Die bekanntesten Songs von Belinda Carlisle

Die bestbewerteten Songs | Die bekanntesten Songs
Alle Songs mit mindestens 5 Reviews werden für diese Liste gezählt.
1Heaven Is A Place On Earth19872534.98
2Leave A Light On19891715.27
3Circle In The Sand19871464.92
4La luna19891284.66
5I Get Weak19871044.63
6Summer Rain1989905
7(We Want) The Same Thing1989824.79
8Runaway Horses1989764.7
9Vision Of You1989674.75
10Live Your Life Be Free1991614.59
11Half The World1991564.82
12Mad About You1986554.47
13Shades Of Michaelangelo1989524.94
14Little Black Book1991514.76
15Do You Feel Like I Feel?1991504.44
16World Without You1987444.52
17In Too Deep1996404.78
18Whatever It Takes1989384.66
19Always Breaking My Heart1996384.47
20Big Scary Animal1993374.41
21I Plead Insanity1991334.3
22Fool For Love1987314.48
23All God's Children1999284.89
24Deep Deep Ocean1989284.43
26I Feel Free1987254.56
28Love Never Dies...1987254.32
29We Can Change1987254.28
30Love In The Key Of C1996254.16
31You're Nothing Without Me1991234.65
32Should I Let You In?1987234.61
33A Prayer For Everyone1999194.42
34Nobody Owns Me1987194.37
Lay Down Your Arms1993194.37
36Love Revolution1991194.26
37I Feel The Magic1986174.71
38Band Of Gold1986174.06
39Goodbye Day1993164.81
40World Of Love1991164.38
41Loneliness Game1991164
42Too Much Water1993154.53
43I Won't Say (I'm In Love)1997144.57
44Emotional Highway1991144.43
The Air You Breathe1992144.43
46You Came Out Of Nowhere1991144.21
47A Woman And A Man1996134.69
48I Need A Disguise1986134.46
49From The Heart1986133.92
50La vie en rose2007133.46
51Where Love Hides1993124.75
52Feels Like I've Known You Forever1999124.5
53One With You1993124.25
54Remember September1996124
55Merci chérie2007123.75
56I Never Wanted A Rich Man1986123.58
57Stuff And Nonsense1986114.82
58Windows Of The World1993114.09
Here Comes My Baby1993114.09
60Ne me quitte pas2007113.27
61Love Doesn't Live Here1996104.7
Since You've Gone1986104.7
63Tell Me1993104.3
Shot In The Dark1986104.3
65Gotta Get To You1986104
66My Heart Goes Out To You199694.33
68Only A Dream199194.22
69Bonnie et Clyde200794.11
70Wrap My Arms199393.89
71Ma jeunesse fout le camp200793.44
72Avec le temps200784.12
He Goes On199684.12
74Pourtant tu m'aimes200774.29
75Sous le ciel de Paris200774
76Listen To Love199673.86
77Kneel At Your Feet199673.71
Des ronds dans l'eau200773.71
79I Still Love Him200764.67
80Blue Period (The Smithereens feat. Belinda Carlisle)198964.17
81Dancing Queen200564
84Jealous Guy199654

Die bekanntesten Alben von Belinda Carlisle

Alle Alben mit mindestens 5 Reviews werden für diese Liste gezählt.
1Runaway Horses1989345.29
2Heaven On Earth1987344.88
3The Best Of Belinda, Volume 11992255.08
4Live Your Life Be Free1991174.24
6A Place On Earth - The Greatest Hits1999115.45
7A Woman & A Man1996104.5
10The Collection200284.25
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