Paul Samwell-Smith

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Al StewartTurn Into Earth1966Musik/Text
All About EveAnother Door1988Produzent
All About EveAppletree Man1988Produzent
All About EveBlind Lemon Sam1989Produzent
All About EveCalling Your Name1988Produzent
All About EveCandy Tree1988Produzent
All About EveDecember1989Produzent
All About EveDevil Woman1988Produzent
All About EveDream Now1989Produzent
All About EveEvery Angel1988Produzent
All About EveFlowers In Our Hair1987Produzent
All About EveGold And Silver1988Produzent
All About EveGypsy Dance1988Produzent
All About EveIn The Clouds1987Produzent
All About EveIn The Meadow1988Produzent
All About EveLike Emily1988Produzent
All About EveMartha's Harbour1988Produzent
All About EveMore Than The Blues1989Produzent
All About EveMore Than This Hour1988Produzent
All About EveNever Promise (Anyone Forever)1988Produzent
All About EveOnly One Reason1989Produzent
All About EveParadise1987Produzent
All About EveRoad To Your Soul1989Produzent
All About EveShe Moves Through The Fair1987Produzent
All About EveShelter From The Rain1988Produzent
All About EveThe Empty Dancehall1989Produzent
All About EveThe Garden Of Jane Delawney1988Produzent
All About EveThe Pearl Fishermen1989Produzent
All About EveTuesday's Child1989Produzent
All About EveWhat Kind Of Fool1988Produzent
All About EveWild Flowers1988Produzent
All About EveWild Hearted Woman1988Produzent
Amazing BlondelAnthem1970Produzent
Amazing BlondelBastard Love1969Produzent
Amazing BlondelBethel Town Mission1969Produzent
Amazing BlondelCanaan1969Produzent
Amazing BlondelEvensong1970Produzent
Amazing BlondelFantasia Lindum1971Produzent
Amazing BlondelLady Marion's Galliard1970Produzent
Amazing BlondelLove Sonnet1969Produzent
Amazing BlondelMinstrel's Song1969Produzent
Amazing BlondelOld Moot Hall1970Produzent
Amazing BlondelPavan1970Produzent
Amazing BlondelQueen Of Scots1970Produzent
Amazing BlondelSafety In God Alone1971Produzent
Amazing BlondelSaxon Lady1969Produzent
Amazing BlondelSeason Of The Year1969Produzent
Amazing BlondelShepherd's Song1969Produzent
Amazing BlondelSiege Of Yaddlethorpe1971Produzent
Amazing BlondelSpanish Lace1969Produzent
Amazing BlondelSpring Season1970Produzent
Amazing BlondelSt. Crispins Day1970Produzent
Amazing BlondelThe Ploughman1970Produzent
Amazing BlondelThe Siege Of Yaddlethorpe1971Produzent
Amazing BlondelThree Seasons Almaine1971Produzent
Amazing BlondelToye1971Produzent
Amazing BlondelTwo Dances: Almaine / Bransle "For My Lady´s Delight"1971Produzent
Amazing BlondelUnder The Greenwood Tree1970Produzent
Amazing BlondelWillowood1970Produzent
Amazing BlondelYou Don't Want My Love1969Produzent
Beverley CravenBlind Faith1993Produzent
Beverley CravenCastle In The Clouds1990Produzent
Beverley CravenEverything But The Blues1990Produzent
Beverley CravenFeels Like The First Time1993Produzent
Beverley CravenHolding On1990Produzent
Beverley CravenHope1993Produzent
Beverley CravenI Listen To The Rain1990Produzent
Beverley CravenIn Those Days1993Produzent
Beverley CravenJoey1990Produzent
Beverley CravenLook No Further1990Produzent
Beverley CravenLost Without You1993Produzent
Beverley CravenLove Is The Light1993Produzent
Beverley CravenLove Scenes1993Produzent
Beverley CravenMemories1990Produzent
Beverley CravenMissing You1990Produzent
Beverley CravenMollie's Song1993Produzent
Beverley CravenPromise Me1990Produzent
Beverley CravenThe Winner Takes It All1993Produzent
Beverley CravenTwo Of A Kind1990Produzent
Beverley CravenWoman To Woman1990Produzent
Beverley CravenYou're Not The First1990Produzent
Beverley Craven / Judie Tzuke / Julia FordhamLet It Be Me2018Produzent
Black Stone CherryShapes Of Things2006Musik/Text
Boney M.Medley II1994Musik/Text
Boney M.Still I'm Sad1977Musik/Text
Box Of FrogsAnother Wasted Day1984Musik/Text
Box Of FrogsAsylum1986Musik/Text
Box Of FrogsAverage1986Musik/Text
Box Of FrogsBack Where I Started1984Musik/Text
Box Of FrogsGet It While You Can1986Produzent
Box Of FrogsHanging From The Wreckage1986Musik/Text
Box Of FrogsHarder1984Produzent
Box Of FrogsHeart Full Of Soul1986Produzent
Box Of FrogsHouse On Fire1986Musik/Text
Box Of FrogsInto The Dark1984Musik/Text
Box Of FrogsJust A Boy Again1984Musik/Text
Box Of FrogsLove Inside You1984Musik/Text
Box Of FrogsPoor Boy1984Musik/Text
Box Of FrogsStrange Land1986Musik/Text
Box Of FrogsThe Edge1984Musik/Text
Box Of FrogsTrouble1986Musik/Text
Box Of FrogsTwo Steps Ahead1984Musik/Text
Box Of FrogsYou Mix Me Up1986Musik/Text
Carly SimonAnticipation1971Produzent
Carly SimonBetter Not Tell Her1990Produzent
Carly SimonComing Around Again1986Produzent
Carly SimonDidn't I1990Produzent
Carly SimonDo The Walls Come Down1987Musik/Text
Carly SimonDon't Wrap It Up1990Produzent
Carly SimonFisherman's Song1990Produzent
Carly SimonGive Me All Night1987Produzent
Carly SimonHappy Birthday1990Produzent
Carly SimonHave You Seen Me Lately?1990Produzent
Carly SimonHolding Me Tonight1990Produzent
Carly SimonIt's Not Like Him1990Produzent
Carly SimonI've Got To Have You1971Produzent
Carly SimonJulie Through The Glass1971Produzent
Carly SimonLegend In Your Own Time1971Produzent
Carly SimonLife Is Eternal1990Produzent
Carly SimonMy New Boyfriend1985Produzent
Carly SimonOur First Day Together1971Produzent
Carly SimonShare The End1971Produzent
Carly SimonSummer's Coming Around Again1971Produzent
Carly SimonThe Garden1971Produzent
Carly SimonThe Girl You Think You See1971Produzent
Carly SimonThree Days1971Produzent
Carly SimonTwo Hot Girls (On A Hot Summer Night)1987Produzent
Carly SimonWaiting At The Gate1990Produzent
Carly SimonWe Just Got Here1990Produzent
Carly SimonYou Have To Hurt1987Produzent
Cat Stevens100 I Dream1973Produzent
Cat Stevens18th Avenue (Kansas City Nightmare)1972Produzent
Cat StevensAngelsea1972Produzent
Cat StevensBad Penny1974Produzent
Cat StevensBadbrakes1978Produzent
Cat StevensBitterblue1971Produzent
Cat StevensBut I Might Die Tonight1970Produzent
Cat StevensCan't Keep It In1972Produzent
Cat StevensChanges IV1971Produzent
Cat StevensCrab Dance1972Produzent
Cat StevensDaytime1978Produzent
Cat StevensFather1978Produzent
Cat StevensFather And Son1970Produzent
Cat StevensFill My Eyes1970Produzent
Cat StevensForeigner Suite1973Produzent
Cat StevensFreezing Steel1972Produzent
Cat StevensGhost Town1974Produzent
Cat StevensHard Headed Woman1970Produzent
Cat StevensHome In The Sky1974Produzent
Cat StevensHow Can I Tell You1971Produzent
Cat StevensHow Many Times1973Produzent
Cat StevensI Think I See The Light1970Produzent
Cat StevensI Want To Live In A Wigwam1971Produzent
Cat StevensI Wish I Wish1970Produzent
Cat StevensIf I Laugh1971Produzent
Cat StevensInto White1970Produzent
Cat StevensI've Got A Thing About Seeing My Grandson Grow Old2000Produzent
Cat StevensJesus1974Produzent
Cat StevensJust Another Night1978Produzent
Cat StevensKansas City Nightmare1972Produzent
Cat StevensKatmandu1970Produzent
Cat StevensKing Of Trees1974Produzent
Cat StevensLady D'Arbanville1970Produzent
Cat StevensLast Love Song1978Produzent
Cat StevensLater1973Produzent
Cat StevensLilywhite1970Produzent
Cat StevensLonger Boats1970Produzent
Cat StevensLove Lives In The Sky2001Produzent
Cat StevensMaybe You're Right1970Produzent
Cat StevensMiles From Nowhere1970Produzent
Cat StevensMona Bone Jakon1970Produzent
Cat StevensMoon Shadow1971Produzent
Cat StevensMorning Has Broken1971Produzent
Cat StevensMusic1974Produzent
Cat StevensNascimento1978Produzent
Cat StevensNever1978Produzent
Cat StevensNew York Times1978Produzent
Cat StevensO Caritas1972Produzent
Cat StevensOh Very Young1974Produzent
Cat StevensOn The Road To Find Out1970Produzent
Cat StevensPeace Train1971Produzent
Cat StevensPop Star1970Produzent
Cat StevensRandy1978Produzent
Cat StevensReady1974Produzent
Cat StevensRubylove1971Produzent
Cat StevensRuins1972Produzent
Cat StevensSad Lisa1970Produzent
Cat StevensSilent Sunlight1972Produzent
Cat StevensSitting1972Produzent
Cat StevensSun/C791974Produzent
Cat StevensSweet Scarlet1972Produzent
Cat StevensTea For The Tillerman1970Produzent
Cat StevensThe Artist1978Produzent
Cat StevensThe Boy With A Moon And A Star On His Head1972Produzent
Cat StevensThe Day They Make Me Tsar2001Produzent
Cat StevensThe Hurt1973Produzent
Cat StevensThe Wind1971Produzent
Cat StevensTime1970Produzent
Cat StevensTime - Fill My Eyes1970Produzent
Cat StevensTrouble1970Produzent
Cat StevensTuesday's Dead1971Produzent
Cat StevensWhere Do The Children Play1970Produzent
Cat StevensWild World1970Produzent
Chris De BurghA Rainy Night In Paris1977Produzent
Chris De BurghBrazil1977Produzent
Chris De BurghDiscovery1977Produzent
Chris De BurghI Will1977Produzent
Chris De BurghPerfect Day1977Produzent
Chris De BurghRound And Around1977Produzent
Chris De BurghSummer Rain1977Produzent
David BowieShapes Of Things1973Musik/Text
Eric Clapton With The YardbirdsPounds And Stomps1966Musik/Text
Gary MooreShapes Of Things1983Musik/Text
George BensonShape Of Things To Come1969Musik/Text
Grand TourStill I'm Sad1977Musik/Text
GregorianStill I'm Sad2000Musik/Text
Hydra vs. Kevin McCoySadness '98 (Still I'm Sad)1998Musik/Text
Ian MatthewsOver Under Sideways Down1984Musik/Text
Illusion [UK]Cruising Nowhere1978Produzent
Illusion [UK]Louis' Theme1978Produzent
Illusion [UK]Madonna Blue1978Produzent
Illusion [UK]Man Of Miracles1978Produzent
Illusion [UK]Never Be The Same1978Produzent
Illusion [UK]The Revolutionary1978Produzent
Illusion [UK]Wings Across The Sea1978Produzent
Jeff BeckShapes Of Things1968Musik/Text
Jeff BeckSomeone To Love Part 1 Musik/Text
Jeff BeckSomeone To Love Part 2 Musik/Text
Jeff BeckWhat Do You Want Musik/Text
Jeff Beck And The YardbirdsFor R.S.G.1972Musik/Text
Jethro TullBeastie1982Produzent
Jethro TullBroadsword1982Produzent
Jethro TullCheerio1982Produzent
Jethro TullClasp1982Produzent
Jethro TullFallen On Hard Times1982Produzent
Jethro TullFlying Colours1982Produzent
Jethro TullPussy Willow1982Produzent
Jethro TullSeal Driver1982Produzent
Jethro TullSlow Marching Band1982Produzent
Jethro TullWatching Me Watching You1982Produzent
Jimmy CliffI Go To Pieces1970Produzent
Jimmy CliffSynthetic World1970Produzent
Manfred MannStill I'm Sad1966Musik/Text
Marc AlmondStill I'm Sad2017Musik/Text
Marc CohnAlready Home1998Produzent
Marc CohnEllis Island1998Produzent
Marc CohnGirl Of Mysterious Sorrow1998Produzent
Marc CohnHealing Hands1998Produzent
Marc CohnLost You In The Canyon1998Produzent
Marc CohnOlana1998Produzent
Marc CohnProvidence1998Produzent
Marc CohnSaints Preserve Us1998Produzent
Marc CohnTurn On Your Radio1998Produzent
Marc CohnTurn To Me1998Produzent
Marc CohnValley Of The Kings1998Produzent
Murray HeadA Tree1980Produzent
Murray HeadAffair Across A Crowded Room1980Produzent
Murray HeadBoats Away1975Produzent
Murray HeadBoy On The Bridge1975Produzent
Murray HeadChance Encounter1980Produzent
Murray HeadChildren Only Play (Do You Remember)1980Produzent
Murray HeadDon't Forget Him Now1975Produzent
Murray HeadGoing Home1980Produzent
Murray HeadHey Lady1980Produzent
Murray HeadLast Days Of An Empire1980Produzent
Murray HeadNever Even Thought1975Produzent
Murray HeadOld Soho1980Produzent
Murray HeadOn Your Own Again1980Produzent
Murray HeadSay It Ain't So Joe1975Produzent
Murray HeadShe's Such A Drag1975Produzent
Murray HeadSilence Is A Strong Reply1975Produzent
Murray HeadSomeone's Rocking My Dreamboat1975Produzent
Murray HeadTime On The Line1980Produzent
Murray HeadWhen I'm Yours1975Produzent
Murray HeadYou're So Tasty1975Produzent
NazarethShapes Of Things / Space Safari1974Musik/Text
Paul & Barry RyanI Can't Make Your Way1967Musik/Text
PiccadillyGeh noch nicht1977Musik/Text
RainbowStill I'm Sad1975Musik/Text
RenaissanceKings And Queens1969Produzent
RenaissanceThe Sea1969Produzent
The James GangLost Woman1969Musik/Text
The Jeff Healey BandShapes Of Things1995Musik/Text
The Parking LotWorld Spinning Sadly1969Musik/Text
The YardbirdsBaby What's Wrong1963Produzent
The YardbirdsBoom Boom1963Produzent
The YardbirdsEver Since The World Began1966Musik/Text
The YardbirdsFarewell1966Musik/Text
The YardbirdsHe's Always There1966Musik/Text
The YardbirdsHoney In Your Hips1963Produzent
The YardbirdsHot House Of Omagarashid1966Musik/Text
The YardbirdsI Can't Make Your Way1966Musik/Text
The YardbirdsJeff's Boogie1966Musik/Text
The YardbirdsLost Woman1966Musik/Text
The YardbirdsOver Under Sideways Down1966Musik/Text
The YardbirdsPafff ... Bum1965Musik/Text
The YardbirdsRack My Mind1966Musik/Text
The YardbirdsShapes Of Things1966Musik/Text
The YardbirdsStill I'm Sad1965Musik/Text
The YardbirdsThe Nazz Are Blue1966Musik/Text
The YardbirdsTurn Into Earth1966Musik/Text
The YardbirdsWhat Do You Want1966Musik/Text
YusufBlackness Of The Night2017Produzent
YusufDon't Blame Them2017Produzent
YusufI'm So Sleepy2017Produzent
YusufMary And The Little Lamb2017Produzent
YusufMighty Peace2017Produzent
YusufNorthern Wind2017Produzent
YusufOlive Hill2017Produzent
YusufSee What Love Did To Me2017Produzent
YusufThe Laughing Apple2017Produzent
YusufYou Can Do (Whatever)!2017Produzent

Paul Samwell-Smith in der österreichischen Hitparade


Coming Around Again (Carly Simon)01.04.1987612

Die bestbewerteten Songs von Paul Samwell-Smith

Shapes Of Things / Space Safari (Nazareth)55.4
Morning Has Broken (Cat Stevens)1865.35
Promise Me (Beverley Craven)985.31
Still I'm Sad (Rainbow)145.29
Sad Lisa (Cat Stevens)655.23
In Those Days (Beverley Craven)75.14
Coming Around Again (Carly Simon)865.09
Lady D'Arbanville (Cat Stevens)1085.08
Father And Son (Cat Stevens)1435.06
Bitterblue (Cat Stevens)235.04
Moon Shadow (Cat Stevens)815
Say It Ain't So Joe (Murray Head)205
Flowers In Our Hair (All About Eve)55
Broadsword (Jethro Tull)144.93
Where Do The Children Play (Cat Stevens)514.9
How Can I Tell You (Cat Stevens)204.9
Lost Woman (The Yardbirds)84.88
Peace Train (Cat Stevens)784.87
Katmandu (Cat Stevens)234.87
Maybe You're Right (Cat Stevens)154.87

Die bekanntesten Songs von Paul Samwell-Smith

Morning Has Broken (Cat Stevens)1865.35
Father And Son (Cat Stevens)1435.06
Wild World (Cat Stevens)1194.83
Lady D'Arbanville (Cat Stevens)1085.08
Promise Me (Beverley Craven)985.31
Coming Around Again (Carly Simon)865.09
Moon Shadow (Cat Stevens)815
Peace Train (Cat Stevens)784.87
Sad Lisa (Cat Stevens)655.23
Still I'm Sad (Boney M.)654.08
Oh Very Young (Cat Stevens)544.69
Where Do The Children Play (Cat Stevens)514.9
Can't Keep It In (Cat Stevens)504.6
Rubylove (Cat Stevens)464.83
Shapes Of Things (The Yardbirds)434.26
Still I'm Sad (The Yardbirds)374.84
Tuesday's Dead (Cat Stevens)364.61
Sitting (Cat Stevens)354.54
Hard Headed Woman (Cat Stevens)354.26
Martha's Harbour (All About Eve)264.77
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