Die bekanntesten Songs von Melissa Etheridge

Die bestbewerteten Songs | Die bekanntesten Songs
Alle Songs mit mindestens 5 Reviews werden für diese Liste gezählt.
1Like The Way I Do1988974.71
2Bring Me Some Water1988654.88
3Just Stand Up (Stand Up To Cancer)2008503.5
4I Want To Come Over1995314.58
5You Can Sleep While I Drive1989305.07
6Come To My Window1993274.48
7Message To Myself2007274.41
8Similar Features1988254.88
9I'm The Only One1993254.32
10No Souvenirs1989224.36
11Angels Would Fall1999215.19
12Ain't It Heavy1992194.74
13Precious Pain1988184.94
15This Moment2004155.13
I Need To Wake Up2006155.13
17Chrome Plated Heart1988154.6
18If I Wanted To1993154.4
20Don't You Need1988144.71
21Your Little Secret1995144.5
22Fearless Love2010134.77
23Meet Me In The Dark2004125.08
27All American Girl1993115.09
28Dance Without Sleeping1992114.64
I Want You1988114.64
30Let Me Go1989114.27
31The Late September Dogs1988104.8
32I Run For Life2005104.7
33Watching You1988104.6
Piece Of My Heart2005104.6
35The Angels1989104.5
36Must Be Crazy For Me1992104.1
37Will You Still Love Me200494.89
38I Will Never Be The Same199394.44
39Christmas In America200584.5
40God Is In The People200784.25
41I Want To Be In Love200174.86
42If You Want To200474.71
43Secret Agent200474.43
An Unexpected Rain200774.43
Nowhere To Go199574.43
48Come On Out Tonight200474
Kiss Me200474
50An Unusual Kiss199565
Keep It Precious199265
52You Used To Love To Dance198964.83
Royal Station 4/16198964.83
I Take You With Me199564.83
Like The Way I Do (Live)198864.83
56What Happens Tomorrow200764.67
57I Will Always Love You64.5
Tuesday Morning200464.5
I Could Have Been You199564.5
This Is Not Goodbye200564.5
All There Is200764.5
Heroes And Friends200764.5
63When You Find The One200464.33
A Simple Love200764.33
Brave And Crazy198964.33
I Really Like You199564.17
69Happy Christmas / Give Peace A Chance55.2
70It's For You199255
71My Back Door198954.8
All The Way To Heaven199554.8
73Silent Legacy199354.6
Yes I Am199354.6
Take My Number201454.6
Enough Of Me199954.6
Stronger Than Me199954.6
78Skin Deep198954.4
The Letting Go199254.4
Talking To My Angel199354.4
All We Can Really Do200754.4
Lover Please200154.4
84The Kingdom Of Heaven200754.2
Meet Me In The Back199254.2
87Map Of The Stars200754

Die bekanntesten Alben von Melissa Etheridge

Alle Alben mit mindestens 5 Reviews werden für diese Liste gezählt.
1Melissa Etheridge1988105.1
3Greatest Hits - The Road Less Traveled200575
4Brave And Crazy198974.71
5The Awakening200773.86
6Never Enough199264.83
7Yes, I Am199364.5
8Your Little Secret199554.8
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