Sammy Cahn

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Pseudonyme / Alternative Schreibweisen: Sam Cahn, Sammy Can, Sammy Kahn
"Peter Pan" CompanyThe Elegant Captain Hook1953Musik/Text
"Peter Pan" CompanyThe Second Star To The Right1953Musik/Text
98°Let It Snow2017Musik/Text
Aaron NevilleLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow1993Musik/Text
Abbey LincolnI Should Care1993Musik/Text
Al Freeman, Jr.Some Kind Of Man1970Musik/Text
Al Freeman, Jr.There Comes A Time1970Musik/Text
Al Freeman, Jr., Patti Karr, Carol Conte & Titos VandisI'd Sure Like To Give It A Shot1970Musik/Text
Al HibblerDedicated To You1957Musik/Text
Al HibblerIt's Been A Long, Long Time1957Musik/Text
Al HirtIt's Been A Long, Long Time1965Musik/Text
Al HirtIt's Magic1969Musik/Text
Al HirtI've Heard That Song Before1965Musik/Text
Al JarreauTeach Me Tonight1981Musik/Text
Al MartinoThree Coins In A Fountain1965Musik/Text
Albert MangelsdorffPeter Gunn1988Musik/Text
Albrecht Mayer / The King's SingersLet It Snow2013Musik/Text
Alma CoganLove And Marriage1956Musik/Text
AmericaLet It Snow2002Musik/Text
Amina [HK]Mi pequeño amigo1977Musik/Text
Amy WinehouseTeach Me Tonight (Hootenanny)2004Musik/Text
André Manoukian avec Benjamin SiksouI Fall In Love Too Easily2010Musik/Text
André van DuinGrote voeten1992Musik/Text
Andrea BocelliBe My Love2015Musik/Text
Andy BorgLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!2008Musik/Text
Andy Kirk & His Twelve Clouds Of JoyUntil The Real Thing Comes Along1936Musik/Text
Andy Kirk And His Clouds Of JoyDedicated To You1937Musik/Text
Andy Kirk And His Clouds Of JoyFifty-Second Street1937Musik/Text
Andy Kirk And His Clouds Of JoyThe Lady Who Swings The Band1936Musik/Text
Andy RussellIt’s Been A Long, Long Time1958Musik/Text
Andy Russell with Paul Weston And His OrchestraLove Me1946Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsBe My Love1964Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsCall Me Irresponsible1964Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsI'll Never Stop Loving You1964Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!1965Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsThe Christmas Waltz1990Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsThe Second Time Around1962Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsThree Coins In The Fountain1962Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsWake Me When It's Over1960Musik/Text
Anita HarrisI Just Need A Lover1971Musik/Text
(Sammy Kahn)
Anne MurrayTeach Me Tonight1993Musik/Text
AntoninoLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!2020Musik/Text
Aretha FranklinOnly The Lonely1964Musik/Text
Aretha FranklinTeach Me Tonight2014Musik/Text
Aretha FranklinUntil The Real Thing Comes Along1963Musik/Text
Arielle DombasleRelax-ay-voo2006Musik/Text
Art BlakeyIt's You Or No One1956Musik/Text
Art TatumPlease Be Kind1955Musik/Text
Artie ShawI Want My Share Of Love1939Musik/Text
Artie ShawIf You Ever Should Leave1937Musik/Text
Artie ShawProsschai1939Musik/Text
Artie ShawYou're A Lucky Guy1939Musik/Text
Artie Shaw And His Orchestra feat. Mel TorméI Believe1947Musik/Text
Artie Shaw And His Orchestra feat. Mel TorméIt's The Same Old Dream1947Musik/Text
B.J. ThomasLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!1997Musik/Text
Barbara LewisI Only Miss Him When I Think Of Him1966Musik/Text
Barbara LewisIt's Magic1965Musik/Text
Barbra StreisandThe Second Time Around2003Musik/Text
Barry BiggsSincerely1977Musik/Text
Barry ManilowAll The Way1998Musik/Text
Barry ManilowCome Dance With Me / Come Fly With Me1998Musik/Text
Barry ManilowI Fall In Love Too Easily2014Musik/Text
Barry ManilowI Should Care1994Musik/Text
Barry ManilowMy Kind Of Town (Chicago Is)1998Musik/Text
Barry ManilowSaturday Night (Is The Loneliest Night In The Week)1998Musik/Text
Barry ManilowThe Christmas Waltz2002Musik/Text
Barry ManilowThe Second Time Around1998Musik/Text
Barry Manilow with Jimmy DuranteThe Songs Gotta Come From The Heart2014Musik/Text
Barry Manilow with Mel TorméThe Brooklyn Bridge2017Musik/Text
Barry Manilow with Phyllis McGuireSincerely / Teach Me Tonight2006Musik/Text
Bata IllicMeine Schuhe, deine Schuhe1994Musik/Text
Bea WainI Could Make You Care1940Musik/Text
Ben JamieAll The Way2016Musik/Text
Ben L'Oncle SoulAll The Way2016Musik/Text
Benny Goodman(I've Been) Saving Myself For You1938Musik/Text
Benny GoodmanBei mir bist du schön1937Musik/Text
Benny GoodmanPlease Be Kind1938Musik/Text
Bert KaempfertI Should Care1968Musik/Text
Bette MidlerBei mir bist Du schön2014Musik/Text
Bette MidlerTeach Me Tonight2014Musik/Text
Bette Midler & Johnny MathisWinter Wonderland / Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!2006Musik/Text
Betty CarterSome Other Time1964Musik/Text
Bill Evans TrioI Fall In Love Too Easily1962Musik/Text
Bill Evans TrioI Should Care1962Musik/Text
Bill Evans TrioWonder Why1963Musik/Text
Bill RamseyTime After Time1983Musik/Text
Billie HolidayAll The Way1959Musik/Text
Billie HolidayUntil The Real Thing Comes Along1942Musik/Text
Billie HolidayYou're A Lucky Guy1939Musik/Text
Billie HolidayYou're Just A No Account1939Musik/Text
Billy Butterfield & His OrchestraThere Goes That Song Again1944Musik/Text
Billy EckstineBe My Love1950Musik/Text
Billy EckstineI'll Only Miss Her When I Think Of Her1966Musik/Text
Billy EckstineThe Tender Trap1962Musik/Text
Billy IdolLet It Snow2006Musik/Text
Billy VaughnAll The Way1960Musik/Text
Billy VaughnBe My Love1963Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyI Love You Whoever You Are1957Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyIncurably Romantic1960Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!1962Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyMy Own Individual Star1957Musik/Text
Bing CrosbySeven Nights A Week1957Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyShoe Shine Boy1941Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyStraight Down The Middle1958Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyThe Second Time Around1960Musik/Text
Bing CrosbyThe Things We Did Last Summer1946Musik/Text
Bing Crosby & Bob HopeNothing In Common1958Musik/Text
Bing Crosby & Bob HopeParis Holiday1958Musik/Text
Bing Crosby & Bob HopeTeam Work1962Musik/Text
Bing Crosby & Fred WaringA Home In The Meadow1964Musik/Text
Bing Crosby & Fred WaringThe Secret Of Christmas1964Musik/Text
Bing Crosby & Mel Tormé With The Mel-TonesDay By Day1950Musik/Text
Bing Crosby & Rosemary ClooneyFancy Meeting You Here1958Musik/Text
Bing Crosby & Rosemary ClooneyLove Won't Let You Get Away1958Musik/Text
Bing Crosby & The Andrews SistersVict'ry Polka1943Musik/Text
Bing Crosby & The Les Paul TrioIt's Been A Long, Long Time1945Musik/Text
Bing Crosby with Frank DeVol & His OrchestraJust What I Wanted For Christmas1959Musik/Text
Bing Crosby with Frank DeVol & His OrchestraThe Secret Of Christmas1959Musik/Text
Bing Crosby With Joan CollinsLet's Not Be Sensible1962Musik/Text
Bing Crosby With John Scott Trotter And His OrchestraThe Girl With The Pig Tails In Her Hair1940Musik/Text
Bing Crosby With Les Paul And His TrioWhat Am I Gonna Do About You1947Musik/Text
Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra & Fred WaringYou Never Had It So Good1964Musik/Text
Biréli LagrèneTeach Me Tonight1992Musik/Text
BlakeLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!2017Musik/Text
Blossom DearieI'll Only Miss Him When I Think Of Him1967Musik/Text
Blossom DearieTeach Me Tonight1958Musik/Text
Bo Katzman ChorWinter Wonderland2010Musik/Text
Bob Crosby & OrchestraCement Mixer (Put-ti, Put-ti)1946Musik/Text
Bob Crosby And His OrchestraFive Minutes More1946Musik/Text
Bob Crosby And His OrchestraI've Never Forgotten1946Musik/Text
Bob Crosby And His OrchestraL'Amour Toujours (Tonight For Sure)1951Musik/Text
Bob Crosby And His OrchestraLet It Snow; Let It Snow; Let It Snow1946Musik/Text
Bob Crosby And His OrchestraPlease Be Kind1938Musik/Text
Bob DylanAll The Way2016Musik/Text
Bob DylanIt Gets Lonely Early2017Musik/Text
Bob DylanSeptember Of My Years2017Musik/Text
Bob DylanThe Christmas Blues2009Musik/Text
Bobby DarinCall Me Irresponsible1964Musik/Text
Bobby DarinWhere Love Has Gone1964Musik/Text
Bobby Driscoll, Kathryn Beaumont, Paul Collins, Tommy Luske And The Jud Conlon ChorusYou Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!1951Musik/Text
Bobby VintonBe My Love1962Musik/Text
Bobby VintonI'll Walk Alone1965Musik/Text
Bobby VintonLemondrops, Lollipops And Sunbeams1976Musik/Text
Bobby VintonPosin1960Musik/Text
Bobby VintonSaturday Night (Is the Loneliest Night of the Week)1965Musik/Text
BorisBei mir bist du schön1960Musik/Text
Boz ScaggsI Should Care2003Musik/Text
Brad MehldauI Fall In Love To Easily1997Musik/Text
Bradley WalshCome Fly With Me2017Musik/Text
Brenda LeeAll The Way1961Musik/Text
Brenda LeeTeach Me Tonight1960Musik/Text
Britt HagenRom im September1960Musik/Text
Brook BentonA Touch Of Class1973Musik/Text
Brook BentonCall Me Irresponsible1966Musik/Text
Brook BentonIt's Been A Long Long Time1960Musik/Text
Brook BentonThe Second Time Around1966Musik/Text
Brook BentonThere Goes That Song Again1962Musik/Text
Brook BentonTime After Time1959Musik/Text
Bully BuhlanLinks ein Mädchen, rechts ein Mädchen1956Musik/Text
Bully BuhlanMister Bye-Bye1960Musik/Text
Cal TjaderBei mir bist du schoen1950Musik/Text
Cannonball AdderleyI Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry1959Musik/Text
Captain Cook und seine singenden SaxophoneLet It Snow2006Musik/Text
Carla ThomasI'll Never Stop Loving You1991Musik/Text
Carly SimonLet It Snow2005Musik/Text
Carly SimonTime After Time1990Musik/Text
Carmen McRaeDay By Day1968Musik/Text
Carmen McRaeDedicated To You1991Musik/Text
Carmen McRaeI Fall In Love Too Easily1972Musik/Text
Carmen McRaeIt's Magic1991Musik/Text
Carmen McRaeWalking Happy1968Musik/Text
Carmen McRaeWonder Why1968Musik/Text
CarpentersChristmas Waltz1978Musik/Text
CarpentersThe First Snowfall / Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!1984Musik/Text
Carroll Gibbons & The Savoy Hotel Orpheans with Rita WilliamsIt's Been A Long Long Time1945Musik/Text
Caterina ValenteCome Fly With Me1963Musik/Text
Caterina ValenteDay By Day1964Musik/Text
Caterina ValenteMore Than Likely1964Musik/Text
Caterina ValenteMy Little Friend1975Musik/Text
Caterina ValenteWho Knows The Answers?1975Musik/Text
Caterina Valente with Werner Müller and his OrchestraThe Second Time Around1972Musik/Text
Céline Dion with Frank SinatraAll The Way1999Musik/Text
Chaka Khan feat. The London Symphony OrchestraTeach Me Tonight2011Musik/Text
Charley PrideLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow1982Musik/Text
Charlie Fugua's Ink SpotsUntil The Real Thing Comes Along1941Musik/Text
Charlie ParkerI'll Walk Alone1953Musik/Text
Chet AtkinsLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow1983Musik/Text
Chet Atkins & Les PaulIt's Been A Long, Long Time1976Musik/Text
Chet BakerI Fall In Love Too Easily1953Musik/Text
Chet BakerTime After Time1954Musik/Text
ChicagoLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!1998Musik/Text
China Moses & Raphaël LemonnierTeach Me Tonight2008Musik/Text
Chris ConnorLong Hot Summer1975Musik/Text
Chris IsaakLet It Snow!2004Musik/Text
Chris MontezDay By Day1965Musik/Text
Chris MontezTime After Time1966Musik/Text
ChristoffGeniet van dit sneeuwtapijt2015Musik/Text
ChristoffWinter Wonderland Kerstmedley2008Musik/Text
Claudine LongetA Flea In Her Ear1968Musik/Text
Claudio BaglioniViene giù2012Musik/Text
Cliff RichardLet It Snow2003Musik/Text
Cliff RichardTeach Me Tonight2010Musik/Text
Clifford "Brownie" Brown QuartetYou're A Lucky Guy1954Musik/Text
Clyde McPhatterThree Coins In The Fountain1962Musik/Text
Collectif' XmasLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!2014Musik/Text
Connie FrancisAll The Way1962Musik/Text
Connie FrancisBe My Love1964Musik/Text
Connie FrancisCall Me Irresponsible1966Musik/Text
Connie FrancisDrei Münzen im Brunnen1966Musik/Text
Connie FrancisHigh Hopes1962Musik/Text
Connie FrancisThe Second Time Around1966Musik/Text
Connie FrancisThree Coins In The Fountain1961Musik/Text
Connie FrancisTime After Time1959Musik/Text
Connie StevensBecause You're Mine1962Musik/Text
Connie StevensThe Long Hot Summer1962Musik/Text
Corneille - Emmanuel Moire - Roch VoisineLet It Snow2013Musik/Text
Corneille - SinclairAin't That A Kick In The Head2014Musik/Text
Count BasieShoe Shine Boy1972Musik/Text
Count Basie & Joe WilliamsTeach Me Tonight1955Musik/Text
Curtis StigersI Fall In Love Too Easily2003Musik/Text
Dakota StatonDedicated To You1960Musik/Text
Dale HawkinsPoor Little Rhode Island1960Musik/Text
Danny KayeI'll Take You Dreaming1956Musik/Text
Danny KayeLife Could Not Be Better1956Musik/Text
Danny KayeLive To Love1956Musik/Text
Danny KayeMy Heart Knows A Lovely Song1956Musik/Text
Danny KayeOutfox The Fox1956Musik/Text
Danny KayeThe Maladjusted Jester1956Musik/Text
Danny KayeWhere Walks My True Love1956Musik/Text
Danny KayeWillow, Willow Waley / Pass The Basket1956Musik/Text
Danny Kaye & The Andrews SistersPut 'Em In A Box, Tie 'Em With A Ribbon (And Throw 'Em In The Deep Blue Sea)1948Musik/Text
Dave Koz feat. Kenny GLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!2014Musik/Text
David CampbellCome Fly With Me2019Musik/Text
David PorterAll The Way1973Musik/Text
Davide MerliniLet It Snow2014Musik/Text
Dean [BE]Ain't That A Kick In The Head2007Musik/Text
Dean Martin(Love Is A) Career1959Musik/Text
Dean MartinA Winter Romance1959Musik/Text
Dean MartinAin't That A Kick In The Head1960Musik/Text
Dean MartinAmor mio1973Musik/Text
Dean MartinBecause You're Mine1999Musik/Text
Dean MartinGiuggiola1961Musik/Text
Dean MartinI Know Your Mother Loves You2006Musik/Text
Dean MartinI'll Gladly Make The Same Mistake Again1958Musik/Text
Dean MartinIt Won't Cool Off1959Musik/Text
Dean MartinIt's Magic1978Musik/Text
Dean MartinLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!1959Musik/Text
Dean MartinLove Is All That Matters1955Musik/Text
Dean MartinMe 'N You 'N The Moon1956Musik/Text
Dean MartinMoney Is A Problem1957Musik/Text
Dean MartinOnly Trust Your Heart1957Musik/Text
Dean MartinProfessor, Professor1960Musik/Text
Dean MartinSimpatico1955Musik/Text
Dean MartinTen Thousand Bedrooms1957Musik/Text
Dean MartinThe Christmas Blues1953Musik/Text
Dean MartinThe Test Of Time1956Musik/Text
Dean MartinThe Things We Did Last Summer1959Musik/Text
Dean MartinThe Wind, The Wind1956Musik/Text
Dean MartinUntil The Real Thing Comes Along1960Musik/Text
Dean MartinWho Was That Lady?1960Musik/Text
Dean MartinYou Can't Love 'Em All1959Musik/Text
Dean MartinYou I Love1957Musik/Text
Dean Martin & Helen O'ConnellHow D'Ya Like Your Eggs In The Morning1951Musik/Text
Dean Martin & Helen O'ConnellWe Never Talk Much1951Musik/Text
Dean Martin & Jerry LewisPardners1956Musik/Text
Dean Martin & Line RenaudRelax-Ay-Voo1955Musik/Text
Dee Dee BridgewaterI'm A Fool To Want You / I Fall In Love Too Easily1993Musik/Text
Della ReeseIt's Magic1965Musik/Text
Della ReeseTime After Time1955Musik/Text
(Sammy Kahn)
Denise JannahMy Foolish Heart / I Fall In Love Too Easily1999Musik/Text
Denise JannahTeach Me Tonight1999Musik/Text
Dexter GordonGuess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry1962Musik/Text
Dexter GordonIt's You Or No One1961Musik/Text
Dexter GordonUntil The Real Thing Comes Along1962Musik/Text
Diahann CarrollI Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry1967Musik/Text
Diamond RioLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow2007Musik/Text
Diana KrallCome Dance With Me2006Musik/Text
Diana KrallGuess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry2009Musik/Text
Diana KrallOnly The Lonely2007Musik/Text
Diana Krall feat. The Clayton/Hamilton Jazz OrchestraLet It Snow2005Musik/Text
Diana RossLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!1994Musik/Text
Diane SchuurIt's Magic2008Musik/Text
Diane SchuurSome Other Time2008Musik/Text
Dinah ShoreI'll Walk Alone (Through Every Christmas)1944Musik/Text
Dinah Shore & Frank SinatraIt's All Up To You1948Musik/Text
Dinah WashingtonCall Me Irresponsible1963Musik/Text
Dinah WashingtonCrazy Love1960Musik/Text
Dinah WashingtonIf It's The Last Thing I Do1955Musik/Text
Dinah WashingtonI'll Never Stop Loving You1964Musik/Text
Dinah WashingtonIt's Magic1959Musik/Text
Dinah WashingtonTeach Me Tonight1954Musik/Text
Dinah WashingtonTime After Time1959Musik/Text
Don EstelleIf You'd Really Cared1976Musik/Text
Don EstelleIt's Magic1975Musik/Text
Don EstelleNot Now1976Musik/Text
Don EstelleTime After Time1979Musik/Text
Don McLeanChristmas Waltz1997Musik/Text
Don McLeanLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!1997Musik/Text
Donald and DaisyLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!2012Musik/Text
Doris DayAnyone Can Fall In Love1954Musik/Text
Doris DayAt The Cafe Rendezvous1949Musik/Text
Doris DayBecause You're Mine1986Musik/Text
Doris DayHigh Hopes1964Musik/Text
Doris DayI Know A Place1953Musik/Text
Doris DayI'll Never Stop Loving You1955Musik/Text
Doris DayI'm Gonna Ring The Bell Tonight1953Musik/Text
Doris DayI'm Still Sitting Under The Apple Tree Musik/Text
Doris DayIt's A Great Feeling1949Musik/Text
Doris DayIt's Been A Long, Long Time1965Musik/Text
Doris DayIt's Magic1948Musik/Text
Doris DayIt's You Or No One1948Musik/Text
Doris DayLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!1964Musik/Text
Doris DayPapa, Won't You Dance With Me?1947Musik/Text
Doris DayPut 'Em In A Box, Tie 'Em With A Ribbon (And Throw 'Em In The Deep Blue Sea)1948Musik/Text
Doris DayTen Thousand Four Hundred And Thirty Two Sheep1951Musik/Text
Doris DayThat's What Makes Paris Paree1953Musik/Text
Doris DayThe Christmas Waltz1964Musik/Text
Doris DayThe Second Star To The Right1953Musik/Text
Doris DayThree Coins In The Fountain1958Musik/Text
Doris DayYou Love Me1951Musik/Text
Doris DayYour Mother And Mine1952Musik/Text
Doris Day / Les Brown And His OrchestraDay By Day1946Musik/Text
Doris Day / Les Brown And His OrchestraHe'll Have To Cross The Atlantic (To Get To The Pacific)1945Musik/Text
Doris Day And Buddy ClarkI'm In Love1948Musik/Text
Doris Day And Harry JamesMelancholy Rhapsody1950Musik/Text
Doris Day and The MellomenBlame My Absent-Minded Heart1949Musik/Text
Dorsey Burnette4 For Texas1963Musik/Text
Duke EllingtonA Beautiful Friendship1966Musik/Text
Duke EllingtonCall Me Irresponsible1964Musik/Text
Duke EllingtonThe Second Time Around1964Musik/Text
Duke Ellington And His OrchestraPlease Be Kind1951Musik/Text
Duke Ellington And His OrchestraShoe Shine Boy1936Musik/Text
Dusty SpringfieldSecond Time Around1968Musik/Text
Dusty SpringfieldTime After Time1967Musik/Text
Earl BosticI'll Walk Alone1960Musik/Text
Earl BosticThree Coins In THe Fountain1959Musik/Text
Earl GrantThe Second Time Around1962Musik/Text
Earl Hines And His OrchestraPlease Be Kind1938Musik/Text
Ed AmesLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!1967Musik/Text
Ed AmesWalking Happy1968Musik/Text
Eddie Constantine & Gillian HillsSpécialisation1960Musik/Text
Eddie HodgesHigh Hopes1959Musik/Text
Eden KaneI Should Care1964Musik/Text
Elaine Paige & Michael BoltonAll The Way2010Musik/Text
Elaine StritchLet It Snow1956Musik/Text
Eliane EliasCome Fly With Me2019Musik/Text
Ella Fitzgerald(Love Is) The Tender Trap1955Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!1960Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldPete Kelly's Blues1955Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldPlease Be Kind1954Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldThe Secret Of Christmas1959Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldTime After Time1966Musik/Text
Ella FitzgeraldUntil The Real Thing Comes Along1954Musik/Text
Ella Fitzgerald / Chick Webb & His OrchestraEveryone's Wrong But Me1937Musik/Text
Ella Fitzgerald / Chick Webb & His OrchestraIt's My Turn Now1937Musik/Text
(Sammy Kahn)
Ella Fitzgerald / Chick Webb & His OrchestraJust A Simple Melody1937Musik/Text
Ella Fitzgerald And Her Savoy Eight(I've Been) Saving Myself For You1938Musik/Text
Ella Fitzgerald And Her Savoy EightBei mir bist du schön (Means That You're Grand)1938Musik/Text
Ella Fitzgerald And Her Savoy EightIt's My Turn Now1938Musik/Text
Ella Fitzgerald with Camarata And His OrchestraThe Impatient Years1955Musik/Text
Ella Fitzgerald with Count Basie And His OrchestraTeach Me Tonight1979Musik/Text
Ella Fitzgerald with her Savoy EightEveryone's Wrong But Me1937Musik/Text
Ella Fitzgerald with her Savoy EightIf You Ever Should Leave1937Musik/Text
EngelbertSnowy Christmas2018Musik/Text
Engelbert HumperdinckI'll Walk Alone1965Musik/Text
Engelbert HumperdinckJingle Bell Tyme (Jingle Bell Rock / Winter Wonderland / Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow / Jingle Bells)1977Musik/Text
Eric Winstone & His BandAnywhere1944Musik/Text
Erma FranklinTime After Time1962Musik/Text
Erroll GarnerTeach Me Tonight1957Musik/Text
Etta JamesTeach Me Tonight1995Musik/Text
Etta JonesAll The Way1960Musik/Text
Evelyn KünnekeBei mir bist du schön1949Musik/Text
Ferrante & TeicherAll The Way1962Musik/Text
Ferrante & TeicherBe My Love1962Musik/Text
Floyd CramerThe Odd Couple1968Musik/Text
Four PrepsThe Things We Did Last Summer1958Musik/Text
Frank Sinatra(Love Is) The Tender Trap1955Musik/Text
Frank SinatraAll My Tomorrows1959Musik/Text
Frank SinatraAll The Way1957Musik/Text
Frank SinatraAn Old Fashioned Christmas2017Musik/Text
Frank SinatraAnd Then You Kissed Me1944Musik/Text
Frank SinatraAvailable1964Musik/Text
Frank SinatraCalifornia2012Musik/Text
Frank SinatraCall Me Irresponsible1963Musik/Text
Frank SinatraCan't You Just See Yourself1947Musik/Text
Frank SinatraCome Blow Your Horn1963Musik/Text
Frank SinatraCome Dance With Me1959Musik/Text
Frank SinatraCome Fly With Me1957Musik/Text
Frank SinatraCome Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are1944Musik/Text
Frank SinatraCome Waltz With Me1992Musik/Text
Frank SinatraCrazy Love1957Musik/Text
Frank SinatraDay By Day1945Musik/Text
Frank SinatraEver Homeward1948Musik/Text
Frank SinatraEv'rybody Has The Right To Be Wrong1965Musik/Text
Frank SinatraFive Minutes More1946Musik/Text
Frank SinatraGuess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry1949Musik/Text
Frank SinatraHey! Jealous Lover1956Musik/Text
Frank SinatraHigh Hopes1959Musik/Text
Frank SinatraI Begged Her1945Musik/Text
Frank SinatraI Believe1946Musik/Text
Frank SinatraI Fall In Love Too Easily1945Musik/Text
Frank SinatraI Got A Gal I Love (In North And South Dakota)1947Musik/Text
Frank SinatraI Like To Lead When I Dance1964Musik/Text
Frank SinatraI Should Care1945Musik/Text
Frank SinatraIf It's The Last Thing I Do1987Musik/Text
Frank SinatraI'll Only Miss Her When I Think Of Her1965Musik/Text
Frank SinatraIndiscreet1962Musik/Text
Frank SinatraIt Gets Lonely Early1965Musik/Text
Frank SinatraIt's Nice To Go Trav'ling1958Musik/Text
Frank SinatraIt's The Same Old Dream1947Musik/Text
Frank SinatraI've Heard That Song Before1961Musik/Text
Frank SinatraLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!1950Musik/Text
Frank SinatraLet Me Try Again1973Musik/Text
Frank SinatraLook To Your Heart1956Musik/Text
Frank SinatraLove And Marriage1955Musik/Text
Frank SinatraMeet Me At The Copa1993Musik/Text
Frank SinatraMonique1958Musik/Text
Frank SinatraMy Kind Of Town1964Musik/Text
Frank SinatraName It And It's Yours1961Musik/Text
Frank SinatraNight After Night1949Musik/Text
Frank SinatraOnly The Lonely1958Musik/Text
Frank SinatraOur Town1956Musik/Text
Frank SinatraPlease Be Kind1963Musik/Text
Frank SinatraPocketful Of Miracles1961Musik/Text
Frank SinatraRing-A-Ding Ding1961Musik/Text
Frank SinatraSame Old Saturday Night1955Musik/Text
Frank SinatraSame Old Song And dance1959Musik/Text
Frank SinatraSaturday Night (Is The Loneliest Night Of The Week)1944Musik/Text
Frank SinatraSay Hello1981Musik/Text
Frank SinatraSo Long, My Love1957Musik/Text
Frank SinatraStar!1968Musik/Text
Frank SinatraTeach Me Tonight1984Musik/Text
Frank SinatraThe Boys' Night Out2013Musik/Text
Frank SinatraThe Brooklyn Bridge1946Musik/Text
Frank SinatraThe Charm Of You1945Musik/Text
Frank SinatraThe Christmas Waltz1954Musik/Text
Frank SinatraThe Impatient Years1955Musik/Text
Frank SinatraThe Last Dance1959Musik/Text
Frank SinatraThe Look Of Love1962Musik/Text
Frank SinatraThe Same Old Song And Dance1958Musik/Text
Frank SinatraThe Second Time Around1960Musik/Text
Frank SinatraThe September Of My Years1965Musik/Text
Frank SinatraThe Things We Did Last Summer1946Musik/Text
Frank SinatraThey Came To Cordura1959Musik/Text
Frank SinatraThree Coins In The Fountain1954Musik/Text
Frank SinatraTime After Time1947Musik/Text
Frank SinatraTime After Time - Whose Baby Are You1957Musik/Text
Frank SinatraTina1962Musik/Text
Frank SinatraTo Love And Be Loved1958Musik/Text
Frank SinatraUntil The Real Thing Comes Along1984Musik/Text
Frank SinatraWhat Makes The Sunset1945Musik/Text
Frank SinatraWhen No One Cares1959Musik/Text
Frank SinatraYou're My Girl1947Musik/Text
Frank Sinatra & Carly SimonGuess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry1993Musik/Text
Frank Sinatra & Frank Sinatra, Jr.My Kind Of Town1994Musik/Text
Frank Sinatra & Fred WaringAn Old-Fashioned Christmas1964Musik/Text
Frank Sinatra & Keely SmithHow Are Ya' Fixed For Love1958Musik/Text
Frank Sinatra & Keely SmithNothing In Common1958Musik/Text
Frank Sinatra & Kenny G.All The Way / One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)1993Musik/Text
Frank Sinatra & Luis MiguelCome Fly With Me1994Musik/Text
Frank Sinatra & The FamilyI Wouldn't Trade Christmas1968Musik/Text
Frank Sinatra & The FamilyThe 12 Days Of Christmas1968Musik/Text
Frank Sinatra & The FamilyThe Bells Of Christmas (Greensleeves)1968Musik/Text
Frank Sinatra with Nancy, Frank Jr. and TinaI Wouldn't Trade Christmas2017Musik/Text
Frank Sinatra with Nancy, Frank Jr. and TinaThe Bells Of Christmas (Greensleeves)2017Musik/Text
Frank Sinatra with Nancy, Frank Jr. and TinaThe Twelve Days Of Christmas2017Musik/Text
Frankie FordTime After Time1959Musik/Text
Frankie ValliLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!2016Musik/Text
Franziska Wigger & Frank TenderLet It Snow2015Musik/Text
Fred AstaireI'll Walk Alone1959Musik/Text
Fred BertelmannMarie mit dem frechen Blick1956Musik/Text
Freddie HubbardTime After Time Cahn, Styne1961Musik/Text
GarouLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! / C'est l'hiver2014Musik/Text
Gary MillerThere Goes That Song Again1961Musik/Text
Gemma RayBei mir bist du shein2010Musik/Text
Gene McDanielsWarmer Than A Whisper1962Musik/Text
Gene PitneyAll The Way1965Musik/Text
George MaharisTeach Me Tonight1962Musik/Text
George MichaelDecember Song (I Dreamed Of Christmas)2009Musik/Text
George StraitLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow1999Musik/Text
Georgie ShawLook To Your Heart1955Musik/Text
Gerhard WendlandDrei Münzen im Brunnen1966Musik/Text
Gigliola CinquettiMillie1967Musik/Text
Giovanni ZarrellaLet It Snow2020Musik/Text
Giuliano PalmaLet It Snow2017Musik/Text
Glee CastLet It Snow2011Musik/Text
Glen CampbellAll My Tomorrows1972Musik/Text
Glen CampbellAll The Way1969Musik/Text
Glen CampbellChristmas Is For Children1968Musik/Text
Glen CampbellIt Must Be Getting Close To Christmas1968Musik/Text
Glen CampbellIt's A Woman's World1964Musik/Text
Glen CampbellThere's No Place Like Home1968Musik/Text
Glennis Grace & The TemptationsLet It Snow2011Musik/Text
Gloria Astor / RBT-Orchester, Ltg: Horst KudritzkiGive Me Five Minutes More1947Musik/Text
Gloria EstefanLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow1993Musik/Text
Goo Goo DollsLet It Snow2020Musik/Text
Götz AlsmannLass es schnei'n2019Musik/Text
Götz AlsmannTag für Tag2014Musik/Text
Gregory PorterI Fall In Love Too Easily2013Musik/Text
Grover Washington, Jr.All My Tomorrows1994Musik/Text
Grover Washington, Jr.The Christmas Waltz1997Musik/Text
Günther NeefsAin't That A Kick In The Head2015Musik/Text
Gwen StefaniLet It Snow2017Musik/Text
H.B. BarnumIf It's The Last Thing I Do1960Musik/Text
H.B. BarnumThe Last Dance1962Musik/Text
Hank MobleyI Should Care1961Musik/Text
Harold BettersSecond Time Around1966Musik/Text
Harpers BizarrePocketful Of Miracles1967Musik/Text
Harry Connick Jr.All The Way2009Musik/Text
Harry Connick Jr.Time After Time1999Musik/Text
Harry Connick, Jr.I'll Only Miss Her (When I Think Of Her)2001Musik/Text
Harry Connick, Jr.Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!1993Musik/Text
Harry Connick, Jr.The Christmas Waltz2003Musik/Text
Harry James & His OrchestraIt's Been A Long, Long Time1945Musik/Text
Harry James & His OrchestraI've Heard That Song Before1943Musik/Text
Harry James And His OrchestraThree Coins In The Fountain1955Musik/Text
Hazy OsterwaldTeach Me Tonight1955Musik/Text
Hazy OsterwaldThree Coins In The Fountain1954Musik/Text
Helen GelzerUntil The Real Thing Comes Along1978Musik/Text
Helene Fischer & The Royal Philharmonic OrchestraLet It Snow2015Musik/Text
Henning VenskePapa, spiel mit mir1975Musik/Text
Herb AlpertCome Fly With Me2015Musik/Text
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana BrassFive Minutes More1966Musik/Text
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana BrassLet It Snow, Let it Snow, Let It Snow1968Musik/Text
Herb Alpert with Symphony and ChoirLet It Snow & Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer2017Musik/Text
Herbie HancockI Fall In Love Too Easily1982Musik/Text
Herbie MannThe Things We Did Last Summer1956Musik/Text
Holly ColeCome Fly With Me2000Musik/Text
Hot OwlsBei mir bist du schön1975Musik/Text
(Sammy Kahn)
Human Nature feat. Delta GoodremLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow2015Musik/Text
IcehouseAll The Way2004Musik/Text
(Sam Cahn)
Iggy PopOnly The Lonely2012Musik/Text
Il VoloBe My Love2019Musik/Text
Il VoloChristmas Medley2011Musik/Text
Ilhama feat. DJ OGBBei mir bist du scheen2011Musik/Text
Irene Kral With Junior Mance TrioGuess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry1963Musik/Text
Iris WilliamsIf You'd Really Cared1980Musik/Text
IsabellaLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow2010Musik/Text
Ivo RobićThree Coins In The Fountain1956Musik/Text
Jack JonesCall Me Irresponsible1963Musik/Text
Jack JonesGuess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry1964Musik/Text
Jack JonesHere's That Rainy Day1964Musik/Text
Jack JonesThe Christmas Waltz1964Musik/Text
Jack JonesThe Last Dance1961Musik/Text
Jack JonesTime After Time1962Musik/Text
Jack JonesTo Love And Be Loved1964Musik/Text
Jack JonesWhere Love Has Gone1964Musik/Text
Jack JonesYou Stepped Out Of A Dream1961Musik/Text
(Sammy Kahn)
Jackie DavisFive Minutes More1963Musik/Text
Jackie DavisI'll Never Stop Loving You1960Musik/Text
Jackie EvanchoChristmas Waltz2016Musik/Text
Jackie GleasonA Home In The Meadow1963Musik/Text
Jackie GleasonCall Me Irresponsible1963Musik/Text
Jackie WilsonUntil The Real Thing Comes Along1965Musik/Text
James BrownAll The Way1969Musik/Text
James DarrenAll The Way1999Musik/Text
James DarrenBecause You're Mine1965Musik/Text
James DarrenCome Fly With Me1999Musik/Text
James DarrenUnder The Yum Yum Tree1963Musik/Text
James LastBei mir bist du schön1968Musik/Text
James Last-BandTime After Time1967Musik/Text
James TaylorTeach Me Tonight2020Musik/Text
Jamie CullumLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow2010Musik/Text
Jane FromanI'll Walk Alone1952Musik/Text
Jane MonheitI Should Care2004Musik/Text
Janet BraceTeach Me Tonight1954Musik/Text
Jaye P. MorganDay By Day1958Musik/Text
Jean-Henri Chambois et les choeursCaptaine Crochet tient toujours ses promesses/Le roi des voleurs/Une petite surprise/Oh Clochette/Le stylo ou la planche?1952Musik/Text
Jeffrey Osborne feat. Everette HarpTeach Me Tonight2013Musik/Text
Jerry LewisBuckskin Beauty1956Musik/Text
Jerry ValeBe My Love1964Musik/Text
Jessica SimpsonLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow2004Musik/Text
Jessie JLet It Snow2018Musik/Text
(Sammy Can)
JewelLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!2013Musik/Text
Jim Brickman feat. The Blind Boys Of AlabamaLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!2003Musik/Text
Jim NaborsTime After Time1968Musik/Text
Jimmie RodgersThe Long Hot Summer1958Musik/Text
Jimmy DeanIt's Been A Long, Long Time1961Musik/Text
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraCan't You Read Between The Lines?1945Musik/Text
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraHe Didn't Ask Me1942Musik/Text
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraI Should Care1945Musik/Text
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraI Still Get Jelous1947Musik/Text
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraYou're A Lucky Guy Musik/Text
Jo StaffordLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!1955Musik/Text
Jo Stafford And Liberace With Paul Weston And His OrchestraIndiscretion1953Musik/Text
Jo Stafford With Frank De Vol And His OrchestraYou're Starting To Get To Me1959Musik/Text
Jo Stafford With Paul Weston And His Music From HollywoodA Perfect Love1956Musik/Text
Jo Stafford With Paul Weston And His Music From HollywoodHow Can We Say Goodbye?1958Musik/Text
Jo Stafford With Paul Weston And His OrchestraDay By Day1945Musik/Text
Jo Stafford with Paul Weston And His OrchestraEv'ry Day I Love You (Just A Little Bit More)1948Musik/Text
Jo Stafford with Paul Weston And His OrchestraI Fall In Love Too Easily1959Musik/Text
Jo Stafford with Paul Weston And His OrchestraI Should Care1959Musik/Text
Jo Stafford with Paul Weston And His OrchestraI'll Walk Alone1959Musik/Text
Jo Stafford With Paul Weston And His OrchestraI've Never Forgotten1946Musik/Text
Jo Stafford With Paul Weston And His OrchestraTeach Me Tonight1954Musik/Text
Jo Stafford With Paul Weston And His OrchestraThe Christmas Blues1953Musik/Text
Jo Stafford With Paul Weston And His OrchestraThe Things We Did Last Summer1946Musik/Text
Jo VallyHet is feest2012Musik/Text
Joe Albany With Warne MarshIt's You Or No One1957Musik/Text
Joe DiffieLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow1995Musik/Text
Joe DolanAin't That A Kick In The Head2007Musik/Text
Joe Loss & His Orchestra with Harry KayThe Victory Polka1944Musik/Text
John ColtraneTime After Time1963Musik/Text
John Farnham & Olivia Newton-JohnLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!2016Musik/Text
John GaryTime After Time1965Musik/Text
John LewisI Should Care1963Musik/Text
John PizzarelliLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow1996Musik/Text
John Travolta & Olivia Newton-JohnThe Christmas Waltz2012Musik/Text
John ValentiTime After Time1976Musik/Text
Johnnie Ray With The Bill Taylor QuartettDay By Day1958Musik/Text
Johnnie Ray With The Bill Taylor QuartettTouch Me Tonight1958Musik/Text
Johnny FarnhamIt Must Be Getting Close To Christmas1970Musik/Text
Johnny HartmanI Fall In Love Too Easily1956Musik/Text
Johnny MathisAutumn In Rome1956Musik/Text
Johnny MathisDay By Day2005Musik/Text
Johnny MathisLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!1963Musik/Text
Johnny MathisLove Without Words1980Musik/Text
Johnny MathisPlease Be Kind1959Musik/Text
Johnny MathisThe Best Of Everything1959Musik/Text
Johnny MathisThe Christmas Waltz1986Musik/Text
Johnny MathisThe Secret Of Christmas1963Musik/Text
(Sammy Kahn)
Johnny ReimarThe Boys' Night Out1963Musik/Text
Joseph CallejaBe My Love2012Musik/Text
Joseph Calleja & BBC Concert OrchestraBecause You're Mine2012Musik/Text
Joshua Bell feat. Michael FeinsteinThe Secret Of Christmas2013Musik/Text
Joss StoneBei mir bist du schön2012Musik/Text
Judy Garland(Can This Be) The End Of The Rainbow1940Musik/Text
Julie AndrewsStar1968Musik/Text
Julie AndrewsThe Secret Of Christmas1982Musik/Text
Julie AndrewsThoroughly Modern Millie1967Musik/Text
Julie LondonAll The Way1962Musik/Text
Julie LondonCall Me Irresponsible1963Musik/Text
Julie LondonI Should Care1955Musik/Text
Julie LondonMy Kind Of Town1965Musik/Text
Julie LondonNow Baby Now1957Musik/Text
Julie LondonSaturday Night (Is The Loneliest Night Of The Week)1966Musik/Text
Julie LondonThe Second Time Around1962Musik/Text
Julie RogersIt's Magic1964Musik/Text
Julie RogersWhere Walks My True Love1965Musik/Text
Julien ClercAvant qu'on aille au fond des choses2003Musik/Text
Julius La RosaThree Coins In The Fountain1954Musik/Text
June ChristyTime After Time1963Musik/Text
June TaborSome Other Time1989Musik/Text
K. H. Miklin TrioI'll Never Stop Loving You1980Musik/Text
Kacey Musgraves feat. The Quebe SistersLet It Snow2016Musik/Text
KamahlLet Me Try Again1976Musik/Text
Karel GottBe My Love1974Musik/Text
Kathryn GraysonJealousy1945Musik/Text
Keely SmithAll The Way1992Musik/Text
Keely Smith With Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraIt's Been A Long, Long Time1959Musik/Text
Keely Smith With Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraIt's Magic1959Musik/Text
Keith JarrettBe My Love1999Musik/Text
Keith JarrettDedicated To You1969Musik/Text
Keith Jarrett / Gary Peacock / Jack DeJohnetteI Fall In Love Too Easily1983Musik/Text
Kenny GLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!1999Musik/Text
Kirsten SiggaardLet It Snow2011Musik/Text
Kylie MinogueLet It Snow2010Musik/Text
La Chorale des MontagnesLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!2013Musik/Text
Lady AntebellumLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow2010Musik/Text
Lalo Schifrin / Bob BrookmeyerTime After Time1963Musik/Text
Laura Pausini with the Patrick Williams OrchestraLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!2016Musik/Text
Lawrence WintersDrei Münzen im Brunnen1955Musik/Text
Lee GreenwoodLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow1985Musik/Text
Lee TowersSay Hello1986Musik/Text
Lena HorneCome On Strong1962Musik/Text
Lena HorneLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!1966Musik/Text
Lenny Dee [US]My Kind Of Town1966Musik/Text
Leroy Van DykeI'll Walk Alone1965Musik/Text
Les Baxter & His OrchestraI'll Never Stop Loving You1955Musik/Text
Les choeurs "Peter Pan"Peter Pan / La deuxième petite étoile1952Musik/Text
Les choeurs "Peter Pan"Tu t'envoles1951Musik/Text
Les Enfants de l'AccordéonLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!2016Musik/Text
Les McCannWonder Why1961Musik/Text
Les Paul & Mary FordIt's Been A Long, Long Time1962Musik/Text
Lesley GoreThe Things We Did Last Summer1965Musik/Text
Linda LewisIt's Good1978Musik/Text
Linda RonstadtI Fall In Love Too Easily2004Musik/Text
Linda Ronstadt & The Nelson Riddle OrchestraGuess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry1983Musik/Text
Lindsey StirlingLet It Snow2017Musik/Text
Lionel Hampton with Dexter GordonI Should Care1977Musik/Text
Lisa del BoBei mir bist du schön2001Musik/Text
Little Jimmy ScottDay By Day1952Musik/Text
Little Steven And The Interstellar Jazz RenegadesMy Kind Of Town2019Musik/Text
Little Steven And The Interstellar Jazz RenegadesRing-A-Ding Ding!2019Musik/Text
Living MarimbasBe My Love1968Musik/Text
Liza MinnelliAll The Way2010Musik/Text
Lize MarkeFontein van de liefde1974Musik/Text
LoboTeach Me Tonight1997Musik/Text
Louis ArmstrongI Believe [1967]1968Musik/Text
Louis ArmstrongIt's Been A Long, Long Time Musik/Text
Louis Armstrong And His OrchestraI Believe1947Musik/Text
Louis Armstrong And His OrchestraI Still Get Jealous1964Musik/Text
Louis Armstrong And His OrchestraI'll Walk Alone1952Musik/Text
Louis Armstrong And His OrchestraRhythm Saved The World1936Musik/Text
Louis Armstrong And His OrchestraShe's The Daughter Of A Planter From Havana1937Musik/Text
Louis Armstrong And His OrchestraShoe Shine Boy1936Musik/Text
Louis Armstrong And His OrchestraThankful1936Musik/Text
Louis Armstrong And His OrchestraYes! Yes! My! My! (She's Mine)1936Musik/Text
Louis Armstrong And His OrchestraYou're A Lucky Guy1939Musik/Text
Louis Armstrong And His OrchestraYou're Just A No Account1939Musik/Text
Louis Armstrong With Jimmy Dorsey & His OrchestraHurdy Gurdy Man1936Musik/Text
Louis Bacon et son orchestreRhythm Is Our Business1944Musik/Text
Louis PrimaI'll Walk Alone1944Musik/Text
Louis Prima & Keely SmithBei mir bist du schon1959Musik/Text
Louis Prima & Keely SmithSurprise Package1961Musik/Text
Louis Prima & Keely SmithTeach Me Tonight1960Musik/Text
Luis MarianoLes feux de l'été1966Musik/Text
Lynn HilaryWhat Makes The Sunset?2009Musik/Text
Major HarrisTeach Me Tonight1981Musik/Text
Malcolm RobertsBe My Love1974Musik/Text
(Sammy Kahn)
MantovaniThree Coins In The Fountain1989Musik/Text
ManuelaBei mir bist du schön1976Musik/Text
Margaret WhitingI've Heard That Song Before1942Musik/Text
Margaret WhitingTime After Time1967Musik/Text
Marika LichterYouth1970Musik/Text
(Sammy Kahn)
Marilyn MayeStar1968Musik/Text
Marilyn Monroe & Frankie VaughanLet's Make Love1960Musik/Text
Marilyn Monroe & Frankie VaughanSpecialization1960Musik/Text
Marilyn Monroe & Yves MontandIncurably Romantic1960Musik/Text
Mario BiondiLet It Snow2013Musik/Text
Mario Fernandez PortaBe My Love2012Musik/Text
Mario LanzaBe My Love1950Musik/Text
Mario LanzaBecause You're Mine1952Musik/Text
Mario LanzaI'll Never Love You1950Musik/Text
Mario LanzaThe Bayou Lullaby1950Musik/Text
Martha Tilton with OrchestraI Should Care1945Musik/Text
Martin & Shirlie(Love Is) The Tender Trap2019Musik/Text
Martin & ShirlieAin't That A Kick In The Head2019Musik/Text
Martin & ShirlieHow D'Ya Like Your Eggs In The Morning?2019Musik/Text
Martina McBrideLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow1998Musik/Text
Marty RobbinsAll The Way1962Musik/Text
Marvin GayeMy Kind Of Town1964Musik/Text
Mary WellsTime After Time1965Musik/Text
Mathilde SantingAll My Tomorrows2001Musik/Text
Matt MonroDay By Day1961Musik/Text
Matt MonroI Should Care1961Musik/Text
Matt MonroI'll Only Miss Her When I Think Of Her1967Musik/Text
Matt MonroThe Second Time Around1964Musik/Text
Matt MonroTime After Time1968Musik/Text
Matt MonroWalking Happy1967Musik/Text
Matt MonroWhat Makes It Happen2020Musik/Text
Matt MonroWhat Makes The Sunset?1958Musik/Text
Maureen McGovernAll The Way1975Musik/Text
Maureen McGovernSleigh Ride / Winter Wonderland / Let It Snow1990Musik/Text
Mavis RiversAll My Tomorrows1961Musik/Text
Mavis RiversSaturday Night (Is The Loneliest Night In The Week)1961Musik/Text
Maynard FergusonSaturday Night (Is The Lonliest Night Of The Week)1964Musik/Text
Mel TorméI Should Care1959Musik/Text
Mel TorméThe Brooklyn Bridge1966Musik/Text
Melody GardotI Fall In Love Too Easily2020Musik/Text
Michael Ball & Alfie BoeCome Fly With Me2019Musik/Text
Michael Ball & Alfie BoeIncurably Romantic2016Musik/Text
Michael BoltonAll The Way2004Musik/Text
Michael BubléCall Me Irresponsible2007Musik/Text
Michael BubléCome Dance With Me2013Musik/Text
Michael BubléCome Fly With Me2003Musik/Text
Michael BubléLet It Snow!2005Musik/Text
Michael FeinsteinAll My Tomorrows / All The Way2008Musik/Text
Michael ForsterLet It Snow2017Musik/Text
Miguel RodríguezBe My Love2013Musik/Text
Mike ReidHigh Hopes1976Musik/Text
Miles DavisI Fall In Love Too Easily1963Musik/Text
Mills BrothersOnce Upon A Dream1940Musik/Text
Mills BrothersRhythm Saved The World1936Musik/Text
Mills BrothersShoe Shine Boy1936Musik/Text
Mills BrothersSwing For Sale1937Musik/Text
Milton Delugg And The Tonight Show Big BandWalking Happy1967Musik/Text
Mitchell TenpennyLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!2019Musik/Text
Monica ZetterlundLär mig ikväll1989Musik/Text
NádineLet It Snow, Let It Snow2012Musik/Text
Nancy WilsonCall Me Irresponsible Musik/Text
Nancy WilsonIf It's The Last Thing I Do1960Musik/Text
Nancy WilsonTeach Me Tonight1960Musik/Text
Nat "King" ColeBecause You're Mine1952Musik/Text
Nat "King" ColeDedicated To You1960Musik/Text
Nat "King" ColeI Should Care1957Musik/Text
Nat "King" ColeIf You Said No1959Musik/Text
Nat "King" ColeMaking Believe You're Here1958Musik/Text
Nat "King" ColeSomeone To Tell It To1963Musik/Text
Nat "King" ColeTeach Me Tonight1954Musik/Text
Nat "King" ColeUntil The Real Thing Comes Along1960Musik/Text
Nat AdderleyI Should Care1957Musik/Text
Natalie ColeTeach Me Tonight1996Musik/Text
Neal HeftiThe Odd Couple1968Musik/Text
Neil SedakaAll The Way1960Musik/Text
Nelson RangellLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!1991Musik/Text
Nick & SimonLet It Snow2013Musik/Text
Nick PalmerBe My Love1967Musik/Text
NicolettaBei mir bist du schön2006Musik/Text
Nikka Costa & Don CostaYou1981Musik/Text
Nino FerrerJoseph Joseph1977Musik/Text
Nnenna FreelonI Fall In Love Too Easily1992Musik/Text
Noel HarrisonCome Dance With Me1960Musik/Text
Odia CoatesYou1976Musik/Text
Old Merry Tale Jazz BandBei mir bist du schön1966Musik/Text
Original Broadway CastKick The Door1970Musik/Text
Oscar PetersonTeach Me Tonight1971Musik/Text
Pat BooneBe My Love1961Musik/Text
Pat BooneI'll Walk Alone1958Musik/Text
Pat BooneIt's Been A Long, Long Time1960Musik/Text
Pat BooneI've Heard That Song Before1958Musik/Text
Pat BooneMy Faithful Heart1958Musik/Text
Pat BooneThe Christmas Waltz1993Musik/Text
Pat BooneThe Faithful Heart1958Musik/Text
Pat BooneThree Coins In The Fountain1961Musik/Text
Patricia PaayWhat Becomes Of Love1983Musik/Text
Patti LuponeGuess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry2006Musik/Text
Patti PageI Fall In Love Too Easily1957Musik/Text
Patty PravoFollow The Lamb1971Musik/Text
Paul AnkaAll The Way1968Musik/Text
(Sammy Kahn)
Paul AnkaEverybody Has The Right To Be Wrong1968Musik/Text
Paul AnkaHeadlines1979Musik/Text
Paul AnkaI've Heard That Song Before1958Musik/Text
Paul AnkaLet It Snow2011Musik/Text
Paul AnkaLet's Sit This One Out1962Musik/Text
Paul AnkaSe que volveras1986Musik/Text
Paul AnkaTeach Me Tonight1962Musik/Text
Paul AnkaWalk Away1975Musik/Text
Paul AnkaWhere Love Has Gone1968Musik/Text
Paul AnkaYoung, Alive And In Love1962Musik/Text
Paul Carrack with the Royal Philharmonic OrchestraAll The Way2010Musik/Text
Paul DesmondI Should Care1962Musik/Text
Paul DesmondTime After Time1959Musik/Text
Peaches & HerbTime After Time1966Musik/Text
Peggy LeeAt The Café Rendezvous1949Musik/Text
Peggy LeeAutumn In Rome1954Musik/Text
Peggy LeeCome Dance With Me1960Musik/Text
Peggy LeeI Only Miss Him When I Think Of Him1966Musik/Text
Peggy LeeI'm Glad I Waited For You1945Musik/Text
Peggy LeeIt's Been A Long, Long Time1958Musik/Text
Peggy LeeLife Is For Livin'1958Musik/Text
Peggy LeeLove And Marriage1960Musik/Text
Peggy LeePlease Be Kind1957Musik/Text
Peggy LeeTeach Me Tonight1962Musik/Text
Peggy LeeThat's What A Woman Is For1954Musik/Text
Peggy LeeThe Christmas Waltz1960Musik/Text
Peggy LeeWalking Happy1966Musik/Text
PentatonixLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!2017Musik/Text
Percy FaithIndiscreet1966Musik/Text
Percy Faith And His OrchestraStar!1969Musik/Text
Perry ComoLook To Your Heart1968Musik/Text
Perry ComoThe Songs I Love1963Musik/Text
Pete FountainMood Indigo / It's Been A Long, Long Time1975Musik/Text
Peter BeilIch geh' allein1960Musik/Text
(Sammy Kahn)
Peter NeroThree Coins In The Fountain1961Musik/Text
Phoebe SnowTeach Me Tonight1976Musik/Text
Placido DomingoBe My Love1976Musik/Text
Placido DomingoTime After Time1981Musik/Text
Plácido Domingo with Harry Connick Jr.Time After Time2012Musik/Text
Polly Bergen / Frank DeVol And His OrchestraThe Things We Did Last Summer1960Musik/Text
Portland [BE]Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!2018Musik/Text
Raffi ArtoLet It Snow2018Musik/Text
Ral Donner & The StarfiresIt's Been A Long Long Time1961Musik/Text
Ralf BendixBei mir bist du schön1959Musik/Text
RäuberIch trink dich heut schön2004Musik/Text
Ray CharlesGuess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry1964Musik/Text
Ray CharlesJosephine1960Musik/Text
(Sammy Kahn)
Ray ConniffMy Little Friend1975Musik/Text
Ray Conniff And His Orchestra And ChorusI'll Walk Alone1963Musik/Text
Ray Conniff And His Orchestra And ChorusThree Coins In The Fountain1960Musik/Text
Ray Conniff And The SingersLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! / Count Your Blessings / We Wish You A Merry Christmas1962Musik/Text
Red Norvo And His OrchestraPlease Be Kind1938Musik/Text
Regina CarterDedicated To You2017Musik/Text
René KolloThree Coins In The Fountain1966Musik/Text
Renée & RenatoBe My Love1984Musik/Text
Renée FlemingThe Christmas Waltz2014Musik/Text
Rick NelsonTime After Time1960Musik/Text
Rickie Lee JonesSecond Time Around1991Musik/Text
Ricky NelsonI'll Walk Alone1958Musik/Text
RicochetLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow1998Musik/Text
Rita Paul / Walter Dobschinski und die Swingband des Berliner RundfunksAy, Ay, Ay (Minnie From Trinidad)1947Musik/Text
Robb StormeFive Minutes More1960Musik/Text
Robbie WilliamsAin't That A Kick In The Head2001Musik/Text
Robbie WilliamsLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!2019Musik/Text
Robert HortonTime After Time1961Musik/Text
Robin Luke With The Lawrence Bros. ComboFive Minutes More1959Musik/Text
Robin McKelleDay By Day2008Musik/Text
Rod StewartTime After Time2003Musik/Text
Rod StewartUntil The Real Thing Comes Along2003Musik/Text
Rod Stewart feat. Dave KozLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!2012Musik/Text
Roland Kirk with Jack McDuffMakin' Whoopee1961Musik/Text
(Sammy Kahn)
Ronnie CarrollWhere Walks My True Love1960Musik/Text
Ronnie DawsonAin't That A Kick In The Head1959Musik/Text
Ronnie MilsapTeach Me Tonight2004Musik/Text
Ross AntonyLass es schneien2020Musik/Text
Ross AntonyLass es schnei'n2014Musik/Text
Roy BlackThree Coins In A Fountain1970Musik/Text
Roy HamiltonAll The Way1960Musik/Text
Roy HamiltonI Fall In Love Too Easily1960Musik/Text
Roy HamiltonI'll Walk Alone1967Musik/Text
Roy HamiltonTime After Time1958Musik/Text
Ruth Jacott & Dean MartinThe Christmas Blues2011Musik/Text
Salena JonesTime After Time1991Musik/Text
Sam Butera & The WitnessesAll The Way1958Musik/Text
Sam CookeAll The Way1962Musik/Text
Sammy Davis Jr. & Carmen McRaeThe Things We Did Last Summer1957Musik/Text
Sammy Davis, Jr.(Love Is) The Tender Trap1961Musik/Text
(Sam Cahn)
Sammy Davis, Jr.Be My Love1962Musik/Text
Sammy Davis, Jr.Come On Strong1964Musik/Text
Sammy Davis, Jr.Dedicated To You1950Musik/Text
Sammy Davis, Jr.Eee-O Eleven1960Musik/Text
Sammy Davis, Jr.Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry1957Musik/Text
Sammy Davis, Jr.I Fall In Love Too Easily1959Musik/Text
Sammy Davis, Jr.It's Magic1959Musik/Text
Sammy Davis, Jr.I've Heard That Song Before1959Musik/Text
Sammy Davis, Jr.The Goin's Great1969Musik/Text
Sammy Davis, Jr.You Can't Love 'Em All1962Musik/Text
Sammy Davis, Jr.You're My Girl1955Musik/Text
Sammy Davis, Jr. & The Count Basie OrchestraTeach Me Tonight1965Musik/Text
Sandie ShawTime After Time1967Musik/Text
Sandy DennyUntil The Real Thing Comes Along1973Musik/Text
Sarah McLachlanLet It Snow2016Musik/Text
Sarah VaughanIt's Magic1948Musik/Text
Sarah VaughanSecond Time Around1962Musik/Text
Sarah VaughanWonder Why1961Musik/Text
Sasha & DavySanta Claus Is Coming To Town, Let It Snow, Jingle Bell Rock2019Musik/Text
Scatman Crothers(It Will Have To Do) Until The Real Thing Comes Along1973Musik/Text
Scott HamiltonI'll Only Miss Her When I Think Of Her1989Musik/Text
SealLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow2017Musik/Text
Sergio SylvestreLet It Snow2017Musik/Text
Seth MacFarlaneThe Things We Did Last Summer2019Musik/Text
Seth MacFarlane feat. Sara BareillesLove Won't Let You Get Away2011Musik/Text
She & HimLet It Snow2016Musik/Text
She & HimTeach Me Tonight2014Musik/Text
She & HimTime After Time2014Musik/Text
Shelley FabaresThe Things We Did Last Summer1962Musik/Text
Shep Fields And His Rippling Rhythm OrchestraDedicated To You1937Musik/Text
Shirley BasseyAll That Love Went To Waste1974Musik/Text
Shirley BasseyIt's Always 4 A.M.1969Musik/Text
Shirley BasseyIt's Magic1963Musik/Text
Shirley BasseyI've Been Loved1968Musik/Text
Shirley BoothI, Yes Me, That's Who1970Musik/Text
Shirley BoothLook To The Lilies1970Musik/Text
Shirley BoothOne Little Brick At A Time1970Musik/Text
Shirley Booth & Al Freeman, Jr.Follow The Lamb1970Musik/Text
Shirley HornCome Dance With Me1991Musik/Text
Shirley HornI Fall In Love Too Easily1998Musik/Text
(Sammy Kahn)
Shirley HornOnly The Lonely1962Musik/Text
Shirley ScottChicago, My Kind Of Town1967Musik/Text
Silje NergaardThe Secret Of Christmas2015Musik/Text
Sinatra Tribute BandCome Fly With Me2006Musik/Text
Sinatra Tribute Band & Scat Max NeissendorferAll The Way2010Musik/Text
Sinatra Tribute Band & Scat Max NeissendorferTeach Me Tonight2010Musik/Text
Smokey RobinsonTime After Time2006Musik/Text
Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesLet It Snow, Let It Snow1963Musik/Text
Sofie [BE]You Taught My Heart To Sing2014Musik/Text
Solomon BurkeAll The Way1975Musik/Text
Solomon KingBe My Love1968Musik/Text
SpinnersBe My Love1981Musik/Text
Stacey Kent feat. Roberto MenescalOnly Trust Your Heart2015Musik/Text
Stars On 45Double Dutch Jive1983Musik/Text
Stars On 45Stars On 45 Proudly Presents The Star Sisters1983Musik/Text
Steven Curtis ChapmanLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow2012Musik/Text
Sun Ra And His Astro Infinity ArkestraDay By Day1970Musik/Text
Susan BarrettI'll Only Miss Him When I Think Of Him1967Musik/Text
Susan BarrettWalking Happy1967Musik/Text
Susan BoyleThe Christmas Waltz2013Musik/Text
Susan CadoganLet Me Try Again1975Musik/Text
Susan MaughanI Fall In Love Too Easily1964Musik/Text
Susan MaughanI'll Never Stop Loving You1966Musik/Text
Sylvia SymsThe Long Lonely Season1976Musik/Text
Tab HunterTime After Time1958Musik/Text
TacoI Should Care1982Musik/Text
Tammy JonesLet Me Try Again1975Musik/Text
Teddy Wilson & His Orchestra(If I Had) Rhythm In My Nursery Rhymes1936Musik/Text
Teddy Wilson & His OrchestraIt's Easy To Blame The Weather1939Musik/Text
Teresa BrewerBei mir bist du schön1973Musik/Text
Terri Clark with Dierks BentleyLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!2020Musik/Text
The Ames BrothersSuzie Wong1960Musik/Text
The Andrews SistersBei mir bist du schön1937Musik/Text
The Andrews SistersJoseph, Joseph1938Musik/Text
The Andrews SistersJust A Simple Melody1937Musik/Text
The Andrews SistersLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow2004Musik/Text
The Andrews SistersLullaby To A Little Jitterbug1938Musik/Text
The Andrews SistersOh He Loves Me1940Musik/Text
The Andrews SistersPross-Tchai - Goodbye, Goodbye1938Musik/Text
The Andrews SistersRun, Run, Run1950Musik/Text
The AtlanticsThree Coins In A Fountain1992Musik/Text
The BachelorsCall Me Irresponsible1966Musik/Text
The BaseballsLet It Snow2012Musik/Text
The Beach BoysThings We Did Last Summer1993Musik/Text
The BobbettesTeach Me Tonight1961Musik/Text
The ChampionettesIn The Army1994Musik/Text
The ChantaysThree Coins In The Fountain1963Musik/Text
The DeCastro SistersTeach Me Tonight1954Musik/Text
The FizzLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow2018Musik/Text
The Four AcesIf You Can Dream1956Musik/Text
The Four AcesIt's A Woman's World1954Musik/Text
The Four AcesThree Coins In The Fountain1954Musik/Text
The Four Aces Feat. Al AlbertsThe Gal With The Yaller Shoes1956Musik/Text
The Four FreshmenDay By Day1955Musik/Text
The GaylordsCoquette1953Musik/Text
(Sammy Kahn)
The Glenn Miller OrchestraWalking Happy1967Musik/Text
The Great British Barbershop BoysLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow2010Musik/Text
The Gunter Kallmann ChoirMistletoe And Holly / Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow1970Musik/Text
The Harlem RamblersHigh Hopes1974Musik/Text
The Hot SardinesBei mir bist du schoen2015Musik/Text
The Hot SardinesUntil The Real Thing Comes Along2016Musik/Text
The Jud Conlon ChorusThe Second Star To The Right1953Musik/Text
The King Cole TrioOl' Man Mose Ain't Dead1939Musik/Text
The King Cole TrioPut 'Em In A Box, Tie 'Em With A Ribbon (And Throw 'Em In The Deep Blue Sea)1947Musik/Text
The Kingston TrioTexas Across the River1966Musik/Text
The LettermenI'll Never Stop Loving You1963Musik/Text
The LettermenSong From "Some Came Running" (To Love And Be Loved)1975Musik/Text
The LettermenSong From Some Came Running (To Love And Be Loved)1974Musik/Text
The LettermenThe Christmas Waltz1966Musik/Text
The LettermenThe Things We Did Last Summer1965Musik/Text
The Lou Donaldson QuartetThe Things We Did Last Summer1952Musik/Text
The Mills Brothers with Ella FitzgeraldDedicated To You1937Musik/Text
The MiraclesLet It Snow, Let It Snow1963Musik/Text
The MonitorsDay By Day1990Musik/Text
The New Amazing Chico Hamilton QuintetThe Second Time Around1962Musik/Text
The O'JaysI'll Never Stop Loving You1964Musik/Text
The Oscar Peterson TrioCome Dance With Me1959Musik/Text
The OsmondsLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!1976Musik/Text
The OsmondsThe Christmas Waltz1976Musik/Text
The OvertonesLet It Snow2015Musik/Text
The PeddlersTime After Time1967Musik/Text
The Piano GuysLet It Snow / Winter Wonderland2013Musik/Text
The PlattersIt's Magic1962Musik/Text
The PlattersThe Sound And The Fury1959Musik/Text
The PlattersUntil The Real Thing Comes Along1958Musik/Text
The Puppini SistersLet It Snow2010Musik/Text
The TemptationsLet It Snow1970Musik/Text
The TemptationsTime After Time1995Musik/Text
The VoguesTime After Time1969Musik/Text
Thelma HoustonIf It's The Last Thing To Do1976Musik/Text
Thelonious MonkI Should Care2014Musik/Text
Till BrönnerCome Dance With Me2016Musik/Text
Tiny TimBe My Love1968Musik/Text
Tito BeltranBe My Love1998Musik/Text
Tito BeltranBecause You're Mine1998Musik/Text
Tommy Dorsey And His OrchestraIf It's The Last Thing I Do1937Musik/Text
Tommy SteeleHigh Hopes1979Musik/Text
Tony BennettAll My Tomorrows1965Musik/Text
Tony BennettAutumn In Rome1963Musik/Text
Tony BennettCall Me Irresponsible1992Musik/Text
Tony BennettI Fall In Love Too Easily1955Musik/Text
Tony BennettI'll Only Miss Her When I Think Of Her1965Musik/Text
Tony BennettThe Second Time Around1966Musik/Text
Tony BennettThere's Always Tomorrow1976Musik/Text
Tony BennettWhat Makes It Happen1966Musik/Text
Tony Bennett feat. The Count Basie Big BandThe Christmas Waltz2008Musik/Text
Tony Bennett with Frank De Vol And His OrchestraIt's Magic1960Musik/Text
Tony Bennett with Frank De Vol And His OrchestraTime After Time1958Musik/Text
Tony Bennett with Percy Faith And His OrchestraSold To The Man With The Broken Heart1957Musik/Text
Tony Bennett with Ralph Burns And His OrchestraYou Can't Love 'Em All1959Musik/Text
Tony Bennett with The Ralph Sharon TrioI Fall In Love Too Easily1992Musik/Text
Tony Bennett with The Ralph Sharon TrioTime After Time1992Musik/Text
Tony Bennett with The Ruby Braff / George Barnes QuartetAll That Love Went To Waste1973Musik/Text
Trijntje OosterhuisLet It Snow2010Musik/Text
(Sammy Kahn)
Twisted SisterLet It Snow2006Musik/Text
Val DoonicanIt's Been A Long, Long Time1992Musik/Text
Val DoonicanLet Is Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!1999Musik/Text
Val DoonicanPut 'Em In A Box1992Musik/Text
Vanessa WilliamsCome On Strong2009Musik/Text
Vasile SirliLes rêves de fantaisie / Dreams Of Fantasy2008Musik/Text
Vaughn Monroe & His OrchestraLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!1945Musik/Text
VentinoVa a nevar2017Musik/Text
Vera LynnBecause You're Mine1961Musik/Text
Vera LynnI've Heard That Song Before Musik/Text
Vic DamoneI Should Care1968Musik/Text
Vic DamoneThe Things We Did Last Summer1959Musik/Text
Vic DamoneTime After Time1987Musik/Text
Victor Young And His Orchestra with Louanne HoganBe My Love1950Musik/Text
Viva VoxLet It Snow2016Musik/Text
Vonda ShepardLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow2000Musik/Text
WaldeckBei mir bist du schön2007Musik/Text
Walter JacksonThere Goes That Song Again1964Musik/Text
Wanda JacksonTeach Me Tonight2011Musik/Text
Wayne NewtonAll That Love Went To Waste1973Musik/Text
Wayne NewtonCall Me Irresponsible1964Musik/Text
Wayne NewtonHow D'Ya Talk To A Girl1966Musik/Text
Wayne NewtonLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!1966Musik/Text
Wayne NewtonMy Kind Of Town1978Musik/Text
Wencke MyhreLass es schnei'n, lass es schnei'n1996Musik/Text
Wencke MyhreMedley (Wenn du kommst, bin ich froh / Immer heiter / You Are My Sunshine)1974Musik/Text
Werner Böhm & die Hamburg All StarsBei mir biste scheen Musik/Text
Westlife...Ain't That A Kick In The Head2004Musik/Text
WestlifeCome Fly With Me2004Musik/Text
William Francis JonesCome Fly With Me2008Musik/Text
Willie NelsonI Fall In Love Too Easily1984Musik/Text
Windsor Davies & Don EstelleThree Coins In The Fountain1975Musik/Text
Woody HermanLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow1945Musik/Text
Yannick BovyLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow2014Musik/Text
Yazmin LaceyI'll Never Stop Loving You2020Musik/Text
Yves MontandLet's Make Love1960Musik/Text
Yvonne CatterfeldLet It Snow, Let It Snow2015Musik/Text
ZegerAin't That A Kick In The Head2010Musik/Text

Sammy Cahn in der österreichischen Hitparade


Let It Snow! (Michael Bublé)18.12.2005253
December Song (I Dreamed Of Christmas) (George Michael)25.12.2009631
Bei mir bist du scheen (Ilhama feat. DJ OGB)25.11.2011446
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! (Frank Sinatra)04.01.2019555
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! (Dean Martin)11.12.2020284

Die bestbewerteten Songs von Sammy Cahn

Bei mir bist du schön (The Andrews Sisters)525.04
I've Heard That Song Before (Harry James & His Orchestra)105
The Odd Couple (Neal Hefti)74.86
Call Me Irresponsible (Dinah Washington)54.8
Love And Marriage (Frank Sinatra)694.78
If It's The Last Thing To Do (Thelma Houston)84.75
It's Magic (Doris Day)164.69
Teach Me Tonight (Hootenanny) (Amy Winehouse)94.67
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow (Martina McBride)64.67
The Christmas Waltz (Frank Sinatra)114.64
Ain't That A Kick In The Head (Dean Martin)234.61
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! (Dean Martin)634.6
Let Me Try Again (Frank Sinatra)104.6
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow (Woody Herman)54.6
It's Been A Long, Long Time (Harry James & His Orchestra)54.6
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! (Bing Crosby)74.57
It's Nice To Go Trav'ling (Frank Sinatra)94.56
All The Way (Frank Sinatra)134.46
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! (Vaughn Monroe & His Orchestra)184.44
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! (Doris Day)94.44

Die bekanntesten Songs von Sammy Cahn

Let It Snow! (Michael Bublé)763.55
Love And Marriage (Frank Sinatra)694.78
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! (Dean Martin)634.6
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! (Frank Sinatra)584.19
Bei mir bist du schön (The Andrews Sisters)525.04
December Song (I Dreamed Of Christmas) (George Michael)484.21
Stars On 45 Proudly Presents The Star Sisters (Stars On 45)453.76
Come Fly With Me (Frank Sinatra)364.42
Ain't That A Kick In The Head (Dean Martin)234.61
All The Way (Céline Dion with Frank Sinatra)222.77
Ain't That A Kick In The Head (Robbie Williams)214.29
...Ain't That A Kick In The Head (Westlife)212.9
My Kind Of Town (Frank Sinatra)204.35
Three Coins In The Fountain (The Four Aces)204.1
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! (Vaughn Monroe & His Orchestra)184.44
Let It Snow (Kylie Minogue)184.22
It's Magic (Doris Day)164.69
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow (Jessica Simpson)163.69
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow (Aaron Neville)143.86
(Love Is) The Tender Trap (Frank Sinatra)143.79
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