Otis Blackwell

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Pseudonyme / Alternative Schreibweisen: John Davenport
AdamskiThe Space Jungle1990Musik/Text
Albert & RichardDevuélvase al remitente1963Musik/Text
Albert KingAll Shook Up1969Musik/Text
Albert KingDon't Be Cruel1969Musik/Text
Alexander Rybak feat. D'DorianFever2017Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Alvin LeeDon't Be Cruel1974Musik/Text
Alvin RobinsonFever1964Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Alvin StardustGreat Balls Of Fire Musik/Text
Amanda LearFever1982Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Amii StewartGreat Balls Of Fire1981Musik/Text
Andreas GabalierGreat Balls Of Fire2014Musik/Text
Annabella [Annabella Lwin]Fever1986Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Anne MurrayFever1993Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Bamses VennerEn tur i center1984Musik/Text
Barbara LynnDon't Be Cruel1963Musik/Text
Ben E. KingFever1962Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Ben E. KingI Promise Love1962Musik/Text
Bette MidlerFever2005Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Biff RoseDon't Be Cruel1971Musik/Text
Bill Black's ComboDon't Be Cruel1960Musik/Text
Billie Jo SpearsFever1982Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Billy CraddockAm I To Be The One (For The Last Time)1959Musik/Text
Billy J. Kramer With The DakotasGreat Balls Of Fire1963Musik/Text
Billy JoelAll Shook Up1992Musik/Text
Billy SwanBloodstream1978Musik/Text
Billy SwanDon't Be Cruel1974Musik/Text
Black Oak ArkansasGreat Balls Of Fire1976Musik/Text
Bob Jaxon with Marty Gold And His Orchestra(Well It's) No Lie1958Musik/Text
Bobby BlandFever1983Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Bobby VeeFever1983Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Bobby VeeJust Keep It Up (And See What Happens)1968Musik/Text
Boney M.Fever1976Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Brian HylandAll Shook Up1961Musik/Text
Brian Poole And The TremeloesTwistin' The Night Away / Things / Return To Sender1962Musik/Text
Bryan FerryDon't Be Cruel2001Musik/Text
Carl PerkinsAll Shook Up1957Musik/Text
Carl PerkinsHollywood City1962Musik/Text
Carl PerkinsSister Twister1962Musik/Text
Carlene CarterBreathless1983Musik/Text
Caterina Valente39 de fièvre1959Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Certain Lion's & TigersFever1970Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Chad GarrettAll Shook Up1981Musik/Text
Chad GarrettDon't Be Cruel1981Musik/Text
Charlie GracieCool Baby1957Musik/Text
Chas & DaveBreathless1980Musik/Text
Cheap TrickDon't Be Cruel1988Musik/Text
ChildThe Shape I'm In1979Musik/Text
Chris IsaakGreat Balls Of Fire2011Musik/Text
Claude NougaroDocteur1965Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Cliff RichardGreat Balls Of Fire / Whole Lotta Shakin'2016Musik/Text
Cliff RichardReady Teddy1959Musik/Text
Cliff Richard & The ShadowsNine Times Out Of Ten1960Musik/Text
Connie FrancisDon't Be Cruel1959Musik/Text
Conway TwittyA Little Piece Of My Heart1962Musik/Text
Conway TwittyComfy 'N Cozy1962Musik/Text
Conway TwittyFever1963Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Conway TwittyGreat Balls Of Fire1960Musik/Text
Conway TwittyHandy Man1960Musik/Text
Daliah LaviFever1971Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Daliah LaviFieber1971Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Dame Shirley BasseyFever2014Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Danny MirrorMedley 11981Musik/Text
Danny MirrorMedley 81981Musik/Text
Dany Logan et Les PiratesJe bois du lait1961Musik/Text
Dave EdmundsLet's Talk About Us1977Musik/Text
Dave EdmundsThe Shape I'm In1983Musik/Text
Dave KellyReturn To Sender1981Musik/Text
David Hill with Ray Ellis And His OrchestraAll Shook Up1957Musik/Text
David Hill with Ray Ellis And His OrchestraMelody For Lovers1957Musik/Text
David ThibaultGreat Balls Of Fire2016Musik/Text
Dean [BE]Great Balls Of Fire2007Musik/Text
Dean CarterFever1965Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Deborah HarryDon't Be Cruel1994Musik/Text
Dee ClarkI Just Can't Help Myself1960Musik/Text
Dee Dee BridgewaterDon't Be Cruel2017Musik/Text
Del ShannonHandy Man1964Musik/Text
DevoDon't Be Cruel1988Musik/Text
Dick AnnegarnFever2011Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Dinah WashingtonHonky Tonky1958Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
DionNorth East End Of The Corner1961Musik/Text
Dolly PartonGreat Balls Of Fire1979Musik/Text
Don WilliamsFever1995Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Donna FargoGreat Balls Of Fire1984Musik/Text
Donny OsmondHey Little Girl1971Musik/Text
Dragonfly [US]Great Ball Of Fire/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On1974Musik/Text
Earl GrantFever1957Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Eddy MitchellJ'ai tout mon temps1965Musik/Text
Elvis Presley(Such An) Easy Question1962Musik/Text
Elvis PresleyAll Shook Up1957Musik/Text
Elvis PresleyDon't Be Cruel1956Musik/Text
Elvis PresleyFever1960Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Elvis PresleyLong Tall Sally1956Musik/Text
Elvis PresleyMake Me Know It1960Musik/Text
Elvis PresleyOne Broken Heart For Sale1962Musik/Text
Elvis PresleyParalyzed1956Musik/Text
Elvis PresleyPlease Don't Drag That String Around1963Musik/Text
Elvis PresleyReturn To Sender1962Musik/Text
Elvis PresleyWe're Coming In Loaded1962Musik/Text
Elvis Presley with The JordanairesI'm A Roustabout1964Musik/Text
Elvis with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra feat. Michael BubléFever2015Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Estelle BrownStick Close1964Musik/Text
Esther PhillipsFever1966Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Ettore Stratta & Memphis Symphony OrchestraDon't Be Cruel1996Musik/Text
Ettore Stratta & Memphis Symphony OrchestraReturn To Sender1996Musik/Text
Eva CassidyFever2002Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Eva PilarováCo je to láska1961Musik/Text
Fishnet StockingsAll Shook Up2015Musik/Text
Fleetwood MacGreat Ball Of Fire1970Musik/Text
Foster SylversDon't Be Cruel1978Musik/Text
Gabriel Dalar39 de fièvre1959Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Gale ForceFever1977Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Gene VincentIt's No Lie1958Musik/Text
Georgia GibbsGreat Balls Of Fire1957Musik/Text
Gerri GrangerDon't Want Your Love Letters1962Musik/Text
Gerri GrangerStick Close1964Musik/Text
Gerri GrangerWhat's Wrong With Me1962Musik/Text
Grace KennedyFever1978Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Grace KnightFever1991Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Guy DarrellRip It Up/Great Balls Of Fire/Shake, Rattle And Roll1973Musik/Text
Heidi SternGreat Balls Of Fire1979Musik/Text
Helen ShapiroFever1964Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Helene Fischer mit Nino De AngeloSwing-Medley2012Musik/Text
Helmut LottiFever2008Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Helmut LottiReturn To Sender2002Musik/Text
Henri SalvadorCœur brisé à prendre1963Musik/Text
Herb Alpert & Lani HallFever2011Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Herbie MannFever1963Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Howard CarpendaleEs tut mir so leid2005Musik/Text
Howard CarpendaleReturn To Sender2005Musik/Text
Humble PieAll Shook Up1981Musik/Text
Isaac HayesFever1979Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Jackie WilsonLove Train1963Musik/Text
James TaylorHandy Man1977Musik/Text
Jay B. LoydYou're Just My Kind1958Musik/Text
Jeff Beck Group with Rod StewartAll Shook Up1969Musik/Text
Jeremy SpencerThe Shape I'm In1970Musik/Text
Jerry Lee LewisAm I To Be The One1970Musik/Text
Jerry Lee LewisDon't Be Cruel1958Musik/Text
Jerry Lee LewisGreat Balls Of Fire1957Musik/Text
Jerry Lee LewisLivin' Lovin' Wreck1961Musik/Text
Jerry Lee LewisRock & Roll Medley1973Musik/Text
Jerry Lee Lewis & FriendsAm I To Be The One1979Musik/Text
Jerry Lee Lewis & FriendsGood Golly Miss Molly1979Musik/Text
Jerry Lee Lewis And His Pumping PianoBreathless1958Musik/Text
Jerry Lee Lewis And His Pumping PianoLet's Talk About Us1959Musik/Text
Jerry Lee Lewis And His Pumping PianoLivin' Lovin' Wreck1961Musik/Text
Jim HoltParalyzed1962Musik/Text
Jimmy Bowen With Joe Reisman's Orch.You're Just Wasting Your Time1959Musik/Text
Jimmy JonesHandy Man1959Musik/Text
Jive Bunny & The MastermixersThat's What I Like1989Musik/Text
Joachim Pastor feat. MischaFever2016Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Jody MillerDon't Be Cruel (To A Heart That's True)1971Musik/Text
Joe CockerFever1989Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Joe Louis WalkerOn That Powerline1994Musik/Text
Johnny RestivoThe Shape I'm In1959Musik/Text
Johnny WorthNine Times Out Of Ten1960Musik/Text
Joy FlemingFeuer1972Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Joy FlemingFieber1975Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Kathy KirbySlowly1962Musik/Text
Kenny Lee MartinThe Shape I'm In1958Musik/Text
Lee TowersReturn To Sender1994Musik/Text
Leon RussellFever2014Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Leroy Van DykeMy Good Mind Went Bad1958Musik/Text
Les Pirates avec Dany LoganTu mets le feu1961Musik/Text
Liane FolyFever2016Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Link WrayFever1979Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Little Willie JohnFever1956Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Little Willie JohnSpasms1958Musik/Text
Long Tall Ernie & The ShakersElvis Medley: Hound Dog / All Shook Up / Blue Suede Shoes1974Musik/Text
Lord Nelson & His CrewGreat Balls Of Fire1968Musik/Text
Lorie MannJust Keep It Up1959Musik/Text
Los LlopisEstremécete1961Musik/Text
Lynn AndersonJust Keep It Up1972Musik/Text
Madleen KaneFever1978Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
(John Davenport)
Malia / Boris BlankFever2014Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Martha CarsonJust Whistle Or Call1957Musik/Text
Martha CarsonNow Stop1957Musik/Text
Michael BallFever1996Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Michael BubléFever2003Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Michael Schenker feat. Joe Lynn TurnerAll Shook Up2008Musik/Text
Michael Schenker GroupAll Shook Up2005Musik/Text
Mickey GilleyBreathless1967Musik/Text
Mikael RickforsHandy Man1983Musik/Text
Mike BerryDon't Be Cruel1975Musik/Text
Mike MoranFever1976Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Modern RomanceFever1981Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Mr. Walkie TalkieDon't Be Cruel1977Musik/Text
Neil DiamondDon't Be Cruel1993Musik/Text
Neil Landon BandGreat Balls Of Fire1978Musik/Text
Neil SedakaThe History Of Rock And Roll [Those Were The Days / Cry / Shake, Rattle And Roll / Blueberry Hill / Great Balls Of Fire / All Shook Up / She Loves You / Delilah / Those Where The Days]1974Musik/Text
New Grass RevivalGreat Balls Of Fire1972Musik/Text
O.C. SmithFever1967Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Otis BlackwellDaddy Rolling Stone1963Musik/Text
Otis BlackwellDon't Know How I Loved You1954Musik/Text
Otis BlackwellIt's All Over Me1970Musik/Text
Otis BlackwellOn That Power Line1954Musik/Text
Otis ReddingHome In Your Heart1965Musik/Text
P.J. ProbyYou Don't Love Me No More1964Musik/Text
Pat BooneFor My Good Fortune1958Musik/Text
Patti PageDon't Be Cruel (To A Heart That's True)1962Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyAll Shook Up1999Musik/Text
Paul Revere & The RaidersDon't Be Cruel1964Musik/Text
Paul Revere & The RaidersFever1965Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Peggy LeeFever1958Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Penny FordFever1993Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Pete & PSS-BandAll Shook Up2005Musik/Text
Pete & PSS-BandDon't Be Cruel2005Musik/Text
Pete Bennett & The EmbersFever1961Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Peter KrausTotal K.O.2007Musik/Text
Peter Kraus und die "Rockies"O, wie gut1957Musik/Text
Petula ClarkFever2016Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Phil OchsElvis Presley Medley1970Musik/Text
Quatro Scott PowellFever2017Musik/Text
Randy RodgersAll Shook Up1975Musik/Text
Ray Charles with Natalie ColeFever2004Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Ray PetersonFever1960Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Ray PilgrimReturn To Sender1962Musik/Text
Richard MarinoFever1995Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Rigmor GustafssonFever2003Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Ringo StarrDon't Be Cruel1992Musik/Text
Rita CoolidgeFever1972Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Rob Hoeke Boogie Woogie QuartetDon't Be Cruel1970Musik/Text
Robert PalmerAll Shook Up1991Musik/Text
RockersWe Are The Boys (Who Make All The Noise)1983Musik/Text
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysReturn To Sender1979Musik/Text
Ronnie DysonFever1970Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Ronnie McDowellParalyzed1990Musik/Text
Ronnie McDowell And The JordanairesDon't Be Cruel1978Musik/Text
Ronnie McDowell And The JordanairesReturn To Sender1978Musik/Text
Ross McManusAll Shook Up1970Musik/Text
Roy AyersFever1976Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Ry CooderAll Shook Up1988Musik/Text
Sandy NelsonAll Shook Up1962Musik/Text
Sandy PoseyHandy Man1968Musik/Text
Schurli & Die MotorbienenSchuld bist Du1989Musik/Text
Scooter8:15 To Nowhere2011Musik/Text
Sha Na NaGreat Balls Of Fire1971Musik/Text
Sha Na NaLong Tall Sally1969Musik/Text
Shakin' StevensLivin' Lovin' Wreck1983Musik/Text
Shakin' StevensThe Shape I'm In1985Musik/Text
Shirley HornFever1996Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Solomon BurkeHome In Your Heart1963Musik/Text
Strato-VaniDon't Be Cruel2008Musik/Text
Susan CadoganFever1976Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Susan Cadogan & The UpsettersInfluenza Version (aka Fever Version)1974Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Suzi QuatroAll Shook Up1973Musik/Text
Suzi QuatroFever1975Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
(John Davenport)
Sylvie VartanSois pas cruel1962Musik/Text
Tear GasJailhouse Rock/All Shook Up1971Musik/Text
Ted HeroldIch brauch' mein Herz nicht mehr1963Musik/Text
Ted HeroldZurück an Johnny1963Musik/Text
TeiturGreat Balls Of Fire2007Musik/Text
Terry DeneFever1963Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
The 4 SeasonsApple Of My Eye1962Musik/Text
The AnimalsThat's All I Am To You1966Musik/Text
The Brown BrothersAm I To Be The One1959Musik/Text
The CricketsGreat Balls Of Fire1960Musik/Text
The Detroit CobrasHome In Your Heart2016Musik/Text
The DrapesHandy Man1981Musik/Text
The DriftersI Feel Good All Over1963Musik/Text
The Falcons [70s]Fever1971Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
The Flying LizardsGreat Balls Of Fire1984Musik/Text
The Four LoversYou're The Apple Of My Eye1956Musik/Text
The HasslesFever1967Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
The HasslesGreat Ball Of Fire1968Musik/Text
The Hep StarsAll Shook Up2014Musik/Text
The HiltonairesAll Shook Up1977Musik/Text
The HiltonairesDon't Be Cruel1977Musik/Text
The HiltonairesGreat Balls Of Fire1973Musik/Text
The HornettesRock Medley1981Musik/Text
The JackysAll Shook Up1976Musik/Text
The JamFever1982Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
The JordanairesDon't Be Cruel1961Musik/Text
The ManhattansFever1972Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
The McCoysFever1965Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
The MojoDon't Be Cruel1968Musik/Text
The NeutronsDon't Be Cruel1964Musik/Text
The NewbeatsGreat Balls Of Fire1965Musik/Text
The ParamountsI Feel Good All Over1963Musik/Text
The RattlesAl Shook Up / Don't Be Cruel Musik/Text
The SearchersLivin' Lovin' Wreck1964Musik/Text
The StreetwalkersDaddy Rolling Stone1976Musik/Text
The SweetGreat Balls Of Fire1971Musik/Text
The Swinging Blue JeansLong Tall Sally1964Musik/Text
The Three JaysCaught, Caught, Ring A Leevio Musik/Text
The WhoDaddy Rolling Stone1965Musik/Text
Tic And Toc with Howard Biggs And His OrchestraI'm A Big Boy Now1956Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Tiny TimGreat Balls Of Fire1968Musik/Text
Tony Sheridan & The Beat BrothersReady Teddy1962Musik/Text
Van Morrison & Linda Gail LewisLet's Talk About Us2000Musik/Text
Vicious Pink8:15 To Nowhere/Great Balls Of Fire1984Musik/Text
Warner MackFirst Chance I Get1958Musik/Text
Warren WilliamsGreat Balls Of Fire1964Musik/Text
WhateverDon't Be Cruel2001Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Will TuraKom terug1980Musik/Text
Will TuraVerkeerd verbonden1984Musik/Text
Willie MitchellFever1965Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
Wim LeysGreat Balls Of Fire2010Musik/Text
(John Davenport)
(John Davenport)

Otis Blackwell in der österreichischen Hitparade


Don't Be Cruel (Billy Swan)15.06.1975168
That's What I Like (Jive Bunny & The Mastermixers)15.11.1989511
Don't Be Cruel (Whatever)18.11.20011815

Die bestbewerteten Songs von Otis Blackwell

Fever (Peggy Lee)605.17
Don't Be Cruel (Elvis Presley)1185.14
Great Balls Of Fire (Jerry Lee Lewis)995.12
Fieber (Daliah Lavi)114.91
Fieber (Joy Fleming)84.88
Return To Sender (Elvis Presley)1254.83
All Shook Up (Elvis Presley)1094.83
The Shape I'm In (Johnny Restivo)134.77
Handy Man (James Taylor)224.68
Paralyzed (Elvis Presley)244.67
Let's Talk About Us (Jerry Lee Lewis And His Pumping Piano)64.67
Total K.O. (Peter Kraus)54.6
Handy Man (Del Shannon)114.55
Make Me Know It (Elvis Presley)114.55
Fever (Eva Cassidy)64.5
Return To Sender (Helmut Lotti)64.5
Please Don't Drag That String Around (Elvis Presley)74.43
Don't Be Cruel (Whatever)74.43
Fever (Elvis Presley)474.4
Fever (Daliah Lavi)54.4

Die bekanntesten Songs von Otis Blackwell

Return To Sender (Elvis Presley)1254.83
Don't Be Cruel (Elvis Presley)1185.14
All Shook Up (Elvis Presley)1094.83
Great Balls Of Fire (Jerry Lee Lewis)995.12
That's What I Like (Jive Bunny & The Mastermixers)663.76
Fever (Madonna)653.77
Fever (Peggy Lee)605.17
Don't Be Cruel (Billy Swan)483.67
Fever (Elvis Presley)474.4
Don't Be Cruel (Cheap Trick)443.61
The Space Jungle (Adamski)303.5
Breathless (Jerry Lee Lewis And His Pumping Piano)284.39
Paralyzed (Elvis Presley)244.67
Fever (Amanda Lear)233.61
Handy Man (James Taylor)224.68
Handy Man (Jimmy Jones)223.91
Fever (Little Willie John)214.29
All Shook Up (Suzi Quatro)194.21
One Broken Heart For Sale (Elvis Presley)193.74
(Such An) Easy Question (Elvis Presley)193.42
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