John Marascalco

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Pseudonyme / Alternative Schreibweisen: John S. Marascalco
Aaron NevilleGoodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams)2013Musik/Text
Adriano CelentanoRip It Up1973Musik/Text
Allan ClarkeSend Me Some Lovin'1974Musik/Text
Barry BiggsGoodnight My Love1976Musik/Text
Barry Martin With The H. B. Barnum GroupGot A Whole Lot Of Loving To Do1961Musik/Text
Barry WhiteGoodnight My Love1989Musik/Text
Barry WhiteLove's Interlude / Good Night My Love1989Musik/Text
Ben E. KingGoodnight My Love, Pleasant Dreams1967Musik/Text
Bill Haley And His CometsRip It Up1956Musik/Text
Billy DyceBe My Guest1972Musik/Text
(John S. Marascalco)
Billy Riley / The Little Green MenWouldn't You Know1958Musik/Text
Black LaceHippy Hippy Shake / Good Golly Miss Molly / Twist And Shout / Do You Love Me1985Musik/Text
Bob Harris And The Kings FourBertha Lou1962Musik/Text
Bobby VintonGoodnight My Love1963Musik/Text
Brian Poole And The TremeloesTwelve Steps To Love1964Musik/Text
Brian ProtheroeMedley: Tutti Frutti / Rock Around The Clock / Rockin' Robin / Ready Teddy / She's Got It / The Girl Can't Help It / Rock Around The Clock (Reprise)1977Musik/Text
Carl PerkinsReady Teddy1958Musik/Text
Charlie J. And The WoolfmenRip It Up1964Musik/Text
Chris SpeddingRip It Up1991Musik/Text
Chuck BerryRip It Up1961Musik/Text
Cliff RichardReady Teddy1959Musik/Text
Cliff RichardRip It Up2013Musik/Text
Cliff RichardShe's Got It2016Musik/Text
Clint MillerBertha Lou1957Musik/Text
Commander Cody And His Lost Planet AirmenRip It Up1972Musik/Text
Creedence Clearwater RevivalGood Golly Miss Molly1967Musik/Text
Curtis LeeSpecial Love1960Musik/Text
Daddy CoolGood Golly Miss Molly1994Musik/Text
David ThibaultRip It Up2016Musik/Text
(John S. Marascalco)
Dean MartinSend Me Some Lovin'1965Musik/Text
Dorsey BurnetteBertha Lou1957Musik/Text
Dorsey BurnetteTil The Law Says Stop1957Musik/Text
Dr. JohnI Wanna Rock1975Musik/Text
Drafi Deutscher And His MagicsMedley [Der Löwe schläft heut' Nacht / Teeny / Hippy-Hippy-Shake / Shakin' All Over / Ready Teddy]1964Musik/Text
Drafi Deutscher And His MagicsMedley [Shake Hands / Roll Over Beethoven / What'd I Say / Good Golly Miss Molly / Memphis, Tennesseee]1964Musik/Text
Eddy MitchellC'est le soir1963Musik/Text
Eddy MitchellJolie Miss Molly1963Musik/Text
Eddy MitchellReady Teddy1963Musik/Text
Eddy MitchellTout s'est réalisé1963Musik/Text
Edell And The T-BirdsGood Golly Miss Molly1961Musik/Text
Elvis PresleyReady Teddy1956Musik/Text
Elvis PresleyRip It Up1956Musik/Text
Fats DominoBe My Guest1959Musik/Text
Gene VincentIf You Want My Lovin'1961Musik/Text
Gene Vincent & The ShoutsGood Golly Miss Molly1964Musik/Text
German Blue FlamesReady Teddy1965Musik/Text
Gerry & The PacemakersRip It Up1964Musik/Text
Gladys Knight & The PipsGoodnight My Love1980Musik/Text
Guy DarrellRip It Up/Great Balls Of Fire/Shake, Rattle And Roll1973Musik/Text
Imperial State ElectricHeeby Jeebies2014Musik/Text
James BrownGoodnight My Love1975Musik/Text
Jerry Lee LewisGood Golly Miss Molly1962Musik/Text
Jerry Lee LewisThe Rock & Roll Medley: Good Golly Miss Molly / Long Tall Sally / Jenny, Jenny / Tutti Frutti / Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On1973Musik/Text
Jesse BelvinGoodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams)1956Musik/Text
Jimmy BarnesRip It Up2000Musik/Text
John EntwistleLucille1973Musik/Text
John LennonBring It On Home To Me / Send Me Some Lovin'1975Musik/Text
John LennonRip It Up / Ready Teddy1975Musik/Text
Johnny & Edgar WinterRock & Roll Medley1976Musik/Text
Johnny FaireBertha Lou1957Musik/Text
Johnny FaireTil The Law Says Stop1957Musik/Text
Johnny HallydayAdieu, Miss Molly1975Musik/Text
Johnny HallydayBelle1964Musik/Text
Johnny HallydayC'est fini Miss Molly1993Musik/Text
Jonnie TinoI Want Some Lovin'1962Musik/Text
Keith MoonBackdoor Sally1975Musik/Text
Lisa del BoBe My Guest2008Musik/Text
Little RichardGood Golly Miss Molly1958Musik/Text
Little RichardGroovy Little Suzy1977Musik/Text
Little RichardHeeby-Jeebies1956Musik/Text
Little RichardI Got It1959Musik/Text
Little RichardSend Me Some Lovin'1956Musik/Text
Little RichardShe's Got It1956Musik/Text
Little Richard And His BandReady Teddy1956Musik/Text
Little Richard And His BandRip It Up1956Musik/Text
Lloyd PriceSend Me Some Lovin' Musik/Text
Long Tall Ernie & The ShakersDo You Remember1977Musik/Text
Los LobosGoodnight My Love1987Musik/Text
Mike SmithI Got It1990Musik/Text
Millie SmallBe My Guest1965Musik/Text
Mitch Ryder & The Detroit WheelsDevil With A Blue Dress On / Good Golly Miss Molly (Medley)1966Musik/Text
NilssonBe A Girl1962Musik/Text
NilssonBorn In Grenada1966Musik/Text
NilssonBuilding Me Up1962Musik/Text
NilssonIt Just Ain't Right1962Musik/Text
NilssonLearning From Your1962Musik/Text
NilssonOh Caroline1962Musik/Text
NilssonOh, I Wonder1962Musik/Text
NilssonTake This Heart1962Musik/Text
NilssonThere's Gotta Be A Girl1962Musik/Text
Nitty Gritty Dirt BandGoodnight, My Love, Pleasant Dreams1969Musik/Text
Norma And LindaCarved Upon My Desk1958Musik/Text
Otis ReddingSend Me Some Lovin'1992Musik/Text
Pat McGlynnRock 'N' Roll Medley1980Musik/Text
Paul AnkaGoodnight My Love1969Musik/Text
Paula AbdulGood Night, My Love (Pleasant Dreams)1991Musik/Text
Peter KrausSamstag Nacht2007Musik/Text
Portuguese Joe With The Tennessee RockabillysMiss Ping Pong1957Musik/Text
Portuguese Joe With The Tennessee RockabillysStar Light Star Bright1957Musik/Text
PotliquorRip It Up1972Musik/Text
PuhdysGood Golly Miss Molly1976Musik/Text
Ray PetersonGoodnight My Love1959Musik/Text
Ronnie McDowellRip It Up1978Musik/Text
Roy HamiltonGoodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams)1960Musik/Text
Sam CookeSend Me Some Lovin'1962Musik/Text
Screaming Lord SutchGood Golly Miss Molly1961Musik/Text
Shakin' StevensBlue Suede Shoes / King Creole / Dixieland Rock / Got A Lot Of Living To Do / Wear My Ring / Ready Teddy1978Musik/Text
Shakin' StevensDixieland Rock / Got A Lot Of Living To Do / Wear My Ring / Ready Teddy1981Musik/Text
Shakin' Stevens & The SunsetsReady Teddy1975Musik/Text
Shakin' Stevens & The SunsetsRip It Up1972Musik/Text
Spooky ToothSend Me Some Lovin'1998Musik/Text
Status QuoGood Golly Miss Molly2000Musik/Text
Tamiko JonesGoodnight My Love1968Musik/Text
TavaresGoodnight My Love1977Musik/Text
The AllisonsBe My Guest1961Musik/Text
The Astronauts [US]Good Golly Miss Molly1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesRip It Up1969Musik/Text
The CowsillsGood Golly Miss Molly / Devil With A Blue Dress1969Musik/Text
The CricketsSend Me Some Lovin'1957Musik/Text
The Dave Clark FivePlay More Good Old Rock 'n' Roll1970Musik/Text
The Ding Dongs [1960s]Sweet Thing Musik/Text
The Everly BrothersRip It Up1958Musik/Text
The FiresRip It Up2011Musik/Text
The FleetwoodsGoodnight My Love1963Musik/Text
The Four SeasonsGoodnight My Love1962Musik/Text
The Hep StarsSend Some Lovin'1965Musik/Text
The LettermenLonely Little Girl1962Musik/Text
The LettermenThe Magic Sound1960Musik/Text
The LettermenThere's Got To Be A Girl1961Musik/Text
The PioneersGoodnight My Love1978Musik/Text
The RacketsShe's Got It1964Musik/Text
The Ring A DingsSnacky Poo1962Musik/Text
The RivierasRip It Up1965Musik/Text
The Scorpions [UK]Rip It Up1964Musik/Text
The Shangri-LasGood Night, My Love, Pleasant Dreams1964Musik/Text
The SonicsGood Golly Miss Molly1965Musik/Text
The SurfarisGreen Onions1963Produzent
The SurfarisMemphis, Tennessee1963Produzent
The SurfarisSurfer Joe1963Produzent
The SurfarisTeen Beat1963Produzent
The SurfarisTequila1963Produzent
The SurfarisTorquay1963Produzent
The SurfarisWalk Don't Run1963Produzent
The SurfarisWiggle Wobble1963Produzent
The SurfarisWild Weekend1963Produzent
The SurfarisWipe Out1963Produzent
The SurfarisYep!1963Produzent
The SurfarisYou Can't Sit Down1963Produzent
The Swinging Blue JeansGood Golly Miss Molly1964Musik/Text
The TornadosReady Teddy1963Musik/Text
The TornadosRip It Up1963Musik/Text
The ValiantsGood Golly Miss Molly1957Musik/Text
The VoguesGoodnight My Love1965Musik/Text
The VoguesTheme (The Good Old Songs)1970Musik/Text
Troy ShondellRip It Up1959Musik/Text
Truck StopRip It Up1974Musik/Text
VigonGood Golly Miss Molly1971Musik/Text
Vince TaylorJenny Jenny Jenny1999Musik/Text
Vince Taylor et ses PlayboysRip It Up1962Musik/Text
Walter JacksonOpportunity1963Musik/Text
Wanda JacksonRip It Up1963Musik/Text
Will TuraMedley Elvis Presley1984Musik/Text

Die bestbewerteten Songs von John Marascalco

Good Golly Miss Molly (Little Richard)615.03
Good Golly Miss Molly (Status Quo)125
Bring It On Home To Me / Send Me Some Lovin' (John Lennon)94.89
Good Golly Miss Molly (Creedence Clearwater Revival)374.86
Ready Teddy (Little Richard And His Band)214.86
Wipe Out (The Surfaris)554.85
Ready Teddy (Elvis Presley)244.75
Send Me Some Lovin' (Little Richard)164.75
Rip It Up (Elvis Presley)214.71
Goodnight My Love (The Fleetwoods)54.6
Rip It Up (Little Richard And His Band)274.56
Goodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams) (Jesse Belvin)104.5
Do You Remember (Long Tall Ernie & The Shakers)274.48
Rip It Up (Bill Haley And His Comets)254.48
Be My Guest (Fats Domino)234.48
She's Got It (Little Richard)144.43
Rip It Up / Ready Teddy (John Lennon)74.43
Rip It Up (The Everly Brothers)184.39
Ready Teddy (Cliff Richard)94.33
Good Golly Miss Molly (Jerry Lee Lewis)184.28

Die bekanntesten Songs von John Marascalco

Good Golly Miss Molly (Little Richard)615.03
Wipe Out (The Surfaris)554.85
Good Golly Miss Molly (The Swinging Blue Jeans)384.05
Good Golly Miss Molly (Creedence Clearwater Revival)374.86
Rip It Up (Little Richard And His Band)274.56
Do You Remember (Long Tall Ernie & The Shakers)274.48
Rip It Up (Bill Haley And His Comets)254.48
Ready Teddy (Elvis Presley)244.75
Be My Guest (Fats Domino)234.48
Ready Teddy (Little Richard And His Band)214.86
Rip It Up (Elvis Presley)214.71
Rip It Up (The Everly Brothers)184.39
Good Golly Miss Molly (Jerry Lee Lewis)184.28
Send Me Some Lovin' (Little Richard)164.75
Devil With A Blue Dress On / Good Golly Miss Molly (Medley) (Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels)153.6
She's Got It (Little Richard)144.43
Good Night, My Love (Pleasant Dreams) (Paula Abdul)133.92
Good Golly Miss Molly (Status Quo)125
Goodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams) (Jesse Belvin)104.5
Send Me Some Lovin' (The Crickets)104
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