Paul McCartney

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Pseudonyme / Alternative Schreibweisen: Bernard Webb, Paul James McCartney, Sir Paul McCartney
1. Futurologischer CongressGive Peace A Chance1981Musik/Text
10ccDon't Break The Promises1992Musik/Text
10ccYvonne's The One1995Musik/Text
13th Floor ElevatorsThe Word1966Musik/Text
2Cellos feat. Lang LangLive And Let Die2015Musik/Text
2raumwohnungKomm gib mir Deine Hand2002Musik/Text
3js met Jan SmitMother Nature's Son2012Musik/Text
801T.N.K. (Tomorrow Never Knows)1976Musik/Text
Aaron JohnsonHello Little Girl2009Musik/Text
ABC CompanyCome Together1970Musik/Text
ABC CompanyGet Back1969Musik/Text
ABC CompanyHey Jude1969Musik/Text
ABC CompanyOb-La-Di Ob-La-Da1969Musik/Text
ABC CompanyThe Ballad Of John And Yoko1969Musik/Text
ABC CompanyWith A Little Help From My Friends1969Musik/Text
AcavoceDa'm a mai tes maun2005Musik/Text
Ace FrehleyI'm Down2020Musik/Text
Achim SchultzAnd I Love Her2010Musik/Text
Achim SchultzGirl2008Musik/Text
Achim SchultzI Am A Loser2010Musik/Text
Achim SchultzNowhere Man2010Musik/Text
Achim SchultzShe's A Woman2010Musik/Text
Achim SchultzThings We Said Today2010Musik/Text
Achim SchultzYou're Going To Lose That Girl2010Musik/Text
Acker BilkThe Fool On The Hill1976Musik/Text
Acker BilkYesterday1968Musik/Text
Adam FaithI Wanna Be Your Man1965Musik/Text
Adriano CelentanoMa come fà la gente sola1986Musik/Text
Adriano CelentanoMichelle1984Musik/Text
Adriano CelentanoUn'altra ragazza1986Musik/Text
AdyaMull Of Kintyre2012Musik/Text
AerosmithCome Together1978Musik/Text
AerosmithI'm Down1987Musik/Text
AffinityI Am The Walrus2003Musik/Text
Aimee MannLucy In The Sky With Diamonds2002Musik/Text
Aimee Mann & Michael PennTwo Of Us2002Musik/Text
AïssaMull Of Kintyre2017Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaA Day In The Life2013Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaAnd I Love Her2013Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaBecause2013Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaBeing For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite2013Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaBlackbird2013Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaDear Prudence2020Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaEleanor Rigby2013Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaGolden Slumbers Suite2020Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaHere, There And Everywhere2020Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaHey Jude2020Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaI Am The Walrus2013Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaI Will2013Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaIf I Fell2013Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaI'll Follow The Sun2020Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaIn My Life2013Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaJulia2020Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaMichelle2013Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaMother Nature's Son2020Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaNorwegian Wood2020Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaPenny Lane2013Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaShe's Leaving Home2013Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaStrawberry Fields Forever2020Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaWith A Little Help From My Friends2013Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaYesterday2020Musik/Text
Al Di MeolaYour Mother Should Know2020Musik/Text
Al GreenGet Back1969Musik/Text
Al GreenI Want To Hold Your Hand1969Musik/Text
Al HirtEleanor Rigby1968Musik/Text
Al HirtYesterday1965Musik/Text
Al JarreauShe's Leaving Home1978Musik/Text
Alan BakerYesterday1992Musik/Text
Albert Brosens en de DeurdouwersJelle zal wel zien1967Musik/Text
Albert MangelsdorffMichelle1988Musik/Text
Albert WestOb La Di, Ob La Da1993Musik/Text
Aled JonesYesterday1985Musik/Text
Alex BaroniIn My Life1997Musik/Text
Alex BaroniMother Nature's Son1999Musik/Text
Alex LloydGolden Slumber2003Musik/Text
AliceThe Fool On The Hill1987Musik/Text
Alice BabsYesterday1971Musik/Text
Alice CooperEleanor Rigby2014Musik/Text
Alice Cooper feat. The Bee GeesBecause1978Musik/Text
Allan StewartLet It Be1977Musik/Text
Allen GinsbergThe Ballad Of The Skeletons1996Musik/Text
Allen ToussaintLady Madonna2014Musik/Text
Alma CoganEight Days A Week1965Musik/Text
Alma CoganHelp!1965Musik/Text
Alma CoganI Feel Fine1966Musik/Text
Alma CoganTicket To Ride1966Musik/Text
Alma CoganYesterday1966Musik/Text
Amanda LearLet's Love2009Musik/Text
(Paul James McCartney)
AmbrosiaMagical Mystery Tour1976Musik/Text
Amen CornerGet Back1969Musik/Text
Amen CornerPenny Lane1969Musik/Text
Amii StewartThe Long And Winding Road1995Musik/Text
Anastasia ScreamedDig A Pony1991Musik/Text
André RieuWhen I'm Sixty-Four2012Musik/Text
André Rieu And His Johann Strauss OrchestraYesterday2013Musik/Text
Andreas VaradyCome Together2014Musik/Text
Andrés BallinasMichelle2002Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsHere, There And Everywhere1969Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsMichelle1966Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsMy Love1973Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsThe Long And Winding Road1972Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsYesterday1966Musik/Text
Ane BrunFrom Me To You2013Musik/Text
Anita HarrisHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Anita HarrisMaxwell's Silver Hammer1970Musik/Text
Anita HarrisThe Beatles Rhapsody1967Musik/Text
Ann C. SheridanI Want You (She's So Heavy)1976Musik/Text
Ann ChristyGoodnight1994Musik/Text
Anna BlackEleanor Rigby1968Musik/Text
Anne MurrayDay Tripper1974Musik/Text
Anne MurrayI'm Happy Just To Dance With You1980Musik/Text
Anne MurrayLet It Be1999Musik/Text
Anne MurrayYou Won't See Me1974Musik/Text
Anne Sofie von Otter & Elvis CostelloFor No One2001Musik/Text
Annie LennoxDon't Let Me Down1992Musik/Text
Ann-Louise HansonHösten är här1966Musik/Text
Anonymously YoursGet Back1996Musik/Text
Antoine GoudeseuneCarry That Weight2014Musik/Text
Antoine GoudeseuneCome Together2014Musik/Text
Antoine GoudeseuneGolden Slumbers2014Musik/Text
Antoine GoudeseuneHer Majesty2014Musik/Text
Antoine GoudeseuneI Want You (She's So Heavy)2014Musik/Text
Antoine GoudeseuneMaxwell's Silver Hammer2014Musik/Text
Antoine GoudeseuneMean Mr Mustard2014Musik/Text
Antoine GoudeseuneOh! Darling2014Musik/Text
Antoine GoudeseunePolythene Pam2014Musik/Text
Antoine GoudeseuneShe Came In Through The Bathroom Window2014Musik/Text
Antoine GoudeseuneSun King2014Musik/Text
Antoine GoudeseuneThe End2014Musik/Text
Antoine GoudeseuneYou Never Give Me Your Money2014Musik/Text
Antoine Goudeseune feat. Martin MéreauBecause2014Musik/Text
Antonio CondeOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da1975Musik/Text
Antonio SanchezSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band2018Musik/Text
Apollo 100Back In The U.S.S.R.1971Musik/Text
Apollo 100Lady Madonna1974Musik/Text
Arctic MonkeysCome Together2012Musik/Text
ArcwelderI Am The Walrus1992Musik/Text
Area Code 615Hey Jude1969Musik/Text
Area Code 615Lady Madonna1969Musik/Text
Aretha FranklinEleanor Rigby1969Musik/Text
Aretha FranklinLet It Be1970Musik/Text
Aretha FranklinThe Fool On The Hill2007Musik/Text
Aretha FranklinThe Long And Winding Road1972Musik/Text
Areu AreuDay Tripper1992Musik/Text
Arlo GuthrieI've Just Seen A Face1978Musik/Text
ArnoDrive My Car1998Musik/Text
Arno & CarloYellow Submarine1994Musik/Text
Arnold FritzschBlackbird1989Musik/Text
Art GarfunkelI Will1997Musik/Text
ArtemisThe Fool On The Hill2020Musik/Text
Arthur ConleyOb-La-Di Ob-La-Da1968Musik/Text
Arthur Wilkinson OrchestraAll My Loving1966Musik/Text
Arthur Wilkinson OrchestraCan't Buy Me Love1966Musik/Text
Arthur Wilkinson OrchestraFrom Me To You1966Musik/Text
Arthur Wilkinson OrchestraHelp!1966Musik/Text
Arthur Wilkinson OrchestraIt's For You1966Musik/Text
Arthur Wilkinson OrchestraShe Loves You1966Musik/Text
Arthur Wilkinson OrchestraTicket To Ride1966Musik/Text
AshHello Goodbye2012Musik/Text
Assembled MultitudeI Want You (She's So Heavy)1970Musik/Text
Astrud GilbertoHere There And Everywhere1969Musik/Text
Asya Fateyeva / Wolfgang Katschner / Lautten CompagneyAnother Girl2021Musik/Text
Asya Fateyeva / Wolfgang Katschner / Lautten CompagneyBecause2021Musik/Text
Asya Fateyeva / Wolfgang Katschner / Lautten CompagneyBeing For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite2021Musik/Text
Asya Fateyeva / Wolfgang Katschner / Lautten CompagneyBlackbird2021Musik/Text
Asya Fateyeva / Wolfgang Katschner / Lautten CompagneyGirl2021Musik/Text
Asya Fateyeva / Wolfgang Katschner / Lautten CompagneyNorwegian Wood2021Musik/Text
Asya Fateyeva / Wolfgang Katschner / Lautten CompagneyTomorrow Never Knows2021Musik/Text
Asya Fateyeva / Wolfgang Katschner / Lautten CompagneyWhen I'm 642021Musik/Text
Asya Fateyeva / Wolfgang Katschner / Lautten CompagneyYesterday2021Musik/Text
Atef / Louis DelortSay Say Say2012Musik/Text
(Paul James McCartney)
AthleteLucy In The Sky With Diamonds2010Musik/Text
AudienceI Wanna Be Your Man2005Musik/Text
Avishai CohenFor No One2017Musik/Text
AyreonWhen I'm Sixty-Four2005Musik/Text
B.B. KingOn The Way2014Musik/Text
B.E.F. feat. Billy PrestonIn My Life1991Musik/Text
B.J. ArnauLive And Let Die1973Musik/Text
bAbA yAgABack In The U.S.S.R.1992Musik/Text
Background-GamblersOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da2015Musik/Text
BadfingerCome And Get It1969Musik/Text
Bagdad BabiesCome Together1991Musik/Text
Bananarama / LananeeneenoonooHelp1989Musik/Text
Band ohne NamenLet It Be2002Musik/Text
Baptiste TrotignonHere, There And Everywhere2019Musik/Text
Baptiste Trotignon - Minino GarayJenny Wren2016Musik/Text
Barbara DicksonA Day In The Life1974Musik/Text
Barbara DicksonGolden Slumbers / Carry That Weight / The End1998Musik/Text
Barbara DicksonHelp1974Musik/Text
Barbara DicksonI Should Have Known Better1974Musik/Text
Barbara DicksonLong And Winding Road1974Musik/Text
Barbara DicksonLucy In The Sky With Diamonds1974Musik/Text
Barbara DicksonPenny Lane1974Musik/Text
Barbara DicksonShe's Leaving Home1998Musik/Text
Barbara DicksonWe Can Work It Out1974Musik/Text
Barbara DicksonWhen I'm 641998Musik/Text
Barbara DicksonWith A Little Help From My Friends1974Musik/Text
Barbara DicksonYou Never Give Me Your Money / Carry That Weight1974Musik/Text
Barbara DicksonYour Mother Should Know1974Musik/Text
Barbara LewisYesterday1966Musik/Text
Barbie BangkokComing Up2009Musik/Text
Barbie BonesSgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band1992Musik/Text
Barbra StreisandHoney Pie1969Musik/Text
Bar-KaysA Hard Day's Night1968Musik/Text
Bar-KaysHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Barney Wilen And His Amazing Free Rock BandThe Fool On The Hill1968Musik/Text
Baroque Chamber Orchestra / Richard EdlingerEight Days A Week1987Musik/Text
Baroque Chamber Orchestra / Richard EdlingerPaperback Writer1987Musik/Text
Baroque Chamber Orchestra / Richard EdlingerPenny Lane1987Musik/Text
Baroque Chamber Orchestra / Richard EdlingerWe Can Work It Out1987Musik/Text
Baroque Chamber Orchestra / Richard EdlingerYellow Submarine1987Musik/Text
Barry GibbWhen I'm 642014Musik/Text
Barry Gibb, Bee GeesA Day In The Life1978Musik/Text
Barry GoldbergHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Barry ManilowAnd I Love Her2006Musik/Text
Barry ManilowThe Long And Winding Road2007Musik/Text
Barry ManilowYesterday2006Musik/Text
Barry McGuireYesterday1965Musik/Text
Barry McGuire & The Mama's And The Papa'sYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away1965Musik/Text
Baskin & CopperfieldThe Long And Winding Road1970Musik/Text
Beady EyeAcross The Universe2011Musik/Text
BeansWith A Little Help From My Friends1975Musik/Text
BearfootDon't Let Me Down2009Musik/Text
Beât LèsDa'm da'm d'amur2005Musik/Text
Beat OmaIch bin die Beat Oma1966Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandA Hard Day's Night1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandAcht Tage lang1976Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandAll My Lovin'1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandAs I Cry1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandAusflipper1976Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandBack In The USSR1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandBleib1976Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandDay Tripper1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandDu wirst seh'n1978Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandEight Days A Week1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandEin Flug in die DDR1978Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandEin harter Tag1976Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandEin Verlierer1976Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandEleonor Rigby1978Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandGeh heim1978Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandGestern1978Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandGet Back1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandHello Little Girl1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandHelp1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandHelter Skelter1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandHey Jude1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandHey Jude [deutsch]1978Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandHilf1976Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandI Feel Fine1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandI Saw Her Standing There1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandI Want To Hold Your Hand1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandIch fühl mich wohl1976Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandIch hätte es wissen sollen1976Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandIch kann dein Leiden nicht mehr sehn1978Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandIf I Fell1990Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandI'll Keep You Satisfied1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandImagine John1981Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandIrgendwas1978Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandIt Won't Be Long1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandJohn, Paul, George & Ringo1993Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandKomm, gib mir deine Hand1993Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandKomm, wir kriegen's hin1978Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandKrakengarten1978Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandLet It Be1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandMichelle1976Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandMir geht's gut1978Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandMir reicht's auf dieser Party1976Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandNirgendwo1976Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandRevolution1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandSchwarzer Vogel1976Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandShe Loves You1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandShe's A Woman1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandSie kommt nicht mehr1976Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandSie liebt dich1993Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandSo schnell ging's bei keiner anderen1976Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandTaschenbuchschreiber1978Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandTicket To Ride1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandWith A Little Help From My Friends1977Musik/Text
Beatles Revival BandYesterday1977Musik/Text
Bee GeesGolden Slumbers / Carry That Weight1976Musik/Text
Bee GeesPaperback Writer1966Musik/Text
Bee GeesShe Came In Through The Bathroom Window1976Musik/Text
Bee GeesSun King1976Musik/Text
Bee GeesTicket To Ride1966Musik/Text
Bee GeesYou Won't See Me1966Musik/Text
Bee GeesYou're Nobody Til Somebody Loves You1966Musik/Text
Bee Gees feat. Paul Nicholas & Peter FramptonGood Morning, Good Morning1978Musik/Text
Bee Gees, Dianne Steinberg, Paul Nicholas, Donald Pleasence & StargardI Want You (She's So Heavy)1978Musik/Text
Bee Gees, Jay MacIntosh & John WheelerShe's Leaving Home1978Musik/Text
Bee Gees, Paul Nicholas, Peter FramptonSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band / With A Little Help From My Friends1978Musik/Text
BellsMaxwell's Silver Hammer1970Musik/Text
Ben E. KingDon't Let Me Down1970Musik/Text
Ben E. KingIf You've Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody / Come Together1970Musik/Text
Ben FoldsGolden Slumbers2002Musik/Text
Ben HarperStrawberry Fields Forever2002Musik/Text
Ben MillsWith A Little Help From My Friends2007Musik/Text
Benjamin Boyce & HaddawayEbony & Ivory2004Musik/Text
Benjamin GibbardAnd I Love Him2018Musik/Text
Benny PageYesterday1976Musik/Text
Benny QuickJa, das hätt ich wissen müssen1964Musik/Text
Bernard CribbinsWhen I'm Sixty Four1967Musik/Text
Berni FlintRocky Raccoon1979Musik/Text
Bernie LyonEleanor Rigby1979Musik/Text
Bert KaempfertOh Woman, Oh Why1971Musik/Text
Bert Loska And His Happy SoundCome Together1970Musik/Text
Bert Loska And His Happy SoundOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da1969Musik/Text
Beth Hart & The Ocean Of SoulsLucy In The Sky With Diamonds1993Musik/Text
Bette MidlerIn My Life1991Musik/Text
Betty BooI'm On My Way1992Musik/Text
Betty LaVetteA Little Help From My Friends1969Musik/Text
Bettye LaVetteBlackbird2020Musik/Text
Bettye LaVetteMaybe I'm Amazed2010Musik/Text
Bettye LaVetteThe Word2010Musik/Text
Bettye LaVetteWait2015Musik/Text
Beyoncé, Tanner Adell, Brittney Spencer, Tiera Kennedy & Reyna RobertsBlackbiird2024Musik/Text
B-FourCan't Buy Me Love Musik/Text
Biff RoseWith A Little Help From My Friends1971Musik/Text
Big Fish EnsembleTomorrow Never Knows1993Musik/Text
Bill CosbySgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band1967Musik/Text
Bill FrisellAcross The Universe2011Musik/Text
Bill FrisellCome Together2011Musik/Text
Bill FrisellIn My Life2011Musik/Text
Bill FrisellJulia2011Musik/Text
Bill FrisellNowhere Man2011Musik/Text
Bill FrisellPlease, Please Me2011Musik/Text
Bill FrisellRevolution2011Musik/Text
Bill FrisellYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away2011Musik/Text
Bill MedleyThe Long And Winding Road1971Musik/Text
Bill RamseyYellow Submarine1966Musik/Text
Bill Ramsey, Paul KuhnYesterday1966Musik/Text
Bill WithersLet It Be1971Musik/Text
Billie Jo SpearsYesterday1978Musik/Text
Billy BraggRevolution1992Musik/Text
Billy Bragg & Cara TiveyShe's Leaving Home1988Musik/Text
Billy ConnollyBeing For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite1998Musik/Text
Billy ConnollySexy Sadie And Lovely Raquel1979Musik/Text
Billy J. KramerBad To Me1963Musik/Text
Billy J. KramerFrom A Window1964Musik/Text
Billy J. KramerI Call Your Name1963Musik/Text
Billy J. KramerI'll Be On My Way1963Musik/Text
Billy J. KramerI'll Keep You Satisfied1963Musik/Text
Billy J. Kramer with The DakotasDo You Want To Know A Secret?1963Musik/Text
Billy Joe RoyalEvery Night1970Musik/Text
Billy JoelBack In The U.S.S.R. [Live]1987Musik/Text
Billy JoelHard Day's Night1994Musik/Text
Billy JoelLive And Let Die2014Musik/Text
Billy JoelMaybe I'm Amazed2014Musik/Text
Billy LongstreetYesterday1973Musik/Text
Billy OceanThe Long And Winding Road1984Musik/Text
Billy PaulLet 'Em In1976Musik/Text
Billy PrestonA Hard Day's Night1966Musik/Text
Billy PrestonBlackbird1972Musik/Text
Billy PrestonEight Days A Week1965Musik/Text
Billy PrestonGet Back1978Musik/Text
Billy PrestonHere, There And Everywhere1984Musik/Text
Billy PrestonI've Got A Feeling1970Musik/Text
Billy ThorpeDrive My Car1975Musik/Text
Billy VaughnLet It Be1971Musik/Text
Billy VaughnMichelle1965Musik/Text
Billy VaughnYesterday1988Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyHey Jude1968Musik/Text
BjörkÁlfur út úr hól1977Musik/Text
Björn SkifsLet 'em In1989Musik/Text
Bläck Fööss & FründePenny Lane1989Musik/Text
Black HeatDrive My Car1975Musik/Text
Black Label SocietyCome Together1999Musik/Text
Black LaceOb-la-di, Ob-la-da1984Musik/Text
Black Oak ArkansasMaybe I'm Amazed1977Musik/Text
Black PumasEleanor Rigby2019Musik/Text
Blackstreet(Money Can't) Buy Me Love1996Musik/Text
Blackwater ParkFor No One1972Musik/Text
Blaskapelle PengHey Jude2015Musik/Text
BlizzardKeep A Knockin' / Get Back1970Musik/Text
Bloco do Sargento PimentaHelp!2020Musik/Text
Blonde On Blonde [UK]Eleanor Rigby1969Musik/Text
BlonkerHere, There And Everywhere1982Musik/Text
Blood, Sweat & TearsGot To Get You Into My Life1975Musik/Text
BloodrockEleanor Rigby1973Musik/Text
Blow UpLive And Let Die1974Musik/Text
Blue AshAnytime At All1973Musik/Text
Blue AshOne After 9091973Musik/Text
Blue Öyster CultIf I Fell2024Musik/Text
Bo Katzman & The Katz KidsAll My Loving1990Musik/Text
Bo Katzman & The Katz KidsBlackbird1996Musik/Text
Bo Katzman & The Katz KidsCan't Buy Me Love1996Musik/Text
Bo Katzman & The Katz KidsHelp1996Musik/Text
Bo Katzman & The Katz KidsHey Jude1996Musik/Text
Bo Katzman & The Katz KidsLet It Be1996Musik/Text
Bo Katzman & The Katz KidsMichelle1996Musik/Text
Bo Katzman & The Katz KidsNowhere Man1996Musik/Text
Bo Katzman & The Katz KidsOb-La-Di Ob-La-Da1996Musik/Text
Bo Katzman & The Katz KidsShe Loves You1996Musik/Text
Bo Katzman & The Katz KidsWhen I'm Sixty Four1996Musik/Text
Bo Katzman & The Katz KidsYellow Submarine1990Musik/Text
Bo Katzman & The Katz KidsYesterday1996Musik/Text
Bo Katzman & The Soul CatsNowhere Man1990Musik/Text
Bo Katzman ChorAll You Need Is Love1997Musik/Text
Bo Katzman ChorGive Peace A Chance2002Musik/Text
Bo Katzman ChorWith A Little Help From My Friends1999Musik/Text
Bo Katzman ChorWonderful Christmastime2010Musik/Text
Bob Belden Project feat. Cassandra Wilson & Dianne ReevesCome Together2001Musik/Text
Bob DylanThings We Said Today2014Musik/Text
Bob WayneCome Together2015Musik/Text
(Paul James McCartney)
Bob WelchI Saw Her Standing There1978Musik/Text
BobalouisPlease Please Me1980Musik/Text
Bobbie GentryEleanor Rigby1968Musik/Text
Bobbie GentryHere, There And Everywhere1968Musik/Text
Bobbie GentryThe Fool On The Hill1968Musik/Text
Bobby GoldsboroA World Without Love1964Musik/Text
Bobby GoldsboroMichelle1966Musik/Text
Bobby GoldsboroYesterday1966Musik/Text
Bobby Kimball & The hr Big BandGot To Get You Into My Life1993Musik/Text
Bobby Kimball feat. Tony Kaye & Alan WhiteGet Back2017Musik/Text
Bobby McFerrinBlackbird1984Musik/Text
Bobby McFerrinDrive My Car1988Musik/Text
Bobby McFerrinFrom Me To You1986Musik/Text
Bobby TaylorEleanor Rigby1969Musik/Text
Bobby VeeA Fool Never Learns / Do You Want To Know A Secret? / Goodbye Cruel World / Blame It On The Bossa Nova / Dawn1964Musik/Text
Bobby VeeBad To Me1966Musik/Text
Bobby VeeFrom Me To You1964Musik/Text
Bobby VeeMemphis / Love Me Do / Twist And Shout / Hey! Baby / P.S. I Love You1964Musik/Text
Bobby VeeShe Loves You1964Musik/Text
Bobby VintonMichelle1970Musik/Text
Bobby VintonOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da1976Musik/Text
Bobby WomackAnd I Love Her1972Musik/Text
Bon JoviWith A Little Help From My Friends1992Musik/Text
Boney M.Two Of Us1979Musik/Text
Bonnie Tyler with The City Of Prague Philharmonic OrchestraIn My Life2003Musik/Text
BonniesIch bin Dein Fan1964Musik/Text
BonniesWenn du von mir gehst1964Musik/Text
Booker T. & The M.G.'sDay Tripper2003Musik/Text
Booker T. & The M.G.'sEleanor Rigby1968Musik/Text
Booker T. & The M.G.'sLady Madonna1969Musik/Text
Booker T. & The M.G.'sMedley: Because / You Never Give Me Your Money1970Musik/Text
Booker T. & The M.G.'sMedley: Golden Slumber / Carry That Weight / The End / Here Comes The Sun / Come Together1970Musik/Text
Booker T. & The M.G.'sMedley: Sun King / Mean Mr. Mustard / Polythene Pam / She Came In Through The Bathroom Window / I Want You / She's So Heavy1970Musik/Text
Booker T. & The M.G.'sMichelle1969Musik/Text
Booker T. & The M.G.'sYou Can't Do That2003Musik/Text
Boom Boom SatellitesHelter Skelter2013Musik/Text
Bossa RioBlackbird1970Musik/Text
Bourbon FamilyHo hey ho1974Musik/Text
Boyz II MenIn My Life2009Musik/Text
Boyz II MenYesterday1994Musik/Text
Brad MehldauBaby's In Black2023Musik/Text
Brad MehldauBlackbird1997Musik/Text
Brad MehldauFor No One2023Musik/Text
Brad MehldauGolden Slumbers2023Musik/Text
Brad MehldauHere, There And Everywhere2023Musik/Text
Brad MehldauI Am The Walrus2023Musik/Text
Brad MehldauI Saw Her Standing There2023Musik/Text
Brad MehldauMaxwell's Silver Hammer2023Musik/Text
Brad MehldauShe Said, She Said2023Musik/Text
Brad MehldauYour Mother Should Know2023Musik/Text
Brad Mehldau TrioAnd I Love Her2016Musik/Text
Brad Mehldau TrioGreat Day2018Musik/Text
Brad Mehldau TrioMy Valentine2016Musik/Text
Brandee YoungerBeing For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!2018Musik/Text
Brdr. OlsenA World Without Love2008Musik/Text
Brdr. OlsenObladi Oblada2008Musik/Text
Brdr. OlsenStrawberry Fields2008Musik/Text
Brenda LeeCan't Buy Me Love1965Musik/Text
Brenda LeeHe Loves You1965Musik/Text
Brenda LeeMy Love1973Musik/Text
Brenda LeeYesterday1966Musik/Text
Brian [BE]And I Love Her1968Musik/Text
Brian Auger & The TrinityDay In The Life1968Musik/Text
Brian HylandNorwegian Wood1966Musik/Text
Brian WilsonWanderlust2014Musik/Text
Brødrene OlsenAll My Loving2003Musik/Text
Brødrene OlsenI Should Have Known Better2002Musik/Text
Broken ArrowEvery Night/You Never Give Me Your Money1970Musik/Text
BröselmaschineI Feel Fine1978Musik/Text
Bro'Sis / Overground / PreludersWith A Little Help From My Friends2004Musik/Text
Brotherhood Of ManMull Of Kintyre1979Musik/Text
Browning BryantYesterday1970Musik/Text
Bruce RobertsThis Boy1977Musik/Text
Bruno FilippiniUn piccolo aiuto dagli amici1968Musik/Text
Bryan AdamsAny Time At All2014Musik/Text
Bryan FerryIt's Only Love1976Musik/Text
Bryan FerryShe's Leaving home1976Musik/Text
Bryan FerryYou Won't See Me1973Musik/Text
BuckwheatEleanor Rigby1971Musik/Text
Bud ShankFlying1968Musik/Text
Bud ShankHello Goodbye1968Musik/Text
Bud ShankI Am The Walrus1968Musik/Text
Bud ShankThe Fool On The Hill1968Musik/Text
Bud ShankYour Mother Should Know1968Musik/Text
Buddy GuyI've Got A Feeling2022Musik/Text
Buffalo feat. Peter VeeJumping Jack Flash1979Musik/Text
Bulais, cun Gigi MotoLady Madonna2005Musik/Text
Bunny SiglerYesterday1967Musik/Text
Byron Lee & The DragonairesLive And Let Die1974Musik/Text
C.B. VictoriaAnytime At All1976Musik/Text
Caetano VelosoNega maluca / Billie Jean / Eleanor Rigby1986Musik/Text
Café CrèmeUnlimited Citations (Non-Stop Beatles Disco)1977Musik/Text
Café CrèmeUnlimited Citations (Non-Stop Beatles Rock)1978Musik/Text
Café CrèmeUnlimited Citations (Non-Stop Beatles Slow)1978Musik/Text
Calamity JaneI've Just Seen A Face1982Musik/Text
Cameron GravesFixing A Hole2018Musik/Text
Camille & Julie BertholletYesterday2023Musik/Text
Candlewick GreenShe Loves You / Yesterday / From Me To You / Please Please Me1977Musik/Text
Candy FlipStrawberry Fields Forever1990Musik/Text
CaravelliHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Carl VerheyenAll You Need Is Love2015Musik/Text
Carl VerheyenIn My Life2015Musik/Text
Carl VerheyenNorwegian Wood2015Musik/Text
Carleen AndersonMaybe I'm Amazed1998Musik/Text
Carlos MendesPenina1969Musik/Text
CarlsbergTo China / Drive My Car1979Musik/Text
Carly SimonBlackbird2006Musik/Text
Carmen McRaeCarry That Way1970Musik/Text
Carmen McRaeGot To Get You Into My Life1967Musik/Text
Carmen McRaeHere, There And Everywhere1970Musik/Text
CarmineWonderful Christmastime 20112011Musik/Text
CarpentersHits Medley '762001Musik/Text
CarpentersNowhere Man1967Musik/Text
CarpentersTicket To Ride1969Musik/Text
Cassandra WilsonBlackbird2010Musik/Text
Caterina & SilvioAyer1971Musik/Text
Caterina ValenteWe Can Work It Out1968Musik/Text
Caterina Valente & Edmundo RosEl tonto en la colina1969Musik/Text
CDVBlijf bij mij2006Musik/Text
CDV feat. AshleyAshley2017Musik/Text
Cecile [NL]Goodbye1969Musik/Text
Celia CruzObladi Oblada1997Musik/Text
Céline DionHere, There And Everywhere1998Musik/Text
Celtic ThunderMull Of Kintyre2015Musik/Text
Chad & JeremyFrom A Window1964Musik/Text
Chairmen Of The BoardCome Together1970Musik/Text
Chaka KhanWe Can Work It Out1981Musik/Text
Chano Domínguez and Niño JoseleBecause2014Musik/Text
Chantal KreviazukIn My Life1999Musik/Text
Charlie ByrdCome Together1970Musik/Text
Charlie ByrdHer Majesty1970Musik/Text
Charlie ByrdLet It Be1970Musik/Text
Charlie GlassSchlafe gut2013Musik/Text
(Paul James McCartney)
Charlotte GainsbourgSongbird In A Cage2017Musik/Text
Cheap TrickDay Tripper1980Musik/Text
Cheap TrickMagical Mystery Tour1991Musik/Text
CherMy Love1973Musik/Text
CherThe Long And Winding Road1973Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsA Hard Day's Night1966Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsAnd I Love Her1966Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsBlackbird1969Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsCan't Buy Me Love1966Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsFor No One1967Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsI Feel Fine1966Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsIf I Fell1966Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsI'll Cry Instead1966Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsI'll Follow The Sun1966Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsJunk1971Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsLady Madonna1968Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsMichelle1966Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsShe Loves You1966Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsShe's A Woman1966Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsThings We Said Today1966Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsYesterday1966Musik/Text
ChicagoMagical Mystery Tour2023Musik/Text
Chicago feat. Dolly PartonWonderful Christmas Time2011Musik/Text
Chick Corea & Gary BurtonEleanor Rigby2012Musik/Text
Chocolate GeniusJulia2002Musik/Text
Chris Barber's BandCat Call1967Musik/Text
Chris ClarkGot To Get You Into My Life1967Musik/Text
Chris De BurghBlackbird2008Musik/Text
Chris De BurghGirl1995Musik/Text
Chris De BurghLady Madonna2011Musik/Text
Chris De BurghLet It Be2011Musik/Text
Chris De BurghThe Long And Winding Road2008Musik/Text
Chris De BurghWe Can Work It Out2008Musik/Text
Chris FarloweYesterday1966Musik/Text
Chris MontezYesterday1966Musik/Text
Chris RobertsCan't Buy Me Love1972Musik/Text
Chrissie HyndeLet It Be2014Musik/Text
Christian AndersYesterday1976Musik/Text
Christian Anders & The TonicsYesterday1967Musik/Text
Christian WunderlichFool On The Hill2002Musik/Text
Christine RobertsAcross The Universe1970Musik/Text
Christopher John and His OrchestraThe Long And Winding Road1982Musik/Text
Chrístos DantisCome Together1994Musik/Text
Chrístos DantisEleanor Rigby1995Musik/Text
Chubby CheckerBack In The U.S.S.R.1969Musik/Text
Cilla BlackAcross The Universe1970Musik/Text
Cilla BlackFor No One1966Musik/Text
Cilla BlackHere, There And Everywhere1993Musik/Text
Cilla BlackIn My Life1974Musik/Text
Cilla BlackIt's For You1964Musik/Text
Cilla BlackJunk1971Musik/Text
Cilla BlackLove Of The Loved1963Musik/Text
Cilla BlackStep Inside Love1968Musik/Text
Cilla BlackThe Long And Winding Road1972Musik/Text
Cilla BlackYesterday1965Musik/Text
Circus [UK]Norwegian Wood1969Musik/Text
Cissy HoustonThe Long And Winding Road1970Musik/Text
Clarence CarterLet It Be1970Musik/Text
Claude Ciari And The Batucada's SevenAnother Day1971Musik/Text
Claude FrançoisDes bises... De moi pour toi1963Musik/Text
Claude FrançoisLaisse-moi tenir ta main1964Musik/Text
Claudette et SylvieOui c'est vrai1964Musik/Text
Claudia GordenGoodbye1967Musik/Text
Claudia LennearLet It Be1971Musik/Text
Claudine LongetEvery Night1972Musik/Text
Claudine LongetGolden Slumbers1970Musik/Text
Claudine LongetGood Day Sunshine1967Musik/Text
Claudine LongetHere, There And Everywhere1967Musik/Text
Claudine LongetJealous Guy / Don't Let Me Down1972Musik/Text
Claudine LongetWhen I'm Sixty-Four1967Musik/Text
Claudine Muno & The Luna BootsBlackbird2010Musik/Text
Cliff Bennett & His BandBack In The U.S.S.R.1968Musik/Text
Cliff Bennett & The Rebel RousersGot To Get You Into My Life1966Musik/Text
Cliff Carpenter und sein OrchesterMull Of Kintyre1978Musik/Text
Cliff RichardLa-La-La-La-La1966Musik/Text
Cliff RichardThings We Said Today1967Musik/Text
Clodagh RodgersGet Back1969Musik/Text
CockroachGet Back1983Musik/Text
Cocktail BandDu gisch dr Ton a1990Musik/Text
Cocktail BandLass la sy2011Musik/Text
Cocktail BandOgi hie, ogi da1995Musik/Text
Cocktail BandTue dis Härz uf2011Musik/Text
Colin ThackeryYesterday2019Musik/Text
Collectif' XmasWonderful Christmas Time2014Musik/Text
Colleen HewettCarry That Weight1972Musik/Text
Colleen HewettDanny Boy1972Musik/Text
Collin RayeBlackbird2000Musik/Text
Colvin & EarleBaby's In Black2016Musik/Text
Commander CodyCry Baby Cry1978Musik/Text
Connie FrancisAnd I Love Her1965Musik/Text
Coral [RO]Trece vremea1969Musik/Text
Corinne Bailey RaeBluebird2014Musik/Text
CoronerI Want You (She's So Heavy)1991Musik/Text
Corry BrokkenDer Mann, den ich will1968Musik/Text
Count Basie & His OrchestraA Hard Day's Night1966Musik/Text
Count Basie & His OrchestraAll My Loving1966Musik/Text
Count Basie & His OrchestraAnd I Love Her1966Musik/Text
Count Basie & His OrchestraCan't Buy Me Love1966Musik/Text
Count Basie & His OrchestraDo You Want To Know A Secret1966Musik/Text
Count Basie & His OrchestraHelp1966Musik/Text
Count Basie & His OrchestraHold Me Tight1966Musik/Text
Count Basie & His OrchestraI Wanna Be Your Man1966Musik/Text
Count Basie & His OrchestraMichelle1966Musik/Text
Count Basie & His OrchestraShe Loves You1966Musik/Text
Count Basie & His Orchestra feat. Bill HendersonYesterday1966Musik/Text
Crosby, Stills & NashBlackbird1983Musik/Text
CrusadersEleanor Rigby1974Musik/Text
Curdin BruggerDomadus2005Musik/Text
Curschellas, Hendrix & SternCu ch'i plova2005Musik/Text
Curtis MayfieldP.S. I Love You1976Musik/Text
Curtis StigersI Feel Fine2003Musik/Text
Curtiss MasonMonkberry Moon Delight1971Musik/Text
D.B.M.Disco Beatlemania1977Musik/Text
Daddy's ActBaby's In Black1968Musik/Text
Daddy's ActEight Days A Week1967Musik/Text
Dame Shirley BasseyHey Jude2014Musik/Text
Dan Ar BrasRain1979Musik/Text
DanaAll My Loving1976Musik/Text
DanaLet It Be1980Musik/Text
DanaThe Long And Winding Road1980Musik/Text
Daníel Ágúst Haraldsson and Jón ÓlafssonI've Got A Feeling1996Musik/Text
Daniel DanieliA Hard Day's Night1978Musik/Text
Daniel Sentacruz EnsembleA Hard Day's Night1974Musik/Text
Daniel Sentacruz EnsembleJunk1974Musik/Text
Daniela & SergioLet It Be2004Musik/Text
Daniela [DE]Things We Said Today1965Musik/Text
Danielle DeninJe lis dans tes yeux1965Musik/Text
Danielle DeninMichel1966Musik/Text
DanknerLet It Be2000Musik/Text
Danny CoxA Day In The Life1969Musik/Text
Danny CoxDear Prudence1969Musik/Text
Danny CoxHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Danny KirwanLet It Be1976Musik/Text
Dänu Siegrist BandTub ab1992Musik/Text
Dario FarinaGolden Slumbers / Carry That Weight1990Musik/Text
Daryl SomersEvery Little Thing2005Musik/Text
Dave "Baby" CortezCan't Buy Me Love1965Musik/Text
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichThis Boy2008Musik/Text
Dave Koz And FriendsGot To Get You Into My Life2013Musik/Text
Dave Koz feat. Eric Benét, Johnny Mathis, Heather Headley, Richard Marx, Jonathan Butler, Maysa, BeBe Winans, Gloria Estefan and Stevie WonderAll You Need Is Love2014Musik/Text
David & Jonathan [UK]She's Leaving Home1967Musik/Text
David & Jonathan [UK]Yesterday1966Musik/Text
David And JonathanMichelle1965Musik/Text
David Arnold feat. Chrissie HyndeLive And Let Die1997Musik/Text
David BowieAcross The Universe1975Musik/Text
David CassidyBlackbird2003Musik/Text
David CassidyPlease Please Me1974Musik/Text
David CassidyTomorrow1975Musik/Text
David Clayton-ThomasCan't Buy Me Love1973Musik/Text
David EssexYesterday1976Musik/Text
David GarrettHey Jude2018Musik/Text
David GarrettLive And Let Die2010Musik/Text
David Lee RothThat Beatles Tune2003Musik/Text
David Peel & The Apple BandWith A Little Help From My Friends1977Musik/Text
David PorterHelp1971Musik/Text
Davy SloanEleanor Rigby1985Musik/Text
Day CostelloThe Long And Winding Road1970Musik/Text
De DanannHey Jude1980Musik/Text
De Poema'sLaat me niet staan1999Musik/Text
De StrangersBorgeri - Borgerhout - Borgerocco1985Musik/Text
Dead KennedysBack In The USSR1978Musik/Text
Debby BooneFrom Me To You1977Musik/Text
Deborah SassonAnd I Love Him2004Musik/Text
Deborah SassonYesterday2004Musik/Text
Deep PurpleExposition / We Can Work It Out1968Musik/Text
Deep PurpleHelp1968Musik/Text
Def LeppardHelen Wheels2014Musik/Text
DEKAdanceI Am The Walrus1989Musik/Text
Del ShannonFrom Me To You1963Musik/Text
Del ShannonWorld Without Love1964Musik/Text
Dennis CoffeyGet Back1969Musik/Text
Dennis CoffeyHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Dennis' TwistDes bises de moi pour toi1986Musik/Text
Denny LaineHeartbeat1977Produzent
Denny LaineI'm Looking For Someone To Love1976Produzent
Denny LaineIt's So Easy / Listen To Me (Medley)1976Produzent
Denny LaineMoondreams1977Produzent
Des O'ConnorI Feel Fine1987Musik/Text
Diamond REOHelter Skelter1976Musik/Text
Diana KingHey Jude2003Musik/Text
Diana KrallIf I Take You Home Tonight2015Musik/Text
Diana KrallIn My Life2015Musik/Text
Diana RossCome Together1970Musik/Text
Diana RossI Will2006Musik/Text
Diana RossThe Long And Winding Road1970Musik/Text
Diana RossWonderful Christmastime1994Musik/Text
Diana Ross & The SupremesHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Dianne SteinbergLucy In The Sky With Diamonds1978Musik/Text
Dick RiversCes mots qu'on oublie un jour1964Musik/Text
Dick RiversJ'en suis fou1963Musik/Text
Dick RiversMes ennuis1963Musik/Text
Dick RiversQuand je l'ai vue devant moi1964Musik/Text
Dickey LeeI've Just Seen A Face1976Musik/Text
Didi & his ABC-BoysBye Bye Barbara1965Musik/Text
Didi & his ABC-BoysDas war ein harter Tag1964Musik/Text
Didi & his ABC-BoysJa, das hätt' ich wissen müssen1964Musik/Text
Didi & his ABC-BoysSei mir treu wie Gold1964Musik/Text
Didi & his ABC-BoysWie du1964Musik/Text
Didi and his ABC-BoysDaraus mach' ich kein Geheimnis1963Musik/Text
Didi And His ABC-BoysHello Susann1964Musik/Text
Didi and his ABC-BoysNicht eine Mark1964Musik/Text
Didi-BoyJung wie du1964Musik/Text
Didi-BoySchließ die Augen1964Musik/Text
Die 3 SpitzbubenMichelle1966Musik/Text
Die Allstar-CrewLady Madonna1968Musik/Text
Die Amigos [DDR]Sie liebt dich1964Musik/Text
Die Geschwister PfisterMichelle1996Musik/Text
Die Geschwister PfisterSexy Sadie1996Musik/Text
Die Jankowski SingersDer Mann den's nicht gibt1970Musik/Text
Die KoppycatsHelp!1975Musik/Text
Die KoppycatsNowhere Man1975Musik/Text
Die PinguineKomm gib mir deine Hand1989Musik/Text
Die Team BeatsSusie1963Musik/Text
Die Toten HosenAll You Need Is Love2009Musik/Text
Die Toten HosenI'm The Walrus1996Musik/Text
Die TravellersHoppla-di, hoppla-da1969Musik/Text
Die WingosGebt Bayern zurück an die Bayern1972Musik/Text
DierenparkIn mijn tijd2003Musik/Text
DierenparkWeekend wordt het koud2003Musik/Text
Dillard & ClarkDon't Let Me Down1969Musik/Text
Dino [IT]Obladì obladà2003Musik/Text
Dino, Desi & BillyGot To Get You Into My Life1967Musik/Text
Dino, Desi & BillyNowhere Man1966Musik/Text
Dino, Desi & BillyYesterday1966Musik/Text
Dino, Desi & BillyYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away1966Musik/Text
Dinu RaduMichelle1996Musik/Text
Dinu RaduNorwegian Wood1996Musik/Text
DionDrive My Car2014Musik/Text
DionLet It Be1971Musik/Text
Dionne FarrisBlackbird1994Musik/Text
Dionne WarwickA Hard Day's Night1969Musik/Text
Dionne WarwickHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Dionne WarwickWe Can Work It Out1969Musik/Text
Dionne WarwickYesterday1970Musik/Text
Disco Light OrchestraLady Madonna1980Musik/Text
DiscothèqueIntro Disco1979Musik/Text
Dizzy Man's BandEleanor Rigby1971Musik/Text
Doc SeverinsenCarry That Weight1970Musik/Text
Doc SeverinsenCome Together1970Musik/Text
DokkenNowhere Man1996Musik/Text
DollarI Wanna Hold Your Hand1979Musik/Text
Dolly PartonHelp!1979Musik/Text
Dolly Parton feat. Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr / Peter Frampton & Mick FleetwoodLet It Be2023Musik/Text
Dominique [FR]Michelle1966Musik/Text
Dominique WalterPenny Lane1967Musik/Text
Don & The GoodtimesGood Day Sunshine1967Musik/Text
Don FardonBack In The U.S.S.R.1969Musik/Text
Don FardonDay Tripper1967Musik/Text
Don MikoMichelle1966Musik/Text
Don PartridgeHoney Pie1974Musik/Text
Don PaulinRocky Raccoon1970Musik/Text
Don SebeskyThe Word1968Musik/Text
Donna HightowerHey Jude1972Musik/Text
Donnie VieIn My Life2007Musik/Text
Donny OsmondThe Long And Winding Road2014Musik/Text
Doris [SE]Din mamma hon minns1969Musik/Text
Doris TroyGet Back1970Musik/Text
Dottie WestMy Love1973Musik/Text
Doug Parkinson In FocusDear Prudence1969Musik/Text
Dr. JohnLet Em In2014Musik/Text
Dr. JohnYesterday1975Musik/Text
Dua LipaGolden Slumbers2017Musik/Text
Duane Eddy & The RebelsRockestra Theme1987Musik/Text
Düde DürstShe's A Woman2009Musik/Text
DuffyLive And Let Die2009Musik/Text
Duke EllingtonAll My Loving1966Musik/Text
Duke EllingtonI Want To Hold Your Hand1966Musik/Text
Duo LiebestollSpe'l clavau2005Musik/Text
Dwight YoakamThings We Said Today1992Musik/Text
Earth, Wind & FireGot To Get You Into My Life1978Musik/Text
Easy ConnectionBeatles [Unlimited Citations]1980Musik/Text
Echo & The BunnymenAll You Need Is Love1984Musik/Text
Ed AmesMichelle1967Musik/Text
Ed AmesYesterday1968Musik/Text
Eddie und die "Atemlosen"Komm, gib mir deine Hand1963Musik/Text
Eddie VedderYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away2002Musik/Text
Eddy & The LightningsEn voi ostaa rakkauttasi1964Musik/Text
Eddy MitchellLe fou sur la colline1968Musik/Text
Eddy MitchellTu ferais mieux de l'oublier1965Musik/Text
Edmundo Ros & His OrchestraHey Jude1970Musik/Text
Edu LoboHey Jude1970Musik/Text
Edward SimoniHey Jude2005Musik/Text
Eero RaittinenViidakko-Jim1969Musik/Text
Ef McKayAnd Your Bird Can Sing1969Musik/Text
El ChicanoEleanor Rigby1970Musik/Text
Elaine PaigeHot As Sun1981Musik/Text
ElbowGolden Slumbers2017Musik/Text
ElectraSo soll es immer sein1970Musik/Text
Electric Light OrchestraDaytripper1974Musik/Text
Element Of CrimeAcross The Universe2010Musik/Text
Elkie BrooksMaybe I'm Amazed1989Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldA Hard Day's Night (Live)1965Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldCan't Buy Me Love1964Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldGot To Get You Into My Life1969Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Elton JohnCome And Get It1970Musik/Text
Elton JohnGive Peace A Chance1988Musik/Text
Elton JohnLucy In The Sky With Diamonds1974Musik/Text
Elton JohnMy Baby Left Me / Get Back1970Musik/Text
Elton John Band feat. John Lennon And The Muscle Shoals HornsI Saw Her Standing There1975Musik/Text
Elvis CostelloPads, Paws And Claws1989Musik/Text
Elvis CostelloPlayboy To A Man1991Musik/Text
Elvis CostelloSo Like Candy1991Musik/Text
Elvis CostelloVeronica1989Musik/Text
Elvis Costello & The AttractionsShallow Grave1996Musik/Text
Elvis Costello & The ImpostersThe Lovers That Never Were2019Musik/Text
Elvis PresleyHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Elvis PresleyLady Madonna1971Musik/Text
Emile HartkampEen prachtige witte kerst1998Musik/Text
Emmylou HarrisFor No One1975Musik/Text
Emmylou HarrisHere, There And Everywhere1975Musik/Text
En VogueYesterday1992Musik/Text
EngelbertMy Love1974Musik/Text
EngelbertPenny Lane2001Musik/Text
Engelbert HumperdinckFrom Me To You1977Musik/Text
Engelbert HumperdinckWhere Is Love / The Long And Winding Road2007Musik/Text
England World Cup SquadOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da1970Musik/Text
Enoch Light & His OrchestraA Hard Days Night1968Musik/Text
Enrique BunburyCome Together1997Musik/Text
Eos Guitar Quartet & Corin CurschellasMatta2005Musik/Text
Episode SixHere, There And Everywhere1966Musik/Text
Eric Burdon & WarA Day In The Life1970Musik/Text
Eric Gales feat. Beth HartWith A Little Help From My Friends2019Musik/Text
Eric McFaddenBeing For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite2003Musik/Text
Eric McFaddenEleanor Rigby2010Musik/Text
Eric McFadden TrioHey Bulldog2003Musik/Text
Erick Saint-LaurentC'est devenu un homme1967Musik/Text
Erick Saint-LaurentEleanor Rigby1966Musik/Text
Erik Truffaz / Sly JohnsonCome Together2008Musik/Text
Erykah BaduGone Baby, Don't Be Long2010Musik/Text
EscalaLive And Let Die2009Musik/Text
EsperantoEleanor Rigby1975Musik/Text
Esther & Abi OfarimShe's Leaving Home1968Musik/Text
Esther PhillipsAnd I Love Him1965Musik/Text
Etta ScolloGet Back1989Musik/Text
Etta ScolloOh! Darling1988Musik/Text
Ettore CenciPlease Please Me1963Musik/Text
European Sound ProjectYesterday1989Musik/Text
EurythmicsCome Together2005Musik/Text
EvanescenceAcross The Universe2021Musik/Text
ExileWe Can Work It Out1971Musik/Text
ExumaMonkberry Moon Delight1972Musik/Text
Eyes Of BlueYesterday1968Musik/Text
F.R. DavidIl est plus facile1967Musik/Text
FabulantIn di da nar2005Musik/Text
Fabulant & Tartaruga, cun MintMemia bel2005Musik/Text
Fabulous CountsHey Jude1969Musik/Text
FacesMaybe I'm Amazed1970Musik/Text
Fairground AttractionDo You Want To Know A Secret?1989Musik/Text
FancyAll My Loving1989Musik/Text
FancyI Should Have Known Better2014Musik/Text
Fanny [1970s]Hey Bulldog1972Musik/Text
FanoeCome Together2010Musik/Text
Fantastic FourWe Can Work It Out1970Musik/Text
Farbror BlåShe Said, She Said1992Musik/Text
Farnborough Firework FactoryToo Many People1972Musik/Text
Fats DominoEverybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey1969Musik/Text
Fats DominoLady Madonna1968Musik/Text
Fats DominoLovely Rita1968Musik/Text
Fernando Fantini mit dem Orchester Antonio CondeMichelle1986Musik/Text
Ferrante & TeicherLet It Be1970Musik/Text
Ferrante & TeicherLive And Let Die1974Musik/Text
Ferrante & TeicherYesterday1966Musik/Text
Ferry AidLet It Be1987Musik/Text
FešáciLet It Be1980Musik/Text
Fever TreeDay Tripper / We Can Work It Out Musik/Text
Fickle PickleMaybe I'm Amazed1970Musik/Text
Film Score OrchestraLive & Let Die1997Musik/Text
FingerprintzDo You Want To Know A Secret1979Musik/Text
Fiona AppleAcross The Universe1998Musik/Text
Five Man Electrical BandYou're Going To Lose That Girl1969Musik/Text
Floating BridgeHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Florian Ast & KishaChumm gib mir Dini Hand1999Musik/Text
Floyd CramerFor No One1967Musik/Text
Floyd CramerI Feel Fine1965Musik/Text
Floyd CramerI'll Follow The Sun1965Musik/Text
Floyd CramerLet It Be1970Musik/Text
Floyd CramerMy Love1973Musik/Text
Floyd CramerOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da1969Musik/Text
Floyd CramerPaperback Writer1966Musik/Text
Floyd CramerYesterday1966Musik/Text
Floyd CramerYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away1966Musik/Text
Foo FightersBand On The Run2007Musik/Text
Fool's GardenMartha My Dear1996Musik/Text
For ShameEvery Night1971Musik/Text
FormatMaxwell's Silver Hammer1969Musik/Text
Foster SylversLullabye / Uncle Albert1973Musik/Text
Four Jacks And A JillAll You Need Is Love1975Musik/Text
Fran NelsonYesterday1968Musik/Text
Francis GoyaIf I Fell1979Musik/Text
Franck PourcelPenny Lane1967Musik/Text
Franck PourcelYesterday1976Musik/Text
Frank AlamoJe me bats pour gagner1964Musik/Text
Frank AlamoJe veux prendre ta main1964Musik/Text
Frank GibsonFor Noone1978Musik/Text
Frank Marino & Mahogany RushNorwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)1979Musik/Text
Frank OceanSeigfried2016Musik/Text
Frank OceanWhite Ferrari2016Musik/Text
Frank SchöbelGet Back1980Musik/Text
Frank SchöbelHey Jude1980Musik/Text
Frank SinatraYesterday1969Musik/Text
Frankie HowerdMean Mr. Mustard1978Musik/Text
Frankie Howerd, Sandy FarinaWhen I'm Sixty-Four1978Musik/Text
Frankie LaineMaxwell's Silver Hammer1976Musik/Text
Frankie ValliA Day In The Life1976Musik/Text
Frankie ValliEleanor Rigby1968Musik/Text
Frankie VaughanWait1965Musik/Text
Frannie GoldeAll You Need Is Love1976Musik/Text
Franz LambertYesterday1981Musik/Text
Franz LambertYummy, Yummy, Yummy / Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da / Chewy Chewy1970Musik/Text
Fraser & DeBoltDon't Let Me Down1970Musik/Text
Fred Ario ComboThe Ballad Of John And Yoko1969Musik/Text
Freda PayneYesterday1966Musik/Text
Freddie & The DreamersI Feel Fine1982Musik/Text
Freddie & The DreamersI Should Have Known Better1976Musik/Text
Freddie FenderTodo mi amor1963Musik/Text
Freddie StarrFrom Me To You1974Musik/Text
Freddy RobinsonI Want To Hold Your Hand1970Musik/Text
FreedomCry Baby Cry1970Musik/Text
Friend 'N FellowCan't Buy Me Love2005Musik/Text
Frizzle SizzleFrom Me To You1987Musik/Text
Fury In The SlaughterhouseDear Prudence2002Musik/Text
Gabor SzaboIf I Fell1965Musik/Text
Gabor SzaboYesterday1965Musik/Text
Gabriella FerriGive Peace A Chance1977Musik/Text
Gaby BaginskyVon Calais nach Dover1972Musik/Text
Galactic CowboysJunior's Farm1996Musik/Text
Gareth GatesYesterday2003Musik/Text
Garland JeffreysHelp2017Musik/Text
Gary BarlowWonderful Christmastime2021Musik/Text
Gary BurtonNorwegian Wood1966Musik/Text
Gary Clark Jr.Come Together2017Musik/Text
Gary Holton & Casino SteelNo Reply1982Musik/Text
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysRun For Your Life1966Musik/Text
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away Musik/Text
Gary PuckettThe Long And Winding Road1982Musik/Text
Gary Toms EmpireDrive My Car1975Musik/Text
Gary U.S. BondsIt's Only Love1981Musik/Text
Geff HarrisonNo Reply1973Musik/Text
Gene CottonWhen I'm 641968Musik/Text
Genital Motors feat. Maria HänninenI Love Mercedes Benz2022Musik/Text
George BensonBecause / Come Together1970Musik/Text
George BensonGolden Slumbers / You Never Give Me Your Money1970Musik/Text
George BensonHere Comes The Sun / I Want You (She's So Heavy)1970Musik/Text
George BensonI Want To Hold Your Hand2011Musik/Text
George BensonOh! Darling1970Musik/Text
George BensonSomething / Octopus's Garden / The End1970Musik/Text
George BensonThe Long And Winding Road1996Musik/Text
George BurnsFixing A Hole1978Musik/Text
George BurnsWith A Little Help From My Friends1969Musik/Text
George BurnsYour Mother Should Know / I'll Buy The Ring1969Musik/Text
George DukeCome Together1970Musik/Text
George HoweMaxwell's Silver Hammer1969Musik/Text
George LynchI Want You / She's So Heavy2004Musik/Text
George MartinAnd I Love Her1964Musik/Text
George MartinRingo's Theme (This Boy)1964Musik/Text
George MartinYellow Submarine In Pepperland1969Musik/Text
George MichaelThe Long And Winding Road1999Musik/Text
George ShearingEleanor Rigby1974Musik/Text
Georges JouvinOb-la-di, ob-la-da1971Musik/Text
Georgie FameWhen I'm Sixty-Four1968Musik/Text
Gerald Wilson OrchestraYesterday1966Musik/Text
Gerd Böttcher & Detlef EngelEine Welt ohne Liebe1964Musik/Text
Gerry And His CometsIch bin froh1964Musik/Text
Gerry RaffertyBecause2009Musik/Text
Gershon KingsleyNowhere Man1969Musik/Text
Gershon KingsleyPaperback Rider1969Musik/Text
Gil VenturaVivi e lascia morire1974Musik/Text
GillanHelter Skelter1989Musik/Text
Gina DobraIch komm' nicht los von dir1963Musik/Text
Gina XDrive My Car1984Musik/Text
Gisela MarellGestern noch1972Musik/Text
GitteA World Without Love1969Musik/Text
Gladys Knight & The PipsCome Together1975Musik/Text
Gladys Knight & The PipsLet It Be1971Musik/Text
Gladys Knight & The PipsThe Long And Winding Road1971Musik/Text
Gladys Knight & The PipsYesterday1968Musik/Text
Glee CastBlackbird2011Musik/Text
Glee CastDrive My Car2013Musik/Text
Glee CastGot To Get You Into My Life2013Musik/Text
Glee CastHello, Goodbye2010Musik/Text
Glee CastI Want To Hold Your Hand2010Musik/Text
Glee CastSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band2013Musik/Text
Glee CastSilly Love Songs2011Musik/Text
Glee CastYesterday2013Musik/Text
Glen CampbellMull Of Kintyre1982Musik/Text
Glen CampbellTicket To Ride1965Musik/Text
Glen DaleGood Day Sunshine1966Musik/Text
Global KrynerHey Jude2004Musik/Text
GodsmackCome Together2012Musik/Text
Golden EarringI'll Be Back1995Musik/Text
Goldie HawnA Hard Day's Night1998Musik/Text
Gottfried BöttgerGet Back1977Musik/Text
GotthardCome Together1993Musik/Text
GotthardWhy Don't We Do It2004Musik/Text
Götz AlsmannThings We Said Today1995Musik/Text
Gov't MuleShe Said, She Said1998Musik/Text
Grace KennedyToo Many People1979Musik/Text
GraffitiCome Together1977Musik/Text
Graham BonneyLove Me Do2013Musik/Text
Graham BonneyOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da2008Musik/Text
GregorianIn My Life2015Musik/Text
GregorianLive And Let Die2012Musik/Text
Grit van HoogGestern noch1968Musik/Text
Guns N' RosesLive And Let Die1991Musik/Text
Günter NorisAll You Need is Love1969Musik/Text
Günter NorisBack In The USSR1969Musik/Text
Günter NorisBirthday1969Musik/Text
Günter NorisBungalow Bill1969Musik/Text
Günter NorisCan't Buy Me Love1969Musik/Text
Günter NorisHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Günter NorisLady Madonna1969Musik/Text
Günter NorisNorwegian Wood1969Musik/Text
Günter NorisOb-la-di, Ob-la-da1969Musik/Text
Günter NorisPenny Lane1969Musik/Text
Günter NorisWhen I'm Sixty Four1969Musik/Text
Günter NorisWith A Little Help From My Friends1969Musik/Text
Guys 'N' DollsShe's Leaving Home1975Musik/Text
Gwen GuthrieTicket To Ride1987Musik/Text
Håkon PedersenThe Fool On The Hill1989Musik/Text
Hal SingerHey Jude1969Musik/Text
HalestormI Want You (She's So Heavy)2011Musik/Text
Half CousinGirl2004Musik/Text
Hank MarvinEleanor Rigby2002Musik/Text
Hank MarvinLive And Let Die1993Musik/Text
Hank MarvinThe Fool On The Hill2017Musik/Text
Hank MarvinTicket To Ride2002Musik/Text
Hank Williams Jr.Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)1982Musik/Text
Hanne BoelHey Jude1992Musik/Text
Hanny-DObladi oblada2019Musik/Text
Hans Jörg HackWenn ich mal alt bin1973Musik/Text
Hans-Jürgen BeyerYesterday1979Musik/Text
HansonWonderful Christmastime / Come On It's Christmas2017Musik/Text
Happy MondaysDesmond1987Musik/Text
Happy MondaysLazyitis1988Musik/Text
Hard MeatRain1969Musik/Text
Hardin & YorkNothern Medley: Lady Madonna / Norwegian Wood1970Musik/Text
Harpa GunnarsdóttirElsku kisa mín1975Musik/Text
Harpers BizarreBlackbird1969Musik/Text
Harpers BizarreEverynight1976Musik/Text
Harry Connick Jr.And I Love Her2009Musik/Text
Harry Connick Jr.My Love2014Musik/Text
Harry Connick Jr. & Carla BruniAnd I Love Her2009Musik/Text
Harry Holland & Dieter ReithNo More Lonely Nights1985Musik/Text
Hayseed DixieStrawberry Fields Forever2007Musik/Text
HeadCatYou Can't Do That2011Musik/Text
Heads TogetherJet1974Musik/Text
HeartBand On The Run2014Musik/Text
HeartLetting Go2014Musik/Text
Heather NovaWe Can Work It Out2002Musik/Text
Heinz die HundekehleZieht den Bayern die Lederhosen aus1980Musik/Text
Helen ReddyOne After 9091978Musik/Text
Helen ReddyThe Fool On The Hill1976Musik/Text
Helga HahnemannDicke International1986Musik/Text
Helge And The FirefuckersEbony And Ivory1999Musik/Text
HelloweenAll My Loving1999Musik/Text
Helmut KoellenYou Won't See Me1977Musik/Text
Helmut SchmidtJeder braucht einen Freund1967Musik/Text
Henry ArlandLet It Be1976Musik/Text
Henry GrossHelp1976Musik/Text
Herb AlpertMichelle2017Musik/Text
Herb Alpert & Lani HallBlackbird2011Musik/Text
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana BrassAll My Loving1964Musik/Text
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana BrassAnd I Love Her2005Musik/Text
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana BrassI'll Be Back1969Musik/Text
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana BrassMartha My Dear1970Musik/Text
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana BrassOb-la-di, Ob-la-da1969Musik/Text
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana BrassWith A Little Help From My Friends1967Musik/Text
Herb PedersenPaperback Writer1976Musik/Text
Herbert Knebels AffentheaterSie liebt dich2001Musik/Text
Herbie HancockNorwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)1996Musik/Text
Herbie Hancock feat. Dave MatthewsTomorrow Never Knows2010Musik/Text
Herbie MannCome Together1970Musik/Text
Herbie MannFlying1969Musik/Text
Herbie MannNorwegian Wood1967Musik/Text
Herbie MannOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da1973Musik/Text
Herbie MannThe Night Before1965Musik/Text
Herbie MannYesterday1965Musik/Text
Herbie MannYou Never Give Me Your Money1974Musik/Text
Herbie Mann & Tamiko JonesDay Tripper1966Musik/Text
Herman van KeekenDu bist schön1963Musik/Text
Herman van VeenEens op een dag1981Musik/Text
Het FeestteamLet It Be2011Musik/Text
(Paul James McCartney)
Hi_TackSay Say Say (Waiting 4 U) (Steff Da Campo & 71 Digits Radio Mix)2020Musik/Text
Hi_TackSay Say Say (Waiting 4U)2005Musik/Text
Himesh PatelA Hard Day's Night2019Musik/Text
Himesh PatelCarry That Weight2019Musik/Text
Himesh PatelHey Jude2019Musik/Text
Himesh PatelI Saw Her Standing There2019Musik/Text
Himesh PatelIn My Life2019Musik/Text
Himesh PatelLet It Be2019Musik/Text
Himesh PatelShe Loves You2019Musik/Text
Himesh PatelThe Long & Winding Road2019Musik/Text
Himesh PatelYesterday2019Musik/Text
Himesh Patel & Lily JamesI Want To Hold Your Hand2019Musik/Text
Hollywood VampiresCome And Get It2015Musik/Text
(Sir Paul McCartney)
Honor BlackmanWorld Without Love1964Musik/Text
HootersLucy In The Sky With Diamonds1983Musik/Text
Horst JankowskiYesterday1967Musik/Text
Horst Jankowski und sein Rias-TanzorchesterCan't Buy Me Love1974Musik/Text
Horst Jankowski und sein Rias-TanzorchesterHey Jude1977Musik/Text
Hot ChocolateGive Peace A Chance1969Musik/Text
Howard CarpendaleAnd I Love Her1980Musik/Text
Howard CarpendaleHoward Carpendale singt Welt-Hits - Medley2005Musik/Text
Howard CarpendaleOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da1968Musik/Text
Howard CarpendaleYesterday2004Musik/Text
Howard KeelYesterday1985Musik/Text
Howie DayHelp!2002Musik/Text
Hugo Strasser mit der SWR Big BandYesterday1970Musik/Text
Hugues AufrayJe croyais1965Musik/Text
Human NatureAll You Need Is Love2018Musik/Text
Human NatureCan't Buy Me Love2018Musik/Text
Human NatureGot To Get You Into My Life2008Musik/Text
Human NatureShe's Leaving Home2008Musik/Text
Humble PieDrive My Car1975Musik/Text
Humble PieRain1975Musik/Text
Humble PieWe Can Work It Out1975Musik/Text
Hunter [1970s]Rain1976Musik/Text
Hush [DE]Oh! Darling1969Musik/Text
Hylda Baker & Arthur MullardGet Back1978Musik/Text
I Nuovi AngeliIl Dubbio1969Musik/Text
I QuattroLive And Let Die2011Musik/Text
Ian & The ZodiacsA Hard Day's Night1964Musik/Text
Ian & The ZodiacsEight Days A Week1965Musik/Text
Ian & The ZodiacsFrom Me To You1964Musik/Text
Ian & The ZodiacsI Feel Fine1965Musik/Text
Ian & The ZodiacsI Want To Hold Your Hand1964Musik/Text
Ian & The ZodiacsPlease Please Me1964Musik/Text
Ian & The ZodiacsShe Loves You1964Musik/Text
Ian CussickYou Won't See me1981Musik/Text
Ian GommYou Can't Do That1978Musik/Text
Ibernice MacBeanBlackbird2013Musik/Text
Iggy PopMichelle2012Musik/Text
Ike & Tina TurnerCome Together1969Musik/Text
Ike & Tina TurnerGet Back1972Musik/Text
Ike & Tina TurnerLet It Be1970Musik/Text
Ike & Tina TurnerShe Came In Through The Bathroom Window1972Musik/Text
Ike & Tina TurnerWith A Little Help From My Friends1969Musik/Text
Il Était Une FoisThe Fool On The Hill1978Musik/Text
Ils Fränzlis da Tschlin & Stephan EicherElena Ratti2005Musik/Text
Imaginary FutureLet It Be2018Musik/Text
Imperial State ElectricYou Can't Do That2011Musik/Text
Indra And The Park Avenue ConnectionI Feel Fine1997Musik/Text
Indra And The Park Avenue ConnectionI Saw Her Standing There1997Musik/Text
Inker & HamiltonYou Won't See Me1992Musik/Text
Inner CircleCarry That Weight1980Musik/Text
Inner CircleOb-La-Di Ob-La-Da1998Musik/Text
Inokasira RangersSilly Love Songs2021Musik/Text
Inokasira RangersWonderful Christmastime2019Musik/Text
Instant FunkHard Day's Night1983Musik/Text
Iris WilliamsGot To Get You Into My Life1980Musik/Text
Iris WilliamsWaterfalls1980Musik/Text
Iron VirginJet1974Musik/Text
Isabella BondI Feel Fine1964Musik/Text
Jack DievalAll My Loving1965Musik/Text
Jack DievalAnd I Love Her1965Musik/Text
Jack DievalMichelle1965Musik/Text
Jack DievalYesterday1965Musik/Text
Jack JonesAnd I Love Her1965Musik/Text
Jack JonesMichelle1967Musik/Text
Jack JonesShe's Leaving Home1997Musik/Text
Jack JonesYesterday1967Musik/Text
Jack WildOb-La-Di Ob-La-Da1971Musik/Text
Jackie Cain & Roy KralLady Madonna1968Musik/Text
Jackie DeShannonThings We Said Today1978Musik/Text
Jackie EdwardsYesterday1965Musik/Text
Jackie LomaxThumbin' A Ride1969Produzent
Jackie TrentGot To Get You Into My Life1967Musik/Text
Jackie WilsonEleanor Rigby1969Musik/Text
Jacky TerrassonCome Together2015Musik/Text
JackylI Am The Walrus1998Musik/Text
Jaco PastoriusBlackbird1981Musik/Text
Jacques StotzemCome Together2008Musik/Text
James DarrenHello Goodbye / We Can Work It Out1971Musik/Text
James LastA Hard Day's Night1983Musik/Text
James LastAll You Need Is Love1983Musik/Text
James LastBeatles Medley1998Musik/Text
James LastEleanor Rigby1983Musik/Text
James LastGive Peace A Chance1970Musik/Text
James LastHey Jude1974Musik/Text
James LastLady Madonna1983Musik/Text
James LastLet It Be1974Musik/Text
James LastMichelle1983Musik/Text
James LastMull Of Kintyre1978Musik/Text
James LastNorwegian Wood1983Musik/Text
James LastOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da1983Musik/Text
James LastPenny Lane1983Musik/Text
James LastShe Came In Through The Bathroom Window1971Musik/Text
James LastShe Loves You1983Musik/Text
James TaylorDay Tripper1979Musik/Text
Jamie CullumEvery Night2014Musik/Text
Jamie DornanMaybe I'm Amazed2018Musik/Text
Jan & DeanMichelle1966Musik/Text
Jan & DeanNorwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)1966Musik/Text
Jan & DeanYesterday1966Musik/Text
Jan & DeanYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away1966Musik/Text
Jan Dulles & Simon KeizerHere There And Everywhere2010Musik/Text
Jan LeyersNorwegian Wood (Live)2019Musik/Text
Jan VayneEleanor Rigby1992Musik/Text
Jan Vogler / BBC Philharmonic / Omer Meir WellberGolden Slumbers2022Musik/Text
Jane ConstanceEbony And Ivory2018Musik/Text
(Paul James McCartney)
Jane MonheitGolden Slumbers / Long And Winding Road2013Musik/Text
Janoska EnsembleLet It Be2019Musik/Text
Janoska EnsemblePenny Lane2019Musik/Text
Janoska EnsembleYesterday2019Musik/Text
JawaddeOh Marietje1979Musik/Text
Jay & The AmericansGirl1965Musik/Text
Jay & The AmericansHere, There And Everywhere1967Musik/Text
Jean-Claude BorellyRockollection1978Musik/Text
Jeannie SeelyYesterday1966Musik/Text
Jeannie Seely & Ray StevensDance Tonight2020Musik/Text
Jeff BeckA Day In The Life1998Musik/Text
Jeff BeckShe's A Woman1975Musik/Text
Jeff LynneJunk2014Musik/Text
Jeff LynneWith A Little Help From My Friends / Nowhere Man1976Musik/Text
Jenn CunetaCome Rain Come Shine2005Musik/Text
Jennifer HudsonGolden Slumbers/Carry That Weight2016Musik/Text
Jennifer Hudson feat. The RootsLet It Be2010Musik/Text
Jennifer WarnesHere, There And Everywhere1968Musik/Text
Jenny MorrisI've Just Seen A Face1987Musik/Text
Jeremy Jordan and Keke Palmer feat. The Pacashau Sacred Divinity ChoirMaybe I'm Amazed2012Musik/Text
Jerry GarciaI Saw Her Standing There1982Musik/Text
Jerry WalshMaybe I'm Amazed1971Musik/Text
Jessi ColterGet Back1976Musik/Text
Jessi ColterHey Jude1976Musik/Text
Jessy and His Flaming StarsEight Days A Week1965Musik/Text
Jessy and His Flaming StarsNo Reply1965Musik/Text
Jigsaw [AU]Man We Was Lonely1972Musik/Text
Jim & AdyCome Together1977Musik/Text
Jim CarreyI Am The Walrus1998Musik/Text
Jimi HendrixDay Tripper1967Musik/Text
Jimi HendrixDay Tripper (Live)1967Musik/Text
Jimi HendrixSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band1970Musik/Text
Jimi HendrixTomorrow Never Knows1980Musik/Text
Jimi Hendrix & Curtis KnightDay Tripper1966Musik/Text
Jimi Hendrix ExperienceSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band2023Musik/Text
Jimmy CliffOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da1999Musik/Text
Jimmy FreyElle t'aime1963Musik/Text
Jimmy James & The VagabondsGood Day Sunshine1968Musik/Text
Jimmy Osmond60's Medley2005Musik/Text
Jimmy PowellBack In The USSR1970Musik/Text
Jimmy WebbThe Long And Winding Road2019Musik/Text
Jive BunnyHop Around The Clock1991Musik/Text
Joan BaezEleanor Rigby1967Musik/Text
Joan BaezLet It Be1971Musik/Text
Joan BaezYesterday1967Musik/Text
Joe BrownWith A Little Help From My Friends1967Musik/Text
Joe CockerCome Together2007Musik/Text
Joe CockerI'll Cry Instead1964Musik/Text
Joe CockerLet It Be1970Musik/Text
Joe CockerMaybe I'm Amazed2004Musik/Text
Joe CockerShe Came In Through The Bathroom Window1969Musik/Text
Joe CockerWith A Little Help From My Friends1968Musik/Text
Joe CockerWith A Little Help From My Friends (1987 Remix)1968Musik/Text
Joe CockerYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away1991Musik/Text
Joe ElliottHi Hi Hi2014Musik/Text
Joe FaginCry For No One1982Musik/Text
Joe FaginShe's Leaving Home1993Musik/Text
Joeland Guitar SoundThe Ballad Of John And Yoko2009Musik/Text
Johan HermansYesterday2002Musik/Text
John BlairGolden Slumber / O-o-h Child1970Musik/Text
John BlairLucy In The Sky With Diamonds1977Musik/Text
John Christie4th Of July1974Musik/Text
John DavidsonLet It Be1970Musik/Text
John DavidsonOb-La-Di Ob-La-Da1969Musik/Text
John DenverAnd I Love Her1966Musik/Text
John DenverEleanor Rigby1970Musik/Text
John DenverGolden Slumbers / Sweet Sweet Life / Tremble If You Must1970Musik/Text
John DenverHere, There And Everywhere1966Musik/Text
John DenverIn My Life1966Musik/Text
John DenverJunk1971Musik/Text
John DenverLet It Be1971Musik/Text
John DenverMother Nature's Son1972Musik/Text
John DenverWhen I'm Sixty-Four1969Musik/Text
John DenverYesterday1966Musik/Text
John FarnhamHelp1980Musik/Text
John FarnhamHelp (Live)1986Musik/Text
John GaryMichelle1967Musik/Text
John Hamilton BandI Wanna Be Your Man / Carol1970Musik/Text
John HartfordHey Jude1970Musik/Text
John Henry Borland And His OrchestraYesterday1981Musik/Text
John HoltI Will1976Musik/Text
John MayallA Hard Day's Night1976Musik/Text
John Paul YoungThe Fool On The Hill1981Musik/Text
John PetersenHey Jude1976Musik/Text
John Petersen & SkylinerEleanor Rigby1977Musik/Text
John Petersen & SkylinerGet Back1977Musik/Text
John Petersen & SkylinerGirl1977Musik/Text
John Petersen & SkylinerHelp!1976Musik/Text
John ScofieldI Will2011Musik/Text
John Smith & The New SoundGot To Get You Into My Life1966Musik/Text
John Stevens [US]Here, There And Everywhere2005Musik/Text
John Williams [AU UK]Because1971Musik/Text
Johnny & His Cellar RockersClose Your Eyes1964Musik/Text
Johnny & The HurricanesI Should've Known Better1963Musik/Text
Johnny & The HurricanesYou Can't Do That1963Musik/Text
Johnny CashIn My Life2002Musik/Text
Johnny Cash with Paul McCartney / June Carter, Linda McCartney & Tom T. HallNew Moon Over Jamaica1988Musik/Text
Johnny HallydayJe l'aime1966Musik/Text
Johnny HallydayJe veux te graver dans ma vie1966Musik/Text
Johnny HallydayJe veux te graver dans ma vie (Live)1993Musik/Text
Johnny HallydayOn a ses jours1965Musik/Text
Johnny HallydayQuand je l'ai vue devant moi1964Musik/Text
Johnny HoesJelle zal wel zien1967Musik/Text
Johnny Kendall And The HeraldsSinds ik jou daar zag staan1964Musik/Text
Johnny LoganSilly Love Songs1999Musik/Text
Johnny MathisHere, There And Everywhere1968Musik/Text
Johnny MathisThe Long And Winding Road1970Musik/Text
Johnny MathisWe Can Work It Out1971Musik/Text
Johnny Pearson And His OrchestraLive And Let Die1973Musik/Text
Johnny ReimarMichelle1966Musik/Text
Johnny RiversA Hard Day's Night1963Musik/Text
Johnny RiversCan't Buy Me Love1964Musik/Text
Johnny RiversI Should Have Known Better1965Musik/Text
Johnny RiversI'll Cry Instead1965Musik/Text
Johnny RiversRun For Your Life1966Musik/Text
Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra with StereophonicsRevolution2001Musik/Text
Jools Holland / José Feliciano with The Rhythm & Blues OrchestraIn My Life2017Musik/Text
Jorge BlancoDrive My Car2017Musik/Text
Jørgen Krabbenhøft & BandAll My Loving1976Musik/Text
Jørgen Krabbenhøft & BandDo You Want To Know A Secret1976Musik/Text
José AlbertoUn grande amor1996Musik/Text
José FelicianoA Day In The Life1985Musik/Text
José FelicianoAnd I Love Her1968Musik/Text
José FelicianoBlackbird1970Musik/Text
José FelicianoDay Tripper1969Musik/Text
José FelicianoHelp!1966Musik/Text
José FelicianoHere, There And Everywhere1968Musik/Text
José FelicianoHey Jude1969Musik/Text
José FelicianoI Feel Fine1983Musik/Text
José FelicianoIn My Life1968Musik/Text
José FelicianoLady Madonna1969Musik/Text
José FelicianoLet It Be1970Musik/Text
José FelicianoNorwegian Wood1970Musik/Text
José FelicianoShe Came In Through The Bathroom Window1970Musik/Text
José FelicianoShe's A Woman1969Musik/Text
José FelicianoYesterday1970Musik/Text
Josef LauferMichelle1966Musik/Text
Joseph WilliamsIf I Fell2021Musik/Text
Joseph WilliamsMaybe I'm Amazed2007Musik/Text
Joshua RedmanLet It Be2013Musik/Text
Jotta HerrePenina1969Musik/Text
Joy & The Hit KidsOh! Darling1969Musik/Text
Joy FlemingOh Darling1976Musik/Text
Joy Fleming & The Jambalaya Gospel ChoirGive Peace A Chance2002Musik/Text
Joy MarshallA Hard Day's Night1965Musik/Text
Judie TzukeHey Jude2003Musik/Text
Judith OwenBlackbird2018Musik/Text
Judy CollinsIn My Life1966Musik/Text
Julia MigenesGestern noch1973Musik/Text
Juliane WerdingHey Jude1977Musik/Text
Julie FelixLet It Be1983Musik/Text
Julie LondonAnd I Love Him1969Musik/Text
Juliet [1980s]I Saw Him Standing There1985Musik/Text
Julio IglesiasAnd I Love Her1990Musik/Text
Junior [ES]No me dejes1964Musik/Text
Junior CampbellDrive My Car1972Musik/Text
Jürgen MarcusHey Jude1976Musik/Text
Jürgen MarcusLady Madonna1975Musik/Text
JustinThis Boy1998Musik/Text
Justin Hayward with Mike Batt And The London Philharmonic OrchestraBlackbird1989Musik/Text
k.d. langGolden Slumbers / The End2006Musik/Text
KadavarHelter Skelter2017Musik/Text
Kadetten HorgenSgt. Pepper's - A Little Help2007Musik/Text
Kai WarnerGet Back1978Musik/Text
Kai WarnerGirl1978Musik/Text
Kai Warner & His OrchestraEight Days A Week1976Musik/Text
KamahlMull Of Kintyre1978Musik/Text
KansasEleanor Rigby1998Musik/Text
Kanye West feat. Paul McCartneyOnly One2015Musik/Text
Kanye West feat. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartneyAll Day2015Musik/Text
Kapelle ObwaldnergruessWhen I'm Sixty Four1991Musik/Text
Karel ČernochSnídanì v trávì1971Musik/Text
Karel GottAdresát neznámý1964Musik/Text
Karel GottDas trägst du lange mit dir1970Musik/Text
Karen JonesCome Together1990Musik/Text
Karin KentJelle sal wel sien1967Musik/Text
Karl-Heinz Kästel Und Seine GitarrenMassachusetts / Mallorca Adios / Hello Good Bye Musik/Text
Kate CeberanoThe Long And Winding Road2021Musik/Text
KatfishDear Prudence1975Musik/Text
Kathi RaschkeEleanor Rigby1966Musik/Text
Kathy KirbyHere, There And Everywhere1972Musik/Text
Kathy McCordI'm Leaving Home1971Musik/Text
Katie MeluaCry Baby Cry2006Musik/Text
Katie MeluaLucy In The Sky With Diamonds2006Musik/Text
Katie Targett AdamsIn My Life2003Musik/Text
Katja EbsteinA Hard Day's Night1969Musik/Text
Katona TwinsCome Together2014Musik/Text
Katy KarrenbauerHelp2002Musik/Text
Kay Cee BangDay Tripper1982Musik/Text
Keith CarradineRain1978Musik/Text
Keith MoonIn My Life1975Musik/Text
Keith MoonWhen I'm Sixty-Four1976Musik/Text
Kelly FamilyMull Of Kintyre1979Musik/Text
Kenny & The SonicsObladi-Oblada1968Musik/Text
Kenny Ball & His JazzmenWhen I'm Sixty-Four1967Musik/Text
Kenny GYesterday2006Musik/Text
Kenny LattimoreAnd I Love Her2008Musik/Text
Kenny LogginsAll Together Now2009Musik/Text
Kenny LogginsGoodnight2000Musik/Text
Kenny Loggins with Jim MessinaTwo Of Us2009Musik/Text
Kenny RankinBlackbird1974Musik/Text
Kenny RankinDear Prudence1969Musik/Text
Kenny RankinPenny Lane1975Musik/Text
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionGet Back1973Musik/Text
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionPaperback Writer1973Musik/Text
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionThe Long And Winding Road1973Musik/Text
Kentucky ExpressYou Can't Always Get What You Want / Come And Get It1971Musik/Text
Kevin RowlandThe Long And Winding Road1999Musik/Text
Kevin WilliamsWonderful Christmastime 20112011Musik/Text
Keyon HarroldShe's Leaving Home2018Musik/Text
Kick AxeWith A Little Help From My Friends1985Musik/Text
Kicki OscarssonDu måste glömma det som var1967Musik/Text
Kid Creole & The CoconutsThings We Said Today1995Musik/Text
King CurtisHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Kingdom ComeAnd I Love Her1996Musik/Text
KingmakerLady Madonna1992Musik/Text
Kin-Ping-MehCome Together1972Musik/Text
Kiri Te KanawaThe World You're Coming Into1991Musik/Text
KirkaHey Jude1971Musik/Text
KirkaLady Madonna1971Musik/Text
KISSVenus And Mars Rock Show2014Musik/Text
Klaus LageIch bin das Walross1980Musik/Text
Klaus WunderlichHey Jude / Saved By The Bell1969Musik/Text
Klaus WunderlichMull Of Kintyre1978Musik/Text
Klaus WunderlichRock Around The Clock / Lady Madonna1968Musik/Text
Knut KiesewetterGestern noch1965Musik/Text
Knut KiesewetterGirl1965Musik/Text
KodalineComing Up2014Musik/Text
KongoLady Madonna1990Musik/Text
Kurt CobainAnd I Love Her2015Musik/Text
Kurt EllingNorwegian Wood2010Musik/Text
KuTsoWhy Don't We Do It On The Road2015Musik/Text
Kygo feat. Paul McCartney · Michael JacksonSay Say S·A·Y2023Musik/Text
Kylie Minogue & MikaWonderful Christmastime2016Musik/Text
L_marTut ensemen2005Musik/Text
La Quinta FacciaDrive My Car1975Musik/Text
La Quinta FacciaGet Back1977Musik/Text
La Quinta FacciaLet 'Em In1976Musik/Text
La Quinta FacciaMull Of Kintyre1978Musik/Text
La SeineI'm Down1976Musik/Text
LaibachAcross The Universe1988Musik/Text
LakesideI Want To Hold Your Hand1981Musik/Text
Lana CantrellShe's Leaving Home1967Musik/Text
Lana CantrellThe Fool On The Hill1968Musik/Text
Lana CantrellYour Mother Should Know1969Musik/Text
Landgren - Wollny - Danielsson - HaffnerMaybe I'm Amazed2019Musik/Text
Lars BerghagenEnsamhet1965Musik/Text
Las Vuoschs Dalla GelgiaBuna notg2005Musik/Text
Laurence Jones BandDay Tripper2019Musik/Text
Laurent VoulzyHere There And Everywhere2006Musik/Text
Laurent VoulzyRockollection (Live)1995Musik/Text
Laurent VoulzyRockollection Part I1977Musik/Text
Le Grand Orchestre de Paul MauriatEleanor Rigby1968Musik/Text
Le Grand Orchestre de Paul MauriatGet Back1969Musik/Text
Le Grand Orchestre de Paul MauriatGirl1966Musik/Text
Le Grand Orchestre de Paul MauriatGoodbye1969Musik/Text
Le Grand Orchestre de Paul MauriatHey Jude1968Musik/Text
Le Grand Orchestre de Paul MauriatLady Madonna1968Musik/Text
Le Grand Orchestre de Paul MauriatLet It Be1970Musik/Text
Le Grand Orchestre de Paul MauriatMichelle1966Musik/Text
Le Grand Orchestre de Paul MauriatPenny Lane1968Musik/Text
Le Grand Orchestre de Paul MauriatTicket To Ride1972Musik/Text
Le Grand Orchestre de Paul MauriatYesterday1972Musik/Text
LeAnn RimesYesterday1997Musik/Text
Lee ConwayYesterday1969Musik/Text
Lee MosesDay Tripper1967Musik/Text
LeinemannLove Me Do1978Musik/Text
LeinemannOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da1971Musik/Text
Lena HorneAnd I Love Him1965Musik/Text
Lena HorneIn My Life1970Musik/Text
Lena MartellHey Jude1980Musik/Text
Lena ZavaroniPenny Lane1982Musik/Text
Leningrad CowboysBack In The USSR1992Musik/Text
Leningrad CowboysYellow Submarine1994Musik/Text
Léo Chauliac and His OrchestraPenny Lane1968Musik/Text
Léo Chauliac and His OrchestraTicket To Ride1968Musik/Text
Léo Chauliac and His OrchestraYes It Is1968Musik/Text
Léo Chauliac and His OrchestraYesterday1968Musik/Text
Leo SayerI Am The Walrus1976Musik/Text
Leo SayerLet It Be1975Musik/Text
Leo SayerThe Long And Winding Road1976Musik/Text
Leo WrightLet It Be1973Musik/Text
Leon HaywoodYesterday1969Musik/Text
Les Bourgeois De CalaisMichelle1966Musik/Text
Les BrünettesBlackbird2017Musik/Text
Les BrünettesGot To Get You Into My Life2017Musik/Text
Les BrünettesI Want You (She's So Heavy)2017Musik/Text
Les BrünettesLady Madonna2017Musik/Text
Les BrünettesLet It Be2017Musik/Text
Les BrünettesPenny Lane2017Musik/Text
Les BrünettesThe Ballad Of John And Yoko2017Musik/Text
Les ChampionsToi l'orgueilleux1964Musik/Text
Les Compagnons De La ChansonLe sous-marin vert1966Musik/Text
Les Gam'sToi l'ami1963Musik/Text
Les JetsJe suis amoureux1964Musik/Text
Les LionceauxDis-moi pourquoi1965Musik/Text
Les LionceauxJe ne peux l'acheter1964Musik/Text
Les LionceauxJe te veux toute à moi1964Musik/Text
Les LionceauxNe ris pas1967Musik/Text
Les LionceauxQuatre garçons dans le vent1964Musik/Text
Les McCann Ltd.Yesterday1966Musik/Text
Les MissilesÇa reste entre nous1964Musik/Text
Les MissilesIl faut oser1965Musik/Text
Les MissilesTu chang'ras d'avis1964Musik/Text
Les Paul feat. Richie SamboraLet Me Roll It2005Musik/Text
Les Reed & The International Pop Proms OrchestraAmerican Trilogy1978Musik/Text
Les Reed & The International Pop Proms OrchestraFool On The Hill1978Musik/Text
Les Reed & The International Pop Proms OrchestraLet 'em In1978Musik/Text
Les SauterellesPauper bel gianter2005Musik/Text
Les SurfsAdieu chagrin1964Musik/Text
Lesley GarrettFor No One/Blackbird2001Musik/Text
Lesley Garrett, Zoe Mather, Jonathan Harvey / String Ensemble / Philip EllisLet It Be2002Musik/Text
Leslie UggamsAnd I Love Her (Him)1964Musik/Text
Leslie UggamsWe Can Work It Out1966Musik/Text
Leslie WestEleanor Rigby2015Musik/Text
Leslie WestI Feel Fine2011Musik/Text
Liesbeth ListGisteren1966Musik/Text
Lieutenant PigeonYellow Submarine1972Musik/Text
LighthouseA Day In The Life1969Musik/Text
Linard Bardill & Bruno BrandenbergerSar nagliur2005Musik/Text
Linda McCartneyAppaloosa1998Produzent
Linda McCartneyCow1988Produzent
Linda McCartneyI Got Up1973Produzent
Linda McCartneyLoves Full Glory1980Produzent
Linda McCartneyMister Sandman1977Produzent
Linda McCartneyNew Orleans1975Produzent
Linda McCartneyOriental Nightfish1973Produzent
Linda McCartneySugartime1977Produzent
Linda McCartneyThe Light Comes From Within1998Produzent
Linda McCartneyThe White Coated Man1988Produzent
Linda McCartneyWide Prairie1973Produzent
Linda RonstadtGood Night1996Musik/Text
Linda TeodosiuWith A Little Help From My Friends2009Musik/Text
Little AngelsYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away1992Musik/Text
Little Pieces Of MarmeladeI Am The Walrus2020Musik/Text
Little RichardI Saw Her Standing There1970Musik/Text
Liverpool ExpressA Hard Day's Night1977Musik/Text
Liverpool ExpressAll My Loving1977Musik/Text
Liverpool ExpressAnd I Love Her1977Musik/Text
Liverpool ExpressCan't Buy Me Love1977Musik/Text
Liverpool ExpressDay Tripper1977Musik/Text
Liverpool ExpressGirl1977Musik/Text
Liverpool ExpressHey Jude1977Musik/Text
Liverpool ExpressI Want To Hold Your Hand1977Musik/Text
Liverpool ExpressIf I Fell1977Musik/Text
Liverpool ExpressLet It Be1977Musik/Text
Liverpool ExpressMichelle1977Musik/Text
Liverpool ExpressShe Loves You1977Musik/Text
Liverpool ExpressYesterday1977Musik/Text
Liz Damon's Orient ExpressLet It Be1970Musik/Text
Liza MinnelliFor No One1968Musik/Text
LoboI'm Only Sleeping1974Musik/Text
Lois LaneI Want To Hold Your Hand1976Musik/Text
Lois LaneNowhere Man1976Musik/Text
Lone StarShe Said, She Said1976Musik/Text
Lord SitarEleanor Rigby1967Musik/Text
Lorenzo SantamaríaAnd I Love Her1978Musik/Text
Lorrie MorganEight Days A Week1989Musik/Text
Los ApartosIl bagasch2005Musik/Text
Los FernandosAll My Loving1995Musik/Text
Los Hermanos CastroMichelle1967Musik/Text
Los ManolosAll My Loving1991Musik/Text
Los MustangEl submarino amarillo1966Musik/Text
Los MustangLady Madonna1968Musik/Text
Los StraitjacketsI Feel Fine2020Musik/Text
Los ValentinosI'm Down1980Musik/Text
Los ValentinosPenny Lane / Happy Together1976Musik/Text
Lou ChristieIf I Fell1965Musik/Text
Lou RawlsGolden Slumbers1972Musik/Text
Lou RawlsGot To Get You Into My Life1971Musik/Text
Lou RawlsYesterday1966Musik/Text
Louis ArmstrongGive Peace A Chance1970Musik/Text
Louis van DijkYesterday1968Musik/Text
Louis Van DykeSingalong Junk1971Musik/Text
Louis Van DykeThe Long And Winding Road1971Musik/Text
Louise GoffinAll I've Got To Do1979Musik/Text
Love GenerationPaperback Writer1973Musik/Text
Lucky BlondoJ'ai un secret à te dire1963Musik/Text
Luiz BonfáYesterday1965Musik/Text
LuluDay Tripper1967Musik/Text
LuluGood Day Sunshine1970Musik/Text
Luv'All You Need Is Love1994Musik/Text
LydiaAcross The Universe2001Musik/Text
Lynden David HallAll You Need Is Love2003Musik/Text
Lynsey De PaulBecause1976Musik/Text
MaCCa & JaCCaSay Say Say2005Musik/Text
Macho GangObladi Oblada1989Musik/Text
Mack HayesLuv Ya Blue1980Musik/Text
Maconga, cun MintM'amurass2005Musik/Text
Madeleine PeyrouxMartha My Dear2011Musik/Text
Madeline BellStep Inside Love1969Musik/Text
Maestro [1980s]I Want To Hold Your Hand1984Musik/Text
Maestro Rolando de PianoAll My Loving1980Musik/Text
Maestro Rolando de PianoAll You Need Is Love1980Musik/Text
Maestro Rolando de PianoAnd I Love Her1980Musik/Text
Maestro Rolando de PianoHey Jude1980Musik/Text
Maestro Rolando de PianoLady Madonna1980Musik/Text
Maestro Rolando de PianoLet It Be1980Musik/Text
Maestro Rolando de PianoMichelle1980Musik/Text
Maestro Rolando de PianoNorwegian Wood1980Musik/Text
Maestro Rolando de PianoOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da1980Musik/Text
Maestro Rolando de PianoYesterday1980Musik/Text
Maggie BellI Saw Him Standing There1975Musik/Text
Maggie Bell & Bobby WhitlockHere, There And Everywhere1983Musik/Text
Maggie MacNealBlackbird1976Musik/Text
Magnus [DE]My Valentine2017Musik/Text
MajentaMine For Me1976Musik/Text
Makaya McCravenLucy In The Sky With Diamonds2018Musik/Text
Mal Evans Memoriam BandCaptain Iglo's Zeemans Zangzaadkoor2007Musik/Text
Mal Evans Memoriam BandDagtripjes2007Musik/Text
Mal Evans Memoriam BandDoe dat nou niet2007Musik/Text
Mal Evans Memoriam BandHelp!2007Musik/Text
Mal Evans Memoriam BandIets2007Musik/Text
Mal Evans Memoriam BandJij en ik2007Musik/Text
Mal Evans Memoriam BandLaat me niet gaan2007Musik/Text
Mal Evans Memoriam BandMorgen weet maar nooit2007Musik/Text
Mal Evans Memoriam BandTe dagszwaar's nacht2007Musik/Text
Mal Evans Memoriam BandTerug in de CCCP2007Musik/Text
Mal Evans Memoriam BandToen ik haar daar zo zag staan2007Musik/Text
Mal Evans Memoriam BandVrijkaart voor twee2007Musik/Text
Mal Evans Memoriam BandZe houdt van jou2007Musik/Text
Manchester United Football TeamYellow Submarine1972Musik/Text
Manfred Mann's Earth Band with Chris ThompsonBulldog1986Musik/Text
Mango feat. Angelina MangoGet Back2014Musik/Text
MantovaniLive And Let Die Musik/Text
Manuel BarruecoHere, There And Everywhere1994Musik/Text
Manuel BarruecoHey Jude1994Musik/Text
Manuel BarruecoLucy In The Sky With Diamonds1994Musik/Text
Manuel BarruecoMichelle2006Musik/Text
Manuel Barrueco & David TanenbaumShe's Leaving Home1994Musik/Text
Manuel Barrueco / London Symphony Orchestra / Jeremy LubbockThe Long And Winding Road1994Musik/Text
Manuel Barrueco / London Symphony Orchestra / Jeremy LubbockTicket To Ride1994Musik/Text
Manuel Barrueco / London Symphony Orchestra / Jeremy LubbockYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away1994Musik/Text
ManuelaBeatles Medley1980Musik/Text
Marc CohnMaybe I'm Amazed2010Musik/Text
Marcia GriffithsDon't Let Me Down1969Musik/Text
Marcia GriffithsMy Love1975Musik/Text
Marco Mengoni feat. The Kingdom ChoirLet It Be2023Musik/Text
Marcus MillerCome Together1995Musik/Text
Margie JosephMy Love1974Musik/Text
Marianne FaithfullI'm A Loser1965Musik/Text
Marianne FaithfullYesterday1965Musik/Text
Marianne KockFatta mod1970Musik/Text
Marianne RosenbergYesterday1994Musik/Text
MarillionGood Morning, Good Morning2007Musik/Text
Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr.And I Love Her2021Musik/Text
Marilyn PowellAll My Loving1964Musik/Text
Mario Pacchioli & Astrid AlexandreAgid!2005Musik/Text
Mario Pacchioli & BandSco 'la steva là2005Musik/Text
Marius Müller-WesternhagenGebt Bayern zurück an die Bayern1972Musik/Text
Mark LindsayThe Long And Winding Road / Yesterday1970Musik/Text
Mark MurphyShe Loves You1965Musik/Text
Mark SommerHey Jude1975Musik/Text
Mark WynterAnd I Love Her1964Musik/Text
Markku AroEilinen1976Musik/Text
Marta KubišováHej, Jude1970Musik/Text
Martin MullMichelle1977Musik/Text
Martin PigLovely Rita1983Musik/Text
Martin SchenkelDay Tripper2002Musik/Text
Marty GoldDaytripper1969Musik/Text
Marty GoldEleanor Rigby1969Musik/Text
Marty GoldGet Back1969Musik/Text
Marty GoldGood Night1969Musik/Text
Marty GoldHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Marty GoldIn My Life1969Musik/Text
Marty GoldLucy In The Sky With Diamonds1969Musik/Text
Marty GoldMichelle1969Musik/Text
Marty GoldNorwegian Wood1969Musik/Text
Marty GoldPenny Lane1969Musik/Text
Marty GoldThe Fool On The Hill1969Musik/Text
Marty GoldYesterday1969Musik/Text
Marty RobbinsYesterday1968Musik/Text
Marty Stuart / Martha, Nancy J.A Little Help From My Friends1978Musik/Text
Marty WildePaperback Writer1970Musik/Text
Marvin GayeYesterday1969Musik/Text
Mary & GordyYesterday1981Musik/Text
Mary HalvorsonWith A Little Help From My Friends2018Musik/Text
Mary HopkinGoodbye1969Musik/Text
Mary HopkinHappiness Runs (Pebble And The Man)1969Produzent
Mary HopkinInch Worm1969Produzent
Mary HopkinLontano dagli occhi1969Produzent
Mary HopkinLord Of The Reedy River1969Produzent
Mary HopkinLove Is The Sweetest Thing1969Produzent
Mary HopkinLullaby Of The Leaves1969Produzent
Mary HopkinPrince en Avignon1969Produzent
Mary HopkinQuelli erano giorni1968Produzent
Mary HopkinSomeone To Watch Over Me1969Produzent
Mary HopkinSparrow1969Produzent
Mary HopkinThe Fields Of St. Etienne1969Produzent
Mary HopkinThe Game1969Produzent
Mary HopkinThe Honeymoon Song1969Produzent
Mary HopkinThe Puppy Song1969Produzent
Mary HopkinThere's No Business Like Show Business1969Produzent
Mary HopkinThose Were The Days1968Produzent
Mary HopkinTurn Turn Turn1968Produzent
Mary HopkinVoyage Of The Moon1969Produzent
Mary HopkinY Blodyn Gwyn1968Produzent
Mary HopkinYoung Love1969Produzent
Mary O'HaraHere, There And Everywhere1985Musik/Text
Mary RoosFür uns beide1970Musik/Text
Mary WellsAll My Lovin'1965Musik/Text
Mary WellsAnd I Love Him1965Musik/Text
Mary WellsCan't Buy Me Love1965Musik/Text
Mary WellsDo You Want To Know A Secret1965Musik/Text
Mary WellsEight Days A Week1965Musik/Text
Mary WellsHe Loves You1965Musik/Text
Mary WellsHelp1965Musik/Text
Mary WellsI Saw Him Standing There1965Musik/Text
Mary WellsI Should Have Known Better1965Musik/Text
Mary WellsPlease Please Me1964Musik/Text
Mary WellsTicket To Ride1965Musik/Text
Mary WellsYesterday1965Musik/Text
Maryla RodowiczLet It Be1970Musik/Text
MassielAnd I Love Him1968Musik/Text
MassielWe Can Work It Out1968Musik/Text
MassielYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away1968Musik/Text
MasterboyWonderful Christmas Time Musik/Text
Mat 65Michelle1966Musik/Text
Mathilda HomerDo You Want To Know A Secret?2020Musik/Text
Matt MonroAll My Loving1965Musik/Text
Matt MonroHere, There And Everywhere1967Musik/Text
Matt MonroMichelle1973Musik/Text
Matt MonroThe Long And Winding Road1975Musik/Text
Matt MonroYesterday1965Musik/Text
Matthew Sweet and Susanna HoffsAnd Your Bird Can Sing2006Musik/Text
Matthias LensOb la di ob la da2015Musik/Text
(Paul James McCartney)
Maud [DK]Yesterday (I går)1965Musik/Text
Maureen McGovernI Will1992Musik/Text
Maureen McGovernI'm Happy Just To Dance With You1979Musik/Text
Maureen McGovernLet It Be2008Musik/Text
Maureen McGovernRocky Raccoon2008Musik/Text
Maureen McGovernThe Long And Winding Road2008Musik/Text
Maureen McGovernThings We Said Today / For No One1992Musik/Text
Maurice Gibb, Peter Frampton, George Burns, Bee GeesBeing For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite1978Musik/Text
Max BygravesA Hard Day's Night1978Musik/Text
Max BygravesWhen I'm 641969Musik/Text
Max BygravesYesterday1978Musik/Text
Max GregerHi, Hi, Hi1973Musik/Text
Max MutzkeMichelle2012Musik/Text
Maxine BrownWe Can Work It Out1966Musik/Text
Maynard FergusonHey Jude1972Musik/Text
Maynard FergusonJet1974Musik/Text
McFlyShe Loves You2004Musik/Text
Me First And The Gimme GimmesAll My Lovin'2001Musik/Text
Meat LoafCome Together1996Musik/Text
Meat LoafLet It Be1996Musik/Text
Medi [BE]Help2018Musik/Text
Mel StuartMull Of Kintyre1980Musik/Text
MelanieAny Time At All1996Musik/Text
MelanieWe Can Work It Out1978Musik/Text
Melba MooreThe Long And Winding Road1976Musik/Text
Melissa VenemaWhen I'm Sixty Four2012Musik/Text
Melissa VenemaYesterday2012Musik/Text
MercyHey Jude1968Musik/Text
MercyOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da1969Musik/Text
Merle Haggard / Willie NelsonYesterday1987Musik/Text
Metal MickeyI Wanna Hold Your Hand1983Musik/Text
Mia MartiniWe Can Work It Out1971Musik/Text
Miami Sound MachineFor Once In My Life1979Musik/Text
Michael BoltonYesterday1992Musik/Text
Michael BubléCan't Buy Me Love2005Musik/Text
Michael BubléMy Valentine2022Musik/Text
Michael HeckGestern noch2012Musik/Text
Michael HirteLet It Be2012Musik/Text
Michael HirteMull Of Kintyre2008Musik/Text
Michael JacksonCome Together1988Musik/Text
Michael JacksonGirlfriend1979Musik/Text
Michel CrauFor No One Musik/Text
Michel Decurtins & Silke SchmeingDamaun mai na sa2005Musik/Text
Michel LegrandYesterday1974Musik/Text
Michel MarcosMichelle1966Musik/Text
Michel MarcosYesterday1966Musik/Text
Michèle TorrEt je l'aime1965Musik/Text
Michèle TorrToi l'orgueilleux1965Musik/Text
Middle Of The RoadEleanor Rigby1989Musik/Text
Mike + The MechanicsRevolution2014Musik/Text
Mike And The Hound DogsHey Jude1968Musik/Text
Mike BattYour Mother Should Know1969Musik/Text
Mike HarrisonWe Can Work It Out1975Musik/Text
Mike KrügerStress Today1978Musik/Text
Mike MasséBlackbird2012Musik/Text
Mike MasséLet It Be2012Musik/Text
Mike Massé feat. Jeff HallA Day In The Life2012Musik/Text
Mike Massé feat. Jeff HallDear Prudence2012Musik/Text
Mike Massé feat. Jeff HallRocky Raccoon2012Musik/Text
Mike Massé feat. Jeff HallThings We Said Today/I'll Be Back2012Musik/Text
Mike Massé feat. Jeff HallWe Can Work It Out2012Musik/Text
Mike Massé feat. Jeff HallYesterday2012Musik/Text
Mike McGearBoreaas Butterscotch1972Musik/Text
Mike McGearDance The Do1975Musik/Text
Mike McGearGivin' Grease A Ride1974Musik/Text
Mike McGearHave You Got Problems1974Musik/Text
Mike McGearLeave It1974Musik/Text
Mike McGearNorton1974Musik/Text
Mike McGearRainbow Lady1974Musik/Text
Mike McGearSea Breezes (In Love)1974Produzent
Mike McGearSimply Love You1974Musik/Text
Mike McGearSweet Baby1974Musik/Text
Mike McGearThe Casket1974Musik/Text
Mike McGearThe Man Who Find God On The Moon1974Musik/Text
Mike McGearWhat Do We Really Know1974Musik/Text
Mike PrestonAnd I Love Her1968Musik/Text
Miles MosleyLovely Rita2018Musik/Text
MilošAll My Loving2016Musik/Text
MilošAnd I Love Her2016Musik/Text
MilošCome Together2016Musik/Text
MilošEleanor Rigby2016Musik/Text
MilošHere, There And Everywhere2016Musik/Text
MilošThe Fool On The Hill2016Musik/Text
Miloš feat. Anoushka ShankarLucy In The Sky With Diamonds2016Musik/Text
Miloš feat. Gregory PorterLet It Be2016Musik/Text
Miloš feat. Steven IsserlisMichelle2016Musik/Text
Miloš feat. Tori AmosShe's Leaving Home2016Musik/Text
Milt MatthewsA Hard Days Night1971Musik/Text
Milton Delugg And The Tonight Show Big BandPenny Lane1967Musik/Text
Milton NascimentoHello Goodbye1994Musik/Text
MinaAnd I Love Her2022Musik/Text
MinaCome Together1994Musik/Text
MinaHey Jude1984Musik/Text
MinaIf I Fell1995Musik/Text
MinaLet It Be1993Musik/Text
MinaMy Love1976Musik/Text
MinaOh Darling1986Musik/Text
MinaShe's Leaving Home1980Musik/Text
MinaSo che mi vuoi1965Musik/Text
MinaThe Fool On The Hill1993Musik/Text
MinaThe Long And Winding Road1993Musik/Text
MinaWhen I'm 641993Musik/Text
MinaWith A Little Help From My Friends2022Musik/Text
Mint [CH]Viva il pievels2005Musik/Text
Miriam MakebaIn My Life1970Musik/Text
Mitchell AndersonDear Prudence2013Musik/Text
MNM TalentWonderful Christmastime 20112011Musik/Text
MocedadesLet It Be1970Musik/Text
Models [AU]Oh Darling1987Musik/Text
Modern Sound OrchestrasAnd I Love Her1992Musik/Text
Modern Sound OrchestrasEleanor Rigby1992Musik/Text
Modern Sound OrchestrasHelp1992Musik/Text
Mongo SantamaríaDay Tripper1988Musik/Text
Monica ManciniI'll Follow The Sun2010Musik/Text
Monika GrimmGestern noch1967Musik/Text
Monique LeyracDis-moi1967Musik/Text
Moon MartinAll I've Got To Do1978Musik/Text
More Than WordsHelp!2021Musik/Text
Mother's FinestStrawberry Fields Forever1990Musik/Text
Mötley CrüeHelter Skelter1983Musik/Text
Moto PerpetuoDrive My Car1974Musik/Text
Mr. Acker BilkHey Jude1984Musik/Text
Mrs. MillerA Hard Day's Night1966Musik/Text
Mrs. MillerYellow Submarine1966Musik/Text
Münchener FreiheitYesterday2002Musik/Text
Munich Symphonic Sound OrchestraThe Long And Winding Road1988Musik/Text
Muscle Shoals HornsWe Can Work It Out1983Musik/Text
Music CorporationDrive My Car1971Musik/Text
(Paul James McCartney)
NadaYellow submarine1969Musik/Text
NaimaHey Jude2002Musik/Text
Nana MouskouriEleanor Rigby1974Musik/Text
Nana MouskouriHey Jude2018Musik/Text
Nana MouskouriIn My Life1987Musik/Text
Nana MouskouriLet It Be1973Musik/Text
Nana MouskouriYesterday1986Musik/Text
Nancy HollowayElle t'aime1964Musik/Text
Nancy SinatraDay Tripper1966Musik/Text
Nancy SinatraRun For Your Life1966Musik/Text
Nancy WilsonAnd I Love Him1966Musik/Text
Nancy WilsonYesterday1966Musik/Text
Natalie ColeLucy In The Sky With Diamonds1978Musik/Text
Natalie Cole feat. Chris BottiYo lo amo (And I Love Him)2013Musik/Text
Naturally 7Pipes Of Peace2017Musik/Text
(Paul James McCartney)
Neil & Liam FinnTwo Of Us2002Musik/Text
Neil DiamondAnd I Love Her1998Musik/Text
Neil DiamondBlackbird2010Musik/Text
Neil DiamondYesterday2010Musik/Text
Neil ReidWhen I'm Sixty-Four1971Musik/Text
Neil SedakaThe History Of Rock And Roll [Those Were The Days / Cry / Shake, Rattle And Roll / Blueberry Hill / Great Balls Of Fire / All Shook Up / She Loves You / Delilah / Those Where The Days]1974Musik/Text
Nelson RiddleYesterday1967Musik/Text
NenaMary hat ein kleines Lamm1998Musik/Text
Neri Per CasoHere, There And Everywhere2000Musik/Text
New AdventuresI'm Down1982Musik/Text
New AdventuresYou Can't Do That1980Musik/Text
New CreationHey Jude1998Musik/Text
New Grass RevivalI'm Down1989Musik/Text
New MusikAll You Need Is Love1982Musik/Text
Nick & SimonHey Jude2011Musik/Text
Nick CaveLet It Be2002Musik/Text
Nicky ThomasLet It Be1970Musik/Text
Nicole RieuLet It Be1975Musik/Text
Niels Noller OlsenBlackbird2015Musik/Text
Niels Noller OlsenI Saw Her Standing There2015Musik/Text
Night RangerDo You Feel Like I Do / Tomorrow Never Knows1995Musik/Text
Nikki JeanDo You Want To Know A Secret2011Musik/Text
Nils Landgren / Jan LundgrenI Will2020Musik/Text
Nils Landgren / Jan LundgrenNorwegian Wood2020Musik/Text
Nils LofgrenAnytime At All1981Musik/Text
NilssonMother Nature's Son1969Musik/Text
NilssonShe's Leaving Home1967Musik/Text
NilssonYou Can't Do That1967Musik/Text
NilssonYou Can't Do That [Italian Version]2013Musik/Text
Nina SimoneRevolution1969Musik/Text
Nini RossoYesterday1966Musik/Text
NitsNorwegian Wood1991Musik/Text
Noa & Mira AwadWe Can Work It Out2002Musik/Text
Noah Cyrus & Ant ClemonsWonder Years2020Musik/Text
Noel FerrierAll You Need Is Love1967Musik/Text
Noel HarrisonLucy In The Sky With Diamonds1967Musik/Text
Noel HarrisonShe's A Woman1966Musik/Text
Noel HarrisonStrawberry Fields Forever1967Musik/Text
Noel HarrisonWhen I'm 641967Musik/Text
Noel HarrisonWoman1967Musik/Text
(Bernard Webb)
Noir DésirHelter Skelter2000Musik/Text
Noir DésirI Want You (She's So Heavy)1992Musik/Text
NoiseworksLet It Be (Live)1992Musik/Text
Noosha FoxHot As Sun1981Musik/Text
NunganCome Together2013Musik/Text
O.C. SmithHey Jude1969Musik/Text
OasisI Am The Walrus1994Musik/Text
OasisYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away1995Musik/Text
OdettaEvery Night1970Musik/Text
OdinOEleanor Rigby2014Musik/Text
(Paul James McCartney)
OkkoA Day In The Life1971Musik/Text
Olaf StilettiWith A Little Help From My Friends1974Musik/Text
Oliver [US]In My Life1969Musik/Text
Olivia MolinaAber wie1970Musik/Text
Olivia Newton-JohnThe Long And Winding Road1976Musik/Text
Olivier DespaxDis-moi1967Musik/Text
Olivier DespaxEt je l'aime1965Musik/Text
One Hundred Ton And A FeatherDo You Want To Know A Secret1979Musik/Text
OpusAnytime At All1990Musik/Text
Opus OrchesterYou Won't See Me Musik/Text
Orange BicycleCarry That Weight - You Never Give Me Your Money1969Musik/Text
Orchester Anthony VenturaEl Lute / All You Need Is Love1981Musik/Text
Orchester Anthony VenturaHey Jude1974Musik/Text
Orchester Anthony VenturaLet It Be1976Musik/Text
Orchester Anthony VenturaMull Of Kintyre1978Musik/Text
Orchester Anthony VenturaYesterday1973Musik/Text
Orchester Bruno BertoneLet It Be Musik/Text
Orchester Bruno BertoneYesterday Musik/Text
Orchester Kai WarnerMull Of Kintyre1978Musik/Text
Orchester Max GregerYesterday1966Musik/Text
Orchester Tony AndersonWith A Little Luck1978Musik/Text
Orchester Werner MüllerWhen I'm 641968Musik/Text
Orchestra And Chorus Les HumphriesCarry That Weight / Travellin' Man / Keep Knockin'1971Musik/Text
Orchestra And Chorus Les HumphriesLet It Be / I Can't Tell The Bottom From The Top1971Musik/Text
Orchestra Johnny MalcolmEleanor Rigby Musik/Text
Orchestre Louis MarischalMichelle1966Musik/Text
Oscar BentonThe Long And Winding Road1973Musik/Text
Oscar PetersonEleanor Rigby1969Musik/Text
Oscar PetersonYesterday1969Musik/Text
Otis ReddingDay Tripper1966Musik/Text
OttoHoney Pie1974Musik/Text
Our Lady PeaceTomorrow Never Knows1996Musik/Text
OvergroundWonderful Christmas Time2003Musik/Text
Owl CityListen To What The Man Said2014Musik/Text
Ozzy OsbourneIn My Life2005Musik/Text
P.J. ProbyThat Means A Lot1965Musik/Text
P.P. ArnoldEleanor Rigby1968Musik/Text
P.P. ArnoldYesterday1968Musik/Text
Paloma San BasilioThe Long And Winding Road1975Musik/Text
PaolaAnd I Love Him1980Musik/Text
Party Service BandLive And Let Die1992Musik/Text
Pat BenatarHelter Skelter1981Musik/Text
Pat BooneI Want To Hold Your Hand1964Musik/Text
Pat BooneYesterday1966Musik/Text
Pat MethenyAnd I Love Her2011Musik/Text
Pato GarciaYesterday1977Musik/Text
Patricia BarberNorwegian Wood2004Musik/Text
Patricia CahillHere, There And Everywhere1970Musik/Text
Patricia CahillIn My Life1967Musik/Text
Patrick SamsonDille sì1970Musik/Text
Patty PravoLa tua voce1970Musik/Text
Patty PravoThe Long And Winding Road1971Musik/Text
Patty PravoWith A Little Help From My Friends1969Musik/Text
Patty PravoYesterday1968Musik/Text
Paul & Linda McCartney3 Legs1971Musik/Text
Paul & Linda McCartneyDear Boy1971Musik/Text
Paul & Linda McCartneyEat At Home1971Musik/Text
Paul & Linda McCartneyHeart Of The Country1971Musik/Text
Paul & Linda McCartneyLong Haired Lady1971Musik/Text
Paul & Linda McCartneyMonkberry Moon Delight1971Musik/Text
Paul & Linda McCartneyRam On1971Musik/Text
Paul & Linda McCartneySmile Away1971Musik/Text
Paul & Linda McCartneyThe Back Seat Of My Car1971Musik/Text
Paul & Linda McCartneyToo Many People1971Musik/Text
Paul & Linda McCartneyUncle Albert / Admiral Halsey1971Musik/Text
Paul AnkaEleanor Rigby1969Musik/Text
Paul DesmondOb-la-di, Ob-la-da1968Musik/Text
Paul Kuhn & The SFB Big BandAll You Need Is Love1977Musik/Text
Paul Kuhn & The SFB Big BandCan't Buy Me Love1977Musik/Text
Paul Kuhn & The SFB Big BandHey Jude1977Musik/Text
Paul Kuhn & The SFB Big BandI Want To Hold Your Hand1977Musik/Text
Paul Kuhn & The SFB Big BandLet It Be1977Musik/Text
Paul Kuhn & The SFB Big BandMichelle1977Musik/Text
Paul Kuhn & The SFB Big BandNorwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)1977Musik/Text
Paul Kuhn & The SFB Big BandOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da1977Musik/Text
Paul Kuhn & The SFB Big BandShe Loves You1977Musik/Text
Paul Kuhn & The SFB Big BandThe Fool On The Hill1977Musik/Text
Paul Kuhn & The SFB Big BandWhen I'm Sixty-Four1977Musik/Text
Paul Kuhn & The SFB Big BandYesterday1977Musik/Text
Paul MauriatEbony And Ivory1982Musik/Text
Paul MauriatTug Of War / Take It Away1982Musik/Text
Paul Mauriat And His OrchestraMull Of Kintyre1978Musik/Text
Paul McCartney(I Want To) Come Home2009Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyA Certain Softness2005Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyAbout You2001Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyAin't That A Shame1988Produzent
Paul McCartneyAll My Trials1990Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyAll Shook Up1999Produzent
Paul McCartneyAlligator2013Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyAngry1986Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyAnother Day1971Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyAnyway2005Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyAppreciate2013Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyAt The Mercy2005Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyAverage Person1983Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyBaby's Request2012Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyBack In Brazil2018Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyBack In The Sunshine Again2001Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyBack On My Feet1987Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyBallroom Dancing1982Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyBe What You See1982Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyBeautiful Night1997Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyBig Boys Bickering1992Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyBiker Like An Icon1993Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyBlue Jean Bop1999Produzent
Paul McCartneyBogey Music1980Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyBring It On Home To Me1988Produzent
Paul McCartneyBrown Eyed Handsome Man1999Produzent
Paul McCartneyCaesar Rock2018Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyCalico Skies1997Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyCheck My Machine1980Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyChristian Bop2015Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyC'mon People1993Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyCome On To Me2018Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyComfort Of Love2005Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyComing Up1980Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyConfidante2018Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyCoquette1999Produzent
Paul McCartneyCorridor Music1984Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyCrackin' Up1988Produzent
Paul McCartneyDance Tonight2007Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyDarkroom1980Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyDeep Deep Feeling2020Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyDeep Down2020Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyDemons Dance2014Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyDespite Repeated Warnings2018Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyDistractions1989Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyDo It Now2018Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyDominoes2018Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyDon't Be Careless Love1989Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyDon't Get Around Much Anymore1988Produzent
Paul McCartneyDown To The River1993Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyDress Me Up As A Robber1982Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyDriving Rain2001Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyEarly Days2013Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyEbony And Ivory1982Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyEleanor Rigby1984Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyEleanor's Dream1984Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyEnglish Tea2005Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyEver Present Past2007Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyEvery Night1970Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyEverybody Out There2013Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyFeet In The Clouds2007Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyFigure Of Eight1989Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyFind My Way2020Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyFine Line2005Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyFlaming Pie1997Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyFlying To My Home1989Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyFollow Me2005Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyFootprints1986Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyFor No One1984Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyFreedom2001Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyFriends To Go2005Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyFrom A Lover To A Friend2001Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyFront Parlour1980Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyFrozen Jap1980Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyFuh You2018Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyGet It1982Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyGet Me Out Of Here2013Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyGet Out Of My Way1993Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyGlasses1970Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyGolden Earth Girl1993Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyGood Day Sunshine1984Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyGood Times Coming - Feel The Sun1986Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyGratitude2007Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyGreat Day1997Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyGrowing Up Falling Down2005Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyHand In Hand2018Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyHappy With You2018Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyHeather2001Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyHeaven On A Sunday1997Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyHell To Pay2014Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyHere Today1982Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyHere, There And Everywhere1984Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyHey Hey1983Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyHome Tonight2019Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyHoney Hush1999Produzent
Paul McCartneyHope For The Future2014Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyHope Of Deliverance1992Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyHosanna2013Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyHot As Sun1970Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyHouse Of Wax2007Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyHow Kind Of You2005Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyHow Many People1989Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyHowever Absurd1986Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyHunt You Down / Naked / C-Link2018Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyI Can Bet2013Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyI Can't Imagine1993Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyI Do2001Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyI Don't Know2018Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyI Got Stung1999Produzent
Paul McCartneyI Owe It All To You1993Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyI Wanna Cry1989Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyI Want You To Fly2005Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyIf You Wanna1997Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyI'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday1988Produzent
Paul McCartneyI'm In Love Again1988Produzent
Paul McCartneyIn A Hurry2019Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyIt's Not True1986Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyIt's So Easy2011Produzent
Paul McCartneyJenny Wren2005Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyJunk1970Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyJust Because1988Produzent
Paul McCartneyKansas City1987Produzent
Paul McCartneyKeep Coming Back To Love1993Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyKeep Under Cover1983Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyKicked Around No More1992Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyKreen-Akrore1970Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyLavatory Lil2020Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyLawdy Miss Clawdy1987Produzent
Paul McCartneyLittle Willow1997Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyLonely Road2001Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyLonesome Town1999Produzent
Paul McCartneyLong Leather Coat1992Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyLong Tailed Winter Bird2020Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyLooking At Her2013Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyLooking For Changes1993Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyLove Come Tumbling Down1997Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyLucille1988Produzent
Paul McCartneyMagic2001Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyMan We Was Lonely1970Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyMaybe I'm Amazed1970Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyMidnight Special1988Produzent
Paul McCartneyMistress And Maid1993Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyMomma Miss America1970Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyMoon1990Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyMotor Of Love1989Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyMove Over Busker1986Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyMovie Magg1999Produzent
Paul McCartneyMr. Bellamy2007Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyMy Brave Face1989Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyMy Valentine2012Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyNew2013Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyNo More Lonely Nights1984Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyNo Other Baby1999Produzent
Paul McCartneyNo Values1984Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyNobody Knows1980Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyNod Your Head2007Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyNot Such A Bad Boy1984Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyOde To A Koala Bear1983Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyOff The Ground1993Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyOh Woman, Oh Why1971Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyOn My Way To Work2013Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyOn The Way1980Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyOnce Upon A Long Ago1987Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyOne Of These Days1980Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyOnly Love Remains1986Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyOnly Mama Knows2007Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyOnly Our Hearts2012Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyOo You1970Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyOobu Joobu - Part 11997Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyOobu Joobu - Part 51997Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyOpening Station2018Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyOù est le soleil1989Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyParty1999Produzent
Paul McCartneyPeace In The Neighbourhood1993Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyPeople Want Peace2018Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyPipes Of Peace1983Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyPress1986Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyPretty Boys2020Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyPretty Little Head1986Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyPromise To You Girl2005Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyPut It There1989Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyQueenie Eye2013Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyRainclouds1982Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyReally Love You1997Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyRiding Into Jaipur2001Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyRiding To Vanity Fair2005Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyRinse The Raindrops2001Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyRoad2013Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyRough Ride1989Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyRudolph The Red-Nosed Reggae1979Produzent
Paul McCartneyRun Devil Run1999Produzent
Paul McCartneySave Us2013Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyScared2013Musik/Text
Paul McCartneySecret Friend1980Musik/Text
Paul McCartneySee Your Sunshine2007Musik/Text
Paul McCartneySeize The Day2020Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyShake A Hand1999Produzent
Paul McCartneyShe Is So Beautiful2005Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyShe Said Yeah1999Produzent
Paul McCartneyShe's Given Up Talking2001Musik/Text
Paul McCartneySilly Love Songs1984Musik/Text
Paul McCartneySingalong Junk1970Musik/Text
Paul McCartneySlidin'2020Musik/Text
Paul McCartneySo Bad1983Musik/Text
Paul McCartneySomebody Who Cares1982Musik/Text
Paul McCartneySomedays1997Musik/Text
Paul McCartneySouvenir1997Musik/Text
Paul McCartneySpies Like Us1985Musik/Text
Paul McCartneySpinning On An Axis2001Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyStation II2018Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyStranglehold1986Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyStrawberry Fields Forever / Help / Give Peace A Chance1990Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyStruggle2013Musik/Text
Paul McCartneySummer Of '592005Musik/Text
Paul McCartneySummer's Day Song1980Musik/Text
Paul McCartneySummertime1988Produzent
Paul McCartneySweetest Little Show1983Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyTake It Away1982Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyTalk More Talk1986Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyTeddy Boy1970Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyTemporary Secretary1980Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyThat Day Is Done1989Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyThat Was Me2007Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyThat Would Be Something1970Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyThat's All Right Mama1988Produzent
Paul McCartneyThe End Of The End2007Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyThe First Stone1989Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyThe Kiss Of Venus2020Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyThe Long And Winding Road1984Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyThe Lovely Linda1970Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyThe Lovers That Never Were1993Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyThe Other Me1983Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyThe Pound Is Sinking1982Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyThe Song We Were Singing1997Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyThe World Tonight1997Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyThis Never Happened Before2005Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyThis One1989Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyThrough Our Love1983Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyTiny Bubble2001Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyToo Much Rain2005Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyTough On A Tightrope1986Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyTry Not To Cry1999Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyTug Of Peace1983Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyTug Of War1982Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyTurned Out2013Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyTwenty Flight Rock1988Produzent
Paul McCartneyTwice In A Lifetime1993Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyUsed To Be Bad1997Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyValentine Day1970Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyVintage Clothes2007Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyWanderlust1982Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyWaterfalls1980Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyWe Got Married1989Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyWhat It Is1999Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyWho Cares2018Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyWinedark Open Sea1993Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyWinter Bird / When Winter Comes2020Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyWomen And Wives2020Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyWonderful Christmastime1979Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyWrite Away1986Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyYesterday1984Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyYou Tell Me2007Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyYou Want Her Too1989Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyYoung Boy1997Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyYour Loving Flame2001Musik/Text
Paul McCartneyYour Way2001Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & Dominic FikeThe Kiss Of Venus2021Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & Michael JacksonSay Say Say1983Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & Michael JacksonThe Man1983Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & Stevie WonderEbony And Ivory1982Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & Stevie WonderWhat's That You're Doing?1982Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & WingsBand On The Run1973Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & WingsBest Friend (Live In Antwerp)1973Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & WingsBig Barn Bed1973Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & WingsBluebird1973Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & WingsCountry Dreamer1973Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & WingsGet On The Right Thing1973Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & WingsHelen Wheels1973Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & WingsI Lie Around1973Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & WingsJet1973Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & WingsJunior's Farm1974Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & WingsLet Me Roll It1973Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & WingsLittle Lamb Dragonfly1973Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & WingsLive And Let Die1973Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & WingsLoup (1st Indian On The Moon)1973Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & WingsMama's Little Girl1973Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & WingsMamunia1973Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & WingsMedley: Hold Me Tight / Lazy Dynamite / Hands Of Love / Power Cut1973Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & WingsMrs. Vandebilt1973Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & WingsMy Love1973Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & WingsNight Out2018Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & WingsNineteen Hundred And Eighty Five1973Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & WingsNo Words1973Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & WingsOne More Kiss1973Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & WingsPicasso's Last Words (Drink To Me)1973Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & WingsSally G1974Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & WingsSame Time Next Year1990Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & WingsSingle Pigeon1973Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & WingsThank You Darling2018Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & WingsThe Mess1973Musik/Text
Paul McCartney & WingsWhen The Night1973Musik/Text
Paul McCartney And The Frog ChorusWe All Stand Together1984Musik/Text
Paul McCartney with Carl PerkinsGet It1982Musik/Text
Paul McCartney with John Wilson & The London Classical OrchestraMovement 1: Ocean's Kingdom2011Musik/Text
Paul McCartney with John Wilson & The London Classical OrchestraMovement 2: Hall Of Dance2011Musik/Text
Paul McCartney with John Wilson & The London Classical OrchestraMovement 3: Imprisonment2011Musik/Text
Paul McCartney with John Wilson & The London Classical OrchestraMovement 4: Moonrise2011Musik/Text
Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic & Pat SmearCut Me Some Slack2013Musik/Text
Paul McCartney, Wings, Timo Maas & James TeejNineteen Hundred And Eighty Five2016Musik/Text
Paul MichielsThe Word2001Musik/Text
Paul Nicholas & Dianne SteinbergYou Never Give Me Your Money1978Musik/Text
Paul Nuotclà & PareglishLain norvegin2005Musik/Text
Paul RodgersLet Me Roll It2014Musik/Text
Paul WellerBirthday2012Musik/Text
Paul WesterbergNowhere Man2002Musik/Text
Peace ChoirGive Peace A Chance1991Musik/Text
Peace Of MindLet It Be2012Musik/Text
Peggy LeeAlways1974Produzent
Peggy LeeDon't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight1974Produzent
Peggy LeeEasy Evil1974Produzent
Peggy LeeHe Is The One1974Produzent
Peggy LeeI Am His Lady1974Produzent
Peggy LeeI Wanna Be Seduced1974Produzent
Peggy LeeLet's Keep Dancing1974Produzent
Peggy LeeLet's Love1974Musik/Text
Peggy LeeSometimes1974Produzent
Peggy LeeSweet Lov'liness1974Produzent
Peggy LeeSweet Talk1974Produzent
Peggy LeeThe Heart Is A Lonely Hunter1974Produzent
Peggy LeeThe Nickel Ride1974Produzent
Peggy LeeYou Make Me Feel Brand New1974Produzent
Peggy MarchEleanore Rigby1972Musik/Text
Peggy MarchHey Jude1972Musik/Text
PentatonixWonderful Christmastime2021Musik/Text
Pepe WillbergOvensuu1976Musik/Text
Percy "Thrills" Thrillington3 Legs1977Musik/Text
Percy "Thrills" ThrillingtonBack Seat Of My Car1977Musik/Text
Percy "Thrills" ThrillingtonDear Boy1977Musik/Text
Percy "Thrills" ThrillingtonEat At Home1977Musik/Text
Percy "Thrills" ThrillingtonHeart Of The Country1977Musik/Text
Percy "Thrills" ThrillingtonLong Haired Lady1977Musik/Text
Percy "Thrills" ThrillingtonMonkberry Moon Delight1977Musik/Text
Percy "Thrills" ThrillingtonRam On1977Musik/Text
Percy "Thrills" ThrillingtonSmile Away1977Musik/Text
Percy "Thrills" ThrillingtonToo Many People1977Musik/Text
Percy "Thrills" ThrillingtonUncle Albert / Admiral Halsey1977Musik/Text
Percy Faith And His OrchestraThe Sun King1971Musik/Text
Percy Faith And His OrchestraYesterday1966Musik/Text
Percy Faith And His OrchestraYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away1966Musik/Text
Perez Prado And His OrchestraA Hard Day's Night1965Musik/Text
Perry ComoHere, There And Everywhere1976Musik/Text
Perry ComoMichelle1988Musik/Text
Perry ComoYesterday1966Musik/Text
Perry FarrellGot To Get You Into My Life2014Musik/Text
Pete & Tina RainfordOb-La-Di - Ob-La-Da1969Musik/Text
Pete WyomingTicket To Ride1978Musik/Text
Peter & GordonI Don't Want To See You Again1964Musik/Text
Peter & GordonIf I Fell1966Musik/Text
Peter & GordonNobody I Know1964Musik/Text
Peter & GordonWoman1966Musik/Text
(Bernard Webb)
Peter & GordonWorld Without Love1964Musik/Text
Peter CeteraIt's Only Love2001Musik/Text
Peter Covent BandLady Madonna1971Musik/Text
Peter en zijn RocketsGeloof maar dat ik ren1964Musik/Text
Peter FramptonThe Long And Winding Road1978Musik/Text
Peter Frampton & The Bee GeesGetting Better1978Musik/Text
Peter Frampton, Bee GeesGolden Slumbers / Carry That Weight1978Musik/Text
Peter Frampton, Bee GeesPolythene Pam / She Came In Through The Bathroom Window / Nowhere Man / Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)1978Musik/Text
Peter GabrielStrawberry Fields Forever1976Musik/Text
Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass intr. Don AdamsA Day In The Life1977Musik/Text
Peter HofmannHello Goodbye1998Musik/Text
Peter HofmannLady Madonna1998Musik/Text
Peter HofmannLet It Be1984Musik/Text
Peter HofmannThe Fool On The Hill1998Musik/Text
Peter HofmannThe Long And Winding Road1982Musik/Text
Peter HofmannYesterday1982Musik/Text
Peter KrausI Saw Her Standing There2006Musik/Text
Peter KrausLady Madonna2006Musik/Text
Peter MaffayYou Can't Do That2002Musik/Text
Peter NeroHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Peter NeroOb-La-Di Ob-La-Da1969Musik/Text
Peter SellersA Hard Day's Night1965Musik/Text
Peter SellersHelp!1965Musik/Text
Peter SellersShe Loves You1981Musik/Text
Peter SellersShe Loves You (German Version)1981Musik/Text
Peter SellersYes It Is1965Musik/Text
Peters & LeeIf I Fell1975Musik/Text
Petruta KüpperLet It Be2018Musik/Text
Petula ClarkBlackbird2016Musik/Text
Petula ClarkHere, There And Everywhere1966Musik/Text
Petula ClarkHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Petula ClarkI Want To Hold Your Hand1965Musik/Text
Petula ClarkMaybe I'm Amazed1971Musik/Text
Petula ClarkPartir il nous faut1964Musik/Text
Petula ClarkRain1966Musik/Text
Petula ClarkThe Fool On The Hill1969Musik/Text
Petula ClarkTu perds ton temps1963Musik/Text
Petula ClarkWe Can Work It Out1966Musik/Text
Phil CollinsGolden Slumbers / Carry That Weight / The End1998Musik/Text
Phil CollinsTomorrow Never Knows1981Musik/Text
Phil TrimThe Long And Winding Road1978Produzent
Phoebe SnowDon't Let Me Down1976Musik/Text
Phoebe SnowEvery Night1978Musik/Text
Piet LancasterLaß mich rein1964Musik/Text
Piet LancasterZehnmal am Tag1964Musik/Text
Piet NoordijkMy Love1974Musik/Text
Pitti PolakI'm Down1994Musik/Text
Placido DomingoYesterday1981Musik/Text
Plastic Ono BandGive Peace A Chance1969Musik/Text
Plastic PennyStrawberry Fields Forever1968Musik/Text
PotliquorLady Madonna1971Musik/Text
Pozo SecoIn My Life1970Musik/Text
Pozo SecoStrawberry Fields Forever / Something1970Musik/Text
PreludersWonderful Christmas Time2003Musik/Text
Preluders & OvergroundWonderful Christmas Time2003Musik/Text
PretendersNot A Second Time1990Musik/Text
Pride & GloryCome Together2019Musik/Text
Prince Jammy & The AggrovatorsDark Destroyer Dub (aka A Darker Shade Of Black Dub)1978Musik/Text
Procol HarumEight Days A Week1975Musik/Text
PuhdysWith A Little Help From My Friends1994Musik/Text
R. Dean TaylorTwo Of Us1970Musik/Text
Rachael LeahcarAcross The Universe2014Musik/Text
Rachael LeahcarBlackbird2014Musik/Text
Rachael LeahcarDon't Let Me Down2014Musik/Text
Rachael LeahcarGolden Slumbers/Here Comes The Sun2014Musik/Text
Rachael LeahcarHey Jude/The End2014Musik/Text
Rachael LeahcarIn My Life2014Musik/Text
Rachael LeahcarLet It Be2014Musik/Text
Rachael LeahcarShe's Leaving Home2014Musik/Text
Rachael LeahcarYesterday2014Musik/Text
Rachael LeahcarYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away2014Musik/Text
Rachael MacFarlaneAll My Loving2012Musik/Text
Radio StarsNorwegian Wood1978Musik/Text
RadioramaRadiorama Sing "The Beatles"1988Musik/Text
Raf Van BrusselHere, There And Everywhere2002Musik/Text
Rahsaan PattersonWonderful Christmastime2008Musik/Text
Rainbow CanyonShe Said, She Said1974Musik/Text
Rainbow CottageLet 'Em In1980Musik/Text
Ramsey LewisBack In The U.S.S.R.1968Musik/Text
Ramsey LewisBlackbird1968Musik/Text
Ramsey LewisCry, Baby, Cry1968Musik/Text
Ramsey LewisDay Tripper1966Musik/Text
Ramsey LewisDear Prudence1968Musik/Text
Ramsey LewisEverybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey1968Musik/Text
Ramsey LewisGolden Slumber1969Musik/Text
Ramsey LewisGood Night1968Musik/Text
Ramsey LewisJulia1968Musik/Text
Ramsey LewisLady Madonna1968Musik/Text
Ramsey LewisMother Nature's Son1968Musik/Text
Ramsey LewisRocky Racoon1968Musik/Text
Ramsey LewisSexy Sadie1968Musik/Text
Randy CaliforniaDay Tripper1972Musik/Text
Randy CrawfordDon't Let Me Down1976Musik/Text
Randy CrawfordGive Peace A Chance1982Musik/Text
Randy CrenshawWonderful Christmastime2012Musik/Text
Randy HansenSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band1993Musik/Text
Raphael RavenscroftEvery Night1979Musik/Text
Rare EarthEleanor Rigby1970Musik/Text
Rare EarthLady Madonna1993Musik/Text
Raul MidónBlackbird2009Musik/Text
Ray AdamsEnsamhet1966Musik/Text
Ray CharlesEleanor Rigby1968Musik/Text
Ray CharlesLet It Be1977Musik/Text
Ray CharlesThe Long And Winding Road1971Musik/Text
Ray CharlesYesterday1965Musik/Text
Ray Columbus & The InvadersI Wanna Be Your Man1965Musik/Text
Ray ConniffI Want To Hold Your Hand1971Musik/Text
Ray ConniffLive And Let Die1973Musik/Text
Ray Conniff And The SingersHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Ray Conniff And The SingersLet It Be1970Musik/Text
Ray Conniff And The SingersYesterday1967Musik/Text
Ray MorganLong And Winding Road1970Musik/Text
Ray NanceA Hard Day's Night1970Musik/Text
Ray PriceIn My Life2000Musik/Text
Ray PriceYesterday1968Musik/Text
Ray StevensHelp1969Musik/Text
Ray StevensHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Ray StevensShe Came In Through The Bathroom Window1970Musik/Text
Ray StevensThe Fool On The Hill1969Musik/Text
Raymond BoisserieGet Back1969Musik/Text
Raymond LefèvreHey Jude1974Musik/Text
Real McCoy [IE]I Will1969Musik/Text
ReamonnCome Together2002Musik/Text
Reba McEntireIf I Fell2000Musik/Text
Rebekka BakkenYesterday2023Musik/Text
Red Hot Chilli PipersHey Jude - The Mason's Apron2010Musik/Text
Reese Wynans And FriendsBlackbird2019Musik/Text
Reggie MilnerAnd I Love Her1969Musik/Text
Regional Brass Band BernTicket To Ride2001Musik/Text
ReplicantsSilly Love Songs1995Musik/Text
RevelationYellow Submarine1980Musik/Text
Reza Aghamir, Rein Alexander Hauge, Petter Simonsen, Heine TotlandCome Together1997Musik/Text
RibelliObladì obladà1969Musik/Text
Richard AnthonyLa corde au cou1964Musik/Text
Richard AnthonyRien pour faire une chanson1966Musik/Text
Richard AnthonyToi, l'ami1964Musik/Text
Richard ClaydermanHey Jude1984Musik/Text
Richard ClaydermanLet It Be1979Musik/Text
Richard ClaydermanMichele1980Musik/Text
Richard ClaydermanYesterday1978Musik/Text
Richard CoccianteMichelle1976Musik/Text
Richie HavensArrow Through Me1987Musik/Text
Richie HavensBand On The Run1974Musik/Text
Richie HavensEleanor Rigby1968Musik/Text
Richie HavensEvery Night1980Musik/Text
Richie HavensIn My Life1988Musik/Text
Richie HavensLady Madonna1969Musik/Text
Richie HavensLet It Be1988Musik/Text
Richie HavensRocky Raccoon1969Musik/Text
Richie HavensShe's Leaving Home1969Musik/Text
Richie HavensStrawberry Fields Forever1969Musik/Text
Richie HavensThe Long And Winding Road1988Musik/Text
Richie HavensWith A Little Help From My Friends1969Musik/Text
Richie SamboraLittle Help From My Friends1998Musik/Text
Rick HarrisI Feel Fine2012Musik/Text
Rick SpringfieldFor No One2005Musik/Text
Rick WakemanEleanor Rigby2017Musik/Text
Rick WakemanHelp2017Musik/Text
Rick WakemanShe's Leaving Home1997Musik/Text
Rick WakemanStrawberry Fields Forever2018Musik/Text
Rickie Lee JonesFor No One2000Musik/Text
Ricky KingAnd I Love Her2009Musik/Text
Ricky KingHey Jude1979Musik/Text
Ricky KingYesterday1978Musik/Text
Rihanna and Kanye West and Paul McCartneyFourFiveSeconds2015Musik/Text
Ringo StarrAttention1981Musik/Text
Ringo StarrFeeling The Sunlight2023Musik/Text
Ringo StarrLove Me Do1998Musik/Text
Ringo StarrPrivate Property1981Musik/Text
Ringo StarrPure Gold1976Musik/Text
Ringo StarrSix O'Clock1973Musik/Text
Ringo StarrSure To Fall (In Love With You)1981Produzent
Ringo StarrWith A Little Help From My Friends1989Musik/Text
Rita & The SoulettesLet It Be2004Musik/Text
Rita ReysCan't Buy Me Love1964Musik/Text
Rob AgerbeekCan't Buy Me Love1973Musik/Text
Rob AgerbeekOb-la-di, ob-la-da1973Musik/Text
Robert PalmerNot A Second Time1980Musik/Text
Roberta FlackAnd I Love Him2012Musik/Text
Roberta FlackCome Together2012Musik/Text
Roberta FlackHere, There And Everywhere2012Musik/Text
Roberta FlackHey Jude2012Musik/Text
Roberta FlackI Should Have Known Better2012Musik/Text
Roberta FlackIf I Fell2012Musik/Text
Roberta FlackIn My Life2012Musik/Text
Roberta FlackLet It Be2012Musik/Text
Roberta FlackOh Darling2012Musik/Text
Roberta FlackThe Long & Winding Road2012Musik/Text
Roberta FlackWe Can Work It Out2012Musik/Text
Roberta GambariniGolden Slumbers/Here, There, And Everywhere2009Musik/Text
Robin GibbOh Darling1978Musik/Text
Robin GuéritHelp!2013Musik/Text
Robin Williams & Bobby McFerrinCome Together1998Musik/Text
Robin Zander & Rick NielsenJet2014Musik/Text
Robson & JeromeThis Boy1995Musik/Text
Rod HunterYellow Submarine1972Musik/Text
Rod StewartGet Back1976Musik/Text
Rod StewartIn My Life1986Musik/Text
Rod StewartMine For Me1974Musik/Text
Roger CiceroThe Long And Winding Road2015Musik/Text
Roger DaltreyGiddy1977Musik/Text
Roger DaltreyHelter Skelter2014Musik/Text
Roland Alphonso & Studio 1 OrchestraI Should Have Known Better1965Musik/Text
Roland KirkAnd I Love Her1966Musik/Text
Rolando Al And The Soul BrothersRingo's Theme1964Musik/Text
Rolf HarrisYesterday1975Musik/Text
Rolf KühnYesterday1970Musik/Text
Ronan Keating and AdeazeSay Say Say2010Musik/Text
Roni HillIn My Life1977Musik/Text
Ronnie BurnsYou Got To Hide Your Love Away1967Musik/Text
Ronnie SpectorI'll Follow The Sun2016Musik/Text
Rosanne CashI Don't Want To Spoil The Party1989Musik/Text
Rosanne CashI'm Only Sleeping1995Musik/Text
Ross AntonySie liebt Dich2015Musik/Text
(Paul James McCartney)
Rostal & Schaefer / Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra / Ron GoodwinA Hard Day's Night1979Musik/Text
Rostal & Schaefer / Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra / Ron GoodwinCan't Buy Me Love - The Long And Winding Road1979Musik/Text
Rostal & Schaefer / Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra / Ron GoodwinFool On The Hill1979Musik/Text
Rostal & Schaefer / Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra / Ron GoodwinHere, There And Everywhere - Something1979Musik/Text
Rostal & Schaefer / Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra / Ron GoodwinMaxwell's Silver Hammer1979Musik/Text
Rostal & Schaefer / Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra / Ron GoodwinShe Loves You - Eleanor Rigby - Yesterday - All My Loving - Hey Jude1979Musik/Text
Roy DruskyYesterday1964Musik/Text
Roy HamiltonAnd I Love Her1965Musik/Text
Roy RedmondGood Day Sunshine1967Musik/Text
Roy WoodLovely Rita1976Musik/Text
Roy WoodPolythene Pam1976Musik/Text
Royal Philharmonic OrchestraLet It Be1993Musik/Text
Royal Romantic OrchestraHey Jude1997Musik/Text
Royal Romantic OrchestraYesterday1997Musik/Text
Ruben StuddardMy Love2014Musik/Text
Ruby & The RomanticsP.S. I Love You1964Musik/Text
Rufus LumleyEleanor Rigby1968Musik/Text
Rufus LumleyMichelle1968Musik/Text
Rufus WainwrightAcross The Universe2002Musik/Text
Running WildRevolution1999Musik/Text
Russell Brand, BandI Am The Walrus2012Musik/Text
Ryan ParisDon't Let Me Down1993Musik/Text
Ryan ShawYesterday2012Musik/Text
S Club 7The Long And Winding Road2002Musik/Text
Sabine Sauvant & CompagnieTo The Music Hit-Makers1977Musik/Text
Sabrina [FR 1960s]C'est pour toi1964Musik/Text
Sacha DistelWe Can Work It Out1976Musik/Text
SamaelHelter Skelter2017Musik/Text
Sammy HagarBirthday2014Musik/Text
Sandie ShawLove Me Do1969Musik/Text
Sandie ShawMaybe I'm Amazed1971Musik/Text
Sandie ShawThe Fool On The Hill2004Musik/Text
Sandra ReemerLet's Love1989Musik/Text
Sandrine KiberlainGirl2005Musik/Text
Sandy CoastEleanor Rigby1969Musik/Text
Sandy FarinaStrawberry Fields Forever1978Musik/Text
Santa Claus & His Rockin' SnowmenWonderful Christmas Time2011Musik/Text
SantanaWith A Little Help From My Friends1968Musik/Text
Santo & JohnnyA Hard Day's Night1964Musik/Text
Santo & JohnnyAnd I Love Her1971Musik/Text
Santo & JohnnyDo You Want To Know A Secret1964Musik/Text
Santo & JohnnyGirl1967Musik/Text
Santo & JohnnyHello Goodbye1968Musik/Text
Santo & JohnnyLive And Let Die1974Musik/Text
Santo & JohnnyMichelle1966Musik/Text
Santo & JohnnyThe Fool On The Hill1971Musik/Text
Saragossa BandDance With The Saragossa Band On 451982Musik/Text
Sarah BrightmanVenus And Mars2013Musik/Text
Sarah DarlingBlackbird2012Musik/Text
Sarah McLachlanBlackbird2001Musik/Text
Sarah VaughanAnd I Love Her1981Musik/Text
Sarah VaughanBlackbird1981Musik/Text
Sarah VaughanCome Together1981Musik/Text
Sarah VaughanEleanor Rigby1981Musik/Text
Sarah VaughanFool On The Hill1981Musik/Text
Sarah VaughanGet Back1981Musik/Text
Sarah VaughanHere, There And Everywhere1981Musik/Text
Sarah VaughanHey Jude1981Musik/Text
Sarah VaughanI Want You (She's So Heavy)1981Musik/Text
Sarah VaughanMichelle1966Musik/Text
Sarah VaughanThe Long And Winding Road1981Musik/Text
Sarah VaughanYesterday1966Musik/Text
Sarah VaughanYou Never Give Me Your Money1981Musik/Text
SassafrasI Am The Walrus1975Musik/Text
Satan Takes A HolidayWhy Don't We Do It In The Road?2017Musik/Text
SaxonPaperback Writer2021Musik/Text
Schauorchester UngelenkDay Tripper1992Musik/Text
Scooter [BE]Eight Days A Week1980Musik/Text
ScorpionsAcross The Universe2011Musik/Text
(Paul James McCartney)
ScottsObladi oblada2009Musik/Text
Scritti Politti feat. Shabba RanksShe's A Woman1991Musik/Text
Sean ConneryIn My Life1998Musik/Text
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66Daytripper1966Musik/Text
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66Fool On The Hill1968Musik/Text
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66Norwegian Wood1969Musik/Text
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66With A Little Help From My Friends1967Musik/Text
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77Something / Day Tripper1973Musik/Text
Shabaka & The AncestorsGood Morning Good Morning2018Musik/Text
ShalamarCome Together1990Musik/Text
Sham 69With A Little Help From My Friends1979Musik/Text
Sharon TandyFool On The Hill1968Musik/Text
She & HimI Should Have Known Better2008Musik/Text
She TonesMichell1988Musik/Text
SheilaHello petite fille1964Musik/Text
SheilaUn monde sans amour1964Musik/Text
SherbetNowhere Man1977Musik/Text
Sheryl CrowMother Nature's Son2002Musik/Text
Shirley BasseyEleanor Rigby1995Musik/Text
Shirley BasseySilly Love Songs1977Musik/Text
Shirley BasseyThe Fool On The Hill1970Musik/Text
Shirley BasseyYesterday1991Musik/Text
Shonen KnifeRain1991Musik/Text
Shu-Bi-DuaEn rocksangers farvel1975Musik/Text
SiatIn di cun tai2005Musik/Text
Silje NergaardWonderful Christmas Time2015Musik/Text
Silver ConventionThe Boys From Liverpool1977Musik/Text
Simon MayWe'll Gather Lilacs / All My Loving1977Musik/Text
SimoneGestern noch2005Musik/Text
Simone de OliveiraYesterday1967Musik/Text
Siouxsie & The BansheesDear Prudence1983Musik/Text
Siouxsie & The BansheesHelter Skelter1978Musik/Text
Sissel KyrkjebøHere, There And Everywhere1992Musik/Text
Siw MalmkvistI mitt liv1970Musik/Text
SkyFool On The Hill1984Musik/Text
SladeMartha My Dear1969Musik/Text
Slam Creepers'I Should Have Known Better1968Musik/Text
Smokestack Lightnin'Run For Your Life2000Musik/Text
Smokey RobinsonSo Bad2014Musik/Text
Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesAnd I Love Her1963Musik/Text
Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesHey Jude1969Musik/Text
Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesYesterday1968Musik/Text
Snail [US]And Your Bird Can Sing1979Musik/Text
SoapbandPeace Song1996Musik/Text
Solveig SlettahjellJenny Wren2011Musik/Text
Soul AsylumGood Morning Good Morning2012Musik/Text
SoundgardenCome Together1990Musik/Text
SoundgardenEverybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey2014Musik/Text
Spanky And Our GangAnd Your Bird Can Sing1966Musik/Text
SparksI Want To Hold Your Hand1976Musik/Text
Spooky ToothI Am The Walrus1970Musik/Text
SpringwellIt's For You1971Musik/Text
St. Louis UnionGirl1966Musik/Text
St. Winifred's School ChoirMull Of Kintyre1979Musik/Text
StackridgeHold Me Tight1976Musik/Text
Stan Kenton & His OrchestraLive And Let Die1973Musik/Text
Standards Of Rumantsch & Bettina TuorIl balurd en la b'rigl2005Musik/Text
Stanley TurrentineCan't Buy Me Love1980Musik/Text
StarmaniacsLet It Be2002Musik/Text
Stars On 45Beatles Medley1982Musik/Text
Stars On 45Stars On 451981Musik/Text
StarsoundStars On 451981Musik/Text
Status QuoGet Back1996Musik/Text
Status QuoGetting Better1976Musik/Text
Stefan PintevThe Girl is Mine1985Musik/Text
Stefanie HempelBlackbird2014Musik/Text
Stefanie HempelHere, There And Everywhere2014Musik/Text
Stefanie HempelI Saw Her Standing There2014Musik/Text
Stefanie HempelIn My Life2014Musik/Text
Stefanie HempelJulia2014Musik/Text
Stefanie HempelNorwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)2014Musik/Text
Stefanie HempelWhy Don't We Do It In The Road?2014Musik/Text
Stefanie HempelYesterday2014Musik/Text
Stein IngebrigtsenRockollection1978Musik/Text
Stéphan RizonWith A Little Help From My Friends2012Musik/Text
(Paul James McCartney)
Stephanie De SykesFor No One1975Musik/Text
Stephen MarleyDon't Let Me Down2023Musik/Text
Stephen StillsIn My Life1991Musik/Text
StereophonicsDon't Let Me Down2001Musik/Text
Steve EarleI'm Looking Through You1995Musik/Text
Steve HillageGetting Better1978Musik/Text
Steve Lee / Bo Katzman / John BrackWith A Little Help From My Friends1999Musik/Text
Steve MartinMaxwell's Silver Hammer1978Musik/Text
Steve MillerHey Jude2014Musik/Text
Steve MillerJunior's Farm2014Musik/Text
Stevie WonderWe Can Work It Out1970Musik/Text
Stone [FR]Le jour la nuit1966Musik/Text
Stone [FR]Seul1966Musik/Text
Stone Temple PilotsRevolution2001Musik/Text
Stone The CrowsThe Fool On The Hill1969Musik/Text
Stop The ShoppersTut è spir amur2005Musik/Text
Stoppy MarkusSilly Love Songs1976Musik/Text
Straight No Chaser feat. Paul McCartneyWonderful Christmastime2013Musik/Text
Streetlife [DE]Drive My Car1992Musik/Text
StreetmarkEleanor Rigby1976Musik/Text
String Driven ThingThings We Said Today1975Musik/Text
STSRed ma uns das aus1987Musik/Text
StyxI Am The Walrus2005Musik/Text
Sue SchellHere, There And Everywhere1984Musik/Text
SugababesCome Together2005Musik/Text
SuggsI'm Only Sleeping1995Musik/Text
Sullivan FortnerWhen I'm Sixty-Four2018Musik/Text
Sunlight ChocolateSilly Love Songs1976Musik/Text
Surprise SistersGot To Get You Into My Life1976Musik/Text
Susan AntonIn My Life Musik/Text
Susan BoyleMull Of Kintyre2016Musik/Text
Suzanne KleeDrive My Car2008Musik/Text
Suzi QuatroI Wanna Be Your Man1973Musik/Text
Suzy And The Red StripesB-Side To Seaside1977Musik/Text
Suzy And The Red StripesSeaside Woman1977Musik/Text
Suzy Bogguss & Chet AtkinsAll My Loving1994Musik/Text
Swiss Army Big BandCan't Buy Me Love2010Musik/Text
Swiss Army Concert Band / Christoph WalterHey Jude2004Musik/Text
Swiss Ländler GamblersOb-la-di, ob-la-da2014Musik/Text
Swoop [BE]Party Mix2010Musik/Text
SWR Rundfunkorchester Kaiserslautern / Dieter ReithLive And Let Die2002Musik/Text
Syd Lawrence and His OrchestraLong And Winding Road1978Musik/Text
Syd Lawrence And His OrchestraMull Of Kintyre1978Musik/Text
Syd Lawrence and His OrchestraYesterday1978Musik/Text
Syl JohnsonCome Together1970Musik/Text
Sylvia VrethammarAll My Loving2023Musik/Text
Sylvia VrethammarCarry That Weight1973Musik/Text
Sylvia VrethammarThe Fool On The Hill1973Musik/Text
Sylvia VrethammarThe Long And Winding Road2006Musik/Text
Sylvie VartanDrive My Car2007Musik/Text
Sylvie VartanIn My Life2018Musik/Text
SyreetaShe's Leaving Home1972Musik/Text
T.B.C.V.Let 'em In1977Musik/Text
T.B.C.V.Old Siam, Sir1979Musik/Text
Take ThatBeatles Medley1995Musik/Text
Tammy WynetteYesterday1968Musik/Text
TarjaHouse Of Wax2016Musik/Text
TartarugaFrajas giardin2005Musik/Text
Tata YoungCome Rain Come Shine2006Musik/Text
Tatjana SeyffertMull Of Kintyre1991Musik/Text
Teddy LeeMaxwells Silberhammer1969Musik/Text
Teegarden & Van WinkleEleanor Rigby1970Musik/Text
TelexDear Prudence2021Musik/Text
TempestPaperback Writer1974Musik/Text
Tennessee Ernie FordLet It Be1970Musik/Text
Tennessee Ernie FordYesterday1968Musik/Text
Teresa BrewerA Hard Day's Night1965Musik/Text
Teresa BrewerWorld Without Love1964Musik/Text
TeslaI've Got A Feeling2007Musik/Text
Tessie HillLet It Be1976Musik/Text
The 5th DimensionEvery Night1971Musik/Text
The 5th DimensionI've Got A Feeling1975Musik/Text
The 5th DimensionLove Medley (What The World Needs Now Is Love / All You Need Is Love / Have You Tried Love?)1971Musik/Text
The 5th DimensionTicket To Ride1968Musik/Text
The Airborne Toxic EventNo More Lonely Nights2014Musik/Text
The Angels [US]I Want To Hold Your Hand1964Musik/Text
The Anita Kerr SingersEleanor Rigby1971Musik/Text
The Anita Kerr SingersGoodbye1969Musik/Text
The Anita Kerr SingersOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da1969Musik/Text
The Applejacks [UK]Like Dreamers Do1964Musik/Text
The ArborsGolden Slumbers / Hush-A-Bye1977Musik/Text
The ArborsGood Day Sunshine / Gotta Get You Into My Life1969Musik/Text
The AssociationWorld Without Love1983Musik/Text
The AvalanchesLivin' Underwater (Is Somethin' Wild)2016Musik/Text
The AvalanchesThe Noisy Eater2016Musik/Text
The BachelorsMichelle1966Musik/Text
The BadbeatsOne And One Is Two1979Musik/Text
The BadbeatsTip Of My Tongue1979Musik/Text
The Barron KnightsCall Up The Groups1964Musik/Text
The Barry Goldberg ReunionFool On The Hill1968Musik/Text
The Baskerville HoundsPenny Lane1967Musik/Text
The Beach BoysI Should Have Known Better1965Musik/Text
The Beach BoysTell Me Why1965Musik/Text
The Beach BoysYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away1965Musik/Text
The Beat BugsAcross The Universe2016Musik/Text
The Beat BugsAll You Need Is Love2016Musik/Text
The Beat BugsBirthday2016Musik/Text
The Beat BugsCome Together2016Musik/Text
The Beat BugsYellow Submarine2016Musik/Text
The Beat Bugs feat. Aloe BlaccRain2016Musik/Text
The Beat Bugs feat. Chris CornellDrive My Car2016Musik/Text
The Beat Bugs feat. Eddie VedderMagical Mystery Your2016Musik/Text
The Beat Bugs feat. FrancesIn My Life2016Musik/Text
The Beat Bugs feat. James BayHey Bulldog2016Musik/Text
The Beat Bugs feat. James CordenI'm A Loser2016Musik/Text
The Beat Bugs feat. Jennifer HudsonI'll Follow The Sun2016Musik/Text
The Beat Bugs feat. Of Monsters And MenEleanor Rigby2016Musik/Text
The Beat Bugs feat. P!nkLucy In The Sky With Diamonds2016Musik/Text
The Beat Bugs feat. Regina SpektorAnd Your Bird Can Sing2016Musik/Text
The Beat Bugs feat. Robbie WilliamsGood Day Sunshine2016Musik/Text
The Beat Bugs feat. Rod StewartSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band2016Musik/Text
The Beat Bugs feat. SiaBlackbird2016Musik/Text
The Beat Bugs feat. The ShinsThe Word2016Musik/Text
The Beat Bugs feat. Tori KellyI'm Happy Just To Dance With You2016Musik/Text
The Beat Bugs feat. Wesley Schultz (of The Lumineers)Honey Pie2016Musik/Text
The Beat KingsYellow Submarine1966Musik/Text
The BeatlesA Day In The Life1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesA Hard Day's Night1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesAcross The Universe1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesAll I've Got To Do1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesAll My Loving1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesAll Together Now1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesAll You Need Is Love1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesAnd I Love Her1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesAnd Your Bird Can Sing1966Musik/Text
The BeatlesAnother Girl1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesAny Time At All1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesAsk Me Why1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesBaby, You're A Rich Man1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesBaby's In Black1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesBack In The U.S.S.R.1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesBecause1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesBeing For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesBirthday1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesBlackbird1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesCan't Buy Me Love1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesCarry That Weight1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesCayenne1995Musik/Text
The BeatlesChristmas Time (Is Here Again)1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesCome And Get It1996Musik/Text
The BeatlesCome Together1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesCry Baby Cry1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesDay Tripper1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesDear Prudence1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesDig A Pony1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesDig It1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesDo You Want To Know A Secret1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesDoctor Robert1966Musik/Text
The BeatlesDrive My Car1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesEight Days A Week1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesEleanor Rigby1966Musik/Text
The BeatlesEvery Little Thing1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesEverybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesFixing A Hole1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesFlying1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesFor No One1966Musik/Text
The BeatlesFree As A Bird1995Musik/Text
The BeatlesFrom Me To You1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesGetting Better1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesGirl1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesGlass Onion1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesGolden Slumbers1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesGood Day Sunshine1966Musik/Text
The BeatlesGood Morning Good Morning1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesGood Night1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesGot To Get You Into My Life1966Musik/Text
The BeatlesHappiness Is A Warm Gun1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesHello Little Girl1979Musik/Text
The BeatlesHello, Good Bye1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesHelp!1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesHelter Skelter1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesHer Majesty1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesHere, There And Everywhere1966Musik/Text
The BeatlesHey Bulldog1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesHey Jude1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesHold Me Tight1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesHoney Pie1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesI Am The Walrus1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesI Call Your Name1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesI Don't Want To Spoil The Party1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesI Feel Fine1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesI Saw Her Standing There1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesI Should Have Known Better1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesI Wanna Be Your Man1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesI Want To Hold Your Hand1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesI Want You (She's So Heavy)1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesI Will1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesIf I Fell1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesIf You've Got Trouble1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesI'll Be Back1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesI'll Cry Instead1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesI'll Follow The Sun1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesI'll Get You1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesI'm A Loser1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesI'm Down1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesI'm Happy Just To Dance With You1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesI'm Looking Through You1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesI'm Only Sleeping1966Musik/Text
The BeatlesI'm So Tired1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesIn My Life1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesIn Spite Of All The Danger1958Musik/Text
The BeatlesIt Won't Be Long1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesIt's Only Love1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesI've Got A Feeling1970Musik/Text
The BeatlesI've Just Seen A Face1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesJulia1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesJunk1996Musik/Text
The BeatlesKomm, gib mir deine Hand1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesLady Madonna1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesLet It Be1970Musik/Text
The BeatlesLike Dreamers Do1979Musik/Text
The BeatlesLittle Child1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesLove Me Do1962Musik/Text
The BeatlesLove Of The Loved1979Musik/Text
The BeatlesLovely Rita1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesLucy In The Sky With Diamonds1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesMaggie Mae1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesMagical Mystery Tour1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesMartha My Dear1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesMaxwell's Silver Hammer1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesMean Mr. Mustard1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesMichelle1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesMisery1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesMother Nature's Son1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesNo Reply1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesNorwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesNot A Second Time1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesNow And Then2023Musik/Text
The BeatlesNowhere Man1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesOh! Darling1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesOne After 9091970Musik/Text
The BeatlesP.S. I Love You1962Musik/Text
The BeatlesPaperback Writer1966Musik/Text
The BeatlesPenny Lane1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesPlease, Please Me1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesPolythene Pam1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesRain1966Musik/Text
The BeatlesReal Love1996Produzent
The BeatlesRevolution1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesRevolution 11968Musik/Text
The BeatlesRevolution 91968Musik/Text
The BeatlesRocky Raccoon1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesRun For Your Life1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesSexy Sadie1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesShe Came In Through The Bathroom Window1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesShe Loves You1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesShe Said, She Said1966Musik/Text
The BeatlesShe's A Woman1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesShe's Leaving Home1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesSie liebt dich1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesStep Inside Love / Los Paranoias1996Musik/Text
The BeatlesStrawberry Fields Forever1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesSun King1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesTeddy Boy1996Musik/Text
The BeatlesTell Me What You See1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesTell Me Why1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesThank You Girl1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesThat Means A Lot1996Musik/Text
The BeatlesThe Ballad Of John And Yoko1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesThe Beatles Movie Medley1982Musik/Text
The BeatlesThe Bitter End / You Can't Do That1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesThe Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesThe End1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesThe Fool On The Hill1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesThe Long And Winding Road1970Musik/Text
The BeatlesThe Night Before1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesThe Palace Of The King Of The Birds1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesThe Word1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesThere's A Place1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesThings We Said Today1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesThis Boy1963Musik/Text
The BeatlesTicket To Ride1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesTomorrow Never Knows1966Musik/Text
The BeatlesTwo Of Us1970Musik/Text
The BeatlesWait1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesWe Can Work It Out1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesWhat Goes On1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesWhat You're Doing1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesWhat's The New Mary Jane1996Musik/Text
The BeatlesWhen I Get Home1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesWhen I'm Sixty-Four1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesWhy Don't We Do It In The Road?1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesWild Honey Pie1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesWith A Little Help From My Friends1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesYellow Submarine1966Musik/Text
The BeatlesYer Blues1968Musik/Text
The BeatlesYes It Is1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesYesterday1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesYou Can't Do That1964Musik/Text
The BeatlesYou Know My Name (Look Up The Number)1970Musik/Text
The BeatlesYou Never Give Me Your Money1969Musik/Text
The BeatlesYou Won't See Me1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesYou'll Be Mine1995Musik/Text
The BeatlesYour Mother Should Know1967Musik/Text
The BeatlesYou're Going To Lose That Girl1965Musik/Text
The BeatlesYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away1965Musik/Text
The Beatles with Billy PrestonDon't Let Me Down1969Musik/Text
The Beatles with Billy PrestonGet Back1969Musik/Text
The Beau BrummelsYesterday1966Musik/Text
The Beau BrummelsYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away1966Musik/Text
The BedrocksOb-la-di, Ob-la-da1968Musik/Text
The BeehivesPlease Please Me1964Musik/Text
The BeehivesShe Loves You1964Musik/Text
The Bell BoysDo You Want To Know A Secret1963Musik/Text
The Black CrowesLucy In The Sky With Diamonds2002Musik/Text
The Black Dyke Mills BandThingumybob1968Musik/Text
The Black Dyke Mills BandYellow Submarine1968Musik/Text
The Black KeysShe Said She Said2002Musik/Text
The Black WatchEleanor Rigby1990Musik/Text
The Bloody Beetroots feat. Paul McCartney & YouthOut Of Sight2013Musik/Text
The Bollock BrothersDay Tripper1985Musik/Text
The Boys [UK Punk]I Call Your Name1977Musik/Text
The BreedersHappiness Is A Warm Gun1990Musik/Text
The BrisksNadie respondió1965Musik/Text
The Brothers FourAll My Loving1966Musik/Text
The Brothers FourAnd I Love Her1966Musik/Text
The Brothers FourGirl1966Musik/Text
The Brothers FourHelp!1966Musik/Text
The Brothers FourIf I Fell1966Musik/Text
The Brothers FourI'll Follow The Sun1966Musik/Text
The Brothers FourMichelle1966Musik/Text
The Brothers FourNorwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)1966Musik/Text
The Brothers FourNowhere Man1966Musik/Text
The Brothers FourRevolution1969Musik/Text
The Brothers FourWe Can Work It Out1966Musik/Text
The Brothers FourYesterday1966Musik/Text
The Brothers JohnsonCome Together1976Musik/Text
The Brothers JohnsonHey Jude1976Musik/Text
The BuckinghamsI Call Your Name1966Musik/Text
The BuckinghamsI'll Be Back1967Musik/Text
The CarnabeesA Hard Day's Night1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesAll My Loving1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesAll You Need Is Love1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesAnother Day1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesBack In The USSR1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesBand On The Run1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesCan't Buy Me Love1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesDay Tripper1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesEleanor Rigby1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesGet Back1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesGot To Get You Into My Life1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesHello Goodbye1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesHelp1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesI Feel Fine1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesI Want To Hold Your Hand1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesJet1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesLady Madonna1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesLet It Be1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesLive And Let Die1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesLove Me Do1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesMary Had A Little Lamb1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesMichelle1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesPaperback Writer1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesPenny Lane1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesShe Loves You1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesSilly Love Songs1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesTicket To Ride1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesWe Can Work It Out1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesWhen I'm 641976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesWith A Little Help From My Friends1976Musik/Text
The CarnabeesYellow Submarine1976Musik/Text
The Cascading StringsFool On The Hill1970Musik/Text
The Cast Of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Finale)1978Musik/Text
The CatsI've Just Seen A Face1966Musik/Text
The Celtic TenorsMull Of Kintyre2004Musik/Text
The ChipmunksAll My Loving1964Musik/Text
The ChipmunksDo You Want To Know A Secret1964Musik/Text
The Chris Farlowe BandWe Can Work It Out1975Musik/Text
The CimaronsWith A Little Luck1982Musik/Text
The Classic IllustrationOh Darling (Remake 2019)2019Musik/Text
The CloudsSilly Love Songs1976Musik/Text
The CorrsThe Long And Winding Road2001Musik/Text
The Country Hams