik/Text
George MartinAnd I Love Her1964Musik/Text
George MartinRingo's Theme (This Boy)1964Musik/Text
George MartinYellow Submarine In Pepperland1969Musik/Text
George MichaelThe Long And Winding Road1999Musik/Text
George ShearingEleanor Rigby1974Musik/Text
Georges JouvinOb-la-di, ob-la-da1971Musik/Text
Georgie FameWhen I'm Sixty-Four1968Musik/Text
Gerald Wilson OrchestraYesterday1966Musik/Text
Gerd Böttcher & Detlef EngelEine Welt ohne Liebe1964Musik/Text
Gerry And His CometsIch bin froh1964Musik/Text
Gerry RaffertyBecause2009Musik/Text
Gerry RaffertyOut The Blue1994Musik/Text
Gershon KingsleyNowhere Man1969Musik/Text
Gershon KingsleyPaperback Rider1969Musik/Text
Gil VenturaImagine1972Musik/Text
GillanHelter Skelter1989Musik/Text
Gina DobraIch komm' nicht los von dir1963Musik/Text
Gina XDrive My Car1984Musik/Text
Gipsy VagabondsHappy X-Mas (The War Is Over)1995Musik/Text
Gisela MarellGestern noch1972Musik/Text
GitteA World Without Love1969Musik/Text
Giuliano PalmaHappy Xmas (War Is Over)2017Musik/Text
Gladys Knight & The PipsCome Together1975Musik/Text
Gladys Knight & The PipsLet It Be1971Musik/Text
Gladys Knight & The PipsThe Long And Winding Road1971Musik/Text
Gladys Knight & The PipsYesterday1968Musik/Text
Glee CastBlackbird2011Musik/Text
Glee CastDrive My Car2013Musik/Text
Glee CastGot To Get You Into My Life2013Musik/Text
Glee CastHello, Goodbye2010Musik/Text
Glee CastI Want To Hold Your Hand2010Musik/Text
Glee CastImagine2009Musik/Text
Glee CastSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band2013Musik/Text
Glee CastYesterday2013Musik/Text
Glen CampbellGrow Old With Me2008Musik/Text
Glen CampbellTicket To Ride1965Musik/Text
Glen DaleGood Day Sunshine1966Musik/Text
Global KrynerHey Jude2004Musik/Text
GodsmackCome Together2012Musik/Text
Golden EarringI'll Be Back1995Musik/Text
Gottfried BöttgerGet Back1977Musik/Text
GotthardCome Together1993Musik/Text
GotthardWhy Don't We Do It2004Musik/Text
Götz AlsmannThings We Said Today1995Musik/Text
Gov't MuleShe Said, She Said1998Musik/Text
GraffitiCome Together1977Musik/Text
Graham BonneyLove Me Do2013Musik/Text
Graham BonneyOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da2008Musik/Text
Green DayWorking Class Hero2007Musik/Text
GregorianHappy Xmas War Is Over2006Musik/Text
GregorianIn My Life2015Musik/Text
Grit van HoogGestern noch1968Musik/Text
Günter NorisAll You Need is Love1969Musik/Text
Günter NorisBack In The USSR1969Musik/Text
Günter NorisBirthday1969Musik/Text
Günter NorisBungalow Bill1969Musik/Text
Günter NorisCan't Buy Me Love1969Musik/Text
Günter NorisHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Günter NorisLady Madonna1969Musik/Text
Günter NorisNorwegian Wood1969Musik/Text
Günter NorisOb-la-di, Ob-la-da1969Musik/Text
Günter NorisPenny Lane1969Musik/Text
Günter NorisWhen I'm Sixty Four1969Musik/Text
Günter NorisWith A Little Help From My Friends1969Musik/Text
Guys 'N' DollsShe's Leaving Home1975Musik/Text
Gwen GuthrieTicket To Ride1987Musik/Text
Håkon PedersenThe Fool On The Hill1989Musik/Text
Hal SingerHey Jude1969Musik/Text
HalestormI Want You (She's So Heavy)2011Musik/Text
Half CousinGirl2004Musik/Text
Handsome Hank And His Lonesome BoysCold Turkey2002Musik/Text
Hank MarvinEleanor Rigby2002Musik/Text
Hank MarvinThe Fool On The Hill2017Musik/Text
Hank MarvinTicket To Ride2002Musik/Text
Hank Williams Jr.Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)1982Musik/Text
Hanne BoelHey Jude1992Musik/Text
Hanny-DObladi oblada2019Musik/Text
Hans Jörg HackWenn ich mal alt bin1973Musik/Text
Hans-Jürgen BeyerYesterday1979Musik/Text
Happy MondaysDesmond1987Musik/Text
Happy MondaysLazyitis1988Musik/Text
Hard MeatRain1969Musik/Text
Hardin & YorkNothern Medley: Lady Madonna / Norwegian Wood1970Musik/Text
Harpa GunnarsdóttirElsku kisa mín1975Musik/Text
Harpers BizarreBlackbird1969Musik/Text
Harry Connick Jr.And I Love Her2009Musik/Text
Harry Connick Jr. & Carla BruniAnd I Love Her2009Musik/Text
Harry NilssonAll My Life1974Produzent
Harry NilssonBlack Sails1974Produzent
Harry NilssonLoop De Loop1974Produzent
Harry NilssonMucho Mungo / Mt. Elga1974Musik/Text
Harry NilssonRock Around The Clock1974Produzent
Harry NilssonSubterranean Homesick Blues1974Produzent
Hayseed DixieStrawberry Fields Forever2007Musik/Text
HeadCatYou Can't Do That2011Musik/Text
Heather NovaWe Can Work It Out2002Musik/Text
Heinz die HundekehleZieht den Bayern die Lederhosen aus1980Musik/Text
Heinz Rudolf Kunze & RäuberzivilMach es wie ich2012Musik/Text
Helen ReddyHow1971Musik/Text
Helen ReddyOne After 9091978Musik/Text
Helen ReddyThe Fool On The Hill1976Musik/Text
Helga HahnemannDicke International1986Musik/Text
HelloweenAll My Loving1999Musik/Text
Helmut KoellenYou Won't See Me1977Musik/Text
Helmut SchmidtJeder braucht einen Freund1967Musik/Text
Henry ArlandLet It Be1976Musik/Text
Henry GrossHelp1976Musik/Text
Herb AlpertImagine2017Musik/Text
Herb AlpertMichelle2017Musik/Text
Herb Alpert & Lani HallBlackbird2011Musik/Text
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana BrassAll My Loving1964Musik/Text
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana BrassAnd I Love Her2005Musik/Text
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana BrassI'll Be Back1969Musik/Text
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana BrassMartha My Dear1970Musik/Text
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana BrassOb-la-di, Ob-la-da1969Musik/Text
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana BrassWith A Little Help From My Friends1967Musik/Text
Herb PedersenPaperback Writer1976Musik/Text
Herbert Knebels AffentheaterSie liebt dich2001Musik/Text
Herbie HancockNorwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)1996Musik/Text
Herbie Hancock feat. Dave MatthewsTomorrow Never Knows2010Musik/Text
Herbie Hancock feat. P!nk, Seal, India.Arie, Jeff Beck, Konono No 1 & Oumou SangareImagine2010Musik/Text
Herbie MannCome Together1970Musik/Text
Herbie MannFlying1969Musik/Text
Herbie MannNorwegian Wood1967Musik/Text
Herbie MannOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da1973Musik/Text
Herbie MannThe Night Before1965Musik/Text
Herbie MannYesterday1965Musik/Text
Herbie MannYou Never Give Me Your Money1974Musik/Text
Herbie Mann & Tamiko JonesDay Tripper1966Musik/Text
Herman van KeekenDu bist schön1963Musik/Text
HermitagePlots is het Kerstmis2020Musik/Text
Het FeestteamLet It Be2011Musik/Text
(John Winston Lennon)
Himesh PatelA Hard Day's Night2019Musik/Text
Himesh PatelCarry That Weight2019Musik/Text
Himesh PatelHey Jude2019Musik/Text
Himesh PatelI Saw Her Standing There2019Musik/Text
Himesh PatelIn My Life2019Musik/Text
Himesh PatelLet It Be2019Musik/Text
Himesh PatelShe Loves You2019Musik/Text
Himesh PatelThe Long & Winding Road2019Musik/Text
Himesh PatelYesterday2019Musik/Text
Himesh Patel & Lily JamesI Want To Hold Your Hand2019Musik/Text
Hi-StandardHappy X-Mas (War Is Over)1997Musik/Text
Hollywood VampiresCold Turkey2015Musik/Text
Honor BlackmanWorld Without Love1964Musik/Text
HootersLucy In The Sky With Diamonds1983Musik/Text
Horst JankowskiYesterday1967Musik/Text
Horst Jankowski und sein Rias-TanzorchesterCan't Buy Me Love1974Musik/Text
Horst Jankowski und sein Rias-TanzorchesterHey Jude1977Musik/Text
Hot ChocolateGive Peace A Chance1969Musik/Text
Howard CarpendaleAnd I Love Her1980Musik/Text
Howard CarpendaleHoward Carpendale singt Welt-Hits - Medley2005Musik/Text
Howard CarpendaleOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da1968Musik/Text
Howard CarpendaleYesterday2004Musik/Text
Howard Carpendale & The Royal Philharmonic OrchestraHappy Xmas (War Is Over)2021Musik/Text
Howard KeelYesterday1985Musik/Text
Howie DayHelp!2002Musik/Text
Hugo Strasser mit der SWR Big BandYesterday1970Musik/Text
Hugues AufrayJe croyais1965Musik/Text
Human NatureAll You Need Is Love2018Musik/Text
Human NatureCan't Buy Me Love2018Musik/Text
Human NatureGot To Get You Into My Life2008Musik/Text
Human NatureShe's Leaving Home2008Musik/Text
Humble PieDrive My Car1975Musik/Text
Humble PieRain1975Musik/Text
Humble PieWe Can Work It Out1975Musik/Text
Humphrey RobertsonHappy Xmas (War Is Over)2005Musik/Text
Hunter [1970s]Rain1976Musik/Text
Hush [DE]Oh! Darling1969Musik/Text
Hybrid KidsHappy Xmas (War Is Over)1980Musik/Text
Hylda Baker & Arthur MullardGet Back1978Musik/Text
I Nuovi AngeliIl Dubbio1969Musik/Text
Ian & The ZodiacsA Hard Day's Night1964Musik/Text
Ian & The ZodiacsEight Days A Week1965Musik/Text
Ian & The ZodiacsFrom Me To You1964Musik/Text
Ian & The ZodiacsI Feel Fine1965Musik/Text
Ian & The ZodiacsI Want To Hold Your Hand1964Musik/Text
Ian & The ZodiacsPlease Please Me1964Musik/Text
Ian & The ZodiacsShe Loves You1964Musik/Text
Ian CussickYou Won't See me1981Musik/Text
Ian GommYou Can't Do That1978Musik/Text
Ibernice MacBeanBlackbird2013Musik/Text
Iggy PopMichelle2012Musik/Text
Ike & Tina TurnerCome Together1969Musik/Text
Ike & Tina TurnerGet Back1972Musik/Text
Ike & Tina TurnerLet It Be1970Musik/Text
Ike & Tina TurnerShe Came In Through The Bathroom Window1972Musik/Text
Ike & Tina TurnerWith A Little Help From My Friends1969Musik/Text
Il Était Une FoisThe Fool On The Hill1978Musik/Text
Ils Fränzlis da Tschlin & Stephan EicherElena Ratti2005Musik/Text
Imaginary FutureLet It Be2018Musik/Text
Imperial State ElectricYou Can't Do That2011Musik/Text
Indra And The Park Avenue ConnectionI Feel Fine1997Musik/Text
Indra And The Park Avenue ConnectionI Saw Her Standing There1997Musik/Text
Inker & HamiltonYou Won't See Me1992Musik/Text
Inner CircleCarry That Weight1980Musik/Text
Inner CircleOb-La-Di Ob-La-Da1998Musik/Text
Instant FunkHard Day's Night1983Musik/Text
Isabella BondI Feel Fine1964Musik/Text
Israel Nash GripkaWorking Class Hero2011Musik/Text
It's A Beautiful DayImagine1971Musik/Text
Jack DievalAll My Loving1965Musik/Text
Jack DievalAnd I Love Her1965Musik/Text
Jack DievalMichelle1965Musik/Text
Jack DievalYesterday1965Musik/Text
Jack JohnsonImagine2007Musik/Text
Jack JonesAnd I Love Her1965Musik/Text
Jack JonesMichelle1967Musik/Text
Jack JonesShe's Leaving Home1997Musik/Text
Jack JonesYesterday1967Musik/Text
Jack VidgenImagine2012Musik/Text
Jack WildOb-La-Di Ob-La-Da1971Musik/Text
Jackie Cain & Roy KralLady Madonna1968Musik/Text
Jackie DeShannonThings We Said Today1978Musik/Text
Jackie EdwardsYesterday1965Musik/Text
Jackie RobinsonMother1976Musik/Text
Jackie TrentGot To Get You Into My Life1967Musik/Text
Jackie WilsonEleanor Rigby1969Musik/Text
Jack's Mannequin feat. Mick FleetwoodGod2007Musik/Text
Jackson BrowneOh, My Love2007Musik/Text
Jacky TerrassonCome Together2015Musik/Text
Jacky TerrassonOh My Love2012Musik/Text
JackylI Am The Walrus1998Musik/Text
Jaco PastoriusBlackbird1981Musik/Text
Jacques StotzemCome Together2008Musik/Text
JaguaresGimme Some Truth2007Musik/Text
Jakob Dylan feat. Dhani HarrisonGimme Some Truth2007Musik/Text
James DarrenHello Goodbye / We Can Work It Out1971Musik/Text
James LastA Hard Day's Night1983Musik/Text
James LastAll You Need Is Love1983Musik/Text
James LastBeatles Medley1998Musik/Text
James LastEleanor Rigby1983Musik/Text
James LastGive Peace A Chance1970Musik/Text
James LastHey Jude1974Musik/Text
James LastLady Madonna1983Musik/Text
James LastLet It Be1974Musik/Text
James LastMichelle1983Musik/Text
James LastNorwegian Wood1983Musik/Text
James LastOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da1983Musik/Text
James LastPenny Lane1983Musik/Text
James LastPower To The People1971Musik/Text
James LastShe Came In Through The Bathroom Window1971Musik/Text
James LastShe Loves You1983Musik/Text
James TaylorDay Tripper1979Musik/Text
Jan & DeanMichelle1966Musik/Text
Jan & DeanNorwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)1966Musik/Text
Jan & DeanYesterday1966Musik/Text
Jan & DeanYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away1966Musik/Text
Jan Dulles & Simon KeizerHere There And Everywhere2010Musik/Text
Jan LeyersNorwegian Wood (Live)2019Musik/Text
Jan VayneEleanor Rigby1992Musik/Text
Jan Vogler / BBC Philharmonic / Omer Meir WellberGolden Slumbers2022Musik/Text
Jane ConstanceLove2018Musik/Text
(John Winston Lennon)
Jane MonheitGolden Slumbers / Long And Winding Road2013Musik/Text
Janoska EnsembleLet It Be2019Musik/Text
Janoska EnsemblePenny Lane2019Musik/Text
Janoska EnsembleYesterday2019Musik/Text
JawaddeOh Marietje1979Musik/Text
Jay & The AmericansGirl1965Musik/Text
Jay & The AmericansHere, There And Everywhere1967Musik/Text
Jean-Claude BorellyRockollection1978Musik/Text
Jeannie SeelyYesterday1966Musik/Text
Jeff BeckA Day In The Life2008Musik/Text
Jeff BeckShe's A Woman1975Musik/Text
Jeff Beck / Johnny DeppIsolation2020Musik/Text
Jeff LynneWith A Little Help From My Friends / Nowhere Man1976Musik/Text
Jennifer EwbankImagine2011Musik/Text
Jennifer HudsonGolden Slumbers/Carry That Weight2016Musik/Text
Jennifer Hudson feat. The RootsLet It Be2010Musik/Text
Jennifer WarnesHere, There And Everywhere1968Musik/Text
Jenny MorrisI've Just Seen A Face1987Musik/Text
Jerry GarciaI Saw Her Standing There1982Musik/Text
Jess FeldmanImagine1972Musik/Text
Jessi ColterGet Back1976Musik/Text
Jessi ColterHey Jude1976Musik/Text
Jessica GallImagine2008Musik/Text
Jessica SimpsonHappy Xmas (War Is Over)2010Musik/Text
Jim And AdyCome Together1977Musik/Text
Jimi HendrixDay Tripper1967Musik/Text
Jimi HendrixDay Tripper (Live)1967Musik/Text
Jimi HendrixSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band1970Musik/Text
Jimi HendrixTomorrow Never Knows1980Musik/Text
Jimi Hendrix & Curtis KnightDay Tripper1966Musik/Text
Jimmy BuffettHappy Xmas (War Is Over)1996Musik/Text
Jimmy CliffOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da1999Musik/Text
Jimmy FreyElle t'aime1963Musik/Text
Jimmy James & The VagabondsGood Day Sunshine1968Musik/Text
Jimmy Osmond60's Medley2005Musik/Text
Jimmy PowellBack In The USSR1970Musik/Text
Jimmy ScottJealous Guy1998Musik/Text
Jive BunnyHop Around The Clock1991Musik/Text
Jò SquilloWoman2012Musik/Text
Jo VallyVriend uit het Oosten1992Musik/Text
Joan BaezEleanor Rigby1967Musik/Text
Joan BaezImagine1972Musik/Text
Joan BaezLet It Be1971Musik/Text
Joan BaezYesterday1967Musik/Text
Joan Collins with The Royal Philharmonic OrchestraImagine1983Musik/Text
Joe BrownWith A Little Help From My Friends1967Musik/Text
Joe CockerCome Together2007Musik/Text
Joe CockerI'll Cry Instead1964Musik/Text
Joe CockerIsolation1987Musik/Text
Joe CockerJealous Guy2004Musik/Text
Joe CockerLet It Be1970Musik/Text
Joe CockerShe Came In Through The Bathroom Window1969Musik/Text
Joe CockerWith A Little Help From My Friends1968Musik/Text
Joe CockerWith A Little Help From My Friends (1987 Remix)1968Musik/Text
Joe CockerYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away1991Musik/Text
Joe FaginCry For No One1982Musik/Text
Joe FaginShe's Leaving Home1993Musik/Text
Joeland Guitar SoundThe Ballad Of John And Yoko2009Musik/Text
Joey HendricksHappy Xmas (War Is Over)2020Musik/Text
Johan HermansYesterday2002Musik/Text
John & Yoko / The Plastic Ono BandListen, The Snow Is Falling1972Produzent
John & Yoko / The Plastic Ono Band with The Harlem Community ChoirHappy Xmas (War Is Over)1971Musik/Text
John BlairGolden Slumber / O-o-h Child1970Musik/Text
John BlairLucy In The Sky With Diamonds1977Musik/Text
John DavidsonLet It Be1970Musik/Text
John DavidsonOb-La-Di Ob-La-Da1969Musik/Text
John DenverAnd I Love Her1966Musik/Text
John DenverEleanor Rigby1970Musik/Text
John DenverGolden Slumbers / Sweet Sweet Life / Tremble If You Must1970Musik/Text
John DenverHere, There And Everywhere1966Musik/Text
John DenverIn My Life1966Musik/Text
John DenverLet It Be1971Musik/Text
John DenverMother Nature's Son1972Musik/Text
John DenverWhen I'm Sixty-Four1969Musik/Text
John DenverYesterday1966Musik/Text
John FarnhamHelp1980Musik/Text
John FarnhamHelp (Live)1986Musik/Text
John GaryMichelle1967Musik/Text
John Hamilton BandI Wanna Be Your Man / Carol Musik/Text
John HartfordHey Jude1970Musik/Text
John Henry Borland And His OrchestraYesterday1981Musik/Text
John HoltI Will1976Musik/Text
John KincadeIntuition1974Musik/Text
John LegendHappy Xmas (War Is Over)2019Musik/Text
John Lennon#9 Dream1974Musik/Text
John Lennon(Just Like) Starting Over1980Musik/Text
John LennonAin't That A Shame1975Produzent
John LennonAisumasen (I'm Sorry)1973Musik/Text
John LennonBeautiful Boy (Darling Boy)1980Musik/Text
John LennonBe-Bop-A-Lula1975Produzent
John LennonBeef Jerky1974Musik/Text
John LennonBless You1974Musik/Text
John LennonBorrowed Time1980Musik/Text
John LennonBring It On Home To Me / Send Me Some Lovin'1975Produzent
John LennonBring On The Lucie (Freda Peeple)1973Musik/Text
John LennonCleanup Time1980Musik/Text
John LennonCrippled Inside1971Musik/Text
John LennonDear Yoko1980Musik/Text
John LennonDo You Want To Dance1975Produzent
John LennonGimme Some Truth1971Musik/Text
John LennonGod1970Musik/Text
John LennonGoing Down On Love1974Musik/Text
John LennonGrow Old With Me1984Musik/Text
John LennonHold On1970Musik/Text
John LennonHow Do You Sleep?1971Musik/Text
John LennonHow?1971Musik/Text
John LennonI Don't Wanna Be A Soldier Mama I Don't Wanna Die1971Musik/Text
John LennonI Don't Wanna Face It1979Musik/Text
John LennonI Found Out1970Musik/Text
John LennonI Know (I Know)1973Musik/Text
John LennonI'm Losing You1980Musik/Text
John LennonI'm Stepping Out1984Musik/Text
John LennonInstant Karma!1970Musik/Text
John LennonIntuition1973Musik/Text
John LennonIsolation1970Musik/Text
John LennonIt's So Hard1971Musik/Text
John LennonJealous Guy1971Musik/Text
John LennonLady Marmalade1976Produzent
John LennonLook At Me1970Musik/Text
John LennonMeat City1973Musik/Text
John LennonMind Games1973Musik/Text
John LennonMother1970Musik/Text
John LennonMove Over Ms. L1975Musik/Text
John LennonMy Little Flower Princess (Forgive Me)1980Musik/Text
John LennonMy Mummy's Dead1970Musik/Text
John LennonNobody Loves You (When You're Down And Out)1974Musik/Text
John LennonNobody Told Me1984Musik/Text
John LennonNutopian International Anthem1973Musik/Text
John LennonOh My Love1971Produzent
John LennonOh Yoko!1971Musik/Text
John LennonOld Dirt Road1974Musik/Text
John LennonOne Day (At A Time)1973Musik/Text
John LennonOnly People1973Musik/Text
John LennonOut The Blue1973Musik/Text
John LennonPeggy Sue1975Produzent
John LennonReal Love1988Musik/Text
John LennonRemember1970Musik/Text
John LennonRip It Up / Ready Teddy1975Produzent
John LennonScared1974Musik/Text
John LennonSlippin' And Slidin'1975Produzent
John LennonStand By Me1975Produzent
John LennonSteel And Glass1974Musik/Text
John LennonSurprise, Surprise (Sweet Bird Of Paradise)1974Musik/Text
John LennonSweet Little Sixteen1975Produzent
John LennonTight A$1973Musik/Text
John LennonWatching The Wheels1980Musik/Text
John LennonWell Well Well1970Musik/Text
John LennonWhat You Got1974Musik/Text
John LennonWoman1980Musik/Text
John LennonYa Ya1974Produzent
John LennonYou Are Here1973Musik/Text
John Lennon & The Plastic Ono BandLove1970Musik/Text
John Lennon & The Plastic Ono BandWorking Class Hero1970Musik/Text
John Lennon & Yoko OnoAmsterdam1969Musik/Text
John Lennon & Yoko OnoAngela1972Musik/Text
John Lennon & Yoko OnoBaby's Heartbeat1969Musik/Text
John Lennon & Yoko OnoCambridge 19691969Musik/Text
John Lennon & Yoko OnoHushabye, Hushabye1968Musik/Text
John Lennon & Yoko OnoJohn & Yoko1969Musik/Text
John Lennon & Yoko OnoNo Bed For Beatle John1969Musik/Text
John Lennon & Yoko OnoRadio Play1969Musik/Text
John Lennon & Yoko OnoThe Luck Of The Irish1972Musik/Text
John Lennon & Yoko OnoTogether1968Musik/Text
John Lennon & Yoko OnoTwo Minute Silence1969Musik/Text
John Lennon & Yoko OnoTwo Virgins Nr. 11968Musik/Text
John Lennon & Yoko OnoTwo Virgins Nr. 101968Musik/Text
John Lennon & Yoko OnoTwo Virgins Nr. 21968Musik/Text
John Lennon & Yoko OnoTwo Virgins Nr. 31968Musik/Text
John Lennon & Yoko OnoTwo Virgins Nr. 41968Musik/Text
John Lennon & Yoko OnoTwo Virgins Nr. 51968Musik/Text
John Lennon & Yoko OnoTwo Virgins Nr. 61968Musik/Text
John Lennon & Yoko OnoTwo Virgins Nr. 71968Musik/Text
John Lennon & Yoko OnoTwo Virgins Nr. 81968Musik/Text
John Lennon & Yoko OnoTwo Virgins Nr. 91968Musik/Text
John Lennon / Plastic Ono BandAttica State1972Musik/Text
John Lennon / Plastic Ono BandDizzy Miss Lizzy1969Produzent
John Lennon / Plastic Ono BandImagine1971Musik/Text
John Lennon / Plastic Ono BandJohn Sinclair1972Musik/Text
John Lennon / Plastic Ono BandNew York City1972Musik/Text
John Lennon / Plastic Ono BandPower To The People1971Musik/Text
John Lennon / Plastic Ono BandSunday Bloody Sunday1972Musik/Text
John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band With Elephant's Memory And The Invisible StringsWoman Is The Nigger Of The World1972Musik/Text
John Lennon With The Plastic Ono Nuclear BandWhatever Gets You Thru' The Night1974Musik/Text
John Lennon, Liverpool Philharmonic Youth ChoirImagine2012Musik/Text
John MayallA Hard Day's Night1976Musik/Text
John Paul YoungThe Fool On The Hill1981Musik/Text
John PetersenHey Jude1976Musik/Text
John Petersen & SkylinerEleanor Rigby1977Musik/Text
John Petersen & SkylinerGet Back1977Musik/Text
John Petersen & SkylinerGirl1977Musik/Text
John Petersen & SkylinerHelp!1976Musik/Text
John ScofieldI Will2011Musik/Text
John Smith & The New SoundGot To Get You Into My Life1966Musik/Text
John Williams [AU UK]Because1971Musik/Text
Johnny & His Cellar RockersClose Your Eyes1964Musik/Text
Johnny & The HurricanesI Should've Known Better1963Musik/Text
Johnny & The HurricanesYou Can't Do That1963Musik/Text
Johnny CashIn My Life2002Musik/Text
Johnny HallydayJe l'aime1966Musik/Text
Johnny HallydayJe veux te graver dans ma vie1966Musik/Text
Johnny HallydayJe veux te graver dans ma vie (Live)1993Musik/Text
Johnny HallydayOn a ses jours1965Musik/Text
Johnny HallydayQuand je l'ai vue devant moi1964Musik/Text
Johnny Hallyday avec Laeticia HallydayImagine2006Musik/Text
Johnny Kendall And The HeraldsSinds ik jou daar zag staan1964Musik/Text
Johnny LoganHappy X-mas2001Musik/Text
Johnny MathisHere, There And Everywhere1968Musik/Text
Johnny MathisThe Long And Winding Road1970Musik/Text
Johnny MathisWe Can Work It Out1971Musik/Text
Johnny ReimarMichelle1966Musik/Text
Johnny RiversA Hard Day's Night1963Musik/Text
Johnny RiversCan't Buy Me Love1964Musik/Text
Johnny RiversI Should Have Known Better1965Musik/Text
Johnny RiversI'll Cry Instead1965Musik/Text
Johnny RiversRun For Your Life1966Musik/Text
Johnny WinterRock N Roll People1974Musik/Text
Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra with StereophonicsRevolution2001Musik/Text
Jools Holland / José Feliciano with The Rhythm & Blues OrchestraIn My Life2017Musik/Text
Jorge BlancoDrive My Car2017Musik/Text
Jørgen Krabbenhøft & BandAll My Loving1976Musik/Text
Jørgen Krabbenhøft & BandDo You Want To Know A Secret1976Musik/Text
José AlbertoUn grande amor1996Musik/Text
José FelicianoA Day In The Life1985Musik/Text
José FelicianoAnd I Love Her1968Musik/Text
José FelicianoBlackbird1970Musik/Text
José FelicianoDay Tripper1969Musik/Text
José FelicianoHelp!1966Musik/Text
José FelicianoHere, There And Everywhere1968Musik/Text
José FelicianoHey Jude1969Musik/Text
José FelicianoI Feel Fine1983Musik/Text
José FelicianoIn My Life1968Musik/Text
José FelicianoLady Madonna1969Musik/Text
José FelicianoLet It Be1970Musik/Text
José FelicianoNorwegian Wood1970Musik/Text
José FelicianoShe Came In Through The Bathroom Window1970Musik/Text
José FelicianoShe's A Woman1969Musik/Text
José FelicianoYesterday1970Musik/Text
José González#9 Dream2013Musik/Text
Josef LauferMichelle1966Musik/Text
Joseph WilliamsIf I Fell2021Musik/Text
Josh GrobanHappy Xmas (War Is Over)2017Musik/Text
Joshua RedmanLet It Be2013Musik/Text
Joy & The Hit KidsOh! Darling1969Musik/Text
Joy FlemingOh Darling1976Musik/Text
Joy Fleming & The Jambalaya Gospel ChoirGive Peace A Chance2002Musik/Text
Joy MarshallA Hard Day's Night1965Musik/Text
Judie TzukeHey Jude2003Musik/Text
Judith OwenBlackbird2018Musik/Text
Judy CollinsIn My Life1966Musik/Text
Julia MigenesGestern noch1973Musik/Text
Julian Lennon feat. Nuno BettencourtImagine2022Musik/Text
Juliane WerdingHey Jude1977Musik/Text
Julie CovingtonHow1978Musik/Text
Julie FelixLet It Be1983Musik/Text
Julie LondonAnd I Love Him1969Musik/Text
Julien [2020s]Imagine2022Musik/Text
Juliet [1980s]I Saw Him Standing There1985Musik/Text
Julio IglesiasAnd I Love Her1990Musik/Text
Junior [ES]No me dejes1964Musik/Text
Junior CampbellDrive My Car1972Musik/Text
Jürgen MarcusHey Jude1976Musik/Text
Jürgen MarcusLady Madonna1975Musik/Text
JustinThis Boy1998Musik/Text
Justin Hayward with Mike Batt And The London Philharmonic OrchestraBlackbird1989Musik/Text
k.d. langGolden Slumbers / The End2006Musik/Text
KadavarHelter Skelter2017Musik/Text
Kadetten HorgenSgt. Pepper's - A Little Help2007Musik/Text
Kai WarnerGet Back1978Musik/Text
Kai WarnerGirl1978Musik/Text
Kai Warner & His OrchestraEight Days A Week1976Musik/Text
KansasEleanor Rigby1998Musik/Text
Kapelle ObwaldnergruessWhen I'm Sixty Four1991Musik/Text
Karel ČernochSnídanì v trávì1971Musik/Text
Karel GottAdresát neznámý1964Musik/Text
Karel GottDas trägst du lange mit dir1970Musik/Text
Karen JonesCome Together1990Musik/Text
Karin KentJelle sal wel sien1967Musik/Text
Kat Edmonson(Just Like) Starting Over2009Musik/Text
Kate CeberanoThe Long And Winding Road2021Musik/Text
KatfishDear Prudence1975Musik/Text
Kathi RaschkeEleanor Rigby1966Musik/Text
Kathy LindekensBang om je kwijt te zijn1987Musik/Text
Kathy McCordI'm Leaving Home1971Musik/Text
Katie MeluaCry Baby Cry2006Musik/Text
Katie MeluaLucy In The Sky With Diamonds2006Musik/Text
Katie Targett AdamsImagine2003Musik/Text
Katie Targett AdamsIn My Life2003Musik/Text
Katja EbsteinA Hard Day's Night1969Musik/Text
Katona TwinsCome Together2014Musik/Text
Katy KarrenbauerHelp2002Musik/Text
Kay Cee BangDay Tripper1982Musik/Text
Keb' Mo'Imagine2004Musik/Text
Keith CarradineRain1978Musik/Text
Keith MoonIn My Life1975Musik/Text
Keith MoonMove Over Ms. L1975Musik/Text
Keith MoonWhen I'm Sixty-Four1976Musik/Text
Kenny & The SonicsObladi-Oblada1968Musik/Text
Kenny Ball & His JazzmenWhen I'm Sixty-Four1967Musik/Text
Kenny GYesterday2006Musik/Text
Kenny LattimoreAnd I Love Her2008Musik/Text
Kenny LogginsAll Together Now2009Musik/Text
Kenny LogginsGoodnight2000Musik/Text
Kenny LogginsLove1994Musik/Text
Kenny Loggins with Jim MessinaTwo Of Us2009Musik/Text
Kenny RankinBlackbird1974Musik/Text
Kenny RankinDear Prudence1969Musik/Text
Kenny RankinPenny Lane1975Musik/Text
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionGet Back1973Musik/Text
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionPaperback Writer1973Musik/Text
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionThe Long And Winding Road1973Musik/Text
Kevin RowlandThe Long And Winding Road1999Musik/Text
Keyon HarroldShe's Leaving Home2018Musik/Text
Khaled feat. NoaImagine1999Musik/Text
Kick AxeWith A Little Help From My Friends1985Musik/Text
Kicki OscarssonDu måste glömma det som var1967Musik/Text
Kid Creole & The CoconutsThings We Said Today1995Musik/Text
Kids UnitedImagine2015Musik/Text
Kim BeaconImagine1979Musik/Text
King CurtisHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Kingdom ComeAnd I Love Her1996Musik/Text
Kin-Ping-MehCome Together1972Musik/Text
KirkaHey Jude1971Musik/Text
KirkaLady Madonna1971Musik/Text
Klaus LageIch bin das Walross1980Musik/Text
Klaus WunderlichHey Jude / Saved By The Bell1969Musik/Text
Klaus WunderlichRock Around The Clock / Lady Madonna1968Musik/Text
Knut KiesewetterGestern noch1965Musik/Text
Knut KiesewetterGirl1965Musik/Text
Komminuet - Spritz For Five - The WiseHappy Christmas (War Is Over)2014Musik/Text
KongoLady Madonna1990Musik/Text
Konishi Yasuharu feat. Marlena ShawImagine2011Musik/Text
Kurt CobainAnd I Love Her2015Musik/Text
Kurt EllingNorwegian Wood2010Musik/Text
KuTsoWhy Don't We Do It On The Road2015Musik/Text
L_marTut ensemen2005Musik/Text
La Chorale des MontagnesHappy Christmas (War Is Over)2013Musik/Text
La Quinta FacciaDrive My Car1975Musik/Text
La Quinta FacciaGet Back1977Musik/Text
La SeineI'm Down1976Musik/Text
LaibachAcross The Universe1988Musik/Text
LakesideI Want To Hold Your Hand1981Musik/Text
LamuStell dir vor1984Musik/Text
Lana CantrellShe's Leaving Home1967Musik/Text
Lana CantrellThe Fool On The Hill1968Musik/Text
Lana CantrellYour Mother Should Know1969Musik/Text
Lars BerghagenEnsamhet1965Musik/Text
Las Vuoschs Dalla GelgiaBuna notg2005Musik/Text
Laura Pausini with the Patrick Williams OrchestraHappy Xmas (War Is Over)2016Musik/Text
Laurence Jones BandDay Tripper2019Musik/Text
Laurent VoulzyHere There And Everywhere2006Musik/Text
Laurent VoulzyRockollection (Live)1995Musik/Text
Laurent VoulzyRockollection Part I1977Musik/Text
Le Grand Orchestre de Paul MauriatEleanor Rigby1968Musik/Text
Le Grand Orchestre de Paul MauriatGet Back1969Musik/Text
Le Grand Orchestre de Paul MauriatGirl1966Musik/Text
Le Grand Orchestre de Paul MauriatGoodbye1969Musik/Text
Le Grand Orchestre de Paul MauriatHey Jude1968Musik/Text
Le Grand Orchestre de Paul MauriatLady Madonna1968Musik/Text
Le Grand Orchestre de Paul MauriatLet It Be1970Musik/Text
Le Grand Orchestre de Paul MauriatMichelle1966Musik/Text
Le Grand Orchestre de Paul MauriatPenny Lane1968Musik/Text
Le Grand Orchestre de Paul MauriatTicket To Ride1972Musik/Text
Le Grand Orchestre de Paul MauriatYesterday1972Musik/Text
LeAnn RimesYesterday1997Musik/Text
Lee ConwayYesterday1969Musik/Text
Lee MosesDay Tripper1967Musik/Text
LeinemannLove Me Do1978Musik/Text
LeinemannOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da1971Musik/Text
Lena HorneAnd I Love Him1965Musik/Text
Lena HorneIn My Life1970Musik/Text
Lena MartellHey Jude1980Musik/Text
Lena ZavaroniPenny Lane1982Musik/Text
Leningrad CowboysBack In The USSR1992Musik/Text
Leningrad CowboysYellow Submarine1994Musik/Text
Lennon / Plastic Ono BandWho Has Seen The Wind?1970Produzent
Lenny KravitzCold Turkey2007Musik/Text
Léo Chauliac and His OrchestraPenny Lane1968Musik/Text
Léo Chauliac and His OrchestraTicket To Ride1968Musik/Text
Léo Chauliac and His OrchestraYes It Is1968Musik/Text
Léo Chauliac and His OrchestraYesterday1968Musik/Text
Leo SayerI Am The Walrus1976Musik/Text
Leo SayerLet It Be1975Musik/Text
Leo SayerThe Long And Winding Road1976Musik/Text
Leo WrightLet It Be1973Musik/Text
Leon HaywoodYesterday1969Musik/Text
Les Bourgeois De CalaisMichelle1966Musik/Text
Les BrünettesBlackbird2017Musik/Text
Les BrünettesGot To Get You Into My Life2017Musik/Text
Les BrünettesI Want You (She's So Heavy)2017Musik/Text
Les BrünettesImagine2017Musik/Text
Les BrünettesLady Madonna2017Musik/Text
Les BrünettesLet It Be2017Musik/Text
Les BrünettesPenny Lane2017Musik/Text
Les BrünettesThe Ballad Of John And Yoko2017Musik/Text
Les ChampionsToi l'orgueilleux1964Musik/Text
Les Compagnons De La ChansonLe sous-marin vert1966Musik/Text
Les Gam'sToi l'ami1963Musik/Text
Les JetsJe suis amoureux1964Musik/Text
Les LionceauxDis-moi pourquoi1965Musik/Text
Les LionceauxJe ne peux l'acheter1964Musik/Text
Les LionceauxJe te veux toute à moi1964Musik/Text
Les LionceauxNe ris pas1967Musik/Text
Les LionceauxQuatre garçons dans le vent1964Musik/Text
Les McCann Ltd.Yesterday1966Musik/Text
Les MissilesÇa reste entre nous1964Musik/Text
Les MissilesIl faut oser1965Musik/Text
Les MissilesTu chang'ras d'avis1964Musik/Text
Les Reed & The International Pop Proms OrchestraFool On The Hill1978Musik/Text
Les SauterellesPauper bel gianter2005Musik/Text
Les SurfsAdieu chagrin1964Musik/Text
Lesley GarrettFor No One/Blackbird2001Musik/Text
Lesley Garrett, Zoe Mather, Jonathan Harvey / String Ensemble / Philip EllisLet It Be2002Musik/Text
Leslie Mandoki and FriendsImagine1993Musik/Text
Leslie UggamsAnd I Love Her (Him)1964Musik/Text
Leslie UggamsWe Can Work It Out1966Musik/Text
Leslie WestEleanor Rigby2015Musik/Text
Leslie WestI Feel Fine2011Musik/Text
Liesbeth ListGisteren1966Musik/Text
Lieutenant PigeonYellow Submarine1972Musik/Text
LighthouseA Day In The Life1969Musik/Text
Linard Bardill & Bruno BrandenbergerSar nagliur2005Musik/Text
Linda BergenMama1976Musik/Text
Linda RonstadtGood Night1996Musik/Text
Linda TeodosiuWith A Little Help From My Friends2009Musik/Text
Little AngelsYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away1992Musik/Text
Little Pieces Of MarmeladeI Am The Walrus2020Musik/Text
Little RichardI Saw Her Standing There1970Musik/Text
Liverpool ExpressA Hard Day's Night1977Musik/Text
Liverpool ExpressAll My Loving1977Musik/Text
Liverpool ExpressAnd I Love Her1977Musik/Text
Liverpool ExpressCan't Buy Me Love1977Musik/Text
Liverpool ExpressDay Tripper1977Musik/Text
Liverpool ExpressGirl1977Musik/Text
Liverpool ExpressHey Jude1977Musik/Text
Liverpool ExpressI Want To Hold Your Hand1977Musik/Text
Liverpool ExpressIf I Fell1977Musik/Text
Liverpool ExpressLet It Be1977Musik/Text
Liverpool ExpressMichelle1977Musik/Text
Liverpool ExpressShe Loves You1977Musik/Text
Liverpool ExpressYesterday1977Musik/Text
Liz Damon's Orient ExpressLet It Be1970Musik/Text
Liza MinnelliFor No One1968Musik/Text
LoboI'm Only Sleeping1974Musik/Text
Lois LaneI Want To Hold Your Hand1976Musik/Text
Lois LaneNowhere Man1976Musik/Text
Lone StarShe Said, She Said1976Musik/Text
Lord SitarEleanor Rigby1967Musik/Text
Lorenzo SantamaríaAnd I Love Her1978Musik/Text
Lorrie MorganEight Days A Week1989Musik/Text
Los Angeles The VoicesHappy Christmas (War Is Over)2011Musik/Text
Los ApartosIl bagasch2005Musik/Text
Los FernandosAll My Loving1995Musik/Text
Los Hermanos CastroMichelle1967Musik/Text
Los ManolosAll My Loving1991Musik/Text
Los MustangEl submarino amarillo1966Musik/Text
Los MustangLady Madonna1968Musik/Text
Los StraitjacketsI Feel Fine2020Musik/Text
Los ValentinosI'm Down1980Musik/Text
Los ValentinosPenny Lane / Happy Together1976Musik/Text
Lou ChristieIf I Fell1965Musik/Text
Lou RawlsGolden Slumbers1972Musik/Text
Lou RawlsGot To Get You Into My Life1971Musik/Text
Lou RawlsYesterday1966Musik/Text
Louis ArmstrongGive Peace A Chance1970Musik/Text
Louis van DijkYesterday1968Musik/Text
Louis Van DykeThe Long And Winding Road1971Musik/Text
Louise GoffinAll I've Got To Do1979Musik/Text
Love & PeaceMerry X-Mas1996Musik/Text
Love GenerationPaperback Writer1973Musik/Text
Lucky BlondoJ'ai un secret à te dire1963Musik/Text
Luiz BonfáYesterday1965Musik/Text
LuluDay Tripper1967Musik/Text
LuluGood Day Sunshine1970Musik/Text
Luv'All You Need Is Love1994Musik/Text
LydiaAcross The Universe2001Musik/Text
Lynsey De PaulBecause1976Musik/Text
Macho GangObladi Oblada1989Musik/Text
Mack HayesLuv Ya Blue1980Musik/Text
Maconga, cun MintM'amurass2005Musik/Text
Madeleine PeyrouxMartha My Dear2011Musik/Text
Madeline BellStep Inside Love1969Musik/Text
Maestro [1980s]I Want To Hold Your Hand1984Musik/Text
Maestro Rolando de PianoAll My Loving1980Musik/Text
Maestro Rolando de PianoAll You Need Is Love1980Musik/Text
Maestro Rolando de PianoAnd I Love Her1980Musik/Text
Maestro Rolando de PianoHey Jude1980Musik/Text
Maestro Rolando de PianoLady Madonna1980Musik/Text
Maestro Rolando de PianoLet It Be1980Musik/Text
Maestro Rolando de PianoMichelle1980Musik/Text
Maestro Rolando de PianoNorwegian Wood1980Musik/Text
Maestro Rolando de PianoOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da1980Musik/Text
Maestro Rolando de PianoYesterday1980Musik/Text
Maggie BellI Saw Him Standing There1975Musik/Text
Maggie Bell & Bobby WhitlockHere, There And Everywhere1983Musik/Text
Maggie MacNealBlackbird1976Musik/Text
Makaya McCravenLucy In The Sky With Diamonds2018Musik/Text
Mal Evans Memoriam BandCaptain Iglo's Zeemans Zangzaadkoor2007Musik/Text
Mal Evans Memoriam BandDagtripjes2007Musik/Text
Mal Evans Memoriam BandDoe dat nou niet2007Musik/Text
Mal Evans Memoriam BandHelp!2007Musik/Text
Mal Evans Memoriam BandIets2007Musik/Text
Mal Evans Memoriam BandJij en ik2007Musik/Text
Mal Evans Memoriam BandLaat me niet gaan2007Musik/Text
Mal Evans Memoriam BandMorgen weet maar nooit2007Musik/Text
Mal Evans Memoriam BandTe dagszwaar's nacht2007Musik/Text
Mal Evans Memoriam BandTerug in de CCCP2007Musik/Text
Mal Evans Memoriam BandToen ik haar daar zo zag staan2007Musik/Text
Mal Evans Memoriam BandVrijkaart voor twee2007Musik/Text
Mal Evans Memoriam BandZe houdt van jou2007Musik/Text
Manchester United Football TeamYellow Submarine1972Musik/Text
Manfred Mann's Earth Band with Chris ThompsonBulldog1986Musik/Text
Mango feat. Angelina MangoGet Back2014Musik/Text
Manic Street PreachersWorking Class Hero2007Musik/Text
Manuel BarruecoHere, There And Everywhere1994Musik/Text
Manuel BarruecoHey Jude1994Musik/Text
Manuel BarruecoLucy In The Sky With Diamonds1994Musik/Text
Manuel BarruecoMichelle2006Musik/Text
Manuel Barrueco & David TanenbaumShe's Leaving Home1994Musik/Text
Manuel Barrueco / London Symphony Orchestra / Jeremy LubbockThe Long And Winding Road1994Musik/Text
Manuel Barrueco / London Symphony Orchestra / Jeremy LubbockTicket To Ride1994Musik/Text
Manuel Barrueco / London Symphony Orchestra / Jeremy LubbockYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away1994Musik/Text
ManuelaBeatles Medley1980Musik/Text
Marc CohnLook At Me2010Musik/Text
Marcia GriffithsDon't Let Me Down1969Musik/Text
Marco Mengoni feat. The Kingdom ChoirLet It Be2023Musik/Text
Marcus MillerCome Together1995Musik/Text
Marianne FaithfullI'm A Loser1965Musik/Text
Marianne FaithfullIsolation1998Musik/Text
Marianne FaithfullWorking Class Hero1979Musik/Text
Marianne FaithfullYesterday1965Musik/Text
Marianne KockFatta mod1970Musik/Text
Marianne RosenbergYesterday1994Musik/Text
MarillionGood Morning, Good Morning2007Musik/Text
Marilyn MansonWorking Class Hero2000Musik/Text
Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr.And I Love Her2021Musik/Text
Marilyn WaringWorking Class Hero1980Musik/Text
Mario Pacchioli & Astrid AlexandreAgid!2005Musik/Text
Mario Pacchioli & BandSco 'la steva là2005Musik/Text
Mark LindsayThe Long And Winding Road / Yesterday1970Musik/Text
Mark MurphyShe Loves You1965Musik/Text
Mark SommerHey Jude1975Musik/Text
Mark WynterAnd I Love Her1964Musik/Text
Markku AroEilinen1976Musik/Text
Maroon 5Happy Christmas (War Is Over)2008Musik/Text
Marta KubišováHej, Jude1970Musik/Text
Martin L. GoreOh My Love2003Musik/Text
Martin MullMichelle1977Musik/Text
Martin PigLovely Rita1983Musik/Text
Martin SchenkelDay Tripper2002Musik/Text
Marty GoldDaytripper1969Musik/Text
Marty GoldEleanor Rigby1969Musik/Text
Marty GoldGet Back1969Musik/Text
Marty GoldGood Night1969Musik/Text
Marty GoldHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Marty GoldIn My Life1969Musik/Text
Marty GoldLucy In The Sky With Diamonds1969Musik/Text
Marty GoldMichelle1969Musik/Text
Marty GoldNorwegian Wood1969Musik/Text
Marty GoldPenny Lane1969Musik/Text
Marty GoldThe Fool On The Hill1969Musik/Text
Marty GoldYesterday1969Musik/Text
Marty RobbinsYesterday1968Musik/Text
Marty Stuart / Martha, Nancy J.A Little Help From My Friends1978Musik/Text
Marty WildePaperback Writer1970Musik/Text
Marvin GayeYesterday1969Musik/Text
Mary & GordyYesterday1981Musik/Text
Mary Chapin CarpenterGrow Old With Me1995Musik/Text
Mary HalvorsonWith A Little Help From My Friends2018Musik/Text
Mary HopkinGoodbye1969Musik/Text
Mary O'HaraHere, There And Everywhere1985Musik/Text
Mary RoosFür uns beide1970Musik/Text
Mary WellsAll My Lovin'1965Musik/Text
Mary WellsAnd I Love Him1965Musik/Text
Mary WellsCan't Buy Me Love1965Musik/Text
Mary WellsDo You Want To Know A Secret1965Musik/Text
Mary WellsEight Days A Week1965Musik/Text
Mary WellsHe Loves You1965Musik/Text
Mary WellsHelp1965Musik/Text
Mary WellsI Saw Him Standing There1965Musik/Text
Mary WellsI Should Have Known Better1965Musik/Text
Mary WellsPlease Please Me1964Musik/Text
Mary WellsTicket To Ride1965Musik/Text
Mary WellsYesterday1965Musik/Text
Maryla RodowiczLet It Be1970Musik/Text
MassielAnd I Love Him1968Musik/Text
MassielThings We Said Today1968Musik/Text
MassielWe Can Work It Out1968Musik/Text
MassielYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away1968Musik/Text
Master GeniusLet's Break Into The 80's1984Musik/Text
Mat 65Michelle1966Musik/Text
Mathilda HomerDo You Want To Know A Secret?2020Musik/Text
MatisyahuWatching The Wheels2007Musik/Text
Matt MonroAll My Loving1965Musik/Text
Matt MonroHere, There And Everywhere1967Musik/Text
Matt MonroMichelle1973Musik/Text
Matt MonroThe Long And Winding Road1975Musik/Text
Matt MonroYesterday1965Musik/Text
Matthew Sweet and Susanna HoffsAnd Your Bird Can Sing2006Musik/Text
Matthew Sweet and Susanna HoffsGimme Some Truth2009Musik/Text
Matthias LensOb la di ob la da2015Musik/Text
(John Winston Lennon)
Maureen McGovernI Will1992Musik/Text
Maureen McGovernI'm Happy Just To Dance With You1979Musik/Text
Maureen McGovernImagine2008Musik/Text
Maureen McGovernLet It Be2008Musik/Text
Maureen McGovernRocky Raccoon2008Musik/Text
Maureen McGovernThe Long And Winding Road2008Musik/Text
Maureen McGovernThings We Said Today / For No One1992Musik/Text
Maurice Gibb, Peter Frampton, George Burns, Bee GeesBeing For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite1978Musik/Text
Max BygravesA Hard Day's Night1978Musik/Text
Max BygravesWhen I'm 641969Musik/Text
Max BygravesYesterday1978Musik/Text
Max MutzkeMichelle2012Musik/Text
Maxïmo ParkIsolation2004Musik/Text
Maxine NightingaleBless You1976Musik/Text
Maynard FergusonHey Jude1972Musik/Text
Maynard FergusonMother1972Musik/Text
McFlyShe Loves You2004Musik/Text
Me First And The Gimme GimmesAll My Lovin'2001Musik/Text
Meat LoafCome Together1996Musik/Text
Meat LoafLet It Be1996Musik/Text
Medi [BE]Help2018Musik/Text
MelanieAny Time At All1996Musik/Text
MelanieWe Can Work It Out1978Musik/Text
Melba MooreThe Long And Winding Road1976Musik/Text
Melissa VenemaWhen I'm Sixty Four2012Musik/Text
Melissa VenemaYesterday2012Musik/Text
MercyHey Jude1968Musik/Text
MercyOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da1969Musik/Text
Merle Haggard / Willie NelsonYesterday1987Musik/Text
Mia MartiniMadre1972Musik/Text
Mia MartiniWe Can Work It Out1971Musik/Text
Mia.Mind Games2007Musik/Text
Michael BoltonYesterday1992Musik/Text
Michael BubléCan't Buy Me Love2005Musik/Text
Michael HeckGestern noch2012Musik/Text
Michael HirteHappy Xmas (War Is Over)2016Musik/Text
(John Winston Lennon)
Michael HirteImagine2017Musik/Text
(John Winston Lennon)
Michael HirteLet It Be2012Musik/Text
Michael JacksonCome Together1988Musik/Text
Michel Decurtins & Silke SchmeingDamaun mai na sa2005Musik/Text
Michel LegrandYesterday1974Musik/Text
Michel MarcosMichelle1966Musik/Text
Michel MarcosYesterday1966Musik/Text
Michèle TorrEt je l'aime1965Musik/Text
Michèle TorrToi l'orgueilleux1965Musik/Text
Mick JaggerToo Many Cooks (Spoil The Soup)1973Produzent
Middle Of The RoadEleanor Rigby1989Musik/Text
Midnight Mood Orchestra conducted by Alyn AinsworthImagine1982Musik/Text
Midnight Mood Orchestra conducted by Alyn AinsworthWoman1982Musik/Text
Midnight OilInstant Karma1990Musik/Text
Mieke & Luc Van MeeuwenWij wensen jullie een zalig kerstfeest2016Musik/Text
Mike + The MechanicsRevolution2014Musik/Text
Mike And The Hound DogsHey Jude1968Musik/Text
Mike BattYour Mother Should Know1969Musik/Text
Mike GrondyWereld in vrede2020Musik/Text
Mike HarrisonWe Can Work It Out1975Musik/Text
Mike KrügerStress Today1978Musik/Text
Mike MasséBlackbird2012Musik/Text
Mike MasséLet It Be2012Musik/Text
Mike Massé feat. Jeff HallA Day In The Life2012Musik/Text
Mike Massé feat. Jeff HallDear Prudence2012Musik/Text
Mike Massé feat. Jeff HallRocky Raccoon2012Musik/Text
Mike Massé feat. Jeff HallThings We Said Today/I'll Be Back2012Musik/Text
Mike Massé feat. Jeff HallWe Can Work It Out2012Musik/Text
Mike Massé feat. Jeff HallYesterday2012Musik/Text
Miles MosleyLovely Rita2018Musik/Text
Miley Cyrus & Mark Ronson feat. Sean Ono LennonHappy Xmas (War Is Over)2018Musik/Text
MilošAll My Loving2016Musik/Text
MilošAnd I Love Her2016Musik/Text
MilošCome Together2016Musik/Text
MilošEleanor Rigby2016Musik/Text
MilošHere, There And Everywhere2016Musik/Text
MilošThe Fool On The Hill2016Musik/Text
Miloš feat. Anoushka ShankarLucy In The Sky With Diamonds2016Musik/Text
Miloš feat. Gregory PorterLet It Be2016Musik/Text
Miloš feat. Steven IsserlisMichelle2016Musik/Text
Miloš feat. Tori AmosShe's Leaving Home2016Musik/Text
Milt MatthewsA Hard Days Night1971Musik/Text
Milton Delugg And The Tonight Show Big BandPenny Lane1967Musik/Text
Milton NascimentoHello Goodbye1994Musik/Text
MinaAnd I Love Her2022Musik/Text
MinaCome Together1994Musik/Text
MinaHey Jude1984Musik/Text
MinaIf I Fell1995Musik/Text
MinaLet It Be1993Musik/Text
MinaOh Darling1986Musik/Text
MinaShe's Leaving Home1980Musik/Text
MinaSo che mi vuoi1965Musik/Text
MinaThe Fool On The Hill1993Musik/Text
MinaThe Long And Winding Road1993Musik/Text
MinaWhen I'm 641993Musik/Text
MinaWith A Little Help From My Friends2022Musik/Text
Mint [CH]Viva il pievels2005Musik/Text
Miriam MakebaIn My Life1970Musik/Text
Mitchell AndersonDear Prudence2013Musik/Text
MocedadesLet It Be1970Musik/Text
Models [AU]Oh Darling1987Musik/Text
Modern Sound OrchestrasAnd I Love Her1992Musik/Text
Modern Sound OrchestrasEleanor Rigby1992Musik/Text
Modern Sound OrchestrasHelp1992Musik/Text
Mongo SantamaríaDay Tripper1988Musik/Text
Monica ManciniI'll Follow The Sun2010Musik/Text
Monika GrimmGestern noch1967Musik/Text
Monique LeyracDis-moi1967Musik/Text
Mooi WarkWarkende helden2009Musik/Text
Moon MartinAll I've Got To Do1978Musik/Text
Mother's FinestStrawberry Fields Forever1990Musik/Text
Mötley CrüeHelter Skelter1983Musik/Text
Moto PerpetuoDrive My Car1974Musik/Text
Mouth & MacNealIsolation1971Musik/Text
Mr. Acker BilkHey Jude1984Musik/Text
Mrs. MillerA Hard Day's Night1966Musik/Text
Mrs. MillerYellow Submarine1966Musik/Text
Münchener FreiheitYesterday2002Musik/Text
Munich Symphonic Sound OrchestraThe Long And Winding Road1988Musik/Text
Murray HeadI'm Losing You1981Musik/Text
Muscle Shoals HornsWe Can Work It Out1983Musik/Text
Music CorporationDrive My Car1971Musik/Text
Music From Free CreekHey Jude1973Musik/Text
Music From Free CreekMother Nature's Son1973Musik/Text
(John Winston Lennon)
NadaYellow submarine1969Musik/Text
NádineHappy Christmas, War Is Over2012Musik/Text
(John Winston Lennon)
NaimaHey Jude2002Musik/Text
Nana MouskouriEleanor Rigby1974Musik/Text
Nana MouskouriHey Jude2018Musik/Text
Nana MouskouriImagine1973Musik/Text
Nana MouskouriIn My Life1987Musik/Text
Nana MouskouriLet It Be1973Musik/Text
Nana MouskouriYesterday1986Musik/Text
Nancy HollowayElle t'aime1964Musik/Text
Nancy SinatraDay Tripper1966Musik/Text
Nancy SinatraRun For Your Life1966Musik/Text
Nancy WilsonAnd I Love Him1966Musik/Text
Nancy WilsonYesterday1966Musik/Text
Nanesse et les NanasGrand mer' grand per'1972Musik/Text
Napoleon JonesFame1976Musik/Text
Natalie ColeLucy In The Sky With Diamonds1978Musik/Text
Natalie Cole feat. Chris BottiYo lo amo (And I Love Him)2013Musik/Text
Neil & Liam FinnTwo Of Us2001Musik/Text
Neil DiamondAnd I Love Her1998Musik/Text
Neil DiamondBlackbird2010Musik/Text
Neil DiamondHappy Christmas (War Is Over)1992Musik/Text
Neil DiamondYesterday2010Musik/Text
Neil ReidWhen I'm Sixty-Four1971Musik/Text
Neil SedakaThe History Of Rock And Roll [Those Were The Days / Cry / Shake, Rattle And Roll / Blueberry Hill / Great Balls Of Fire / All Shook Up / She Loves You / Delilah / Those Where The Days]1974Musik/Text
Neil YoungImagine2001Musik/Text
Nelson RiddleYesterday1967Musik/Text
Neri Per CasoHere, There And Everywhere2000Musik/Text
New CreationHey Jude1998Musik/Text
New Grass RevivalI'm Down1989Musik/Text
New MusikAll You Need Is Love1982Musik/Text
Nick & SimonHey Jude2011Musik/Text
Nick CaveLet It Be2002Musik/Text
Nicky ThomasLet It Be1970Musik/Text
Nicole RieuLet It Be1975Musik/Text
Niels Noller OlsenI Saw Her Standing There2015Musik/Text
Night RangerDo You Feel Like I Do / Tomorrow Never Knows1995Musik/Text
Nikki JeanDo You Want To Know A Secret2011Musik/Text
Nils Landgren / Jan LundgrenI Will2020Musik/Text
Nils Landgren / Jan LundgrenNorwegian Wood2020Musik/Text
Nils LofgrenAnytime At All1981Musik/Text
NilssonDon't Forget Me1974Produzent
NilssonMany Rivers To Cross1974Produzent
NilssonMother Nature's Son1969Musik/Text
NilssonOld Dirt Road1979Musik/Text
NilssonOld Forgotten Soldier1971Produzent
NilssonSave The Last Dance For Me1974Produzent
NilssonShe's Leaving Home1967Musik/Text
NilssonYou Can't Do That1967Musik/Text
NilssonYou Can't Do That [Italian Version]2013Musik/Text
Nina SimoneRevolution1969Musik/Text
Nini RossoYesterday1966Musik/Text
NitsNorwegian Wood1991Musik/Text
Noa & Mira AwadWe Can Work It Out2002Musik/Text
Noah Cyrus & Ant ClemonsWonder Years2020Musik/Text
Noel FerrierAll You Need Is Love1967Musik/Text
Noel HarrisonLucy In The Sky With Diamonds1967Musik/Text
Noel HarrisonShe's A Woman1966Musik/Text
Noel HarrisonStrawberry Fields Forever1967Musik/Text
Noel HarrisonWhen I'm 641967Musik/Text
Noir DésirHelter Skelter2000Musik/Text
Noir DésirI Want You (She's So Heavy)1992Musik/Text
Noir DésirWorking Class Hero1999Musik/Text
NoiseworksLet It Be (Live)1992Musik/Text
NunganCome Together2013Musik/Text
O.C. SmithHey Jude1969Musik/Text
OasisI Am The Walrus1994Musik/Text
OasisYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away1995Musik/Text
OdinOEleanor Rigby2014Musik/Text
(John Winston Lennon)
OkkoA Day In The Life1971Musik/Text
Olaf StilettiWith A Little Help From My Friends1974Musik/Text
Oliver [US]In My Life1969Musik/Text
Olivia MolinaAber wie1970Musik/Text
Olivia Newton-JohnThe Long And Winding Road1976Musik/Text
Olivier DespaxDis-moi1967Musik/Text
Olivier DespaxEt je l'aime1965Musik/Text
Olle NilssonImagine1994Musik/Text
One Hundred Ton And A FeatherDo You Want To Know A Secret1979Musik/Text
OpusAnytime At All1990Musik/Text
Opus OrchesterYou Won't See Me Musik/Text
Orchester Anthony VenturaEl Lute / All You Need Is Love1981Musik/Text
Orchester Anthony VenturaHey Jude1974Musik/Text
Orchester Anthony VenturaImagine1976Musik/Text
Orchester Anthony VenturaLet It Be1976Musik/Text
Orchester Bruno BertoneLet It Be Musik/Text
Orchester Bruno BertoneYesterday Musik/Text
Orchester Max GregerYesterday1966Musik/Text
Orchester Werner MüllerWhen I'm 641968Musik/Text
Orchestra And Chorus Les HumphriesCarry That Weight / Travellin' Man / Keep Knockin'1971Musik/Text
Orchestra And Chorus Les HumphriesLet It Be / I Can't Tell The Bottom From The Top1971Musik/Text
Orchestra Johnny MalcolmEleanor Rigby Musik/Text
Orchestre Louis MarischalMichelle1966Musik/Text
Ornella VanoniImmagina che1972Musik/Text
Oscar BentonThe Long And Winding Road1973Musik/Text
Oscar PetersonEleanor Rigby1969Musik/Text
Oscar PetersonYesterday1969Musik/Text
Otis ReddingDay Tripper1966Musik/Text
OttoHoney Pie1974Musik/Text
Our Lady PeaceTomorrow Never Knows1996Musik/Text
Ozzy OsbourneIn My Life2005Musik/Text
Ozzy OsbourneWoman2005Musik/Text
Ozzy OsbourneWorking Class Hero2005Musik/Text
P.J. ProbyThat Means A Lot1965Musik/Text
P.P. ArnoldEleanor Rigby1968Musik/Text
P.P. ArnoldYesterday1968Musik/Text
Paloma San BasilioThe Long And Winding Road1975Musik/Text
PaolaAnd I Love Him1980Musik/Text
Pas de DeuxCold Turkey / Axe Ends1982Musik/Text
Pas de DeuxInstant Karma1982Musik/Text
Pat BenatarHelter Skelter1981Musik/Text
Pat BooneI Want To Hold Your Hand1964Musik/Text
Pat BooneYesterday1966Musik/Text
Pat MethenyAnd I Love Her2011Musik/Text
Pato GarciaYesterday1977Musik/Text
Patricia BarberNorwegian Wood2004Musik/Text
Patricia CahillHere, There And Everywhere1970Musik/Text
Patricia CahillIn My Life1967Musik/Text
Patrick SamsonDille sì1970Musik/Text
Patty PravoLa tua voce1970Musik/Text
Patty PravoThe Long And Winding Road1971Musik/Text
Patty PravoWith A Little Help From My Friends1969Musik/Text
Patty PravoYesterday1968Musik/Text
Paul AnkaEleanor Rigby1969Musik/Text
Paul DesmondOb-la-di, Ob-la-da1968Musik/Text
Paul Kuhn & The SFB Big BandAll You Need Is Love1977Musik/Text
Paul Kuhn & The SFB Big BandCan't Buy Me Love1977Musik/Text
Paul Kuhn & The SFB Big BandHey Jude1977Musik/Text
Paul Kuhn & The SFB Big BandI Want To Hold Your Hand1977Musik/Text
Paul Kuhn & The SFB Big BandLet It Be1977Musik/Text
Paul Kuhn & The SFB Big BandMichelle1977Musik/Text
Paul Kuhn & The SFB Big BandNorwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)1977Musik/Text
Paul Kuhn & The SFB Big BandOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da1977Musik/Text
Paul Kuhn & The SFB Big BandShe Loves You1977Musik/Text
Paul Kuhn & The SFB Big BandThe Fool On The Hill1977Musik/Text
Paul Kuhn & The SFB Big BandWhen I'm Sixty-Four1977Musik/Text
Paul Kuhn & The SFB Big BandYesterday1977Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyEleanor Rigby1984Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyGood Day Sunshine1984Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyHere, There And Everywhere1984Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyStrawberry Fields Forever / Help / Give Peace A Chance1990Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyYesterday1984Musik/Text
Paul MichielsThe Word2001Musik/Text
Paul Nicholas & Dianne SteinbergYou Never Give Me Your Money1978Musik/Text
Paul Nuotclà & PareglishLain norvegin2005Musik/Text
Paul WellerBirthday2012Musik/Text
Paul WesterbergNowhere Man2002Musik/Text
Peace ChoirGive Peace A Chance1991Musik/Text
Peace Of MindLet It Be2012Musik/Text
Pearl JamGimme Some Truth2001Musik/Text
Peggy MarchEleanore Rigby1972Musik/Text
Peggy MarchHey Jude1972Musik/Text
Pepe WillbergOvensuu1976Musik/Text
Percy Faith And His OrchestraThe Sun King1971Musik/Text
Percy Faith And His OrchestraYesterday1966Musik/Text
Percy Faith And His OrchestraYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away1966Musik/Text
Perez Prado And His OrchestraA Hard Day's Night1965Musik/Text
Perry ComoHere, There And Everywhere1976Musik/Text
Perry ComoMichelle1988Musik/Text
Perry ComoYesterday1966Musik/Text
Perry FarrellGot To Get You Into My Life2014Musik/Text
Pete & Tina RainfordOb-La-Di - Ob-La-Da1969Musik/Text
Pete WyomingTicket To Ride1978Musik/Text
Peter & GordonI Don't Want To See You Again1964Musik/Text
Peter & GordonIf I Fell1966Musik/Text
Peter & GordonNobody I Know1964Musik/Text
Peter & GordonWorld Without Love1964Musik/Text
Peter CeteraIt's Only Love2001Musik/Text
Peter Covent BandLady Madonna1971Musik/Text
Peter en zijn RocketsGeloof maar dat ik ren1964Musik/Text
Peter FramptonThe Long And Winding Road1978Musik/Text
Peter Frampton & The Bee GeesGetting Better1978Musik/Text
Peter Frampton, Bee GeesGolden Slumbers / Carry That Weight1978Musik/Text
Peter Frampton, Bee GeesPolythene Pam / She Came In Through The Bathroom Window / Nowhere Man / Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)1978Musik/Text
Peter GabrielStrawberry Fields Forever1976Musik/Text
Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass intr. Don AdamsA Day In The Life1977Musik/Text
Peter HofmannHello Goodbye1998Musik/Text
Peter HofmannLady Madonna1998Musik/Text
Peter HofmannLet It Be1984Musik/Text
Peter HofmannThe Fool On The Hill1998Musik/Text
Peter HofmannThe Long And Winding Road1982Musik/Text
Peter HofmannYesterday1982Musik/Text
Peter KrausI Saw Her Standing There2006Musik/Text
Peter KrausLady Madonna2006Musik/Text
Peter MaffayYou Can't Do That2002Musik/Text
Peter NeroHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Peter NeroLove1972Musik/Text
Peter NeroOb-La-Di Ob-La-Da1969Musik/Text
Peter SellersA Hard Day's Night1965Musik/Text
Peter SellersHelp!1965Musik/Text
Peter SellersShe Loves You1965Musik/Text
Peter SellersYes It Is1965Musik/Text
Peters & LeeIf I Fell1975Musik/Text
Petruta KüpperLet It Be2018Musik/Text
Petula ClarkBlackbird2016Musik/Text
Petula ClarkHere, There And Everywhere1966Musik/Text
Petula ClarkHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Petula ClarkI Want To Hold Your Hand1965Musik/Text
Petula ClarkImagine1994Musik/Text
Petula ClarkPartir il nous faut1964Musik/Text
Petula ClarkRain1966Musik/Text
Petula ClarkThe Fool On The Hill1969Musik/Text
Petula ClarkTu perds ton temps1963Musik/Text
Petula ClarkWe Can Work It Out1966Musik/Text
Phil CollinsTomorrow Never Knows1981Musik/Text
Phil TrimThe Long And Winding Road1978Musik/Text
Phoebe SnowDon't Let Me Down1976Musik/Text
Piano ClubHappy Xmas2010Musik/Text
Piet LancasterLaß mich rein1964Musik/Text
Piet LancasterZehnmal am Tag1964Musik/Text
Piet VeermanHappy Christmas (War Is Over)1993Musik/Text
Piet VeermanImagine1993Musik/Text
Pitti PolakI'm Down1994Musik/Text
Placido DomingoYesterday1981Musik/Text
Plastic Ono BandCold Turkey1969Musik/Text
Plastic Ono BandDon't Worry, Kyoko1969Produzent
Plastic Ono BandGive Peace A Chance1969Musik/Text
Plastic Ono BandRemember Love1969Produzent
Plastic PennyStrawberry Fields Forever1968Musik/Text
PoohHappy Christmas (War Is Over)1983Musik/Text
PotliquorLady Madonna1971Musik/Text
Pozo SecoIn My Life1970Musik/Text
Pozo SecoStrawberry Fields Forever / Something1970Musik/Text
PretendersNot A Second Time1990Musik/Text
Pride & GloryCome Together2019Musik/Text
Primal ScreamGimme Some Truth2006Musik/Text
Prince Jammy & The AggrovatorsDark Destroyer Dub (aka A Darker Shade Of Black Dub)1978Musik/Text
Procol HarumEight Days A Week1975Musik/Text
PuhdysWith A Little Help From My Friends1994Musik/Text
R. Dean TaylorTwo Of Us1970Musik/Text
R.E.M.#9 Dream2007Musik/Text
Rachael LeahcarAcross The Universe2014Musik/Text
Rachael LeahcarBlackbird2014Musik/Text
Rachael LeahcarDon't Let Me Down2014Musik/Text
Rachael LeahcarGolden Slumbers/Here Comes The Sun2014Musik/Text
Rachael LeahcarHey Jude/The End2014Musik/Text
Rachael LeahcarImagine2014Musik/Text
Rachael LeahcarIn My Life2014Musik/Text
Rachael LeahcarLet It Be2014Musik/Text
Rachael LeahcarShe's Leaving Home2014Musik/Text
Rachael LeahcarYesterday2014Musik/Text
Rachael LeahcarYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away2014Musik/Text
Rachael MacFarlaneAll My Loving2012Musik/Text
Radio StarsNorwegian Wood1978Musik/Text
RadioramaRadiorama Sing "The Beatles"1988Musik/Text
Raf Van BrusselHere, There And Everywhere2002Musik/Text
Raffaella CarràHappy Xmas (War Is Over)2018Musik/Text
Rainbow CanyonShe Said, She Said1974Musik/Text
Ramsey LewisBack In The U.S.S.R.1968Musik/Text
Ramsey LewisBlackbird1968Musik/Text
Ramsey LewisCry, Baby, Cry1968Musik/Text
Ramsey LewisDay Tripper1966Musik/Text
Ramsey LewisDear Prudence1968Musik/Text
Ramsey LewisEverybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey1968Musik/Text
Ramsey LewisGolden Slumber1969Musik/Text
Ramsey LewisGood Night1968Musik/Text
Ramsey LewisJulia1968Musik/Text
Ramsey LewisLady Madonna1968Musik/Text
Ramsey LewisMother Nature's Son1968Musik/Text
Ramsey LewisRocky Racoon1968Musik/Text
Ramsey LewisSexy Sadie1968Musik/Text
Randy CaliforniaDay Tripper1972Musik/Text
Randy CrawfordDon't Let Me Down1976Musik/Text
Randy CrawfordGive Peace A Chance1982Musik/Text
Randy CrawfordImagine1982Musik/Text
Randy HansenSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band1993Musik/Text
Rare EarthEleanor Rigby1970Musik/Text
Rare EarthLady Madonna1993Musik/Text
Raul MidónBlackbird2009Musik/Text
Ray AdamsEnsamhet1966Musik/Text
Ray CharlesEleanor Rigby1968Musik/Text
Ray CharlesImagine2001Musik/Text
Ray CharlesLet It Be1977Musik/Text
Ray CharlesThe Long And Winding Road1971Musik/Text
Ray CharlesYesterday1965Musik/Text
Ray Charles with Ruben Studdard & The Harlem Gospel SingersImagine2005Musik/Text
Ray Columbus & The InvadersI Wanna Be Your Man1965Musik/Text
Ray ConniffI Want To Hold Your Hand1971Musik/Text
Ray Conniff And The SingersHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Ray Conniff And The SingersImagine1971Musik/Text
Ray Conniff And The SingersLet It Be1970Musik/Text
Ray Conniff And The SingersYesterday1967Musik/Text
Ray MorganLong And Winding Road1970Musik/Text
Ray NanceA Hard Day's Night1970Musik/Text
Ray PriceIn My Life2000Musik/Text
Ray PriceYesterday1968Musik/Text
Ray StevensHelp1969Musik/Text
Ray StevensHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Ray StevensShe Came In Through The Bathroom Window1970Musik/Text
Ray StevensThe Fool On The Hill1969Musik/Text
Raymond BoisserieGet Back1969Musik/Text
Raymond LefèvreHey Jude1974Musik/Text
Real McCoy [IE]I Will1969Musik/Text
ReamonnCome Together2002Musik/Text
Reba McEntireIf I Fell2000Musik/Text
Rebekka BakkenYesterday2023Musik/Text
Red Hot Chilli PipersHey Jude - The Mason's Apron2010Musik/Text
Reese Wynans And FriendsBlackbird2019Musik/Text
Reggie MilnerAnd I Love Her1969Musik/Text
Regina SpektorReal Love2007Musik/Text
Regional Brass Band BernTicket To Ride2001Musik/Text
REO SpeedwagonHappy Xmas (War Is Over)2009Musik/Text
ReplicantsHow Do You Sleep?1995Musik/Text
RevelationYellow Submarine1980Musik/Text
Reza Aghamir, Rein Alexander Hauge, Petter Simonsen, Heine TotlandCome Together1997Musik/Text
Rhythms Del Mundo feat. Jack JohnsonImagine2009Musik/Text
RibelliObladì obladà1969Musik/Text
Richard AnthonyLa corde au cou1964Musik/Text
Richard AnthonyRien pour faire une chanson1966Musik/Text
Richard AnthonyToi, l'ami1964Musik/Text
Richard ClaydermanHey Jude1984Musik/Text
Richard ClaydermanLet It Be1979Musik/Text
Richard ClaydermanMichele1980Musik/Text
Richard ClaydermanYesterday1978Musik/Text
Richard CoccianteMichelle1976Musik/Text
Richie HavensEleanor Rigby1968Musik/Text
Richie HavensImagine1988Musik/Text
Richie HavensIn My Life1988Musik/Text
Richie HavensLady Madonna1969Musik/Text
Richie HavensLet It Be1988Musik/Text
Richie HavensRocky Raccoon1969Musik/Text
Richie HavensShe's Leaving Home1969Musik/Text
Richie HavensStrawberry Fields Forever1969Musik/Text
Richie HavensThe Long And Winding Road1988Musik/Text
Richie HavensWith A Little Help From My Friends1969Musik/Text
Richie HavensWorking Class Hero1988Musik/Text
Richie SamboraLittle Help From My Friends1998Musik/Text
Rick HarrisI Feel Fine2012Musik/Text
Rick SpringfieldFor No One2005Musik/Text
Rick SpringfieldImagine2005Musik/Text
Rick WakemanEleanor Rigby2017Musik/Text
Rick WakemanHelp2017Musik/Text
Rick WakemanShe's Leaving Home1997Musik/Text
Rick WakemanStrawberry Fields Forever2018Musik/Text
Rickie Lee JonesFor No One2000Musik/Text
Ricky KingAnd I Love Her2009Musik/Text
Ricky KingHey Jude1979Musik/Text
Ricky KingYesterday1978Musik/Text
RideI Don't Wanna Be A Soldier1994Musik/Text
Ringo StarrCookin (In The Kitchen Of Love)1976Musik/Text
Ringo StarrGoodnight Vienna1975Musik/Text
Ringo StarrGrow Old With Me2019Musik/Text
Ringo StarrI'm The Greatest1973Musik/Text
Ringo StarrLove Me Do1998Musik/Text
Ringo StarrWith A Little Help From My Friends1989Musik/Text
Rita & The SoulettesLet It Be2004Musik/Text
Rita ReysCan't Buy Me Love1964Musik/Text
Rob AgerbeekCan't Buy Me Love1973Musik/Text
Rob AgerbeekOb-la-di, ob-la-da1973Musik/Text
Rob de NijsJaloerse gast2014Musik/Text
Robert PalmerNot A Second Time1980Musik/Text
Robert Randolph & The Family BandI Don't Wanna Be A Soldier Mama2011Musik/Text
Roberta FlackAnd I Love Him2012Musik/Text
Roberta FlackCome Together2012Musik/Text
Roberta FlackHere, There And Everywhere2012Musik/Text
Roberta FlackHey Jude2012Musik/Text
Roberta FlackI Should Have Known Better2012Musik/Text
Roberta FlackIf I Fell2012Musik/Text
Roberta FlackIn My Life2012Musik/Text
Roberta FlackLet It Be2012Musik/Text
Roberta FlackOh Darling2012Musik/Text
Roberta FlackThe Long & Winding Road2012Musik/Text
Roberta FlackWe Can Work It Out2012Musik/Text
Roberta GambariniGolden Slumbers/Here, There, And Everywhere2009Musik/Text
Roberto BellarosaJealous Guy2012Musik/Text
Robin GibbOh Darling1978Musik/Text
Robin GuéritHelp!2013Musik/Text
Robson & JeromeThis Boy1995Musik/Text
RockenbachHappy Christmas (War Is Over)2015Musik/Text
Rockmelons feat. Eric SebastianForm One Planet (Power To The People)1993Musik/Text
Rod HunterYellow Submarine1972Musik/Text
Rod StewartGet Back1976Musik/Text
Rod StewartIn My Life1986Musik/Text
Roger CiceroThe Long And Winding Road2015Musik/Text
Roger TaylorWorking Class Hero1998Musik/Text
Roger WhittakerImagine1978Musik/Text
Roland Alphonso & Studio 1 OrchestraI Should Have Known Better1965Musik/Text
Roland KaiserHappy X-Mas1986Musik/Text
Roland Kaiser feat. Jan Josef Liefers, Axel PrahlHappy Xmas (War Is Over)2021Musik/Text
(John Winston Lennon)
Roland KirkAnd I Love Her1966Musik/Text
Rolando Al And The Soul BrothersRingo's Theme1964Musik/Text
Rolf HarrisYesterday1975Musik/Text
Rolf KühnYesterday1970Musik/Text
Roni HillIn My Life1977Musik/Text
Ronnie BurnsYou Got To Hide Your Love Away1967Musik/Text
Ronnie SpectorI'll Follow The Sun2016Musik/Text
Rosanne CashI Don't Want To Spoil The Party1989Musik/Text
Rosanne CashI'm Only Sleeping1995Musik/Text
Rosie ThomasLove2004Musik/Text
Ross AntonySie liebt Dich2015Musik/Text
(John Winston Lennon)
Rostal & Schaefer / Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra / Ron GoodwinA Hard Day's Night1979Musik/Text
Rostal & Schaefer / Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra / Ron GoodwinCan't Buy Me Love - The Long And Winding Road1979Musik/Text
Rostal & Schaefer / Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra / Ron GoodwinFool On The Hill1979Musik/Text
Rostal & Schaefer / Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra / Ron GoodwinHere, There And Everywhere - Something1979Musik/Text
Rostal & Schaefer / Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra / Ron GoodwinMaxwell's Silver Hammer1979Musik/Text
Rostal & Schaefer / Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra / Ron GoodwinShe Loves You - Eleanor Rigby - Yesterday - All My Loving - Hey Jude1979Musik/Text
Roxy MusicJealous Guy1981Musik/Text
Roy DruskyYesterday1964Musik/Text
Roy HamiltonAnd I Love Her1965Musik/Text
Roy WoodHappy Christmas, War Is Over1983Musik/Text
Roy WoodLovely Rita1976Musik/Text
Roy WoodPolythene Pam1976Musik/Text
Royal Philharmonic OrchestraLet It Be1993Musik/Text
Royal Romantic OrchestraHey Jude1997Musik/Text
Royal Romantic OrchestraYesterday1997Musik/Text
Ruby & The RomanticsP.S. I Love You1964Musik/Text
Rudy GrantWoman1981Musik/Text
Rufus LumleyEleanor Rigby1968Musik/Text
Rufus LumleyMichelle1968Musik/Text
Rufus WainwrightAcross The Universe2001Musik/Text
Running WildRevolution1999Musik/Text
Russell Brand, BandI Am The Walrus2012Musik/Text
Ryan ParisDon't Let Me Down1993Musik/Text
Ryan ShawYesterday2012Musik/Text
S Club 7The Long And Winding Road2002Musik/Text
Sabine Sauvant & CompagnieTo The Music Hit-Makers1977Musik/Text
Sabrina [FR 1960s]C'est pour toi1964Musik/Text
Sacha DistelWe Can Work It Out1976Musik/Text
SamaelHelter Skelter2017Musik/Text
Sammy HagarBirthday2014Musik/Text
Sandie ShawLove Me Do1969Musik/Text
Sandrine KiberlainGirl2005Musik/Text
Sandy CoastEleanor Rigby1969Musik/Text
Sandy FarinaStrawberry Fields Forever1978Musik/Text
Santa Claus & His Rockin' SnowmenHappy Christmas (War Is Over)2011Musik/Text
SantanaWith A Little Help From My Friends1968Musik/Text
Santo & JohnnyA Hard Day's Night1964Musik/Text
Santo & JohnnyAnd I Love Her1971Musik/Text
Santo & JohnnyDo You Want To Know A Secret1964Musik/Text
Santo & JohnnyGirl1967Musik/Text
Santo & JohnnyHello Goodbye1968Musik/Text
Santo & JohnnyMichelle1966Musik/Text
Santo & JohnnyThe Fool On The Hill1971Musik/Text
Saragossa BandDance With The Saragossa Band1982Musik/Text
Sarah DarlingBlackbird2012Musik/Text
Sarah McLachlanBlackbird2001Musik/Text
Sarah McLachlanHappy Xmas (War Is Over)2006Musik/Text
Sarah VaughanAnd I Love Her1981Musik/Text
Sarah VaughanBlackbird1981Musik/Text
Sarah VaughanCome Together1981Musik/Text
Sarah VaughanEleanor Rigby1981Musik/Text
Sarah VaughanFool On The Hill1981Musik/Text
Sarah VaughanGet Back1981Musik/Text
Sarah VaughanHere, There And Everywhere1981Musik/Text
Sarah VaughanHey Jude1981Musik/Text
Sarah VaughanI Want You (She's So Heavy)1981Musik/Text
Sarah VaughanImagine1971Musik/Text
Sarah VaughanMichelle1966Musik/Text
Sarah VaughanThe Long And Winding Road1981Musik/Text
Sarah VaughanYesterday1966Musik/Text
Sarah VaughanYou Never Give Me Your Money1981Musik/Text
SashaHappy X-Mas (War Is Over)2006Musik/Text
SassafrasI Am The Walrus1975Musik/Text
Satan Takes A HolidayWhy Don't We Do It In The Road?2017Musik/Text
SaxonPaperback Writer2021Musik/Text
Schauorchester UngelenkDay Tripper1992Musik/Text
Scooter [BE]Eight Days A Week1980Musik/Text
ScorpionsAcross The Universe2011Musik/Text
(John Winston Lennon)
Scott Weiland feat. Paul OakenfoldFame2008Musik/Text
ScottsObladi oblada2009Musik/Text
Screaming TreesWorking Class Hero2017Musik/Text
Scritti Politti feat. Shabba RanksShe's A Woman1991Musik/Text
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66Daytripper1966Musik/Text
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66Fool On The Hill1968Musik/Text
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66Norwegian Wood1969Musik/Text
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66With A Little Help From My Friends1967Musik/Text
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77Something / Day Tripper1973Musik/Text
Shabaka & The AncestorsGood Morning Good Morning2018Musik/Text
ShalamarCome Together1990Musik/Text
Sham 69With A Little Help From My Friends1979Musik/Text
Sharon TandyFool On The Hill1968Musik/Text
She & HimI Should Have Known Better2008Musik/Text
She TonesMichell1988Musik/Text
SheilaHello petite fille1964Musik/Text
SheilaUn monde sans amour1964Musik/Text
Shelby LynneMother2001Musik/Text
SherbetNowhere Man1977Musik/Text
Sheryl CrowMother Nature's Son2002Musik/Text
Shirley BasseyEleanor Rigby1995Musik/Text
Shirley BasseyLove1972Musik/Text
Shirley BasseyThe Fool On The Hill1970Musik/Text
Shirley BasseyYesterday1991Musik/Text
Shonen KnifeRain1991Musik/Text
Shu-Bi-DuaEn rocksangers farvel1975Musik/Text
Shu-Bi-DuaLivets pølse1975Musik/Text
SiatIn di cun tai2005Musik/Text
Silver ConventionThe Boys From Liverpool1977Musik/Text
Simon MayWe'll Gather Lilacs / All My Loving1977Musik/Text
SimoneGestern noch2005Musik/Text
Simone de OliveiraYesterday1967Musik/Text
Simone KopmajerImagine2010Musik/Text
Sinéad O'ConnorMind Games2009Musik/Text
Siouxsie & The BansheesDear Prudence1983Musik/Text
Siouxsie & The BansheesHelter Skelter1978Musik/Text
Sissel KyrkjebøHere, There And Everywhere1992Musik/Text
Siw MalmkvistI mitt liv1970Musik/Text
SkyFool On The Hill1984Musik/Text
SladeMartha My Dear1969Musik/Text
Slam Creepers'I Should Have Known Better1968Musik/Text
Smokestack Lightnin'Run For Your Life2000Musik/Text
Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesAnd I Love Her1963Musik/Text
Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesYesterday1968Musik/Text
Snail [US]And Your Bird Can Sing1979Musik/Text
Snow PatrolIsolation2007Musik/Text
SoapbandPeace Song1996Musik/Text
Soul AsylumGood Morning Good Morning2012Musik/Text
SoundgardenCome Together1990Musik/Text
SoundgardenEverybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey2014Musik/Text
SoundgardenOne Minute Of Silence1988Musik/Text
Spanky And Our GangAnd Your Bird Can Sing1966Musik/Text
SparksI Want To Hold Your Hand1976Musik/Text
Spooky ToothI Am The Walrus1970Musik/Text
SpringwellIt's For You1971Musik/Text
Squadra BluImagine2010Musik/Text
St. Louis UnionGirl1966Musik/Text
StackridgeHold Me Tight1976Musik/Text
Standards Of Rumantsch & Bettina TuorIl balurd en la b'rigl2005Musik/Text
Stanley TurrentineCan't Buy Me Love1980Musik/Text
StarmaniacsLet It Be2002Musik/Text
Stars On 45Beatles Medley1982Musik/Text
Stars On 45Stars On 451981Musik/Text
StarsoundStars On 451981Musik/Text
Status QuoGet Back1996Musik/Text
Status QuoGetting Better1976Musik/Text
Stefanie HempelBlackbird2014Musik/Text
Stefanie HempelHere, There And Everywhere2014Musik/Text
Stefanie HempelI Saw Her Standing There2014Musik/Text
Stefanie HempelIn My Life2014Musik/Text
Stefanie HempelJulia2014Musik/Text
Stefanie HempelNorwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)2014Musik/Text
Stefanie HempelWhy Don't We Do It In The Road?2014Musik/Text
Stefanie HempelYesterday2014Musik/Text
Stein IngebrigtsenFreden1973Musik/Text
Stein IngebrigtsenRockollection1978Musik/Text
Stéphan RizonWith A Little Help From My Friends2012Musik/Text
(John Winston Lennon)
Stephanie De SykesFor No One1975Musik/Text
Stephen StillsIn My Life1991Musik/Text
StereophonicsDon't Let Me Down2001Musik/Text
Steve EarleI'm Looking Through You1995Musik/Text
Steve HillageGetting Better1978Musik/Text
Steve Lee / Bo Katzman / John BrackWith A Little Help From My Friends1999Musik/Text
Steve MartinMaxwell's Silver Hammer1978Musik/Text
Steve MillerHey Jude2014Musik/Text
Stevie WonderWe Can Work It Out1970Musik/Text
Stone [FR]Le jour la nuit1966Musik/Text
Stone [FR]Seul1966Musik/Text
Stone Temple PilotsRevolution2001Musik/Text
Stone The CrowsThe Fool On The Hill1969Musik/Text
Stop The ShoppersTut è spir amur2005Musik/Text
Streetlife [DE]Drive My Car1992Musik/Text
StreetmarkEleanor Rigby1976Musik/Text
String Driven ThingThings We Said Today1975Musik/Text
STSRed ma uns das aus1987Musik/Text
StyxI Am The Walrus2005Musik/Text
Sue SchellHere, There And Everywhere1984Musik/Text
SugababesCome Together2005Musik/Text
SuggsI'm Only Sleeping1995Musik/Text
Sullivan FortnerWhen I'm Sixty-Four2018Musik/Text
Surprise SistersGot To Get You Into My Life1976Musik/Text
Susan AntonIn My Life Musik/Text
Susan BoyleImagine2014Musik/Text
Susan CadoganImagine1975Musik/Text
Susan ShirleyImagine1972Musik/Text
Susan ShirleyJealous Guy1971Musik/Text
Susan ShirleyOh Yoko!1971Musik/Text
Suzanne KleeDrive My Car2008Musik/Text
Suzi QuatroI Wanna Be Your Man1973Musik/Text
Suzy Bogguss & Chet AtkinsAll My Loving1994Musik/Text
Swiss Army Big BandCan't Buy Me Love2010Musik/Text
Swiss Army Concert Band / Christoph WalterHey Jude2004Musik/Text
Swoop [BE]Party Mix2010Musik/Text
Syd Lawrence and His OrchestraLong And Winding Road1978Musik/Text
Syd Lawrence and His OrchestraYesterday1978Musik/Text
Syl JohnsonCome Together1970Musik/Text
Sylvia VrethammarCarry That Weight1973Musik/Text
Sylvia VrethammarThe Fool On The Hill1973Musik/Text
Sylvia VrethammarThe Long And Winding Road2006Musik/Text
Sylvie VartanDrive My Car2007Musik/Text
Sylvie VartanIn My Life2018Musik/Text
SyreetaShe's Leaving Home1972Musik/Text
Take ThatBeatles Medley1995Musik/Text
Tammy WynetteYesterday1968Musik/Text
Tania MariaImagine1982Musik/Text
TartarugaFrajas giardin2005Musik/Text
Ted NeeleyMother1974Musik/Text
Teddy LeeMaxwells Silberhammer1969Musik/Text
Teegarden & Van WinkleEleanor Rigby1970Musik/Text
TelexDear Prudence2021Musik/Text
TempestPaperback Writer1974Musik/Text
Tennessee Ernie FordLet It Be1970Musik/Text
Tennessee Ernie FordYesterday1968Musik/Text
TeslaI've Got A Feeling2007Musik/Text
Tessie HillLet It Be1976Musik/Text
The 5th DimensionI've Got A Feeling1975Musik/Text
The 5th DimensionLove Medley (What The World Needs Now Is Love / All You Need Is Love / Have You Tried Love?)1971Musik/Text
The 5th DimensionTicket To Ride1968Musik/Text
The Angels [US]I Want To Hold Your Hand1964Musik/Text
The Anita Kerr SingersEleanor Rigby1971Musik/Text
The Anita Kerr SingersGoodbye1969Musik/Text
The Anita Kerr SingersOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da1969Musik/Text
The Applejacks [UK]Like Dreamers Do1964Musik/Text
The ArborsGolden Slumbers / Hush-A-Bye1977Musik/Text
The ArborsGood Day Sunshine / Gotta Get You Into My Life1969Musik/Text
The AssociationWorld Without Love1983Musik/Text
The AvalanchesThe Noisy Eater2016Musik/Text
The BachelorsMichelle1966Musik/Text
The BadbeatsOne And One Is Two1979Musik/Text
The BadbeatsTip Of My Tongue1979Musik/Text
The Barron KnightsCall Up The Groups1964Musik/Text
The Baskerville HoundsPenny Lane1967Musik/Text
The Beach BoysI Should Have Known Better1965Musik/Text
The Beach BoysTell Me Why1965Musik/Text
The Beach BoysYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away1965Musik/Text
The Beat BugsAcross The Universe2016Musik/Text
The Beat BugsAll You Need Is Love2016Musik/Text
The Beat BugsBirthday2016Musik/Text
The Beat BugsCome Together2016Musik/Text
The Beat BugsYellow Submarine2016Musik/Text
The Beat Bugs feat. Aloe BlaccRain2016Musik/Text
The Beat Bugs feat. Chris CornellDrive My Car2016Musik/Text
The Beat Bugs feat. Eddie VedderMagical Mystery Your2016Musik/Text
The Beat Bugs feat. FrancesIn My Life2016Musik/Text
The Beat Bugs feat. James BayHey Bulldog2016Musik/Text
The Beat Bugs feat. James CordenI'm A Loser2016Musik/Text
The Beat Bugs feat. Jennifer HudsonI'll Follow The Sun2016Musik/Text
The Beat Bugs feat. Of Monsters And MenEleanor Rigby2016Musik/Text
The Beat Bugs feat. P!nkLucy In The Sky With Diamonds2016Musik/Text
The Beat Bugs feat. Regina SpektorAnd Your Bird Can Sing2016Musik/Text
The Beat Bugs feat. Robbie WilliamsGood Day Sunshine2016Musik/Text
The Beat Bugs feat. Rod StewartSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band2016Musik/Text
The Beat Bugs feat. SiaBlackbird2016Musik/Text
The Beat Bugs feat. The ShinsThe Word2016Musik/Text
The Beat Bugs feat. Tori KellyI'm Happy Just To Dance With You2016Musik/Text
The Beat Bugs feat. Wesley Schultz (of The Lumineers)Honey Pie2016Musik/Text
The Beat KingsYellow Submarine1966Musik/Text
The BeatlesA Day In The Life1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesA Hard Day's Night1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesAcross The Universe1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesAll I've Got To Do1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesAll My Loving1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesAll Together Now1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesAll You Need Is Love1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesAnd I Love Her1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesAnd Your Bird Can Sing1966Musik/Text
The BeatlesAnother Girl1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesAny Time At All1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesAsk Me Why1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesBaby, You're A Rich Man1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesBaby's In Black1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesBack In The U.S.S.R.1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesBecause1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesBeing For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesBirthday1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesBlackbird1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesCan't Buy Me Love1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesCarry That Weight1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesChristmas Time (Is Here Again)1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesCome Together1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesCry Baby Cry1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesCry For A Shadow1962Musik/Text
The BeatlesDay Tripper1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesDear Prudence1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesDig A Pony1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesDig It1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesDo You Want To Know A Secret1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesDoctor Robert1966Musik/Text
The BeatlesDrive My Car1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesEight Days A Week1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesEleanor Rigby1966Musik/Text
The BeatlesEvery Little Thing1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesEverybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesFixing A Hole1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesFlying1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesFor No One1966Musik/Text
The BeatlesFree As A Bird1995Musik/Text
The BeatlesFrom Me To You1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesGetting Better1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesGirl1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesGlass Onion1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesGolden Slumbers1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesGood Day Sunshine1966Musik/Text
The BeatlesGood Morning Good Morning1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesGood Night1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesGot To Get You Into My Life1966Musik/Text
The BeatlesHappiness Is A Warm Gun1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesHello Little Girl1979Musik/Text
The BeatlesHello, Good Bye1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesHelp!1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesHelter Skelter1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesHer Majesty1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesHere, There And Everywhere1966Musik/Text
The BeatlesHey Bulldog1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesHey Jude1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesHold Me Tight1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesHoney Pie1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesI Am The Walrus1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesI Call Your Name1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesI Don't Want To Spoil The Party1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesI Feel Fine1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesI Saw Her Standing There1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesI Should Have Known Better1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesI Wanna Be Your Man1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesI Want To Hold Your Hand1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesI Want You (She's So Heavy)1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesI Will1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesIf I Fell1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesIf You've Got Trouble1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesI'll Be Back1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesI'll Cry Instead1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesI'll Follow The Sun1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesI'll Get You1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesI'm A Loser1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesI'm Down1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesI'm Happy Just To Dance With You1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesI'm Looking Through You1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesI'm Only Sleeping1966Musik/Text
The BeatlesI'm So Tired1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesIn My Life1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesIt Won't Be Long1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesIt's Only Love1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesI've Got A Feeling1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesI've Just Seen A Face1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesJulia1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesKomm, gib mir deine Hand1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesLady Madonna1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesLet It Be1970Musik/Text
The BeatlesLike Dreamers Do1979Musik/Text
The BeatlesLittle Child1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesLove Me Do1962Musik/Text
The BeatlesLove Of The Loved1979Musik/Text
The BeatlesLovely Rita1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesLucy In The Sky With Diamonds1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesMaggie Mae1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesMagical Mystery Tour1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesMartha My Dear1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesMaxwell's Silver Hammer1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesMean Mr. Mustard1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesMichelle1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesMisery1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesMother Nature's Son1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesNo Reply1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesNorwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesNot A Second Time1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesNow And Then2023Musik/Text
The BeatlesNowhere Man1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesOh! Darling1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesOne After 9091970Musik/Text
The BeatlesP.S. I Love You1962Musik/Text
The BeatlesPaperback Writer1966Musik/Text
The BeatlesPenny Lane1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesPlease, Please Me1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesPolythene Pam1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesRain1966Musik/Text
The BeatlesReal Love1996Musik/Text
The BeatlesRevolution1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesRevolution 91968Musik/Text
The BeatlesRevolution I1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesRocky Raccoon1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesRun For Your Life1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesSexy Sadie1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesShe Came In Through The Bathroom Window1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesShe Loves You1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesShe Said, She Said1966Musik/Text
The BeatlesShe's A Woman1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesShe's Leaving Home1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesSie liebt dich1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesStep Inside Love / Los Paranoias1996Musik/Text
The BeatlesStrawberry Fields Forever1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesSun King1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesTell Me What You See1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesTell Me Why1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesThank You Girl1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesThat Means A Lot1996Musik/Text
The BeatlesThe Ballad Of John And Yoko1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesThe Beatles Movie Medley1982Musik/Text
The BeatlesThe Bitter End / You Can't Do That1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesThe Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesThe End1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesThe Fool On The Hill1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesThe Long And Winding Road1970Musik/Text
The BeatlesThe Night Before1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesThe Palace Of The King Of The Birds1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesThe Word1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesThere's A Place1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesThings We Said Today1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesThis Boy1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesTicket To Ride1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesTomorrow Never Knows1966Musik/Text
The BeatlesTwo Of Us1970Musik/Text
The BeatlesWait1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesWe Can Work It Out1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesWhat Goes On1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesWhat You're Doing1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesWhat's The New Mary Jane1996Musik/Text
The BeatlesWhen I Get Home1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesWhen I'm Sixty-Four1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesWhy Don't We Do It In The Road?1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesWild Honey Pie1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesWith A Little Help From My Friends1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesYellow Submarine1966Musik/Text
The BeatlesYer Blues1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesYes It Is1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesYesterday1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesYou Can't Do That1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesYou Know My Name (Look Up The Number)1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesYou Never Give Me Your Money1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesYou Won't See Me1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesYou'll Be Mine1995Musik/Text
The BeatlesYour Mother Should Know1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesYou're Going To Lose That Girl1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away1965Musik/Text
The Beatles with Billy PrestonDon't Let Me Down1969Musik/Text
The Beatles with Billy PrestonGet Back1969Musik/Text
The Beau BrummelsYesterday1966Musik/Text
The Beau BrummelsYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away1966Musik/Text
The BedrocksOb-la-di, Ob-la-da1968Musik/Text
The BeehivesPlease Please Me1964Musik/Text
The BeehivesShe Loves You1964Musik/Text
The Bell BoysDo You Want To Know A Secret1963Musik/Text
The Black CrowesLucy In The Sky With Diamonds2002Musik/Text
The Black Dyke Mills BandThingumybob1968Musik/Text
The Black Dyke Mills BandYellow Submarine1968Musik/Text
The Black Eyed PeasPower To The People2007Musik/Text
The Black KeysShe Said She Said2002Musik/Text
The Black WatchEleanor Rigby1990Musik/Text
The Bollock BrothersDay Tripper1985Musik/Text
The Boys [UK Punk]I Call Your Name1977Musik/Text
The BreedersHappiness Is A Warm Gun1990Musik/Text
The BrisksNadie respondió1965Musik/Text
The Brothers FourAll My Loving1966Musik/Text
The Brothers FourAnd I Love Her1966Musik/Text
The Brothers FourGirl1966Musik/Text
The Brothers FourHelp!1966Musik/Text
The Brothers FourIf I Fell1966Musik/Text
The Brothers FourI'll Follow The Sun1966Musik/Text
The Brothers FourLove1972Musik/Text
The Brothers FourMichelle1966Musik/Text
The Brothers FourNorwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)1966Musik/Text
The Brothers FourNowhere Man1966Musik/Text
The Brothers FourRevolution1969Musik/Text
The Brothers FourWe Can Work It Out1966Musik/Text
The Brothers FourYesterday1966Musik/Text
The Brothers JohnsonCome Together1976Musik/Text
The Brothers JohnsonHey Jude1976Musik/Text
The BuckinghamsI Call Your Name1966Musik/Text
The BuckinghamsI'll Be Back1967Musik/Text
The CarnabeesA Hard Day's Night1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesAll My Loving1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesAll You Need Is Love1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesBack In The USSR1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesCan't Buy Me Love1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesDay Tripper1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesEleanor Rigby1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesGet Back1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesGot To Get You Into My Life1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesHello Goodbye1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesHelp1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesI Feel Fine1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesI Want To Hold Your Hand1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesImagine1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesLady Madonna1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesLet It Be1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesLove Me Do1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesMichelle1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesPaperback Writer1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesPenny Lane1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesRock 'N' Roll Music1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesShe Loves You1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesTicket To Ride1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesWe Can Work It Out1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesWhen I'm 641976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesWith A Little Help From My Friends1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesYellow Submarine1976Musik/Text
The Cascading StringsFool On The Hill1970Musik/Text
The Cast Of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Finale)1978Musik/Text
The CatsI've Just Seen A Face1966Musik/Text
The ChipmunksAll My Loving1964Musik/Text
The ChipmunksDo You Want To Know A Secret1964Musik/Text
The Chris Farlowe BandWe Can Work It Out1975Musik/Text
The Classic IllustrationOh Darling (Remake 2019)2019Musik/Text
The CorrsThe Long And Winding Road2001Musik/Text
The CowsillsPaperback Writer1969Musik/Text
The CricketsFrom Me To You1964Musik/Text
The CricketsI Saw Her Standing There1964Musik/Text
The CricketsI Wanna Hold Your Hand1964Musik/Text
The CricketsPlease Please Me1964Musik/Text
The CricketsShe Loves You1964Musik/Text
The CrystalitesLady Madonna1970Musik/Text
The Crystals [CZ]World Without Love1967Musik/Text
The CureLove2005Musik/Text
The Cure feat. James McCartneyHello Goodbye2014Musik/Text
The Cute LepersYou're Gonna Lose That Girl2010Musik/Text
The CyrkleI'm Happy Just To Dance With You1967Musik/Text
The DamnedHelp1976Musik/Text
The Dead DaisiesHelter Skelter2014Musik/Text
The Dead DaisiesRevolution2018Musik/Text
The Diamond OrchestraImagine1981Musik/Text
The Diamond OrchestraWoman1981Musik/Text
The DickiesI Want To Hold Your Hand2021Musik/Text
The DispossessedBeing For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite1988Musik/Text
The Dream AcademyLove1990Musik/Text
The Dukes [AU]Happiness Is A Warm Gun1993Musik/Text
The Dukes Of DixielandMichelle1966Musik/Text
The Durham Ox SingersRevolution #91999Musik/Text
The Eric Gales BandI Want You (She's So Heavy)1993Musik/Text
The EruptivesDear Prudence Musik/Text
The E-TypesI'll Be On My Way2001Musik/Text
The Everly BrothersThe End1970Musik/Text
The FiresGet Back2011Musik/Text
The Five StairstepsDear Prudence1970Musik/Text
The Five StairstepsGetting Better1970Musik/Text
The FlagGot To Get You Into My Life1972Musik/Text
The Flamin' GrooviesMisery1976Musik/Text
The Flamin' GrooviesPlease Please Me1979Musik/Text
The Flamin' GrooviesThere's A Place1978Musik/Text
The Flaming Lips(Just Like) Starting Over2007Musik/Text
The Flamingos [DE]Glücklich wie noch nie1964Musik/Text
The Flying PicketsHere There And Everywhere1994Musik/Text
The Four SeasonsWe Can Work It Out1976Musik/Text
The Four TopsEleanor Rigby1969Musik/Text
The Four TopsGot To Get You Into My Life1969Musik/Text
The Four TopsMichelle1966Musik/Text
The Four TopsThe Fool On The Hill1969Musik/Text
The FourmostHello Little Girl1963Musik/Text
The FourmostI'm In Love1963Musik/Text
The Fred Banana ComboShe Loves You1980Musik/Text
The Fred Banana ComboYesterday1980Musik/Text
The Friends Of DistinctionAnd I Love Him1969Musik/Text
The Georgia SatellitesRain1997Musik/Text
The Gisha BrothersCan't Buy Me Love1965Musik/Text
The Gisha BrothersHelp / Love And Kisses / Sieben Tränen1966Musik/Text
The Gisha BrothersWorld Without Love1965Musik/Text
The Gisha BrothersYesterday / Il Silenzio1966Musik/Text
The Globe ShowOb-la-di Ob-la-da1969Musik/Text
The GodsHey Bulldog1969Musik/Text
The Golden Voices Of Gospel mit Ross AntonyHappy Xmas (War Is Over)2021Musik/Text
(John Winston Lennon)
The Good Ship LollipopMaxwell's Silver Hammr1969Musik/Text
The Hands Of TimeGot To Get You Into My Life1966Musik/Text
The HiltonairesA Hard Day's Night1971Musik/Text
The HiltonairesHey Jude1971Musik/Text
The HiltonairesI Want To Hold Your Hand1971Musik/Text
The HiltonairesLet It Be1971Musik/Text
The HiltonairesMichelle1971Musik/Text
The HiltonairesStars on 45 [Beatles-Medley]1982Musik/Text
The HiltonairesYesterday1971Musik/Text
The HitmakersI Saw Her Standing There1963Musik/Text
The HitmakersMichelle1966Musik/Text
The Hour GlassNorwegian Wood1968Musik/Text
The Ides Of MarchA Day In The Life2010Musik/Text
The Ides Of MarchSymphony For Eleanor/Eleanor Rigby1970Musik/Text
The IdolsHappy Xmas (War Is Over)2003Musik/Text
The ImpressionsThe Fool On The Hill1969Musik/Text
The ImpressionsYesterday1969Musik/Text
The JacquelinesI'm Steppin' Out2018Musik/Text
The JaggerzWith A Little Help From My Friends1969Musik/Text
The JamAnd Your Bird Can Sing1992Musik/Text
The Jay FiveGirl1966Musik/Text
The Jay FiveMichelle1966Musik/Text
The Jay FiveNowhere Man1966Musik/Text
The Jay FiveYesterday1966Musik/Text
The Jeff Healey BandYer Blues1995Musik/Text
The JuJu ExchangeA Day In The Life2018Musik/Text
The Kelly FamilyA Hard Days Night1991Musik/Text
The Kelly FamilyLet It Be1990Musik/Text
The Kenny Wayne Shepherd BandYer Blues2011Musik/Text
(John Winston Lennon)
The Kentucky HeadhuntersI'm Down2005Musik/Text
The KettelsLady Madonna1968Musik/Text
The KingWorking Class Hero1998Musik/Text
The King with BringsDrive My Car2002Musik/Text
The King's SingersA Hard Day's Night1986Musik/Text
The King's SingersAnd I Love Her1986Musik/Text
The King's SingersBack In The USSR1986Musik/Text
The King's SingersBlack Bird1986Musik/Text
The King's SingersCan't Buy Me Love1986Musik/Text
The King's SingersEleanor Rigby1986Musik/Text
The King's SingersGirl1986Musik/Text
The King's SingersGot To Get You Into My Life1986Musik/Text
The King's SingersHelp!1986Musik/Text
The King's SingersHoney Pie1986Musik/Text
The King's SingersI Want To Hold Your Hand1986Musik/Text
The King's SingersLady Madonna1988Musik/Text
The King's SingersOb-la-di, Ob-la-da1975Musik/Text
The King's SingersStrawberry Fields Forever1978Musik/Text
The King's SingersYesterday1986Musik/Text
The KingsmenA Hard Day's Night1965Musik/Text
The KingsmenOh Darling1994Musik/Text
The Kingston TrioNorwegian Wood1966Musik/Text
The KneesDay Tripper1975Musik/Text
The KoppykatsLet It Be1970Musik/Text
The Larry Page OrchestraHey Jude1968Musik/Text
The Lee KingsDay Tripper1967Musik/Text
The Les Humphries SingersFool On The Hill1970Musik/Text
The Les Humphries Singers And OrchestraPower To The People / Doctor Doctor / Joy To The World1971Musik/Text
The LettermenAnd I Love Her1966Musik/Text
The LettermenFor No One1967Musik/Text
The LettermenHere, There And Everywhere1967Musik/Text
The LettermenHey Jude1968Musik/Text
The LettermenI'm Only Sleeping1972Musik/Text
The LettermenLove1971Musik/Text
The LettermenMichelle1966Musik/Text
The LettermenOh My Love1972Musik/Text
The LettermenWorld Without Love1975Musik/Text
The LettermenYesterday1966Musik/Text
The Little Big HornsGet Back1969Musik/Text
The Liverpool Football TeamYellow Submarine1972Musik/Text
The LiverpoolsI Saw Her Standing There1964Musik/Text
The LiverpoolsI Want To Hold Your Hand1964Musik/Text
The LiverpoolsPlease, Please Me1964Musik/Text
The LiverpoolsShe Loves You1964Musik/Text
The London Symphony OrchestraA Day In The Life1978Musik/Text
The London Symphony OrchestraAbbey Road Medley1987Musik/Text
The London Symphony OrchestraGet Back1981Musik/Text
The London Symphony OrchestraHelp1991Musik/Text
The London Symphony OrchestraHey Jude1981Musik/Text
The London Symphony OrchestraLucy In The Sky With Diamonds1977Musik/Text
The London Symphony OrchestraThe End1976Musik/Text
The Loving HeartsManchmal, wenn ich träume1965Musik/Text
The Main IngredientGet Back1969Musik/Text
The Mamas & The PapasI Call Your Name1966Musik/Text
The MarmaladeOb-La-Di Ob-La-Da1968Musik/Text
The Mat's(You've Got To) Hide Your Love Away1966Musik/Text
The McCoysDrive My Car1966Musik/Text
The Michael Wynn BandGood Day Sunshine1978Musik/Text
The Mike Curb CongregationCome Together / Hey Jude1970Musik/Text
The Mike Curb CongregationLet It Be1970Musik/Text
The Mike Curb CongregationThe Long And Winding Road1970Musik/Text
The Mike Curb CongregationYou Don't Need A Reason For Love / Give Peace A Chance / Get Together1970Musik/Text
The MirageTomorrow Never Knows1966Musik/Text
The MissionLove1990Musik/Text
The MissionTomorrow Never Knows1987Musik/Text
The Mitchell TrioShe Loves You1967Musik/Text
The Modern Jazz QuartetYesterday2010Musik/Text
The MoffattsThis Boy1995Musik/Text
The MohawksLet It Be1970Musik/Text
The MoltosAll You Need Is Love1975Musik/Text
The MoltosBirthday1976Musik/Text
The MoltosCan't Buy Me Love1975Musik/Text
The MoltosClose Your Eyes1975Musik/Text
The MoltosDay Tripper1975Musik/Text
The MoltosEleanor Rigby1975Musik/Text
The MoltosGet Back1975Musik/Text
The MoltosGot To Get You Into My Life1975Musik/Text
The MoltosHello Goodbye1975Musik/Text
The MoltosHelp1975Musik/Text
The MoltosI Feel Fine1975Musik/Text
The MoltosI Want To Hold Your Hand1975Musik/Text
The MoltosImagine1976Musik/Text
The MoltosLet It Be1975Musik/Text
The MoltosMichelle1975Musik/Text
The MoltosOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da1975Musik/Text
The MoltosPaperback Writer1975Musik/Text
The MoltosPenny Lane1975Musik/Text
The MoltosShe Loves You1975Musik/Text
The MoltosTicket To Ride1975Musik/Text
The MoltosWe Can Work It Out1975Musik/Text
The MoltosWhen I'm Sixty-Four1975Musik/Text
The MoltosWith A Little Help From My Friends1975Musik/Text
The MoltosYellow Submarine1975Musik/Text
The MomentsRocky Raccoon1970Musik/Text
The MomentsYesterday1971Musik/Text
The Moody BluesHappy Xmas (War Is Over)2003Musik/Text
The Moog MachineGet Back1969Musik/Text
The Moog MachineHey Jude1969Musik/Text
The NaturalsI Should Have Known Better1964Musik/Text
The NeighborhoodShe Said, She Said1970Musik/Text
The New BirthThe Long And Winding Road1976Musik/Text
The New EditionDrive My Car1976Musik/Text
The New Radio KingsA Hard Day's Night2009Musik/Text
The New SeekersFriends Medley (Friends, With A Little Help From My Friends)1974Musik/Text
The New SeekersGeorgie Girl / Ticket To Ride1972Musik/Text
The New SeekersHere, There And Everywhere1970Musik/Text
The New SeekersImagine / Give Peace A Chance1981Musik/Text
The NewbeatsHelp1965Musik/Text
The Nite-LitersEleanor Rigby1970Musik/Text
The OriginalsLet It Be1970Musik/Text
The OverlandersMichelle1965Musik/Text
The Pasadena Roof OrchestraHoney Pie1976Musik/Text
The Percy Faith StringsBecause1970Musik/Text
The Percy Faith StringsEleanor Rigby1970Musik/Text
The Percy Faith StringsHere, There And Everywhere1970Musik/Text
The Percy Faith StringsLet It Be1970Musik/Text
The Percy Faith StringsLucy In The Sky With Diamonds1970Musik/Text
The Percy Faith StringsMichelle1970Musik/Text
The Percy Faith StringsNorwegian Wood1970Musik/Text
The Percy Faith StringsThe Ballad Of John And Yoko1970Musik/Text
The Percy Faith StringsThe Fool On The Hill1970Musik/Text
The Percy Faith StringsYesterday1970Musik/Text
The PetardsLady Madonna1968Musik/Text
The Peter Thomas Sound OrchestraLady Madonna1968Musik/Text
The Peter Thomas Sound OrchestraOb-la-di ob-la-da1969Musik/Text
The Piano GuysYesterday2019Musik/Text
The Pink FairiesI Saw Her Standing There1971Musik/Text
The Polyphonic SpreeHappy Xmas (War Is Over)2004Musik/Text
The Postal ServiceGrow Old With Me2007Musik/Text
The Pozo-Seco SingersIf I Fell1966Musik/Text
The PunklesAnother Girl2003Musik/Text
The PunklesDay Tripper2003Musik/Text
The PunklesGet Back2003Musik/Text
The PunklesHey Jude2003Musik/Text
The PunklesI Am The Walrus2003Musik/Text
The PunklesI'm A Loser2003Musik/Text
The PunklesI'm Looking Through You2003Musik/Text
The PunklesMagical Mystery Tour2003Musik/Text
The PunklesTomorrow Never Knows2003Musik/Text
The PunklesTwo Of Us2003Musik/Text
The PunklesWhy Don't We Do It In The Road2003Musik/Text
The PunklesWith A Little Help From My Friends2003Musik/Text
The Rainbow CollectionsGolden Slumbers2022Musik/Text
The RajahsI Saw Her Standing There1964Musik/Text
The Ramsey Lewis TrioA Hard Day's Night1966Musik/Text
The RattlesEleanor Rigby1971Musik/Text
The RattlesHey Jude2004Musik/Text
The RattlesI Should Have Known Better1964Musik/Text
The RattlesP.S. I Love You1963Musik/Text
The RaveonettesOne Day At A Time2007Musik/Text
The RaversFrom Me To You1964Musik/Text
The RaversGirl1966Musik/Text
The RaversGot To Get You Into My Life1966Musik/Text
The RaversKomm, gib mir deine Hand1964Musik/Text
The RaversLady Madonna1968Musik/Text
The RaversNo Reply1965Musik/Text
The RaversNorwegian Wood1966Musik/Text
The RaversPaperback Writer1966Musik/Text
The RaversShe Loves You1964Musik/Text
The RaversSie liebt dich1964Musik/Text
The RaversTicket To Ride1965Musik/Text
The RezillosI Wanna Be Your Man1977Musik/Text
The RockernorsWe Can Work It Out